Independent Wrestling Results - February 2005

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  1. February 1, 2005--House of Pain Wrestling Federation in Hagerstown, Maryland: Christopher Cash won a Battle Royal, Tytan b. Chico Loco and John Giovanni in a 3-WAY, Paul Yeager b. Crisis by Countout, Jeremy Stoned b. Christopher Cash, Jack Arlequino b. Brooklyn Panther by DQ, Crucial Impact b. Prodigy & Lawless, Deuce Donnatelli vs Kevin Featherstone fought to a Draw, Blackhawk b. The Freak and Alex Lanten in a 3-WAY by DQ..

  2. February 2, 2005--UCW-Zero in Kearns, Utah: Jeff Bryan def Alex Brady, Derrick Janetty def Adrian Blade, Tristan Gallo DCOR Mastadon, Paco NC Kon Kushion, Paco & Mastadon & Janetty def Gallo & Kushion & Bryant..

  3. February 2, 2005--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Lancaster, South Carolina: Jason Jones def Super Destroyer, Ethan Cage def Masked Hornet, Tiny def Tim Hunter, Brad Anderson def Shane Austin, George South Sr. def Jason King with Jimmy Valiant as referee..

  4. February 3, 2005--United Wrestling Association in Alcoa, Tennessee before 150 fans: Robbie Cassidy & Wayne Atkins def Super Destroyer & Josh Cody, Danny Lee & Draven def Bad Company, Hybrid Hitmen def J.C. Steel & Spazz, Thunder Valley Express def The Nightrider & Freak to retain the Tag Team Titles, Shane Williams (Heavyweight champion) vs Mike Ogle ended in a DOUBLE COUNT OUT, Tony Pritchard & Alex Hutton def Boss & Shannon Slayer, Scott Colby def Justin Karma in a cane match, Dr. Tom Prichard def Ricky Morton to retain the Texas Heavyweight Title..

  5. February 4, 2005--High Velocity Wrestling in Hendersonville, North Carolina: Rowdy James def Crunch, J Dawg def Kaos, Steve Cronic def Ostgard, Cat Daddy def Johnny Danger, Zack Salvation def Jesse Black and Rowdy James in a 3-WAY, Jason Jett def Viper, Ken Magnum won a Gauntlet match over Leprechaun and David Duke and A.J. Frost, Johnny Buffett def Serial Killer..

  6. February 4, 2005--XCW in Denton, Texas: Jack Drastic def Ricky Jackson, Action Jackson def Bull, Brett Barnes & Eddie Atlas def Gemini & Sidd Murder, John Allen def Jacob Ladder, Mike Foxx def Drunk Adam..

  7. February 5, 2005--National Wrestling Alliance/House of Pain Wrestling Federation in Hagerstown, Maryland: Tytan (w/ Kacee Carlisle) b. Jack Arlequino, Paul Yeager b. Stefan Slayter and Jeremy Stoned and John Giovanni and Chico Loco in a 5-WAY, Cowboy Cody Daniels (w/ JR Manitoba) b. Christopher Cline, Prodigy & Lawless b. Crucial Impact by DQ, Flawless Brandon Day b. D-Block (w/ Eric Envy), Chad Bowman (w/ JR Manitoba) b. Savannah Jack (w/ Gothic) to retain the NWL Cruiserweight Title, The Freak (w/ Cassie) b. Eric Envy (w/ D-Block) and Asian Sinsation in a 3-WAY, Blackhawk b. Alex Lanten to retain the HoPWF Cruiserweight Title in a Hair vs. Hair Match, Blood and Chuckie Manson fought to a draw, Old School b. The Goodfellas by DQ to retain the HoPWF Tag Team Titles, LT b. Kage and Matt Gatt in a 3-WAY to retain the NWL House of Pain TV Title, Axl Rotten & Morgus The Maniac b. Super Destroyer (w/ Gothic) & Headshrinker Samu for the vacant NWL Tag Team Titles..

  8. February 5, 2005--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, Texas from the Humble Bingo Arena: ZenZen def Dylan Star, Scoby Gober def Nick Daniels, Justin Blaze def Nark the Nevulon, VooDoo def Chris Allen, and Bobby 2Badd def Mr. Mayhem..

  9. February 5, 2005--Ohio Championship Wrestling in Ohio: Rick Carter def "Wildcard" Jack Diamond to win the Cruiserweight title, Mr. Insanity def Todd Richards w/Cruz Sangria, "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon def Cruz Sangria w/Todd Richards, joejoe Little & Vic Montana def Jonny Attitude & Robby Starr, The Rootin' Tootin' Buckaroos w/Side Saddle Sally def Kid Kaos & The Beast Master, Shark Boy def Wrathchyld w/Leviticus, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan def "Mr. 8x10" Michael Cruz, "Hot Commodity" Matt Mason w/Jayme Braxton def Scotty Sabre w/Sexy Lexi Lane to retain the Heavyweight title..

  10. February 5, 2005--CWA in Columbia, Tennessee before 125 fans: Anthony Wayne def Richard Ezell, Ryder def Cat Taylor, Robbie Ruffin def Chris Oliver, Anthony Wayne & Ryder def Big T & Max Hatter, Tim Renesto def Sharp Dressed Lawrence, Shane Morton def Arrick Andrews by DQ, Eric Robertson & Mikey Dunn def Steve & Bubba Morton..

  11. February 5, 2005--HPW in Columbus, Indiana before 248 fans: Donny Idol def Brad Lamen, Average White Guy def Gotti, Brian Beech def Fuji Brown, Ox Harley def Gravedigger, Tiny Tim vs American Eagle ended in a DRAW, Donny Idol & Billy Ray Hickerson & Gravedigger & Sign Guy def Ox Harley & tommy Ray Sands & Jesse Houston & promoter Jerry Wilson..

  12. February 5, 2005--SPW in Sacramento, California before 215 fans: Chupacabra won Battle Royal, Suburban Commandos & Vinny Massaro def Joey Harder & Tito & Pal Izadora & Rage, Bruce Bukkake def Brian Raymond, Flaco Loco def Seito Hayashi by DQ, J.D. Bishop def Mike Rayne, Steel & Otis def Beautiful People, Sir Samurai def Virgil Flynn, Dante def Malachi to keep SPW title..

