Independent Wrestling Results - April 2004

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  1. April 1, 2004--Mountain State Wrestling in Beckley WV: Dan Richards def John Cooper, Johnny Blast def J.V. Insanity, Masked Militia def Jared & Jason Lancaster, Cuban Assassin #2 def Jack Miller, Eric Darkstorm def Scotty McKeever..

  2. April 1, 2004--EWF in Marion, IN: Satisfaction is Guaranteed def Gameboys, Liberty Kid def Robb Kincaid, Osyris def Skip Raddison, Bob def Hank Calhoun, Big Cheez NC Jack Hammer, Hypnosis def Anarchy..

  3. April 1, 2004--Impact Zone Wrestling in Scottsdale, AZ: Rogue Roberts def Father Punishment, John Williams beat Hollywood Yates and Tv, Jack Bull & Chris Kole def J-Rizod & Gentleman G, Navajo Warrior def G.Q Gallo in a strap match, Kharma def Adrenelyn, Jack Durango def XXX, Mike Nox def Derrick Neikirk..

  4. April 2, 2004--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Lancaster, SC: Jason Jones def Gladiator #2, Johnny Blaze def Ethan Cage, Dylan Rage def Super D, Greg Valentine def Jason King, Ricky Morton def George South Sr. to win EWA title. Among those appearing at the show were Ole Anderson, Brad Anderson, Tommy Young and The Barbarian..

  5. April 2, 2004--USWO in Madison, TN before 112 fans: Thug Jones def J.C. Crowe, Christie Ricci & ODB def Traci Brooks & Charlotte Webb, Phez & Ice def Joker & Ghetto J, Nore Havoc def Hot Rod Biggs-DQ, Slacker J def Ty Blade, Traci Brooks def Webb, Dan the Man def Tim Renesto-DQ, Hammerjack & Shane Eden def Arrick Andrews & Ryder..

  6. April 2, 2004--Southern Championship Wrestling in Orlando: Aaron Epic def Manny Montana, Ryze def Josh Rich, Mr. Saint Laurent def Barney Rumble, Kahagas def David Mercury, Leon Scott def Dennis Allen, Chasyn Rance def Johnny Schumacher, Towns Ellis & Brian Gamble def Chris Nelson & Thump Dupree..

  7. April 2, 2004--PWA in Edmonton before 100-120 fans: Bill Yates def Tex Gaines, Eric Freeze def Johnny Devine, Apocalypse def Ricky Rage, Highlander def Rick Vain, Harry Smith & T.J. Wilson & Marky Mark & Phoenix Taylor def Duke Durango & Greg Pawluk & Dean Durango & Dave Swift in elimination match..

  8. April 2, 2004--Wrestlers of West Virginia in Whitesville, WV: Steve Black def Yellow Jacket, Brett Sharp def Sean Spencer, Chance Prophet def Jeremy V, Chris Vega def Tony Givens, Big Daddy Gordy & Eric Steel def Bob Brown & John Cooper, Eric Darkstorm def Super Destroyer..

  9. April 2, 2004--Mountain State Wrestling in Minnora, WV: T.J. Phillips def J.V. Insanity, Chet Cartwright def Johnny Blast, Dan Richards def Masked Militia #2, Jason Lancaster def Scotty McKeever, Jack Miller def Cuban Assassin #2..

  10. April 2, 2004--WSPW in Chula Vista, CA before 80 fans: Makoa def Jason Bennett, Michael Masters & Johnny Perfect def Mo Love & Pumbaa, Lionheart def Antonio Mestre, Matrix & Preston Scott DCOR Shawn Riddik & Supa Badd, Scott Lost & Funky Billy Kim def Mr. Smalls, Lil Nate def Jason Creed, Oliver John def Joey Ryan, Mr. Smalls won Battle Royal, Andrew Hellman def Tommy Wilson..

  11. April 2, 2004--Just Plain Wrestling in Millington, TN before 400 fans to benefit families of seven teenagers killed in an auto accident in in February: Blalok the Blazer def Reno Diamond, Seth Knight def Greg Anthony, Corey Force def Psycho Johnny Morton def Bubba Pain, Alan Steel def Dustin Starr, Carnage Antwane def Pokerface, Mickey Ray & Sgt.O'Reilly def Kilo & Citizen Kane, Danny B. Good def Austin Lane..

  12. April 2, 2004--Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling in Surrey, BC: Jesse Jimenez def Tom MacDonald, Disco Fury def Tim Justice, Miss Chevious def Avalon, Fabulous Fabio def Scotty Mac, Michelle Starr def Seth Knight-DQ, Tony Kozina def Major Hardway to win Canadian jr. title, Vance Nevada def Matt Borne in a bloodbath. Next show is 4/23 in Surrey at Bridgeview Hall.

  13. April 2, 2004--WWA in Quincy, MA: Shockwave def Syro, Bert Centeno & Don Vega def Scott Cardinal & Billy Whitten, Hale Collins def Little Papa, Tim McNeany def Eddie Edwards, Brandon Locke & Tanya def D.C. Dillenger & Nikki Roxx, Equalizer def Jimmy Steele, Truth Martini def Mike Bell, Zach Gowen & Jonah Andelman def Chris Candido & Kenn Phoenix (Gowen turned heel)..

  14. April 3, 2004--WWA in Ware, MA: Ru Starr def Eddie Edwards, Little Papa & Mike Bell def Hale Collins & Scott Cardinal, Tim McNeany def D.C. Dillenger, El Mascarado (Senteno) def Billy Whitten, Nikki Roxx def Tanya, Equalizer def Don Vega, Zach Gowen & Jonah Andelman def Kenn Phoenix & Chris Candido..

  15. April 3, 2004--ECWA Super 8 Tournament in Wilmington, DE: Austin Aries def Shawn Daivari, Mike Kruel def Ricky Reyes, Christopher Daniels def Rocky Romero, John Walters def Nicho (with mask), Chris Daniels def Mike Kruel, Austin Aries def John Walters, Ace Darling & Striker won Battle Royal, Bax & Rob Eckos def Ace Darling & Striker, Chris Daniels def Austin Aries..

  16. April 3, 2004--???? Name please???? in Newark, New Jersey at the Rutgers University before 1,173 fans: Short Sleeve Sampson def Little Killa, Jeff Starr def Jay Lethal, Corvis Fear & Rush (w/Scott Chong of Tough Enough 3) NC Tony Adonis & Texas Outlaw when Primo Carnera III beat up all four on orders from Jonathan Coachman, Julio Dinero def Johnny Heartbreaker, Dusty Rhodes def Simon Diamond, Xavier def Amazing Red, Jerry Lawler w/Mick Foley vs Al Snow w/The Coach went to a NO CONTEST, Jerry Lawler & Mick Foley def The Coach & Al Snow..

  17. April 3, 2004--New Japan's Inoki Dojo in Santa Monica before 50 fans: T.J. Perkins (Pinoy Boy) def Tommy Williams (Funky Billy Kim), Jose Moreno def Joey Ryan, Iceman def Koji, Perkins def Eric Matlock-COR, Chad Wicks def Moreno, American Dragon & Aaron Aguilera def Samoa Joe & Bobby Quance, Perkins def Wicks to earn a spot in the Young Lions tourney in Japan..

  18. April 3, 2004--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Bullman Downs def Craig Jericko, John Allen def Al Jackson, Jack Drastic def Kit Carson, Gabe Roach def Steve Dane, Scott Phoenix def Deacon Riot, Brett Barnes def Khris Germany-DQ..

  19. April 3, 2004--EWF in Marion, IN: Monahan Outlaws def Adam Reynolds & C.J. Esson, Hellraiser def Melliki Torrence, Bull Anderson def Black Panther, Osyris def Brian Carlucci, Hypnosis def Henry Fugi, Jack Hammer def Wyldechylde..

  20. April 3, 2004--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, TN: Dead Sexxy Gunner def C.J. Summers, Super J def Trinity H. Campbell, C.J Summers def Eric Adamz, Hex Hatred def Ripper #2, Rage & Da Studd def Bobby Eaton & Robbie Race & Bad Medicine in a coward waves the flag match. Ricky Morton was scheduled in the main event but no-showed..

