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Independent Wrestling Results - December 2003

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  1. December 3, 2003--New Horizons Wrestling in Fairfield, ME before 65-70 fans: Osirus won four-way over Andre Lyons, Adam Hastings and Mighty Midi, Eliminator def Shipwreck, Legion Cage def 2 guys, Johnny Heartbreaker def ?, Bull Moose Calhoun def Sonny Roselli, Larry Huntley def John ?, Robbie Ellis def Kevin ?, Gangrel def Dr. Heresy

  2. December 4, 2003--Main Stream Wrestling at Dave Doolittles in Dartmouth: Tony Armstrong b. CN Power, Tony Armstrong b. Johnny "Scotia" Soul, Outcast b. MSW Atlantic Cdn. Champ Calum MacBeth by DQ (MacBeth still champion), Paco Loco and MSW Champion Lincoln Steen wrestled to a no contest when Macbeth & Armstrong interfered, Tony Armstrong and Calum MacBeth d. Lincoln Steen & Paco Loco in Tag Action..

  3. December 4, 2003--Championship Wrestling from Florida - Toys for Tots Shows in Auburndale, FL. In the major show that night, Merc the Cruiser def Black Night-DQ, Snowman def Manny Montoya, Chris Michaels def Al Hardimon in I Quit match, 8-Ball & White Scorpion & American Kid def XXX, Robbie Chance def Kenny Chainz, Brad Taylor & Ryze def York Brothers, Vanessa Harding def Alexia, Renegade outlaw def Punisher in a Christmas tree match

  4. December 5, 2003--USWO in Madison, TN before 70 fans: Robbie Ruffin def Josh Moore, Arrick Andrews & Ryder def Craziness & Alejandro del Negro, Christie Ricci def Traci Brooks, Dan the Man def Sinn-DQ, Slacker J def Tim Renesto in first blood, Ty Blade & Dan the Man def Chase Stevens & Matt Catalano, Gary Valiant won three-way over Devon Day and Hot Rod Biggs..

  5. December 5, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Bull def Aldo Nova, Kit Carson def Bullman Downs-DQ, Khris Germany def Chris Richter, Krusher Kong & Bull def Aldo Nova & Eric Idol, Drunk Adam won over Scott Phoenix, Convicto and John Allen..

  6. December 6, 2003--EWF in Marion, IN: Hank Calhoun def Snake, James Vulgar def Hypnosis, Big Cheez def White Boy, Big Mofo J def Don Bobby, Calhoun def J, Cheez def Vulgar, Cheez def Calhoun, Tsunami def Cheez ..

  7. December 6, 2003--EWF in San Bernardino: Rudy Luna & Alex Pinchec def Silly Willy & Johnny Starr, Vizzion def Mad McIntosh, Krazy K.C. def El Amante, Jason King def Bino Gambino, Steve Masters def Kayam-DQ..

  8. December 6, 2003--Carolina Championship Wrestling in Lenoir, NC before 400 fans: Jason Jones def Jason King, Bruiser Graham & Tommy Ace def Mike Lee & Superstar II, Bambi def Steffny, Jimmy Valiant def George South Sr., Madd Maxx def Timber, Ricky Morton def Greg Valentine-DQ (Barbarian interfered)..

  9. December 6, 2003--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, TN: Eric Adamz def Adam Antieum, Jason Fear def Kevin Ages, Hayley Hatred def Doink the Clown, Flex def Hex Hatred, Doink def Diamond Studd, Rage def Weapons of Mass Destruction..

  10. December 6, 2003--APW Los Angeles in Newhall, CA before 75 fans: Quicksilver def Charles Mercury, Al Katrazz won Battle Royal, Jardi Frantz def Dana Lee, Joey Ryan def Shawn Daivari, Scorpio Sky def Chris Bosh, Babi Slymm def Adam Pearce-DQ, Hardkore Kidd NC Super Dragon..

  11. December 6, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: Chris Stevens def Mike Thunder, B.J. Cummings def Dade Venge, C-Diddy & Newman def Justin 2 Fine & Rick Vovk, Tim Storm def Jared Steele, Shadow & Steve DeMarco def Mike Foxx & Gabe Roach-DQ..

  12. December 6, 2003--Powerhouse Wrestling in Marseilles, IL: Jeff King def Frankie the Face, Timothy Lyle def Homie the Homeless, Jackknife def Dimension, Jimmy Shalwin def Matt Maverick-COR, Azul Dragon def Josh Abercrombie, Storm Rider def Freight Train Smith, Matt Maverick & Honky Tonk Man def Jimmy Shawlin & Magnum Conroy..

