Independent Wrestling Results - October 2003

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  1. October 3, 2003--Supreme Championship Wrestling in Madison, Indiana at the Madison Township Fire Department: Eric Draven pinned Cuzzin' Jethro, Sonya Blackhawk beat Starla Powers, Lucha 2000 def Fuego Rey in a "Loser Wears a Dress", Ricky Ruckus def Krazy Tom, Billy Maverick w/Stacy Starr def Gary Justice, Brandon Hunter beat Terrie Allen, ESP beat The Dysfunctional Family and The Lords of Chaos in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match..

  2. October 3, 2003--Ring Wars in Brock, ONT: Eddie Osbourne def Sean Spears, Magnus & Kidd Kopeland def Scottish Highlanders, Hornet def Danger Boy, Mikey Madrox def Jamie Jackson, Xzibit & Magnificent Matthew def Mike Albright & Johnny GeoBasco, New Jack def Notorious TID..

  3. October 3, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in Gatlinburg, TN: Jonathan McMurray def Scorpion, Hillbilly Cletus def Wayne Rogers, Jimmy Golden def Kendo, Dirty White Boy & Tim Horner def Baghdad Bullies (Jeff & David Anderson), Golden won Battle Royal. Ricky Morton no-showed..

  4. October 3, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Bull def Gemini, Bullman Downs def Dave the Rave, Chris Richter def John Allen, Kit Carson & Khris Germany def Punishers-DQ..

  5. October 4, 2003--Ted DiBiase Religious Ministry Show in Oshawa, ONT: Hacker def Tyson Dux, Eric Young def Joe E. Legend, Chris Sabin def Johnny Ova in a ladder match, Road Warriors def Buff Bagwell & Greg Valentine. After the show, DiBiase, Road Warriors, Bagwell and Valentine all talked about how God had changed their lives.

  6. October 4, 2003--USWO in Madison TN before 75 fans: Josh Moore won four-way over Tiny, J.C. Crowe and L.T. Falk (the 14-year-old son of Tony, and somehow I think 14 is a little young to be doing pro wrestling), Chris Bomb & Ty Blade def Matt Catalano (black shirt security on TNA) & Arrick Andrews, Bart Sawyer def Devon Day-DQ, K-Lo def Jason Nesmith, Valentina def Tracy Brooks, Tim Renesto NC Superfly P, Ty Blade & Goonees def Sinn & Chuck Taylor & Craziness..

  7. October 4, 2003--Intense Wrestling in Cincinnati before 60-70 fans: Sebastian Steele def Zak McGurie, Taiwan Kid def Mike McGurke, Gotti def Blue Tiger, Jomott def Evil Security Guard, Regulator def Sean Shillelagh, Chaz Fonzworth & Alex Fonzworth def Stan & Garf Redman, Brett Majors d Ike Jones..

  8. October 4, 2003--Southern States Wrestling in Church Hill, TN: Justin Sensation def Dream Machine, Iron Cross def Shawn Spencer, Tony Givens def Super Destroyer, Josh Cody def Beau James, Givens & Sensation def Destroyer & Spencer..

  9. October 4, 2003--International Wrestling Cartel in Munhall, PA: Al B. Damm def Troy Lords, Jimmy Jacobs def Alex Shelley, Josh Prohibition & M-Dogg 20 def Carlton Kaz & Lee Great, James Keenan def B.J. Whitmer, Matt Stryker def Super Hentai, Devil's Advocates def Ring Crew Express, Colt Cabana def Dean Radford, Dennis Gregory def T.Rantula, J.T. Rodgers def Eric Xtasy, Jimmy Vegas & Bubba the Bulldog NC Eric Angle & Dustin Ardine..

  10. October 4, 2003--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, TN: Bad Medicine (I wonder if he comes to the ring to a song called Dr. Wagner Jr--well, somebody will get that) def Adam Antieum, Jason Fear def Kevin Ages, Franchise def Rage, Eric Adamz def John Justice, Doink the Clown def Diamond Studd-COR, Jack Diamond NC Gabe Casteel..

  11. October 4, 2003--Pro Wrestling Guerilla in Los Angeles before 175 fans: Mr. Excitement & Phoenix Star & Taro def Lil Cholo & Zokre & Topgun Talwar, Disco Machine & Excalibur def Quicksilver & Chris Bosh, Scorpio Sky def Hook Bomberry, Super Dragon & B-Boy def Mark & Jay Briscoe, Pinoy Boy def Vito Thomaselli, Ballard Brothers def Scott Lost & Billy Kim, Adam Pearce def Joey Ryan, Frankie Kazarian won three-awy over A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels..

  12. October 4, 2003--Texas Xtreme Wrestling in Corpus Christi: Jacob Ladder def Mike Dell, Benancio Cruz def J.C. Hendrick, Lemus II & Manitis def Titan & El Atrevido-DQ, Virus def Enigma and Cyprezz in three-way, El Latino & Dell def Ladder & Reo, Massive def Black Gordman Jr..

  13. October 4, 2003--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Hartwell, GA: George South Jr. def Jason King, Jason Jones def Mike Lee, Jimmy Powell def Ethan Cage, Ricky Morton def Barbarian, Bambi def Storm, Superstar (really was Bill Eadie) def George South Sr. Ole Anderson was there signing autographs as well..

  14. October 4, 2003--Power Championship Wrestling in Elyria, Ohio: at The Elyria High School: The Rebel pinned J-Ice in a loser eats dog food match, Billy Maverick def King Paul by submission, Eric Draven beat Tommy Green in a tables match, Stacy Starr & Brandon Hunter beat The Super Clowns by countout, Phobia pinned Terrance Allen in a scaffold match, Andy Muscat won a 12 man Battle-Royal..

  15. October 4, 2003--ECWA in Wilmington, DE: Shaolin Wrecking Crew & Japanese Pool Boy def Mr. Ooh La La & Less Resistance, John Walters def Striker, Zaquary Springate III def Xero, Mike Kruel def Hijinx, Big Benny def Mike Bennett, Billy Bax & Rob Eckos def Inferno & Ruffhouse Rivera, Nick Malakai def J-Busta, Mozart Fontaine def J-Busta, Cyco def Johnny Maxx, Simon Diamond def Ace Darling, Cheetah Master & Louie Faraone & Bryan Russo def Prince Nana & Mega & Tyler Payne..

  16. October 4, 2003--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, Indiana at the 4-H Fairgrounds Family Arts Building: Chris Tindell def Jason Caemara, Jack Powers def Jesse Houston, Ice def Spazz by submission, Mike Winters def Billy Maverick by DQ, Sin-D def Cameron Starr to advance in the Women's Tournament, Austin James def Louis Lovins by DQ due to interference by Chris Tindell, Donny Idol & Dave Dynasty vs Pompano Joe & Jesse Hyde resulted in a no contest, Tiny Tim def Brian Beech in a Ladder Match...

  17. October 5, 2003--Neo Spirit Wrestling in St. Catherines, ONT: Los Jalapeno def Sean Spears., Marco Malaquis & Ruffy Silverstein & Crazy Steve def T.J. Harley & Ash & G.Q., Gnarly Hippie def Otis Idol, Primo Scordino & Tony Carbonie def Joey Knight & Robin Knightwing, Hacker & Jace Fury def Eric Young & Lazz, Cody Steele def Kris Chambers, J.T. Playa def Derek Wylde..