  21. April 3, 2004--Carolina Championship Wrestling in Lenoir, NC: Mike Lee def Jason Jones, Hambone Hunter & Tater Taylor def Shane Austin & Handsome Stranger, Krissy Vaine def Jenny Taylor, The Patriot (George Hines) def Russian Assassin (managed by Ivan Koloff), David Flair def George South Sr., Madd Maxx def Ringlord Speedy in falls count anywhere, Bobby Fulton & Tracy Smothers def KC Thunder & Jason King, Ricky Morton def Greg Valentine in a cage match with Tully Blanchard as referee..

  22. April 3, 2004--Revolution British Wrestlingin Colwick, Nottingham: Sammy Ray won three-way over Ross Jordan and Corey Davis, Blondie Barratt & Stixx def Will Assault & Rainz, Johnny Kid def Jorge Castano-DQ, Alan Kilby def Keith Myatt, Assault & Rainz & Kilby & Ray & Kidd def Jordan & Barratt & J.C. Thunder & Stixx & Castano..

  23. April 3, 2004--Revolution Pro Wrestling in City of Industry, CA: Topgun Talwar won three-way over Babi Slymm and Ronin, American Wild Child & Angel def Dana Lee & Orlando Mathis, Acero Dorado jr. & Shamu Jr. & Profeta def Elvio Reyes & Principe Unlimited & Alucinate, Human Tornado & Johnny Paradise def Charles Mercury & Bigg E. Biggz, Rising Son def Jardi Frantz, Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver def Chris Bosh & Super Boy, Super Dragon def Disco Machine..

  24. April 3, 2004--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling TV Taping in Lenoir City, TN: New Grappler def Jonathan MacMurray, Brad Richter def Elijah O'Malley, Sammy V & Ric Cannon def Memphis Mafia, Kid Apollo def J.R. Stardog, Dirty White Boy def Memphis Mafia #2-DQ, Jack Miller def Lance Erikson..

  25. April 3, 2004--World Christian Wrestling in Jackson, Kentucky at the National Guard Armory: John Noble def Kyle Maggard ... Blessed def Killer Kurt ... Billy Maverick def The Commador ... The Lumberjack & Blessed def Killer Kurt & John Noble..

  26. April 3, 2004--International Wrestling Cartel in Franklin, PA before 1,250 (insane!) fans: Dirk Ciglar def Troy Lords, Lord Zoltan def Kim Chee, Virgil def Demolition Ax-COR, James Keenan & Soldier def Super Hentai & Shirley Doe, The Patriot (Tom Brandi) & Nikolai Volkoff def T.Rantula & Dr. Feelgood & Denny Gregory, Glenn Spectre def Roman Law, Jimmy Snuka NC Kamala, Dean Radford def James Keenan, The Patriot won Battle Royal..

  27. April 3, 2004--Mountain State Wrestling in Princeton, WV: T.J. Phillips def Masked Militia #2, Cuban Assassin #2 def Dan Richards, Scotty McKeever def Jason Lancaster, Sean Spencer def Roger Hamm, Johnny Blast & Midnight Mauler def J.V. Insanity & Kevin Edwards, Super Destroyer def Tony Givens, Rebel def Chris Gilbert..

  28. April 3, 2004--Northern Wrestling Federation in Fairfield, OH: Dustin Lillard def American Eagle, Tony Bryant won three-way over Ice and Jesse Hyde, Kaos def Austin Meddler, Christopher Michael Lotus def Pompano Joe-DQ, Sam Cody & Brian Beech def Zodiac & Mack the Knife-DQ, Ryan Stone & Jay Donaldson def Matt Parks & Chad Allegra..

  29. April 3, 2004--Down South Championship Wrestling in Tuckerman, AR: Jimmy Hall def Loose Cannon, Harley Johnson def Bruiser Graham, Christi Ricci won three-way over Infinty and Traci Brooks (TNA), X Kaliber def Deadly Date, ODB def Angel Williams, Jimmy Valiant def Luscious Leonard, Austin Lane won three-way over Slash (TNA) and Danny B. Good..

  30. April 3, 2004--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: Tim Storm def Scott Mustaine, Mike Foxx & Jeromy Sage def Steve DeMarco, Canyon def Jared Steele, Don Juan def Big Dogg, Brandon Collins def Nobe Bryant, Chris Stevens def Eddie Atlas..

  31. April 3, 2004--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Dover, DE: Aidian won three-way over E.L. Stanley and Asian Sinsation, Tai & C.A. Elliot def Jimmy Dream & Adam Ugly, Massive Mike def Tank Thomas, Chris Nightmare def Stacy Adams, Thomas def Aden Chambers, Adams def Thomas, Tai def Simply Luscious, Asian Sinsation & Jimmy Dream def C.A. Elliot & Dragon X, Massive Mike def E.L. Stanley, Chris Nightmare def Adam Ugly..

  32. April 3, 2004--CWF Mid Atlantic TV Taping in Burlington, NC: Trent Wylde def Scotty Matthews, Rob McBride & Otto Schwanz def Brad Attitude & Brad Rainz, Corey Edsel & GeeStar def Tim Blaze & Will Smooth, Ric Converse def Kid Justice, Kamikazi Kid def Nemesis, J-Money & L.A. Cash won three-way over Drake Tungsten & Bad News Johnson and Sean Powers & Mitch Norris, Xsiris def Jesse Ortega, American Steel Ninja & Brass Munkey def Garry Stevens & Jake Jones..

  33. April 3, 2004--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, IN: Tiny Tim won three-way over Donny Idol and Jason Caemera, Austin James & T.J. Powers def Zodiac & Psycho Phil, Syren def Vanessa Harding, Dutch Mantel def Dave Dynasty, Don Harris def Average White Guy, Jesse Houston def Scotty Lovins, Ox Harley def Robbie Chance..

  34. April 3, 2004--National Wrestling Superstars in Long Branch, NJ: Tommy Force def Antonio Malave and Crazed, Eric Justice def Jo-Jo, J.C. Rage def Jay Santana, TNT def Johnny Thunder, Brandon Young def Bo, Bam Bam Bigelow & Big Slam Vader def Baghdad Bullies in a tables match..

  35. April 3, 2004--Wrestling and Respect in Lima, OH: Stevie Lee def N8 Mattson, Cody Hawk def Trik Davis, Brian Ireland def Elvis Elliott, Matt Sydal def Delirious, Carlton Kaz & Dean Jablonski def Delivery Inc., Steve Stone def Apollo Starr, Nigel McGuiness def Colt Cabana, Chad Collyer def Danny Daniels, Ryan Boz NC Dusty Dillinger..

  36. April 4, 2004--Manitoba Pro Wrestling Invitational Tournament in Winnipeg, Manitoba before 120 fans: Adam Knight def Dr. Greenthumb, Bruiser Bastien def Justin Tyme, Gene Swan def Bobby Jay, Robby Royce def Mentallo, Eddie Watts def Kenny Omega, Shane Madison def E.Z. Ryder, Chi Chi Cruz def Brian Jewel, Adam Knight def Gene Swan, Eddie Watts def Bruiser Bastien, Chi Chi Cruz def Robbie Royce, Eddie Watts def Adam Knight, Chi Chi Cruz def Shane Madison, Donnie Dicaprio def Christopher Raine in 42 seconds (MMA match - challenged Dan Severn to a rematch), Eddie Watts def Chi Chi Cruz..

  37. April 4, 2004--NAWA in Fort Worth, Texas: Seth Shai def Damian Logan, Chris Richter def Josh Sterno, Bryan Lewis def Balls Ryder, Texas Red def Brent Masters, Brown Brothers def Wasted Youth, Chris Richter & Bryan Lewis co-won Battle Royal..

  38. April 4, 2004--World Pro Wrestling in Anaheim, California: Sexy Chino def Jason Bennett, Mini Infernal def Mini Cholito, Mr. California & Impacto def Vertigo & Diabolico, Steve Pain def Chippy Sanchez, R2K & Kid Omega def Eric Matlock & Shawn Riddick, Black Angel & Meteorik def Sombra Infernal & Karoteka, Lil Cholo def Infernal, Scott Lost def Preston Scott, Catastrophe & Indio & Tornado Negro def Rosa Salvaje & Genio Negro & Infierno..

  39. April 4, 2004--Ringside Championship Wrestling in Greensboro: Brass Munkey & American Steel Ninja won eight-team gauntlet, Tank Lawson def Rob McBride Jr., Hank the Enforcer def Grease, Ric Converse def Rob McBride Sr., Kurt Solo & Matt Houston def J-Money & L.A. Cash, Brian Hall def Brad Stutts in I quit match..

