Independent Wrestling Results - January 2005

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  1. January 1, 2005--Wrestling of West Virginia (Billed as 1st Wrestling Show of 2005 in the USA) in Whitesville, West Virginia which started at 12:05 AM on New Year's Eve: Robbie Cassidy def Super Destroyer, Brad Thomas def Beau James, Eric Steel def Jason Kincaid, Chuck Jones & Scotty McKeever def John Cooper & Cassidy..

  2. January 1, 2005--Tarheel Wrestling Entertainment Debut Show in Asheboro, North Carolina: Brass Munkey def Matt Houston, Corey Edsel def Tank Lawson, Edsel def Munkey, Buzzsaw & Bam def Bonecrusher Curtis & Will B. Smooth, Rob McBride & J-Money & Shawn Mayhem def Rob Killjoy & Garry Stevens & Tim Blaze..

  3. January 1, 2005--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana: Kid Kross def Hypnosis, Liberty Kid def Fallen Dragon, Hank Calhoun & Wildman Rogers def Game Boys and Prime Time & Rage, Matt Shock def Melliki in a hair vs. slave match, Bob def Superman Rob, Osyris def Mr. Main Event, X def Jeff King, Seth Clash def Josh Abercrombie-DQ, Sikness def C.P., Duff Morgan & J.D. Elite def Phoenix & Anarchy, Indy Kid def Jimmy Jacobs..

  4. January 1, 2005--Bluegrass Championship Wrestling in Marbone, Kentucky: Aggravated Assault def B.J. Fuller & John Stone, Robbie Cassidy & Tim Hall def Beau James & Super Destroyer, Waldos def Sex & Violence, Ego Express def Mike Winters & John Hard Drive, Aggravated Assault def Hall & Cassidy, Ego Express def Waldos, Aggravated Assault def Ego Express to win tournament..

  5. January 1, 2005--CWA Wrestling in Columbia, Tennessee: Tim Renesto def Ronnie Ashworth, Big Country def The Royal Knight, Richard Ezell def The Psycho Medic w/ Dr. Mayhem, Supermodel Cat Taylor def Impressive Anthony Wayne w/Lekisha, Mach 3 (Mikey Dunn & Eric Roberson) def Southern Justice (Maxx Hatter & Big T w/Dixie), Lawrence def The Cuban Assassin w/Devious G, Lawrence & Ryder & Death Wish #1 & Death Wish #2 & Mystery Partner (Arrick Andrews) def Shane Morton & Bubba Morton & Cat Taylor & Maxx Hatter & Big T (w/Devious G & Susan Morton & Dixie & Mr. Hands of Stone Charlie)..

  6. January 4, 2005--Big Orange Wrestling in Sevierville, Tennessee: Ram Blackmore def Black Phoenix, Spazz def Justin Karma-DQ, Robbie Cassidy & Steve Flynn def Beau James & Super Destroyer, Terry Wright def Shannon Slayer, Mike Ogle & Dusty Sharpe & Karma def Thunder Valley Express & Spazz..

  7. January 7, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Dusty Wolfe def Drunk Adam, Action Jackson def Kit Carson-DQ, Jacob Ladder def Jack Drastic, G-Mini & Ricky Jackson def Chance romance & Bull, Spudz def John Allen..

  8. January 7, 2005--Championship Wrestling TV Taping in Kingsport, Tennessee: Clay Connors vs Wayne Adkins vs Nick Hammonds vs ????? ended in a NO CONTEST, Bombers def Alyx Winters & Ray Idol, Super Destroyer & Mike Cooper def Nick Hammonds & Clay Connors, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy def Bombers, Alyx Winters def Jowad Wayne, Chris Gilbert def Bryan Wayne, Beau James def Wayne Adkins, Mike Cooper def Bryan Wayne, Tony Givens & Clay Connors & Nick Hammonds def Beau James & Destroyer & Cody-DQ..

  9. January 8, 2005--Carolina Championship Wrestling in Lenoir, North Carolina before another packed house of 1,600: Chavo Guerrero Sr. def Shane Austin, Thunderfoot I & II def Mike Lee & George South Jr., Bobby Fulton def Gary Royal, Amber O'Neal def Siren, Kamala def Madd Maxx (who no-showed because he was working in Clinton and Jimmy Valiant did a run-in chasing Kamala from the ring), Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson def Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton in a cage match with Jim Cornette at ringside, George South Sr. def Brad Armstrong, Dusty Rhodes def Tully Blanchard..

  10. January 8, 2005--Live Action Wrestling TV Tapings in Clinton, South Carolina before 400 fans: Joey Sylvia def Brad Hunter, C.W. Anderson def Darrell Kelly, Maxx (Chuck Coates) def Rico Rage, Otto Schwanz def Xsiris, Lodi def Alex Balboa, Que Loco (Krazy K) & Brad Attitude def Lodi & Xsiris, Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander def Joey Silvia & Caprice Coleman, C.W. Anderson def Otto Schwanz, Tommy Gunn def Maxx.Lex Luger no-showed the card so Matt Hardy was there signing autographs..

  11. January 8, 2005--WCWA in Pleasant Hill, California before 100 fans Cody Angle def Mutacionado Uno, Doug Storm def One Eyed Jack, Apollo Green def Alexis Smirnoff Jr.-DQ, Hellfyre dcor Steve Bartlett, Rissa de Muerte def Jason Vega, Bartlett & Storm def Hellfyre & Smirnoff..