  13. February 5, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Kaos DDQ Cat Daddy, Big Country DDQ Masked Mavavo, Jimmy Kindrid & Serial Killer def Jesse Black & Red Easley, Ken Magnum def Jay Eagle by DQ, Nick Fury & A.J. Frost def Mike Williams & Scotty Rocker, Johnny Buffet def Rick Kelly, Mickey Richards & Mark Slain def Boomer Payne & Ostgard, Dirty won three-way over K.C. Thunder and Chad Colt..

  14. February 5, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Frank Stein def Unrated, Chance Laved def Chip Daily, Superman Rob def Rage, Fallen Dragon def Ernie Balls, Anarchy def Adam Renolds, Southern Boys won three-way over Dyson Pryce & Maynard Ruffneck and Vato & Din T. Moore, Matt Shock def P Roc, Bob def Captain Psychedelic, Osyris & Indy Kid def Melliki & Sikness..

  15. February 5, 2005--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Smyrna, Delaware: E.L. Stanley def Juan Cruz, Asian Sinsation def Matt Turner, The Established def New Wave & Melvin Walker, Shaka & Pat Hack def Kris Krude & Winky, Brian Logan def Jackson Daniels, Stacy Adams def Jimmy Dream, Aken Pembrooke def Massive Mike & Sam Jones..

  16. February 5, 2005--West Coast Wrestling in Pleasant Hill, California: Mutacionado I DCOR Mutacionado V, Gotho the Bipolar Clown def U.S. Steele, Crosstown Bus def Mutacionados, Hellfyre def Doug Storm, Trish def Katty Karats, Alexis Smirnoff Jr. def Wonderboy Bartlett, Jason Vega def Rise de Muerte..

  17. February 5, 2005--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, Texas: ZenZen def Dylan Star, Scoby Gober def Nick Daniels, Justin Blaze def Nark the Nevulon, VooDoo def Chris Allen, Bobby 2 Badd def Mr. Mayhem..

  18. February 5, 2005--Columbia Wrestling Alliance in Columbia, Tennessee: "Impressive" Anthony Wayne def Richard Ezell, Ryder def "Supermodel" Cat Taylor, Robbie Ruffin w/Amy def "Chaos" Chris Oliver, "Impressive" Anthony Wayne & Ryder def Southern Justice (Big T & Maxx Hatter) to become the new CWA Tag Team Champions, Tim Renesto def Lawrence w/Kyle the Butler, Shane Morton w/Susan Morton def Arrick Andrews by DQ, Mach 3 (Mikey Dunn & Eric Robertson) def Steve & Bubba Morton and Devious G & Mr. Hands of Stone Charlie in a 3-WAY..

  19. February 5, 2005--National Wrestling Superstars in Edison, New Jersey at St. Matthews Church Hall: Arcadia def Gavin Quest; Cheerleader Kara def Alicia; Los Diablos Locos def Corvis Fear & Ed Kazar; Hasheem Ali def TNT by dq; Damian Adams def Rob Eckos; New Wave & Johnny Candido def New Wave & Jersey Jerry D; King Kong Bundy def Chris Candido after a splash..

  20. February 5, 2005--CPW in Romney, West Virginia: Kid Kwick def Neil Nitro, Damage Inc def ?, Shane Shadows & Bobby Keller def Outkasts, Zubov def Mark Jones, Mercury Flash def Warlock, Switchblade won Bunkhouse Rumble..

  21. February 5, 2005--IWA Flashfire - "Reloaded" in Lavonia, Georgia at the Lavonia Elementary School: Alley Casinova def Kasey Anderson, Lance Christopher def Solitude for U.S. Top Contension, "Horse Power" Chris Vanadore & Big Country def "Stateline" Tommy Sawyer & Mack Truck w/Dixie Victory to retain Tag Team titles, Johnny Blaze def Sledge, Logan Kincayde def Buford T to retain Internet Title, "DC" Rahn Jordan & Phillip Pain & James Boulevard def The Tower & Merciless Don Matthews & Casey J..

  22. February 5, 2005--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Russell Springs, Kentucky: Billy Black beat Randy Johnson, K-Lo beat The Prophet by DQ, Menace beat Maxx Mizery, Randy Royal and K-Lo (BBW Tag Team Champions) vs. Simon Sezz and The Prophet was a double DQ, Vic The Bruiser beat Tracy Smothers

  23. February 9, 2005--UCW-Zero in Kearns, Utah: Paco def Adrian Blade by DQ, Los Mochis Paco & Damien def Blade & Rain McReady, ? def Stevie Slick, Jeff Bryant def Alex Brady, Kon Kushion def Blitz-DQ, McReady def Fuerza Azteca, Derrick Janetty won three-way over Mastadon and Tristan Gallo..

  24. February 10, 2005--United Wrestling Association in Alcoa, Tennessee: Tiny Tim def Shaun Hardrive, Boss & Showtime Kid Jim Miller w/Cotton Candy def Alex & Spazz, BadCompany & Reaper def Danny Lee & Draven & Freak, Shane Williams vs Mike Ogle ended in a double countout, Jason Maxx & JC Steel def The Hybrid Hitmen, Dr. Tom Prichard def Tony Prichard to retain the Texas Heavyweight title, Scott Colby def Spazz to win the United States title, Rich Kavana def Edward Idol, Thunder Valley Express def Mike Ogle & Shane Williams..

  25. February 11, 2005--Warriors of Wrestling in Cypress, Texas from the VFW Hall: Crusader(s) def Cyro, Kris Kronie def Steven Cody and Johnny Ender, Mr. Entertainment def Leo Palooza, Chaz Taylor v ZenZen ended in no contest, David Stahr def Charlie Johnson, Buddha def Major Eddie Lee..

  26. February 11, 2005--UCW TV taping in Greenwood, South Carolina before 550 fans: Chris Hamrick def Justin Idol, Mike Sanders def Kwee Wee, Scotty Wrenn def Jeremy V, Krissy Vaine def Amber O'Neal, The Shooter def Barbarian, Lex Luger & NWO Sting def George South St. & McNasty, Rick Steiner def Johnny Swinger by DQ, Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton def Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson to win the UCW tag titles in a 2/3 fall match with Jimmy Valiant as referee..

  27. February 11, 2005--FPWA in St. Petersburg, Florida before 180 fans: Amir def Rip Malibu, Amy Love & Legion Cage def Pat Powers & Pat McGroin, Leon Scott def Black Knight, Dagon Biggs won 20 man gauntlet to win State title, Bruce Steele def Mideon, James Morrison & James Hendrix def Pretty Fly & Vindetta, Navy Seal def Cuban Assassin by DQ, Mark Zout (pretending to be Chris Jericho) def Torcher..