  13. December 6, 2003--Southeastern Xtreme Wrestling in Dothan: Halo def Brian Fury, Joseph Godwin def Kid USA, Jester def Gator, John Harley def D-Mon, Fugitive def Big Daddy, Backstreet Brawler & Luke Goldberg def Tommy Ladd & Grappler..

  14. December 6, 2003--Empire State Wrestling in Wheatfield, NY before 300 fans: J-Man & R-Haz def J.P. Hawke & Damien Alexander, Omen def Lucho Grande-COR, Benjamin Smythe def Cade Cassidy, TSK def Purple Rain, Chris Cooper def lance Steel, Danny Magic def Sakura, Shade & Mastiff def Johnny Puma & Ice..

  15. December 6, 2003--Intense Wrestling in Cincinnati: Sebastian Steel def Triple M, Scott Screw def Kid Italy, Garf Redman def Gotti, Alex Winington & Chaz Fonzworth III def Regulator & Taiwan Kid, Evil Security Guy def Sean Shillelagh...

  16. December 6, 2003--Big Time Wrestling in San Jose before 103 fans: Shane Kody def Billy (Kody dedicated the match to Mike Lockwood, who he trained), Wild Storm def Dash Riprock, Scout Dan def White Trash, Ballard Brothers def Le'Emporer & Hop Sing Lee, Melissa Anderson def Sara Del Ray, Al Snow def Jason Styles..

  17. December 6, 2003--MCWA in Booneville, MS: Code Red def Hunter & Deano, Dre Black def Johnny Thunder, Mark Bravura & Johnny Dotson def Stud & Chris Styles, Rivers Deangelo def Fusion, Bitty Little def Brian So Fine, Soul Taker & Big Daddy Dale def Pokerface & Tommy Redneck, Bonecrusher & Kross & J.R. Mauler & Brian So fine def D.C. & Buzz Harley & Tony Dabbs & Justin Rhodes..

  18. December 6, 2003--NHB had a War Games show in Thunder Bay, ONT: Joe Legend def Chi Chi Cruz, La Sombra & Mentallo def Ozz & Kenny Omega, Wavell Starr (Standing Thunder in OVW) def Johnny Handsome, Johnny Devine d Highlander in Iron Man match, Starr def Ivan Soszynski, Juggernaut and Crash Crimson, Watts def Starr. Don Callis as Cyrus also appeared on the show..

  19. December 6, 2003--UCW-Zero in South Jordan, UT: Tekniq def Law, Nature Boy X def ?, Christian Moore def Legacy, Elix Skipper won three-way over Mastadon and Billy V, Morgan def Madison, Los Mochis def Double Cross-DQ, Validus def Kenny King (Tough Enough 2), David Young & Blitz def Skipper & Derrick Janetty..

  20. December 7, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Shane O'Brien def Travis Blake, Brandon Young def Shawn Donovan, Fred Sampson def Roman-DQ..

  21. December 7, 2003--APW Los Angeles at the Bakersfield Dome: Dana Lee & Orlando Mathias def Bubba Slim & Jon Jon the Phenomenon, Nathan Rulez & Lance Chandler & Grand Kahuna def Thor & Angles & Jimmy Ripp, Bo Cooper def Suppa Bad, Vic Grimes def Billy Blade, Cheerleader Melissa won four-way over James Choi, Shawn Daivari and Vennis DeMarco, B-Boy def Jardi Frantz, Al Snow def Robert Thompson

  22. December 7, 2003--Cleveland All Pro wrestling in Cleveland, Ohio at Turner Hall: Bouncer & Basket Nazi def Immaculate JDB & Christian Faith, Nikita Allanov def Iron Man, David DeMarco def Canadian Bad Boy, Dios Salvadorr def Tyson Bishop, Aero & Fabulous def Discole Fever & Sheik Abdul Hassan to win tag titles, Phoenix def Joey Knight, Jason Bane def Ray Right, Chad Collyer def Adam Cage to win CAPW title, M-Dogg 20 def Jerry Lynn..

  23. December 10, 2003--AWS at the City of Industry, CA before 100 fans: Nikki & Armageddon & KRS Kaz def Desire & Sexy Chino & King Fuji, King Jakal & Extreme Loco def Mongol & Psycho, Erik Matlock def Vega, Bigg E. Biggz & Johnny Webb def King Faviano & Human Tornado, Phoenix Star & Zokre def Nemesis & Ronin, Super Dragon def Charles Mercury, Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver def Chris Bosh & Johnny Paradise..

