Independent Wrestling Results - March 2005

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  1. March 2, 2005--MWA debut Show in Glen Burnie, Maryland: Buzz Stryker def Erik Polaris, Dino Devine def Bob Starr, Tommy Suede def Dynamic Sensation, Crazy Shea def Ruckus-DQ, John Rambo def Samu-DQ, Kage def Jason Static, Morgus the Maniac def Chad Bowman, Nikolai Volkoff & Patriot def Supreme Lee Great & Mana..

  2. March 3, 2005--C-Pro Entertainment Wrestling in Red Jacket, West Virginia: Big Bad John def Vic Hollywood,Chance Phrophet def Chris King, Ricky Morton def Beau James, Clay Connors & Jowad Wayne def Danny Ray & Scotty McKeever, Brad Thomas def Cuban Assassin, Brock Sanders def Doink, James Storm def Chase Stevens..

  3. March 3, 2005--United Wrestling Association in Knoxville, Tennessee before 100 fans: Keith Hart def Danny Lee, Robert & Tony (the TV announcers) def The Boss & Showtime Kid, Thunder Valley Express def Jason Maxx & J.C. Steel, Mike Ogle & Ray Vandal def Shane Williams, The American Dreams def The Hybrid Hitmen to win the Tag Team Titles, Tom Prichard & Tony Prichard def Jeff & Dave Anderson, Justin Karma vs Scott Colby in a dog collar match ended in a NO CONTEST when the match was stopped by Danny Ray..

  4. March 3, 2005--World of Hurt Wrestling in Hudson Falls, New York: Barbie NC Miss DeVille, Cheech def Pedro Gonzales, Swinger Sidusky def Virus, Vendetta def Jim Tanner, Jerk Jackson def Timmy Wright, Steve Kruz def Chuck Deep, Shane Alden def Reed James, Jeff Starr & Danger def Sgt. Freedom & Kayla Sparks..

  5. March 4, 2005--Southern States Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Josh Cody def Wayne Atkins, Scotty McKeever vs Clay Connors ended in a DRAW, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy def Josh Cody & Super Destroyer to win the Tag team titles, Tracy Smothers def Dan Richards, Beau James w/PJ Sharp def Danny Ray to retain the Heavyweight title, Ricky Morton & Brad Thomas def McKeever & Tom Prichard..

  6. March 4, 2005--PWF in North Providence: Pat Masters def Mike Bennett, Rocco Abruzzi & Jon Thornhill def Bryan & Matt Logan-DQ, Evan Siks & Matt Storm def Logan Brothers, Mercedes Martinez & Amber def Ariel & Demonica, Kid Mikaze def Riot, Triplelicious def Billy Black, Dan Freitas & Brian Nunes def Grayson Alexander & Paul Lombardi, Chris Venom vs Jason Blad ended in a NO CONTEST..

  7. March 4, 2005--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky: Brandon Blaze won a battle royal to earn a shot at the United States Title, Billy Black vs Rough House Randy ended in a NO CONTEST in a Hardcore Rules match, Randy Royal & K-Lo def Todd Morton & Rollin’ Hard to retain the Tag Team titles, 2 Tuff Tony def Vic The Bruiser, Brandon Blaze def Billy Maverick to win the United States title (Maverick attacked Blaze from behind and locked him in a Sharpshooter and refused to release it), JC Bailey vs Simon Sezz in a Lumberjack Strap match ended in a NO CONTEST..

  8. March 4, 2005--Mid-Ohio Wrestling in Wooster, Ohio at the Big Picture Cinema: Robby Starr def Virus and Dios Salvador in a 3-WAY, Josh Prohibiton def Roger Rowe, M-Dogg20 vs Vincent Trouble ended in a Time Limit Draw, Milwaukee Mauler def Dr. Feelgood, Stevie Lee def Jeff Cannon and Jimmie Lee in a 3-WAY to retain the Mid-Ohio Heavyweight title, King Kong Bundy def T-Rantula..

  9. March 5, 2005--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Bedford, Kentucky: Maxx Mizery def Billy Maverick in a US Title #1 Contenders match, Blade def Jesse Idole, Manslaughter def Billy Black in a Hardcore match, K-Lo def Simon Sezz (LHW Champion) in a NON TITLE match, Brandon Blaze def Todd Morton to retain the United States title, 2 Tuff Tony def JC Bailey to win the Heavyweight title!

  10. March 5, 2005--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, Texas: Scoby Gober def ??????, Dylan Starr def Nick Daniels by DQ, Justin Blaze def Rudy Russo, ZenZen & Allen def Mike Tatum & Scoby Gober, Bobby 2Badd def Johnny Dollar, Mr. Mahyem def VooDoo..

  11. March 5, 2005--WAR (Wrestling And Respect) - Elite 8 Tournament in Lima, Ohio at the UAW Hall: Dusty Dillinger def Carlton Kaz (Elite 8), Stevie Lee def "Awesome" Gary Dawson (Elite 8), Eddie Venom & Jaimy Coxx def Jeff Cannon & Drew Johnson, Dean "The Dream" Jablonski (WWE bound) def "Poison" Appollo Starr (Elite 8), "Bad Attitude" Brian Beech def "Metal Head" Steve Stone (Elite 8), Delivery Inc. (Stamp Lickage & Dexter Dementia) def ??????? & Chet Jablonski (also WWE bound) & ?, Dusty Dillinger def Brian Beech (Elite 8), Stevie Lee def Dean Jablonski (Elite 8), The Highlanders (Robbie & Rory MacAlister) def Michigan Invasion (Truth Martini & N8 Mattson), Stevie Lee def Dusty Dillinger to win the WAR Heavyweight title Tournament -- Dean & Chet Jablonski announced that they both signed WWE developmental contracts..

  12. March 5, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Chance Laredo def Chip Daley, CP & 70s Guy def Frank Stein & Johnny Dollar, Alcatraz def Liberty Kid, Phoenix won three-way over Hypnosis and Fallen Dragon, Duff Morgan & Seth Clash def Johnny & Donnie Tsunami, Ryan Paradise won three-way over Jack Thriller and Unrated, Bob def Billy Roc, Osyris def C.W. Anderson..

