Independent Wrestling Results - June 2004

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  1. June 1, 2004--Georgia Championship Wrestling in COLUMBUS, GA at GCW SPORTS ARENA: John Bogey d. Randy Harris, Vordell Walker d. Darren Kelly, Brad Armstrong & A. J. Steele d. the Masked Superstar & the Wrestler, Elix Skipper d. Sonny Siaki, Erik Watts d. Glacier..

  2. June 2, 2004--Revolution X Wrestling in South Gate, California before 150 fans: Dana Lee & Orlando Mathias def Danny Le & B.J. Samson, Melissa def Tiffany, Charles Mercury & Phoenix Star & Big E. Biggz def AWC & Angel & Topgun Talwar, Nikki & Valentina def Sexy Chino & Gallinero, Ronin & Johnny Paradise def Scorpio Sky & Human Tornado, Buddy George & Jethro def Cyanide & Carnage

  3. June 4, 2004--Buckeye Pro Wrestling in Middletown, OH: Nigel McGuiness DCOR Cody Hawk, Oooga Booga & Jimmy Turner def Ala Hussein & B.J. Whitmer, Chad Collyer vs. Matt Stryker vs. Nate Webb was a no contest when Whitmer attacked all three, Lotus & Crazy J def Simply Fabulous to win tag titles, Dean Jablonski def Rowdy Ron, Shark Boy def Chris Kanyon in 20:00..

  4. June 4, 2004--Continental Championship Wrestling Legends Show in Dothan, AL before 450 fans: Mike Jackson def Dragon to win U.S. jr. title, Adrian Street def Aeon Flexx to keep the European title under rounds rules, T.J. Roughrider & Silverado won two-ring Battle Royal, Bambi def Peggy Lee Leather to win what was billed as the world womens' title, Steve Armstrong def Bob Armstrong in a loser leaves town lumberjack match due to interference from Dennis Condrey, Brad & Scott Armstrong def Assassin #2 & McNasty to win Continental tag titles (Jerry Stubbs wasn't there because of the death of his mother)..

  5. June 4, 2004--USWO in Madison, TN before 112 fans: Krull def Psycho Medic, Chris Bomb DCOR John Caesar, Joker won six-way over Fury, Saint, Cowboy Hill, Ghetto J and J.C. Crowe, Hammerjack def Dan the Man, Slacker J def Kid Thrilla, Nore Havoc def Slash-DQ, Arrick Andrews & Ryder def Dan Morrow & Bryan Turner..

  6. June 4, 2004--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in Brandon, FL before 375 fans: Roderick Strong def Sedrick Strong, Alex Shelley def Jimmy Jacobs, Chris Hero def Matt Striker, Homicide def Black Tigers (Jeremy Lopez), Teddy Hart def Azrieal, Mikey Tenderfoot def Puma, Petey Williams def Naphtali, Justice def Jack Evans, Danny Doring won three-way over Z-Barr and Slyk Wagner Brown, Lex Lovett def Colt Cabana, Zach Gowen & Chi Chi Cruz & Jerrelle Clark def Bug & Erick Stevens & OG Scarface, Shane Twins def Steve Madison & Mike Sullivan..

  7. June 5, 2004--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 (Afternoon) in St. Petersburg, FL: Teddy Hart def Mikey Tenderfoot, Justice def Petey Williams, Roderick Strong def Alex Shelley, Chris Hero advanced via forfeit as Homicide was injured, April Hunter won three-way over Jenni Taylor and Chrissy Daine, Luther Jackson def Scarface, Naphtali won a last man standing match, Cuban Assassin def Jeremy Lopez to keep the Pacific Northwest heavyweight title, John Brooks & Chi Chi Cruz & Azriel def Puma & Matt Striker & Sedrick Strong, Jeff Bradley & Jimmy Jacobs def Bug & Z-Barr..

  8. June 5, 2004--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 (Evening) in St. Petersburg, FL: Teddy Hart claimed a knee injury in his match with Mikey Tenderfoot and didn't continue. Justice def eared Chris Hero and Roderick Strong to win the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup! (Jet Jaguar was guest referee) -- Alex Shelley & Petey Williams def Mikey Tenderfoot & Black Tigers (Jeremy Lopez), Bruce Steele def Slyk Wagner Brown, Zach Gowen def Rod Steel, Scoot Andrews def Colt Cabana, Mike Sullivan def Danny Doring, Jerrelle Clark def Azrieal, Lex Lovett & Steve Madison def Shane Twins, Frankie Capone & Marcus Dillon def Dr. Heresy & Andre Lyons..

  9. June 5, 2004--Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Rahway, NJ at the Rahway Recreation Center: Kevin Matthews def Danny Demanto, Pinkie Sanchez def Gavin Quest, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz def All Money Is Legal, Justice Pain def Dixie, The Solution def Corvis Fear & Rush Margera, John Walters def Nick Berk, Los Maximos def Josh Prohibition & M-Dogg 20, Trent Acid def B-Boy, Vader & Mike Awesome def Dan Maff & Samoa Joe, Jay Lethal def Amazing Red and Sonjay Dutt in a 3-WAY (There were loud "F*ck TNA" chants directed at Dutt & Red)..

  10. June 5, 2004--International Wrestling Cartel in West Mifflin, PA: Jimmy Rave def John McChesney, T.Rantaula def New Jack (clean job), Super Hentai def Kabuki Kid (from DDT Pro in Japan, excellent match), Chris Sabin def C.M. Punk in a Super Indy title match, Josh Daniels def Al B. Damned, Eric Xtasy & Sebastian Dark def Shirley Doe & Glenn Spectre, Soldier (from WMF in Japan) def James Keenan, Punk & Chris Candido & Michael Shane def Bubba the Bulldog & Jimmy Vegas & Dennis Gregory in a cage match when Punk came off the top of the cage on Bubba. Bam Bam Bigelow no-showed, claiming he was in an accident..

  11. June 5, 2004--All Pro Wrestling in Hayward, California: Wholesome Twins def Beach Boyz, Rush Hour def Mafia, Melissa Anderson def Tiffany, Grand Kahuna DDQ Robert Thompson, Nathan Rulez def APW champ James Watkins in non-title, J.J. Perez def Jardi Frantz to keep Internet title in match of the night..

  12. June 5, 2004--Christian Wrestling Federation somewhere in the Carolinas: Jeremy Jett def Mike Foxx, Jimmy Valiant def The Bruiser, George South & Anthony Colletti def Caprice Coleman & J.T. Stahr, Maestro & Jeremy Young d Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson, Kamala DDQ Tony Atlas..

  13. June 5, 2004--Texas Xtreme Wrestling in Corpus Christi, Texas: Papi C & Primo def Ozzy Manson& Gato Diabolico Jr., Frankie Pain def Virus Valik def Latino-DQ, Flaming Rose def Deacon Riot, Riff Morrison def Scott Phoenix, Reo & Daniela def Heather Divine & Ms. Erin..