  24. December 11, 2003--Main Stream Wrestling (in assocition with NWA-Pacific Northwest) at Dave Doolittles in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia: "X-ray" Kyle Kruze d. CN Power and Outcast in a Triple Threat Match, Paco Loco d. Calum Macbeth to become MSW Atlantic Champion, Firefly b. "Pistol" Pete, Lincoln Steen d. "The Future" Tony Armstrong to retain the MSW Championship..

  25. December 12, 2003--EWF in Winchester, IN: Liberty Kid & Hypnosis def Gavilan & Morro, Hank Calhoun def James Vulgar, Zero def Vato, Dinn T. Moore def Seminole Warrior, Osyris def J Real, Apollo Star def Phoenix, Vision def Johnny Mac, Brandon Bishop def Tsunami, Stryc-9 def Anarchy..

  26. December 12, 2003--EWF in Rialto, CA at Sunrise Church before 125 fans: Silly Willy def Kid Karnage, Jason King def Ragin Dawg, Kayam won three-way over Jason Castro and Vizzion, Steve Masters def Krazy K.C., West Coast Ryders def Alex Pincheck & Bino Gambnio, Vizzion won Battle Royal to win vacant EWF title as champ Bo Cooper was stripped for missing two shows..

  27. December 12, 2003--USWO in Madison, TN before 70 fans: Arrick Andrews & Ryder def Old School Players, Dan the Man def Alejandro Del Negro, Slacker J def Kid Kash-DQ, Gary Valiant def Sinn, Valentina def Kathy-DQ, Tony Falk def Tim Renesto-DQ in a street fight, Ty Blade NC Devon Day & Hot Rod Biggs in a handicap match (Chris Bomb, Blade's usual partner was announced as having to leave unexpectedly), which wound up with the tag team titles held up..

  28. December 12, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Kit Carson def Chris Richter-DQ, Scott Phoenix def Aldo Nova, Bull def Khris Germany, Gemini def Bullman Downs, John Allen def Drunk Adam-DQ..

  29. December 12, 2003--International Wrestling Cartel in Johnstown, PA: Sonjay Dutt def Chris Hero, T-Rantula & Dennis Gregory def Jimmy Vega$ & Bubba the Bulldog, Sebastian Dark def Shirley Doe in a No DQ match, Dean Radford & Alex Shelley & JT Rodgers & Troy Lords def Super Hentai & Al B. Damm & Jimmy Jacobs & Erik Xtasy in an Elimination match, Colt Cabana def AJ Styles to retain the Super Indy title, Shane Douglas def Raven in a Johnstown Street Fight, Dr. Feelgood def Carlton Kaz, M-Dogg 20 & Glenn Spectre def The Devil's Advocates (Hijinx & Devil Bhudakahn & Jake Garrett) in a Handicap match, Sterling James Keenan def CM Punk to retain the Heavyweight title, Dusty Rhodes def Jerry Lawler with Mick Foley as the special guest referee..

  30. December 12, 2003--New Breed Wrestling Association in South Bend, Indiana: The Cosmic Kid def John Trojan, Nigel McGuinness def Cody Hawk, Tracy Brooks def Allison Danger, Devon Fury & PT Hustla def Chad Collyer & Shawn Cook, Chris Sabin def Danny Daniels -Gauntlet-, Michael Shane def Chris Sabin -Gauntlet-, BJ Whitmer def Michael Shane -Gauntlet-, BJ Whitmer def Lash LaRoux to win the Gauntlet!

  31. December 13, 2003--UWC Toys for Tots in Burlington, NC: Jay Owens def Alex Law, Allison Danger def Sienna Blaze, Section Eight def Andy Christ, Billy Lassiter def 08041, Max Gaeta & Philly Madison def Dave Patera & Trey Owens to win tag titles, Bobby Piper def Orphan in a match they dedicated to Jerry Tuite, Don Montoya (claiming to be in his retirement match) def Reckless Youth. Colby Corino (Steve's young son) did a run-in and helped Montoya after he was double-teamed by Youth and Dave Patera..

  32. December 13, 2003--Jersey All Pro Wrestling - Season Beatings in Rahway, NJ: Azrael def Insane Dragon, Suba & Magic def Dixie & Deranged, Corvis Fear & Rush def Matt & Troy Nelson, Eddie Thomas def Skinhead Ivan, Jay Lethal def Derek Wylde, April Hunter & Slyk Wagner Brown kept tag titles over Christopher Street Connection, Dan Maff won three-way over champ Jerry Lawler and Shane Douglas to win JAPW title using Knux on Lawler, A.J. Styles def Christopher Daniels..

  33. December 13, 2003--Championship Wrestling from Ohio in Crooksville, OH: Dan Richards def Cuban Militia, Jeff Cannon def Eric Steele, John Cooper & Richards def Militia & Steele, Beau James d T.J. Phillips, Cannon won Battle Royal..