  18. October 5, 2003--DCW Wrestling in Melbourne, Australia: Brave Dave def Kraker Jak, Cleetus won three-way over Ricky Diamond and Mad Rock, Mad Dog def Slexx, Chip Douglas def Spike Steele, Ang Anarchy & Fran Smooth def Sebastian Walker & Jimmy Mustang, Criss Fresh won their title beating Jimmy Mustang with the Hogan-Nash one finger push, and then announced his retirement..

  19. October 5, 2003--EWF in San Bernardino, CA: Jason King def La Migra Dave, Jason Castro won three-way over Silly Willy and T.J. Tazz, Vizzion def Krazy K.C., Los Chivos def West Coast Ryders, Ragin Dawg def Bino Gambino, Misterioso & Steve Masters def Bo Cooper & Jason Castro..

  20. October 6, 2003--Superstars of American Wrestling in Danville, Illinois at the Danville Bingo Hall: Gravedigger def Mephesto to become the first S.A.W. Ironman Champion, Bubba Black beat Bryan Johnson by DQ, Fist of Rage beat Krusher by countout, Apollo beat Phsycho, Funky Cowboy beat Buckwheat in a "Falls Count Anywhere" match, Lust def Lucy, Chris Jester & Eric Draven def Bruiser Brady & The Phoenix..

  21. October 6, 2003--Premier Championship Wrestling in Loyall, Kentucky at the Loyall High School: Tony Glory def Blade, Brian Storm beat Kimo Phatu, Billy Maverick beat Ryan Dookie, Jimbo Collins beat Riot, Mike Stone & Regulator def Scotty Raye & Tim Lightning, Overkill def Drake Barr, Eddie T def Brad Steiner by submission, JD Biggs & Chuck Lee def Paul Michaels & Joey Bravo..

  22. October 7, 2003--Power Championship Wrestling in Youngstown, Ohio at the Youth Center; Stacy Starr pinned The Majestic Prince, Brandon Hunter won a six-way elimination battle against The Rebel, Brandon Scott, Ben Smith, The Eternal Nightmare & Shades, Billy Maverick & Eric Draven def Foolish Pleasure, Dark Star battled Northern Dancer to a no-contest, Kauai King pinned Roger Blade to earn a shot at the PCW title, Quentin Towne pinned Seattle Slew..

  23. October 10, 2003--Big-Time Wrestling from Newark, CA before 500 fans: Bulldog Brian Raymond def Jason Allgood, Boy Scout Dan def White Trash, Shane Kody (son of former wrestler Woody Farmer) def Vennis DeMarco (no relation to Paul), Ballard Brothers def Hopsing Lee & Emperor with former Roller Games skater Ice Box as referee, Jason Styles def Frankie Kazarian, Jeff Hardy def Wild Storm..

  24. October 10, 2003--SPW in Sacramento: Hijo de Chupacabra won elimination match, Payback & Flawless def Rage & Coyote Jones, Lance Bermuda won elimination match over Super Dave, Bruce Bukkake, Kryptonite and Chupacabra, Dante & Flaco Loco def J.D. Bishop & Jack Dalton, Hard Cory Dayton & Blake Vercetti def Kruze Brothers-DQ, Adam Thornstowe def Brady Dezire, Hunk Golden won three-way over Preston Steele and Fredo Dinelli, Sal & Vito Thomaselli won tag team gauntlet match..

  25. October 10, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Scott Phoenix def Bull-DQ, Gemini def Office Scott, Bullman Downs def Bling Bling, Convicto def Cyclone, Kit Carson & Khris Germany & Drunk Adam & Scott Phoenix def Doom Thugs & Punishers..

  26. October 10, 2003--Pro Wrestling Indiana in Scottsburg, Indiana at Scottsburg High School: "Ruffboy" Eric Draven & Black Rain def The Danger Rangers ...Ben Smith def The Rebel in a "First Blood" Match...Stylin' Stacy Starr beat Lucha 2000 by submission...Mason The Mangler destroyed Fuego Rey... Mad-Dawg Murphy pinned Justin Tyme..."Ruffboy" Eric Draven pinned Shades...Heavyweight Champion Billy Maverick beat Phobia, Curley Bill, & Rip Bouncer in a Gauntlet Match..

  27. October 10, 2003--Ring Wars in Collingwood, Ontario before 102 fans: Xzibit & Magnificent Matthew def Mikey Madrox & Brown Hornet, George Tergis DCOR Johnny GeoBasco, Mike Albright def Kidd Copeland, Magnus def Max Omega, Highlands def Xzibit & Matthew-COR, Notorious TID def Thorn..

  28. October 10, 2003--Midwest Powerhouse Wrestling in Quincy, IL: Marcus Mansfield def Christian Haze, Jaden def Gary Michael G, Big Country def Agent U-DQ, Chico Es Loco won three-way over Steven Bishop and Jason Wells, Searcher def Yingish Yang, Searcher & Haze & Loco & Country def Mansfield & Wells & U & Yang in elimination match..

  29. October 11, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Louis: Trainee DD def Super Castaldi IV, Jeremy Lightfoot d Jackal, Chaz Wesson def Super Electro, D'Mon G DCOR Cabal, Diamond Back Dingo def Rat Boy, C.J. McManus won four-corners match over Billy McNeil, Mike Sharona and Outkast, Jynx def Makaze, Kory Twist def Ian Storm, MsChif def Daizee Haze, Nikki Strychnine def Delirious..

  30. October 11, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation TV Taping in Burlington, NC at the Carolina Sports Arena: Otto Schwanz def Joey Silvia, Sean Powers def Mitch Norris, Ric Converse def Rob McBride, Kurt Solo & Matt Houston def Brass Munkey & American Steel Ninja, Xsiris def Kid Justice, Brad Rainz & Brad Attitude def Southside Playas, Corey Edsel & C.W. Anderson def Drake Tungsten & Hugh B. Johnson..

  31. October 11, 2003--Wisconsin Organized Wrestling in Milwaukee before 125 fans: J Reil d El Vato, Super Scooper def Blaster, J Kash def Hillbilly Hills, Derek St. Holmes def Mike Samson, Silas Young def Vertigo, Excessive Force won four way over Urban Heat, J Reil & J Kash and Big Daddy Dews & Ike Andrews to win tag titles..

  32. October 11, 2003--American Championship Wrestling in Fortville, IN: Ric Ravage won three-way over Bobby Black and Kris Kage, TVZ won three-way over Ivan Burden & Riot, Hillbilly Jed def John Wall, Sheik of Baghdad def Dom DeMarco, Kenny Nash def Bouncer, Johnnie Walker def Damien Cole, Bobo Brazil Jr. & Marty Graw def Skip Radisson & Rob Kincade, Uncle Ernie def Russian Assassin..

  33. October 11, 2003--Revolution Pro Wrestling in City of Industry, CA: Bigg E. Biggz & Gallinero IV def Johnny Paradise & Extreme Loco, El Mongol def Stryker, Chris Bosh def Hydro, American Wild Child & Angel & Black Metal def Vega & Nikki & Rosa Salvaje, Shamu Jr. def Acero Dorado, Scorpio Sky def Disco Machine, Super Dragon won Pride of Mask 3 elimination over Quicksilver, Taro, Rising Son, Phoenix Star and Zokre..