  12. January 8, 2005--AWS at the City of Industry, California: Biggie Biggz & King Faviano def Plaque & Viper, Skulu (King Adamo) & Al Katrazz def Chris Bosh & Topgun Talwar, Phoenix Star & Zokre & Steve Pain & Scott Lost def Lil Cholo & Quicksilver & Johnny Paradise & Ronin, Eric Matlock def Tony Stradlin, Supreme def Cyanide, Scorpio Sky def Human Tornado, Psicosis & Rey Misterio Sr. def Misterioso & Kendo, Babi Slymm def American Dragon-DQ..

  13. January 8, 2005--New Era Pro Wrestling - Winter Warfare in Painesville, Ohio at Laura's Roller Emporium: Perry Greene & Jesse Burke def Aero & Blackhammer, JT Lightning def Justin Idol, Rod The Bod & Real Smooth def Spiffy Styles & Jabari & Jake N Bake, Ring Crew Express def The Olsen Twins, Aaron Andrews def Doink the Clown (T.C. Reynolds), Chris Hamrick def Glenn Spectre, Tracy Smothers def Marty Jannetty, Richard Weede vs J-Rocc vs The Deviant went to a time limit draw for the NEPW Triple Crown title..

  14. January 8, 2005--SWA in Gallatin, Tennessee before 70 fans: Big O def Alejandro Del Negro, Ray Spears def Tiny, L.T. Falk def John Watts, Matt Korbaine def Damien Payne-DQ, Chris Havoc & Tim Scruggs def American Psycho & Max Magnum, Grave Digger & Brimstone def Kevin Dunn & Loose Cannon to win tag titles, Kid Scorpion & Blade DCOR Desperado & Jailbird..

  15. January 8, 2005--Midwest Renegade Wrestling in Lawrence, Kansas: Payday Patterson def Billy McNeil, Nick Tyson def Brett Young, Michael Strider def Dingo, Darrien Sanders def Mark Sterling, Kory Twist def Violent J Caster, Griz def Derek Stone-DQ..

  16. January 8, 2005--ELL-MEX in Chicago, Illinois at the Congress Theater before 80 fans: Lancer Llamas def Dragon, Sagitario def Holy Terror-DQ, Swat Kat & El Tigre & Mascara de Jade def Dorado & Yakuza & Horoscopo, Martin Escobedo (retirement match after 35 years ) & Maleficio & Infernal def Aguila del America & Discovery & Principe Franky..

  17. January 8, 2005--Wrestlers of West Virginia in Racine, West Virgnia: Chance Prophet def Jason Kincaid, Johnny Blast def Chet Cartwright, Beau James & Scotty McKeever def Brad Thomas & Robbie Cassidy, Big Daddy Gordy def Eric Steele in first blood match, Clay Connor & Jowad Wayne def Chris Vega & Brett Sharp, Danny Ray def Eric Darkstorm in a strap match..

  18. January 8, 2005--High Impact Wrestling in Texas City, Texas: Scott Phoenix def Big Dawg, Lance Scholmire won Battle Royal, Black Gordman Jr. def El Sicodelico Jr., Jacob Ladder def Jack Drastic, Brett Barnes def B.J. Turner, Bret Anthony def Biohazard, Mike Reeves & Lady Draven def Johnny Blade & Cherry Pie, Voodoo & Titan def El Latino & Rudy Russo, Manny Domingo def Cameron Matthews, Jared Steele & Mike Foxx def Steve DeMarco & Eddie Atlas, Tommy Dreamer def Justin 2 Fine..

  19. January 8, 2005--Extreme Wrestling Wars in Booneville, Mississippi: Justin Rhodes def A.C. Styles to retain the EWW Heavyweight title, “Impressive” Anthony Wayne def Kage w/Kathy by disqualification, The P.H.A.T. Foundation def Billy Cash & A.C. Styles in a Fan’s Choice Match, Superstar def Cowboy Jim, The Highrollers def P.H.A.T. Foundation (Trajik & Willie Ray), Damion Rage vs. Nathan Williams went to a draw in a Hardcore Main Event..

  20. January 8, 2005--Superstars of Wrestling in Bluefield, West Virginia before a very good crowd: Heartbreak Express def Robbie D & Brian O, Heartbreak Express DCOR Southern Connection, Frank Parker def Doink (Drake Tungsten), ODB def Lollipop, Shady def Shane Douglas, Rick Steiner def Beef, Kevin Nash def Disco Inferno..

  21. January 8, 2005--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Smyrna, Delaware: Massive Mike def Aken Pembrooke, Asian Sinsation def E.L. Stanley and Jimmy Dream in a 3-WAY, Kris Krude def Chris Nightmare, Shaka def Sam Jones, Brandon Mercury def Adam Ugly, Trey Webber & Melvin Walker def Special Security James & Eric Chapel, Latin Kings def Juan Cruz & Matt Turner and Joseph Brooks & Lance McIntyre, Stacy Adams def Billy Johnson..

  22. January 8, 2005--Mid-America Extreme in Troy, Illinois: Dunkin the Donut King def Krispy, Wyldechylde def Mark Berkhan Red McAlister def Mephisto, Cory Pillman def Steven Kennedy-DQ, Jeremy Lightfoot def Joker, Justin Wade & Trent Stone def Reid Reigns & Shane Marx, Harsh def Beast, Reign def Sly the Redneck Extremist..

