Independent Wrestling Results - August 2004

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  1. August 2, 2004--Promociones Renegado in Minneapolis, Minnesoda: Black Boy & Machina Infernal def Lenny Lane & Renegado Estrada, Mason Quinn def Mitch Paradise, J.B. Trask & Ben Sailer def Jonny Vegas & Punisher, Arik Cannon def Johnny Parks..

  2. August 2, 2004--IWP Hull, England before 1,029 fans and 960 paid: Aviv Maayan def James Tighe, UK Pitbulls def Jamie Idol & Spud, Steve Knight & Kevin O'Neill & Jack Storm def Spinner McKenzie & Highlander & Drew Galloway, Alex Shane def Stevie Lynn, Dirk Feelgood def Ricky Knight, Burchill won three-way over Doug Williams and Zebra Kid. Jake Roberts was a no-show..

  3. August 2, 2004--WAW Summer Sizzler in Great Yarmouth, England before 300 fans: Hot Stuff def Frankie Sloan, Steve Morocco def Steve Quintain, Ashley Paige & Destiny & Erin Angel def Sweet Saraya & Nikki Best & Lisa Fury, Zak Zodiac def Flaming Red, Jake Roberts def Phil Powers-DQ, Zebra Kid DCOR Paul Tyrell..

  4. August 3, 2004--Bad Boys Of Wrestling in in New Port Richey, Florida: W4 Boyz (Luther Jackson & Big Daddy Pimp) def James Morrison & Jerome Hendrix, Druid vs Dale Williams ended in a DOUBLE COUNT OUT, Damien Angel def Ricky Romeo & Jaison Moore & Taurus in a 4-WAY, David Mercury def Erik Stevens, Chris Rain def Scooter Trash and Joe Wylde in a 3-WAY Hardcore match, Mark "Hitman" Zout & Pretty Fly def Bo Tavian & VinnDetta..

  5. August 3, 2004--EWF in San Bernardino, California: Chavo Coca def Psycho Silly Willy, Vince Garcia def El Negro, Ragin Dawg def Jason King, Syrus def Johnny Starr, Bino Gambino & Vizzion & Rudy Luna def Jung Lee & Rob Richter & Alex Pincheck..

  6. August 3, 2004--East Coast Pro Wrestling in Maywood, New Jersey: Matt Striker def Ricky Landell, Damian Adams def Dan The Man, Dan Mandini def Suzuki, Scotty Charisma def Johnny Thundar by DQ, Andrew Anderson & Thunderbolt def Kevin Apollo & Matt Nelson, Jay Santana def Dan The Man..

  7. August 5, 2004--Global Championship Wrestling - Rage At The Rose: Zero-X def Adam Roberts, Vinny V def "Wild Thing" Will Owens, Nino del Sol def Karnage, The Night Prowler def Rastus Polk, Mason Fury def Cabana Man Dan w/Mudbone, Theodore Tutweiler III & Guff Grayson def "Mad Dog" Dan Sawyer & GOTH to become the new GCW Tag Champs, Jesse Payne def The InHuman Fly & J.J. Steele in a TLC Match to become the new GCW Intercontinental Champion..

  8. August 5, 2004--GCW Pro from Birmingham: Zero X def Adam Roberts, Vinny V def Will Owens, Nino de Sol def Karnage, Rastus Polk def Nightprowler, Mason Fury def Cabana Man Dan, Teddy Tutwillier III & Guff Grayson def Dan Sawyer & Goth, Jesse Pain won three-way TLC match over Inhuman Fly and J.J. Steele..

  9. August 6, 2004--Midwest Regional Wrestling in Greenwood, Indiana: Vinnie Vachetti won Battle Royal, Beautiful People def Goto Negro & Blackheart #2, Liberty Kid def Spazz, Butcher def Mark Jackson, Chris Blaze def Fuji Brown, Morrus Brothers def Uncle Ernie & Hillbilly Jed, Donny Idol def Billy Maverick..

  10. August 6, 2004--WWC in Gurabo, Puerto Rico: Maniac def Demolition X, Diabolico def Bad Boy, Draco Lee def Rebelde, Rico Suave def Brent Dail, Eddie Colon def Bronco, Chicky Starr def Super Gladiador-DQ, Ely & Delta Force def Atletico & Chris Joel & Alex Montalvo..

  11. August 6, 2004--XCW in Denton, Texas: Aldo Nova def Dave the Rave, Scott Phoenix def Mr. Mayhem, Gemini def Jacob Ladder, Sid Chaos def Jack Drastic, Kit Carson & Khris Germany & Chris Richter def John Allen & Mike Thunder & Brett Barnes...

  12. August 6, 2004--USWO Madison, Tennessee before 84 fans: Saint & Krull & Milenko def Thug Jones & Psycho Medic & Devon Day, Kory Williams def Ben Jordan, Matt Korbaine & Kevin Dunn & Farron Foxx def Hex Gage & Guido Barzinni & Tim Renesto, Devon Day def Ty Blade, Dan the Man def Larry Valentine-DQ, Dan Morrow & Bryan Turner def Arrick Andrews & Ryder..

  13. August 6, 2004--WPW Best of the West Tournament in Anaheim, California: Jardi Frantz def Disco Machine, Lil Cholo def Phoenix Star, J.J. Perez def Puma, B-Boy def Melissa, Frantz def Cholo, B-Boy def Perez, Chris Bosh & Infernal & Infernal Jr. & Steve Pain & Catastrophe & Chippy Sanchez def Quicksilver & Human Tornado & Sexy Chino & R2K & Kid Omega & Silver Tyger, B-Boy def Frantz to win tournament..

  14. August 6, 2004--WCWO in Greensburg, Indiana: Don Basher def Pogo the Juggalo, Indiana Kidd Jr. & Uncle Ernie def Street Punx, Devon Fury def Troy Van Zant, Bobby Black & Kenny Courageous def Indiana Kidd Jr. & Don Basher, Tom Van Zant def P.T. Hussla..

  15. August 6, 2004--EWA in Dundalk, Maryland: Jornell Sinister def Lucky, D-Money def Nelly, Extreme Pandemonium def Jersey Indy Alliance, Morgus the Maniac won Battle Royal, Jaxx Craven def Blood, Steven Desire won three-way over Ruckus and Eric Envy, Stevie Riggs def Jim Christian..

  16. August 7, 2004--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Radcliff, Kentucky at Herb Jones Jeep: K-Lo def Guido Andretti by DQ ... Mike Samples def Steve Marino ... Hillbilly Jed def Simply Spectacular ... Randy Royal vs. Simon Sezz resulted in a double count-out ... Billy Maverick def Billy Black to become the new BBW United States Champion ... Vic The Bruiser def Tracy Smothers to retain the BBW Heavyweight Title ... Mason The Mangler def JC Bailey to retain the BBW Hardcore Title.