  40. April 5, 2004--Superstars of American Wrestling in Danville, Illinois at the Danville Bingo Hall: Bryan Johnson def Eric Draven by forfeit (Draven refused the match, but was forced to def end tonight or be stripped of his Iron Man title), Eric Draven def Jason The Mingler (4'1" tall) to retain the Iron Man title (Mason The Mangler attacked both men afterwards, upset by Jason The Mingler mocking him), Mike Dreamer def Asmodeous, Mephisto vs. Freddie The Finger ruled a no-contest (Mason The Mangler attacked both men as well), Mason The Mangler attacked Eric Dravin -- Billy Maverick made the save, Cleva Crawley def Stacy Starr & April Showers & Anita Dix in a 4-way "Bra & Panties" match, Mason The Mangler def Bruiser Brady in 20 seconds, Billy Maverick def Chris Jester to win the Heavyweight title (Maverick was attacked by Eric Draven with a chair leaving him a bloody mess)..

  41. April 5, 2004--Midwest Wrestling Alliance in Michigan: Jack Thriller def Big Andrewski, Angry Jamaican def Stanford Thorn, Fabuzio & Big Andrewski def Mental Insanity & Kurious George, Well Reign def Kypknow, Johnny Seude def Mental Insanity, Chris Coin def Jayson Quick..

  42. April 6, 2004--Mountaineer Pro Wrestling in Oak Hill, WV: Jared Lancaster def J.V. Insanity, Jason Kincaid def Eric St. Clair, Tony Perdue def Eclipse, Dave Scott def Jack Miller-DQ..

  43. April 7, 2004--Power Championship Wrestling in Jackson, Ohio at The Athletic Club: Willie Snapp d Bo K and Hugh Jasso in a 3-way, Mason The Mangler vs Back Creek Sheik went to a 20-minute time limit draw, Holden Yurin d Craven Morehead by CO, Arthur Itis d Brandon Hunter by submission, The Droid d Q-Tip by DQ, Kleptomaniacs vs Foolish Pleasure ruled a no-contest, Eric Draven vs Billy Maverick resulted in a double count-out in a title vs title match..

  44. April 7, 2004--Revolution X Wrestling in South Gate, CA: Black Metal & Eric Matlock def Sexy Chino & Gallinero I, Johnny Paradise & Joey Ryan def Funky Billy Kim & Ronin, Nikki & Valentina def Desire & Sara del Ray, Lonestar & Buddy George & Jethro def Webb & Bo Cooper & Billy Blade, American Wild Child & Angel def Disco Machine & Steve Pain, Cyanide & Human Tornado def Biggie Biggz & Charles Mercury, Super Dragon def Quicksilver, Scorpio Sky def Rising Son..

  45. April 8, 2004--Mountain State Wrestling in Beckley, WV: Jason Kincaid def J.V. Insanity, Eric St. Clair def Dan Richards, Yellow Jacket def John Cooper, Johnny Blast def Jason Lancaster, Eric Darkstorm & Jack Miller def Scotty McKeever & Cuban Assassin #2..

  46. April 9, 2004--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Gemini def Jack Drastic, Bullman Downs def Steve Dane, John Allen def Guy the Security Guard, Scott Phoenix def Craig Jerikho, John Allen & Brett Barnes def Gabe Roach & Kit Carson & Khris Germany..

  47. April 9, 2004--Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Louis, Missouri: Jimmy Charisma def Trainee #11 & #14, D-Mon G def Jackal, Kevin Sharp def Jeremy Lightfoot, Heart Attack Jack & Bo Jangles def Sean Vincent & Richard Heard, Jynx def Mick Danger, Ian Storm def Melvin Talent, Chaz Wesson def Dingo, Kory Twist won Rumble Battle Royal..

  48. April 9, 2004--USWO in Madison, TN: Tim Renesto def J.C. Crowe, Arrick Andrews def Thug Jones-DQ, ODB def Angel Williams, Phez & Iceknoik def Joke & Ghetto J-DQ, Slacker J def Ty Blade, Dan the Man & Hot Rod Biggs def Nore Havoc & Tim Renesto, Arrick Andrews & Ryder def Shane Eden & Hammerjack to win tag titles..

  49. April 9, 2004--Full Impact Pro in Pinellas Park, FL before 150 fans for an FIP vs Jersey Championship Wrestling vs Lucha Xtreme Wrestling Show: Scott Davis def Joshua Masters, Thunderbolt Norton won three-way over Dale Williams and Kid Lethal, Hoard def Los Gallineros, American Wild Child def La Momia de Guanajuato, Dagon Briggs def Nocturno, Dave Greco & Ryan Wing & Scott Hotshot def Zokre & Phoenix Star & Spider, Kahagas def Shawn Sheridan to win JCW light heavyweight title, Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver def Aaron Epic & Jaison Moore, Ralph Mosca def Angel, Halloween & Damian 666 def Sean & Phil Davis, New Jack def Wildman & Jeff Bradley & Supreme & Ralph Mosca in a five-way TLC barbed wire light tubes thumbtacks death match..

  50. April 9, 2004--World of Hurt Wrestling in Hudson Falls, NY: Bert Williams def Damon Vitale, Miss DeVille def Kayla Sparks, Chuck Deep def Nick Neighborhood, Jeff Starr def Shockwave, Punk def Jim Tanner, Thornn def Steve Kruz, Warpath & Virus def Swinger Sidusky & Shane Alden, Brodie lee def Scott Scarsdale, Danger def Texas Outlaw..

  51. April 9, 2004--Wrestlers of West Virginia in Whitesville, WV: Yellow Jacket def J.V. Insanity, Bob Brown & John Cooper def Chris Vega & Brett Sharp, Johnny Blast def Jason Lancaster, Super Destroyer def Tony Givens, Jack Miller def Chet Cartwright in a loser leaves town match, Big Daddy Gordy & Eric Steel def Robbie Cassidy & Sean Spencer..

  52. April 9, 2004--North American Championship Wrestling TV Taping in Gaffney, NC before 165 fans: Danny Dollar def Nightmare (Ted Allen), Deon Johnson & Black Angel def Infernos (Ray Gordon & Jim Tucker), Ricky Morton def Dru D-Lite-DQ, Dollar def Lance Gaylord, Bull Buchanan def D-Lite-DQ, Tim Horner def K.C. Thunder, Black Angel & Deon Johnson def Scot Powers & Chris Steel, Tommy Gunn def Dillon Rage, D-Lite def Nightmare, Barbarian def Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie)-DQ, Turbanotors def Main Attraction to win tag titles..

  53. April 10, 2004--FIP in Arcadia, FL before 650 fans: Joshua Masters def Scott Hotshot, Sean Davis & Scott Davis & Dale Williams def Los Gallineros and American Wild Child & La Momia de Guanajuato & Spider, Phi Delta Slam & Kubiak def Hoard & Thunderbolt Norton, Brian Gamble def Nocturno, Kahagas def Ryan Wing, Supreme def Angel, Halloween & Damian 666 def Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver, New Jack def Jeff Bradley, Shocker def Ultimo Guerrero, Dusty Rhodes def Ralph Mosca in bullrope match..

  54. April 10, 2004--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Elizabeth, Kentucky at the National Guard Armory: Billy Black def Dr. X...Hex Hatred def Haley Hatred... Alister Fear def KC Sabre to retain the Hardcore title...Vito Andretti def Devon Sabre...Billy Maverick def Menace...The Miami Mafia def Tag Team Champions Simon Sezz & Randy Royal in a non-title match..

  55. April 10, 2004--All Pro Wrestling Gym Warz in Hayward, CA: Beach Boyz def Mafia, J.T. Hyatt won three-way over Orlando Mathias & tommy Angels, Jardi Frantz & Akuma def Melissa & Tiffany, Ruff Ryders def Immortal Fear, J.J. Perez def Boyce LeGrande to keep internet title in best match on show..

  56. April 10, 2004--EWF in Marion, IN: Jeff King def Jimmy Shalwin, Hellraiser def Wildman Rogers, Hank Calhoun def Maliki, Apollo Starr & Drew Johnson won three-way over Liberty Kid & Hypnosis and Tommy Drastic & J.D. Elite, Tsunami def American Kickboxer, Brian Carlucci def Brother Clay, Osyris def Adam Reynolds, New Jack Hustlas def Gameboys, Bob def Big Cheez, Anarchy d Jack Hammer..