  28. February 11, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Sidd Murder def Chance Romance, Eric Idol def Jacob Ladder, Brett Barnes & Eddie Atlas def Drunk Adam & Spudz McKenzie, Mike Foxx def Jack Drastic, Scott Phoenix def C-Diddy by DQ..

  29. February 12, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Neil Nitro & American Gump won three-way over Kaos & Jimmy Kindrid and David Duke (so now he's wrestling) & Cat Daddy, Johnny Buffet Doug Hawkins, Viper def Jesse Black, Steve Cronic def Big Country, Jay Eagle def Dash Riprock, Mark Slain & Ken Magnum def A.J. Frost & Nick Fury, Boomer Payne def Mickey Richards by DQ..

  30. February 12, 2005--Carolina Championship Wrestling in Lenoir, North Carolina drew 900 fans: Brad Attitude def Filthy McNasty, Krissy Vaine vs Amber O'Neal ended in a DRAW, Johnny Blade def Ric Converse, Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton def Thunderfoot I & II (Gene Ligon & David Isley), Tom Prichard def Bob Armstrong, Brad Armstrong def George South, Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson def Mr. Hughes & The Barbarian by DQ, Dusty Rhodes def Tully Blanchard in a bunkhouse match with Ron Garvin as referee..

  31. February 12, 2005--Plymouth Championship Wrestling in Sioux City, Iawa: Hype Gotti & Babyface def Jayden Draigo & J.T. Wilcox in a street fight, Skeeter def Big Daddy Dolan, Sean Cruz & Paul Daniels def Strife & Zac James, Dimitri Koloff def Ricky Sprague, Abu Collosus & Max Magnus def Casanova & Chippendale Kid, Sonjay Dutt def Christian Moore to win PCW title, Hype Gotti def Dutt to win PCW title. The big story on the show is there was a power blackout in the arena for an hour. The crowd sat in the dark for one hour, and it was said that nobody left, waiting for the power to go on. Actually they set up battery powered lanterns and were ready to start the show, and just then power came back..

  32. February 12, 2005--FSPW in Ellenton, Florida before 135 fans: Tarantula NC Demetic Malloy, Vindetta def Legion Cage, Pretty Fly def Big Daddy Pimp ended in a DRAW, CIA & Son of Sicily & Baddboy & Heater def Mark Zout & Art Strong & Vinny Sarducci (is he the guy on the Round Table commercials), Bonez the Cutthroat def Shane Hartline, Natural Blondes def James Morrison & James Hendrix and Angel of Darkness & Devious Dan, George the Punisher def Torcher, Barney Rumble def Deathrow Jethro in a TLC falls count anywhere match..

  33. February 12, 2005--EWR in Quebec City, Quebec before 150 fans: Don Paysan NC Alex Price, 2.0 def Pee Wee & Jack a Lidster, Academie de Lutte def Marty Milenko Management, Kona & Jake Matthews def Giovanni & Franky the Mobster, Arsenal def Dave Silva, Los Tabarnacos NC Flying Hurricanes, Petey Williams won four-way over Excess, Hell Storm & Crazy Crusher to win EWR title..

  34. February 12, 2005--Empire Wrestling Federation in Covina, California: Alex Pincheck def Eric Matlock, Plague d Markus Riot, Enigma de Oro & Kayam def Liger Rivera & Red Tornado, Vizzion def Syrus by DQ, Black Pearl & J.C. Castro def Ragin Dawg & Rudy Luna, Jason King def Ricky Reyes..

  35. February 12, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Fallen Dragon won Battle Royal, Adam Renolds def Dez, Frank Stein def Johnny Dollar, Chip Dailey def Chance Laredo, Bob def Seth Clash, Melliki & Sikness won over Duff Morgan & J.D. Elite, New Jack Hustlas and Tsunami Brothers, Billy Roc wno three-way over Shawn Cook and Ryan Thunder, Hypnosis def Unrated, Ryan Paradise def CP by DQ, Osyris def Red Lightning, Bob & Phoenix & Anarchy def Tracy Smothers & Wildman Rogers & Hank Calhoun by DQ

  36. February 12, 2005--NEPW in Painesville, Ohio: Da Munchies def Sports Generation, Ryan Miller def Screwy Louie, Lady Victoria def 21st Century Fox, American Idols def Ray Rowe & Justin Idol, Jabari def Rod the Bod by DQ, John McChesney won three-way J-Rocc and Deviant, Glenn Spectre def Chris Hamrick, Perry Greene def Aero-COR, Greg Valentine def Aaron Andrews..

  37. February 12, 2005--Luchamania in San Diego, California drew 750: Silver Tyger & Junior & Ohara def Chippy Sanchez & Mini Lil Cholo & Infernal, Matt Twisted & Huracan Negro def Paranoia & El Diablo, Colibri & Extassis def Mortiz & Pancho Cachondo, Cassandro & Fobia & Depredador def Cobarde & Misterioso & Piloto Suicida, Rey Misterio Sr. & Blue Demon Jr. def Psicosis & Dr. Wagner Jr...

  38. February 12, 2005--New England Championship Wrestling in Framingham, Massechusettes: Kevin Landry def Chris Venom-COR, Drew Donaldson & Andy Burke def Bonebreaker & Skullkrusher, Ru Starr def Mike Bennett, Alex Arion DDQ Bob Evans, Sabotage def Pride to win tag titles, Danny Diaz def Johnny Idol, Mercedes Martinez def Violet Flame, Paul Lombardi & Doug Summers & Rocco Abruzzi def Pat Masters & Kristian Frost & Zack Statick..

  39. February 12, 2005--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Bedford, Kentucky at the Morgan Community Center: Simon Sezz vs Brandon Blaze resulted in a 20-minute time-limit draw, Billy Maverick def Rob “The Bomb” Williams to retain the US title, Billy Black vs The Purple People Eater in a Hardcore Rules ended in a no contest, K-Lo & Randy Royal def Sean Casey & Angel by Count Out, JC Bailey & Brandon Blaze def Simon Sezz & Don Ramone..

  40. February 12, 2005--IWA Flashfire - "Heated Passion" in Hartwell, Georgia at the Hartwell Middle School: Krazy K & Dexter Poindexter def Cory Steele & David Sloan, Lance Christopher def Phillip Pain to win United States title, Buford T def Logan Kincayde in a "Hogtie" match to win the Internet title, Boulevard def Kirk Prodigy, Solitude def Johnny Blaze, "Stateline" Tommy Sawyer & Mack Truck vs "Soul Generation" Playa & Ice ended in a Double Count Out, Purple Passion def Rahn Jordan in a "Beddy Bye" match, "The Tower" Jason Swords def "Merciless" Don Matthews & Casey J in a Handicap match..