  17. August 7, 2004--WXW Wrestling in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania before 100 fans: Nick Berk def J-Busta, Queenan Quinn def Frankie V, Sugga def C.J. O'Doyle, Sinister X def Thorn, Little Feather won three-way over Luscious Lilly and Cindy Rogers, True Blood & Tonic def Dynamic Sensation & Lee Great, Mana def Cabbie..

  18. August 7, 2004--NAWA in Fort Worth, Texas: Zero Consequences def Wasted Youth, Texas Red def Stephen Murphy, Joseph def Gemini, Seth Shai def David Fuller, Jeff & Jerry Brown def Chris Richter & Bryan Lewis..

  19. August 7, 2004--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Tomball, Texas: Sensational Shannon def Justin Blaze, Nark the Nevulon def Brandon Biggs, BLT won three-way over Gober and Rocco Carmanooch, Chris Allen def Bobby 2 Badd, Jim Duggan def ZenZen to win TASW title..

  20. August 7, 2004--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Smyrna, Delaware: Shaka def Chris Nightmare, Massive Mike def Asian Sinsation, Jason Marks & Jimmy Dream def Aken Pembrooke & Stacy Adams, E.L. Stanley esq. def Brandon Mercury..

  21. August 7, 2004--Revolution Pro and Revolution X and CK-4 at the City of Industry, Celifornia: Hillbillies def Monsters. Nikki def El Gallinero, Biggie Biggz & Charles Mercury def Johnny Paradise & King Fuji, Supreme & Kaos & El Mongol def Buddy George & Lone Star & Cyanide, Chris Bosh def Human Tornado, Super Dragon & Ronin def Disco Machine & Angel, Quicksilver def Phoenix Star in Spirit of Revolution tournament final..

  22. August 7, 2004--WWC in Ciales, Puerto Rico before 400 fans: Maniac def Bad Boy, Delta Force def Brent Dail & Demolition X, Rico Suave def Chris Joel, Carlos Colon & Chicky Starr def Super Gladiador & Bronco, Diabolico def Alex Montalvo, Atletico NC Ely Rodriguez..

  23. August 7, 2004--NWA Wildside TV Tapings in Cornelia, Geogia: Glen Spector vs. Trouble T vs. Wolfman was no contest, Vito & Sal Thomaselli def Anthony Henry & Terry Diamond, Thomasellis d Chance Prophet & Eric Darkstorm, Adam Roberts & T.C. Carnage def Brent Anthony & Chris Taylor, Biohazard & Storm def Roberts & Carnage, Biohazard & Storm d Shadow Jackson & Nemesis, Ace Rockwell & Shaun Tempers def Dirk Ciglar & Brandon K, Jay Fury & Nick Halen def Rockwell & Tempers, Seth Delay & Salvatore Rinauro def Fury & Halen to win the tag team turmoil, Jeff Lewis & Jason Blackman def Skeeter Frost & Sweet Dreams, Jeremy V def Jimmy Rave, Fast Eddie def Gabriel to keep jr. title, Murder One & Slim J kept tag titles over Rainman & Azrael-DQ (Slim J was knocked out legit from a stiff kick from Azrael)..

  24. August 7, 2004--PCW in Arlington, Texas: Ricky Jackson def Symetrico, John Allen d Damien in a tables match (both went through at the same time), Eddie Atlas & Canyon & Dallas & Mike Thunder def Brett Barnes & Action Jackson & Gabe Roach & Chris Stevens and Steve DeMarco & G-Slice & J.T. LaMotta & Mace Malone in a War Games cage ladder match..

  25. August 7, 2004--Lethal Attitude Wrestling in Dyreburg, Tennessee: Golden Boy def Mark Bravura, Reno Ruegar def Alex Krisis, Ricky Montana & A.J. Bradley def Motley Cruz & Big Red, Chris O'Neal def Seth Knight, Christian Jacobs def Hollywood the midget, Pokerface def Derrick King in a street fight with heavy juice..

  26. August 7, 2004--IWA: Flashfire "Feel the Heat" in Iva South Carolina: Dale Dwindle def Rahn Jordan, "Lug Nuts" def "Oblivion" to retain the Tag titles, The Excutioner (US Champ) def Lance Christopher, Purple Passion (Internet champ) def Panhead Nelson by COUNT OUT, Phillip Pain def James Boulevard, Billy Starr (World champ) def Casey J..

  27. August 7, 2004--Italian Championship Wrestling in Barzio, Italy: Misure Estreme def Forza d'Urto to win the Tag team titles, Marchese def Gromguten in an International challenge, Pain vs Darkness went to a no contest in a "Casket" match, Mr Excellent def Double C, Caio def Dragon to win the Northern title, Raiss def Tsunami via DQ (Tsunami retains the Italian Title), Raiss won a Battle Royal..

  28. August 7, 2004--Continental Championship Wrestling Reunion Show in Dothan, Alabama before 1,000 fans: Lord Humongous def Kornbread, McNasty def Mad Dog, Assassin #2 def Alabama Jawjacker (Bob Armstrong), Randy Rose def Texas Roughrider, Jimmy Golden & Steve Armstrong def Brad & Scott Armstrong, Wendell Cooley def Dennis Condrey..

  29. August 7, 2004--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, Tennessee: Rich Kavana def Edward Idol, Jason Rumble def Eclipse, Fantasia won three-way over Psycho and Belladonna, Adam Antieum def Eric Adamz, Gabe Casteel def Bad Medicine, Fantasia def Hailey Hatred, Hex Hatred def Legion Cage, Da Studd won four-corners match over Robbie Race, Jack Diamond and Rage, Lex Luger def Buff Bagwell..

  30. August 7, 2004--CWF Mid Atlantic in Burlington, North Carolina: Mitch Norris & Sean Powers def Jesse Ortega & Kid Justice, Garry Stevens & Alex Adonis def Rob McBride & Shane West, Mikael Yamaha def Tank Lawson, Brad Attitude & Ric Converse & Trent Wylde def Brass Munkey & Steel Ninja & GeeStar, Amber O'Neal def Krissy Vaine, Corey Edsel def Xsiris..

  31. August 7, 2004--Mid America Extreme Wrestling in Jerseyville, Illinois: Paul Abernathy def Jason Helms, Izzy Blackwell def Petri Inverto, Arson & Stealth & Sato the Silent Assassin def Cory Pillman & Shane Marx & Dex Grayson, Kory Twist won four-way over Jynx, Sean Vincent and Jackal, Joker & Dice def Dick Brody & A.J. Garret, Steven Kennedy def Kid Lightning, Jeremy Lightfoot def Reid Reign, Harsh def Beast-DQ..