  34. October 11, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Wilmington, OH: Jesse Hyde def American Eagle, Mack the Knife & Jac Attack def Average White Guy & Tony Bryant, Roger Ruffen def Kaos-COR, Brain Beech def Ice-DQ, Matt Parks def Jay Donaldson, Pompano Joe def Christopher Michael Lotus, Chad Allegra def Ryan Stone..

  35. October 11, 2003--Supreme Championship Wrestling in Madison, Indiana at the Madison Township Fire Department: Billy Maverick def Simply Stunning Stevie Sanchez...TV Champion Brandon Hunter & Phobia def Fuego Rey & Mr. Desire... "Pretty Hott" Adrian Scott beat Mad Mac Davis by disqualification...The Dysfunctional Family def Xtreme Lee Dangerous & Fast Eddie... "1 BAD MoFo" Cru Jones beat The Navajo Warrior by submission... Hardcore Champion Mason The Mangler beat Ghostwalker..."Ruffboy" Eric Draven def "HHL" Joey Moore in a TLC Match..

  36. October 11, 2003--PCW in Arlington, TX: Mike Foxx def Brandon Groom, Jared Steele def Nobe Bryant, G-Slice def J.T. LaMotta and Oscar in three-way, Mike Foxx won over Brett Barnes, C-Diddy, Chris Stevens, Justin 2 Fine and Evil E in a TLC match..

  37. October 11, 2003--UIPW in Erie, PA: Al B Damm won Battle royal, Kevin Grace def Adam Cage, Al B Damm & Carlton Kaz def Devil Bhudakahn & Aero, Josh Prohibition def Raymond Right, Sebastian Dark & Kingdom James def Big Hungry Chuck & Big Thirsty Jake, Eric Xstasy def J-Rocc, James Keenan def Fabulous in ladder match, Matt Cross def Jerry Lynn to win vacant title (huge ovation)..

  38. October 11, 2003--Slam All Star Wrestling in St. Albans, VT: Michael Monroe def Slick, Bert Williams def Mackoie Schrody-DQ, Bubba Franklin & Scott Scarsdale def Chuck Deep & Nick Neighborhood, Froz Roddy def Jeremy Powers-COR, Texas Outlaw def Punk & Justin Kidd, Northern Studd def Extreme, Maxx Burton & Alexandra Heiress def Thornn & Shana, Punk won Battle Royal, Bull def Punk-DQ, Bull & Texas Outlaw def Punk & Justin Kidd-DQ..

  39. October 11, 2003--Full Impact Wrestling TV Tapings in St. Petersburg: Kid Lethal def Jason Moore, Scott Davis def Kenny the Natural Blonde, Sean & Phil Davis def Robbie Chance & Leon Scott, Black Knights def Dale Apollo, Manny Montana def Aaron Epic, Kahagas def Brian Gamble, Dagon Briggs def Thump Dupree, Joshua Masters def Ralph Mosca in a lumberjack match...

  40. October 11, 2003--Delaware Championship Wrestling in Dover: Zac Connor def Vapor, Chris Dynasty & Crazy Shae def Kento Sai & Andre Stele, Damian Adams def Mo Sexy, Johnny Thunder def Kendall Kodine, Mark Briscoe def Mike Xylas, Simply Luscious def Becky Bayless, Glenn Osbourne def Vic Divine, Justice Pain def Jeff Hamrick, Josh Daniels def Derek Driver, Scotty Charisma & Dragonfly def Jeff Rocker & Red Hot Russ-DQ, Jay Pride NC Slacker Martin, Dylan Kage def Julio Dinero, Flash Williams def Dan Butler, Chris Hamrick def Jay Briscoe to keep DCW title..

  41. October 12, 2003--Top Notch Wrestling in Greenwood, NS: Stingray def Bobby Hudson, Mark Jabroni def Brian McFly, Pied Pipers def Scott Norris & Ernie Bodd, Frankly Irresistible def Michael Henshaw, Mark Jabroni won Battle Royal..

  42. October 12, 2003--Maritime Cup Tournament in Halifax: Mike Hughes def Duke MacIssac, Gary Williams def Tony Armstrong, Scott Savage def Sonny Rossell, Bobby Rude def Lincoln Steen, Bobby Rude def Gary Williams, Scott Savage def Mike Hughes (Savage injured), Legion Cage def Scott Phoenix, Bobby Rude def Mike Hughes to win the tournament..

  43. October 12, 2003--NAWA in Fort Worth: David Fuller def Dick Loin, Jason X def Ber, Adam Arson def Pinnacle, Lord Fatality def Assassin, Jerry Brown def Bryan Ryder, Dick Loin def David Fuller, Chris Richter def Jeff Brown..

  44. October 12, 2003--AWF Wrestling Australia in Oakhurst, New South Wales: Mark Hilton def Pete Volante, Stephen Ravenous & Future Shock def Billy Flywat & Crimson Mask, Amy Action def Webmistress, Dean Draven def Krackerjack, Mad Dog McRea def Adam Beford & P.C Virus, Tony Kebab def Greg Stekker, TNT def Cremator..

  45. October 12, 2003--New Empire Wrestling in Winston Salem, NC at the VFW Hall: Ravishing Ritchie & Pure Playa def Tony Lane & Kid SinSation, Max Cortez def Jack Mack, Grease def Rob McBride, J-Money def Corey Edsel, The Crew (Brass Munkey, American Steel Ninja, GeeStar) def Brad Stutts & The Unholy Empire (Matt Houston & Kurt Solo)..

  46. October 12, 2003--Monster Pro Wrestling in Edmonton before 225 fans: Kris Knight def Bobby Sharp, Brady Roberts NC Tom Macdonald, Chris Raine & Matt Richards def Evan Inferno & Kenny Omega, Johnny Handsome def Winston Flynn, J.D. Michaels NC Sean Houston, Massive Damage & Johnny Wiseguy & Big Jess NC Chi Chi Cruz & Boris von Fit & King Lau..

  47. October 13, 2003--Superstars of American Wrestling in Danville, Illinois at the Danville Bingo Hall: SAW Ironman Champion Gravedigger def Psycho in a title def ense...Bubba Black beat "Brickhouse" Bryan Johnson in a Blindfold Match...Lust & Stylin' Stacy Starr beat Lucy & Anita Dix...The Phoenix beat Apollo...Bubba Black beat Action Jackson thanks to interference by The Droid...Hawaii 5.0 beat The Kleptomaniacs (Ripp & Gripp)..."Ruffboy" Eric Draven def Fist of Rage in a Chain on a Pole Match… SAW Heavyweight Champion Chris Jester def Bruiser Brady..