  14. June 5, 2004--NWA Prime Time in Barnegat, NJ before 230 fans: Shane Taylor def Steve Zaff, Doc Diamond def Slayer, Tom Hartman (the Deputy Mayor of Barnegat) def Mr. X, Untouchables def Jay & Trey Owens-DQ, Joe Gunns def Frankie Owen, Ninja Saint & Apostle def Mystery Men..

  15. June 5, 2004--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: John Allen def G-Slice, Canyon def Action Jackson, B.J. Cummings def Mike Thunder, Eddie Atlas def Gabe Roach, Mike Thunder won Battle Royal..

  16. June 5, 2004--Mountain State Wrestling in Princeton, West Virginia: Danny def Brett Sharp, J.V. Insanity def Robbie Cassidy, Roger Hamm def Yellow Jacket, Tony Givens def Super Destroyer, Rebel def Chris Gilbert, War Machine & Chuck Jones def Johnny Blast & Alyx Winters..

  17. June 5, 2004--Florida Wrestling Alliance in Dunedin, Florida: Phil Davis def Scott Davis, Sean Davis NC Michael Patrick, Patrick & Scott Davis def Phil & Sean Davis, Rebel def Cliff Anderson, Hack Myers def Kahagas..

  18. June 5, 2004--CWF Mid Atlantic in Burlington, North Carolina: Corey Edsel def Trent Wylde, Quinson Valentino def Charlie Johnson, Southside Playas & Rob McBride def Garry Stevens & Shane West & Alex Adonis, American Steel Ninja def Brad Attitude, GeeStar def Jesse Ortega, Sean Powers def Brass Munkey, Kamikazi Kid & Kid Justice def Mikael Yamaha & Xsiris, Ric Converse def Joey Silvia..

  19. June 5, 2004--Wrestling and Respect in Lima, OH: Stevie Lee def Eddie Venom, Highlanders def Gary Dawson, Brian Beech def Dexter Dementia, Steve Stone def Elvis Elliott, Carlton Kaz def Stamp Lickage-DQ, Truth Martini & N8 Mattson def Apollo Starr & Trik Davis, Brian Ireland def Charles Anthony, Dusty Dillenger def Dean Jablonski..

  20. June 6, 2004--Promociones Renegado in Minneapolis, Minnesoda: Mini Black Boy & Principe Unlimited def Renegado Estrada & Rosa Salvaje, Mason Quinn def Lenny Lane, J.B. Trask def Johnny Parks, Josie def Ann Thraxx, Gato Samurai def Machina Infernal, Big Daddy Hoofer def Johnny Goldengate, Principe Unlimited won Battle Royal..

  21. June 6, 2004--AWF in Wonona, New South Wales, Australia: Draven def Tony Kebab, Spike Steele def Billy Flyswat, Mad Dog McRea def Cletus Blood, Krackerjack def McRea, Captain def Kid Dynamite, Future Shock & PC Virus & Webmistress def Teen Wolf & European Assassin & Scotty Club, Mark Hilton def TNT..

  22. June 8, 2004--IZW in Tempe: Adrenelyn def Kharma, Lawrence Tyler won three-way over Navajo Warrior and Hollywood Yates, John Williams def Jack Durango to win Western states title, Jack Bull & Chris Kole def G.Q. Gallo & Tommy Drake, Derick Neikirk NC Mike Nox with a heel ref awarding to Neikirk and the commissioner calling it no contest..

  23. June 11, 2004--Pro Wrestling Iron in San Leandro, California: Super Otaku def Flaco Loco, Apollo Khan def Frank Murdoch-DQ, Sumie Sakai def Sara Del Ray, Tony Jones & Jason Brisbane def Lars Dauger & Ryan Drago, Tony Kozina & Super Diablo def Seymour Snott & Kryptonite, Vinny Massaro & J.D. Bishop def Vito & Sal Thomaselli, Michael Modest & Donovan Morgan def SATs to become the first PWI tag champs, Bison Smith def B.J. Whitmer to keep PWI title (a front row fan had the guard rail smashed into his face on a hard guard rail bump. The fan was bleeding really bad while watching the bout), Mitsuharu Misawa & Yoshinari Ogawa kept GHC tag titles over Nigel McGuiness & Bart Blaxon..

  24. June 11, 2004--World of Hurt Wrestling in Hudson Falls, New York: Thornn def Colin Olsen, Kayla Sparks def Barbie, Nick Neighborhood def Charisma, Steve Kruz def Bert Williams, Jim Tanner def Virus, Damon Vitale def Swinger Sidusky, Jeff Starr DCOR Texas Outlaw, Shane Alden def Brodie Lee, Warpath def Danger..

  25. June 11, 2004--USWO in Madison, Tennessee before 135 fans: Ty Blade & Devon Day def Matt Korbaine & Kevin Dunn, Cowboy Hill & Saint def Psycho Medic & J.C Crowe, John Caesar won three-way over Farron Foxx & Tim Renesto, Ghetto J def Joker, Dan the Man & Slash DDQ Nore Havoc & Hammerjack, ODB & Angel Williams def Traci Brooks & Sex Kitten Kathy, Dan Morrow & Bryan Turner def Arrick Andrews & Ryder-DQ..

  26. June 11, 2004--XCW in Denton, Texas: Gemini def Steve Dane, Bullman Downs def Craig Jerikho, Scott Phoenix def Aldo Nova-DQ, Hugh Rogue def Phoenix, Jack Drastic def Al Jackson..

  27. June 11, 2004--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Hartford, Ohio at the Ohio County Fair: Simon Sezz won a battle royal to earn a Heavyweight Title shot...Menace def Shawn Schultz...Billy Black def Billy Maverick by reverse decision to retain the US title...JC Bailey def Alister Fear to become the new Hardcore champion... Vic The Bruiser beat Simon Sezz to retain the Heavyweight title..

  28. June 12, 2004--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Hartford, Ohio at the Ohio County Fair: Vic The Bruiser def Randy Royal to retain the Heavyweight title...Billy Maverick def Menace...Billy Black def Shawn Schultz to retain the US title...Vic The Bruiser & JC Bailey def Simon Sezz & Randy Royal to win the Tag Team title..

  29. June 12, 2004--Jersey All Pro Wrestling (Afternoon Show) in Trenton, New Jersey at the Chambersburg Little League Ballfield: Chino Martinez def Kevin Matthews, April Hunter def Ariel, Crazy Ivan & Rockiní Rebel def H2O (Corvis Fear & Rush Margera), Alex Law def Ricky Landell (World-1 Dojo Students), Danny Doring def Pinky Sanchez, The Solution def The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz to retain the Tag titles, Ash Samuels ("Lit" from ROH's Special K) def The Wasp, Steve Corino def Slyk Wagner Brown, Teddy Hart vs Trent Acid was a NO CONTEST, Trent Acid & Low Ki def Sonjay Dutt & Teddy Hart (Acid, Dutt, Hart & Rebel jumped in their cars and appeared at CZW's Philadelphia show that night)..