  32. August 7, 2004--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Hypnosis def Sickness, Melliki def Rob Kincaid, Osyris def Ric Savage, Drew Johnson & Apollo Starr def Jeff King & Adam Renolds, Ryan Paradise def Josh Abercrombie in the first show. Second saw Renolds def Jeff King, Osyris def James Vulgar in a dog collar match, Wildman Rogers NC Hank Calhoun in a drinking match, Abercrombie def Paradise, Bob NC Big Cheez, Johnson & Starr def Liberty Kid & Hypnosis in a tables match, Melliki def Brandon Prophet in a fans bring the weapons match..

  33. August 7, 2004--NWA Sunray Wrestling in Palm Bay, Florida before 325 fans: Kahagus def Preston James, Double Deuce def Fahrenheit 420, Kubiak def Snow in a loser leaves town match, Naphtali def O.G. Scarface, Bruce Steele def Mideon, Blackheart def Bad Dog Bullock-DQ, David Bablyon def Sedrick Strong, Ricky & Tommy & Johnny Vandal def Sean Allen & Murphy & Machete..

  34. August 9, 2004--WAW in Great Yarmouth, England: UK Pitbulls def Johnny Phere & Ethan Moore & Jamie Lee, Ashley Paige def Destiny, Paul Tyrell def Ricky Knight in a TLC match, Jonny Storm def Bash, Steve Quintain def Steve Morocco..

  35. August 10, 2004--World League Wrestling in Eldon, Missouri before 150-200 fans: Superstar Steve def Mark Sterling, Jason Blade def Brandon Walker, Dangerous Derek def Gary Jackson, T.J. Dalton won three-way over Matt Stryker and Chip McAllister, Ron & Don Harris def Wade Chism & Dakota, Mitsuharu Misawa & Yoshinari Ogawa def Ace Steel & Jason Bates in 27:31, Chism won gauntlet Battle Royal..

  36. August 10, 2004--IWF in Aberdeen, New Jersey before 200 fans: Aaron Stride def Dan McGuire, Damian Adams def Kevin Knight-DQ, Travis Blake & Shawn Donovan def Sean Royal & Chris Steeler, Roman def Chris Candido, Biggie Biggs def Shane O'Brien, Vik Vorhees & Tony Torres & Antonio Rivera def Jay Blaze & TNT & Jana, Honky Tonk Man def Fred Sampson..

  37. August 10, 2004--Georgia Championship Wrestling - Fred Ward Tribute Show in Columbus, Georgia before 450: Elix Skipper drew Sonny Siaki (both eliminated), Johnny Swinger def John Bogey, Jason Cross def Damien Steele, A.J. Steele def Erik Watts, Jason Cross def A.J. Steele, The Wrestler (Ted Allen under a mask) def Vordell Walker to win US jr. title, Jason Cross def Johnny Swinger to win tournament in 6:38 (Johnny "Mr. Wrestling II" Walker presented the title to Jason Cross)..

  38. August 11, 2004--IWF in McAllen, Texas: Colonel def Lord Spiro, Golden King def Frankie Pain, Chamaco Becerra & Cougar Boy def Zar Rojo Jr. & Fantasma Negro, Gravestone def Dante Tamez in ladder match, Golden King DCOR Colonel, Jacob Ladder NC Avalanche Tyler..

  39. August 12, 2004--Premier Promotions in Worthing, England before 150 fans: Kris Kay def Hade Vanson, Doug Williams def UK Kid, Mal Sanders d Johnny Kidd, Paul Birchall def Kris Kay. Sanders and Kidd were 70s stars in England and apparently had a great technical match..

  40. August 13, 2004--World of Hurt Wrestling in Hudson Falls, New York: Bert Williams def Axel Phoenix, Danger & Nick Neighborhood def Shockwave & Kayla Sparks, Deville won three-way over Barbie and Synndy, Justin Kidd & Good Lord Willing def Swinger Sidusky & Shane Alden, Virus def Jim Tanner, Warpath def Eric Everlast, Lou Screw def Punk, Texas Outlaw def Brodie Lee..

  41. August 13, 2004--IWC in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania: Carlton Kaz def Fabulous, Dirk Ciglar def Jimmy Vegas, Wildcards def Ring Crew Express, Shirley Doe def Glenn Spectre, Chris Hero d C.M. Punk 30:00 (incredible match), James Keenan def Colt Cabana, Super Hentai def Alex Shelley, Eric Xtasy def Jimmy Jacobs, Christopher Daniels won three-way over A.J. Styles and Homicide..

  42. August 13, 2004--USWO in Madison, Tennessee before 102 fans: Thug Jones def Medic, Joker & Saint def Fury & Ricky Star, Ryder def Loco Uno, Farron Foxx def Tim Renesto, Ty Blade def Devon Day-COR, Dan the Man def Larry Valentine, Matt Korbaine & Kevin Dunn def Dan Morrow & Bryan Turner to win USWO tag titles, Liza Fayzon def Athena..

  43. August 13, 2004--Buckeye Pro Wrestling in Middletown, Ohio: Ala Hussein def Matt Dillinger, Jim Hutchinson & HTB def Nigel McGuiness & Cody Hawk-DQ, B.J. Whitmer won a gauntlet over Matt Stryker, Ala Hussein and Nate Webb, Dean Jablonski def Brian Carlouchi, Lotus & Crazy J def T.J. Dalton & J.T. Stahr, Evil Shark Boy (managed by Jonny Fairplay) def Shark Boy-COR..

  44. August 13, 2004--Defiant Pro Wrestling's Debut Show from Naugatuck, Connecticut: Ariel def Sumie Sakai, Big Jay won Battle Royal, Mikey Batts won three-way over Mighty Mini and Pinkie Sanchez, Paul E. Normous def Shawn Sheridan, Luis Ortiz def Dylan Kage, April Hunter & Nikki Roxx def Dr. Heresy & Andre Lyonz, Slyk Wagner Brown def Monsta Mack Bran Fury won three-way over Kid Mikaze and Spider, Kurt Adonis def Eddie Edwards, K.C. Blade & E.C. Negro def Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago, Batts def Fury to win cruiserweight tournament, Ortiz def Slyk Wagner Brown to become first Defiant champion..

  45. August 14, 2004--Ballpark Brawl in Buffalo, New York: Jim Neidhart def Johnny Puma, Derek Wylde def Cody Steel, Jimmy Hart def ???, Ron Killings vs Abyss ended in a NO CONTEST (both eliminated from tournament), Harry Smith def Petey Williams, Bret Hart cut a promo on the show, and was reunited with Jim Neidhart & Jimmy Hart, Teddy Hart (who held up a "Ric Flair Sucks" sign) def Harry Smith to win Natural title in tournament final (Bret Hart presented the trophy), Nattie Neidhart def Tracy Brooks, Christopher Daniels def Amazing Red, A.J. Styles def Teddy Hart and Sabu (managed by Bill Alfonso) in a 3-WAY to win the Natural title -- ..