  48. October 13, 2003--Premier Championship Wrestling in Harlan, Kentucky at the Old Hall Gymnasium: Cruiser weight Champion Tony Glory def Riot...Ryan Dookie beat Scotty Raye & Kimo Phatu in a 3-way Match...US Champion Drake Barr beat Danaconda...Heavyweight Champion "Countryboy" Jimbo Collins beat Space Cadet..."Beautiful" Billy Maverick def Tim Lightning by DQ...Hardcore Champ Overkill def Brad Steiner..."Pretty Boy" Eddie T def Chris Creature by submission... Tag Team Champions "Lonewolf" Mike Stone & The Regulator (The Brotherhood) def The Thugs..

  49. October 14, 2003--Impact Zone Wrestling TV taping in Phoenix: Lawrence Tyler def Crock, Chris Kole def Gentleman G, Rogue Roberts def Mr. Harris, Jack Bull def J-Rizod, John Williams def Hollywood Yates-COR, Jack Durango DDQ G.Q. Gallo..

  50. October 14, 2003--Revolution X in South Gate, CA before 100 fans: Hydro & Johnny Paradise & Nemesis def Big E. Biggz & Gallinero IV & Sexy Chino, Buddy George & Jethro def Billy Kim & Lee Steel, Nikki def Fire, Angel def Big Babi Slymm, Supreme def Lonestar, AWC & Black Metal & Zokre def Quicksilver & Phoenix Star & Vega, Rising Son def Chris Bosh, Scorpio Sky def Joey Ryan to keep Revolution Pro jr. title, Disco Machine def Super Dragon..

  51. October 15, 2003--River City Wrestling in Winnipeg, MB: Pepito def Jerin Rose, Corey Diamond def Johnny Patterson, Vic Savage & Madman Muir & Carver Gleason def Max Black & Ox Anderson & Laurence Fozworth, Reggie Gallagher & Justin Tyme def Bubbles McFly & Ric Matthews to win the RCW tag team titles, Reggie Gallagher & Justin Tyme co-won a Battle royal..

  52. October 15, 2003--CWF in Winnipeg, MB; Steve Cox b. Zack Mercury ... Brian Jewel Dble CO vs. Mike Mountain ... Phoenix Dreamwalker b. Slurpee Makwa ... Ryan Wood b. T.J. Bratt by DQ ... Kerry Brown b. Rob Stardom – non-title match ... Zack Mercury & Ryan Wood b. Steve Cox & T.J. Bratt

  53. October 15, 2003--EWE in St. John's, NF; Kid Karnage b. J. Hardcore ... Wally Garvis b. Lance Romance ... Lance Romance b. Freddie Youngblood ... Freddie Youngblood b. Wally Garvis ... Kilfoy b. Norman Tharx ... K.O. b. 2 Dam Hyp ... Magnus b. Jonny Chaos ... Kilfoy & KO b. 2 Dam Hyp & Magnus

  54. October 16, 2003--Main Stream Wrestling in Dartmouth, NS: Paco Loco b. Derek Trahma by DQ ... Lincoln Steen b. Vinny Glyde ... Calum Macbeth b. Cinder ... Scott Savage b. Tony Armstrong to win the MSW title

  55. October 16, 2003--CWF in Winnipeg, MB; Mike Mountain b. Phoenix Dreamwalker ... T.J. Bratt b. Cassa Nova Kid ... Ryan Wood b. Darien Karisma ... Big Kahuna b. Masked Mark ... Phoenix Dreamwalker & Darien Karisma b. T.J. Bratt & Ryan Wood

  56. October 17, 2003--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Winchester, IN: Stryc-9 def Apollo Star, Liberty Kid & Hypnosis def Hank Calhoun, Jamie Morrison def Donny Idol, Tsunami def Osyris-DQ, Ryan Paradise def Jack Hammer, Bear def German Quinn, Phoenix def Anarchy, Chad Collyer def Johnny Mac, Void Effect def The Dons to win tag titles, Dean Jablonski def Brandon Bishop..

  57. October 17, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Eric Idol def Chris Richter, Gemini def Bullman Downs-DQ, El Convicto def Adam Arson, Drunk Adam & Scott Phoenix def Punishers, Idol def Richter, Krusher Kong & Bull def Kit Carson & Khris Germany..

  58. October 17, 2003--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Southbridge, MA before 123 fans: Antonio Thomas def Agent Steele, Brian Black & Mini def Adam Hastey & Eddie Edwards, John Walters def Sedrick Strong, Luis Ortiz won four-way over Slyk Wagner Brown, Chi Chi Cruz and Vince Vicallo, Cueball def Rick Daniels & Larry Huntley & Sonny Roselli in handicap bout, Maverick Wild def Dr. Heresy in dog collar bout, Adam Booker & Frankie Armadillo def Billy Kryptonite & Kid Krazy..

  59. October 17, 2003--Future Stars of Wrestling in Bradenton, FL: Roderick Strong def Erik Stevens, Chasyn Rance def Tarantula, Leon Scott def Barney Rumble, Black Night won hardcore Battle Royal, Natural Blonds def Mark Zout & Heater, Bad Boy def Son of Sicily & Vinnie Sarducci (isn't he in the Round Table commercial), BoneZ def Norman Smiley..

  60. October 17, 2003--Supreme Championship Wrestling in Madison, IN at the Lide White Boys & Girls Club: El Vibora def Feugo Rey & Mr. Desire in a 3-way, Big Kev def Crazy Tom in an impromptu match, The Dysfunctional Family def Havok & Mac, Cheri def Badger, Mason The Mangler (Hardcore Champ) def Donnie Cobain, Eric Draven def Austin Kane, Billy Maverick & Brandon Hunter def The Rebel & Shades...

  61. October 17, 2003--Stampede in Didsbury, AB: Apocalypse b. Rod Rage ... Greg Pawluk b. Dean Durrango ... T.J. Wilson b. Randy Myers ... Nattie Neidhart b. Belle Lovitz ... Karnage b. Kid Nicholls ... Johnny Devine & Duke Durrango b. Marky Starr & Jason Carter ... Harry Smith b. Dave Swift

  62. October 17, 2003--Cutting Edge Wrestling in St. John's, Newfoundland at the C.L.B. Armoury: Magnus b. Nexus to win the Inter-Cities title ... Chris Payne b. Nelson Bragg ... Teret b. Harry Belch ... Bodyguards b. Tony King & Tommy Manson ... Quentin Barboni b. Norman Tharx ... Intruder b. Steve Reid ... Travis b. Seaman White to unify the CEW North Atlantic and Newfoundland Heritage titles..

  63. October 18, 2003--TXW in Corpus Christi: Benancio Cruz def Tito Sanchez-DQ, Riff Morrison def J.C. Hendricks, Joker & El Latino def Benancio Cruz & USA Kidd, Titan def Lemus II, Jacob Ladder & Valik def Virus & Cyprezz, Massive def Flaming Rose..

  64. October 18, 2003--APW Halloween Hell in Newhall, CA before 75 fans: Lil Cholo won three-way over Steve Pain and Infernal, Vennis DeMarco def Billy Blade, Babi Slymm def Dana Lee, Disco Machine def Joey Ryan, Scorpio Sky def Scott Lost to win lightweight title, Frankie Kazarian def Matt Stryker, Danny Daniels def Adam Pearce-COR, Super Dragon def Vic Grimes..