  41. February 15, 2005--NWA NE/New Wrestling Horizon in Buxton, Maine at Skips Bar: Larry Huntley def Ice, Danny Dangerous def Donny Dangerous, Gino Martino def Paul Hudson to retain the NWA NE Heavyweight title, House of Payne Gauntlet Match: (Hardware def Frankie Armidillo, Hardware def Dr Payne, Rick Danials def Hardware by DQ), Timothy Pittman & Sonny Roselli def Scott Vegas & Mark Moment, Jason Rumble def Cameron Matthews to retain the NWA World Jr Heavyweight title..

  42. February 16, 2005--UCW-Zero in Kearns, Uyah: Mastadon def Alex Brady, Kahn Kushion def Adrian Blade, Derrick Janetty def Jeff Bryant, Rein McReady def Guerro Azteca, Los Mochis Paco & Pancho def Tristan Gallo & GQ X..

  43. February 18, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Manchild def Jason Jones, Johnny Buffet won three-way over David Duke and Jesse Black, Bill White def Deon Johnson, Mickey Richards def Billy Rucker, Viper def Steve Cronic, Sonny Landel def Boomer Payne, Greg Valentine def Johnny Eagle, Mark Slain & Ken Magnum DDQ Nick Fury & Neil Nitro..

  44. February 18, 2005--APW in Erwin, Tennessee before 148 fans: O-Dog def Greg Rocker, Tennessee Hillbillies def Doug Gibson & Stan Lee, Evil & A.J. Anderson def Ghost Riders, Scotty Black & Teddy Casey def J.D. Sullivan & Lightning, Big Pimp James NC Steve Fury..

  45. February 18, 2005--Ringside Wrestling Federation in Danville, Indiana at the National Guard Armory: Tiny Tim def "Bad Boy" Bobby Black to retain the Cruiserweight title, Matt Valor & "Main Attraction" Donny Idol def Fuji Brown & Ryan Thunder, Manslaughter def Johnny Spark, Bouncer def "True Tradition" Rob Kincaid and Big Cheese in a 3-WAY, Big John Wall & TVZ (Tom & Troy Van Zant) def Chris Morrus & The Soul Shooters (Apollo Starr & Drew Johnson) by Disqualification, "Sexy" Shawn Cook def "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc, Diceman Ronnie Vegas def Manslaughter, "Superstar" T.J.Powers vs Itch Coma Weider battled to a double disqualification, Marty Graw def Brad Lamen to retain the Heavyweight title..

  46. February 18, 2005--Ringside Wrestling Federation in Danville, Indiana: Tiny Tim def Bobby Black, Matt Valor & Donny Idol def Fuji Brown & Ryan Thunder, Manslaughter def Johnny Spark, Bouncer won three-way over Big Cheese and Rob Kincaid, Tom & Troy Van Zant & John wall def Apollo Starr & Drew Johnson & Chris Morrus by DQ, Shawn Cook def Billy Roc, Ronnie Vegas def Manslaughter, T.J. Powers NC Itch Coma Weider, Marty Graw def Brad Lamen..

  47. February 18, 2005--Southern States Wrestling - 14th Anniversary Show in Kingsport, Tennessee before 250 fans: Bobby Eaton & Scotty McKeever def Flex Armstrong & Brad Thomas, Mike Cooper & Josh Cody & Super Destroyer def Robbie Cassidy & Tony Givens & Ray Idol in an elimination match, Dan Richards def Scotty McKeever, SSW Commissioner Marty Ricker def Championship Wrestling Commissioner Clarence Clippenbeck in an arm wrestling contest, Nick Hammonds & Wayne Adkins def Tracy Smothers & Steve Flynn to retain the CW Tag Team titles, "Handsome" Beau James def Danny Ray to retain the Heavyweight title, Ricky Morton def Tom Prichard by DQ, Ray Idol won 14-Man Cyclone Stampede Battle Royal..

  48. February 18, 2005--New Breed Wrestling Association in ????: The Cosmic Kid & Sgt. Peterson def Adam Evans & Josh Abercrombie, Delirious & Mike Modest & Mike Wallace def Simply Marvelous & Brad Bradley, Shark Boy def Spyder Nate Webb, BJ Whitmer def Silas Young and Matt Sydal in a Triple Threat match, Daizee Haze won a Gauntlet match (ODB def Josie, Daizee Haze def ODB, Daizee Haze def Christie Ricci, Daizee Haze def Tracy Brooks)..

  49. February 18, 2005--Hard Core Wrestling in Somerser, Kentucky at the National Guard Armory: Cody Mathews def Mason The Mangler by DQ, Xavier Daniels def "No Gimmicks" Mike Harris to win the International title, Black Rain & Ric Gunner def Mason The Mangler & Shane Mathews by DQ in an "Enemies Are Forced to Team" match, "Showtime" Shawn Christopher vs. El Mexicano ended in a NO CONTEST (referee stopped the match after Billy Maverick and Xavier Daniels attacked El Mexicano, breaking his arm with a steel chair), "As Seen on TV" Alex Walker def "Beautiful" Billy Maverick in a NON TITLE match (Maverick hit a Belly-to-Back Suplex and bridged into a pin. Both wrestler’s shoulders were down, and both raised them at the count of 2 but the referee was out of position to see Maverick’s shoulder raised), Billy Maverick & Shawn Christopher & Xavier Daniels def Alex Walker & Ric Gunner & Mike Harris in a NO DQ match by COUNT OUT..

  50. February 19, 2005--Ringside Wrestling Federation in Laurel, Indiana at the Community Center: Tiny Tim def "Sexy" Shawn Cook and "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc in a 3-WAY to retain the Cruiserweight title, Laurel Fire Department President Roger Reams def "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher in DQ in an Arm Wrestling match, "Superstar" T.J. Powers def Ryan Thunder, Itch Coma Weider & Fuji Brown def "The Beast" Brian Roberts & "Main Attraction" Donny Idol, "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher def Big Jon Deer & Apocalpz in a Handicapped match, Big Daddy def "Superstar" T.J.Powers by Disqualification, Marty Graw def Brad Lamen to retain the Heavyweight title..