  23. January 8, 2005--Salt River Wrestling in Glensboro, Kentucky from Salt River Landing: Cujo def Billy Williams... Trina def El Chupacabra... Christian Skyfire def KC Sabre and Cody Mathews in a 3-WAY... David Bane def Viper to retain the US title... Mason the Mangler def Korbis in a Hard-Core Rules Match... Purple Haze & Kevin Star def Bo Johnson & Big Gunn... Black Rain vs Billy Maverick ended in a no contest... “Mean” Mike Roach def Red Dragon to retain the Heavyweight title..

  24. January 9, 2005--EWF in Covina, California before 100 fans: Plague def Markus Riot, Alex Pincheck def Ryan Taylor, J.C. Castro & Powerhouse Pops vs Rudy Luna & Ragin Dawg ended in a NO CONTEST, Vizzion & Ghetto Psycho Big Q def Enigma de Oro & Kayam-DQ, Jason King def Ricky Reyes-DQ..

  25. January 11, 2005--NWL/HoPWF in ?????: Kevin Featherstone won a Battle Royal, Shawn Hartless (debut) def Dick Dyn-O-Mite by DQ, Prodigy def Alex Lanton (w/Doken and Shorty Smalls) by DQ, Deuce Donnatelli def Tytan and Crisis and Christopher Cash in a 4-WAY, The Freak w/Cassie def Doken w/Kacee Carlisle, Jeremy "Izzy" Stoned vs Blackhawk went to a Time Limit draw, Shorty Smalls def Kevin Featherstone in a Submissions match with the sleeperhold..

  26. January 11, 2005--NWA NE/ New Wrestling Horizons in Buxton, Maine: Gino Martino def Mark Moment by submission to retain the NWA-NE Brass Knuxx Title, Frankie Armadillo def Hardware, Dangerous Donny def Sonny Roselli, Legion "Freakin'" Cage def "Sports Illutrated Legend" Robbie Ellis by dq to retain the NWH Cruiserweight title, Rick Daniels def Cameron Mathews to retain the NWH Heavyweight title..

  27. January 13, 2005--UWA in Knoxville, Tennessee at the famed Green Acres Flea Market: Danny Lee & Draven def Freak & Reaper, Beau James def Omen, Shannon Slayer def Justin Karma, Jason Maxx def Scott Colby, Ricky Morton & Shane Williams & Thunder Valley Express def Terry Wright & Jim Miller & Mike Ogle & Alex Hutton..

  28. January 14, 2005--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Lancaster, South Carolina: Jason Jones def Ethan Cage, Shane Austin def Tim Hunter, Millennium def Bob Brawler Jr., Krissy Vaine def Amber O'Neil, Brad Anderson def Hornet, Jason King def George South Sr. Magnum T.A. was at the show..

  29. January 14, 2005--World of Hurt Wrestling in Hudson Falls, New York: Kayla Sparks def Barbie, Swinger Sidusky & Reed James def Good Lord Willing & Olaf the Scandinavian, Thornn def Vendetta, Jeff Starr def Steve Kruz to win TV title, Cloudy def Axel Phoenix, Jim Tanner def Chuck Deep, Shane Alden & Virus def Danger & Nick Neighborhood, Texas Outlaw def Chuck Deep, Texas Outlaw def Neighborhood..

  30. January 14, 2005--XCW in Denton, Texas: G-Mini & Ricky Jackson def Jack Drastic & Eric Idol, Brett Barnes def Bull, Chance Romance (managed by ECW's Francine) def C-Diddy, Jacob Ladder def Eddie Atlas, Action Jackson & Bullman Downs & Spudz the Security Guy def John Allen & Kit Carson & Todd Diamond..

  31. January 14, 2005--Midwest Regional Wrestling in North Vernon, Indiana from St. Mary's Gym: Eric Draven def Roger Blade in a Grudge Match ... Fuji Brown def Melliki Torrence ... Shawn Cook def Ryan Thunder ... Chuck McRoberts def Sikness ... The Van Zants def The Blackhearts ... High Impact def The Morrus Bros in a no-DQ Match to win the Tag Titles ... Cooter Clampett def Vinny Vachetti ... Billy Maverick def Brad Lamen & MRW Champion Donny Idol in a 3-Way Match to win the Midwest Title..

  32. January 14, 2005--Wrestlers of West Virginia in Whitesville, West Virginia: Chance Prophet won Battle Royal, Super Destroyer & Beau James def Danny Ray & Robbie Cassidy, Ricky Morton def Eric Darkstorm, John Cooper def Scotty McKeever in a chain match, Chris Vega & Brett Sharp def Clay Connors & Jowad Wayne. During Morton's match, a young girl (7-9 years old) went into a terrible seizure and stopped breathing. Morton left the ring and got someone to call 911. Wrestler Danny Ray, who is an EMT, along with Robbie Cassidy, gave the girl CPR until she started breathing again. She had a second seizure before the ambulance arrived. She had a third seizure on the ambulance going to the hospital. She was apparently okay and undergoing tests. The show was stopped at that point. Promoter John Cooper, after everything was taken care of, asked the crowd if they should continue. They wanted a show and they did finish the show after a 30-45 minute break.

  33. January 14, 2005--American Wrestling Empire - Heavyweight Title Tournament in Katy, Texas: Flaming Rose def Dusty Wolfe, Justin Walker def Wichita Willie, Mr. Entertainment def Bubba Lee Travis, Chris James def Rocco Carmanooch, Steve Cody def Mr. Prestigious, ZenZen def Hector Montoya, Justin Walker def Flaming Rose, ZenZen def Mr. Entertainment, Steven Cody def Chris James, ZenZen def Justin Walker and Steven Cody in three-way to become AWF champion..