  13. March 5, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Kaos def Mean Gene, Billy Rucker def Doug Hawkins-DQ, Kid Kwik def E.Z. Money, Shane Austin def Mickey Richards, Chief Jay Eagle def D.L. Kool, Johnny Buffet NC Neil Nitro, Steve Cronic def Viper, Nick Fury & A.J. Frost def Ken Magnum & Mark Slain, Ostgard vs Boomer Payne ended in a NO CONTEST..

  14. March 5, 2005--IWA Flashfire: "War & Rumors of War" in Hartwell, Georgia at the YMCA: Buford T def Logan Kincayde in a 4 Wheel Alignment match to retain the Internet title, Lance Christopher def James Boulevard to retain the United States title, Corporal Knight def Executioner by DQ, Merciless Don Matthews def Solitude in a Man of Steele match in overtime, "Stateline" & "Soul Generation" def Big Country & Phillip Pain, "The Tower" Jason Swords def Casey J to retain the Heavyweight title, Rahn Jordan def Kevin Blue..

  15. March 5, 2005--?????? Promotion in Conway, South Carolina drew 1,900 fans: 2 the Xtreme def Dark Riders of the Apocalypse, Danny Dollar won Bunkhouse Battle Royal, Shark Boy def Man Child, Short Sleeve Sampson def Todd Stone in a midgets match, Moolah & Mae Young def Bounty Hunters (managed by Gail Kim), The Stro def The Barbarian by DQ, David Flair def Buff Bagwell and Rick Steiner in a 3-WAU, Jimmy Snuka def Greg Valentine in a cage match with Mick Foley as referee. Foley himself cut a $2,000 check to the local McCleod Children's Hospital after promoter Wayne Cribb presented the proceeds from the show to the hospital..

  16. March 5, 2005--Queen City Wrestling in Cincinnati, Ohio: Esritorio & Dewey Brown def Lil Rocco & Phantom, Tim Lutz def Justin Meyer, Nick LeBeau & Chris Reno def Zack McGuire, Andre Heart def Sammie Carelli, Aaron Williams & Dave Nevada def Regulator & Ghost Rider, Sean Shillelah & Garf Redman def Deja Vu & Ronnie Longworth, Kenny McGuire won Battle Royal..

  17. March 5, 2005--Intense Wrestling in Cincinnati, Ohio: Destroyer def Kujo, Sebastian Steele def Taiwan Kid, Lady Perfection def Felony, Evil Security Guard def Flapjack, Matt Stryker def Ike Jones, Bret Michaels def Brett Majors..

  18. March 5, 2005--West Coast Wrestling in Pleasant Hill, California before 100 fans: Steel def Rage, Gotho the Bipolar Clown def Cody Angle, Alexis Smirnoff Jr. def One Eyed Jack, Hellfyre def Apollo Green, U.S. Steele def Coyote Jones, Hellfyre def Steel

  19. March 5, 2005--HPW in Columbus, Indiana before 239 fans: TVZ def John Wall & Bobby Black, Syren def Vanessa Harding, Tommy Ray Sands & Fuji Brown NC Scotty Lovins & Zodiac, Donny Idol def Brad Lamen, Robbie Chance def Average White Boy in loser leaves town, Eagle def Tiny Tim, Ox Harley vs Gator McAllister ended in a NO CONTEST..

  20. March 5, 2005--Columbia Wrestling Alliance in Columbia, Tennessee: Mikey Dunn & Chaos Chris Oliver def Tim Renesto & Richard Ezell; Brandon Stone vs. Ryder went to a draw; "Supermodel" Cat Taylor def Arrick "The Dragon" Andrews to become the CWA Heavyweight Champion; Bubba Morton (w/Devious G & Susan Morton) def Tommy Capone; Southern Justice (Big T & Maxx Hatter w/Angel) def Big Bad John & Big Country w/K9 Kohl; Lawrence w/Kyle the Butler def The Cuban Assassin; "The Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm def Nore Havoc in the main event..

  21. March 5, 2005--NAWF in Greensboro, North Carolina: The Patriot def A Ninja, Andy Anderson def Doink the Clown, Krissy Vaine def Amber O'Neal, Styxx def Cowboy Gibbs, Kevin Matthews def Joey Jannetty, Terry Taylor def Kamala..

  22. March 11, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory: Tony Givens def Ken Magnum by DQ when Viper interfered, Danny Ray def Mike Cooper, Ray Idol def Serial Killer and Bryan Wayne and The Freak in a 4-WAY Hardcore Match, Beau James & Super Destroyer def Nick Hammonds & Wayne Adkins (Tag Team champions) by Count Out, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy & Alyx Winters def Chris Gilbert & Ken Magnum & Viper..

  23. March 11, 2005--No Name Wrestling - Mid Florida Invasion in Sanford, Florida at Sanford Salvation Army: David Mercury def Legion "Freakin" Cage (w/Gina Marie), Snow def WiKid, Deathrow Jethro def Cellmate in a Street Fight, Kid Romeo def "Mr. 630" Jerrelle Clark,Demetric Malloy & Barney Rumble def Picture Perfect (Kevin Kantrell & John Davis) to capture the Tag Team titles, Rip Malibu def Flatline, Naphtali def "The Shooter" Vordell Walker and Dagon Briggs (w/Se7en Briggs) in a 3-WAY to retain the Cruiserweight title, Erick Stevens def Sedrick Strong in a TLC match to retain the Overall title..

  24. March 11, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Sidd Murder def Ricky Jackson by DQ, Gemini def Eric Idol, Jacob Ladder vs Bull ended in a Double Cout Out, Eddie Atlas def Jack Drastic, Action Jackson def Hotstuff Hernandez by DQ when the Tru Life Playaz (D-Money, Bull, Eric Idol & Eddie Atlas) attacked Action Jackson..