  57. April 10, 2004--EWR in Quebec City, Quebec: Wonder Fred & Damian Steele & J2P def Jester & Perfect Genetics, Generico & Senor Kid def X-Core, Nick Wallace def Giovanni, Davey Jackson def Scott matrix, Kevin Martel (Rick Martel's nephew) def Hell Storm, Hot Show def Z-Ro & Sexxy Eddy, Kevin Steen def Christopher Daniels, Exess69 & Crazy Crusher def Simon Sanders & Nightmare Manson..

  58. April 10, 2004--Northern Wrestling Federation in Wilmington, OH: Tony Bryant def Josh Abercrombie, Christopher Michael Lotus def Pompano Joe, Average White Guy def Austin Meddler, Sin D def Peaches, Chad Allegra def Roger Ruffen, Ryan Stone & Jay Donaldson def Jason Caemera & Dustin Lillard, KAOS def Matt Parks-DQ, Brian Beech & Sam Cody def Mack the Knife & Zodiac-DQ..

  59. April 10, 2004--UPW in El Segundo, CA before 90 fans: Babi Slymm def Chris Cole, Lil Nate def Jason Creed, Antonio Mestre def Lionheart, Navajo Warrior & Makoa def Kjel Hansen & Human Tornado, Good Guys def Shawn Riddik & Supa Badd, Valentina def Desire, Adam Pearce def Shannon Ballard, Joey Ryan & Scott Lost def Andrew Hellman & Tommy Wilson, Frankie Kazarian def Tony Stradlin-DQ..

  60. April 10, 2004--Four Star Championship Wrestling in Boca Raton, FL before 125 fans: Gary Glitter def Preston James, Cassidy def Brian Boering, Vandalz def Logan Casey & Norge Alvarez, J-Dawg def Scott Commodity, Johnny Evans won Battle Royal, Hack Myers def Alex G to win hardcore title, J.B. Cool def Blackheart, Norman Smiley def Johnny Evans to keep title..

  61. April 10, 2004--Texas Xtreme Wrestling in Corpus Christi: Cypress def El Primo, Flaming Rose def Virus, Heather Divine def Nayato Mattox, Big Dogg def Deacon Riot, Don Juan def Jeremy Lopez, El Latino & Rudy Russo def Valik & Jacob Ladder..

  62. April 10, 2004--North American Wrestling Alliance in Rome, GA before 100 fans: Steve Sellars def Strick Nine, Nick Rampage def Lamar Phillips, Rick Michaels def Seth Cruise, Crazy Francis NC Andrew Alexander, Adam Jacobs won 8-way elimination match, Rex & Jerry Grimm def John Arden & Billy Loe. Tommy Rich returned and they set up a show this coming Saturday where he faces Steve Lawler, plus Ken Wayne vs. Ted Allen in a battle of former masked Nightmares. Rich in his promo said that since the last time he wrestled in Rome, which was eight years ago, he's had two grandchildren..

  63. April 10, 2004--United Wrestling Association in Jacksboro, TN: Jason Thunder def Dark Justice-DQ, Jamie Northstar def Matt Talent, Medic Madness def Terry Wright & Justin Karma, Mike Ogle & Charles Long def Jason Thunder & Chris Gorgeous, Jerry Lee def Freak..

  64. April 10, 2004--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX for a TV taping for the local UPN affiliate: Mike Foxx def Brett Barnes, Gabe Roach def J.T. LaMotta, B.J. Cummings won four-way over G-Slice, Nobe Bryant and Showtime Summers, Jared Steele def Eddie Atlas..

  65. April 10, 2004--WWC in the Carolinas: Alexx Stone & Cory Steele def Jesse Fedra & Nick Hyper, Voodoo Daddy & Johnny Stone DDQ Shane Anderson & Cody Jenkins, Brad Attitude won three-way over Dexter Poindexter and Derek Wylde, Krazy K def Matt Stryker (ROH), S & S Productions def Revolution & Lance Marvel..

  66. April 10, 2004--Dangerzone Cagefighting in Osceola, IA: Lance Evans def Brett Lindberg, Matt Bear def Paul Bowers, David Vitkay def Tyrone Roberts, George Crawford def Eric Lambert, Rashed Evans def Dennis Reed, Danny Anderson def Joe Stern, Matt Torres def Bryan Bressler, Mark Bear def Mark Long, Travis Fulton def Ivan Carbella, Dan Severn def Greg Lockhart (submission at 1:45 of round two), Matt Bear def Lance Evans, Vitkay def Crawford, Rashad Evans def Anderson, Matt Torres def Mark Bear..

  67. April 10, 2004--NACW in Hogansville, GA before 160 fans: Mike Jackson (famous Georgia jobber from 80s) d Nightmare (Allen), Scott Powers & Chris Steel def Dillon Rage & Bubba Jones, Bull Buchanan def K.C. Thunder, Tim Horner def Big Wood, Turbanators def Black Angel & Vordell Walker, Barbarian def Masked Superstar-DQ, Dru D-Lite def Ricky Morton-COR..

  68. April 11, 2004--FWA in Broxbourne, England before 350 fans: Paul Travell & Raj Ghosh def Aviv Mayaan & Mark Belton, Eamon Shrahan def James Tighe, Steve Knight NC Andy Simmonz, Hade Vansen def Zebra Kid in ladder match, Alex Shane def Jack Xavier, Jonny Storm def Sonjay Dutt, Doug Williams def D-Lo Brown in 2/3 falls to keep FWA title..

  69. April 11, 2004--Promociones Renegado in West St. Paul, MN before 300 fans: Werhner (from Chile) def Shawn Daivari, Kaos def Arik Cannon, Pete Huge & Rain def Hoofer & Lacey, Lenny Lane & Samurai Gato NC Renegado Estrada & Salvaje, Poison & Acero Dorado & Frankenstein def Tinieblas Jr. & Huracan Ramirez Jr. & Piloto Suicida-DQ..

  70. April 11, 2004--Tri-State Championship Wrestling in Greeneville, TN: Big Daddy def Chris Carro, Brian Michaels def Eric Darkstorm-DQ, Death Riders def Tennessee Hillbillies, Ray Idol def Major Havok, J.V. Insanity & Johnny Blast def Tony Givens & Big Country, Super Destroyer & Sean Spencer def General Storm & Brian Michaels..

  71. April 11, 2004--IWC in San Bernardino: El Negro won four-way over Big E. Biggz, Green Meanie and John Rawlinz, Dick Danger def Under Pressure, Kid Karange def Sean Stryker, Butcher def Ron Kilbourn, D-Rail def Hurricane Marquez, Lee Steele & Big Tony def Jethro & Buddy George, Danger won three-way over D-Rail and Red Tornado..

  72. April 12, 2004--NCW in Fresno, California before 60-70 fans: Big D Johnson won three-way over Reggie Gaines and Shawn Rain, Malachi def Rick Vandel, D.J. Rizz def Dee Dee Bad Apple, Big Bear Calhoun def Tommy Angels, Piercestin Steele & Rage def Jesus Kruze & Aztec Warrior, Lance Bermuda won four-way over Sir Samurai, Louie Johnson and Bruce Bukkake, El Guapo def Widow Maker, El Hijo de Chupacabra won three-way over Human Tornado and Merce, Joey Ryan won three-way over Adam Thornstowe and Mike Rayne, Super Dragon def Dante..

  73. April 14, 2004--Impact Zone Wrestling TV Tapings in Phoenix, Arizona: Kharma def Adrenelyn, GQ Gallo def Chris Kole, CC Starr def Father Punishment-DQ, Jack Bull def Lawrence Tyler, Derrick Neikirk def John Williams, Mike Nox NC Jack Durango..

  74. April 15, 2004--Power Championship Wrestling in Hanover, Indiana at Briggs Auto Club: The Back Creek Sheik def Kareem Malcomb... The Bouncer def Brandon Hunter by submission... Mason The Mangler def Willie Snapp & Craven Morehead & Senior Cooter in a gantlet-style title def ense...New Era Demons def The Kleptomaniacs to win the Tag Team titles... Eric Draven vs Billy Maverick battled to a double count-out (As stipulated, Maverick must leave PCW since he did not win the match)..

  75. April 16, 2004--New Japan American Junior Tournament in California: American Dragon d. X-Pac (round1), Chad Collyer d. Bobby Quance (round1), Rocky Romero d. Ice Man (round1), Ricky Reyes d. Teddy Hart (round1), American Dragon d. Chad Collyer (semi finals), Rocky Romero d. Ricky Reyes (semi finals), American Dragon d. Rocky Romero (finals), Tommy Williams & Frankie Kazarian d. Eric Matlock & Joey Ryan, Samoa Joe vs. Aaron Aguilera (15:00 draw)..