  30. June 12, 2004--Internet Wrestling Syndicate in Montreal, Quebec before 300 fans: SLI def New Breed to keep tag titles, Kevin Steen def Excess 69, Beef Wellington def "a bear:", Generic def Pierro Carl Ouellette to win IWS title, Kevin Steen def Generico to win IWS title, Pierre Ouellette & Sid Vicious (Mystery Partner) won tag team Royal Rumble, Green Phantom & Sexxy Eddy def Hardcore Ninja & Arsenal..

  31. June 12, 2004--Pro Wrestling Iron in Lathrop, California: Apollo Khan def Lars Dauger, Sara Delray def Sumie Sakai, Tony Jones & Jason Brisbane def Super Diablo & Kriptonite, Vinny Massaro & J.D. Bishop def Jose & Joel Maximo, Tony Kozina def Vito Thomaselli, Sinn def Bart Blaxon, Frank Murdoch def Seymour Snott, Michael Modest & Donovan Morgan & Ryan Drago def Mitsuharu Misawa & Yoshinari Ogawa & Sal Thomaselli, Bison Smith def Nigel McGuiness to keep PWI title..

  32. June 12, 2004--WWSA from Mt. Holly, NJ: Shane Taylor & Tyler Simms NC Equalizer & Patch, Jay Santana (billed as Tito's nephew) def Nordic Warrior, Cindy Rogers def Mercedes Martinez, Big Slam def Sheik of Iraq, Missing Link (original Dewey Robertson) def Skinhead Ivan, Equalizer won three-way over Chris Candido and John Candido, Danny Doring def Mana-DQ..

  33. June 12, 2004--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, Texas: Canyon def Mace Malone, Steve DeMarco def Dade Venge, Mike Foxx def Gabe Roach, Eddie Atlas def Great Kazushi (Miyamoto)-DQ..

  34. June 12, 2004--Revolution Pro somewhere in California: Topgun Talwar def Scorpio Sky, Quicksilver def Disco Machine, Johnny Paradise def Joey Ryan, Scorpio Sky def disco Machine, Quicksilver def Topgun Talwar, American Wild Child & Angel def Halloween & Damian 666 (Wild Child said he would be retiring in November at the company's 5th anniversary show), Disco Machine def Talwar, Quicksilver d Scorpio Sky, Chris Bosh def Super Dragon in 31:00 to win Revolution Pro title..

  35. June 12, 2004--Extreme Texas Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas: Bret Barnes def Don Juan, Jacob Ladder def Spector, Gabe Roach def Big Dogg, El Latino def Slam Shady..

  36. June 12, 2004--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Smyrna, Deleware: Massive Mike def E.L. Stanley Esq., Akem Pembrooke & Stacy Adams def Brandon Mercury, Shaka def C.A. Elliot and Prince Malik, Dragon X & Frank Savage & Tank Thomas def Asian Sinsation & Willie & Jason Marks, Chris Nightmare def Jimmy Dream & Adam Ugly..

  37. June 12, 2004--Revolution British Wrestling in Stamford, Lincolnshire: Jorge Castano def Shabbaz, Ghloom def Marc Mignot, Chucky def Jem Brown, Robbie Brookside def Majik, Keith Myatt & S.C. Supreme def Bubblegum & Rainz, Ghloom won Battle Royal..

  38. June 12, 2004--World of Hurt Wrestling in Schenectady: Bert Williams def Swinger Sidusky, Damon Vitale def Justin Kidd, Jimmy Jact Cash def Jamie Somers, Miss Deville def Filthy Sanchez, Hoss def Punk, Spiderman def Axel Phoenix, Lou Screw def Ricky Dominguez, Texas Outlaw & Jim Tanner def Nick Neighborhood & Jeff Starr..

  39. June 12, 2004--PWE in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania at Silver Spring Speedway before 500 fans as part of a dirt track racing show: Flex Fenom & Aidean def Icarus & Gran Akuma, Fantasia def Persephone, Shane Shadows & Cory Gebhart & Ryan Rupp (local race car driver) def Johnny Graham & Brian Baughter & Stan Wanner (latter two are also local race car drivers), Mike Quackenbush def Hallowicked..

  40. June 12, 2004--Ultimate Pro Wrestling in El Segundo, California: Tony Stradlin & Tommy Wilson def Frankie Kazarian & Andrew Hellman-DQ, Antonio Mestre def Babi Slymm, Sabbath def Eddie the OC Kid, Good Guys def Charles Mercury & Johnny Paradise, Joey Ryan def Lil Nate, Hardkore Kidd d Kazarian, Ballard Brothers vs. X Foundation vs. Supply & Demand vs. Off Da Hook has no winner when Kazarian and Ryan interfered..

  41. June 12, 2004--WXW in Sciota, PA before 130 fans: Tonic def Joe Muraco (bill as the son of Don Muraco), Jeff Coleman def Cabbie, Frankie V NC Spyder, Sinister X def Boogalou-DQ, Sugga def havoc, Low Ryda def Prodigy, Guapo def Kevin Matthews, Rapid Fire Maldonado def SLG, Gene Snisky & L.A. Smooth (Afa's son) NC Untouchables..

  42. June 12, 2004--Ultimate Championship Wrestling in Bay City, MI: Barbarian def Justin Rhodes to win UCW title, Sky Devian def Jason Yang, Whiplash & Buddy Hanlan def Timmy & Tommy Titus, Chuck Wagon def Pierce Havok, Hatebreeder def Grappler (I think this was Len Denton), P.J. Flowers & Keith Anderson def El Diablo & Pete Christie, Arabian Freedom Fighter def Patriot, Koko Ware def Dave Duponte, Barbarian & Mayhem def Robert Gibson & Scott Magnum & Justin Rhodes..

  43. June 13, 2004--Northern Wrestling Federation in Wilmington, Ohio: Ice & Austin Meddler & Tiny Tim def Tony Bryant & Jason Caemera & Average White Guy, American Eagle def Mr. Hayes, Christopher Michael Lotus def Jesse Hyde, Sam Cody def Donnie Greene, Executioner def Ryan Stone, Matt Parks def Kaos-DQ, Dustin Lillard def Jay Donaldson, Pompano Joe def Chad Allegra..

  44. June 15, 2004--Backyard Wrestling 2 Video Game Promotional Press Party Hardcore Show: Sonjay Dutt def El Drunko, The Insane Clown Posse def The Pyscho Surgeons, The Messiah def Vic Grimes in a "tables, light tubes & chairs" match, John Zandig def Nate Webb, Mad Man Pondo def Supreme in a thumbtacks death match with interference from New Jack..