  25. March 11, 2005--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Lancaster, South Carolina: Rex Rumble def Morbid, Kid Kaos & Shea McGrady def Maverick Moore & Derrick Driver, Andy Chavis def Tim Hunter, Jason King def Jason Jones, Joe Kid def Bad Boy Buck, Greg Valentine def Shane Austin, Jason King won Battle Royal..

  26. March 11, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Tony Givens def Ken Magnum-DQ, Danny Ray def Mike Cooper, Ray Idol won four-way over Serial Killer, Bryan Wayne and The Freak, Beau James & Super Destroyer def Nick Hammonds & Wayne Adkins-COR, Givens & Cassidy & Alyx Winters def Chris Gilbert & Ken Magnum & Viper..

  27. March 11, 2005--No Name Wrestling in Sanford, Florida before 137 fans: David Mercury def Legion Cage, Snow def Wikid, Deathrow Jethro def Cellmate 8675309, Kid Romeo def Jerrelle Clark, Demetric Malloy & Barney Rumble def Kevin Kantrell & John Davis, Rip Malibu def Flatline, Naphtali won three-way over Vordell Walker and Dagon Briggs, Erick Stevens def Sedrick Strong in a TLC match..

  28. March 11, 2005--ICW in Bremerton, Washington: Tim Flowers def Randy Taylor, Mr. GQ def Chef, Vinnie V def Big Wood, Teenage Dirtbag def Sloth, Avalanche def Sonny O'Mara, Rad & Marvelous Matt def Michael Santiago & Jason Jackson, Randy Taylor won Battle Royal..

  29. March 11, 2005--Warriors of Wrestling in Cypress, Texas: The Crusaders def David Stahr & Cyro, Johhny Ender def Leo Palooza by DQ, Mike Skillz def Charles Johnson, Mr. Entertainment def Chris James, ZenZen def Eddie Lee, Kris Kronie def Steven Cody, Chaz Taylor def Big Budah..

  30. March 11, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: New Jack Hustlas def Liberty Kid & Hypnosis, Jack Thriller won three-way over C.J. Otis & Ernie Balls, Superman Rob def Fallen Dragon, Ryan Paradise vs Matt Shock ended in a NO CONTEST, Indy Kid def Dark Omen, El Moro def Bob-DQ, Osyris def Phoenix, Sikness & Melliki def Southern Boys..

  31. March 11, 2005--Warriors of Wrestling in Cypress, Texas: Crusaders def David Stahr & Cyro, Johnny Ender def Leo Palooza-DQ, Mike Skillz def Charles Johnson, Mr. Entertainment def Chris James, Zen Zen def Eddie Lee, Kris Kronie def Steven Cody, Chaz Taylor def Big Budah..

  32. March 11, 2005--East Coast Pro Wrestling in Suffern, New Jersey: Rob Echos def Damian Adams, Josh Daniels def Matt Striker, Johnny Thundar def Mo Sexy, King Kong Bundy def The Kodiak Bear, Kevin Apollo & The Nelson Brothers (Matt Nelson & Troy Nelson) def Andrew Anderson & Red Hot Russ & Mike Xylas, Paul E Normous def "Bonecrusher" Fred Sampson, Scotty Charisma & Matt Striker def Simon Diamond & Danny Doring, Crowbar def Vic D Vine in a Street Fight with Mick Foley as the guest referee..

  33. March 12, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy & Alyx Winters def The Freak & Bryan Wayne & Adam York (Semi-Finals of the 6-MAN Tournament), Super Destroyer & Thorn & Beau James def Ray Idol & Nick Hammonds & Wayne Adkins (Semi-Finals of the 6-MAN Tournament), Nick Hammonds def Bryan Wayne, Danny Ray def Josh Cody, Super Destroyer & Thorn & Beau James def Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy & Alyx Winters (Finals of the 6-MAN Tournament)..

  34. March 12, 2005--Tony Hunter's Carolina Championship Wrestling in Lenoir, North Carolina: Jason Jones def Mike Little, Tommy Gunn def Jason King, Brad Attitude def Shane Austin and Tim Hunter and Brad Thomas in a 4-WAY, Joe Kidd def Bad Boy Buck, Krissy Vaine & Amber O'Neil def Fantasia & Vanessa Harding, Greg Valentine def George South Jr., The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton) def RockNRoll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) in a First Blood Street Fight, Dusty Rhodes def Abdullah the Butcher with Mick Foley as referee..

  35. March 12, 2005--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Tustin, California: Liger Rivera def Double D, Johnny Starr def Dan Korbick, Rudy Luna & Syrus def Ryan Taylor & Black Pearl..

  36. March 12, 2005--CIW in Leslie, Michigan: Pierce Masters won Battle Royal, P.J. Flowers & Kurt Kaos def Doink the Clown & El Diablo, Hoss Monahan DDQ Eddie Venom, Jayson Yang won four-way over Gutter, Tommy Titus and Sky Devian, Pete Christy def Bull Wheeler, American Patriot def Russian Assassin, Milwaukee Mauler def Pierce Masters, Mayhem def Powers of Pain by DQ..

  37. March 12, 2005--Plymouth Championship Wrestling in Sioux City, Iawa: Hype Gotti def Skeeter, Strife def Hillbilly Buck, Jake Holmes def Cac James, Abu Collosus & Max Magnus def Cassanova & Chippendale Kid, Ricky Sprague def Dimitri Kolov, Paul Daniels & Sean Cruz def Jayde Draigo & J.T. Wilcox and Hype Gotti & Babyface in 3-WAY..

  38. March 12, 2005--ACW Utah in Kearns, Utah: Thanatos def Dink Cain, Kid Chaos def Psycho, Thanatos def Ricky Riddlin, Donovan Denzli & Psycho def Mach & Mike Martinez, Jon Frost def Assassin..