  76. April 16, 2004--SSW: Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy def The Lost Generation, Sean Spencer def Mike Cooper, Allen King & Shane Matthews def the Phoenix Foundation, Thorn def Big Daddy, Super Destroyer & Josh Cody def Justin Sensation & John Noble, Alyx Winters vs Wade Adams went to a NO CONTEST, Ray Idol def “Mr. Happy” Bryan Wayne to retain the SSW title..

  77. April 16, 2004--Pro Wrestling Evolution in Athens, GA before 90 fans in a show that had horrible production problems: Cory Steele NC Jesse Federa, Azrael def Vordell Walker, Tank & Crazy Francis def Ace Rockwell & Sean Tempers, Jay Fury & Seth Delay and Jeremy V & Salvatore Rinauro, Rainman def Gabriel, Jason Cross def Murder One, Mikal Adryan def David Young..

  78. April 16, 2004--Buckeye Pro Wrestling in Middletown, OH: Jimmy Turner def Ala Hussein, Nigel McGuiness def Dean Baldwin, Lotus & Crazy J def McGuiness & Cody Hawk, Nate Webb def Matt Striker, HTB & Jim Hutchinson def Simply Fabulous in a non-title match, Shark Boy def Dean Jablonski to win BPW title..

  79. April 16, 2004--IWC in Mobile, Alabama: Ron Fargo def Fighting Tiger, Mikey Webb def Nick Wonder, Zip def Dixie, Polecat def Jerry Reiner, Nick Bondage def Justin Stone, Team Iron Claw def Team Akbar and Team Fabulous..

  80. April 16, 2004--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Jack Drastic def Craig Jericko, Bullman Downs def Dave the Rave, Scott Phoenix won handicap match over Adam Arson & Steve Dane, Bull def Eric Idol, John Allen & Mike Thunder def Al Jackson & Nobe Bryant, Gabe Roach def Brett Barnes..

  81. April 16, 2004--USWO in Madison, TN before 121 fans: John Caesar def J.C. Crowe, Krull def Gordon & K-9 Kohl, Hammerjack def Ryder, ODB def Traci Brooks, Arrick Andrews def Shane Eden-DQ, Nore Havoc & Tim Renesto & Slacker J def Hot Rod Biggs & Dan the Man & Ty Blade, Joker & Ghetto def Phez & Icekonik..

  82. April 17, 2004--Devistation Wrestling Federation in New Jersey: Kid Styles def Dave Patera, Vinny the Fixer def Slick McCoy, Ace Darling def Cabbie, Cueball Carmichael def Skeeter McCoy, Mark Smart def Chris Steel, The Cremator def Johnny Greco in a "Casket" match..

  83. April 17, 2004--Supreme Championship Wrestling in Madison, Indiana at J.D. Byrider: Billy Maverick & J.T. Money beat Roger Blade & Eric Draven to win the Tag Team titles...Chris Morrus def Cooter Clampette...Hookie & Pookie & Oakie & Dokie beat Terrance Allan & Juggalo & The Mean Roach Warrior & Donnie Angel...LiveWire def Madd-Dawg Murphy to claim the SCW TV title...Mason The Mangler fought off 15 challengers in a $1500.00 Knock Down Challenge..

  84. April 17, 2004--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Bedford, Kentucky at the Morgan Community Center: Hailey Hatred def Devon Sabre...Hex Hatred def Simon Sezz by DQ...Billy Maverick def Black Jack...Alister Fear def KC Sabre to retain the title...Steve Marino vs Randy Royal resulted in a double count-out...Billy Black def Heavyweight Champion Vic The Bruiser in a non-title match...

  85. April 17, 2004--Revolution British Wrestling in London: Rich'n' Famous def Kid Romeo, Sammy Ray def Tex Benedict, Chris Wyld & J.C. Thunder def Eamon O'Neil & Mark Shaman, Robbie Brookside def Keith Myatt, Stixx won Battle Royal..

  86. April 17, 2004--SPW in Lufkin, TX: Andy Dalton def Samir, Gemini def Adam Arson, Jeromy Sage def A.C. Riddick, New Legacy def Khan & Seth Shai, Andy Dalton won over Bret Basics, Joey Titan, Manny Domingo, Adam Arson and Sean Cordova, Bobby 2 Badd def Shai, Action Jackson def Pendragon, Bobby Eaton & Gemini def Hallowmass-DQ..

  87. April 17, 2004--Pro Wrestling Guerilla in Santa Ana before 160 fans: Topgun Talwar & Charles Mercury def Human Tornado & Supa Badd, Ricky Reyes def Apolo Kahn, Scorpio Sky def Disco Machine, Vito & Sal & Brandon Thomaselli def Joey Ryan & Scott Lost & Funky Billy Kim, Christopher Daniels def B-Boy, Hardkore Kidd def Lit & Deranged, Super Dragon & Excalibur def Chris Bosh & Quicksilver, American Dragon d Samoa Joe 30:00..

  88. April 17, 2004--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: Gabe Roach def Mr. B, Steve DeMarco def Jeromy Sage-DQ, Brandon Collins def Dade Venge, Eddie Atlas def Psycho Simpson, Tim Storm def A.C. Riddick, Allen & Thunder def Shadow & Sage-DQ..

  89. April 17, 2004--EWF in Marion, IN: Hank Calhoun def Snake, Tsunami def Hellraiser, SIG def Liberty Kid & Hypnosis, Bob def Big Cheez-COR, Osyris def Drew Johnson-DQ, Jack Hammer def Anarchy..

  90. April 17, 2004--Empire State Wrestling in Wheatfield, NY before 350 fans: Dre Gibson & Sakura def Scott & Steve Davidson, Omen def J.P. Hawke, Purple Rain & Grapple X def J-Man & R-Haz, Derek Wylde def Cody Steele, Cris Cavana def TSK, Randy Walker & Ice & Jonny Puma def Cade Cassidy & Johnny Adams & Damien Alexander, Mastiff def Chris Cooper..

  91. April 17, 2004--Wrestlers of West Virginia in Chesapeake, WV: Brett Sharp def Brian Jones, Danny Ray & Yellow Jacket def J.V. Insanity & Scott McComas, Big Daddy Gordy def John Cooper, Johnny Blast def Eric Steel, Eric Darkstorm def Chris Vega..

  92. April 17, 2004--SIW Fundraiser Show raised $1,100 for medical bills of Misty Roberts in Laurel, IN: Kid Thunder def Bobby Black, Marty Graw def Damien Morrus, Drifter def T.W. Splash, Jon Deer def Don Basher-DQ in arm-wrestling, Itch Coma Weider & Indiana Kidd Jr. def Scotty McKeever & Tank Austin, Johnny Sparks def Donny Idol, Uncle Ernie def Billy Bart, Crazy J & Lotus def Tom & Troy Van Zant, Cabana Boy def Diamond Dawg, Hillbilly Jed won four-way over Apollo Starr, Simply Spectacular and Vorteks..

  93. April 17, 2004--CWF Mid Atlantic in Burlington, NC: Rob McBride def Bad News Johnson, Sean Powers def Drake Tungsten, Ric Converse & Shane West & Garry Stevens def Brass Munkey & American Steel Ninja & Corey Edsel, Tim Blaze def Dexter Poindexter, Krazy K def Mitch Norris, Mikael Yamaha def Jesse Ortega, GeeStar def Xsiris. Long-time wrestling announcer Bob Caudle gave Converse a new title belt which looks like the old Mid Atlantic heavyweight title belt. Caudle was also given a lifetime achievement award..

  94. April 17, 2004--Southern Championship Wrestling in Altamonte Springs, FL: Mister Saint Laurent def Johnny Schumacher, Vordell Walker def Leon Scott, Thump Dupree def Towns Ellis, Manny Montana def Dagon Briggs, Brian Gamble def Chris Nelson (who reportedly will be undergoing career ending shoulder surgery in two weeks) , Aaron Eric def Chasyn Rance, Axis & Python def Jason Hexx & Ryze..