  45. June 15, 2004--GCW in COLUMBUS, GA at GCW SPORTS ARENA: A. J. Steele d. Lee Thomas, Lash Leroux d. John Bogey, Greg Brown d. Darren Kelly, Erik Watts d. Glacier by DQ, Elix Skipper & Vordell Walker d. Sonny Siaki & the Wrestler..

  46. June 17, 2004--New England Championship Wrestling in Somerville, MASS: Scottie & Ray Slade def Paul Lombardi & Doug Summers, Rocco Abruzzi def Johnny Idol, Sumie Sakai & Tanya Lee def Mercedes Martinez & Sarah Sullivan, Pride NC Adrenaline, Sabotage kept tag titles over Brandon Locke & Pat Masters, Frankie Arion def Antonio Thomas, Michael Sain def Alex Arion..

  47. June 18, 2004--World of Hurt Wrestling in Schenectady, New York: Spiderman def Axel Phoenix, Jay Jackson def Gryphon, Bert Williams def Justin Kidd, Nick Neighborhood & Chuck Deep won four-way over Shane Alden & Timmy Tasteless, Damon Vitale & Charisma and Jimmy & Colin Olsen, Kayla Sparx & Synndy def Barbie & Miss DeVille, Ricky Dominguez def Ty Knox, Scott Cardinal def Hail Collins, Texas Outlaw def Brodie Lee..

  48. June 18, 2004--XCW in Denton, Texas: Aldo Nova def Craig Jerikho, Jack Drastic def Steve Dane, Bullman Downs def Scott Phoenix, Deacon Riot def John Allen, Khris Germany DDQ Kit Carson..

  49. June 18, 2004--UCW in Salt Lake City, Utah: Blitz def Big Steve & Stevie Slick, Mikey O'Riley def Billy V, Tyson Ferrari & Jeff Matthew Bryant def Tristan Gallo & Justin Wilde to win titles, Los Mochi Paco def Los Mochi Damien, Derrick Jannetty def Charles Shipwright, Mastadon def Validus..

  50. June 18, 2004--EWA in Dundalk, MD before 100 fans: Steven Desire def Jaxx Craven, Ruckus def Ghost Shadow and Spyral in three-way, Blood def Eagle, Morgus the Maniac def Johnny Monster, Buster Maccabi & Apollo Craze def Prep Club, Derek Frazier def Stevie Riggs..

  51. June 18, 2004--Power Championship Wrestling in Vevay, Indiana at Clayton Mobile Homes: The Back Creek Sheik def Willie Snapp... A Man Who Needs No Introduction def Brandon Hunter by submission...Tyler Jacobs def Mid-America Champion Mason The Mangler by DQ, Mangler retains the title...Tag Team Champions New Era Demons def The Kleptomaniacs...Heavyweight Champion Eric Draven def Senior Cooter in a fire-ball match, the first man to throw fire wins..

  52. June 19, 2004--NWA Bluegrass in Salyersville, KY at The Lloyd M. Hall Community Center: Rob Casey def Super Destroyer...Eric Darkstorm def Tony Gibbons...Jake Layton def D.S. Knight...The New Assassins vs. Halo & Death went to a time-limit draw...Devine Justice def The Orient Express...Chance Prophet def JT Money...Billy Maverick & Vivacious Vinnie def The Redneck Express to become new NWA Bluegrass Tag Team Champions..

  53. June 19, 2004--Blue Water Championship Wrestling in Marysville, Michigan: Kid Patriot def Eric Copeland, Sgt. Stodulski def Blackjack Haines, The Canadian Bad Boys (S.Summers & Whipdog) def Chirs Clontz & Dave Spacey, Xavier Justice def Draven Stryder, The Suicycos def SugarNSpice and Tommy Titus & Johnny Dynamo and Maximum Impact in a 4-WAY to become the NEW BWCW Tag Team Champions!

  54. June 19, 2004--Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in Santa Ana, California before 190 fans: Disco Machine & Topgun Talwar & Charles Mercury & Chris Bosh def Human Tornado & Supa Badd & Lil Cholo & Phoenix Star, Apolo Khan def Tommy Williams, Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver def Sal & Vito Thomaselli, Bobby Quance def Puma, C.M. Punk def Steve Corino, Joey Ryan & Scott Lost def Super Dragon & Excalibur, Samoa Joe def B-Boy, Frankie Kazarian won over Adam Pearce, Jardi Frantz and Babi Slymm-DQ..

  55. June 19, 2004--IWA Mid South in Highland, IN before 140-180 fans: Eddie Kingston & Black Jack Marciano def Chandler McClure & Bryce Benjamin, Trik Davis def Cash Flo-DQ, Ace Steel def Jimmy Jacobs, Lacey def MsChif, Mad Man Pondo NC Abdullah the Butcher in a no DQ match (total bloodbath, don't ask about a NC in a no DQ), Ryuji Ito def Nate Webb, Arik Cannon def Chris Hero (best match, great heat), Delirious def Chris Sabin, Ryan Boz & Brad Bradley def Danny Daniels & B.J. Whitmer to keep tag titles, Petey Williams def Alex Shelley..

  56. June 19, 2004--All-Star Championship Wrestling in Charlotte, North Carolina: Jason Jones def Kenny James, George South Jr. def Ethan Cage, Bad Boys def Lenny Lipps & Dexter, C.W. Anderson def Chris Hamrick, Johnny Blaze & Jeff Justice & Big Country def Lodi & Mike Draven & Technotron. Big thing was the appearance of Ole Anderson, showing old footage with Gene Anderson and the Four Horseman. Anderson got a standing ovation. C.W. Anderson hit the ring to ask for Ole's blessing. C.W. Anderson def Chris Hamrick, walked over to Ole's table, and Ole gave him a hand shake and a thumbs up..

  57. June 19, 2004--Extreme Texas Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas: Farnkie Pain def Don Juan, Big Dogg def Slam Shady-DQ, Gabe Roach def Black Gordman Jr., Big Dogg & Pain def Shady & Juan..

  58. June 19, 2004--NAWA in Dallas, Texas: Wasted Youth def Steve Murphy & Brent Masters, Pendragon def Bryan Lewis, Texas Red def Dark Dragon, Gemini def Max Muscles, Seth Shai def David fuller, Texas Trailer Trash def NC-17 to win tag titles..

  59. June 19, 2004--CWA in Montreal, Quebec before 150 fans: Hot Show def Guil Reno, Davey Jackson & Mr. X-Treem def Alex Price & James Kraven, Misty Haven def Sweet Cherrie, Jaguar def Shayne Hawke, Tank def Chris Stevens, LuFisto def Michael Von Payton, 2.0 def Twin Terros, Dru Onyx def Sunny War Cloud and Manuel Vega in a three-way to win the CWA title..

