Independent Wrestling Results - November 2003

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  1. November 1, 2003--IHW in Fort Worth, Texas: Joseph (Joey Corman) def Assassin, Fatality def Chris Richter, Mace def Larry Green, Richter def Fatality, Spoiler II def Red River Jack (which is the name Bruiser Brody used here under a mask in the 80s), Fatality def Richter..

  2. November 1, 2003--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, TN: Jason Fear def Bad Medicine, Eric Adamz def Andy Antieum, Doink the Clown def Diamond Studd, Johnny Graham def Jason Fear, Rage def Adamz, Kevin Ages def The Franchise-DQ, Graham def Doink, Rage def Ages, Rage def Graham to win tournament for vacant SWA title, Tiffany Monroe def Millie Mascaras..

  3. November 1, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling in Knoxville, TN: New Grappler def DG 2000, Ric Cannon def Wicked-DQ, Deon Johnson def J.R. Stardog, Sammy V & Ric Cannon def Norton Lewis & Wicked, Dirty White Boy def Sonny Landel (they did the ether on a towel spot after the match on White Boy and put him in a hearse and drove him off. At the start of the show, Terry Landel said if he didn't put White Boy in the hearse he would jump off the Henly Street Bridge..

  4. November 1, 2003--EWF in Sacramento for a Church show: Silly Willy def Bino Gambino, Adam Thornstowe def Legend (not Joe), Ragin Dawg def Alex Pincheck, Krazy K.C. def Johnny Star, J.C. Castro def El Hijo del Chupacabra, Tonga Kid def Mustaffa Sai, Steve Masters def Vizzion, Vizzion won Battle Royal. Tonga Kid led everyone in a ten bell salute for Hawk.

  5. November 1, 2003--HWA in Batavia, OH: Drew Johnson & T.J. Dalton & J.T. Stahr def Militia I & III & IV (are they Villano fans?), Brother Clay def Big Al in a capture the flag match (must have loved that scaffold match in 1991 with Steve Austin), A.J. Sparx won four-way over Leilani Kai, Hellena Heavenly, Miss Natural and Kristie Richie, Ace Steel def Shark Boy, Riggs Brothers def Hoss-DQ, Hussla & Michael Todd Stratton (formerly Todd Morton) def Mike Slade & Monty Fabulous, Chad Collyer def Superstar Steve, Mad Mikey & Rory Fox def Quinten Lee & Human Time Bomb with special referee Ricky Steamboat..

  6. November 1, 2003--Roadwarrior Hawk Memorial Show in Birch, MI drew about 550 for what was originally a legends show: Jimmy Snuka def Brooklyn Brawler, Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson def Gutter & Conrad Kennedy III, Luna Vachon def Malia Hosaka, Jim Duggan & two local DJ's def Honky Tonk Man & two heel DJ's, Pint of Dynamite & Teo def Meatball & Toad in midget match, Vampire Warrior def Colossus, Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake def Powers of Pain when special ref Road Warrior Animal KO'd both Pains. Highlight of the show was Animal giving a speech in full Road Warrior gear, saying there will never be another Road Warrior, with a video on the screen of Road Warrior clips..

  7. November 1, 2003--OMLL in Chicago: El Tigre def Tyme Paige, Guerrero Noctuna & Golum def Azteca de Oro Jr. & Viento Maya, Lancer 2000 & Fuerza Aerea Jr. def Maleficio & Mosco, Principy Franky & Esquelton & Discovery def America Salvaje & Poder Boricua & Infernal..

  8. November 1, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX for a TV taping for UPN-21, which airs every Saturday night at 11 p.m: John Allen & Mike Thunder def Gabe Roach & Justin 2 Fine, B.J. Cummings def Nobe Bryant, Mike Foxx & Steve DeMarco def Chris Stevens & Brandon Collins, Allen & Thunder & Foxx & DeMarco-COR in tag title tourney finals..

  9. November 1, 2003--USA Pro Wrestling in Decatur, AL before 110 fans: Rex Sexton def Bart Sawyer, Cassidy O'Reilly def Matt Catalano, Chris Michaels def Hammerjack, Chase Stevens DDQ Big Bully Douglas, Kasey James def Jerry Lawler..

  10. November 1, 2003--International Wrestling Cartel in West Mifflin, PA: Dean Radford def Al B Damm, J.T. Rodgers & Troy Lords def Eric Xstasy & Jimmy Jacobs, Carlton Kaz def Dustin Ardine, Chris Sabin def Fabulous, Shane Douglas def Bubba the Bulldog, Mike Preston def Jimmy Vegas-DQ, Alex Shelley def Super Hentai, Shelley def Dirk Ciglar, M-Dogg 20 & Josh Prohibition def Devils Advocates, Shirley Doe NC Sebastian Dark, James Keenan def Dennis Gregory..

  11. November 2, 2003--Pro Wrestling Iron in Redwood City: Donovan Morgan def Jason Moody, Vinny Massaro def Hook Bomberry, Vito & Sal Thomaselli def Ballard Brothers to keep SPW tag titles, Jon Jon the Phenomenon def El Flaco Loco, Joe Applebaumer (formerly Pogo the Clown in XWF) def Super Diablo & Super Otaku, Apollo Khan & Jett Taylor def Adam Thornstowe & Brian Raymond, Lil Cholo & R2K def Rockero del Diablo & Infernal..

  12. November 2, 2003--Alianza de Lucha Profesional in Santiago, Chile before 105 fans: Jason def Charly Leppe Mercader, Sancue def Rey Armando, Rayo def Super Gemelo II, Bezohuru def Santiago Sangriento, Fenix & Boogie def Demanzia & Twiggy, Junior Bundy def Perfecto Bundy..

  13. November 2, 2003--HWA in Cincinnati: Monty Fabulous def Double Dragon, Simply Spectacular def Big Al, Deuce & Oooga Booga def #1 & #5, T.J. Dalton & J.T. Stahr def #3 & #4, Nigel McGuiness def Hoss to win the European title (for some reason I found that funny), Drew Johnson & Gotti def T.J. Dalton & J.T. Stahr, Riggs Brothers def Deuce & Oooga Booga..

  14. November 6, 2003--Main Stream Wrestling in Dartmouth, NS at Dave Doolittles: Kyle Kruze b. Calum Macbeth ... Paco Loco b. Cinder ... Vinny Glyde b. C.N. Power ... Tony Armstrong b. Scott Savage to win the Main Stream Wrestling title..

  15. November 7, 2003--USWO in Madison, TN: Arrick Andrews def American Psycho, Josh Moore def J.C. Crowe, Chase Stevens DCOR Chris Michaels, K-Lo def Dan the Man-DQ Valentina def Lee Handsome, Lethal Weapons def Tiny Bear & Jason Nesmith, Christina Ricci def ODB, Gary Valiant & Slacker J def Tim Renesto & Devon Day..