  34. January 14, 2005--PWF Northeast in North Providence, Road Island: Billy Black def Dave Padula, Kid Mikaze def Jon Thornhill, Trepleicious def Riot, Pat Masters def Grayson Alexander, Pride def The Logans, Evan Siks & Matt Storm def Ebony Blade & T.J. Richter-DQ, Jason Blade def Jay Lethal..

  35. January 15, 2005--Southern California Championship Wrestling in Cudahy, California: Human Tornado & Ronin def Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver, Al Katrazz def Bo Cooper to win vacant PCW title (Joey Ryan vacated it before the match), Tony Kozina def Davey Richards and El Generico in a 3-WAY, Super Dragon def Chris Bosh to keep PWG title in the best match on the show, Kaos & Mongol def Cyanide & Bigg E. Biggz, Kenny King & Big Q def Cyrus & Plague, Lil Nate & Ma'koa def Predator (Sylvester Terkay, the K-1 guy) & Andrew Hellman, Adam Pearce def Webster Daughphiney, Psicosis (original) def TJ Boy, Big Babi Slymm def Scott Lost, Death match tournament: Carnage def Robbie Phoenix, Homeless Jimmy def Leroy the Ring Crew Guy, Evil Lonestar def Buddy George, Ian Rotten def Angel, Ian Rotten def Carnage, Evil Lonestar def Homeless Jimmy, Ian Rotten def Lonestar in a no rope barbed wire death match to win the tournament..

  36. January 15, 2005--Continental Championship Wrestling in Dothan, Alabama before 500 fans: Damian Levaye def Chris Impakt, McNasty def Suicide, T-Bolt def Stash, The Bullet (Bob Armstrong) def Assassin #1, Road Dogg & Steve Armstrong def Steve & Jesse Caulton..

  37. January 15, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Kaos def David Duke, Johnny Buffett def Booty Call, Nick Fury & A.J. Frost def Zack Salvation & Rowdy James, Jimmy Kindrid def Red Easley, Jay Eagle & Dirty def Steve Cronic & D.L. Kool, Mickey Richards def Neil Nitro, Mark Slain & Ken Magnum def Boomer Payne & Ostgard, Serial Killer def Section 8..

  38. January 15, 2005--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Clinton, Tennessee: Rich Kavana def Buford T. Justice Jones, Thorn def Adam York, Cuban Assassin II def Big Bad John, Jack Diamond & Edward Idol def Hybrid Hitman..

  39. January 15, 2005--Southern Championship Wrestling in Altamonte Springs, Florida: John Rich def Rip Malibu, Dagon Briggs def Scott Davis, Mister Saint Laurent def Leon Scott, Heartbreak Xpress def David Mercury & Aaron Epic, Johnny Schumacher def Chasyn Rance, Jason Hexx & Erick Stevens def Sequel & Vordell Walker, Ryze vs Manny Montana ended ina NO CONTEST..

  40. January 15, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: New Jack Hustlas def Xavier & Dominique Justice, Fallen Dragon def Chuck Weeden, Superman Rob def Perry Lynn, Matt Shock def Kevin Baker, 70s Guy & C.P. def Liberty Kid & Hypnosis, Phoenix & Anarchy def Southern Boys, Sikness def Elvis Elliott-DQ, Osyris def Melliki and Bob and Ryan Paradise in a 4-WAU..

  41. January 15, 2005--Premier Championship Wrestling in Harlan, Kentucky from the National Guard Armory: Overkill def Mark Armstrong and "The End" Scott Ray in a 3-Way Match ... Ryan Dookie def CM Sigmon ... Brian Storm def Jamie Northstar ... JD Biggs vs The Punisher was a no-contest ... Team Obscene & Ryan Dookie def Ghostrider Kenny & Rugged Ronnie & Denny Cooley in a 6-man Tag Team Match ... Blade (US Champion) vs Billy Maverick resulted in a no decision when The Empire attacked Maverick ... "Lonewolf" Mike Stone def Tim Lightning by DQ..

  42. January 15, 2005--World Pro Wrestling in Canton, Ohio before 600 fans: M-Dogg 20 def Josh Prohibition in a Falls Court Anywhere match, T-Rantula def James Keenan, Matt Stryker & A.J. Sparxx def Krystal Frost & Cody Hawk, J.T. Lightning def Dean Jablonski, Jerry Grey & Mighty Heinrich def Lord Zoltan & ?, Virgil (original) def Stevie Lee, Billy Gunn def Buff Bagwell. No shows were Lex Luger, Vader and Rick Steiner..

  43. January 15, 2005--Ultra Championship Wrestling in Rapid City, South Dakota before a reported 500 fans: Gryphon def Busta Brown, Bruiser Bennett def Brown, Rocky Mountain Wrecking Crew def Kerpal Express, Dragon def Chris Chabert, Jackyl def Hollywood JTD, Tony Morales def Paul Diamond, Jason Ray & Gryphon def Zain & Joey Grunge to become tag champs..

  44. January 15, 2005--Southern Championship Wrestling from Petersburg, Tennessee before 80 fans: J.P. Cage def Hot Body Hone, Yukon Jack def Pit bull, Robbie Rampage def Jeremy Flynt, Shane Rhodes & Devon Day def Bryan Turner & Dan Morrow to win tag titles, Gypsy Joe (at 70+ years of age) & Dan the Man def Tim Renesto & Bobby Lowe..