  95. April 17, 2004--International Wrestling Cartel in West Mifflin, PA before 400 fans: John McChesney & Jimmy Jacobs def Dunn & Marcos, Glenn Spectre def Troy Lords, Bubba the Bulldog & Jimmy Vegas & Dennis Gregory def Jacobs & Dirk Ciglar & Mike Preston, C.M. Punk def Shirley Doe, Sebastian Dark def Doe, A.J. Styles def Homicide (apparently a super match), Super Hentai def Soldier, New Jack def T.Rantula, M-Dogg 20 & Josh Prohibition def Chris Hamrick & Tracy Smothers, Dean Radford def James Keenan..

  96. April 17, 2004--Down South Championship Wrestling in Ashland, MS: Chris Rocker def Jaime Jay, Mikey Ray & Sgt O'Reilly def Deadly Dale & X Kaliber, Lady Victoria & Infynity def Traci Brooks & Angel Williams, Austin Lane def Jimmy Hall, Danny B. Good def Sinn (TNA), Austin Lane def X Kaliber, Mr. Showtime def Jaime Jay, Deadly Dale def Loose Cannon, ODB def Christie Ricci, Abyss def Lord Humongous-DQ..

  97. April 17, 2004--Impact Zone Wrestling & ICW night in Sierra, Vista, AZ before a reported 450: Lawrence Tyler def Chris Kole, John Williams def Antonio Mestre, Kharma def Adrenelyn, Killer Klowns def Mike Nox & Jack Durango, Honky Tonk Man def Navajo Warrior, Rick Steiner def G.Q. Gallo..

  98. April 17, 2004--Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling in Rocky Point, NC: Mike G def Truitt Fields, Leo Allure DCOR Marc Ash, Matt Hughes def Dave Renegade, Nick Diamond & Lotus def Chris Chance & Mike G, Cold Cash D def La Fletcha, The Stro def Lodi..

  99. April 17, 2004--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Adam Booker & Prince Malik & Dr. Feelgood def Vik Voorhees & Chris Steeler & Tony Torres, Sean Royal def Dan McGuire, Shane O'Brien def Brian Black, Biggie Biggs DDQ Kevin Knight, Shawn Donovan & Travis Blake def Aaron Stride & Jay Blaze, Roman def Fred Sampson with Tom Prichard as ref..

  100. April 17, 2004--United Wrestling Association in Knoxville before 300 fans: Bobbie Blassie def Justin Karma, Jerry Lee & Demon def Thunder Valley Express, Scott Bishop & Liquid Adrenaline def Solitude & Freak, Medic Madness def Drunk & Matt Talent, Jamie Northstar def Ghostrider Kenny, Dr. Dan won Battle Royal..

  101. April 17, 2004--Classic Championship Wrestling in Lancaster, PA before all of 80 people: Rockin Rebel def Johnny Granpacker, Derek Wayne def Andrew Rogers, Max Havoc def Big Hink, Devon Moore def Ryan Loot, Damien Destruction def Lobo Loco, Keenan Quinn def Drew Pain, Saint def J-Money, Big Hink & Lobo Loco def Damien Destruction & Max Havoc..

  102. April 17, 2004--Midwest Wrestling Alliance in Coldwater, MI: Bam & Mark Butler def Mental Insanity & Kurious George, Johnny Dollar def Hypknow, Stanford Thorn def Chris Coin, Big Andrewski & Fabuzio def Black Villains #61 & #224, Jack Thriller won four-way over Noah Lott, C.J. Otis and Albino Jamaican..

  103. April 18, 2004--IWF in West Paterson, New Jersey: Aaron Stride def Travis Blake, Jay Blaze def Shawn Donovan, Dan McGuire def Ricky Lopez, Shane O'Brien def Damian Adams, Sean Royal & Chris Steeler def Vik Voorhees & Tony Torres-DQ, Biggie Biggs NC Kevin Knight..

  104. April 18, 2004--World Pro Wrestling in Anaheim, California: Chippy Sanchez def Markus Riot, Mr. California & Diabolic def Aztec Rojo & Vertigo, Catastrophe & Infernal & Steve Pain def Sexy Chino & Kid Omega & R2K, Porkito & Meteorik def Sombra Infernal & Karateka, Lil Cholo def Chippy Sanchez, Kendo & Halcon & def Tornado Negro & Maldad & Zeus..

  105. April 18, 2004--Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling in Warren, MI: Bobby Graham def Rory McAllister, Mr. Insanity def Kamikaze, N8 Mattson def Cold Brother Ice (get it?), Jimmy Jacobs def Gavin Starr, Frankie the Face def Truth Martini, Cold Brothers won three-way over Drew Johnson & Poison Apollo and Devil Dawg & Eddie Venom to win tag titles, Jaimy Coxx def Gutter, Necro Butcher won three way over Deranged and DBA...

  106. April 18, 2004--MAWP Lucha Libre in Dallas, Texas: Blackjack Larry Green & Angel Latino def Blackbird Chris Young & Brujo Chamal, Inhumano & Sombra X def Black Norris & Cavernario, Mini Batman & Mini Robin def Xcorpion & Halcon Guerrero, Angel Latino & Bucanero de la Muerte & ? def Jamie Lopez Jr. & Chanook & ???...

  107. April 20, 2004--Future Legends of Wrestling in New Port Richey, FL before 85 people: Stash & David Mercury & Mark Zout def Big Daddy Pimp & Luther Jackson & Taurus-DQ, VinnDetta def Kevin Devine, Billy Blade def Chris Raines, Killian def Ricky Romeo, Pretty Fly def Erick Stevens, Bruce Steele def Damien Angel..

  108. April 20, 2004--IWC Wrestling in Mobile: Maze def Jester McCain, Mikey Webb def Atta, Aeon Flexx & Nick Vortex def Moondog Splash & Cruz, Polecat def Jerry Reiner, Chief Iron Claw def Booger the Bruiser, Booger the Bruiser & Riki Rocket def Joe Fargo & Mercury McCloud..

  109. April 21, 2004--USWS in Ybor City, FL: Killian def Michael Patrick, Naphtali won three-way over C.B. Kool & Sedrick Strong, Wolf def James Morrison, Kevin Devine def OG Scarface, Jeff Bradley def Tower the Human Skyscraper, Barry Mulkey def Luther Jackson, Buck Quartermain def Steve Madison..

  110. April 23, 2004--SSW in Greeneville, TN: The Phoenix Foundation d Thorn & Brian Michaels and JV Insanity & Chris Vega in a 3 Way Match, Big Daddy d The Punisher, Shane Matthews d Tony Givens, Robbie Cassidy d Bryan Wayne, Eric Darkstorm d Super D to win the SSW Appalachian Title, Ray Idol & Mike Cooper & Justin Sensation d Wade Adams & Sean Spencer & Josh Cody by DQ after Sean Spencer hit Ray Idol with the SSW Title and stole the belt..

  111. April 23, 2004--ICW in Seattle: Big Wood def Sloth, Rad def Vinnie V, Sumito def Latino Blanco, Jason Jackson def Sonny O'Mara, Chef DCOR Avalanche Double, Timothy Flowers & Lil Nasty Boy def Mr. G.Q. & Randy Taylor..

  112. April 23, 2004--Stampede Wrestling in Calgary: Randy Myers def Matt Richards, Eddie Mustang def Kid Nicholls, Greg Pawluk def Kwik Kik Kirk, Little Mac Empress & Anna def Belle Lovitz & Nattie Neidhart, T.J. Wilson & Duke Durango def Karnage & Abdul Yanish, Apocalypse & Dave Swift def Harry Smith & Johnny Devine to became new Int. tag champs..

  113. April 23, 2004--EWF in Covina, CA before 240 fans: Bino Gambino won Battle Royal, Rudy Luna & Gambino def Bo Cooper & Tommy Angel, Joey Ryan def Cyrus, Krazy K.C., def Mad Macintosh, Big Bear Calhoun DDQ Ragin Dawg, Kayam def Vizzion, Jason King & Ghetto Psycho Big Q def Black Pearl & J.C. Castro..

  114. April 23, 2004--World of Hurt Wrestling in Hudson Falls, NY: Miss Deville def Kayla Sparks, Damon Vitale def Charisma, Bert Williams def Chuck Deep, Swinger Sidusky & Shane Alden def Warpath & Virus, Punk def Jim Tanner, Steve Kruz def Mikey Mudd, Brodie Lee def Shane Alden, Danger & Jeff Starr & Nick Neighborhood def Texas Outlaw & Shockwave & Timmy Tasteless..

  115. April 23, 2004--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Bull def Craig Jericko, Jack Drastic def Bullman Downs, Scott Phoenix def Adam Arson, John Allen def Gemini, Kit Carson & Khris Germany def Mike Thunder & Brett Barnes..