  65. October 18, 2003--CPW in Moorefield, WV: Shane Shadows def Roughhouse Matthews, Tiffani Monroe def Millie Mascaras (cool name), Ravishing Red Dog def Bobby Keller, Brock Singleton DDQ Uncle Mikey Baritona, Shadows & Keller & Singleton & Zubov & Mercury Flash def Johnny Graham & Big Johnson & Baritone & Roughhouse & Red Dog..

  66. October 18, 2003--PCW in Arlington, TX: Chris Stevens def Sytmetrico, Mike Foxx def Steve DeMarco-COR, B.J. Cummings won three-way over Brett Barnes and G-Slice, Stevens def Dragonflies, Shadow def John Allen & Mike Thunder..

  67. October 18, 2003--MMWA in Michigan before 350 fans: Gutter def Sinn (TNA), Joe Legend def Bobby Bambino, Antagonists def Petey Williams & Magnum Conroy, Bump n Uglies def Tommy Starr & Eddie Venom, Tracy Brooks (TNA) def Jamie D, Nate Webb def Jerry Lynn, Jimmy Jacobs def Jamie Coxx, Legend def Jamie D, Matt Maverick & Jimmy Shawlin & Frankie the Face def Jim Duggan & Tommy Starr & Johnny Swinger..

  68. October 18, 2003--Carolina Championship Wrestling in Hickory, NC before 88 fans: Ned Brady (former WCW dude) NC Mack Truck, Ravishing Richie & Adam Irons def Kurt Solo & Matt Houston, Cory Kanyon def Nitro Bo Ikard and Jerry Rains in 3-way, Miles Long def Rev. Slim, Judge Stone & Brock & Ash Phoenix def Able Atoms & Dr. Feelgood & Phil Shattner, Kenny V def Bill Mudd..

  69. October 18, 2003--Chikara Wrestling in Allentown, PA before 100 fans: Mr. Zero won Battle Royal, Jolly Roger def Rorschach, UltraMantis def American Gigolo (AAA), Hallowickid def Zero, Jigsaw def Sumie Sakai, Wild Cards def F.I.S.T., Mike Quackenbush def Skayde to win the Mexico-based AULL middleweight title in 2/3 fall match..

  70. October 18, 2003--EWA in Ludlow, MA before 151 fans: Vince Vicallo def Jose Perez, Brian Black & Mini def Dr. Heresy & Andre Lyons, Chi Chi Cruz def Sedrck Strong, Adam Booker def Agent Steele, Billy Kryptonite won three-way over Kid Krazy and Frankie Armadillo, Sonny Roselli won Battle Royal, Chris Camero & Mikaze def Johnny Curtis & Cue Ball, Antonio Thomas def Maverick Wild..

  71. October 18, 2003--British Uprising II in London before about 900 fans: Jack Xavier def Homicide, Nikita (not OVW woman although this woman is said to be hot as well) def Mark Sloan, C.M. Punk def Colt Cabana, Ulf Hermann & Mikey Whipwreck def The Family, Hade Vansen def Flash Barker to become All-England champion, Burchill def Hampton Court, Jonny Storm def Justin Credible to keep XPW European title, Doug Williams def James Tighe 2/3 falls to keep FWA title..

  72. October 18, 2003--Afa's WXW Show drew 200 fans in Mt. Carmel, PA for a TV taping: Joey Knight & Robin Nightwing (Toronto) def Team Target, M-Tizzle def A-Dude, Crazy Ivan def Vordell Walker, Mana def Bison & Weave, Gene Sniski def Tommy Suede, J-Busta def Anthony Michaels, Supreme Lee Great def Nick Destiny, Cindy Rogers & Phoenix def Pyscho & Frankie V, Rapid Fire Maldonado def Mark Gore, Cliff Compton DDQ Joey Bishop, Los Lunatics & Boogalou def All Money is Legal & Dizzy, Nuisance & L.A. Smooth & Samoan & Jamal (Ekmo) def Monsta Mack & Rick Chamberland & Papadon & C.J. Moore, Billy Dream def Sniski..

  73. October 18, 2003--Pro Wrestling Indiana in Scottsburg, Indiana at the Scottsburg High School: Eric Draven (Internet Champ) def Brandon Hunter, Mason The Mangler def The Desecrator by DQ, Curley Bill def Crusher Adams, The Dirty Cowboys def Hankey Pankey, Boy Wonder def Bo Duke by CO, Billy Maverick (PWI Champ) beat Shades by submission..

  74. October 18, 2003--ACWA in Morganville, NJ: Don Montoya won Royal Rampage, Ryan Wing def Montoya, Kevin Knight def Wing, Trinity Campbell def Alicia, Sienna Blaze def Alere Littlefeather, Bobby Piper & American Express def Orphan & Slayer & Father Ozzy, Campbell def Blaze, C.J. Summers def Roman in a bullrope match..

  75. October 18, 2003--Stampede in Calgary, AB; Randy Myers b. Jason Carter ... Dean Durrango b. Kid Nicholls ... Dave Swift d.w. Greg Pawluk ... Johnny Devine Dble CO vs. T.J. Wilson ... Karnage b. Apocalypse

  76. October 18, 2003--Real Canadian Wrestling in Barrhead, AB; Chance b. Joey Syxx ... Angel Starr b. Tianna Wilson to win the first RCW Women's title ... Dante Priest & Damon Mercury b. Squiigy Magoo & Mr. X ... Steven Hawkes b. Bi-Polar -- Hardcore match, to win the RCW Hardcore title ... Dante Priest won a bunkhouse battle royal to win the RCW Heavyweight title

  77. October 18, 2003--All Star in Cloverdale, BC; El Delinquente, Robby Lance, & Dustin Snyder b. TKO, Damon Scythe & Trollberg ... Abbadon b. T. Kasaki ... Wrathchild b. Rage ... Layne Fontaine b. Jason Sterling ... Black Dragon b. Tony Kozina ... Freddie Funk b. Fabulous Fabio

  78. October 18, 2003--IWS in Laval, QC: Arsenal b. Sexxxy Eddy ... Crazy Crusher & Nightmare Manson b. Tomassino & Eric Mastrocola ... Kid Kamikaze b. Beef Wellington ... Pierre Carl Ouellet b. Kevin Steen & El Generico (3-way) ... Excess 69 & Green Phantom b. The Angry Aryans

  79. October 18, 2003--XWF in Quebec: Rage b. Riddick ... Willy Money b. Patriot ... Nasty b. Johnny No Good ... Kickmaster b. Michael Knox ... Hip Hop Traction b. Bad Boys ... Elvis Gaumont b. Justin Payne ... Jacko no contest vs. Mad Max & Billy Sexbomb (3-way)

  80. October 19, 2003--ECCW in Chilliwack, BC: El Fuego Fantastico def Jay Jacobe, Scotty Mac def Dropkick Murphy, Rage & Vid Vane def Rico Cojones & Disco Fury, Vance Nevada def Shawn Morgan, MR won Battle Royal..

  81. October 19, 2003--No Name Wrestling in Poinciana, FL: Snowman & Wickid def Rico Casanova & Flatline, Leon Scott d Deathrow Jethro, Maree-O def Barney Rumble, Kubiak def Matt Kuma, Jerrelle Clark def Mark Zout, Chasyn Rance def Less Fortunate, Scott Hotshot def Norman Smiley..