  60. June 19, 2004--Southern Championship Wrestling in Eastmonte, Florida: Vordell Walker def Rich Criado, Mister Saint Laurent def Johnny Schumacher, Heartbreaker Express def Kevin Devine & Lords of Discipline, Towns Ellis def Leon Scott, Aaron Epic def Josh Rich, Manny Montana def Dagon Briggs, Ryze & Chris Nelson def Jason Hexx & Thump Dupree..

  61. June 19, 2004--NWF in Martinsburg, West Virginia: Snatch Haggis won 5-way brawl, Carnage def Vik Voorhees-COR, Blackhawk def Justin Cage, Dexter Alexander def Jerkface in street fight, Dan & Brent Rage def R.C. & R.D. Luvin, Jason Statis c Eagle-DQ, Doink the Clown & Hyjink def Doken & 6, Super Destroyer won three-way over Chad Bowman & Buzz Stryker, Blood won five-way barbed wire TLC match over Marc Mandrake, Morgus the Maniac, John Rambo and Shorty Smalls, OGB def Gutterboy in first blood, Egon Ecton & Pirate of the Caribbean def Kevin Featherstone & Scott Vaughn (managed by Johnny Valiant), Samu def Leslie Leatherman in cage match to win NWL title, but then vacated it because he can't come to next week's show..

  62. June 19, 2004--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, Texas: Scott Mustaine def Skorn, Eddie Atlas def Melvin-DQ, G-Slice def Mace Malone, Melvin def Damien, Gabe Roach def Malone, Melvin, Damien and G-Slice, Eddie Atlas def Steve DeMarco..

  63. June 19, 2004--USA Pro Wrestling - Meltdown! 2 in New York: Ariel def Alere Little Feather & Cindy Rogers in a 3-WAY, The Suicide Kings w/Mr. Big def The Elm Street Kids w/Penny Dreadful, Southern Vinny Stylin def The Masked Lunatic & Candy & Zena in a 4-WAY, Slyk Wagner Brown def Grim Reefer w/Tony Lo to retain the USA Pro X-Treme title, April Hunter w/Brianna Bryans def Poppalicious w/Angry Young Man to retain the USA Pro Women's title, The Third Reich (Skinhead Ivan & Dirk Vaulker) def All Money is Legal and Envy & Burn in a 3-WAY Elimination match, Mana def Malta w/Johnny Diamond, Christopher Street Connection def Simon Diamond & Matt Striker w/Becky Bayless to win the new USA Pro Tag Team titles, Sabu w/Sonjay Dutt def Homicide, Masked Maniac def Dr. Zero, The Solution w/John Shane def Steve Mack & Eddie Guapo, Shark Boy w/Fred the Elephant Boy def Bullet Proof Billy Reil w/Tony Lo, Boogalou def Low Ryda w/Eddie Guapo, Low Life Louie Ramos def Frankie Starz & New Dynamite Kid & Travis Blackchurch & Johnny Bravado in a 5-WAY Hardcore match, New Jack def Low Life Louie Ramos, The Great Kazushi def Quiet Storm, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz def The SAT and Mikey Whipwreck & Wayne w/Tara Charisma in a 3-WAY #1 Contenders match, Chris Candido w/Tammy Sytch def Mike Tobin w/Tony Lo to win the USA Pro United States title, The Amazing Red def Deranged & Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt in a 4-WAY Elimination match, Balls Mahoney def Justin Credible, Al Snow def DLo Brown to win the vacant USA Pro Heavyweight title!

  64. June 19, 2004--NWA Wildside TV tapings in Cornelia, GA before 90 fans: Shadow Jackson & Nemesis def Brett Basics & Silo Storm, John McChessney & Brandon P def Seth Delay & Fast Eddie Caprice Coleman vs. Jeremy V vs. Ray Gordy went to a draw, Sweet Dreams def Kevin Matthews, Jay Fury & Nick Halen def Zero X & Jimmy Hustler, Jacey North def Jeff Lewis in a strap match, Gabriel & Altar Boy Luke def Todd Sexton & Masada-DQ..

  65. June 19, 2004--Empire State Wrestling in Tonawanda, NY before 275 fans: Kevin Grace & Robin Knightwing def J-Man & R-Haz, J.P. Hawke def Purple Rain, Scott & Steve Davidson def Captain Kipp & Maverick & Anson Brett Mednik, Ice def Cris Cavana, Cade Cassidy def A.C. O'Reily, Randy Walker def Shade, Sakura & Ryot def Benjamin Smythe & Brandon Thurston, Johnny Adams def TSK, Cody Steele & Eric Everlast & Jonny Puma def Damien Alexander & Derek Wylde & Mastiff..

  66. June 19, 2004--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Smyrna, Deleware: E.L. Stanley def Brandon Mercury, Asian Sinsation and Adam Ugly, Chris Nightmare def Massive Mike & Sam Jones, Willie & Jason Marks def Dragon X & Tank Thomas Aken Pembrooke & Stacy Adams def Tai & C.A. Elliot, Omega def Tristan Spade..

  67. June 19, 2004--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Mickey Dahmer def Melliki, Fuji Brown def J-Real, Osyris def Dinn T. More, Apollo Star def Joni Chingas, Bob def Big Cheez, Liberty Kid & Hypnosis NC Southern Boys, Jack Hammer def Drew Johnson..

  68. June 19, 2004--CPW in Moorefield, West Virginia: Richie Stevens def Mercury Flash, Gino Sammartino & Mikey Baritone def Syck Syonice & Damien Wylde, Brian Johnson def Safari Hunter, Zubov def Johnny Graham, Fatty McNasty def Masked Marauder, Shane Shadows & Bobby Keller def Damage Inc. Barbarian (original) def Brock Singleton..

  69. June 19, 2004--Midwest Renegade Wrestling in Lenexa, Kansas City before 80 fans: Mick Danger def Super Electro, Ryan Ash def Mark Sterling, Brett Young & Darrien Sanders b. C.J. McManus & Krow, Matt Sydal def Mick Danger, Mason Hunter def Violent Caster, Michael Strider def Colt Cabana..

  70. June 20, 2004--NWF in Lillestrom, Norway before a sellout 110 fans: Olsenklanen def Fremtiden, Geist def Max Paparazzi, Gromguten def Byron Lawless, Big John & Talentfulle Thomas def Bjorn & Falk Olsenklanen, Erik Isaksen def Daniel Sebastian-COR..

  71. June 20, 2004--Ted DiBiase's Show in Wilcox, AZ drew 700 fans: Johnny Ova won three-way over Cowboy jack and Kryptonite, Cyrus & Navajo Warrior def Steve Masters & Black Pearl, Vizzion def Terry Taylor, Jim Duggan & Tonga Kid def Big Bossman & Greg Valentine..