  16. November 7, 2003--Wisconsin Organized Wrestling in South Milwaukee before 200 fans: J-Real def Rob Norwood, Ike the Enforcer & Big Daddy Dews def Excessive Force, Eric Hammers def El Vato, Angel Armoni def Nick Slater, Tough Tom def Silas Young, Mike Samson & Short Sleeve Sampson def Derek St. Holmes & Understudy..

  17. November 7, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Louis: Trainee #11 def Thunderbolt, Makaze def Jackal, Kevin Sharp def Super Castaldi I, Trainee #3 & #10 def Ian Storm & Shawn Almighty, Cabal def Jeremy, Christopher Walken (a guy doing an impression of him) def Heart Attack Jack, Chaz Wesson def Matt Sydal, Outkast def Jynx, Big Bad Ben def Pete Madden, Kory Twist was final Survivor in elimination match..

  18. November 7, 2003--New Horizons Wrestling in Fairfield, ME: Sonny Roselli def Mason X, Bull Moose Calhoun won Battle Royal, Tony Atlas def Eliminator, Cameron Mathews def Paul Hudson, Legion Cage & Rain def Dr. Heresy & Andre Lyonz, Larry Huntley def Bubba Franklin, T-Bone Jones won three-way over Osirus and Koishi, Roselli def Calhoun-DQ..

  19. November 7, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in Butner, NC: Jeff Jaze def Trash Can Man, Duke Richards def Marc Ash, Spank def Cyrus, Trailer Park Heat def Scab, Matt Stryker def Brad Attitude, Seymour Snott & Dexter Poindexter def Shawn Alexander & Brad Hunter, C.W. Anderson def Otto Schwanz..

  20. November 7, 2003--ECCW in Surrey, BC: Chance Beckett won Battle Royal, Dropkick Murphy def Shawn Morgan, Memphis & Michael Raines def Cole Bishop & Brett Prime, Major Hardway def Scotty Mac, Aaron Idol d Matt Classic, Chance Beckett def Vance Nevada-DQ..

  21. November 7, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX Chris Richter def Aldo Nova, Kit Carson & Khris Germany def Aldo Nova & Officer Mike, Bullman Downs def Gemini, Drunk Adam & Bull def Scott Phoenix..

  22. November 8, 2003--Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Secaucus, NJ before 500 fans: Corvis Fear vs. Eddie Thomas vs Rush ended in no contest when Balls Mahoney attacked everyone, Azrael def Insane Dragon, Christopher Street Connection def Dunn & Marcos, Sumie Sakai def Ariel, Skinhead Ivan def Jay Lethal, Derek Wylde won over Ruckus, Roderick Strong and Grim Reefer, Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter won three-way over Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz and H Effect to keep tag titles, Danny Maff & Homicide def Raven & Steve Corino (Corino subbed for no-show Sabu, coming out wearing a Pierroth Jr. Corino and Homicide brawled to the back. Another guy in a Pierroth Jr. mask hit the DDT on Raven and Maff scored the pin. The second Pierroth Jr. unmasked, revealing Shane Douglas, to set up a match for 12/13 ion Rahway, NJ which also includes Lawler vs. Maff for the heavyweight title. Jerry Lawler def Al Snow, managed by Jonathan Coachman, to win the JAPW title, with Mick Foley as referee..

  23. November 8, 2003--EWF in Marion, IN: J-Real & Dinn T. More def Liberty Kid & Hypnosis, Elvis Elliot & Mr. Main Event & Black Velvet def R.T. Bishop & Kris Konflict & Gary Dawson, Menace def Shawn Shultz, Jack Hammer def Dusty, Apollo Starr def Jeff King, The Dons won three-way over Renegades and Steven Summers & Whip Dog, Tsunami def Hank Calhoun, Osyris def Vato..

  24. November 8, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling in Knoxville: Dr. Dan def Grappler, Sammy V & Ric Cannon def Stan Lee & Mike Hanson-DQ, Norton Lewis won three-way over Black Angel and Player, Dirty White Boy def Ice..

  25. November 8, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: B.J. Cummings def Oscar, Justin 2 Fine def C-Diddy, John Allen & Mike Thunder def Suicide King & One Eyed Jack, Ahmed Johnson def Action Jackson, Jared Steele def Chris Stevens, Sabu def Steve DeMarco, Shadow DCOR Mike Foxx. Lord Al Hayes and Killer Tim Brooks were presented with awards at the show..

  26. November 8, 2003--Delaware Championship Wrestling in Harrington, DE before 125 fans: Chris Wylder & Crazy Shea won three-way over Andrew Steele & Kento Sai and Vapor & J-Pride Zac Connor won three-way over Scott Matthews and Angel Jr., Mercedes Martinez def Simply Luscious & ?, Jason Knight DDQ Rampage, J.C. Williams def Scott Dukes, Vic Divine def Glenn Osbourne, Mark & Jay Briscoe def Jose & Joel Maximo (***1/4), Johnny Thunder d Kendall Kodine, Pain Syndicate def Scotty Charisma & Dragonfly, Dylan Kage & Talia def Julio Dinero & Francine, Justice Pain won DCW title over Chris Hamrick..

  27. November 8, 2003--Ringside Wrestling Federation in Indianapolis: Hillbilly Jed won three-way over Ric Ravage and David Cropht, Billy Bart def Uncle Ernie, T.J. Powers & Austin James def Shawn Cook & Marty Graw, Bobo Brazil Jr. def Bouncer, Johnnie Walker def Guy Lombardo..

  28. November 8, 2003--Texas Xtreme Wrestling in Corpus Christi: El Atrevdo def Virus, Lemus II def Titan, Scott Zen Zen def Mr. Entertainment, Tracy Lawless won three-way over Reo and Allie Kat, Riff Morrison def Flaming Rose, Jacob Ladder & Valik def El Latino & Tito Sanchez. Jeremy Lopez of All Japan was at the show..

  29. November 8, 2003--Ultimate Championship Wrestling in Hanceville, AL: Players Club def Chaz & Justin Envy, Rastus Polk & Theodore Tutwiler II def Dawg Pound, Yaki def Steven Michaels, Mason Fury def Nathan Childs, Chaz def BeBop, Irish Rose def Mr. Bigg, Road Dogg (original) def Mike Plezing, Scott Armstrong & Bullet Bob Armstrong def Cecil & Bumble Bee Plezing..