  34. December 13, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Louis: Chaz Wesson def Thunderbolt, Cabal & Jackal def Croc & Curtis Payne, Chris Hargas def Steven Kennedy, Walken def Mike the Mime, Richard Head won referee Battle Royal, Kevin Sharp & Shawn Almighty def Kory Twist & Jeremy, Makaze won four way over Matt Sydal, Jynx and Outkast, Ian Storm & Daizee Haze def Delirious & MsChif, Big Bad Ben def Nikki Strychnine, Diamond Back Dingo def Pete Madden in chain match..

  35. December 13, 2003--Pro Wrestling Guerilla in Los Angeles before 137 fans: Puma won three-way over Phoenix Star and Zokre, Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero def Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver, Excalibur def Chris Bosh-DQ, Ballard Brothers def M-Dogg 20 & Jardi Frantz, Samoa Joe def B.J. Whitmer, Colt Cabana & Super Dragon & Adam Pearce def C.M. Punk & Joey Ryan & Frankie Kazarian..

  36. December 13, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in Newport, TN before 250 fans: Jonathan McMurray def Kendo the Samurai (who may have been Tim Horner), Mike Hanson DDQ Hillbilly Cletus, Tennessee Hillbillies def Lee & Hanson, Tim Horner & Dirty White Boy def Baghdad Bullies, Keith Fine (promoter) won Battle Royal..

  37. December 13, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: G-Slice def Nobe Bryant, Jared Steele def Brandon Collins, Melvin def Dade Venge, John Allen & Mike Thunder won over Shadow & Steve DeMarco, Mike Foxx & Gabe Roach and Chris Stevens & Tim Storm in four-way..

  38. December 13, 2003--Dory Funk's BANG in Ocala, FL: Bear def C.J. Summers, Lady Tiffany NC Claw, Magnum the Giant def Menace II Society, Little Wahoo McDaniel & Adam Windsor def C.J. Summers & Celtic Tiger, McDaniel def Simba, Menace II Society def Kid Destiny, Summers & Tiger def Bret Van Michaels & Misguided Misfit, Magnum NC Adam Windsor in 34:00..

  39. December 13, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Burlington, NC: Brass Munkey & Dexter Poindexter def Alan Stone & Trent Wylde, Bounty Hunter def Scotty Matthews, Krazy K def Mitch Norris, Kamikazi Kid def Kid Justice, Xsiris def American Steel Ninja, Brad Rainz & Brad Attitude def J-Money & L.A. Cash, Ric Converse def Matt Stryker (ROH version), Corey Edsel def Tim Blaze..

  40. December 13, 2003--CPW in Keyser, WV: Nikita Allanov def Daron Bridges, Zubov & Streetz Shapeur & Frankie Savage def Gino Sammartino & Big Johnson & Richie Stevens, Shane Shadows def Johnny Graham..

  41. December 13, 2003--Intense Wrestling Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio: Blue Tiger def The Regulator, El Gavilon def Fabulous Frederick, Evil Security Guard def Garf "The Bull Dog" Redman, Gotti "The Other Dark Meat" def Alex Winington, Seminole Warrior def Triple "M", Brett "The Jet" Majors def El Morro..

  42. December 13, 2003--High Impact Wrestling in Huntingdon, IN before 200 fans: Danny Daniels def Apollo Starr, Mr. Smiley (this isn't Norman playing evil owner of the WWE) & Mark Mallice def Sheik of Baghdad & Russian Assassin, Bobo Brazil Jr. def Pastor Pain, Cody Hawk & Shadow def King Kong Bundy Jr. & High Voltage, Chad Collyer NC Johnny Rayz, Collyer def Rayz, Stevie Lee def Nigel McGuiness, Colt Justice & K.C. Thunder def Dusty Dillenger & Danny Daniels..

  43. December 13, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in DeBary, FL: Ryze def Johnny Schumacher, Aaron Epic def Manny Montana, Towns Ellis def Kahagas, Leon Scott def Dagon Briggs, Axis & Python def Thump Dupree & Josh Rich, Chasyn Rance def Aaron Epic, Brian Gamble def Jason Hexx..

  44. December 13, 2003--Rochester Pro Wrestling in Rochester: Colin Olsen won a $20,000 Battle Royal, Osawa Syndicate (Hellcat& Spazz) vs Amazing Technicolor Dreamboats went to a TIME LIMIT DRAW, Nick Paradise def Bobby Shields & Fusion in a 3-way, Steve Kruz def Sweet Lou, Big'n'Tasty def Saint & Sanchez, Thrills & Chills def Colin Olsen & IB Green, Evan McCloud def Sensai Mike Akita, Kevin Dunn def Charisma in a "Last Man Standing" match, Kid Justice def Mean Marcos in a RPW Heavyweight Title Match..