  45. January 15, 2005--ELL-MEX in Chicago, Illinois: Tojo Yamamoto Jr. def Jose Guerrero, La Silhouetta Azul def Tyme Paige, Mascara de Jade & Fuerza Aerea Jr. def Reo & Arana, Discovery & SWAT Kat def Infernal & Dorado..

  46. January 15, 2005--Live Action Wrestling in Sanford, North Carolina before 300 fans: Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander def Steve Greene & Rico Rage, Fame & Fortune def Brad Attitude & Que Loco-DQ, T.J. Mack def Alex Balboa, Ric Converse def Darriel Kelly, Lodi def Otto Schwanz, Caprice Coleman & Joey Silvia def Darriel Kelly & Steve Greene, Attitude def Xsiris, Coleman & Silvia def Lodi & Xsiris, Schwanz def Madd Maxx-DQ, Agent Gunn def C.W. Anderson-DQ..

  47. January 15, 2005--NECW Snowbrawl in Framingham, Massechusettes: Fred Curry Jr. def Mr. E, Rave def D-Unit, El Boricua DCOR Johnny Idol, Ariel def Mercedes Martinez and Hayley Skye in a 3-WAY, Dan Freitas def D.C. Dillinger, Pat Masters def Paul Lombardi, Pride def Logans, Mike Bennett def Ru Starr, Chris Venom def Michael Sain..

  48. January 15, 2005--Mid America Extreme in Cahokia, Illinois: Sly the Redneck Extremist def Jason Sya, Joker & Dice def Jeremy Lightfoot & Cory Pillman, Jackson Rex def Steven Kennedy-DQ, Sean Vincent def Wyldechylde-DQ, Trent Stone & Justin Wade def Shane Marx & Mark Beckham, Beast def Mephisto-DQ, Harsh def Dick Brody, Shorty Biggs def Red Reign..

  49. January 15, 2005--Premier Championship Wrestling in the legendary Harlan, Kentucky before 218 fans: Overkill def Mark Armstrong and Scott Ray in a 3-WAY, Ryan Dookie def C.M. Sigmon, Brian Storm def Jamie Northstar, J.D. Biggs vs Punisher ended in a NO CONTEST, Team Obscene & Ryan Dookie def Kenny & Rugged Ronnie & Denny Cooley, Blade vs Billy Maverick ended in a NO CONTEST, Mike Stone def Tim Lightning-DQ..

  50. January 15, 2005--Wrestlers of West Virginia in Danville, West Virginia: Brad Thomas def Scotty McKeever, Jowad Wayne def Phil Anderson, Chad Cross & Robbie Cassidy def Beau James & Super Destroyer, Jowad Wayne def Eric Darkstorm, Chris Vega & Brett Sharp def Cassidy & Cross..

  51. January 15, 2005--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, Texas: Nick Daniels def Bubba Lee Travis, Nayati Mattox def Heather Devine, Scoby Gober def Tim Sweeny, Mike Tatum def Chris Allen, Justin Blaze def Nark the Nevulon and Dylan Starr and Spector and Tony Montana and Chico Torres in a 6-WAY, Zen Zen vs VooDoo ended in a DOUBLE DQ, Mr. Mayhem def Bobby 2 Badd, VooDoo won 25 person over the top rope battle royal..

  52. January 15, 2005--Extreme Wrestling Wars in Booneville, Missouri: Cannon def Anthony Wayne, Dwight Bradford def David Andrews, A.C. Styles def Justin Rhodes, Nathan Williams & Billy Cash def Jeremy Blaze & Cowboy Jim, Ox def cowboy Jim, Jeremy Blaze def Tajik, Family of Pain vs The Highrollers ended in a draw, Hunter def Damien Rage and Nathan Williams in a 3-WAY..

  53. January 15, 2005--Palmetto Pride Championship Wrestling in Columbia, South Carolina: Red Dragon vs Rick Kelly went to a NO CONTEST, Glutius Maximus def Chris Chance, Deon Johnson def Black Angel, Xavier Night def Johnny Blaze in a hair vs. hair match, Dave Renegade & Dawn Renee def KC Thunder & Sonny Landell in a southern whippin' match, Tommy Gunn def Timber to recapture the Palmetto Pride Heavyweight title..

  54. January 16, 2005--NAWA in Arlington, Texas: Stephen Murphy def Adam Arson, British Assassin def Brent Masters, Chris Richter def Logan, Dragon def David fuller, Blackbird Posse def Zero Consequences, Seth Shai def Lenny Lane and John Allen in a 4-WAY. Jazz was at the show and gave Robert Evans a stinger..

  55. January 16, 2005--NWA Spinebuster Championship Wrestling in Valdosta, Georgia before a sellout 300 fans: Simon Sermon & Thomas Britain def Jon Davis & Lance Alonte, Blain Rage & Kevin Kantrell def Sean & Phil Davis and Dennis Condrey & Nightmare (Ted Allen) and Southside Trash in a 4-WAY, Flex Cassidy def Johnny Magnum, Adam Windsor & Funky White Boy (w/Missy Hyatt) def The RockNRoll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) (Dennis Condrey hit Morton with a chain), Bobby Sanford & Eric Tattum def Marty Jannetty & Rod the Bod, Dory Funk Jr. vs Tully Blanchard ended in a 30:00 draw (actually 24:40) which being watched by everyone backstage, Big Bank Barfield won 20 man Battle Royal, Chasyn Rance def Mark Stevens, Cru Jones def Vordell Walker, Jake Slater def Mike Pain and K-Os in a 3-WAY Hardcore match..