  82. October 19, 2003--Ultimate Championship Wrestling-Zero in Salt Lake City before 100 fans: Los Mochi Pedro def Tristan Gallo-DQ, Kon Cushion def Justin Wilde, Morgan & Mastadon def Payge Turner & Chan Moody, Derrick Jannetty def Blitz, Billy V def ?, Los Mochi Paco def Validus-DQ..

  83. October 19, 2003--Impact Zone in Phoenix: Top Gun Talwar def Jack Durango, G.Q. Gallo & John Williams def Oooshaa Brothers, Bronco & Rey Condor def Ase Trebol & Andromido, Cassandro & Shamu Jr. def Rosa Salvaje & ?, Huracan Ramirez Jr. & Principle Unlimited & Profesta def Acero Dorado & Cobarde Jr. & Piloto Suicida, Blue Panther & Ultraman & Blue Demon Jr. def Rey Misterio Sr. & Cobarde Sr. & Nicho..

  84. October 19, 2003--Power Championship Wrestling in Elyria at The Elyria High School: Eternal Nightmare def Brandon Scott, Eric Draven def Seattle Slew by dq, Tommy Green def Dark Star, The Super Clowns vs Foolish Pleasure resulted in a double countout, Terrance Allen def Andy Muscat by submission, Phobia won an 8 man Hardcore Battle-Royal..

  85. October 20, 2003--Superstars of American Wrestling in Danville, Illinois at the Danville Bingo Hall: Apollo vs Psycho went to a double DQ, Bryan Johnson beat Joe Miles and Mephisto in a 3-way Dance, SAW Women's Champion Lust beat Anita Dix, The Phoenix beat Blade by countout, The Droid beat Action Jackson, Hawaii 5.0 beat The Sexy Boyz to advance in the Tag Team Tournament, Eric Draven def Gravedigger to win the Ironman title, Chris Jester (SAW Champ) def Bubba Black to end Black's perfect record..

  86. October 20, 2003--Premier Championship Wrestling in Loyall, Kentucky at Loyall High School: Blade def Tony Glory to capture the LHW Title, Scottie Adams def Kimo Phatu in a street fight, Drake Barr (US Champ) def Danaconda in a "Loser Leaves PCW" match, Billy Maverick def Kid Grunge, Rip & Rage (The Maniacs) def Buzzkill & Ice, Overkill (Hardcore Champ) def Spider X, Riot def The Rebel, Jimbo Collins (PCW Champ) def Black Rain...

  87. October 21, 2003--Power Championship Wrestling in Youngstown at the Youth Center; Billy Maverick & Eric Drave def Brandon Hunter & Phobia, The Rebel def Chad Pleasure, Andy Muscat vs Terrance Allen went to a Time Limit Draw, Stacy Starr def Bunny Luscious in a Mud-Wrestling Match, Dark Star def Northern Dancer in a "Brass Knuckles Challenge", Quentin Towne (PCW Champ) pinned Kauau King...

  88. October 23, 2003--Premier Championship Wrestling in Winnipeg, MB at The Stratosphere Night club: Rawskillz b. Cisco Satanico, Greg Romijn b. The Gigolo, Chris Stevens Dble CO vs. King, Robby Royce b. Moses Luke, Kenny Omega b. Donny DiCaprio..

  89. October 23, 2003--Main Stream Wrestling Dartmouth, NS at Doolittle's Bar & Grill: Cinder b. Tony Armstrong ... Outcast b. C.N. Power, Calum Macbeth b. Paco Loco, Paco Loco b. Outcast, Lincoln Steen & Scott Savage b. Derek Trahma & Vinny Glyde..

  90. October 24, 2003--USWO in Madison, TN before 85-90 fans: K-Lo def Josh Moore, Slacker J def J.C. Crowe, Heavy Maddle def Robbie Ruffin-DQ, Valentina def ODB in a 2/3 match with bikini contest, arm wrestling and lumberjack match, Dan the Man def Tiny Bear, Superfly P & Gary Valiant def Tim Renesto & Devon Day-DQ, Lethal Weapons def Crazy Sexy Cool..

  91. October 24, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Louis: Jeremy def Croc, Daizee Haze def Trainee #10, Chris Hargas def D'Mon G, Makaze def Jynx, Kory Twist def Outkast, Chaz Wesson def Pete Madden, MsChif def Ian Storm, Nikki Strychnine def Diamond Back Dingo, Kid Kash won three-way over Matt Sydal and Delirious..

  92. October 24, 2003--EWF in Covina, CA before 120 fans: Rudy Luna def Bino Gambino, Silly Willy def Johnny Starr, Vizzion won three-way over Kenny King and Ragin Dawg, Patriot def Alex Pinchek and Mad Macintosh, Jason King def Kayam, Bo Cooper def Big Q..

  93. October 24, 2003--PCW in Altadena, CA before 80 fans: Biggie Biggz def Plague-DQ, Sexy Chino def Jason Bennett, Silver Tyger & Chippy Sanchez def Scott Lost & Billy Kim, Lil Cholo def Steve Pain, Infernal def Apollo Khan & Dante, Damage Inc. def Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver, Joey Ryan def Hook Bomberry, Super Dragon def Angel-DQ

  94. October 24, 2003--Sacramento Pro Wrestling in Sacramento: Brian Raymond won Battle royal, El Hijo de Chupacabra & Flaco Loco def Jack Dalton & Bruce Bukkake, Brian Raymond d Adam Thornstowe, Steven Currie def Lance Bermuda, Corey Dayton def Rage, Mike Rayne def Steele, Clint Douglas & Shane Dynasty def Kryptonite & Sacred Dragon, J.D. Bishop def Blake Zeto in casket match..

  95. October 24, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Mike Thunder def Officer Scott-DQ, Gemini won three-way over Silver Eagle and Chance Romance, Chris Richter def Eric Idol, Khris Germany def Bull-DQ, John Allen & Mike Thunder def Officer Scott & El Convicto..

  96. October 24, 2003--Full Impact Wrestling TV Taping in St. Petersburg, FL at the Arena: Kid Lethal def Aaron Epic, Pat Powers & Pat McGroin def Robbie Chance & Jaison Moore, Dagon Briggs won three-way over C.B. Cane and Black Knight, Scoot Andrews def Dale Williams, Antonio Banks def Scott Davis, Kahagus DDQ Brian Gamble, Ralph Mosca & Demo def Joshua Masters & Fetish, Phi Delta Slam def Heartbreak Express, Cyborg (who won a national seniors championship in wrestling) def Vampire Warrior-DQ, New Jack & Hack Myers def Axis & Python in a TLC handicap match..

  97. October 24, 2003--Unknown from Salisbury, England: Five Star Flash def Mikey Whiplash, New York Street Fighter def Frankie Sloan, P.N. Neuz def American Dragon, Jonny Storm def Dean Allmark, American Dragon won Battle Royal..

  98. October 24, 2003--No Name Wrestling in Kissimmee, FL: Snowman def Leon Scott, Jerrelle Clark def Ricky Romero, Naphtali def Flatline, Rance def Heater, Rumble & Dupree def Maree-O-Brothers, Roderick Strong def Sedrick Strong & Erick Stevens, James Bullock def Mideon, Scott Hotshot def Barry Horowitz..