  51. February 19, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory: Cruel Intentions def Bryan Wayne & The Freak to retain the Tag Team titles (After the match, Cruel Intentions continued the assault until the referee reversed the decision and disqualified Cruel Intentions), Chris Gilbert def Nick Hammonds, Clay Connors def Danny Ray by Count Out, Nick Hammonds & Wayne Adkins def Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy and Cruel Intentions in a 3-WAY, Ray Idol def Beau James by reverse decision, Bryan Phoenix & Adam York def Rich Kavana & Thorn, Alyx Winters def Flex Armstrong..

  52. February 19, 2005--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Tomball, Texas from Hit-A-Way Sports: Mr. Mayhem def Bobby 2Badd, Bubba Lee Travis def Skull Manson, Justin Blaze def Dylan Starr and Nick Daniels in a 3-WAY, Psycho Simpson def Chris Allen, Scoby Gober def ZenZen by DQ, Bubba LEe Travis won a battle royal..

  53. February 19, 2005--Exodus Wrestling in Spartanburg, North Carolina drew 1,026 fans: Brad Anderson def Jason Jones, Masked Superstar def Barbarian, Bambi def Back Widow, Lex Luger def Tracy Smothers, Brad Armstrong def George South Sr. to win EWA title, Jay Eagle def Greg Valentine in a strap match, Ricky Morton def Terry Taylor. Also appearing at the show were Bob Caudle, Jimmy Garvin, Precious, Paul Jones, Tommy Young, Jimmy Valiant and Penny Banner..

  54. February 19, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Capt. Psychedelic def Hypnosis, New Jack Hustlas def Frank Stein & Will Reign, Matt Shock def David Payne, Sikness def Liberty Kid, Southern Boys def NC-17 by DQ, Jack Hammer def Ryan Paradise, Indy Kid def Fallen Dragon, Osyris def Melliki in a tables match..

  55. February 19, 2005--NAWF in Whitewater, Wisconsin: Brandon Thomaselli def Marco S, Andy Anderson def Derek St. Holmes, Adrian Lynch def Turd Ferguson, Venom def Chandler McClure, Matt Longtime def Steve Quinn, Tweek Phoenix won lumberjack elimination match to win NAWF title..

  56. February 19, 2005--Southern Championship Wrestling in DeBary, Florida: Dagon Biggs def Erick Stevens, Leon Scott & Josh Rich def Mister Saint Laurent & Chasyn Rance, Scott Davis def Rip Malibu, Aaron Epic def David Mercury, Johnny Schumacher def Scott Commodity, Sequel def Jason Hexx, Ryze def Manny Montana..

  57. February 19, 2005--SPW - Rich Robey Memorial Show in Sacramento, California featuring legit Lethal Lottery matches before 115 fans: Malachi & Mike Rayne def Chupacabra II def Beautiful People to win trios title, Bruce Bukkakae def Paul Izadora, Dante def Seito Hayashi, Bubba & Jeremy Blanchard & Hans Mueller & Cedric def Rey Kejimura & Virgil Flynn & Kered the Clown & Steel in a non Lethal Lottery Oregon (winners) vs. Northern California match, D-Unit def Joey Harder, J.D. Bishop & Hijo de Chupacabra def Jesus Kruze & Stokaroshi, Vinny Massaro won three-way over Otis and Sir Samurai, Flaco Loco & D.J. Rizz def Dub C & Luster the Legend, Clint Douglas won Robey Memorial Cup..

  58. February 19, 2005--OMLL in Cicero, Illinois before 225 fans: Egotistic Fantastico def Tyler Black, Angel del Silencio def Tigrillo, Buddha & Alto def Great Milenko & Christopher Michaels, Tzuki & Spider Boy & Discovery def Misterioso & Pierrothito & Payaso Malo, Shocker & Cassandro def Hijo del Pierroth & Misterioso II..

  59. February 19, 2005--Slam All-Star Wrestling in Highgate, Vermont: Slick def Aftershock, Chango def Metal Mercenary, Maxx Burton & Alexandra def Jon Thornhill & Amber, Kage def Dave Wilcox, Drake Evans def Bull, I.B. Green won four corners over Scotty Vegas, Cameron Matthews and Nocturne, Marcus Hall def Northern Studd..

  60. February 19, 2005--XCW in Denton, Texas: Ann R. Key vs. Miss B. Haven vs. Nayati Mattox was no contest, Harley Johnson NC Striker, Darin Childs & Spector def Willie & Billy B, Sidd Murder won three-way over Rudy Russo and Mike Dell, Del won Battle Royal, Gemini def Seth Shai, Andrew Dalton def Sean Cordova, Jacob Ladder def Latino, Manny Fernandez (80s star) def Rudy Boy Gonzalez by DQ, Bull NC Spuds McKenzie, Jack Drastic & Spuds McKenzie & Scott Phoenix def Brett Barnes & Bull & Eric Idol..

  61. February 19, 2005--AWS at the City of Industry, California: King Faviano & Markus Riot & Charles Mercury def Bo Cooper & Cobra Commander & Xtreme Loco, Zokre def Eric Matlock, Lonestar won four-way over Cyanide, Angel and Supreme, Kaos def Hook Bomberry, Human Tornado def Quicksilver, Scott Lost & Chris Bosh def Ronin & Super Dragon, Scorpio Sky def Phoenix Star, Gallo Tapado Jr. def Lil Cholo, Spymaster #2 & Vanderpyle & Yoshida def Big Babi Slymm & Apollo Khan..

  62. February 19, 2005--APW in Bristol, Tennessee before 83 fans: Greg Rocker def Danny Gibson, O-Dog def Doug Gibson, Scotty Black & Teddy Casey def J.D. Sullivan & Mr. X, Black Angel def Junior Samples, Evil & A.J. Anderson def Ghost Riders, Steve Fury def Big Pimp James..

  63. February 19, 2005--Ringside Wrestling Federation in Laurel, Indiana: Tiny Tim won three-way over Shawn Cook and Billy Roc, Roger Reams def Don Basher by DQ in arm wrestling, T.J. Powers def Ryan Thunder, Itch Coma Weider & Fuji Brown def Brian Roberts & Donny Idol, Basher def Jon Deer & Apocalypse, Big Daddy def T.J. Powers by DQ, Marty Graw def Brad Lamen..

  64. February 19, 2005--ACW Utah in Ogden, Utah before 100 fans: Jon Frost & Donovan Denzli def Assassin & Billy Bob, Derek Duggan def Psycho, Mach Martinez & Mike Martinez def Jimmy Daniels & Jaden Japan, Tanatos def Ricky Riddlin, Kid Chaos def Zen in a ladder match..