  56. January 16, 2005--WWC in Lajas: Chris Joel def Brent Dail, Diabolico def Erick Scorpion, Virus def Demolition X, Ricochet def La Pulga (Mucha Lucha characters), Viper def Bolo the Red bulldog, Rico Suave def Black Thunder, Eddie Colon def Diamante Domincano-DQ..

  57. January 18, 2005--Southern Championship Wrestling - Snow Brawl 2005 in Muskogee, Oklahoma: Dexter Hardaway def Seth Allen, Adam Thornstowe def Chris Matthews, Brandon Groom (w/Summer Rain) def Aaron Neil and Tyler Bateman in a 3-WAY, Honky Tonk Man def Demolition Ax, Leather (Female) & Hollywood (Midget) def Lady Venom & Tasha (Both Women) in an Intergender Match, Se7en def Bernie Donderwitz in a Hardcore Match, Michael Barry (w/Sassy Merlot) def Tim War Cloud to retgain the NWA Oklahoma title, The Fantastics (Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton) def The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey w/Terri Runnels) in a Steel Cage Match to capture the vacant SCW Southern Tag Team Titles..

  58. January 18, 2005--American Championship Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida before 50 fans: Joshua Masters def Dale Williams, Scott Davis def Mark Zout, Jaison Moore def Heater, Laduke Jakes def Vanilla Assassin, Sean Davis def Ralph Mosca..

  59. January 18, 2005--Big Orange Pro Wrestling in Sevierville, Tennessee: Shane Slater def Justin Karma, Reaper def Black Phoenix, Robbie Cassidy & Slater def Beau James & Super Destroyer, Ricky Morton & Buford T. Jones def Terry Wright & Karma, Thunder Valley Express & Jimmy Golden def Tony Pritchard & Mike Ogle & Dusty Sharp-DQ when Tom Prichard did a run-in..

  60. January 19, 2005--UCW-Zero in Kearns, Utah before 150 fans: Tyson Ferrari def Damien, Tristan Gallo def Iron Will, Kon Kushion def Alex Brady, Los Mochi Paco def Jeff Matthew Bryant, Derrick Jannetty def Mastadon..

  61. January 20, 2005--United Wrestling Association in Knoxville, Tennessee at the famed Green Acres Flea Market before 150 fans: Freak def Draven, Scott Colby def Jason Maxx, Robbie Cassidy & Jason Thunder def Beau James & Super Destroyer, Tony Pritchard & Spazz def Mike Ogle & Alex Hutton & Jim Miller, Thunder Valley Express def Shannon Slayer & Omen, Boss def Ricky Morton when Tom Prichard interfered..

  62. January 20, 2005--World of Hurt Wrestling in Schenectady, New York: Kid Guatemala II def Hito Tigre, Ricky Dominguez & Shawn Kurse def Dynamic Sensation & Supreme Lee Great, Kayla Sparks def Miss DeVille, Thornn def Cheech, Swinger Sidusky & Jim Tanner def Timmy Wright & Arthur Dmitrius, Scott Scarsdale won Battle Royal, Texas Outlaw def Cloudy..

  63. January 20, 2005--IWF in West Paterson, New Jersey: Tony Torres def Chris Steeler, Aaron Stride def Antonio Rivera, Jana def Shayla, Kevin Knight & Dan McGuire def Travis Blake & Sean Royal, Vik Voorheees def Eddie Johnson, Tony Torres & Antonio Rivera def Pete Hanover & Mike Capozzi, Fred Sampson def Roman and Biggie Biggs and Shane O'Brien in a 4-WAY..

  64. January 21, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Eric Idol def Bull, Jacob Ladder def Convict 187, Brett Barnes & Jared Steele def Drunk Adam & Spudz McKenzie, Manny Fernandez (from the 80s) & Jack Drastic def G-Mini & Ricky Jackson, Doom Thug Empire vs International Playas Club ended in a NO CONTEST..

  65. January 21, 2005--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky: Mason the Mangler vs Billy Black ended in a NO CONTEST, K-Lo & Randy Royal def Terry Bull & Eddie Browning, Sean Casey def Billy Maverick, Rob Williams vs Vic the Bruiser in a No DQ match ended in a NO CONTEST, J.C. Bailey def Simon Sezz by DQ..

  66. January 22, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory: Thorn def Brian Michaels to retain the Junior Heavyweight title, Thorn def The Freak to retain the Television title, "Handsome" Beau James & Mike Cooper def Nick Hammonds & Wayne Adkins, Alyx Winters def Ray Idol to win the Heavyweight title, Cruel Intentions (Super Destroyer & Josh Cody) def Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy in a Ladder Match to win the SSW Tag Team titles,

  67. January 22, 2005--All-Star Championship Wrestling in Charlotte, North Carolina: Kobra def Randon, Homies with Attitudes def Los Kozmos, Zach Salvation def Rowdy James, George South Jr. def Jimmy 2 Times, Jason Jones & Jeff Justice def George South Jr. & Jimmy 2 Times, Big Country def True Revolution..

  68. January 22, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Johnny Buffet won Battle Royal, Buffet def Mark Slain to win Carolinas title, Ken Magnum def Neil Nitro, Yoshi Hiroshima def Will Snapp, Nick Fury & A.J. Frost def Wicked & Torment, Jay Eagle DCOR Billy Pride, Doug Hawkins def Jesse Black, Mickey Richards def Ostgard, Steve Cornic DDQ Boomer Payne, David Duke & Johnny Danger def Jimmy Kindrid & Kaos..