  45. December 13, 2003--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Southbridge, MA: Kenn Phoenix def Johnny Curtis, Brian Roselli & Sonny Roselli & Robbie Ellis (he's got to be right around 60 these days) & Larry Huntley def Andre Lyonz & Jim Nastic & Paul Hudson & Danny the Bull & Ring Crew Kid Dan & Evil Nick, Chi Chi Cruz def Adam Booker, Vince Vicallo won four-way over Cueball, Arch Kincaid and Todd Hansen, Johnny Heartbreaker & Kid Krazy def Brian Black & Mini, Maverick Wild def Luis Ortiz to keep EWA title..

  46. December 14, 2003--Intense WrestlingItalian Championship Wrestling in Genova, Italy: Puck & The White Crow (w/Nyla) def Los Anticristos to win the ICW Tag Team titles, Raiss def Kyo Kazama, Il Marchese & Psycho Mike (w/Syrus & La Contessa) def Mr. Excellent & The Judge, Pain (w/Queen Maya) def The White Crow (w/Nyla), Golden Hornet def Darkness via DQ, Puck (w/Nyla & Crow) def Ulster in a "No Limits" match, La Tigre def Tsunami via DQ after Tsunami tried to unmask La Tigre and ko'ed the referee..

  47. December 14, 2003--Intense Wrestling in Cincinnati: Blue Tiger def Regulator, Gavilon def Fabulous Frederick, Evil Security Guard def Garf Redman, Gotti def Alex Winington, Seminole Warrior def Triple M, Brett Majors def Morro..

  48. December 14, 2003--EWF in San Bernardino before 100 fans: Psycho Silly Willy def Jason Castro, Krazy K.C. def Ragin Dawg, Patriot def Johnny Star, West Coast Ryders def Alex Pincheck & Jason King, Honky Tonk Man def Steve Masters, Konnan & Vizzion def Kenny King & Big Q..

  49. December 14, 2003--FMLL in Compton, CA: Alex el Terrible def Rudy Venegas, American Wild Child & Angel def Gallinero III & Original Gangster, Murrieta Jr. & Karateca def Sombra Infernal & Meteorik, Apolo de Oro & Shamu def Piloto Suicida & Alucinate, Rey Misterio & Profeta & Acero Dorado def Super Astro & Principle Unlimited & Elvio Reyes-DQ..

  50. December 17, 2003--USWS in Ybor City, FL: Merc the Cruiser def DR, Luther Jackson def Mohammed Studd, C.B. Cool won three-way over Mikey Tenderfoot and John E. Stoned, Mikey Batts def Roderick Strong, Alexia def Vanessa Harding, Mulkey Brothers, def Danny York & Kenny Chainz, Steve Madison def Kevin Devine, Lex Lovett def Robbie Chance..

  51. December 18, 2003--All Star Wrestling in Bristol, England: Jonny Storm def Doug Williams to win the All Star People's Champion Title..

  52. December 19, 2003--USWO from Madison, TN before 75 fans: Old School Players def Arrick Andrews & Ryder, Robbie Ruffin def Dan the Man, Slacker J def Craziness-DQ, Valentina def Devilish Lee Handsome, Gary Valiant def John Caesar, Hot Rod Biggs & Devon Day def Lethal Weapons..

  53. December 19, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Bullman Downs def Aldo Nova, Eric Idol def Chris Richter, Khris Germany & Kit Carson def Bull & D-Money, El Convicto d John Allen in a 30:00 Iron Man match, Scott Phoenix def Drunk Adam in a no rope barbed cage match..

  54. December 19, 2003--Maximum Pro Wrestling in Boca Raton: Bruno Sassi def Anthony Michaels, Sean Allen def Chasyn Rance, Antonio Banks def Lex Lovett, Scoot Andrews def Steve Madison, Market Crashers def Axis & Python, Chaz def Chris Candido, Warlord (early 90s WWF) def Punisher, Hack Meyers won three-way over Casey Thompson and Dave Johnson..

  55. December 20, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling in Knoxville before 150 fans: Jett Christian def Chris Hamrick, Sammy V & Ric Cannon def Scott Patterson & Jonathan MacMurray, Dr. Dan def Ravishing Randy, Stan Lee & Mike Hanson def Jason Thunder & Chris Gorgeous, Jeff Anderson & Dirty White Boy def Lance Erickson & Brian Lee (mystery man). Ron Wright, a Tennessee legend, was there and gave a speech before the show. He also gave Dirty White Boy a chair in the main event..