  46. August 14, 2004--WAW in Washington DC: Supreme Lee Great won four-way over Ruckus, Derek Frazier and Chris Nightmare, Mana def Prince Malik, 2 Dope & Sydeswype def Chad & Dino, Crazy Shea def Dynamic Sensation, Genesis def Antonio Ferrari, Nightmare def Alex Lunar, Mana won WAW title in Battle Royal..

  47. August 14, 2004--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Fallen Dragon def Liberty Kid, Sikness def Hypnosis, Melliki def Dusk, Osyris def Jeff King, Anarchy def Josh Abercrombie, Ryan Paradise def Adam Renolds, Bob def Big Cheez..

  48. August 14, 2004--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, Texas: Brandon Biggs def Shannon Styles, Nark the Nevulon def Voodoo the Executioner, Johnny Dollar def Scoby Gober, Justin Blaze def Johnny Blade, Bobby 2 Badd & Mr. Mayhem def Brooklyn Boys, Gober won Street fight..

  49. August 14, 2004--Northern Wrestling Federation in Fairfield, Ohio: Jay Donaldson def Zodiac #1, Tiny Tim def Dustin Lillard, Matt Parks def Mack the Knife, Kansas Outlaws DCOR Weird Science, Pompano Joe def Bobby Blade, Ryan Stone def Tony Bryant, Christopher Michael Lotus def American Eagle, Jesse Hyde def Chad Allegra-DQ..

  50. August 14, 2004--Lethal Attitude Wrestling in Dyresburg, Tennessee: Alex Krisis def Reno Ruegar, Mark Bravura def Motley Cruz-DQ, A.J. Bradley def Big Red-DQ, Seth Knight def Chris O'Neal-DQ, Golden Boy def Christian Jacobs, Dustin Starr & Derrick King def Pokerface & Stan Lee, Pokerface won Battle Royal, Alan Steel def Tim Grand..

  51. August 14, 2004--United Wrestling Association in Lake City, Tennessee before 60 fans: Demon def Rugged Ronnie, Deadly Alliance won three-way over Justin Karma & Boss and Freak & Love Machine, Jerry Lee def Ghostrider Kenny-DQ, Bos def Justin Karma in a retirement match, Chris Gorgeous & Specialist def Jason Thunder & Mike Ogle in a 60:00 Iron man match..

  52. August 14, 2004--Intergalactic Wrestling Federation in Springfield, Illinois: Firebreaker Riley def Marty Graw-DQ, Boink the Clown & Gino Latino def Rob Kincaid & Skip Raddison, Robert McFearsome def Bouncer, Riley & Commando def Itch Coma Weider & Graw, Ronnie Vegas & Reno the Black Pearl NC Tonga Kid & Robert McFearsome when Rikishi ran in and gave Vegas the stink face..

  53. August 14, 2004--Heartland Wrestling Association in Batavia, Ohio: Shawn Osborne def Tack, Matt Stryker def J.T. Stahr, Cody Hawk def T.J Dalton, Nigel McGuiness def Matt Dillinger, Crazy J & Lotus def Bull Pain & Ala Hussein, Osborne def McGuiness, Stryker def Hawk, Kara Kildare won four-way womens' match, Stryker def Osborne to win tournament..

  54. August 14, 2004--Comnav Marianas Naval Base in Guam: Black Dragon def Scotty Sabre, Mike Nox def Navajo Warrior, Morgan def Logan Casey, Viscera def Patriot, Norman Smiley def Gangrel, Native Blood def Outlaws..

  55. August 14, 2004--Southern Wrestling Association in Gallatin, Tennessee: L.T. Falk (said to be Tony's son, with Tony as manager) def Anthony Wayne-DQ, Chris Havoc def John Watts-DQ, Brimstone def Gravedigger, Blade def Ray Spears, Loose Cannon def Tim Scruggs, Max Magnum NC American Psycho, Kid Scorpion & #1 Stunner def Matt Korbaine & Kevin Dunn and Jailbird & Brimstone in three way..

  56. August 16, 2004--World Association of Wrestling in Great Yarmouth, UK: Johnny Phere def Bulk-DQ, Zak Zodiac def Jamie Lee, Steve Morocco def Ricky Knight, Bash def Steve Quintain, Jonny Storm def Jimmy Ocean..

  57. August 17, 2004--Impact Zone Wrestling in Tempe: Adrenelyn def Samir Hussein, Antonio Mestre def Lucha, Lawrence Tyler def Ryan Lynch & Mike Nox, Derick Neikirk def Tommy Drake, Good Guys def Navajo Warrior & John Williams-DQ, Jack Bull def Chris Kole..

  58. August 18, 2004--Revolution X in South Gate, California: Quicksilver def Johnny Paradise, R2K def Top Gun Talwar, Charles Mercury & Biggie Biggz def Los Sanchos, Phoenix Star &Ronin def Nikki & King Fuji, Human Tornado def Lonestar, Buddy George & Cyanide def Kaos & Mongol..

  59. August 19, 2004--Bad Boys of Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida before 82 fans: James Morrison & Bo Tayvian def Big Daddy Pimp & Pretty Fly, Scooter Trash def Chris Rain, Taurus def Damien Angel, Heartbreak Express def Erick Stevens & David Mercury, Roman Vasquez def Dale Williams, Jaison Moore def Ricky Romeo, VinnDetta def Mark Zout..

  60. August 19, 2004--EWF in San Francisco at the Treasure Islands Naval Base before 300 fans: Johnny Starr def Syrus=DQ, Hurricane Havana def Sexy Starrlit, Jason King def Psycho Silly Willy, Bino Gambino def Alex Pincheck..

  61. August 20, 2004--World of Hurt Wrestling in Schenectady, New York: Jimmy Olsen won three-way over Cloudy and Virus, Shockwave def James Reed, Barbie def Synndy, Brodie Lee def Nick Neighborhood, Scott Cardinal & Jerk Jackson def Shawn Roberts & Rick Regal, Kayla Sparks def Justin Kidd, Bert Williams def Swinger Sidusky, Orgazmo def Good Lord Willing, Batman & Spiderman def Brodie Lee & Miss DeVille..

  62. August 20, 2004--XCW in Denton, Texas: John Allen def Sid Chaos, Brian Justice def Aldo Nova, Hugh Rogue def Lady Draven, Chris Richter def Dave the Rave, Gemini def Jack Drastic..