  72. June 22, 2004--Future Legends of Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida before 85 fans: Jerome Hendrix & James Morrison def Pretty Fly & German Heartthrob, Taurus & Big Daddy Pimp & Luther Jackson def Erick Stevens & Roderick Strong & David Mercury, VinnDetta def Joe Wylde, Damien Angel def Mark Zout, Druid def Art Strong..

  73. June 22, 2004--Heartland Wrestling in Evendale, Ohio: Crazy J & Lotus def Lost Souls, Nigel McGuiness def Arik Cannon, Rob Matrix & Carlton Kaz def T.J. Dalton & J.T. Stahr, Tack def Quinten Lee, Chad Collyer def Chris Hero, Cody Hawk & Matt Styrker & Lee def Shawn Osborne & Benjamin Kimera & Rory Fox..

  74. June 22, 2004--Impact Zone Wrestling in Tempe, Arizona: Morgan def Adrenelyn, Navajo Warrior def GQ Gallo, Lawrence Tyler & Father Punishment def Jack Durango & John Williams, Jack Bull & Chris Kole def Samir Hussein & Lawrence Tyler, Mike Nox d Derrick Neikirk..

  75. June 23, 2004--Future Legends of Wrestling in Ybor City, Florida: Jerome Hendrix & James Morrison def Pretty Fly & German Heartthrob, Druid def Mohammed Studd, Nike NC Scooter Trash, David Mercury def Johnny Malibu, Taurus & def Damien angel & VinnDetta-COR, Erick Stevens d Ricky Romeo, Big Daddy Pimp def Mark Zout..

  76. June 24, 2004--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Russell Springs, Kentucky at the Russell County Fair: Simon Sezz def JC Bailey to win the vacant Light-Heavyweight Title...Billy Maverick def Ray "The Bear" Steele to become #1 Contender for the US Title...Steve Marino vs. Justen Idol ruled a no-contest due to interference...Shawn Schultz def Menace... Vic The Bruiser & JC Bailey def Simon Sezz & Billy Black to retain the Tag Team Titles..

  77. June 24, 2004--Ring Wars in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada in front of a crowd of 215: Johnny GeoBasco (Battlarts Japan) def Crazy Steve via Submission, Joe E Legend def Eddie Osbourne with a little help from Notorious T.I.D...George Terzis def Mikey Madrox & Warhed , Hacksaw Jim Duggan def Jack O'Reily, Thorn def Notorious T.I.D via DQ when Joe E Legend interfered....Joe E Legend & Notorious TID def Thorn & Eddie Osbourne..

  78. June 24, 2004--Lucha Va Voom in Los Angeles, California: Alucinante & Impacto def Shamu Jr. & Acero Dorado, Las Poubellas def ?, Rosa Salvaje & Mariachi DDQ Los Chivos, Mascarita Sagrada & Tzuki def Espectrito & Sicodelito, Brazo de Plata & Tinieblas Jr. & Chilango def Villanos IV & V & Kid Durango..

  79. June 25, 2004--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Russell Springs, Kentucky from the Russell County Fair: Justen Idol won a Battle Royal...Steve Marino def Ray "The Bear" Steele...Billy Maverick def Mason The Mangler...Simon Sezz def Shawn Schultz by DQ...Vic The Bruiser def Billy Black in a Texas Tornado Death Match to retain the BBW Heavyweight Title..

  80. June 25, 2004--Extreme Texas Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas: Bo Hazard def Don Juan, Frankie Pain def Big Dogg, El Latino def Spector, Bio Hazard def Jacob Ladder in a submission match..

  81. June 25, 2004--Stampede Wrestling in Calgary, Alberta: Karnage def Randy Meyers, Teddy Hart def Chasyn Rance (from Florida), Duke Durango def Johnny Devine, Harry Smith def T.J. Wilson to keep North American title, Johnny Devine won Battle Royal..

  82. June 25, 2004--XCW in Denton, Texas: Aldo Nova def Steve Dane, Scott Phoenix DCOR Chris Richter, Al Jackson def Jack Drastic & Gemini, Bullman Downs def John Allen, Khris Germany def Kit Carson in a cage match to win the Team Extreme name..

  83. June 25, 2004--Blue Water Championship Wrestling in Hubbard Lake, Michigan: Dave Spacey def Daniel Sigma...The Canadian Bad Boys def Kid Patriot & The Hatebreeder..Buckshot Gravielle def The Grappler...."The Candyman" Kevin Baker def "Exile" Pierce Havok............The Suicycos def Maximum Impact to retain their BWCW Tag Team Titles... ...Bull Wheeler def Big Chuck Wagon in Big Chuck's Body Slam Challenge..

  84. June 25, 2004--IWR in Warren, Michigan: Syrian Playboy def Whiplash. They had a 10 bell salute for Chief Bootknocka, a Toledo wrestler, as well as Sweet Daddy Malcolm Monroe, a fixture on the Michigan wrestling scene since the 70s as a wrestler for The sheik and as promoter for Insane Championship Wrestling. Then, Jamie D def Badunk-adunk, Jimmy Shalwin & Bobby Bambino won three-way over Tommy Johnson & Jerome Pruit and Kamikaze & Super Mettsee, Eddie Venom def Thurston Brooks, Frankie the Face def Josh Abercrombie, Jaimy Coxxx won three-way over Breyer Wellington and Gavin Starr, Josh Movado & Bubba McKenzie def Anthony Rivera & Truth Martini in cage match to keep tag titles, Border City Wrestling vs. IWR elimination cage match ended in a draw when N8 Mattson and Conrad Kennedy III, as the last survivors, hit the floor together..

  85. June 25, 2004--EWF in Covina, California: Cyrus def Bonzai, Hurricane Havana def Sexy Starlitt, Black Pearl & J.C. Castro def Alex Pincheck & Dick Danger, Bino Gambino & Rudy Luna def Kayam & Enigma de Oro, Big Q won three-way over Ragin Dawg & Kenny King (Tough Enough 2), Vizzion def Bo Cooper. . . Saturday night in Fontana, CA: Alex Pincheck def Young Lee, Bino Gambino def Mike Cordova, Syrus won three-way over Psycho Silly Willy and Spider, Vizzion def Rudy Luna, Vizzion & Pastor Vince Garcia def Luna and Cordova..

  86. June 25, 2004--USWO in Madison, Tennessee before 117 fans: Psycho Medic & Ghetto J & J.C. Crowe & Josh Crowe def Fez & Cowboy Hill & Saint & Foundation, Dan the Man def Hammerjack, Matt Korbaine & Kevin Dunn def Dan Morrow & Bryan Turner, Ty Blade & Devon Day def Slacker J & Tim Renesto, Arrick Andrews & Ryder def Larry Valentine & John Caesar, Nore Havoc def Slash (Wolfie D) in a last man standing match..