  56. December 20, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling TV Taping in Arlington, TX: Gabe Roach def Steve DeMarco, C-Diddy def Justin 2 Fine in loser is a slave for 60 days, Jared Steele def Chris Stevens-DQ, B.J. Cummings def Christopher Daniels to keep light heavyweight title, Mike Foxx def Shadow..

  57. December 20, 2003--Impact Zone Wrestling in Phoenix: Chief Rocka & Mike Wolf def Rogue Roberts & Bobby Brown, Derrick Neikirk def G.Q. Gallo, Jack Durango & Countdown def Mr. Harris & Shot Colla, Sara del Ray def Gentlemen G (woman vs. man), Mike Nox def Ryan Drago, Chris Kole def John Williams..

  58. December 20, 2003--Revolution Pro Wrestling at the City of Industry, CA before 60 fans: Eric Matlock def El Mongol, Nikki def American Wild Child, Bigg E. Biggz & Armageddon & Big Tony def Cynaide & King Fuji & Chris Cash, Zokre & Topgun Talwar def Super Dragon & Phoenix Star, Babi Slymm def Shamu Jr., Johnny Paradise & Ronin won elimination match, Rising Son & Chris Bosh def Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver, Taro & Super Dragon def American Wild Child & Topgun Talwar..

  59. December 20, 2003--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, TN: Orphan & C.J. Summers def Weapons of Mass Destruction, Hex Hatred def Jason Fear, Hayley Hatred def Tiffany Monroe, Eric Adamz def Adam Antieum, Hex Hatred def C.J. Summers, Doink the Clown won three-way over Diamond Studd and Johnny Graham, Johnny Graham won Battle Royal..

  60. December 20, 2003--MCWA in Booneville, MS: Buzz Harley def Hunter, Omega def Deano, Justin Rhodes & Tony Dabbs def Kross & J.R. Mauler, Johnny Dotson def Bitty Little, Fusion def Rivers DeAngelo, Anger Management won three-way over Pokerface & Mark Bravura and Tony Dabbs & Buzz Harley..

  61. December 20, 2003--Texas Xtreme Wrestling in Corpus Christi: Spector def Ozzy Manson, El Atrevido def Kid Lightning, Virus def Cyprezz, Tracy Lawless def Reo, Valik & Jacob Ladder def Benancio Cruz & Flaming Rose, Lemus II & Chavo Guerrero Sr. (original, now 54) def Reno Hall & Jeremy Lopez..

  62. December 20, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation from Cincinnati, Ohio: Tony Bryant def Melvin Winkleman, Ryan Stone def Dustin Lillard, American Eagle def Austin Meddler, Zodiac def Sam Cody, Ice won three-way over Jesse Hyde and Christopher Michael Lotus, Chad Allegra def Pompano Joe, Jay Donaldson def Mack the Knife..

  63. December 20, 2003--EWF in Marion, IN: J.T. Freeze def Alex Draven, Liberty Kid def J.D. Elite, James Vulgar def Tommy Drastic, Anarchy def Hank Calhoun, Osyris def Hypnosis, Jack Hammer def Ryan Paradise, Tsunami def Rory Fox..

  64. December 20, 2003--ACW Wild Christmas VI from Weinheim, Deutschland, Germany: Jonny Storm def Tommy Suede, Michael Kovac (ACW German champ) def Jerry Lynn, Doug Williams def Eric Schwarz to win the World Wrestling title..

  65. December 21, 2003--Alianza de Lucha Professional from Santiago, Chile: Big Gold def Relampago-DQ, Atalaya def Perfecto Bundy, Rey Armando def TNT, Dozer Coyote def Charly Hotuiti Leppe Ballero Mercarder, Jason def Rime-X, Sebastian Van Hutten & Evil Gemelos def Max Camus & Sancue & Mantis, Demenzia def Twiggy (they brawled into a water fountain and then tried to set each other on fire) , Santia Sangriento & Bezohuru def Dirty Boogie & Fenix..

  66. December 21, 2003--NAWA in Fort Worth: Seth Shai def Marvin, Lord Fatality def Adam Arson, Bryan Ryder def Slack Myers, Seth Shai won Battle Royal, David Fuller won three-way over Assassin and Chris Richter..

  67. December 22, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Covington, KY: Jesse Hyde def Zodiac #1, Brian Beech def Mack the Knife, Ryan Stone def Zodiac #2, American Eagle def Christopher Michael Lotus, Kaos def Sam Cody, Chad Allegra def Tony Bryant, Matt Parks & Ice def Nick Rivers & Pompano Joe, Ash Parker def Jay Donaldson..