  63. August 20, 2004--USWO in Madison, Tennessee: Ricky Starr & Fury def Joker & Saint, Thug Jones won three-way over Psycho Medic and Drifter Ryder def Void-DQ, Matt Korbaine & Kevin Dunn def Guido Barzinni & Chuck Taylor, American Eagle def Tim Renesto, Ty Blade def Farron Foxx-DQ, Devon Day def Dan the Man, Dan Morrow & Bryan Turner & Loco Uno def Matt Korbaine & Kevin Dunn & Ryder..

  64. August 20, 2004--Impact Zone Wrestling in Camp Pendleton, California: Andrew Hellman def Lawrence Tyler, Black Dragon def Jack Durango, Al Katrazz def Babbi Slymm, Desire def Kharma, Navajo Warrior & John Williams def Shane & Shannon Ballard, Norman Smiley def Gangrel..

  65. August 20, 2004--UCW-Zero in Salt Lake City, Utah: Adrian Blade def Stevie Slick, Tristan Gallo def Los Mochi Paco, Predator def Alex Brady, Warrior def Wayne McCuddy, Tyson Ferrari & Jeff Matthew Bryant def Paco & Blade, Blitz def Madison to win title..

  66. August 20, 2004--Pacific Northwest Wrestling in Nanaimo, British Columbia part of the Vancouver Island Exhibition: Cremator & Nate Daniels b. Ritchie Destiny & Ice, Scotty Mac b. Mike Dempsey, Ladies Choice b. Dave Richards, Charlotte Webb b. Miss Chevius, Tony Kozina b. Vance Nevada by DQ..

  67. August 20, 2004--NWA Bluegrass in Salyersville, KY: Cruel Intentions def Super Destroyer & Robby Cassidy, Lance Erickson & Kris King def Heartbreakers, Ricky Morton def Shane Matthews, Eric Darkstorm def Sabien Grace, Billy Maverick & Thunder def Jake Layton & Chris Draven-DQ, J.T. Money def Chance Prophet..

  68. August 21, 2004--Intense Wrestling Inc in Cincinnati, Ohio: Alex Winington def Sebastian Steel, Brett the Jet Majors def Temujin, Matt Stryker def Triple M (who was dressed as Jimmy Fitzwell), Syren def Camron Star, Evil Security Guard def The Big Kahuna, Chaz Fonzsworth def Brett Michaels..

  69. August 21, 2004--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Gallatin, Tennessee at VFW Hall: Anthony Wayne w/Miss Lekishab L. T. Falk in a No DQ match to retain the LHW title, Chris Havoc def “Hot Shot” John Watts, “Rockhead” Ray Spears w/Preston Chandler III def Blade to win the U.S. title, America Psycho w/Preston Chandler III def Max Magnum in a falls count anywhere contract vs. contract match, “Tin Man” Tim Scruggsb Loose Cannon in a Heavyweight Title Match, Gravedigger vs. Matt Korbaine vs. Brimstone went to a Time Limit Draw, 2 Bad Brothers v. Jailbird & “Hot Shot” John Watts went to a double countout..

  70. August 21, 2004--Premier Championship Wrestling in Harlan, Kentucky at the National Guard Armory: Eric Jindrak def The Punisher...Billy Maverick def Ryan Dookie...Tim Lightning def JT Money...Blade def Mike Stone by DQ to retain the US title...Plan 9 def Team Obscene to retain the Tag Team titles...Chuck Lee def Brian Storm by DQ to retain the PCW title..

  71. August 21, 2004--ICW in Tacoma, Washington: Big Wood def Reaper, Vinnie V def Rad, Mr. G.Q. def Sonny O'Mara, Tim Flowers & Avalanche def Jason Jackson & Michael Santiago, Chef def Roach Redding..

  72. August 21, 2004--IWS in Montreal, QUEBEC: Flying Hurricanes def 2.0, Beef Wellington def Tomassino, Fan Favourites def Kid Kamikaze, Experience def Kurt Lauderdale, SLI def Extreme Revolution, Pierre-Carl Ouellet def Fred LaMereveille, Trent Acid def Excess 69, Kevin Steen & Franky the Mobster def Green Phantom & El Generico..

  73. August 21, 2004--NAWA in Fort Worth, Texas: Brent Masters def Jason X, Logan def Stephen Murphy, Brown Brothers NC Blackbird Posse, Andy Dalton def Balls Ryder, Chris Richter & Joseph def Seth Shai & Pendragon..

  74. August 21, 2004--Arkansas Association of Wrestling in Ozark, Arkansas before 280 fans: Johnny the Bulldog def Eric Keaton-DQ, Wes Jones def Matt Riviera, Frank Thornton def Running Wolf, Keaton def Yukon Eric, Terry Pantera def Humphrey the Rodeo Clown, Riviera & Wolf def Jones & Thornton, Pantera & Eric def Valentine Brown & Rodeo Clown. The show was a free show with donations to benefit a 13-year-old with a rare form of cancer and they raised more than $2,000..

  75. August 21, 2004--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Fallen Dragon def Hypnosis, Melliki def James Vulgar, Osyris def Hank Calhoun, Bob def Ryan Paradise, Drew Johnson & Apollo Starr def Anarchy & Hypnosis, Big Cheez def Jack Hammer..

  76. August 21, 2004--Combat Fusion in Savannah, Georgia before 100 fans: Ric Converse def Mitch Norris, Dexter Poindexter def Bane, Guillotine LeGrande def Darin Fate, Krazy K def Dave Cole, Dagon Briggs def Leon Scott, Cory Steele & Jesse Fedra (the promoters) def Bane & Nick Hyper, Vordell Walker def Jimmy Rave..

  77. August 21, 2004--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, Texas: Scott Mustaine def Dragon, Nobe Bryant def Gabe Roach, G-Slice def Mace Malone, Brett Barnes def B.J. Cummings to keep cruiserweight title..

  78. August 21, 2004--CPW in Keyser, West Virginia: Danny Whalen & Fatty McNasty def Mike Taylor & Damien Wylde, Switchblade & Bobby Keller def McNasty & Whalen, Switchblade & Keller def Viper & Cody McGraw, Damage Inc. def Switchblade & Keller, Glenn Osbourne def Z-Barr, Zubov def Brian Johnson, Shane Shadows DDQ Roughhouse..

  79. August 21, 2004--Lethal Attitude Wrestling in Dyresburg, Tennessee: White Trash def Gregory, Reno Ruegar def Mark Bravura, Christian Jacobs def Golden Boy-DQ, Sgt. O'Reilly & Mickey Ray & Spiro def Big Red & Gator McAllister & Motley Cruz, Pokerface won four-way over Derrick King, Stan Lee and Dustin Starr..

  80. August 21, 2004--Midwest Regional Wrestling in Taylorsville, Indiana: Roger Blade & Drayven def Blackhearts, Mark Jackson def Butcher, Jamie Morrison & Chris Blaze def Hex & Hailey Hatred, Damien & Kris Morrus def Spazz & Mark Jackson, Vince Vachetti def Cooter Clampett, Bobo Brazil Jr. def Kris Morrus, Donny Idol def Uncle Ernie..