  39. March 12, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Don Dolitte def Attitude Ajuster, Leroy Dudley def Ricky Storm-DQ, Neil Nitro def Zack Salvation, Steve Cronic def Billy Rucker, A.J. Frost & Nick Fury NC Kaos & Jimmy Kindrid, Johnny Buffett def Doug Hawkins, Viper def Jesse Black, Jay Eagle & Boomer Payne & Ostgard def Mickey Richards & Mark Slain & Ken Magnum & Kirk Prodigy..

  40. March 12, 2005--CPW in Keyser, West Virginia before 150 fans: Mercury Flash def Jimmy Jessup, Outkasts def Damage Inc. Switchblade def Drew Hankinson, Patriot (Tom Brandi) def Leslie Leatherman, Mark Jones def Hyjinx, Shane Shadows & Bobby Keller def Gino Sammartino & Jake Davis, Zubov def Johnny Graham..

  41. March 12, 2005--Combat Fusion in Savannah, Georgia before 150 fans: La Magra def Nick Hyper by DQ, Cory Steele def Mark "Hotshot" Stevens, Tower (Mike Jarvi, the 7-footer who New Japan used last May at the Tokyo Dome as one of the giants) def Kevin Cantrell, Caprice Coleman def Dexter Poindexter, Krazy K def Jerrelle Clark, Dagon Briggs def Vordell Walker..

  42. March 12, 2005--New England Championship Wrestling in Plainfield, Connecticut: Afterburn & Danny Diaz def D-Unit & Saint, Mercedes Martinez def Violet Flame, Pat Masters def Grayson Alexander, Michael Sain def Mike Bennett, Aaron Morrison def Scott Ashworth, Paul Lombardi def Bob Evans, Fred Curry Jr. def Ru Starr-DQ, Rave def Execution, Chris Venom def Johnny Idol..

  43. March 12, 2005--Columbia Wrestling Alliance in Columbia, Tennessee: Mach 3 (Mikey Dunn & Eric Robertson) def The Hero Killers (Nore Havoc & Tim Renesto), Chris Oliver def Shane Morton, Ryder def Richard Ezell, Bubba Morton (w/Susan Morton & Devious G) def "The Sharp Dressed Man" Lawrence w/Kyle the Butler, Southern Justice (Big T & Maxx Hatter w/Angel) def Big County & Brandon Stone w/K9 Kohl to retain the Tag Team titles, Shane Morton def "The Supermodel" Cat Taylor and Arrick Andrews in a 3-WAY to win the Heavyweight title..

  44. March 12, 2005--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Smyrna, Delaware: Massive Mike def Asian Sinsation, Frank Savage def Johnny Pizan, New Wave def Established, Jason def Aken Pembrooke, 38 Proof def G-Dawg & Travis Finity, Jimmy Dream def Stacy Adams & Adam Ugly..

  45. March 12, 2005--Joey Corman Benefit Show in Texas: Surge won Battle Royal, American Anarchy def Spoiler 2000, Mr. Mayhem & Mr. Entertainment def Pipeline Express, John Allen def Striker, Logan & Pendragon won over Phat Samoans, Texas Red & Seth Shai and Cosmis Rockers, L.A. Steele def Harley Johnson, Jeff & Jerry Brown def Scott Phoenix & Drunk Adam, Robert Evans won over J.T. Lamotta, Steven Murphy and James Johnson, Steve DeMarco def Gemini, Overboyz def Old School Assassins..

  46. March 12, 2005--ACW Alabama in Alabama: Eric ? def Sexy C, Hollywood Heath def ????, Mr. Biggs & ??? & ??? def ??? & ??? & ???. Charlie Swinger & Brian Wills def Cody & The Executioner, Mike Mason & Earnest T. Mask & ??? def Sweet Stan Lane & Kyle Lane & Jayrod, Lionheart & Terry Green & ??? def The M.O.B. & Bee Bop, Bull Buchanan made an appearance (Show was a tribute to Travis Henry (Master T) and “Mr. Cool” Mike Cooley who were killed in a car wreck a week earlier and wrestled in the promotion -- Before the show all the wrestlers made their tribute to Master T and Mr. Cool by playing Master T’s entrance music for the last time and everyone was chanting both guys names)

  47. March 12, 2005--NEPW in Painesville, Ohio at Laura's Roller Emporium: Extreme Violence def Adam Cage & Aero for the NEPW Tag Team titles, Aaron Andrews def Jesse Burke, The Olsen Twins def Real Smooth, 21st Century Fox & The Sports Generation def Doink & Jesse Jones & Spiffy Sean Styles, Glenn Spectre def Chris Hamrick in An "I Quit" Match, Ray Rowe def Justin Idol, Rod the Bod def . Jabari..

  48. March 13, 2005--No Name Wrestling in Sanford, Florida at the Pirates Dinner Adventure: WiKiD def Legion "Freakin" Cage, Deathrow Jethro def "Superfan" Mark Zout (as Christian) by DQ, Osirus def James Morrison, Pretty Fly def Heater, Rip Malibu def Torcher (sub for Hawk Younkins) by DQ, Malloy & Barney Rumble def The CIA (Son of Sicily & "Italian Stallion" Baddboy) to retain the Tag Team titles..

  49. March 13, 2005--Big Guns Pro Wrestling Academy in Coshocton, Ohio: Robby Starr def "New Hotness" Todd Richards w/Cruz Sangria, El Raza def Chiyudo Ropa, joejoe Little def Rick Carter to win the Cruiserweight title, Wildcard Jack Diamond Steals def Kid Kaos when he rolled him up after faking injury!, The Rootin' Tootin' Buckaroos def Wrathchyld & Sargon w/Leviticus to retain the Tag Team titles, The Beastmaster vs Vic Montana ended in a "No Contest" when joejoe Little got involved!, Cruz Sangria & Jayme Braxton def "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon & "Sexy" Lexi Lane..

  50. March 17, 2005--IWA East Coast in Dunbar, West Virginia before 200 fans: Ruckus def El Drunko, WarPig def Death PSI, 2 Tuff Tony def Trik Nasty, Zach Gowen def Truth Martini, MsChif def Mickie Knuckles, New Jack def Ian Rotten, Mad Man Pondo def Necro Butcher in a barbed wire board match..