  30. November 8, 2003--Southern Xtreme Wrestling in Colquit, GA: Buddy Golden def Jester in arm wrestling, American Ice def Grappler, Executioners def Blue Flame & Medic, Bryan Fury def Johnny 8 Ball, Law Dogs def Jester & Jeckel, Rockin Rebel def Fugitive, Diamond def Ms. Terri, Backseat Brawler & Luke Goldberg & D-Mon def New Hollywood Blonds & Big Daddy..

  31. November 8, 2003--CPW in Keyser, WV: Jared Lancaster def Phil Stampe, Zubov def Streez Shapur, Roughhouse Matthews def Mercury Flash, Brock Singleton def Red Dog, Gino Sammartino & Brian Johnson def Bobby Keller & Eric Gibson, Shane Shadows def Mikey Baritone in taped fist. They had a 10 bell salute to Mike Lockwood..

  32. November 8, 2003--Mid South Championship Wrestling in Prairieville, LA before 125 fans: Big Vito (not WCW guy) def Road Rage, Joey Homegrown & Bonez def Mexican Giant & Jordan Espenada, Steve Anthony def Stan Sweetan, Brian Hart def T.K. Riot, Blade Boudreaux def Minotaur..

  33. November 8, 2003--EWF in San Bernardino, CA: Cotton Candy def Mac MacIntosh, Vizzion def Super Sancho, Mini Love Machine & Silly Willy def Guerrero del Futuro & Bino Gambino, Bo Cooper def Ragin Dawg, West Coast Ryders def Jason King & J.C. Castro, Steve Masters def Kayam..

  34. November 8, 2003--Four Star Championship Wrestling in Boca Raton, FL: Sean Allen def Chance Kidman, Irish Thug Connections def Krew 702, Coven def Chasyn Rance, Scott Commodity def Coven, Phi Delta Slam def Preston James III & Tony DeNucci, Vanessa Harding def Kassidy, Irish Thug Connection def Phi Delta Slam, Norman Smiley won Battle Royal..

  35. November 8, 2003--SPW in Sacramento before 272 fans: Madison NC Bruce Bukkake, Blake Zeto & Hard Cory Dayton def Mr. Mustafa & Malichi, Luster the Legend NC Xtreme, Adam Thornstowe & Dante won three-way over X Foundation and Aerial Express, Kruze Brothers & J.D. Bishop def Mike Rayne & Kryptonite & Hunk Golden, Hook Bomberry & Donovan Morgan def Ryan Drago & Sal Thomaselli (Morgan did a post match speech about Crash Holly, who was one of his best friends legit), Lucha Libre Mafia def Beautiful People in War Games..

  36. November 8, 2003--Virginia Championship Wrestling in Gloucester, VA: Sean Lei def Brandon Day, Adrian Whisper won four-way over Ross Hall, James Hall and Delicious D, Patient 6D6 def Shane Falco, Mike Booth & Damien Wayne def Preston Quinn & Phil Brown, Tito Santana (at the age of 50) def Wallace Stillhammer, Dirty Money def Chris Escobar. There was a ceremony during intermission honoring Santana, Larry Zbyszko (who cut a promo on Vince McMahon), Nikolai Volkoff and Ivan Koloff..

  37. November 8, 2003--Midwest Powerhouse Wrestling in St. Clair, MO: Trinity def Jaden, Damien Blade def Christian Haze, Searcher def Tony Angel, Agent C def Crocodile Kid, Agent U def Chico Es Loco, Blade def Searcher, Agent U def Agent C, Hollywood Stud DDQ Jason Wells, Damien Blade def Agent U..

  38. November 9, 2003--Mid Eastern Wrestling Federation in Dundalk, MD before 400 fans: Eddie Chambers def Ryker, Sean Patrick def Lunar, Ghetto Mafia def Bruiser & Suicide-DQ, Eagle def Buzz Stryker, Cracker Express def Band X, Chad Bowman def Romeo Valentino, Bob Starr def Lufcier-DQ, Danny Doring def Creed, Gangrel & buck Child def Genesis & Brock Singleton..

  39. November 9, 2003--NAWA in Fort Worth: Marvin def Adam Arson, Claudie def Candi Hart, Assassin def Dick Loin, David Fuller def Jerry Brown, Chris Richter def Bryan Ryder..

  40. November 9, 2003--Alianza de Lucha Professional in Santiago, Chile: Jason def Sancue, Super Gemelo II def Mantis, Rayo def Charles Lepe Mercader, Bezohuru & Santiago Sangriento def Demenzia & Twiggy, Perfecto Bundy def Mr. Boogie..

  41. November 9, 2003--Cleveland All Pro Wrestling in Cleveland, Ohio: Canadian Bad Boy won Battle Royal, Iron Man def Johnny Blaze, Dick Trimmons def Bouncer, Sheik Abdul Hassan & DisCole Fever def Raymond Right & Stevie Lee, Jason Bane def Fabulous, M Dogg 20 def Dave DeMarco, Tracy Brooks & Tough Tina def ODB & Angel Williams, Julio Dinero def Sinn, Chad Collyer def Adam Cage-DQ, A.J. Styles def Raven..

  42. November 12, 2003--River City in Winnipeg, MB: Lynn Adams b. Daisy Desire women ... Pipito b. Ryan Starr ... Mike Mountain b. Al Ghore ... Reggie Gallagher & Big Cliff b. Corey Diamond & Jerin Rose ... Ox Anderson & Max Black n.c. vs. Billy Blaze & Mad Man Muir; Mike Mountain & Vince..

  43. November 13, 2003--Main Stream Wrestling in Dartmouth, NS: Tony Armstrong b. Cinder ... Kyle Kruze b. C.N. Power ... Vinny Glyde b. Pistol Pete ... Outcast b. Kyle Kruze ... Lincoln Steen b. Tony Arsmtrong..

  44. November 14, 2003--USWO in Madison, TN before 90 fans: Arrick Andrews def Tiny Bear, Dan the Man def Jason Nesmith, Kato def Mr. Blue, Pippa L'Vinn DDQ Christie Ricci, Chris Michaels def Chase Stevens, Gary Valiant def Tim Renesto-DQ, Slacker J def Devon Day-DQ, Lethal Weapons def Crazy Sexy Cool-DQ..

  45. November 14, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Overland, MO: Cabal & Jackal won three-way over Ian Storm & Shawn Almighty and Trainee #3 & #10, Croc def Rat Boy, Pete Madden def Diamond Back Dingo, Kory Twist & Jeremy def Sean Vincent & Richard Head, Kevin Sharpe def Big Bad Ben-COR, Ian Storm def Almighty, Madden def Sharp-COR, Matt won three-way over Makaze and Jynx, MsChif def Outkast, Nikki Stychnine NC Madden..