  81. August 21, 2004--Intense Wrestling in Cincinnati, Ohio: Alex Winnington def Sebastian Steel, Brett Majors def Temujin, Matt Stryker def Triple M, Syren def Cameron Star, Evil Security Guard def Big Kahuna, Chaz Fonzworth def Brett Michaels..

  82. August 21, 2004--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Gallatin, Tennessee: Anthony Wayne def L.T. Falk (Tony's son, managed by Tony), Chris Havoc def John Watts, Ray Spears def Blade, American Psycho def Max Magnum, Tim Scruggs def Loose Cannon, Gravedigger d Matt Korbaine, 2 Bad Brothers DCOR Jailbird & John Watts..

  83. August 21, 2004--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Dover, Delaware: Brandon Mercury def Frank Savage, Jimmy Dream def Phoenix, Aken Pembrooke def Jason Marks, Chris Nightmare def Shaka, Massive Mike & Simply Luscious def Adam Ugly & E.L. Stanley..

  84. August 21, 2004--Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Eugene, Oregon (Sheldon High School Wrestling Gym): Vinnie Massaro won a #1 Contenders Battle Royal, Hateful Will Heitman & Rage def Virgil & Simba 6 Killers, Gentleman George Michaels def El Flaco Loco, Slick Cedric def Adam Thornstowe and Bonzai Bruce Bukakke in a 3-WAY to capture the vacant South TV Championship, G-Shock def Hans Mueller via DQ, Thunder & Richie Magnett def Paul Isendor & Malachi, Road Warrior Animal & Critter def Big Ugly JD Bishop & Jeremy Blanchard Via DQ, Jeremy Blanchard def Vinny Massaro via DQ to retain his South heavyweight title..

  85. August 21, 2004--Pacific Northwest Wrestling in Nanaimo, British Columbia part of the Vancouver Island Exhibition: Dave Richards b. Vance Nevada by DQ, Ladies Choice b. Nate Daniels, Tony Kozina b. Ice, Scotty Mac b. Cremator by DQ, Miss Chevius & Ritchie Destiny b. Charlotte Webb & Mike Dempsey..

  86. August 21, 2004--WXO TV taping in Walhalla, South Carolina before 325 fans. Rick Steiner no-showed. Ole Anderson worked as a color commentator. Dru D'Lite def Miyamoto (not Kazushi Miyamoto but a local wrestler under a mask), Black Angel & Deon Johnson def Lost Souls, Ricky Morton def Jamal-DQ, Bull Buchanan def ? (this was marred by the job guy's trunks splitting right in the crotch), Danny Dollar won three-way over Scott Powers and KC. thunder, Tim Horner drew Lance Erickson in an I Quit match (yes, a time limit draw in an I Quit match), Ranger Ross (who looked rusty, as you can imagine) & Lash Leroux & Danny Dollar def Lost Souls & ?, Turbanators def Chris Steele & Scott Powers, Dru D'Lite def Jamal when Morton interfered, Lance Erickson d Tracy Smothers, Buchanan def Dollar, Ross & Leroux def Turbanators-DQ, a local wrestling coach won a dark Battle Royal..

  87. August 21, 2004--PCW in Harlan, Kentucky: Eric Jindrak def Punisher, Billy Maverick def Ryan Dookie, Tim Lightning def J.T. Money, Blade def Mike Stone-DQ, Plan 9 def Team Obscene, Chuck Lee def Brian Storm-DQ..

  88. August 21, 2004--NWA Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Thorn d Eric Darkstrom, Super Destroyer & Josh Cody def Jowad Wayne & J.V. Insanity, Ray Idol def Big Daddy, Shane Matthews & Chris Vega def Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy, Chris Gilbert d Alyx Winters (the old double pin finish), Super Destroyer & Josh Cody def Wayne Adkins & Nick Hammonds..

  89. August 21, 2004--Chaotic Wrestling in Lowell, MASS: Handsome Johnny & Psycho def Bryan & Ted Logan, Adam Booker def Mike Colucci, Bill Logan def Andre Lyonz, Luis Ortiz def John Walters, Dr. Heresy def Chupacabra, Chase del Monte & Sparkles def Brian Buffet & Cherry Payne, Maverick Wild def Arch Kincaid in a dog collar match..

  90. August 21, 2004--Northern Wrestling Federation in Wilmington, Ohio: American Eagle won three-way over Ice and Tiny Tim, Muldoon def Average White Guy, Pompano Joe def Mack the Knife, Ryan Stone def Tony Bryant, Matt Parks def Dustin Lillard, Sam Cody & Roger Ruffen def Austin Meddler & Zodiac, Jay Donaldson def Christopher Michael Lotus, Chad Allegra def Jesse Hyde..

  91. August 21, 2004--Empire State Wrestling in Niagara Falls, New York before 300 fans: J-Man def R-Haz, Benjamin Smythe & Brandon Thurston def Purple Rain & Grappler X and Ryot & Sakura, TSK def Lucho Grande, Cody Steele def Sean Spears, Damien Alexander def Eric Everlast, Shade def Randy Walker, Johnny Adams def Danny Magic-DQ, Jonny Puma def Mastiff ..

  92. August 21, 2004--New England Championship Wrestling in Framingham, MASS: Robin Knightwing & Kevin Grace won four-way to win NECW tag titles, Chris Venom def Paul Tyrell, Sarah Sullivan won eight woman elimination, Bob Evans def Mike Bennett, Doug Summers & Justin Powers & Paul Lombardi & Rocco Abruzzi def Brandon Locke & Scott Reed & Chris Camaro & Kid Trance, Doug Williams def Brian Fury, Michael Sain def Boricua, Alex Arion def Frankie Arion..

  93. August 21, 2004--Premier Championship Wrestling in Harlan, Kentucky before 212 fans: Eric Jindrak def The Punisher, Billy Maverick def Ryan Dookie, Tim Lightning def JT Money, US Champion Blade def Mike Stone-DQ, Tag Team Champs Plan 9 def Team Obscene, Heavyweight Champion Chuck Lee def Brian Storm-DQ..

  94. August 22, 2004--Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Milwaukee, Oregon (Elks Lodge): Dynasty Blanchard def Virgil, Hans lost to JD Bishop in a gauntlet after going through G-Shock and Hateful Will Heitman and Simba 6 Killers, Paul Isendor & Malachi def Triple X & Widowmaker, Rusty Springfield def Rage, Vinnie Massaro def Adam Thornstowe, Slick def Bonzai Bruce Bukakka to retain his South TV Title, Thunder def Critter in an Oregon Street Fight to become the #1 Contender for the PNPW belt, Gentleman George def Thunder to retain his PNPW Title, The Blanchards def Richie Magnett & JD Bishop by DQ after Road Warrior Animal interfered..