  51. March 17, 2005--United Wrestling Association in Alcoa, Tennessee at Green Acres Flea Market before 175 fans: Boss & Jim Miller def Spazz & Alex Hutton (Spazz turned in Alex), Shane Williams def Keith Hart, Hybrid Hitmen (Robbie Race & Eric Adams) def Jeff & Dave Anderson, Mike Ogle def Charles Long, Thunder Valley Express (Chris Gorgeous & Jason Thunder) def Jason Maxx & Scott Colby by DQ, Tony Prichard def Brad Thomas, Ricky Morton def Dr. Tom Prichard to win the Texas Heavyweight title..

  52. March 18, 2005--UCW in Greenwood, South Carolina: Brad Anderson def George South Sr., Boogaloo Crew def Carolina Connection, David Flair def Alan Funk, Tracy Brooks def ODB, Ricky Morton & Buff Bagwell & Lash Leroux def The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey & Stan Lane), Demolition Ax & Barbarian def Buff Bagwell & Shooter in a hardcore rules match..

  53. March 18, 2005--World of Hurt Wrestling in Hudson Falls, New York: Kayla Sparks won three-way over Barbie and Miss DeVille, Steve Kruz def Pedro Gonzalez, Shockwave def Bobby Flamingo, Shane Alden & Virus def Swinger Sidusky & Red James-DQ, Vendetta def Damien Ryde, Jeff Starr & danger def Sgt. Freedom & Chuck Deep

  54. March 18, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas at XCW Arena: Sidd Murder def Bull, "Black Cracka" Ricky Jackson def Gemini by using a steel chain as a weapon, Drunk Adam vs Eddie Atlas ended in a NO CONTEST, Action Jackson (Heavyweight Champion) vs Jacob Ladder (TNT Champion) ended in a NO CONTEST, "Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez & Jack Drastic def Eddie Atlas & Brett Barnes by COUNT OUT when referee Sam "Bling Bling" Miller was forced to reverse Drastic & Fernandez' apparent victory because replays showed Atlas in the ropes during the pinfall. Barnes & Atlas retreated to the back refusing to continue the match..

  55. March 18, 2005--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Port Lavaca, Texas: Dylan Starr def Justin Blaze, Humongous def Chris Allen, Mike Tatum def Nick Daniels, Bubba Lee Travis def ZenZen by DQ, Mr. Mayhem def Bobby 2 Badd, Chris Allen won 10 man street fight..

  56. March 18, 2005--NWS in Manville, New Jersey before 325 fans: Tsunami Express def Funky White Boy & J.D. Smoothy, Missing Link (at 66 years old) def John Cabbie, Gavin Quest def Arachadia, Balls Mahoney def Kaibutzu-DQ, Ice Pick def Vic Voorhees, Johnny Candido & New Wave def J.T. Highlander & Jerry D, Jim Neidhart & Balls Mahoney def Chris Candido & Danny Doring. Jake Roberts was also at the show..

  57. March 18, 2005--New Breed Wrestling Association - Mike Lockwood Memorial Tournament in South Bend, Indiana: Jamie Noble def Silas Young, Shark Boy def Brad Bradley, Michael Modest def Dustin Thomas, Ace Steel def Danny Daniels, Jamie Noble def Ace Steel, Michael Modest def Shark Boy, Michael Modest def Jamie Noble to win Tournament, plus B.J. Whitmer def Nigel McGuiness to win New Breed title..

  58. March 18, 2005--AWA/UCW-Zero in Kearns, Utah at the Kearns Theater: Azteca Guerro def Stevie Slick by Submission, Alex Brady def JMB, Iron Will def Tyson Ferrari, Damien def Tristan Gallo by DQ, Mastodon def GQ Gallo, Derrick Jannetty (UCWZero Heavyweight Champion) vs Khan Kussion ended in a a double pin draw..

  59. March 19, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Johnny & Donnie Tsunami def Whip Dog & Steve Sommers, Hypnosis def Liberty Kid in a mask vs. mask, Fallen Dragon def Snake, 70s Guy def Ref Big John (Are you ready?), Jack Thriller def Hades, Indy Kid def Daon Starr, Southern Boys def Melliki & Sikness, Osyris def Capt. Psychedelic..

  60. March 19, 2005--Southern Championship Wrestling in DeBary, Florida: Aaron Epic def Phil Davis, Jerrelle Clark def Scott Commodity, Sean Davis def David Mercury, Chasyn Rance & Mister Saint Laurent & So Cal Val def Josh Rich & Leon Scott & Tiziana, Vordell Walker def Scott Davis, Dagon Briggs & Johnny Schumacher def Manny Montana & Jason Hexx, Ryze def Sequel..

  61. March 19, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: American Gump def Ivan Smirnoff, Ostgard def Jimmy Kindrid, Bill White & Doug Hawkins def Billy Holiday & David Duke, Mark Slain & Mikey Richards def Baha & Hunter Guerrero, Jay Eagle def Scott E. Smooth, Johnny Buffett def Neil Nitro, Viper & Big Country def Mike Williams & Scotty Rocker & Rick Kelly, Kirk Prodigy def Ken Magnum-DQ, A.J. Frost & Nick Fury def Johnny Eagle & Dirty, Shane Austin def Boomer Payne..

  62. March 19, 2005--ICW in Wilmington, North Carolina: Jesse Lee def Farmer Funk, C.R. Smooth def Steve Michaels, 2 D Extreme def Insane Shane, Solitude def Homicide (not the ROH wrestler), Ace Crusader def Malachi, Dark Starr def Baine, Marc Ash def Bloodlust, Ash & Dark Starr def Bloodlust & Adam Brookshire..

  63. March 19, 2005--Soul Asylum Wrestling in New Brunswick, New Jersey: Crazy Ivan won three-way over Archadia and Bandido Jr., Soul Brothers def B.M. Foster & Spade, Hanson Johns def Prince of Darkness-DQ, John Cabbie def Supreme Lee Great, Balls Mahoney def Mana, Butcher Blackwell def Mana, Julio Dinero def Danny Doring..