  46. November 14, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Scott Phoenix def Bull, Bullman Downs def Adam Arson, Gemini def Aldo Nova, Eric Idol def Chris Richter in falls count anywhere, Kit Carson & Khris Germany def The Punishers..

  47. November 14, 2003--New England Championship Wrestling in Framingham, MA: Johnny Idol def Mike Bennett, Ru Star def El Boriqua, Mercedes Martinez def Nikki Roxx-DQ, Mike Osbourne & Steve Bradley DDQ Alex Arion & Antonio Thomas, Zaquary Springate III def Frankie Arion, Sabotage def Adrenaline to keep tag titles, Maverick Wild def Bob Evans in submission rules match..

  48. November 15, 2003--Pro Wrestling Iron in a Memorial show for Mike Lockwood in Lathrop, CA: Tony Jones def Jason Moody, Flaco Loco & Super Diablo def Apollo Khan & Jet Taylor, Joe Applebaumer (Pogo the Clown) def Maliki, Manny Fernandez (original) def Lars Dauger, Shane Kody (Lockwood's original trainer) & Big Ugly def Bart Blaxton & Ryan Drago, Donovan Morgan (who was accompanied to ringside by Patty Lockwood, Mike's 7-year-old daughter) & Frank Murdoch & Vinny Massaro def Vito Thomaselli & Sal Thomaselli & Hook Bomberry. The main event was worked Japanese style and there was just straight wrestling and no angles at all on the show. Every wrestler on the show wore armbands with "Mikey" on them..

  49. November 15, 2003--Lucha Xtreme Wrestling drew 125 fans at the Amazura Ballroom in Queens, NY: Zokre def Shark Boy, Papadon & Havok def Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago, Supreme def Spider, Ultramantis & Mr. Zero & Gran Akuma def Jigsaw & Rorschach & Hallowicked, Vic Grimes def Grim Reefer, Halloween & Damian 666 def Quicksilver & Scorpio Sky, Angel the Hardcore Homo def Scorpio Jr., Phoenix Star & Taro def American Wild Child & Cloudy, Smoke Dawg def Mike Tobin, Eddie Guapo & Low Ryda & Boogalou def Chi Chi Cruz & K-Kash & K-Murder, Shocker def Ultimo Guerrero. Justice Pain and Justin Credible were no-shows..

  50. November 15, 2003--Children's Medical Center Fund Raiser at the University of Virginia in Waynesboro, VA: Jason James won three-way over Brandon Day and Chris Bennet, Mark & Tony Fitzgerald def Scotty Rocker & Sean Christian, Jimmy Valiant def Superstar #2, Abyss def Hunter Guerrero, Body Count & Demolition Ax & NWO Sting-DQ, Daizee Haze def Trinity (TNA), Slash (TNA) def Delirious, Jerry Lynn NC Kid Kash..

  51. November 15, 2003--MACW in Booneville, MS: Alan Steel def J.R. Mauler-DQ, Rivers Deangelo & Jason Dunn & Omega def Mark Bravura & Buzz Harley & Devon Raynes, Big Daddy Dae def Black Knight, Fusion won three-way over Playa Tyrone and Kross, Big Daddy Dale & Soultaker def Pokerface & Reno Diamond..

  52. November 15, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in DeBary, FL before 174 fans: Ryze (a 6-10 Korean giant) def Kevin Divine, Manny Montana def Tony Smith, Thump Dupree def Sammy Sites, Hellraisers def Spook City Thugs, Jason Hexx def Brian Gamble, Chasyn Rance def Aaron Epic, Norman Smiley def David Mercury..

  53. November 15, 2003--PGWA and USWO All-womens Show in Madison, TN before 90 fans: Shelby Beach (from England) def Tracy Brooks (TNA), Christie Ricci & fire def Texas Jade & ODB, Candi Divine def Venus (from San Antonio, managed by the original Robbie Rage), Robbie Rage def Valentina, Pippa L'vinn def Lexie Fyfe in 2/3 falls to keep her title. Susan Greene (the 70s star) did a run-in after and challenged the champion. Penny Banner (60s star) was there as commissioner and gave all the girls a certificate..

  54. November 15, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Cape Girardeau, MO: Jeremy def Ian Storm, Trainees #3 & #10 & #11 def Super Castaldis, Cabal def Richard Head, Croc def Sean Vincent, Jynx won three-way over Outkast and Makaze, Kory Twist def Diamond Back Dingo, MsChif def Rat boy, Big Bad Ben def Pete Madden..

  55. November 15, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling in Knoxville: Ric Cannon d Stan Lee, Dr. Dan def Black Angel, Sammy V & Ric Cannon def New Grappler & Ice, Jeff Anderson def Deon Johnson, Dirty White Boy def Lance Erickson (the latest Terry Landel mystery opponent)..

  56. November 15, 2003--Pro Wrestling Guerilla in Los Angeles before 155 fans: Topgun Talwar & Ballard Brothers def Lil Cholo & Chris Bosh & T.J. Perkins (Pinoy boy), M-Dogg def Jardi Frantz, Billy Kim & Scott Lost def Disco Machine & Excalibur, Super Dragon def Joey Ryan, Adam Pearce def Colt Cabana, Samoa Joe def C.M. Punk, Frankie Kazarian def American Dragon..

  57. November 15, 2003--AWS in City of Industry, CA before 130 fans: King Jakal & Eric Matlock & Steve Pain def Chris Bosh & Gallinero IV & Lil Cholo, Desire def Nikki, King Faviano & Extreme Loco & Biggie Biggz def Supa Badd & Johnny Paradise & Hydro, Babi Slymm def Bo Cooper-DQ, Kayam & El Natural def Capitan Oro & Mongol, Solar & Super Astro & Ultraman & Piloto Suicida def Misterioso & Shamu Jr. & Pentagon & Acero Dorado..

  58. November 15, 2003--American Championship Wrestling in Richmond, IN: Bobby Black won four-way over Riot, Ivan Burden and Hex Hatred, Hillbilly Jed & Uncle Ernie def Sheik of Baghdad & Russian Assassin, Tom Van Zant def Troy Van Zant, Rob Kincade & Skip Raddison def Blasko & Lord Haydes, Lady Victoria def Hailey Hatred, Ronnie Vegas def Marty Graw, Manslaughter def Kenny Nash, Bouncer def Bobo Brazil Jr. in cage..