  95. August 22, 2004--Pacific Northwest Wrestling in Nanaimo, British Columbia part of the Vancouver Island Exhibition: Ladies Choice b. Ritchie Destiny, Tony Kozina b. Mike Dempsey, Vance Nevada b. Ice by DQ, Miss Chevius b. Charlotte Webb, Scotty Mac & Dave Richards b. Cremator & Nate Daniels..

  96. August 22, 2004--IWF in West Paterson, New Jersey: Aaron Stride def Andre Lyonz, Sean Royal def Antonio Rivera, Brian Black def Dan McGuire, Shawn Donovan & Travis Blake def Vik Voorhees & Tony Torres, Shayla won Battle Royal, Fred Sampson & Shane O'Brien def Roman & Biggie Biggs..

  97. August 22, 2004--American Wrestling Empire in Katy, Texas: Major Pest def Chaz Taylor, Jade def Mr. E, Mr. Mayhem def Mike Tatum, Leif Ericson def Dusty Wolfe, Fu Man Kru def Mound Ferries, Zen Zen NC Spiro..

  98. August 22, 2004--New England Championship Wrestling in Somerville, MASS: Dan Freitas & Brian Nunes won four-way to win NECW tag titles, Ru Starr def Mike Bennett, Sumie Sakai won eight woman elimination, Brian Fury def Paul Tyrell, Michael Sain def Frankie Arion to win NECW title, Boricua & Scott Reed & Brandon Locke & Pat Masters & Chris Camaro def Justin Powers & Paul Lombardi & Doug Summers & Rocco Abruzzi & Timothy Pittman, Steve King def Jonny Idol, Chris Venom won four-way 45 minute Iron Man match over Doug Williams, Bob Evans an Alex Arion..

  99. August 23, 2004--NWF in Oslo, Norway before 250 fans: Falk Olsen def Grizzly Olsen, Bas Van Kunder def Daniel Sebastian, Storm Olson won elimination match, Big John def Bjorn Sem Olsen, Robbie Brookside def Geist, Eric Isaksen def Gromguten..

  100. August 23, 2004--WAW from Great Yarmouth, England: Ashe def Zak Zodiac, Kraft def Andy Rush, Kraft def Ashe, Bash def Steve Quintain, Jamie Lee def Battlekat, Battlekat won Battle Royal..

  101. August 24, 2004--Georgia Championship Wrestling in Columbus, Georgia: Damien Steele def Lee Thomas, John Bogey def Jeff Lewis, A.J. Steele def David Young, Jason Cross def Glenn Gilberti by DQ to retain the GCW Heavyweight Title, Erik Watts & Vordell Walker def Sonny Siaki & The Wrestler..

  102. August 26, 2004--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Rock Hill, South Carolina: Mike Lee def Jason Jones, Shane Austin def William Jones, Jimmy Valiant def Bruiser Graham, Ricky Morton def George South Sr., Leslie Hornet def Jason King..

  103. August 27, 2004--XCW in Denton, Texas: Dave the Rave NC Brian Justice, John Allen def Lady Draven, Craig Jerikho def Steve Dane, Kit Carson def Scott Phoenix, Action Jackson & Jack Drastic won a strange elimination match over Sid Chaos & Al Jackson & Gemini..

  104. August 27, 2004--USWO in Madison, Tennessee before 80 fans: Fury def Saint, Ty Blade def Richard Lowe-DQ, American Eagle def Hot Rod Biggs, Dan the Man def Crazy Eights, Bryan Turner def Ryder, Loco Uno def Dan Morrow, Tim Renesto & Void def Matt Korbaine & Kevin Dunn to win tag titles..

  105. August 27, 2004--EWF in Carson, California as part of the City's Samoan Flag week celebration: Sexy Starlitt def Hurricane Havana, Alex Pincheck def Jason King, Syrus def Bino Gambino, Ghetto Psycho Big Q def Spider, Black Pearl def J.C. Castro, 2 Suli & Skulu def Al Katrazz & Big Babi Slymm, Ragin Dawg def Rudy Luna, Tonga Kid def Greg Valentine..

  106. August 28, 2004--NAWA in Fort Worth, Texas: David Fuller def Dark Dragon, Jerry Brown def Balls Ryder, Stephen Murphy & Jason X def Brent Masters & Logan, Joseph def Jeff Brown, Texas Red def Mike Paige, Seth Shai def Chris Richter..

  107. August 28, 2004--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Hillbilly Jed def Simply Spectacular, Dustin Rayz def Dusk, Lotus & Crazy J def Anarchy & Hypnosis, Kid Kory def Caution, Adam Renolds def Sikness, Bob def Dustin Lee, Ryan Paradise def Vortekz, Soul Shooters def Soopa Villains, Big Cheez def Melliki..

  108. August 28, 2004--NWA Blue Ridge in Rogersville, Tennessee: Ryan Phoenix def Thorn, Ray Idol def Brian Michaels, Bombers def Nick Hammonds & Wayne Adkins, Josh Cody def Tony Givens, Super Destroyer def Robbie Cassidy..

  109. August 28, 2004--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, Texas: B.J. Cummings def Cyclone, Chris Chronic def Bullet, Eddie Atlas def Chris Stevens-COR, Nobe Bryant & Mace Malone def John Allen & Mike Thunder, Claudia & Steve DeMarco & Action Jackson def Chris Bussey & Dallas & G-Slice & J.T. LaMotta..

  110. August 28, 2004--All Pro Wrestling in Hayward, California at the Garage: Lance Chandler def J. T. Hyatt, Nate Rulez won eight-person elimination over Melissa, Dana Lee, Chris Colioni, Jimmy Ripp, Tiffany, Vennis DeMarco and Robert Thompson, J.J. Perez (who is very good) & Jardi Frantz def Billy Blade & Kaden, James Watkins def Gran Kahuna..

  111. August 28, 2004--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Smyrna, Delaware: Shaka def Aken Pembrooke, Stacy Adams def Brandon Mercury, Massive Mike def Hunter, Jimmy Dream def Christopher Saint, Asian Sinsation def Adam Ugly.

  112. August 28, 2004--IWF House of Pain in Livingston, Tennessee: Sean Dempsey & KIT def Ric Mulligan & Daddy Dalton, Shawn Williams def Southern Kaos, Hangman def Cuz, Bowman Jr. def Cuz J.r Dr. Wauack def Badstreets, Jason Scott def Gravestone-COR, Jeff Bowman & Prime Time NC Gypsy Joe (yes, that Gypsy Joe) & Moondog..