  64. March 19, 2005--West Coast Wrestling in Pleasant Hill, California before 100 fans: Flaco Loco won Erin O'Grady Memorial Battle Royal, U.S. Steele def Cody Angle, Jason Vega & Virgil Belmont def Sir Samurai & Adam Thornstowe, Blackie Grubich def Apollo Green, Cannon def Alexis Smirnoff Jr., Rage & Risa de Muerte def Steele & Bruce Bukaki, Chance Calloway def Vinny Massaro, Hellfyre def Flaco Loco..

  65. March 19, 2005--AWS at the City of Industry, California before 90 fans: Chris Bosh & Scott Lost def Topgun Talwar & Ronin, Angel def Lonestar, Joey Ryan def Lil Cholo, Los Chivos def Misterioso & Phoenix Star, Al Katrazz won Battle Royal, Scorpio Sky def Human tornado, Human Tornado def Scorpio Sky, Babi Slymm def Spymaster #2, Rocky Romero def Kendo Kashin when Toru Yano accidentally threw salt in Kashin's eyes..

  66. March 19, 2005--Whiplash Wrestling in Holland, Ohio: Opie Clampett def C.J. Otis, Dusty & Rusty Dillinger def Terk Tickler & Mr. Happy, Dyson Pryce def Klunk the Klown, Breyer Wellington & Anthony Rivera & Jaimy Coxx def Josh Movado & Bubba MacKenzie & K-Nine, George Borbid def Brian Bender, Stevie Lee def Eddie Venom, Nigel McGuiness def Gutter, Zach Gowen & Rory & Robbie McAllister def Conrad Kennedy III & Truth Martini & N8 Mattson..

  67. March 19, 2005--Southern States Wrestling in Greenville, Tennessee: Josh Cody vs Wayne Adkins ended in a draw, Super Destroyer def Ricky Morton with help from Tom Prichard, Brad Thomas def Dan Richards, Tony Givens & Alyx Winters def Scotty McKeever & Destroyer, Beau James & Dr. Tom Prichard def Danny Ray & Clay Connors..

  68. March 19, 2005--American Wrestling Empire in Katy, Texas at Jeff's Sports Bar: Flaming Rose def Hector Montoya, Shawn Stern def ZenZen, Rocco Carmanooch def Mr. Entertainment, Chaz Taylor def Jacob Ladder, Bubba Lee Travis def Chris James, The Fu Man Kru def The Pipeline Express, Flaming Rose def Shawn Stern, Bubba Lee Travis def Rocco Carmanooch, Flaming Rose def Bubba Lee Travis..

  69. March 19, 2005--Luchamania in San Diego, California before 350-400 fans: Liger Rivera & Bino Gambino def Brian Taylor & ?, Extassis & Colibri & Huracan Negro def Pancho Cachondo & Stigma & Hauma, Piloto Suicida & Shamu Jr. def Fobia & Depredador-DQ in a Los Angeles vs. Tijuana match, Damian 666 & Halloween DDQ Misterioso & Boricua Superstar, Rey Misterio Sr. & Villano III def Super Parka & Psicosis..

  70. March 19, 2005--Queen City Wrestling in Cincinnati, Ohio: Gotti def Dewey Brown, Brian Beech def Phil Jon Bovi, Garf Redman def Sammie Carellie, Tim Lutz def Koz Jackman, Phantom def Lil Rocco, Andre Heart def Mr. Jacko, Zach & Kenny McGuire def Nick LeBeau & Chris Reno-DQ, Aaron Williams def Regulator, Deja Vu def Sean Shillelah..

  71. March 19, 2005--Empire State Wrestling in North Tonawanda, New York: A.C. def Cade Cassidy, Jake O'Reilly def Ron Falco, Gabriel Saint def Johnny Adams, Brandon Thurston def Ash-DQ, Hornet def Benjamin Smythe, Kevin Grace def Johnny Puma-DQ, Cody Steele def Michael Elgin, Crazy Steve def Cody Steele, Chris Cooper def Mastiff..

  72. March 19, 2005--New England Championship Wrestling in Framingham, Massechusettes at the Framingham Civic League: The Logan Brothers def D-Unit (Doug Summers & Rocco Abruzzi), "The Egomaniac" Johnny Idol def "Sweet" Scott Ashworth,Natalia (formerly Hayley Skye) def Violet Flame and Mercedes Martinez in a 3-WAY (Martinez turned heel and attacked Natalia), Pat Masters def Aaron Morrison, Michael Sain w/Alex Crowley def "Miracle" Mike Bennett in a Grudge match, "The Pinnacle" Paul Lombardi def "Brutal" Bob Evans, Ru Starr vs "Rocket" Fred Curry Jr. ended in a time limit draw for the Television title, RAVE (Kristian Frost & Zack Statick) def Sabotage (D.C. Dillinger & Eddie Edwards w/Mercedes Martinez) to win the Tag Team titles, "Revolution" Chris Venom vs "Powerhouse" Kevin Landry ended in a DOUBLE DQ..

  73. March 19, 2005--IWA Flashfire - "Reconstruction in Hartwell, Georgia at the Hartwell Middle School (Est. attendance 100): Lance Christopher def Phillip Pain to retain the United States title, Executioner def Tow Truck, Tommy Sawyer def Purple Passion, Logan def Buford T in a "Body Shop Match" to win the Internet title, Don Matthews & Rahn Jordan & Boulevard & Casey J def The Tower & Phillip Pain & Lance Christopher & Golden Eagle in an 8 man tag team match..

  74. March 24, 2005--United Wrestling Association in Alcoa, Tennessee before 150 fans: Spazz def Alex Hutton, Shane Williams def Jason Maxx, Scott Colby def Justin Karma in a loser leaves town match, Jason Maxx def Shaun Shultz, Hybrid Hitmen def Jeff & Dave Anderson, Jason Thunder & Chris Gorgeous def Mike Ogle & Jim Miller, Tony Prichard & Mr. Texas (Tom Prichard) def Ricky Morton & Brad Thomas..