  59. November 15, 2003--NWL from Newville, PA before 200 fans: Jason Stone won over Dexter Alexander, Ray Sharpe, Shawn Summers and Prince Malik, Aden Chambers def Freak, Samu & John Rambo def Goodfellas, Fumar def John Balsamo, New Yorkers def Zero & Styc-DQ, Snatch Haggis def Davey Boy Schitz, Spyral won three-way over Sam Sander and Sabotage, Gutter Boy & Egon Ecton def Shawn Patrick & Chris Nightmare, Pirate of the Caribbean def Dorian Deville, Blood def Chuckie Manson, Kevin Featherstone & Scott Vaughn won three-way over Rage Brothers and Dino Devine & Chad Bowman, Hyjinx def OGB, Leslie Leatherman def Morgus the Maniac, Gangrel NC Jake Davis..

  60. November 15, 2003--Championship Wrestling from Ohio in Crooksville, OH: Cuban Assassin def Ron Quik, T.J. Phillips def Cuban Militia, Beau James def Tim Hall, James & Assassin def Hall & Phillps, Ivan Koloff (62 years old) def Chuck Jones in a chain match..

  61. November 15, 2003--Independent Wrestling Revolution in Warren, MI: Kamikaze def Tommy Johnson, Gavin Starr def Klunk the Klown, Eddie Venom def Andy Muscat, Bubba MacKenzie & Josh Movado def Jimmy Shalwin & Bobby Bambino, Human Spider NC Super Meetsee, Gutter def Anthony Rivera & Truth Martini in a handicap match, Frankie the Face def Conrad Kennedy III, N8 Mattson def Jaimy Coxx..

  62. November 15, 2003--The MMA Super Heavyweight Showdown in Casa Grande, AZ: Daniel Betzold def Gabe Rivas, Michael Perales def Mike McIntyre, Darren Wren def Kenyon Barnes, Carlos Ortega def Steve McDonald, Israel Juarez def David Canvas, Hans Marrero NC Robert Maldonado, Andy Montana def Lemuel Vincent, Homer Moore def Thomas Gil..

  63. November 15, 2003--Southeastern Xtreme Wrestling in Graceville, FL: Damian LaVaye def Little Shooter, Tommy Ladd def Grappler, D-Mon def Joseph Godwin, Jester def American Ice, John Harley DCOR Lord Humongous (is that Ryan Wilson or another dude?), Scott & Bob Armstrong def Dangerous Donnie & Fugitive, Backstreet Brawler & Luke Goldberg def Big Daddy Halo..

  64. November 15, 2003--Susquehanna Wrestling Organization in York, PA: Spaz McKenzie def Robert DreamCatcher, Dar Karnival's JoJo def Hangman Harley Watkins, Twisted Tate def Johnny Kage, Kid Extreme over Braydon Shockker and Otto Schtark, Fuzion def Beauty & the Beast, Glen Osbourne def Night Prowler, Tiffani Monroe def 9 guys to win the first SWO Cruiserweight title, Nikolai Volkoff & Nikita Bresznikov def Y-Kushi & Nick Castle, Mr. Blackwell def The Wolfman, Johnny Graham VS Shane Shadows-2DQ..

  65. November 15, 2003--Real Canadian Wrestling in Westlock, AB: Steven Styles b. White Lightning ... Angel Starr b. Tianna Wilson women ... Patrick Myers b. Nick Fusion & Joey Syxx (3-way) to win the RCW Lightweight title ... Bi-Polar b. Steven Hawkes to win the RCW Hardcore title ... Dante Priest n.c. vs. Bobby Jay ... Dante Priest won an 8-man elimination match..

  66. November 16, 2003--Real Canadian Wrestling in Barrhead, Alberta: Angle Starr def Tianna Wilson, Starr def Bobby Jay, White Lightning def Jay, Shattered Nyte def Steven Hawkes, Nick Fusion def Patrick Myers, Bipolar def Joey Syxx, Styles & Myers def Priest & Fusion, Hawkes won Battle Royal..

  67. November 16, 2003--American Wrestling Federation in Chipley, FL: Luscious Larry def Vortex, Chief Little Bear def Rod the Bod, Bombzaloco def Backdrift, Al Savage def Ronnie Fargo, Jon Byson def Mr. Fantasy, Aeon Flexx def Cameron Frost, Commando & Confederate Kid NC Jester McKain & Matt Gordy, Aeon Flexx won Battle Royal. Don Fargo, a star dating back to the late 50s, appeared on the card claiming to be the grandfather of Ronnie Fargo..

  68. November 16, 2003--Far North Wrestling in Johnstown, PA: Hallowicked def Jolly Roger, Dean Jablonski def Lord Zoltan, T.Rantula def Adam O, Dennis Gregory def Dr. Feelgood, Mike Quackenbush & Icarus & Gran Akuma def Wild Cards & Jigsaw, Honky Tonk Man def Powerhouse Hughes, Phoenix won three-way over Kevin Grace and Joey Knight

  69. November 16, 2003--FMLL in Compton, CA: Palamino def Rudy Vengas, Matorik def Gringo Loco, Alucinante & Jinete def Sombra Infernal & Karateca, Yelka & Apolo de Oro def Rosa Salvaje & Sombra Infernal, Super Astro & Solar & Ultraman & Piloto Suicida def Morque & Acero Dorado & Shamu 2000 & Capitan Oro..

  70. November 16, 2003--Norwegian Wrestling Federation in Norway before 350 fans with the two biggest national TV stations covering the event: Storm & Falk def Garm Stoylen & Giest, Talentfulle Thomas def Tommy Gun, Daniel Sebastian def Big John, Gromguten def Steve Fowler, Erik Isaksen def Byron Lawless, Grizzy Olsen def Bjorn Sem..

  71. November 16, 2003--ECCW in Chilliwack, BC: Vance Nevada b. Cole Bishop ... Memphis Raines & MR 2 b. Vid Vain & Rage by DQ ... Shawn Morgan b. Dropkick Murphy in a valet strip poker match ... Terminator b. Tim Justice ... Moondog Manson b. Mas Diablo..

  72. November 18, 2003--West Virginia Wrestling in Oak Hill: Tim Hall & Richie Action def Militia & Bodyguard, Super Destroyer def Rebel, Chris Gilbert def Tony Givens, Eric Steel def Tim Hall, T.J. Phillips def Beau James in an I Quit match

  73. November 19, 2003--Border City Wrestling in Kitchener, ONT: Tyson Dux def Alex Shelley, Hayden Avery def Geza Kalman Jr., Conrad Kennedy III & Ruffy Silverstein def Tornado & Kris Chambers, Eric Young def Bobby Rude, Gutter & Hacker def Sinn (TNA) & El Fuego, Jamie D def Angel, Jerry Lynn won three-way over Petey Williams and Johnny Devine, Jim Duggan & Honky Tonk Man def Jim Neidhart (used Bret Hart's theme music) & A-1 (local bodybuilder). Neidhart used Bret Hart's theme music for his entrance..