  116. April 23, 2004--I-8 Tournament in Willowbrook, IL before 200 fans: Shawn Daivari def Ken Anderson, Eric Priest def Steve Stone, Ricky Strycnine def Danny Dominion, Austin Aries def Julian the Warlock, Ace Steel def Derek St. Holmes, Strycnine def Priest, Daivari def Aries, Void Effect def Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson, Daivari def Strycnine to win tournament..

  117. April 23, 2004--SWO - Spring Blast in York, PA: NY Panther def Fantasia via DQ, Otto Schtark def Harley Watkins, Night Prowler def Y-Kushi, Twisted Tate def Johnny Kage (Kage had his mask removed and his identity was exposed), Rikki Lane def Bruiser Graham, The Untouchabulz (Flex Fenom & Aidean) def Tribal Fury (DreamCatcher & Arkham) via DQ, Big Slam Vader def Glen Osbourne, Sexy Shane Shadows vs Johnny Graham ended in a no contest due to unkown attack on both men when building lights went out, Jimmy Valiant def The Wolfman..

  118. April 24, 2004--EWF in Marion, IN: Josh Kincaid d Krucifur, Wildman Rogers d The Mechanic by DQ, Meliki d Twitch with interference by Snake, Hellraiser d Tsunami, New Jack Hustlas d Skip Radison & Rob Kincaid, Apollo Star d American Kickboxer, Osyris d Drew Johnson, Anarchy d Bob, Jack Hammer d Cheez by countout..

  119. April 24, 2004--Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Rahway, NJ for 720 fans: Corvis Fear & Rush Margera def Christopher Street Connection, Trent Acid won three-way over M Dogg 20 & Roderick Strong, Justice Pain def Insane Dragon, Jay Lethal def Azrael, Solution def Shaolin Wrecking Crew to win JAPW tag titles, Harry Smith & T.J. Wilson def Dixie & Deranged, Teddy Hart def Amazing Red, Dan Maff def Mike Awesome to keep JAPW title. After the match, Vader gave Vader bombs to La Familia, and then destroyed Dan Maff and had Awesome pin Maff and counted to three. Vader then challenged Maff to a title match on the 6/5 show..

  120. April 24, 2004--CPW in Keyser, WV: Fatty McNasty & Danny Whalen def Damage Inc., Big Johnson def Justice Duvall, Bobby Keller def Roughhouse Matthews & Richie Stevens, Switchblade def Brock Singelton-DQ, Shane Shadows & Jimmy Valiant def Johnny Graham & The Assassin..

  121. April 24, 2004--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling TV Taping in Knoxville: Brad Richter def Scotty McKeever, Memphis Mafia def Sammy V & Ric Cannon to win TMW tag titles, Lance Erikson def Agent Orange, Dirty White Boy def War Machine..

  122. April 24, 2004--Revolution Pro Wrestling in San Pedro, CA: Cyanide & B.J. Samson def Lee Steele & Big Tony, Charles Mercury def Viper, American Wild Child & angel def Bigg E. Biggz & Human Tornado, Nikki & Johnny Paradise def Desire & Ronin..

  123. April 24, 2004--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, TN: Logan Casey def Brad Boring, Da Studd def Scott Commodity, Phil Wilson won three-way over Hex & Hayley Hatred, Eric Adamz def Brad Blackman, Ryan O'Reilly def Bad Medicine, Hex Hatred def Phil Wilson, Tiger Khan def Southern Outlaw, Robbie Race def Rage to SWA win title..

  124. April 24, 2004--Independent Wrestling Revolution in Warren, MI: Eddie Venom def Bobby Bambino & Jimmy Shalwin, Klunk the Klown def Andy Muscat, Tommy Johnson def Charles Anthony, Elvis Elliot def Stevie Lee, Kamikaze def Super Meetsee, Truth Martini & Anthony Rivera def Bump'n'Uglies to keep tag titles, Gutter def Frankie the Face, N8 Mattson & Jaimy Coxxx DDQ Conrad Kennedy III & Petey Williams, A.J. Styles & Breyer Wellington def Gavin Starr & Zach Gowen..

  125. April 24, 2004--National Championship Wrestling in Red Lion, PA: Luvbug & Marshall Law & Smasher LeBlanc def Andrew Bates & Medic & Judge Lawless, Rob Eckos & Nick Berk def Rodney X & Kevin Quinn, George Frankenstein (formerly Gorgeous George in WCW) def Bobcat-COR, Kevin Quinn won Battle royal, Dino Devine def Quinn, Bad Crew NC Hungarian Barbarian, Kid Katrell & Ruckus def Romeo Valentino & Danny Doring, Adam Flash def Jeff Jarrett-DQ, Sal Sincere def Mukie..

  126. April 24, 2004--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: John Allen & Mike Thunder def Keats & Kyzer Douglas, Justin 2 Fine def Brett Barnes, Shadow (Dallas from TNA) def Canyon (not that one), Jared Steele def Mike Thunder, Eddie Atlas def Steve DeMarco..

  127. April 24, 2004--Northern Wrestling Federation in Blanchester, OH: Tony Bryant def Executioner, Austin Meddler def Jason Caemera, Christopher Michael Lotus & Ice def Pompano Joe & American Eagle, Ryan Stone def Dustin Lillard, Matt Parks def Average White Guy, Zodiac & Mack the Knife def Jesse Hyde & Sam Cody, Chad Allegra def Jay Donaldson, Stamp Lickage def Tiny Tim..

  128. April 24, 2004--Professional Outlaw Wrestling in Pinellas Park, FL: Sean & Phil Davis def Posse, Snow def Vin Detta & Art Strong, Lexy Fyfe def Mark Zout (pretending to be Trish Stratus), Scott Davis def Pretty Fly, Psychadelics def Latin Sensations, Pat LaBatt def Donnie York, Pat Powers def Black Knight..

  129. April 24, 2004--New Midwest Wrestling in Springfield, IL before 210 fans: Scott Ramsey def Billy Morgan, Earl Grissom def Brad Stephens-DQ, Freshman def Cherry Malone, Tom Arson def Toga Steve, Eric Logan & Diablo Silverado def Jakob & Steven Bishop, Jason Wells DCOR Madman Jackson, Serge Ramsey def Tom Arson..

  130. April 24, 2004--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Smyrna, DE: Chris Nightmare def Dino Divine, Sam Jones def Massive Mike, E.L. Stanley won four-way over Tristan Spade, Chad Bowman and Frank Savage, Dustin Timberlake & Stacy Adams def Asian Sinsatoin & Aken Pembrooke, Jimmy Dream def Adam Ugly, Untouchabulz def New Wave & Brand X, Chris Nightmare def Sam Jones..

  131. April 24, 2004--SWA in Gallatin, TN: Blade def Cletus Bass, Matt Korbaine & Kevin Dunn def Kid Scorpion & Jailbird, Max Magnum & Chris Havoc def Brimstone & Alejandro Del Negro, Anthony Wayne & Tim Scuggs def Stunner & Blade, American Psycho def Gravedigger, Blade won Battle Royall..

  132. April 25, 2004--NAWA in Fort Worth: Jt Lamotta def Dark Dragon, Balls Ryder def Damian Logan, David Fuller def Paul Lewis, Max Muscles def Chuck West-DQ, Brown Brothers def Andy Dalton & Brent Masters, Bryan Lewis def Chris Richter, Wasted youth def Seth Shai & David Fuller..

  133. April 25, 2004--NECW in Somerville, MA: Johnny Curtis def Jason Rumble, Paul Lombardi def Scottie Slade, Pride (Dan Freitas & Brian Nunes) def Mike Bennett & Pat Masters, El Boricua def Tim Kilgore, Mercedes Martinez def Nikki Roxx, Eddie Edwards & D.C. Dilenger def Chris Venom & Brian Fury-COR, Frankie A def Johnny Idol, Tanya Lee & Brandon Locke def Hayley Skye & Ru Starr, Alex Arion def Antonio Thomas, Michael Sane (formerly Mike Osbourne) def Maverick Wild to win NECW title. All the wrestlers on the card came to the ring after the match to thank Wild for his 15 years in the business. They claimed his 17 months as champion was the longest of any U.S. independent promotion's major champion..