  69. January 22, 2005--All Pro Wrestling in Hayward, California: Vennis DeMarco def Thor, Robert Thompson def Tony Angels, Lance Chandler def Kid Omega and Dana Lee and Jardi Frantz in a 4-WAY, Killer J Mathias & Nathan Rulez & Derek Sanders def Billy Blade & Kadin & Chris Colioni, Puma & Eric Matlock def J.J. Perez & Melissa..

  70. January 22, 2005--Plymouth Championship Wrestling in Sioux City, Iowa: Chippendale Kid & Casanova & Ricky Sprague def "The Passion" Zac James & Strife & Mr. White, Dimitri Koloff def Cousin Skeeter. Babyface def Jayden Draigo to win the Television title with help from Hype Gotti (Gotti and Babyface reform the tag team "Simply The Best"), The Pain Syndicate def Double Jeopardy to retain the Tag tean titles, Hype Gotti def JT Wilcox, Christian Moore def Big Daddy Dolan to retain the Heavyweight title..

  71. January 22, 2005--X Jam Pro-Wrestling in Minot, North Dakota at the Vegas Hotel:"The Punisher" Rob James def "Red Hot" Ryan Wood, Ben Sailer def Mentallo, Jason Bates def Adam Knight, Dirty Ernie def Sam Ellis in a Hardcore Match, Ann Thraxx def Lisa, Ann Thraxx def Taylor to win X Jam Women's Title, Ken Patera was featured and signed autographs at intermission..

  72. January 22, 2005--AWF/IWF in Livingston, Tennessee: Justin Sane & Daddy Mac def Dr. Quack & Southern Kaos-DQ, Torture King vs Dexter ended in a draw, Josiah Caine won five-way for hardcore title, J.T. Hott def Big Poppa and Backstreet, Freak def Nightwolf, ELE def KNIC, Pain def Rockdogg..

  73. January 22, 2005--PWE in York, Pennsylvania before 200 fans: Wolfman def Ken Andrews, Icarus & Gran Akuma def Arkham & John Cabbie, Tiffani Monroe def Kirk Wise, Drew Hankinson def Johnny Graham, Mike Quackenbush def Mana..

  74. January 22, 2005--Empire State Wrestling in Wheatfield, New York: Brett Mednik & Johnny Adams def Armand & Cade Cassidy, Chris Cooper def A.C. O'Reilly, Randy Walker def Shade, Ash & Hornet def Benjamin Smythe & Brandon Thurston, Shawn Spears def Cody Steele, Kevin Grace def Ice, Jonny Puma def Mastiff and Damien Alexander in a 3-WAY..

  75. January 22, 2005--Lucha Libre in Chicago, Illinois before 1,500 for a free show: Jose Guerrero def Tojo Yamamoto Jr., Silhouetta Azul def Tyme Paige, El Tigre def Maleficio II-DQ, Maleficio II & Principe Azteca def SWAT Kat & Yakuza-DQ, Mascarita Sagrada (working in street clothes and a mask, likely due to luggage issues) & Principe Franky def Maleficio I & Guerrerito del Futuro, Acero Dorado & Shamu Jr. def Brazo de Plata & Sombra Vengadora, Santo & Atlantis def Villano III & Psicosis..

  76. January 22, 2005--West Coast Wrestling in Pleasant Hill, California before 150 fans: Rey Kajimura def Joey Harder, Bad Apples def Douglas Brothers, Cody Angle def Alexis Smirnoff Jr.-DQ, Hellfyre def Shane Dynasty, Crosstown Bus def Mutacoianado I, Steve Bartlett def One Eyed Jack, Chance Calloway & Bruce Bukkake def Vinny Massaro & Rick Luxury, Risa de Muerte def Jason Vega-DQ..

  77. January 22, 2005--IWA Flashfire - An All-Star ReVolution in Hartwell, Georgia: Logan Kincayde won a Battle Royal for the vacated Internet Championship, Phillip Pain def "The Tower" Jason Swords to win the U.S. title, Buford T & Solitude def "Horse Power" Chris Vanadore & Big Country by DQ, "The Tower" Jason Swords def "Merciless" Don Matthews and Purple Passion and Logan Kincayde and Tommy Sawyer and James Boulevard and Phillip Pain and Rahn Jordan in an 8-MAN All-Star match to win the IWA Flash Fire Championship..

  78. January 23, 2005--XICW in Michigan: American Kickboxer def Gameboy, Eddie Venom def Johnny Lawless, Ice Cold def Big cheese, Mike the Security Guard def Hades, Kamikaze def Stone Cold, Mad Man Pondo NC Josh Movado, Ric Matrix def Frankie he Face, Whiplash won three-way over Jimmy Jacobs and Gavin Starr, Drew Johnson & Poison Apollo def Truth Martini & Jaimy Coxx, N8 Mattson def Gutter, Bill Skullion def DBA to win XICW title..

  79. January 27, 2005--United Wrestling Association in Alcoa, Tennessee: Tiny Tim def Shaun Hardrive, Freak & Reaper w/Merrick def Bad Company (), The Hybrid Hitmen (Robbie Race & Eric Adams) def Jason Maxx & JC Steel, Mike Ogle def Jason Thunder in a #1 Contenders match, Jimmy Golden & Tony Prichard def The Boss & Alex Hutton, Thunder Valley Express (Tag Team champions) vs Shannon Slayer & The Omen ended in a NO CONTEST, Justin Karma & Shane Williams def Scott Colby & Rich Kavanna..