  74. November 19, 2003--Action Wrestling Entertainment in Winnipeg before 407 fans: Kenny Omega def Ryan Wood, Notorious TID def J.C. Cutler, Sean Houston NC Chris Raine, Robby Royce def Axe, Dan Severn def Donny Dicaprio, Damage & Samantha Slides def Darren Dalton & Mike Hammer, Buff Bagwell def Knight (?)..

  75. November 21, 2003--USWO in Madison, TN before 70 fans: Kato & Jason Nesmith def Old School Players-DQ Arrick Andrews def Andy Gouals-DQ, Slacker J def Tim Renesto-DQ, Christie Ricci NC Valentina, Dan the Man def Chase Stevens-DQ, Gary Valiant def Devon Day-DQ, Lethal Weapons def CrazySexy Cool..

  76. November 21, 2003--Rage in a Cage (all cage matches) in Tacoma: Sloth def Gringo Loco, Rainman def Jason Jackson, Jimmy Flame def Rad, Big Wood def Ritchie Magnett, Mr. G.Q. def Layne Fontaine, Avalanche & Chef def Bones Mahoney & Sonny O'Mara, Tim Flowers & Chico Alvarez def Vinnie V & Randy Taylor. Flowers turned on Alvarez..

  77. November 21, 2003--Harley Race's World League Wrestling in Russellville, MO: T-Money def Tim Warcloud, Josh Besore def Matt Burns, Miss Natural def Josie, Buff Bagwell def Ron Powers-DQ, Wade Chism & Trevor Rhodes def Superstar Steve & Mason Hunter..

  78. November 21, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Scott Phoenix def Officer Scott, Drunk Adam def Gemini-DQ, Jeff & Jerry Brown def Kit Carson & Khris Germany, Bullman Downs def Security Guy, John Allen won three-way over Convicto and Aldo Nova..

  79. November 21, 2003--Hardcore Championship Wrestling in Old Hickory, TN: Sweet Daddy Z def Commando, Lee Condrey def Mike Raje, Troy Eaton def Kevin Dunn, Brian Cheatum def Matt Korbaine, Korbaine won Batte Royal..

  80. November 21, 2003--Future Championship Wrestling in Birmingham, England: Jack Storm def Judge, Morales def Celt Kennedy, Bouncer won gauntlet match, Sam Green def Kevin O'Neil, A-Star Athlete def Dragon Phoenix, Spud won three-way over Jonny Storm and Rob Hunter..

  81. November 21, 2003--WXW (Afa's group) Women's Super 8 in Scotia, PA: Sara Stock won Battle Royal, Phoenix def Psycho, Angel Williams def Allison Danger, April Hunter def Ariel, Phoenix def Angel Williams, April Hunter def Sara Stock, Gene Sinisky won three-way over Slyk Wagner Brown and Sinn, April Hunter def Phoenix to win tournament..

  82. November 22, 2003--EWF in Marion, IN: Liberty Kid def Donny Idol, James Vulgar def J.D. Elite, Ryan Paradise def White Boy, Dusty Dillinger def Big Momo J, NC-17 def The Dons, Hypnosis def Osyris, Apollo Starr def Chad Collyer, Tsunami def Hank Calhoun..

  83. November 22, 2003--New York Wrestling Connection in Deer Park, NY: Mike Mayhem def Mike Tobin, Lamar Porter def Baxter Cross, Havok def Matt Hype, Mega & Silverman won three-way over Ken Scampi & Spyder and Chief Dudley & Mark, Grim Reefer won four-way over Dan Barry, Jay Lethal and Damian Dragon, Nuke def Armand DeMuerto & Dan Dynasty, Wayne & Mikey Whipwreck & Dickie Rodz def Crusher Doogan & Mason Raige & Johnny Ova, Vinny Stylin def Tony Burma, Ru Starr & Tyler Payne def John Curse & Livewyre

  84. November 22, 2003--International Wrestling Cartel in Moon Township, PA: Dean Radford def Carlton Kaz, Shark Boy def Aero, J.T. Rodgers & Troy Lords def Eric Xtasy & Jimmy Jacobs, Matt Cross & Glenn Specter won three-way over Devil Bhudakahn & Jake Garrett and Dunn & Marcos, Chris Sabin def A.J. Styles, Alex Shelley def Super Hentai, Shane Douglas & Mike Preston def Jimmy Vegas & Bubba the Bulldog, James Keenan def Dennis Gregory..

  85. November 22, 2003--Powerhouse Wrestling in Pontiac, IL: Jimmy Shawlin def All-Nighter, Magnum Conroy def Jackknife, Beast NC Bane, Freight Train Smith def Timothy Lyle, Matt Maverick def Master G, Dimension def Denimo, Jimmy Snuka def Storm Rider..

  86. November 22, 2003--Unknown Federation in Booneville, MS: Masked Man #1 def Tony Dabbs, Jason Wynn & Omega won three-way over Hunter & Buzz Harley and Slammer & Gino, Mark Bravura def Rivers DeAngelo, Johnny Dotson & Fusion (I wonder if he comes out with a gimmick of being a bad neck)DCOR Kross & J.r. Mauler, Bonecrusher def Justin Rhodes, Soultaker & Big Daddy Dave def Rivers DeAngelo & Jason Wynn..

  87. November 22, 2003--TXW in Corpus Christi: Mike G def Jacob Ladder, El Atrevido def Kid Lightning, Flaming Rose def Cyprezz, Jeremy Lopez def Lemus II, Jacob Ladder & Valik def Hurricane Hector & Mike G, Massive def Riff Morrison..

  88. November 22, 2003--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento before 311 fans Adam Thornstowe won Battle Royal, Adam Thornstowe def J.D. Bishop, Jack Dalton DCOR Luster the Legend, Jesus Kruze def Bruce Bukkake, Clint Douglas & Shane Dynasty def Chupacabra & El Hijo de Chupacabra, Hunk Golden & Rage & Steele def Madison & Lance Bermuda & Mike Rayne, Malichi def Hard Cory Dayton, Donovan Morgan & Flaco Loco def Iron Saints-DQ, Dante won Iron Man match in 30;00 over Thornstowe, Brian Raymond and Bishop..

  89. November 22, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Biggie Biggs & Eloy Fiesta def Shane O'Brien & Erik Andretti, Roman def Travis Blake, Dan McGuire def Jay Blaze, Brandon Young def Shawn Donovan, Vik Voorhees & Tony Torres & Chris Steeler def Aaron Stride & David Delgado & Sean Royal, Fred Sampson def Kevin Knight with Tom Prichard as referee..

  90. November 22, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling in Knoxville: Dr. Dan def New Grappler, Stan Lee NC Player, Sammy V & Ric Cannon def Norton & Cruizer Lewis-DQ, Jeff Anderson def Mike Hanson, Dirty White Boy def Lance Erickson..