  65. February 19, 2005--WCWA in Pleasant Hill, California before 100 fans: Alec Ray def Pitbull Puver, Rage def Mutationado I, Alexis Smirnoff Jr. def Goto the Bipolar Clown, Risa De Muerte def Cody Angle, Jason Vega def Cannon, Smirnoff def Muerte, Vega def Rage, Doug Storm def Hellfyre by DQ..

  66. February 19, 2005--Empire State Wrestling in Wheatfield, New York before 400 fans: Benjamin Smythe & Brandon Thurston def Brett Mednik & A.C. O'Reilly, Kevin Grace def Gabriel Saint, Ash & Hornet def Eric Everlast & Ron Falco, Johnny Adams def Cade Cassidy, Mastiff def Chris Cooper by DQ, Cody Steele def Andrew Davis, Johnny Puma def Shade..

  67. February 19, 2005--IWF in West Paterson, New Jersey: Dan McGuire def Vik Voorhees, Tommy Penmanship def Pete Hanover, Kevin Knight def Travis Blake, Arch Kincaid def Biggie Biggs-COR, Tony Torres & Antonio Rivera def Aaron Stride & Chris Steeler, Sean Royal def Eddie Krayz, Roman def Fred Sampson by DQ..

  68. February 19, 2005--World Class Wrestling in Houma, Louisiana: The Mexican Giant def Juan Tastic, Lil Shooter v American Idol, Mercinary & T-Wolf def Terry Cash & Manwhich, Nick Bondage def Mexican Giant, Nick Bondage def Lil Shooter in the finals of the Light Heavyweight title tournament, Minnotaur def Mountain Man and Max Pain in a 3-WAY to retain the Heavyweight title, Justin Stone & Half Breed def the Jihad Warriors (Terror Ted & TK Riot) to capture the Tag Team titles!

  69. February 19, 2005--PWX in Brick, New Jersey: Danny Yamz def Sabotage, Ed Kazarr def Archadia, Resin def Chris Candido by DQ, Psycho won elimination match, Mass Destruction def Steve the Teacher, Patriot def Louie Ramos, Shock def Resin..

  70. February 19, 2005--Ultra Championship Wrestling in Rapid City, South Dakota: J.T. Sparks def Redneck Kerpal, Wrecking Crew def Canadian Revolution, Jackyl def Hollywood JDT, Jason Ray won three-way over Dragon and Joey Grunge, Paul Diamond def Tony Morales, Bruiser Bennett def Busta Brown, Gryphon def Zain, Joey Grunge def Gryphon..

  71. February 19, 2005--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Harrodsburg, Kentucky at the Harrodsburg High School: K-Lo def Dynamite Derrick, Billy Black def Rough House Randy in a Hardcore Rules Match, Billy Maverick def Rollin’ Hard to retain the United States title, Simon Sezz vs. Brandon Blaze ended in a DOUBLE COUNT OUT to retain the Light Heavyweight title, Vic The Bruiser def Mason The Mangler by Disqualification when The Mangler used a noose to choke Vic unconscious, JC Bailey def 2 Tuff Tony to retain the Heavyweight title (Harrodsburg High School Baseball Coach Drury servedas special guest referee)..

  72. February 20, 2005--IWF in West Paterson, New Jersey: Vik Voorhees def Chris Steeler, Biggie Biggs def Travis Blake, Kevin Knight & Dan McGuire def Tony Torres & Antonio Rivera, Fred Sampson def Damian Adams, Aaron Stride def Sean Royal, Travis Blake & Vik Voorhees & Mike Capozzi def Robby Morrison & Chad Andrews & Nick Sabre, Roman def Shane O'Brien by DQ

  73. February 20, 2005--Vince Russo's GLORY Wrestling in Chickamauga, Georgia at the Covenant Life Worship Center: Father James Mitchell cut a promo saying the people were wasting their time with God and should worship him instead, David Young def Sonny Siaki after distraction from James Mitchell, Mike Sanders & Disco Inferno def Adam Jacobs & Johnny Swinger after Swinger walked off, Desire def Tracy Brooks, Jimmy Rave def Kid Kash, Queen Herod (aka Alan Funk) def Chris Harris, Jeff Jarrett def Elix Skipper to retain the NWA title, Joshua The Carpenter def Evil (aka Ron Reis), Vince Russo did a sermon about God and Jesus Christ and did some interactive prayers with the audience and wrestlers (Scott D'Amore & Scott Hudson were announcers)..

  74. February 23, 2005--Three Rivers Wrestling in Northern Indiana: Shark Boy def Chad Collyer, Jason Automatic def Osyris, Kid Italy def Scotty Crew, Kid Lightning def Andy Scabbs, Jason Automatic def White Boy, Osyris def Hank Southern..

  75. February 24, 2005--United Wrestling Association in Knoxville, Tennessee at the Green Acres Flea Mkt. Shannon Slayer def Justin Karma, JC Steel & Jason Maxx def Hybrid Hitmen DQ, Alex Hutton & Spazz def Boss & Jim Miller, Shane Williams def Scott Colby, Thunder Valley Express def Mike Ogle & Reaper, Ricky Morton & Brad Thomas (sub for Bobby Eaton who canceled saying his wife needed surgery) def Dr. Tom Prichard & Tony Prichard..

  76. February 25, 2005--Wild Southern Wrestling in Pearland, Texas: Chris Marvel def Justin Blaze, Big Buhda def Kris Kronie, Steven Cody def ZenZen, Justin Walker def Major Pest, Jarred Steele def Don Juan by DQ

  77. February 25, 2005--Carolina Wrestling Association in Statesville, North Carolina: Scottie Brooks def Tom Williams, Chris Nelson def Jason Jones, Rick Kelley & Scotty Rocker def Rick Karloff & Leffy Peabody, Brandon Hardy & Derrick Driver & Maverick Moore def Homies with Attitude & Chris Savage, George South Jr. def Ivan Koloff in a chain match with Jimmy Valiant as referee, Jason Jones won Battle Royal..

  78. February 25, 2005--Pro Wrestling MADE in Greenville, South Carolina: Josh O & Mike Freshley def Thomas Simpson & Nathan Starr, Keenan Quinn def Thom Kaige, James Boulevard & Casey J def Rahn Jordan & Don Matthews, Dexter Poindexter def Ricky Landell, Krazy K def Steve Corino to win the old OMEGA title in a 30+ minute 2/3 fall match..