  134. April 25, 2004--MAWP in Dallas, Texas: Dave the Rave def Dragon Fly & Isaiah, Tigre Potosino & Black Norris def Inhumano & Dragon Oriental, Blackbird (Chris Young) & Bull Terrier def Blackjack (Larry Green) & El Pulpo, Jamie Flores Jr. & Jamie Flores IV, Xcorpion def Angel Latino & Sombra X & Bucanero de la Muerte..

  135. April 25, 2004--PWE in Lansing, MI: Chuck Wagon def Albino Jamaican, Bobby Bambino & Jeff King def Josh Abercrombie & Mark Gatner, Frankie the Face def Eric Freedom, Klunk the Klown def Dixie, Will Reign def Whiplash, Elvis Elliot def Brock Steel & The Freak, Drago def Jimmy Shalwin..

  136. April 25, 2004--BANG TV Tapings in Ocala, FL: Magnum the Giant def Kid Destiny & Bret Van Michael, Missy Hyatt def The Claw to win womens' title, Bret Van Michael def Kid Destiny, David Flair def Dory Funk (Adam Windsor, who is the booker, played heel ref and did the Earl Hebner/Bret Hart deal), Kevin Rhodes def Macho Morales, Adam Windsor def Lil Wahoo McDaniel in ladder match..

  137. April 25, 2004--Border City Wrestling/Prime Time Wrestling in Belleville, MI before a sellout 550 fans: Petey Williams def Jimmy Jacobs, Conrad Kennedy III & Dyson Pryce def Jaime D & Chris Clontz, DBA def Johnny Bravo, Christopher Daniels won three-way over A.J. Styles and Joe E. Legend, Hacker & Gutter def Mike Legacy & A-1, Chris Sabin def N8 Mattson, Alex Shelley def Zach Gowen, Shane Douglas DDQ Sabu..

  138. April 26, 2004--Power Championship Wrestling in Vevay, Indiana at Clayton Mobile Homes: The Back Creek Sheik def A Man Who Needs No Introduction... Willie Snapp def Brandon Hunter by submission...Mason The Mangler def Senior Cooter...New Era Demons def The Kleptomaniacs...Eric Draven def Tyler Jacobs..

  139. April 26, 2004--Mountaineer Pro Wrestling in Fayetteville, WV: T.J Franklin def Crazy Chicken, Jason Kincaid def J.V. Insanity, Batten Twins def Eric Steel & Dave Scott, Lance Erikson def Jack Miller..

  140. April 26, 2004--Power Championship Wrestling in Vevay, IN: Back Creek Sheik def A Man Who Needs No Introduction, Willie Snapp def Brandon Hunter, Mason the Mangler def Senior Cooter, New Era Demons def Kleptomaniacs, Eric Draven def Tyler Jacobs..

  141. April 27, 2004--Mountaineer Pro Wrestling in Oak Hill, WV: Jason Kincaid def Eric St. Clair, J.V. Insanity def Gary Vandal, Tony Perdue def Eric Steel, Batten Twins def Lance Erikson & Dave Scott..

  142. April 28, 2004--Mountain State Wrestling in Athens, WV: Dan Richards def T.J. Phillips, Juice & Jason Kincaid def J.V. Insanity & Eric Steel, George South & Eric St. Clair def Batten Twins, Rictor def T.J. Phillips, Cuban Assassin #2 def Eric Darkstorm, Ricky Morton & Chris Hamrick def Lance Erikson & Scotty McKeever..

  143. April 28, 2004--IWF in West Long Branch, NJ: Sean Royal def Dan McGuire, Damian Adams def Shane O'Brien, Roman def Fred Sampson, Shawn Donovan & Travis Blake won four-way over Aaron Stride & Jay Blaze, Vik Voorhees & Tony Torres and Chris Steeler & TNT, Biggie Biggs def Kevin Knight with Steven Richards as referee..

  144. April 29, 2004--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Rock Hill, SC before 80 fans: Mike Lee def Jason Jones, Bruiser Graham def Baja, Leslie the Hornet def Dylan Cage, Jimmy Valiant def Graham, Ricky Morton def George South Sr..

  145. April 29, 2004--UWA in Saginaw, Michigan: Syrian Playboy def Whiplash, Josh Abercrombie def Buddy Hanlin, Gutter & Jimmy Jacobs def C.J. Otis & Will Reign, Eddie Venom def Hypknow, Elvis Elliot def Truth Martini, Alcatraz def Bam and Big Andrewski and Fabuzio in gauntlet match..

  146. April 29, 2004--Mountain State Wrestling in Beckley, WV: Jason Kincaid def J.V. Insanity, Danny Ray def Eric Steel, Dan Richards def War Machine, Cuban Assassin #2 def T.J. Phillips, Scotty McKeever & Chuck Jones def Johnny Blast & Eric Darkstorm..

  147. April 30, 2004--SSW in Kingsport, TN: The Phoenix Foundation & Kyle Carter def Big Daddy & Mike Cooper & Rocky Davis, Ray Idol def Sean Spencer, Super Destroyer def Kyle Carter, Josh Cody def Thorn, Eric Darkstorm vs. John Noble went to a no contest after Referee Rob Knight was knocked out, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy vs Josh Cody & Super Destroyer vs John Noble & Allen King went to a draw, Alyx Winters def Wade Adams in a tables match..

  148. April 30, 2004--Wrestlers of West Virginia in Whitesville, WV: Danny Ray def Steve Black-DQ, J.V. Insanity def Jason Lancaster, Brett Sharp def Yellow Jacket, Dan Richards DCOR Danny Ray, Big Daddy Gordy & Eric Steel def Johnny Blast & John Cooper..

  149. April 30, 2004--USWO in Madison, TN: Chuck Taylor & Craziness def Chris Chaos & Quinton Quarisma, Fez won six-way over Joker, Ghetto J, Icekonik, Saint and Psycho Medic, Gary Valiant def John Caesar-DQ, Shane Eden & Hammerjack def Dan Morrow & Bryan Turner, Devon Day def Nore Havoc, Slacker J & Tim Renesto def Arrick Andrews & Ryder-DQ..

  150. April 30, 2004--Main Event Promotions in Canton, OH: Super Lucia def Wilbur Whitlock, G.Q. Stratus def Doink the Clown, Bull Buchanan won Battle Royal, Justin Diaz def Joe Joe Little, B.J. Payne def Scotty Sabre, Mr. Insanity & Jeff Cannon def Shasta & Shane Sensation, Al Snow def Jebediah. Bret Hart was at the show and addressed the crowd..

  151. April 30, 2004--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton TX: Gabe Roach won Battle Royal, John Allen won four-way strap match over Steve Dane, Bullman downs and Craig Jericko, Jared Steele won four-way ladder match over Bull, Jack Drastic and Mike Thunder, Khris Germany won four-way tables elimination match over Brett Barnes, Roach and Adam Arson, Kit Carson won four-way elimination barbed wire match over Hugh Rogue, Scott Phoenix and Drunk Adam, Allen beat Carson, Germany and Steele in a cage elimination match with a leather strap, ladder, tables and barbed wire..

  152. April 30, 2004--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Lancaster, SC: Jeff Justice def Russian Assassin, Jason Jones def Jason King, Johnny Blaze def Ethan Cage, Ricky Morton def Lodi, David Flair def George South Sr. with Ricky Steamboat as referee..

  153. April 30, 2004--Three Rivers Wrestling in Fort Wayne: Jason Automatic def Colt Cabana, Chad Collyer def Nigel McGuiness, Osyris def C.J. Otis, White Boy def J.D. Elite, Hank Southern def Kid Thunder & Kid Lightning, Johnny Dreamer def Ace Jones, Jack Thriller def Johnny Dynamo..

  154. April 30, 2004--WSPW in Chula Vista, CA before 75 fans: Funky Billy Kim def Human Tornado, Mo Love def Johnny Perfect, Damage Inc. def Makoa & Supa Badd, Lil Nate on three-way over Jason Creed and Biggie Biggz, Pumbaa def Michael Masters, Lionheart def Antonio Mestre, Scott Lost & Joey Ryan def Tommy Wilson & Oliver John, Andrew Hellman def Mr. Smalls-DQ..

  155. April 30, 2004--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Overland, MO: Jackal def Trainee #11, Melvin Talent def Cabal, Jimmy Charisma def Richard Head, Jynx def Mick Damage, Shawn Almighty def Sean Vincent, Chaz Wesson won three-way over Kevin X and Outkast, D'Mon G def Jeremy Lightfoot, Kory Twist def Dingo..