  80. January 28, 2005--Wild Southern Wrestling in Pearland, Texas at the VFW Hall: Don Juan won a battle royal, Major Pest def ZenZen, Chris Marvel def Ricky Jackson, Max Muscles vs Big Buddah ended in a double countout, Jared Steele def Don Juan..

  81. January 28, 2005--World of Hurt Wrestling in Hudson Falls, New York: Kayla Sparks def Miss DeVille, Chuck Deep def Cloudy, Swinger Sidusky & Reed James def Shane Alden & Virus, Jeff Starr def Patrick Cook, Vendetta def Punk, Dark Demon def Texas Outlaw, Nick Neighborhood won Royal Rumble..

  82. January 28, 2005--ICW in Tacoma, Washington: Big Wood def Teenage Dirtbag, Ritchie Magnett def Vinnie V, Randy Taylor def Sloth, Michael Santiago def Kid Kombat, Jason Jackson def Rad, Sonny O'Mara & Chef NC Mr. G.Q. & Avalanche, Honky Tonk Man def Tim Flowers-DQ..

  83. January 28, 2005--Empire Wrestling Federation in Covina, California: Liger Rivera def Markus Riot, Vizzion def Red Tornado, Los Chivos def Jung Lee & Kenny King, Plague def Bino Gambino, Black Pearl (a relative of Rikishi) & J.C. King NC Rudy Luna & Ragin Dawg, Jason King & Big Q def Ricky Reyes & Syrus..

  84. January 28, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Darin Childs NC Craig Jerikho, Action Jackson def John Allen-DQ, Jackson def Bull & Eric Idol & C-Diddy-DQ, Mike Foxx def Spudz McKenzie, Jacob Ladder def Kit Carson, Brett Barnes & Mike Foxx & C-Diddy def Sidd Murder & Gemini & Jack Drastic

  85. January 28, 2005--Far North Wrestling in Butler, Pennsylvania before 463 fans: Brian O & Hallowicked def Trevor Lowe & Kevin Grace, Rockin Rebel & Leslie Leatherman def Slyck Wagner Brown & Dorian Deville, April Hunter def Lovely Lacey, Skayde def Milanito Collection A.T. in a 2/3 fall Lucha style match, James Keenan def Claudio Castagnoli, Doink the Clown def Lord Zoltan, Seth James def T.Rantula..

  86. January 29, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Denzel Titan def Black Velvet, Superman Rob def Big John, Who Am I def Mr. Main Event, Matt Shock def Wildman Rogers, Indy Kid def Sikness-DQ, NC-17 def Liberty Kid & Hypnosis and CP & That 70s Guy, Bob won three-way over Hank Calhoun and Fallen Dragon, Osyris def Melliki-DQ..

  87. January 29, 2005--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Dover, Delaware: Asian Sinsation def Billy Johnson & Jason Marks, Sam Jones & Kris Krude def Chris Nightmare & Shaka, Massive Mike & Jimmy Dream def Aken Pembrooke & E.L. Stanley, Leslie Leatherman def Doriam Deville, Juan Cruz & Joseph Brooks def Matt Turner & Jimmy Jessup, Adam Ugly & James def Latin Kings & New Wave..

  88. January 29, 2005--OMLL in Cicero, Illinois yesterday before 250-300 fans: Jose Guerrero def Tojo Yamamoto Jr., Nickie Sixx def Buddha, Stu Early Safari def Boy Toy Bryan, Principe Frankie & Discovery def Payaso Krazie & Cachongo, Mini Gran Markus & Guerrerito del Futuro def Mini Halloween & Xtatsis, Felino & Virus & Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero..

  89. January 29, 2005--American Wrestling Empire in Splendora, Texas: Leif Erickson def Hector Montoya, Wichita Willie and Gary Young was a double DQ, Mr. Entertainment def Valik, Jade def Shawn Stern, Steven Cody def Mr. Prestigious, Rocco Carmanooch def Chris James, The Fu Man Kru def The Pipe Line Express and the Flower Mound Fairies.

  90. January 29, 2005--AWS at the City of Industry, California before 120 fans: Kaos def Al Katrazz, Kenny King def Mongol, Super Dragon & Lil Cholo & Quicksiliver & Sara del Ray def Ronin & Chris Bosh & Steve Pain & Joey Harder, Hook Bomberry def Bruce Bukkaki, Supreme def Messiah in a hardcore match, Phoenix Star & Misterioso def Matematico & Kendo, Big Babi Slymm def Spymaster #2-DQ, Scorpio Sky def Ruckus to keep light heavyweight title, American Dragon & Frankie Kazarian def Colt Cabana & Apollo Khan..

  91. January 29, 2005--UCW-Zero in Salt Lake City, Utah: Los Mochi Damien def Rain McReady, Kon Kushion def Iron Will, Mastadon def Blitz, Los Mochis Paco & Damien def Jeff Bryant & Alex Brady, G.Q. Gallo def Matt Kane, Derrick Janetty def Tristan Gallo..

  92. January 29, 2005--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Centeral City, Kentucky: J Grunge beat Billy Black, JC Bailey (BBW Heavyweight Champion) vs Simon Sezz (BBW Light Heavyweight Champion) was a no contest, Randy Royal beat Viper by DQ, Randy Royal and Vic The Bruiser beat J Grunge and Viper..