  99. October 24, 2003--ECCW in Vancouver, BC at the Croatian Centre: Matt Classic b. Aaron Idol, Michael Raines b. Abbadon, Adam Firestorm b. Shane Madison, El Fuego Fantastico b. Shawn Morgan, Madison b. Avalon, Rocky Dellaserra b. Ladies Choice, Scotty Mac & Ja Jacobe & Vid Vain & R.A.G.E. b. Vance Nevada & Disco Fury & Major Hardway & Dropkick Murphy in a War Games cage match..

  100. October 24, 2003--PWA in Edmonton, AB at NAIT Gym: Marky Mark b. Tex Gaines, Duke Durrango & Greg Pawluk no contest vs. T.J. Wilson & Dave Swift, Randy Myers b. Chip Worthington, Johnny Devine & Juggernaut b. Ace Davis & Crazy Dean by DQ, Highlander b. Phoenix Taylor, Chris Steele b. Rick Vain..

  101. October 25, 2003--Midwest Powerhouse Wrestling in Godfey, IL: Searcher def Yingish Yang, Jerry Michael G & Gary Michael G def Jaden & Trinity, Bob Orton Jr. def Damian Blade, Trinity def Gary Michael G-DQ, Agent C & Agent U def Bob Orton Jr. & Crocodile Kid..

  102. October 25, 2003--BANG in Ocala, FL: Little Wahoo McDaniel def Sledgehammer, Samson & Marcus Dillon def Bonecrusher & Big Cat to win tag titles, Adam Windsor & Little Wahoo McDaniel def Bubba McCoy & Simba, Bonecrusher def Magnum the Giant in taped fist match, Dixie def Bubba McCoy, Bonecrusher def Simba, Magnum the Giant def Samson to win TV title, Window def Marcus Dillon..

  103. October 25, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in DeSoto, MO: Jynx def Shawn Almighty, Trainee #3 & #10 def Daizee Haze & Super Castaldi I, Big Bad Ben DCOR Cabal, Kory Twist & Jeremy def Chaz Wesson & Chris Hargas, MsChif def Lady Victoria, Ian Storm def Pete Madden, Diamond Back Dingo & Outkast def Kid Kash & Matt Sydal..

  104. October 25, 2003--Pro Wrestling Iron in Santa Cruz, CA: Bart Blaxton won Battle Royal, Damyon Dollaz def Jason Moody, El Flaco Loco won three-way over Hook Bomberry and Big Ugly, Bart Blaxton & Mad Mikey def Ballard Brothers, Apollo Khan & Jett Taylor & Lars Dauger def Tony Jones & Ryan Drago & Jack Dalton, Vito & Sal Thomaselli def Super Diablo & Rockero del Diablo..

  105. October 25, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Travis Blake def Erik Andretti, Jay Blaze def Vik Voorhees, Tony Torres def Aaron Stride, Biggie Biggs def Shane O'Brien-DQ, Dan McGuire def Eddie Andrews, Fred Sampson won three-way over Brandon Young and Shawn Donovan..

  106. October 25, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: Ahmed Johnson paid tribute to Hawk before the show. Cowboy Dalton def Scotty Kuzma, B.J. Cummings def Steve DeMarco, John Allen def C-Diddy, Action Jackson & Shadow NC Mike Foxx & Gabe Roach..

  107. October 25, 2003--AWS at City of Industry, CA before 40 fans: King Jakkal def Bigg E. Biggz, Excalibur def Johnny Paradise, Adam Pearce def Disco Machine, Piloto Suicida def Acero Dorado, Super Boy & Capitan Oro def King Favi & Chilango, Al Katrazz def Babi Slymm, Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver def Zokre & Phoenix Star, Tinieblas Jr. def Punisher..

  108. October 25, 2003--APW Holiday Hell in Hayward: Big Sal def Akuma, Larry Blackwell & Orlando Mathias NC The Beach Boyz, J.T. Hyatt def Billy Blade, Joey Ryan def Vennis DeMarco, Jardi Frantz def Scott Lost, Cheerleader Melissa def Chris Colioni in a tuxedo evening gown match, James Watkins def Robert Thompson when Thompson did the Jeff Jarrett lay down, Joe Applebaumer (Pogo the Clown) def Jimmy Ripp, Vic Grimes def Super Dragon..

  109. October 25, 2003--Impact Zone Wrestling in Phoenix: Tommy Walker def Sky Simon, Fone (a cordless phone) def Mr. Harris when Rogue Roberts used a DDT on Harris and put Fone on top (that's right up there with Steve Prazak in the late 80s saying he was going to wrestle the Blue Blazer and then doing a wrestling match with a sports coat), Monster Mayhem def Rogue Roberts, Top Gun Talwar DCOR Jack Durango, John Williams def The Crock, Reaper (Navajo Warrior) won a Halloween Battle Royal with people dressed like Undertaker, Matt Hardy, a pizza delivery guy and Honky Tonk Man among others, Lawrence Tyler & G.Q. Gallo NC Mike Nox & Derrick Neikirk..

  110. October 25, 2003--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, TN: Diamond Studd def Inmate, Rage & Doink the Clown def Hex & Haley, Flexx def Kevin Ages, Jason Fear def Eric Adamz, Rage & Doink def Weapons of Mass Destruction-DQ..

  111. October 25, 2003--Ringside Wrestling Federation in Spencer, IN: Jordan Blake def Legacy, Marty Graw def Rob Ramer-DQ, Uncle Ernie def Executioner, Blake def Abdul, Ramber def Bouncer, T.J. Powers & Austin James def Itch Coma Weider & Marty Graw, Ronnie Vegas def Michael Manson..

  112. October 25, 2003--EWF in Desert Hot Springs, CA before 250 fans: Bino Gambino def Psycho Silly Willy, J.C. Castro def Alex Pincheck, Krazy K.C. def Stitches and Super Natural, Vizzion def Johnny Starr, Los Chivos DDQ Big Q & Kenny King, Bo Cooper def Jason King, Steve masters & Ragin Dawg def West Coast Ryders..

  113. October 25, 2003--New York Wrestling Connection in Deer Park, NY: Matt Hype def Dynasty Dan, Havok def Lamar Porter, Ken Scampi def Damien Dragon, Silvaman NC J-Silva, Tyler Payne won three-way over Dickie Rodz and Mikey Whipwreck, Iceberg def J.D. Lishus, Mike Tobin def Mayhem, Tony Burma def Vinny Stylin-DQ, Wayne DCOR Ru Starr, Dan Barry & Curse def Mason Raige & Johnny Ova..

  114. October 25, 2003--Independent Wrestling Revolution in Warren, MI: Gutter won Battle Royal, Jimmy Shalwin & Bobby Bambino def Deranged & Mr. Insanity, Conrad Kennedy III def Jaimy Coxxx, Eddie Venom def Mr. Insanity, Frankie the Face won four-way over Kamikaze, Tommy Johnson and Don Crisis, Anthony Rivera & Truth Martini def Bobby Bambino & Jimmy Shalwin, Nate Mattson def Gutter..