  91. November 22, 2003--PCW in Altadena, CA before 60 fans: Foob Dogg def Plague-DQ, Bo Cooper def Sexy Chino, Chippy Sanchez def Catastrophe, Johnny Webb & Juantastico def Stepfather & Red Headed Stepchlid, Matrix def Steve Pain, Joey Ryan def Infernal, Scott Lost def Lil Cholo, B-Boy def Super Dragon..

  92. November 22, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Burlington, NC: J-Money & LA Cash def Trent Wylde & Alex Stone, Mitch Norris def Dexter Poindexter, Jenny Taylor def Special K, Krazy K def Kenny James, Kamikaze Kid def Xsiris, Ric Converse & Brad Attitude & Brad Rainz def Gemini Kid & Mikael Yamaha & Sexton Tyler, Cory Edsel & GeeStarr & Brass Munkey & American Steel Ninja def Brad Stutts & Drake Tungsten & Matt Houston & Kurt Solo..

  93. November 22, 2003--No Name Wrestling in Kissimmee, FL: Snow def Louie G, Chasyn Rance def Jerrelle Clark, Ricky Romeo def Maree-O, Leon Scott & Deathrow Jethrow def Thump Dupree & Barney Rumble, Kubiak def Mike Mace, Clark & Sedrick Strong won Battle Royal, Chris Candido def Hack Meyers, Clark def Scott Hotshot & Sedrick Strong..

  94. November 22, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: Justin 2 Fine won cruiserweight Battle Royal, Chris Stevens def G-Slice, B.J. Cummings def C-Diddy, Jared Steele def Steve DeMarco. They did an angle at this show where PCW owner Meredith Kensington was "electrocuted" when Mike Foxx threw water on her while she was holding a mic. They took her out in an ambulance and stopped the show before the main event even took place..

  95. November 22, 2003--Fund Raiser Show that raised more than $1,000 for a two-year-old boy with autism in Martinsburg, WV before 200 fans: Blood won hardcore barbed wire match over John Rambo, Shorty Smalls and Chuckie Manson, Tank Thomas def Prince Malik, Liathon def Justin Cage, Guetterboy won four-way over Davey Boy Schitz, Dino Devine and Duece Dontalli, Chris Nightmare & Shawn Patrick def Freak & Poindexter Alexander, Spyral over Paison Balsamo, Sandy Saltine, Jason Stone and Fumar, Hyjinx def OGB, Morgus the Maniac def Egon Ecton, Kevin Featherstone & Scott Vaughn def Rage Brothers and Big New Yorkers, Leslie Leatherman def Snatch Hagis, Jake Davis def Jason Statis, Samu def Dorian Deville..

  96. November 23, 2003--IHW in Fort Worth: Assassin def Midnight Cowboy, Spoilers def Jack & X, Samir def Bryan Ryder, Chris Richter & Dick Loin def Fatality & Gavin Young, David Fuller NC Joseph..

  97. November 23, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Biggie Biggs & Eloy Fiesta & Jay Blaze def Shane O'Brien & Erik Andretti & Dan McGuire, Vik Voorhees def Eddie Andrews, Aaron Stride def Tony Torres, Roman & Kevin Knight & Shawn Donovan def Fred Sampson & Brandon Young & Travis Blake..

  98. November 23, 2003--Revolution X in South Gate, CA: Gallinero IV def Hydro, El Mongol & Johnny Paradise & Lee Steele def Cyanide & Vega & Bigg E. Biggs, Jonny Webb def King Fuji, American Wild Child def Nikki, Supreme & Evil Lonestar def Buddy George & Lone Star, Dante won three-way over Legend and Adam Thornstowe, Zokre & Angel def Joey Ryan & Scott Lost, Rising Son def Phoenix Star, Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver def Babi Slymm & Chris Bosh..

  99. November 23, 2003--Insane Wrestling Federation/Border City Wrestling in Belleville, MI: Hacker & Gutter def A-1 & Petey Williams, Chris Clontz def Mike Legacy, Alex Shelley won three-way over Hayden Avery and Jimmy Jacobs, Necro Butcher def J.C. Bailey, Original Sinn (TNA) def Joe Legend-DQ, Legend & CK-3 def Sinn & Konnan, Johnny Bravo def Jaime D, Chris Sabin def Johnny Devine, Corporal Robinson & DBA def Deranged & Mr. Insanity, Shane Douglas def Raven

  100. November 27, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling in Knoxville: Jeff Anderson def J.R. Stardog, Lance Erickson def Ric Cannon, Sammy V def Stan Lee, Dirty White Boy def Jeff Anderson in a cage match, White Boy def Lance Erickson in a cage match, White Boy def Terry Landel in a cage match..

  101. November 27, 2003--Dory Funk's BANG TV Taping in Ocala, FL: Magnum The Giant (managed by Bobby Heenan) def Forsaken, Little Wahoo McDaniel def Yako Romero, Samson & Marcus Dillon def Bret Van Michaels & Simba, Adam Windsor def Forsaken, Shane Chung & Tommygun def Simba & Yako Romero, Bonecrusher def Big Cat, Magnum won Battle Royal, Hellcat def Missy Hyatt in evening gown match, Windsor def Marcus Dillon..

  102. November 27, 2003--American Wrestling Federation in Gonzalez, LA: Joey Homegrown def Bones, Stan Sweetan def Steve Southern, Scott Starr def Minotaur, Bryan Hart def TK Riot, Blade Boudeaux def ?..

  103. November 28, 2003--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Kings Mountain, NC before 80 fans: Jason Jones def Gladiator, Storm def Bambi, Johnny Blaze & Jesse Morris def Jason King & Chris Nelson, Ricky Morton def George South (ref bump and then Tommy Young hit the ring and counted the three). Ole Anderson and Tommy Young were there as guests.

  104. November 28, 2003--USWO in Madison, TN before 60 fans: Matt Catalano def Josh Moore, Christie Ricci def ODB, Devon Day def Kato, Chris Bomb def Craziness, Tim Renesto def Slacker J, Gary Valiant def Hot Rod Biggs, Dan the Man & Arrick Andrews def Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens-DQ..

  105. November 28, 2003--EWF in Covina, CA: West Coast Ryders def Johnny Star & Alex Pincheck, Mini Love Machine def Puma, Silly Willy & Jason Castro def Bino Gambino & Mad MacIntosh, Krazy K.C. & Ragin Dawg def El Negro & Bigg E. Biggs, Jason King def Kayam, Vizzion def Iceman, Bo Cooper NC Steve Masters

  106. November 28, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling from Knoxville: New Grappler def Dr. Dan-DQ, Norton Lewis def Scott Sterling, Cruizer Lewis def Chaos, Chaos & Blue Devil def Lewis Brothers-COR, Jeff Anderson def Lance Erickson...