  79. February 25, 2005--WWA in Quincy, Massechusettes: Shockwave def Robby Flamingo by DQ, Danny Davis (the 80s heel ref in WWF, who came out to Bret Hart's entrance music) def Hale Collins, Short Sleeve Sampson def Purty Kurty, Mark Xyles won three-way over Don Vega and Tony Flow, Optimus Kron & Shockwave & Robby & Bobby Flamingo, Tonga Kid def Paul E. Normous -- Rikishi was advertised but no-showed due to "transportation problems"..

  80. February 25, 2005--XCW in Denton, Texas: Jacob Ladder def Hugh Rogue, Hotstuff Hernandez def Scott Phoenix, Drunk Adam def Bull, Action Jackson def John Allen, Lance Romance & Brett Barnes won eight-team elimination tornado falls count anywhere match..

  81. February 26, 2005--Empire Wrestling Federation in Covina, California at the Knights of Columbus Hall: Liger Xtreme Rivera def Red Tornado, Hurricane Havanan def "Canadian Goddess" Candace La Rue, Alex Pincheck def Johnny Starr and Markus Riot in a 3-WAY, Ricky Reyes & Syrus & Plague def Vizzion & Los Chivos, J. C. Castro (with Black Pearl) def Brute From Beirut, King def Antonio Mestre to retain the EWF title..

  82. February 26, 2005--ACPW in Roseboro, North Carolina drew a sellout crowd: Ivan Koloff def Zane Dawson, Rick Kelly won four-way, Chaos won Battle Royal, Dr. Love def Charlie Dreamer in a ladder match, Tito Rain & Big Law man & Sean Cruise def P-Roc & Aaron Devil & Terry Dallas, Draven def George South, Mr Hughes def Brad Morton, Stan Lane (who was not advertised) def Eddie Brown, Tre G & Hangtime def Kamala & Ouga Bouga, Larry Zbyszko def K.C. McKnight, Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey def Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson, Stro def Demolition Ax (Bill Eadie)...

  83. February 26, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Neil Nitro def Jesse Black, Johnny Buffet def Steve Cronic, Manchild & Kid Kwik def Ricky Stone & D.L. Kool, A.J. Frost & Nick Fury def A.D.D., Frost & Fury def Bill White & Doug Hawkins, Dirty def Jesse Black, Ostgard def Kid Kaos, Boomer Payne & Mickey Richards def Mark Slain & Ken Magnum by DQ..

  84. February 26, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: New Jack Hustlas def Frank Stein & Johnny Dollar, Capt. Psychedelic def Jack Thriller, Alcatraz def Matt Shock by DQ, Ryan Paradise NC Superman Rob, Phoenix def Unrated, Billy Roc def Fallen Dragon, Southern Boys def Melliki & Sikness by DQ, Bob def Hypnosis..

  85. February 26, 2005--Plymouth Championship Wrestling in Sioux City, Iawa: Dimitri Koloff def Sinister, Abu Colossus def Chippendale Kid, Skeeter def Christian Moore, Casanova won four-way over Zac James, Paul Daniels and Hillbilly Buck, Sean Cruz def Max Magnus, Big Daddy Dolan def Mr. White, Jayden Draigo & Jake Holmes def Hype Gotti & Babyface ..

  86. February 26, 2005--Gulf Coast Power Pro Wrestling in Port Neches, Texas: Spector def Rocco Carmanooch, ZenZen def Billy B, Fu Man Kru def Max Muscles and Kris Kronie, Chris James def Mr. Entertainment, Steven Cody def Major Pest..

  87. February 26, 2005--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Bardstown, Kentucky: Blade won a Battle Royal, Dynamite Derrick def Rollin' Hard, Brandon Blaze def 2 Tuff Tony by DQ, Rough House Randy def Billy Black in a Hardcore Rules Match, Randy Royal & K-Lo vs Todd Morton & Chuck Clements ended in a No Contest when Rollin' Hard and 2 Tuff Tony interferred, Vic The Bruiser vs Manslaughter ended in a Count out, JC Bailey def Simon Sezz in a Lumberjack Strap Match..

  88. February 26, 2005--IWC in Uniontown, Pennsylvania: Troy Lords & J-Rocc def Marshall Gambino & Jimmy Demarco, Glenn Spectre def Mickey Gambino, Jason Gory def Dean Radford, Soldier d Christopher Daniels (20:00), Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick def Matt Cross (M Dogg 20) & Josh Prohibition, Shiima Xion def Tyson Dux, Chris Sabin def John McChesney in 2/3 falls, James Keenan def A.J. Styles (Daniels interfered), Shirley Doe def Sebastian Dark in a street fight..

  89. February 26, 2005--Live Action Wrestling TV tapings in Rocky Mount, North Carolina before 400 fans: Buff Bagwell def Kevin Mathews, Ric Converse def Ricky Landell, Brad Attitude def Darriel Kelly, Maxx def Alex Balboa, Otto Schwanz def Lodi, Bagwell def Maxx, Attitude def Matt Stryker (HWA), Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander def Xsiris & Toad, Kirby & T.J. Mack def Hunter & Alexander to win tag titles, Caprice Coleman & Joey Silvia def Macks to win tag titles in a gauntlet series, Tommy Gunn def C.W. Anderson to win LAW title ..

  90. February 26, 2005--EWF in Covina, California before 200 fans: Liger Rivera def Red Tornado, Hurricane Havana def Candace LaRue, Alex Pincheck won three-way over Markus Riot and Johnny Starr, Ricky Reyes & Syrus & Plague def Vizzion & Los Chivos, J.C. Castro def Bruce From Beirut, Jason King def Antonio Mestre..

  91. February 26, 2005--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Clinton, Tennessee: Kevin Ages def Jeff Cody, Justin Karma def Shannon Slayer, Rich Kavana & Adam York def Buford Justice & Dirty J, Omen def Bad Medicine, Da Studd def Jason Fear, Jack Diamond & Edward Idol def Hybrid Hitman ..

  92. February 26, 2005--CWA in Columbia, Tennessee before 191 fans: Shane Morton told everyone to say a prayer for regular fan Tom Hay who was in a bad auto accident and isn't doing well. Sharp Dressed Man Lawrence def Tim Renesto, James Storm def Cat Taylor, Arrick Andrews def Richard Ezell, Shane Morton def Tommy Capone, Chris & Virginia Oliver def Robbie Ruffin & Amy, Max Hatter & Big T def Dan Richards & Jason Kincade, Eric Robertson & Mikey Dunn def Steve & Bubba Morton..