  87. June 25, 2004--WSPW in Chula Vista, California: Puma & Big E. Biggz def ?, Masters of Perfection def Makoa & OC Kid, Antonio Mestre def Mr. Smalls, Matrix & Preston Scott & Jason Bennett def Supa Badd & Human Tornado & Mo Love, Lil Nate def Lionheart, Tommy Wilson def Joey Ryan-DQ, B-Boy def Scott Lost, Oliver John def Andrew Hellman..

  88. June 25, 2004--ICW in Seattle, Washinton: Big Wood def Ritchie Magnett-DQ, Rad won three-way over Vinnie V & Jason Jackson, Josh Childress won Battle Royal, Mr. GQ def Pimp in a chain match, Tim Flowers & Lil Nasty Boy def Sonny O'Mara & Roach Redding, Chef NC Avalanche. . . Saturday results from Tacoma: Lil Nasty Boy won Battle Royal, New Chapter def Big Wood & Vinnie V, Lil Nasty Boy def Rad, Chief & Pimp def Avalanche & Mr. GQ, Tim Flowers def Jason Jackson..

  89. June 25, 2004--Chaotic Wrestling in Lowell, MA: Brian Black def Adam Booker, Bill Logan def Craig Stratton, Luis Ortiz def Mighty Mini, John Walters def Mike Kruel, Handsome Johnny & Psycho won seven-team gauntlet match, Maverick Wild def Arch Kincaid..

  90. June 25, 2004--Maximum Pro Wrestling TV Tapings in Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Tommy Vandal def Shawn Murphy, David Babylon def Steve Madison, Bruiser Bradley def Apolo (IWA), Chaz def Ryan O'Reilley, Lex Lovett def Dennis Knight, Kahagus def Babylon, Norman Smiley def Warlord, Shawn Murphy & Joey Machete def Ricky & Tommy Vandal, Kahagus def Johnny Vandal, Smiley def Lovett, Apolo def Warlord-DQ, O'Reilley def Mr. Badwrench, Smiley def Chaz to win MPW title tournament, Hack Myers & New Jack def The Blackhearts in a cage match..

  91. June 26, 2004--NWA Southwest in Fort Worth, Texas: Suicide def Dragon Negro, Crash def Seth Shai, Chuy Martinez def Scorpion, Livewire def Tejano Kid, Cyclone def J.T. Lamotta, Charr Star def Heather Devine..

  92. June 26, 2004--EWF Extreme 8 in Marion, Indiana: Apollo Starr def Menace, Big Cheez def Dean Jablonski, Colt Cabana def Shawn Daivari, Matt Stryker def Anarchy, Starr def Stryker, Cabana def Cheez, Drew Johnson won four-way over Dusty, Wildman Rogers and Fuji Brown to become Xtreme champion, Starr def Cabana to win Extreme 8 tournament..

  93. June 26, 2004--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Summerville, South Carolina: Shane Austin def William Jones, Ricky Morton & Jason King def Jason Jones & Jesse Morris, Barbarian & Bruiser Graham def Mike Lee & Jeff Justice, Jimmy Valiant def George South-DQ..

  94. June 26, 2004--ICW in Goose Greek, South Carolina: Shane Austin def William Jones, Mike Lee & Brad Attitude def Jason King & Ric Converse, Jenny Taylor def Krissy Vaine, Ricky Morton def Doink (William Jones), Patriot (Jeff Justice) def Barbarian-DQ, Buff Bagwell def Glenn Gilberti..

  95. June 26, 2004--Insane Wrestling Federation in Birch Run, Michigan: Nigel McGuiness def Danny Daniels, Whiplash NC Buddy Hanlan, Virgil (WWF) def Truth Martini, Jason Yang def Ian Knoxx, Malia Hosaka def Helena Heavenly, DBA won three-way over Adam Flash and 2 Tuff Tony, Scott Free def Virgil-DQ when NWO Sting interfered, Nitro & Chainsaw def Dr. Feelgood & Milwaukee Mauler, Zach Gowen def Warlord, Abdullah the Butcher NC Kevin Sullivan in death match..

  96. June 26, 2004--Southern Championship Wrestling in Haines City, Florida: David Mercury def Tony DeNucci, Ryze def Barney Rumble, Manny Montana def Sam Stash, Lexie Fyfe def Gary Garvin, Sean & Phil Davis def Chris Nelson & Eric Fishman, Dagon Briggs def Leon Scott, Johnny Schumacher def Josh Rich, Mister Saint Laurent def Vordell Walker to win Florida title, Axis & Python def Jason Hexx & Thump Dupree..

  97. June 26, 2004--FWA in Morecambe, England before 150-200 fans: Stixx def Ross Jordan, Spud def Cameron Knite, Ricky Knight def Aviv Mayaan, Alex Shane def Jack Xavier, Burchill def Joey ?, Doug Williams won three-way to keep FWA title over Zebra Kid and James Tighe..

  98. June 26, 2004--IWF in West Paterson, New Jersey: Vik Voorhees & Tony Torres def Shayla & Pete Hanover, Sean Royal & Chris Steeler def Zak Zane & Antonio Rivera, Shane O'Brien & Dan McGuire def Aaron Stride & Jay Blaze, Shawn Donovan & Travis Blake def Vik Voorhees & Tony Torres, Kevin Knight & Fred Sampson (frequent WWE TV extra) def Royal & Steeler, Roman & Biggie Biggs def O'Brien & McGuire..

  99. June 26, 2004--PCW in Arlington, Texas: G-Slice def Claudia, John Allen def Apocalypse, Gabe Roach def Mace Malone, Eddie Atlas def B.J. Cummings, Steve DeMarco def Mike Thunder-DQ..

  100. June 26, 2004--APW in Hayward, California: Mafia def Melissa & Tommy Angels & Lance Chandler, Immortal Fear def Wholesome Twins, Grand Kahuna def Vennis DeMarco, Jardi Frantz def Dana Lee, Jay Mathias def Robert Thompson, J.J. Perez d Lil Cholo, Nathan Rulez def James Watkins..

  101. June 26, 2004--CAPW in Dunbar, West Virginia: Mantis def Rictor, Shane Storm def Slimy C, Johnny Blast def Brett Sharp, Dead Falcon def Mr. X, Chance Prophet def Chris Vega, Kris King & Tracy Lynn def Brian Douglas & Joey Morton, Bobby Blaze def Lance Erikson..

  102. June 26, 2004--NWA Tri State Wrestling in Mannington, West Virginia: Evil Ninja def Clank the Clown, Faith No More def Zack Practor Jr. & Aaron Draven, Gorgeous JC def Flash Fury, Mark White def Johnny Hard, J.T. hogg def Fandango, Juggulator def Dorian Rhodes, Rocky Reynolds def J.D. Escalade to win X title..