  75. March 25, 2005--MIAW in Cudahy, Wisconsin before 100 fans: Mason Quinn won 8 man tournament, Big Daddy Dews def Ike Andrews..

  76. March 25, 2005--ICW in Tacoma, Washington: Randy Taylor def Vinnie V and Ritchie Magnett in a 3-WAY, Marvelous Matt def Jason Jackson, Rad def Michael Santiago, Sloth def Teenage Dirtbag, Sonny O'Mara & Chef & Honky Tonk Man vs Tim Flowers & Avalanche & Mr. GQ ended in a NO CONTEST (wound up with both the singles and tag titles held up)..

  77. March 25, 2005--OTW in Blue Anchor, New Jersey before 55 fans: Luis Martinez def Nasty Nick by DQ, Martinez def Jake Bishop by DQ, Austrian Assassin def Jake Bishop, Dan Cage def Mike Reed in a no DQ match ended in a Double Count Out, Don Collari def Rodney Farr, Cannonball def Robert Pigeon, Cindy Rogers def Blue Bolt..

  78. March 25, 2005--EWF in Covina, California before 275 fans: Daniel Kobrick def KIDD, Vizzion & Tiger Soldier K def Johnny Love & Red Tornado, Candace LaRae def Hurricane Havana, Big Q def Rudy Luna, Plague def Johnny Starr, Los Chivos def Ricky Reyes & Syrus by DQ, Jason King def Bino Gambino..

  79. March 25, 2005--Southern States Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory: Clay Connors vs Wayne Adkins ended in a draw, Thorn def Adam York to retain the Television title, Dan Richards def Tracy Smothers, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy def Super Destroyer & Thorn by DQ to retain the Tag Team titles, Josh Cody def Brad Thomas, Danny Ray def Beau James to win Heavyweight title, Ricky Morton def Dr. Tom Prichard to win Texas Heavyweight title..

  80. March 26, 2005--Mega Championship Wrestling - March Mayhem in North Ridgeville, Ohio: AERO! def Shiima Xion, Dr. Abomination Michael Hellborn def Sneakee Pete & Screwy Louie in a Handicap match, The Perfect Team def Kingdom James & Dios Salvadorr, Killer Chris Kole def Christian Faith, Da Munchies def The Gambino Brothers Moving Company to retain the United States Tag Team titles, Brandon X def Traz to win the vacant Brass Knuckles title, Shawn Blaze def Nick Ritters by reverse decision to retain the Light Heavyweight title, JT Lightning def The Bouncer to retain the United States title..

  81. March 26, 2005--Carolina Wrestling Association in Statesville, North Carolina: Derrick Driver def Myric Moore, Van Lictenstein & 13th Floor def Mike Hammer & Ash Phoenix, Jesse Morris def Jimmy Jack Funk Jr., Jason Jones def Chris Nelson, Jason King def Rick Karloff, George South Jr. def Mike Lee in a street fight..

  82. March 26, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Southern Boys def Will Reign & Noah Lott, Hypnosis def Reign, Superman Rob def Smooth Criminal, Matt Shock def David Payne and Melliki in a 3-WAY, Ryan Paradise def Tiny Tim, Indy Kid def Capt. Psychedelic, Osyris def Fallen Dragon by DQ..

  83. March 26, 2005--Mega Championship Wrestling in North Ridgeville, Ohio: Aero def Shiima Xion, Michael Hellborn def Sneakee Pete & Screwey Louie, Perfect Team def Kingdom James & Dios Salvador, Chris Kole def Christian Faith, Da Munchies def Gambino Brothers Moving Company, Brandon X def Traz, Shawn Blaze def Nick Ritters by DQ, J.T. Lightning def Bouncer..

  84. March 26, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee at The National Guard Armory: Beau James introduced Dan Marrow & The Goddess Athena as the newest members of SSW, Dan Marrow def Mike Cooper in a SSW Showcase match (After the match, the entire SSW crew turned on Cooper), Josh Cody def The Freak, Beau James & Super Destroyer (w/PJ Sharp & Athena) def Ray Idol & Dan Richards, Nick Hammonds & Wayne Adkins def Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy to retain the CW Unified Tag Team titles, Alyx Winters def Thorn to retain the CW Heavyweight title (After the match, Tom Prichard attacked Alyx Winters)..

  85. March 26, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Zack Salvation def Jesse Black, Rowdy James def Ricky Storm by DQ, Bill White & Honest Doug Hawkins def Wolfman & Billy Holiday, Viper def Sweet Dreams, "Handsome" DL Kool def "Wild Thang" Tommy Ace, Boomer Payne vs. Jimmy Kindrid ended in a NO CONTEST, Sir Jonathan Buffett def "Prime Time" Brian Linder by DQ, Dirty def Nick Fury, "Romeo" Mark Slain & "Loaded Gunz" Ken Magnum vs Ostgard & Kirk Prodigy ended in a Double DQ, Steve Cronic def Shane Austin to retain the APW Heavyweight title..

  86. March 26, 2005--Southwest Premier Wrestling in Lufkin, Texas at the Lufkin Hoe Down Festival: Sean Cordova def Andrew Dalton, The Overboyz def Robert Evans & JT Lamata, The Spoiler & Bash def Pendragon & Logan, Angel of Sinn def Spudz McKenzie, Robert Evans def JT Lamata to retain the NWA Southwest Texas Junior Title, The Overboyz def The Spoiler & Bash to win the Tag Team titles, Gemini vs Manny Fernandez ended in a Double Count Out..

  87. March 26, 2005--American Championship Wrestling in Jefferson, Texas at the Rec Center: Resin def Pretty Boy Bobby, Sean O'Neil def Tony Fantana, The Bruiser won a 4-WAY to capture the Super Fight Title, Khan & Andrew Dalton def The (903) Boyz, Sean Cordova & Mongoose def Joey Corman & Logan, Joey Titan def Angel of Sinn..