  93. February 26, 2005--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Smyrna, Delaware before 100 fans: Stanley Esq def Jimmy Dream, Massive Mike def Aken Pembrooke, Sam Jones won Battle Royal, Asian Sinsation def Jason Marks, Shaka def Kris Krude, Stacy Adams def Frank Savage, Tjha Ref Charles def Rudo Ref Chris Quander, New Wave def Established ..

  94. February 26, 2005--FCW in Los Angeles, California at the Grand Olympic Auditorium : Lone Star & Carnage def LTP & Diablo & ?, Ruckus def Human Tornado & Phoenix Star, Luke def Babi Slymm, Supreme def Cyanide, Kaos & Mongol def Young Bucks, Halloween & Damian 666 & Rey Misterio Sr. def Los Hermanos Dinamita, Vic Grimes def Angel, Psicosis def Messiah, El Hijo del Santo & Mascara Sagrada def Super Parka & Pierroth..

  95. February 26, 2005--World Wrestling Council Kendallville, Indiana: Scotty Sabre def Stevie Lee, Robbie McAllister def Flex Falcone, Lady Victoria def Vanessa Harding, Even Colder def Kid Italy, Billy Bragg def Cosmic Kid, Andy Chene def Sgt. Jay Peterson, Demolition Sledge def Bobo Brazil Jr., Dick the Bruiser Jr. & High Voltage DDQ Russian Brute & Russian Assassin ..

  96. February 26, 2005--Columbia Wrestling Alliance in Columbia, Tennessee: "The Sharp Dressed Man" Lawrence w/Kyle The Butler def Tim Renesto in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match; “The Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm def "The Supermodel" Cat Taylor after interference by Nore Havoc; Arrick Andrews def Richard Ezell to retain the CWA Heavyweight title, Shane Morton w/Susan Morton & Devious G def Tommy Capone, "Chaos" Chris Oliver & Virginia Oliver def Robbie Ruffin & Amy in a mixed tag team match; Southern Justice (Maxx Hatter & Big “T” w/Angel) def Dan Richards & Jason Kincade w/K9 Kohl to retain the CWA Tag Team titles, Brandon Stone & Mikey Dunn def Steve & Bubba Morton w/Susan Morton & Devious G..

  97. February 26, 2005--Metro Pro Wrestling in Dearborn, Michigan: Phil Atlas won three-way over Anthony Rivera and Johnny Bravo, Kamikaze & Prince Romeo def Jayson Yang & Tommy Johnson, Jamie D & Shenaynay def Badunk a Dunk & Yce, Truth Martini def Whiplash, George Morbid & Eddie Venom def Brad Martin & Chris Clontz, Gutter def Dyson Pryce, N8 Mattson def Jaimy Coxx in a tables match...

  98. February 26, 2005--?????? Promotion in Adams, Massechusettes: Johnny Angel def Tex McCoy, Marc Tetlow & Benny Banner def Crazy Mexican & Tremor, Luscious Latasha def Trinity Campbell, Doink the Clown def Big Daddy Kahuna, Mike Stryker won over Vain, Donnie Rotten and Flash Farenhyte in a TLC match, Gino Giovanni & GQ Smooth def Jay Jaillet & Huey McGraw, Nunzio def Keeper

  99. February 26, 2005--Susquehanna Wrestling Organization in York, Pennsylvania: Twisted Tate def Mr. Excellent, "Luscious" Johnny Graham def Ken Andrews, Tiffani Monroe def Wolfette to win the vacant Woman's title, Arkham def Johnny Mondo to retain the Cruiserweight title, Evil Nitro def Matt Skills, Jackpot Jimmy Jessup def Slambo The Clown, The Strange Crew (Wolfman & Fenix) - def- The Dogs Of War (Castle & Prowler) to win the Tag Team titles, Glen Osbourne def Sexy Shane Shadows to retain the Unlimited World title..

  100. February 27, 2005--IWC in McKeesport, Pennsylvania: Shiima Xion & Chris Maverick & Troy Lords & J-Rocc def Jason Gory & Jimmy DeMarco & Mickey & Marshall Gambino, Dean Radford DDQ Sebastian Dark, Bubba the Bulldog def Kingdom James, Soldier def Chris Hamrick, A.J. Styles def Christopher Daniels, Glenn Spectre def Matt Cross, John McChesney def Josh Prohibition, James Keenan def Claudio Castagnoli, Shirley Doe def Tracy Smothers..

  101. February 27, 2005--WWA in New Haven, Indiana: Jay Peterson def Little Italy, Stevie Lee def Scotty Saber, Vanessa Harding def Lady Victoria, Bobo Brazil Jr. def Flying Andy Chene (managed by Dr. Jerry Graham Jr.) to win the WWA title, Dave Lotus def Jay Lotus, Cosmic Kid def Billy Bragg, Demolition Sledge def Even Colder (Austin look alike), Russian Brute & Russian Assassin def Dick the Bruiser Jr. & High Voltage by DQ..

  102. February 27, 2005--Hybrid Championship Wrestling in Malone, New York: Abra K Dabra won Royal Rumble, Don Payson & Alex Price def Chris Stevens & Player Uno, War def Warth Chyld, Shane Williams & Anthony Storm def Mike Malone & Pierre Vachon, Texas Outlaw def Thornn, Myzery def Damien Clement, Bert Williams def Timmy Wright, Original Hebert def Superstar Flash, Abra K Dabra def Hybrid Rain ..

  103. February 27, 2005--Pioneer Wrestling in Harbor City, California: Nemesis & Psycho def High Risk, Charles Mercury def Benjamin Smoove, Mercury def Johnny Paradise, Disco Machine def Hook Bomberry, Human Tornado & Biggie Biggz def John Lambert & Lonestar, Steve Pain def Scorpio Sky, Chris Bosh & Scott Lost & Ronin def Topgun Talwar & Phoenix Star & Zokre..

  104. February 27, 2005--XICW in Warren, Michigan: Cold Brothers def Johnny Lawless & Oooga Booga, Whiplash def Game Boy, Big Cheese & Drew Johnson & Poison Apollo def DBA & Truth Martini & Jaimy Coxx, Bill Skullion def Mike TSG, N8 Mattson def Eddie Venom, Matrix def Coxx, Gutter won Elimination match to win Yukon Braxton Cup..