  68. December 23, 2003--Impact Zone Wrestling TV Taping in Phoenix: Mike Wolf def Monster Mayhem, Hombre de Arana def Rogue Roberts, Sara Del Ray & Navajo Warrior def Oooshaa Brothers, Jack Durango def G.Q. Gallo, John Williams def Chris Kole, Durango def Fireball, Kole d Ryan Drago, Break a Heart Nation def Mike Nox & Derrick Neikirk..

  69. December 23, 2003--Coast to Coast Wrestling - Night of the Hawk in Minneapolis: Austin Aires def Arik Cannon, Black Stallion def Ninja, Josie def Miss Natural, Lenny Lane def Mason Quinn, Shawn Daivari & ODB def Ken Anderson & Tracy Brooks..

  70. December 25, 2003--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Kings Mountain, NC: Scotty McKeever def Jason Jones, Jesse Morris & Shooter def Superstar #2 & Mike Lee, Jimmy Valiant def Bruiser Graham, George South Sr. def Jason King..

  71. December 25, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling in Knoxville before 125 fans: Jonathan MacMurray d New Grappler, Mike Hanson def Scott Patterson, Sammy V def J.R. Stardog, Jeff Anderson & Dirty White Boy def Lance Erikson & Terry Landel in a cage match..

  72. December 26, 2003--Stampede Wrestling in Calgary: Apocalypse def Kid Nichols, T.J. Wilson def Rod Rage, Meyers Brothers def Nattie Neidhart & Belle Lovitz, Johnny Devine & Dave Swift def Funky Bunch, Duke Durrango def Kirk Melnick, Harry Smith def North American champ Karnage in a non-title match..

  73. December 26, 2003--USWO in Madison, TN before 65 fans: Matt Korbaine def American Psycho, Craziness def Josh Moore, Christie Ricci def Sex Kitten Kathy, Robbie Ruffin def Farron Foxx, Kid Kash DDQ K-Lo, Tim Renesto def Tony Falk, Hot Rod Biggs & Devon Day won three-way over Arrick Andrews & Ryder and John Caesar & Larry Valentine...

  74. December 26, 2003--EWF in Covina, CA before 150 fans: Alex Pincheck def Silly Willy, Bino Gambino won three-way over Asian and Mad Macintosh, Krazy K.C. & Ragin Dawg def Sonny Sauave & Dick Danger, Kayam def Brandon Nitro, Vizzion def Black Steel, Jason King def Steve Masters, Under Pressure & Rudy Luna def Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero-DQ..

  75. December 27, 2003--Universal Championship Wrestling TV Taping in Greenville, SC: Masked Superstar II def Jason King, Lewis Brothers def Scotty Smooth & Dillon Rage, Johnny Swinger def Glenn Gilberti, Jeff Lewis won 6 man Royal Rumble, NWO Sting def Mike Sanders, Dillon Rage def Jeff Lewis, Gilberti def Lodi, Sanders def Superstar II, Ricky Morton def George South Sr., Swinger def NWO Sting to win UCW world title in tournament final, Shooter & Scotty Wrenn def Lewis Brothers in street fight..

  76. December 27, 2003--EWF in Marion, IN: Liberty Kid def Hypnosis, Johnny Mac def Joe Marquette, Stryc-9 def Jason Automatic-DQ, James Vulgar def Hank Calhoun in fans bring the weapons, Anarchy def Tsunami..

  77. December 27, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ in a first round of a tournament of champions: Travis Blake def Tony Torres, Shawn Donavan def Jay Blaze, Brandon Young def Vik Voorhees, Shane O'Brien def Aaron Stride, Fred Sampson def C.J. Summers, Kevin Knight def Sean Royal, Dan McGuire def Tommy Trouble, Roman def Eloy Fiesta..

  78. December 27, 2003--Mountain Wrestling Association from Mt. Sterling: 10-bell salut for Danny Fargo, Mike McNeese d. Russell Abrams, Michael Payne d. Tiny Tim, Sheik Aftershock & Al Steele & Bubba Steele d. Cuzzin' Jed & Ice Train & Kasey Kaos, Larry D & Tuffy vs. MWA Tag-Team champs Shane & Boodie Parker went to a DOUBLE DQ, Justen Idol d. "Playboy" Scott Hayes, MWA Light-Heavyweight champion "American Dream" Bobby Green d. MWA Heavyweight champion Ray Steele via DQ..