  113. August 28, 2004--PWF NE in North Providence, Road Island: Nick Logan def Pat Masters, Evan Siks def T.J. Ritchter, Matt & Brian Logan won three-way over Pride and Verte & Karizman-COR, Triplelicious def Kid Mikazi, Billy Black & Matt & Kyle Storm def Jose Perez & Ebony Blade & Jason Blade..

  114. August 28, 2004--CWA in Montreal, Quebec: Davey Jackson def Nick Blade, Jaguar & Aftershock def Tank & Mad Dog & Michael Von Payton, The Shawinigan Boyz def Red Romeos, LuFisto (female) def Abid Mansuor (manager) in a whipping match, TNT Action def Twin Terrors, Jake Matthews def Mr. X-Treem, Dru Onyx & Carl LeDuc (who appeared in "Wrestling with Shadows" getting stretched by Stu Hart) def Manuel Vegas & Sunny War Cloud..

  115. August 28, 2004--NWA New South in Cleveland, Mississippi before 250 fans: Kid Kenevil & Eric def Krazy D & Havok, Cody Mantell def Zeron, Brian Christopher (managed by Rikishi) def Doug Gilbert, John Saxon NC Lord Humongous, Bitty Little def Scott Storm, Blade Boudreaux & Dennis Cooley def Rude & Pokerface..

  116. August 28, 2004--CWF Mid Atlantic in Thomasville, North Carolina: Ric Converse def Jesse Ortega, Corey Edsel def Quinson Valentino, Tim Blaze def Trent Wylde, Matt Stryker def Brad Attitude, Kid Justice & J-Money & Brass Munkey & Steel Ninja def Mikael Yamada & Xsiris & Mitch Norris & Sean Powers, Don & Rocky Kernodle def Rob McBride & Garry Stevens, Edsel def Converse to win Johnny Weaver Cup..

  117. August 28, 2004--Premier Championship Wrestling in Middlesboro, Kentucky: Brian Storm won three-way over Kid Flash and Matador, Punisher NC Angelo Young, Ryan Dookie def Billy Maverick, Mike Stone def Tim Lightning, Team Obscene def Overkill & Randy Lawless, Jimmy Golden def Chuck Lee-DQ..

  118. August 28, 2004--Lethal Attitude Wrestling in Dyresburg, Tennessee: Alex Krisis def White Trash, Reno Ruegar def Mark Bravura, A.J. Bradley def Gator McAllister-DQ, Spiro def Motley Cruz-DQ, Alan Steel def Golden Boy..

  119. August 28, 2004--Pro Wrestling Iron in Hayward, California: Super Otaku def Nikki, Malachi & Adam Thornstowe def Robby Lance & Jason Brisbane, Bryan Bedlam & Bart Blaxon def Davey Richards & Benjamin Stewart, Donovan Morgan & Michael Modest def J.D. Bishop in a street fight, Tony Kozina & Hook Bomberry def Ballard Brothers, Nigel McGuiness def Ryan Drago, Apollo Khan def Frank Murdoch in a cage match..

  120. August 28, 2004--Pro Wrestling Entertainment in Landisburg, Pennsylvania: Wolfman def Dream Catcher, Zubov def Alex Justice, Johnny Graham def Arkam, Glen Osbourne def Shane Shadows, Flex Fenom & Adiean def Team Icarus & Gran Akuma, Sienna Blaze def Fantasia-OR, Mike Quackenbush def Hallowickid-D..

  121. August 29, 2004--Lethal Attitude Wrestling in Dyresburg, Tennessee: Mark Bravura def White Trash, Alex Krisis def Reno Ruegar, Golden Boy def Christian Jacobs, Stan Lee & Rude def Sexy Assassins, A.J. Bradley & Ricky Montana def Motley Cruz & Big Red, Alan Steel def Pokerface, Dustin Starr & Derrick King def Jerry Lawler & Brian Christopher..

  122. August 29, 2004--WZW in Carmlington, England before 160 fans: GTS & Highlander def A.J. Anderson & Bomber Mills, J. Nattrass def John Britain, Spitfire def Iceman, Full Pack def T2K, Aviv Maayan def Mark Sloan, Nattrass won six-way tables elimination match..

  123. August 29, 2004--Ringside Wrestling Federation in Danville, Indiana: Troy & Tom Van Zant def Crazy J & Lotus, Guy Lombardo & Marty Graw won Battle Royal, Tiny Tim def Shawn Cook, Bouncer def Johnny Spark, T.J. Powers & Austin James def Bouncer & Jonnie Walker, Marty Gray def Guy Lombardo, Itch Coma Weider def Reno the Black Pearl-DQ, Rikishi & Itch Coma Weider def Ronnie Vegas & Reno..

  124. August 29, 2004--Dory Funk's BANG TV Tapings in Ocala, Florida before 350 fans: James Gooding (heel attorney) def Bill Apter (TV GM)-DQ in a match which saw a spot where Apter had the figure four on, but released the hold to look up ref Missy Hyatt's skirt, Bank Barfield def Dave Holiday, Christian Bauer & Super Paul def Yako & Forsaken, Johnny Magnum def Aric Dylan, Flex Cassidy def Yako, Bo Lee def Simba, Adam Windsor def Dory Funk..

  125. August 29, 2004--FCW in Lower Gornal, UK at the Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre: Swift Justice def British Connection, Psycho def Marc Hogan, Morales vs Spud ended in a No Contest, Shelby Beach def Pippa L'Vinn, Laken Xander def A-Star Athlete, The Party Boyz def Devil's Advocate, "Tomcat" Kev O'Neil def Spindoctor, "Wildcat" Robbie Brookside def "SOTN" Rob Hunter via DQ (Hunter retains)..

  126. August 30, 2004--WAW from Great Yarmouth, England: Ethan Moore NC Zak Zodiac, Bulk def Bash, Jonny Storm def Zebra Kid 2/3 falls, Ashe def Kraft 2/3 falls, THe Superflys (Ricky Knight & Jimmy Ocean) def Too Far Gone (Paul Tyrell & Steve Morocco) 2/3 falls

  127. August 31, 2004--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling in Tazwell, Tennessee: Grappler def Jonathan MacMurray, Sammy V def Ric Cannon, Tennessee Hillbillies def J.R. Stardog & Grappler, Tim Reed & Angel Williams def Stan Lee & ODB, Dirty White Boy def Chris Powers in cage match..

  128. August 31, 2004--Impact Zone Wrestling in Tempe, Arizona: Lucha def Ryan Lynch, Father Punishment & Adrenelyn def Sheik Samir Hussein & Kharma, Jack Durango def Johnny Love, Peter Goodman def Top Gun Talwar, Chris Kole def Lawrence Tyler, Navajo Warrior & John Williams def Mike Nox & Derek Neikirk..