  107. November 29, 2003--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, IN: Hypnosis def Liberty Kid, Hank Calhoun def Tommy Drastic, Jack Hammer def Big Mofo J, Ryan Paradise & James Vulgar def Brother Clay & Brian Carlucci, Phoenix def J.D. Elite, Dean Jablonski def Osyris..

  108. November 29, 2003--USA Pro Wrestling at the final Elks Lodge show in Queens: Fred Sampson def Tommi Trouble, Poppaliciouis won Royal Rumble that turned into an elimination mach, Christopher Street Connection def Solution, Los Lunatics def Trailer Park Trash and Envy to win six-man titles, Mike Tobin def Prince Nana, Low Ki def Sonjay Dutt, Mike Kruel def Devon Storm, Masked Maniac def Ken Sweeney, Louie Ramos won four-way over Johnny Bravado, New Dynamite Kid and Danny Demento, Deranged won three-way over Johnny Ova and Dan Barry, Mikey Whipwreck & Wayne def E.C. Negro & K.C. Blade to keep USA tag titles, Balls Mahoney def Axl Rotten in hardcore match, Bam Bam Bigelow & Chris Candido (as the Triple Threat from ECW days) def Simon diamond & Matt Striker, Shane Douglas def Sandman when Bigelow & Candido interfered, Raven def Al Snow in a very long match, ending with Raven as USA Pro champ, and the Triple Threat laying him out..

  109. November 29, 2003--Full Impact Wrestling in Pinellas Park, FL before 550 fans: Hellraizers won five-team gauntlet match over Heartbreak Express, Phi Delta Slam, Hardliners and The Hoard; Mike Graham def Joshua Masters, Dagon Briggs won three-way over Scott Davis and Robbie Chance, Scoot Andrews def Lex Lovett, Kahagus def Brian Gamble, Cyborg def Jeff Bradley, Hack Myers DDQ Antonio Banks, New Jack won Battle Royal, Dusty Rhodes & Bubba the Love Sponge def Kevin Sullivan & Ralph Mosca..

  110. November 29, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in DeSoto, MO: Sean Vincent def Jackal, Rat Boy def Richard Head, Cabal def Jeremy, Trainee #3 def Super Castaldi I, Shawn Almighty def Trainee #10, Croc def Makaze, Delirious def Jynx, Big Bad Ben def Kory Twist, Matt won three-way over Ian Storm and Outkast, Diamond Back Dingo def Pete Madden, Nikki Strychnine def MsChif..

  111. November 29, 2003--Neo Spirit Pro Wrestling in St. Catherines, ONT: Robin Knightwing & Joey Knight won three-way over Eric Young & Derek Wylde and Hacker & Jace Fury, Sean Spears beat Knoxx, Primo Scordino & Tony Carbonie def Marco Malaquis & Crazy Steve, Angel def Phoenix, Sinn def Kris Chambers, Floyd Osbourne def T.J. Harley, Tyson Dux def Cody Steele, J.T. Playa def Lazz..

  112. November 29, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling from Knoxville: Black Angel def New Grappler, Chaos def Ice, Lance Erickson def Deon Johnson, Lewis Brothers def Mike Hanson & Stan Lee, Dirty White Boy def Jeff Anderson. Bob Orton Jr worked last night in a commissioner role and awarded the heavyweight title to Lance Erickson..

  113. November 29, 2003--Revolution Pro Wrestling at City of Industry, CA before 300 fans: Stryker & El Mongol & Jack Durango def Hawaiian Lion & Lee Steel & Lawrence Tyler, Gringo Loco & Nemesis def Xtreme Loco & Vega, Johnny Paradise won Dojo Battle Royal, American Wild Child & Topgun Talwar & Babi Slymm def Chris Bosh & Quicksilver & Phoenix Star, Shamu Jr. def Piloto Suicida, Damian 666 & Halloween def Angel & Zokre, Scorpio Sky def Rising Son, Super Dragon def Taro in a mask vs. mask match..

  114. November 29, 2003--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Sawmills, NC: Jesse Morris def Chris Nelson, Jason Jones def Gladiator, Jason King DCOR George South Jr., Ricky Morton def George South Sr.-DQ..

  115. November 29, 2003--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, TN: Flex def One Man Alabama Chain Gang, Hayley Hatred def Sienna Blaze-COR, Adam Antieum def Rico Guerrero, C.J. Summers def Hex Hatred, Rage & Doink the Clown & Eclipse def Diamond Studd & Weapons of Mass Destruction..

  116. November 29, 2003--Intense Wrestling in Cincinnati: Triple M def Fabulous Frederick, Blue Tiger def Alexander Winnington, Gotti def Chaz Fonzworth III, Sean Shillelagh def Garf Redman, Syren won over Allie Spirit and Sonya Blackhawk, El Morro & El Gavilon def Jomott & Evil Security Guard-DQ, Brett Majors def Regulator..

  117. November 30, 2003--NAWA in Fort Worth: New Legacy def Bryan Ryder & Fatality, Seth Shai def David Fuller, Marvin def Dick Loin, Claudia def Emily & Candi, Assassin def Chris Richter..

  118. November 30, 2003--Prairie Wrestling Alliance in Edmonton at a night club before 100-200 fans: Duke Durrango d T.J. Wilson, Greg Pawluk def Phoenix Taylor, Dean Durrango def Marky Mark, Harry Smith def Tex Gaines, Ricky Rage def Dave Swift-DQ, Johnny Devine & Juggernaut & "Rick Vain NC Chris Steele & Highlander & Don Callis..

  119. November 30, 2003--Alianza de Lucha Profesional in Santiago, Chile: Sancue NC Mantis, Charles Leppe Baller Mercarder won three-way over Sexyo and Dozer El Coyote, Super Gemelo I def Rayo, Rey Armando def Junior Bundy, Fenis & Boogie won three-way over Santiago Sangriento & Bezohuru and Twiggy & Demenzia, Jason def Perfecto Bundy, Max Camus def Atalaya..

  120. November 30, 2003--All Pro Wrestling in Modesto: Dana Lee & Orlando Mathias & Akuma def Jimmy Ripp & white Tiger & Chris Colioni, Billy Blade def James Choi, Larry Blackwell & J.T. Hyatt NC Nathan Rulez & Lance Chandler, B-Boy won four-way over Scott Lost, Joey Ryan and Jardi Frantz for Internet title, Cheerleader Melissa def Madison, Robert Thompson def Vic Grimes..