  79. December 27, 2003--Intense Wrestling Inc in Cincinnati, Ohio: Ike Jones def Chaz Fonzworth III, Sean Shillelagh def Regulator, Alexander Winington def The Taiwan Kid, Sebastian Steel def Garf "The Bulldog" Redman, Gotti def Mighty Mike McGurke, Brett Majors (IWI Champ) def El Gavilon, Evil Security Guard def Seminole Warrior to win the IWI Inner-City title..

  80. December 27, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation TV Taping in Burlington, NC: Joey Silvia def Alex Stone, Shane West & Gary Stevens def Dexter Poindexter & Rob McBride, Sean Powers & Mitch Norris def Southside Playas, Krazy K def Kamikazi Kid, Brass Munkey & American steel Ninja def Trent Wylde & Xsiris, Mikael Yamaha & Gemini Kid def Brad Attitude & Brad Rainz in a hair vs. titles match to win the Mid Atlantic tag titles, Ric Converse def Corey Edsel -- They announced a name change to CWF Mid Atlantic..

  81. December 27, 2003--Westside Xtreme Wrestling 3rd Anniversary Show from Essen, Deutschland, Germany: Ares def Joe E. Legend, Jonny Storm & X-Dream def Steve Douglas & Aviv Maayan, Martin Nolte def Salavore Bellomo, Double C def Jimmy Jacobs to win the wXw Heavyweight Title..

  82. December 27, 2003--Revolution British Wrestling in Nottingham, England: Keith Myatt def Anton Green, Cameron Knite & Will Assault def Jorge Castano & Sammy Ray, Alan Kilby def Stixx, Johnny Kid (70s star) def Ross Jordan, Rainz won Battle Royal..

  83. December 28, 2003--River City Wrestling/All Japan in San Antonio drew about 200 fans: Biohazard d Blue Angel, Masada def Fast Eddie, Homicide def Psycho Simpson, Jose & Joel Maximo def Alex Heat & Manny Domingo, Shadow won three-way over Tomoaki Honma and A.C. Riddick, Great Koji (Satoshi Kojima) def Black Gordman Jr., Kaz Hayashi def Jeremy Lopez, Jeromy Sage def Kazushi Miyamoto to keep RCW title, Great Muta & Arashi def Hotstuff Hernandez & Pete Lothario..

  84. December 28, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ in the finals of their Tournament of champions: Fred Sampson def Shane O'Brien, Kevin Knight def Travis Blake, Roman def Dan McGuire, Brandon Young def Shawn Donovan, Aaron Stride def Vik Voorhees, Jay Blaze & Sean Royal def Tony Torres & Chris Steeler, Roman won four-way over Sampson, Kevin Knight and Brandon Young..

  85. December 29, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Covington, KY: Pompano Joe & Jesse Hyde def Zodiac #1 & Austin Meddler, Kaos def American Eagle-DQ, Nick Rivers def Christopher Michael Lotus, Playboy def Brian Beech, Ryan Stone & Roger Ruffen & Tony Bryant def Matt Parks & Chad Allegra & Ice, Ash Parker def Jay Donaldson-DQ..

  86. December 29, 2003--Revolution X in South Gate, CA: Espada de la Muerte def Sexy Chino, Desire def R2K, Bigg E. Biggz & Cyanide def El Mongol & Lonestar, Babi Slymm & Phoenix Star def Zokre & Topgun Talwar, Buddy George def Supreme, Eric Matlock & Steve Pain & Nemesis def Black Metal & Psycho & Charles Mercury, Super Dragon & Ronin def Joey Ryan & Johnny Paradise, Chris Bosh def Quicksilver, Rising Son def Scorpio Sky to win jr. title..

  87. December 30, 2003--Heartland Wrestling Association in Batavia, Ohio: Big Al def Monty Fabulous, Tsunami def Mike Slade, Mike Desire def "High IQ" Quinten Lee by dq, Simply Spectacular def Hussla, Cody Hawk def Matt Stryker -- Year-end Awards: Drew Johnson (Most Improved Wrestler), Quintin Lee (Rookie of the Year), TJ Dalton & JT Stahr (Tag Team of the Year), AJ Sparx (Woman of the Year), Jaxon Breeze (Manager of the Year), Nigel McGuinness vs. Hoss (Feud of the Year), Hoss def eats Nigel to win Euro title (Match of the year), Cody Hawk (Wrestler of the Year)..

  88. December 31, 2003--MCWA New Year's Eve Show in Booneville, MS: Slammer def Hillbilly Billy Hill, Jason Wynn def Buzz Harley, J.R. Mauler & Bonecrusher def The Jannettys, Johnny Dotson won three-way over Kross and D.C., Justin Rhodes def Mark Bravura-DQ, New Heavenly Bodies def Big Daddy Dale & Soultaker