  88. March 26, 2005--NAWF in Whitewater, Wisconsin: Rockin' Randy def Turd Ferguson, Kevin Kreuger def Steve Quinn, Mike Venom def Mike Novak, Andy Anderson & Tweek Pheonix def Adrian Lynch & Matt Longtime in a Chair on a Pole match, Andy Anderson def Tweek Pheonix to win the NAWF Heavyweight title..

  89. March 26, 2005--Southern Wrestling Alliance - Ring of Legends II in Huntsville, Tennessee: Jack Diamond & Edward Idol def Justin Karma & Hex Hatred & Hailey Hatred, Doink the Clown def Brad Thomas, Eric Adamz def Cuban Assassin II, Tracy Smothers def Demolition Ax, Bobby Eaton vs Ricky Morton ended in a NO CONTEST, Robbie Race def Da Studd, The Barbarian def Bunkhouse Buck by Disqualification..

  90. March 26, 2005--CWA in Columbia, Tennessee before 100 fans: Sharp Dressed Man Lawrence def Slade, Krull vs Big Country ended in a NO CONTEST, Max Hatter & Big T def Krull & Cat Taylor & Ringmaster, Arrick Andrews & Bryan Turner def Ryder & Danny So Fine, Bubba Morton def The Assassin by DQ, Shane Morton def The Kid, Tommy Capone def Bobby Lowe by DQ, Nore Havoc & Tim Renesto vs Eric Robertson & Mikey Dunn ended in a NO CONTEST..

  91. March 26, 2005--AWF in Chipley, Florida: T-Bolt vs Ron Fargo ended in a Double Count Out, Aeon Flexx def Stash, Matt Gordy & Twisted def Filthy McNasty & Twisted, Nick Vortex def Confederate Kid, Jester McMain def Mr. Fantasy, The Daltons def Robert Gibson & Dennis Condrey (Morton no-showed, Condrey took his place, naturally turned on Gibson, setting up Rock & Roll Express vs. Midnight Express for sometime down the line)..

  92. March 26, 2005--OCW Wrestling in Moulton, Alabama: "Suicidal" Will Rage def B.B. Plezing w/Smooth Plezing, "Canadian Kid" Chris Lee def "Impressive" Anthony Wayne, The All-American Playboy & Sicko Da’Clown w/Angelique def Wild Irish Rose & Big Kountry, Mr. Big def Benin in a NON title match, Freakshow vs Sin City ended in a no contest when a masked man entered the ring to help Sin City ("The Pimp" came out of the crowd to make his OCW debut, the Masked man was unveiled to be "Canadian Kid" Chris Lee), The House of Plezing w/Smooth Plezing def The VIPs..

  93. March 26, 2005--PWE in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania: Hallowicked def Larry Sweeney, "King of the Ring" Kage def Arkham, Drew Hankinson (WWE developmental signee) def Shane Shadows and John Cabbie in a 3-WAY, FNA (Flex Fenom & Adiean) def Mike Quackenbush & Glenn Osbourne by DQ, Fantasia def Tiffani Monroe, Gran Akuma & Icarus def Gino Sabatino & Johnny Graham, Glenn Osbourne def Mike Quackenbush to win the PWE Heavyweight title..

  94. March 26, 2005--Metro Pro Wrestling - Aggressive Behavior in Dearborn, Michigan at the Al Matta Hall: Phil Atlas def El Reverso in a Can-Am Student Match, Brad Martin (Can-Am Student) def Joe Dorin (TNA Student), Anthony Rivera def Gary Scarboni, Jaysen Yang def Kamikaze when Prince Romeo turned on Kamikaze, Monster's Inc. (George Morbid & Eddie Venom & Dyson Price) def Josh Movado & Big Chuck Wagon & Phil Monahan, Jaimy CoxXx def Gavin Starr, Gutter & Ivory (WWE) def Truth Martini & Jaimy D..

  95. March 26, 2005--Texas Wrestling Federation in Austin, Texas at the Dove Springs Rec. Center: ODB def Venus, Mr. Entertainment & Russell Simpson def The Pipeline X-Press, ZenZen def Tommy Gunn, Valik w/Virus def Flaming Rose, The New Young Bloods def Tito Sanchez & Vince Vega, Steve DeMarco vs Jacob Ladder ended in a no contest..

  96. March 26, 2005--EWA in Essex, Maryland: Zach Matthews def Mr. X, Prep Club def Extreme Pandemonium, Morgus the Maniac def Tank Thomas, Ruckus def Steven Desire, Eagle & Jim Christian def Mr. E Machine & Gold Thumb, Jimmy Starz won three-way over John Kermon and Malik, Derek Frazier def Adam Flash, Stevie Riggs def Blood..

  97. March 26, 2005--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Bardstown, Kentucky at the National Guard Armory: Manslaughter def Vic The Bruiser to collect the $2,000 Bounty on him with help from Billy Maverick, Simon Sezz def Chuck Clements by DQ in the Special Challenge Match, Mason The Mangler def Billy Black and Randy and Blade in a 4-WAY to retain the Hardcore title (BBW retires HC Title), Brandon Blaze def JV Insanity to retain the United States title, Randy Royal & K-Lo def Billy Maverick & Shane Mathews, JC Bailey def Todd Morton by DQ in a Battle For Bardstown Match to retain the Heavyweight title (Chuck Clements ran in, Simon Sezz made the save)..

  98. March 31, 2005--United Wrestling Association in Alcoa, Tennessee: Danny Lee def Danny Ray, Alex Hutton def Spazz, Shane Williams & Brad Thomas def Mr. Texas & Charles Long, Jeff & Dave Anderson & Shaun Shultz def The Hybrid Hitmen & Jason Maxx, Tony Prichard def Ricky Morton to win the Texas Heavyweight Title, Mike Ogle & Jim Miller def Thunder Valley Express, Beautiful Bobby Eaton made a surprise appearance..