  103. June 26, 2004--Great Lakes Wrestling in Livonia, Michigan: Stevie Lee def Eddie Venom, Gutter def Green Phantom, Frankie the Face def Josh Abercrombie, Bobby Bambino def Charles Anthony, Mike Kelly & Dick the Bruiser Jr. def Jimmy Shalwin & Johnny Bravo, Jimmy Jacobs def Brian Ireland, Lee def Gutter..

  104. June 26, 2004--CSWF in Rahway, New Jersey: Mike Tobin def Danny Jaxx, Julio Dinero def Danny Doring, Mike Kruel def Michael Shane, Chris Harris & James Storm won CSWF tag titles over Rob Eckos & Matt Striker, Crazy Ivan def Josh Daniels, April Hunter def Traci Brooks, Sonjay Dutt won four-way over Nick Berk, Grim Reefer and Ken Scampi, Chris Kanyon def Slyk Wagner Brown to win vacant title..

  105. June 26, 2004--Buffalo Championship Wrestling - The Buffalo Bash in Buffalo, New York at the Buffalo Omni: Jake N. Bake def Jimmy Olsen, Troy Buchannan def Crazy C. to retain the BCW T.V. title, Steve Kruz def Evan McCloud to retain the BCW Niagara Frontier Heavyweight title, Colin Olsen def D. Sanchez, J-Rocc def The Canadian Thriller, Ian Decay def "The Right Stuff" Brodie Lee, Fabulous def Charisma, Killer Kumpf & Kwan Chang vs The Player's Club (Buchannan & Kruz) to retain the BCW WNY Heritage tag team titles, The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) def Danny Doring & Roadkill..

  106. June 27, 2004--CWF Mid Atlantic in Burlington, North Carolina: Corey Edsel def Drake Tungsten, Otto Schwanz def Trent Wylde, Kid Justice def Xsiris, Alex Adonis & Guillotine LeGrande & Jake Jones def J-Money & L.A. Cash & Dexter Poindexter, Amber O'Neal def Brandi Wine, Jesse Ortega def Brad Rainz, Brass Munkey & American Steel Ninja def Sean Powers & Mitch Norris, Mikael Yamaha def Gee Star..

  107. June 27, 2004--Connecticut Championship Wrestling in Fairfield, Connecticut: Texas Outlaw def Dave Wilcox, Bad Leroy Brown (not the original) def American Idol, Cindy Rogers def Nikki Roxx, E.C. Negro & K.C. blade def K-Usha & K-Murda, Spider won four corners over Dave Cole, Abunai and Wiqued, Ron Zombie & Kid Pain def Curtis Slamdawg & Mercenary, Mana def Supreme Lee Great, Anthony Michaels & Mark Gore & J-Busta def Eddie Guapo & Low Ryda & Boogalou, Nocturne & Hallowicked def Leroy Brown & Iron Eagle, Luis Ortiz d John Walters 1-1 in a 30:00 Iron man match..

  108. June 27, 2004--Promociones Renegado in Minneapolis, Minnesoda: Indio Mendoza def Renegado Estrada-DQ, Lenny Lane def J.B. Trask, Machine Infernal & Black Boy def Gato Samurai & Johnny Parks, Taylor def Ann Thraxx, Mason Quinn def Arik Cannon..

  109. June 27, 2004--IWF in West Paterson, New Jersey: Dan McGuire def Jay Blaze, Sean Royal def Andre Lyons, Arch Kincaid def Aaron Stride, Vik Voorhees & Tony Torres def Jana & Robby Morrison & Seth Stevens, Shane O'Brien def Chris Steeler, Fred Sampson & Kevin Knight won three-way over Roman & Biggie Biggs and Shawn Donovan & Travis Blake to win Commissioner's Cup..

  110. June 27, 2004--XICW in Warren, Michigan: Drake Younger def American Kickboxer, N8 Mattson def Gavin Starr, Gutter def Haji, Poison Apollo def Cold Brother Ice, Devil's Venom def Levi Blue & Kamikaze, Cold Brother Stone def Drew Johnson, Zach Gowen def Danny Daniels, Truth Martini & Jaimy Coxxx def Gutter & Frankie the Face, Alex Shelley def Jimmy Jacobs, DBA def Rik Matrix..

  111. June 27, 2004--Border City Wrestling in Windsor, ONTARIO: Hornet def Ash, Brad Martin def Chris Pillon, El Reverso won three-way over Phil Atlas and Johnny Bravo, Truth Martini & N8 Mattson def Gutter & D-Ray 3000 to win tag titles, Chris Clontz & Jamie D def Maynard Nek & Bahdunkadunk, Kris Chambers def Danny Daniels, Joe E. Legend & Dyson Pryce def A-1 & Eddie Venom, Alex Shelley & Ruffy Silverstein & Conrad Kennedy III def Zach Gowen & Petey Williams & Chris Sabin..

  112. June 27, 2004--Ring Wars in Orangeville, ONTARIO before 142 fans: Rico Montana def Matt Burns, Johnny GeoBasco def Jake O'Reilley, Robbie McAllister def Eddie Osbourne, Cletus Grunge def Chris Drury, Mikey Madrox beat Warhed in a Last Man Standing match, Jim Duggan & Rory McAllister def Notorious TID & Magnus..

  113. June 28, 2004--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Lebanon, Kentucky at the Marion County Fair: Light-Heavyweight Champion Simon Sezz beat JC Bailey...United States Champion Billy Black beat Steve Marinon...Heavyweight Champion Vic The Bruiser def Mike Samples...Tracy Smothers pinned Billy Maverick...Vic The Bruiser & Steve Marino def Billy Black & Mike Samples..

  114. June 29, 2004--GCW in COLUMBUS, GA at GCW SPORTS ARENA: John Bogey d. Darren Kelly, Greg Brown & A. J. Steele d. Lee Thomas & Super X, Vordell Walker d. the Wrestler by DQ to retain the US Junior title, Sonny Siaki versus Jason Cross ended in a DOUBLE COUNT OUT, Jerry Oates & Glacier d. Erik Watts & Lash Leroux..

  115. June 30, 2004--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Lancaster, Kentucky: Simon Sezz def Steve Marino, Billy Black def Billy Maverick-DQ, Mason the Mangler def J.C. Bailey, Maverick & Bailey NC Sezz & Mangler, Vic the Bruiser def Tracy Smothers..

  116. June 30, 2004--Revolution X Wrestling in South Gate, California: King Fuji def Sexy Chino, Charles Mercury def Topgun Talwar, Angel & AWC def Big E. Biggz & R2K, Valentina def Morgan, Ronin & Johnny Paradise & Phoenix Star def Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver & Human Tornado, Buddy George won Battle Royal..