  115. October 25, 2003--Norwegian Wrestling Federation from Trondheim, Norway before 400 fans: Gromguten def Big John, Byron Lawless def Storm Olsen, Geist def Daniel Sebastian, Lawless def Gromguten, Erik Isaksen def Bjorn Sem to win Norwegian title..

  116. October 25, 2003--Unknown from Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, England: Dean Allmark def American Dragon, SpiderMask def Mikey Whiplash, Jonny Storm def Tagori, Robbie Brookside & James Mason NC P.N. Neuz & New York Street Fighter..

  117. October 25, 2003--FWA in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England: Max Voltage & Dan Head def Raj Ghosh & Rishi Ghosh, Ian Logan def Stixx, Mark Underwood def Ross Jordan, Harry Mills & Dan James & Andy Simmonz def Urban Gang Starz & Aaron Herne, Burchill def Aviv Mayaan, Mark Sloan def Graham Hughes, Eamon Shrahan def James Tighe..

  118. October 25, 2003--WAW in Norwich, Norfolk: Sweet Saraya & Nikki Best def Kharisma & Destiny, Steve Quintain def Crash, Phil Lea def Zac Zodiac, Phil Powers & Ashe def Dave Waters & Bulk, Thunder def Zebra Kid-DQ, Jake Roberts NC Jimmy Ocean, Hot Stuff def ricky Knight, Kraft won Battle Royal..

  119. October 25, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation TV Tapings in Burlington, NC: Krazy K & Dexter Poindexter def Jason Parker & Alex Stone, Rob McBride def Brad Stutts, Sean Powers & Mitch Norris def Trent Wylde & Kenny James, Hugh B. Johnson & Drake Tungsten & Xsiris def American Steel Ninja & Brass Munkey & Corey Edsel, J-Money def Kamikaze Kid, C.W. Anderson def Quinson Valentino, Gemini Kid & Mikael Yamaha won three-way over Kurt Solo & Matt Houston and Brad Rainz & Ric Converse..

  120. October 25, 2003--South Eastern Championship Wrestling in Orlando: Chasyn Rance def Johnny Schumacher, Chris Nelson & Alex Porteau def White Scorpion & David Wayne, Leon Scott def Barney Rumble, Deathrow Jethro def Mikey Quick, Rance & Eight Ball def Angel of Darkness & Rico Casanova, Manny Montana def Chris Michaels, Unchained Outlaws def Jethrow & Rumble, Rick the Reaper & Snowman def Wildman Brody & Kubiak, Brian Gamble def Kahagus & Montana, Michaels def Wade Bass, Ryze & Unchained Outlaws def Thump Dupree & Michaels & Porteau..

  121. October 25, 2003--Wrestling and Respect in Lima, OH: Stamp Lickage def Brian Beech, Jeff Cannon def Producer, Mr. Main Event & Tiny Tim & Loverboy Steve & Dyson Pryce def Scufflin Hillbillies, Chad Collyer d Nigel McGuiness 15:00, Elvis Elliott def K.C. Thunder, Steve Stone & Ryan Boz def Apollo Starr & Brian Ireland, Dexter Dementia def Dusty Dillenger, Stevie Lee def Danny Daniels..

  122. October 25, 2003--CCW in Quebec City, QC: Brick Crawford & Jester b. Gabriel Timberlake & Perfect Genetics, Senor Kid b. Davey Jackson, Z-Ro & Radd Addams b. X-Core, Jake Matthews b. Lance Hammer, Bone Collectors b. Steel Inc, Handsome J.F. b. Kurt Lauderdale, Kevin Steen b. Kevin Martel, Kona b. Sunny War Cloud to win the CCW title ... Extreme Revolution b. Simon Sanders & The Arsenal..

  123. October 25, 2003--CWA in Montreal, QC at Bogey's World: Pain Squad b. Nike Boys ... Danny Dubois & Scream b. Mike Lyons & Jonasy ... Maxx Pain b. Sweet Pete ... Sexxxy Eddie b. TNT ... Jason b. Freddie by DQ ... Tank Ali was the sole survivor of an 8-man elimination tag team match... Enforcer & Twisted b. Face of Death & Green Phantom..

  124. October 25, 2003--MWF in Laval, QC: Angry Aryans b. Aaron Shane -- Handicap match ... Tomassino b. Excess69 ... Jack Cruise & Twiggy b. Shayne Hawk & Pornstar Juan ... Christopher Wells & The Agents b. X-Ode, Rocky Stone, & Eli 40 ... Kid Kamikazee b. Darren Knife ... Bad Radiation b. Above Standard; Wonder Fred & Kid Krazy; Dave Rastelli & Red Hot Jimmy (4-way) ... Jay Charismo & Trip2Night b. Remy Fichaud & Maniako ... Beef Wellington b. Stevie McFly to win the MWF National title ... Angry Aryans b. Takao & Kenny the Bastard..

  125. October 25, 2003--NCW in Montreal, QC at the NDR Centre: Chris Stevens b. Dan Paysan; Alex Price & Julie the Red Fuxxx (4-way) ... Sexxxy Eddy b. Gilbert the Menace ... Stalker b. James ... Gorgeous Mike b. Nova Cain ... Manuel Vegas b. Jayzon Reaper ... 2.0 b. Jackal & Bishop ... Raid b. Black Eagle ... Steven the Sweet Boy & Dennis Sensation b. Sexxxy Eddy & Kazuko Yeroshima ... Chase Ironside b. Franky the Mobster..

  126. October 26, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: C.J. Summers def Travis Blake, Shawn Donovan def Brandon Young, Aldo & Joey Sheer def Vik Voorhees & Chris Steeler-DQ, Fred Sampson def Kevin Knight-DQ, Dan McGuire def Sean Royal, Biggie Biggs & Eloy Fiesta def Shane O'Brien & Erik Andretti

  127. October 26, 2003--IWA in Moca, PR before 400 fans: Noriega def Espectro, Paparazzi def Blitz, Victor the Bodyguard def Shan Hi, Stefano def Tommy Diablo, Chet Jablonski def Chicano, Shane & Eric Craven def Bison (Smith) & Huracan Castillo, Ray Gonzalez def David Flair-DQ..

  128. October 28, 2003--Impact Zone Wrestling TV Tapings in Phoenix: Derrick Neikirk def The Crock (HHH gives one line on TV five years ago and a wrestling character is born), Jack Bull & Chris Kole def Oooshaa Brothers, Mike Nox DDQ Jack Durango, G.Q. Gallo def Hollywood Yates, John Williams def Tommy Walker, Rogue Roberts def El Pantera, Monster Mayhem def Sky Simon, Jack Bull def Mr. Harris, Kole def Gallo, Nox & Neikirk def Crock & Durango..

  129. October 28, 2003--Championship Wrestling in Camden, TN before 175 fans: Flamingos def Tony Anthony (not the DWB) & Alex Crisis, Tojo Yamamoto Jr. NC Gypsy Joe (not th eoriginal), Don Bass def Havoc, Nasty Bill & Moondog Spot def Ricky Murdock & Randy Rocket, Blade Boudreaux def Bobby Eaton..

  130. October 29, 2003--EWF Benefit Show for the Southern California firefighters in Yucaipa, CA: Silly Willy def Alex Pinchek, Bino Gambino won three-way over Johnny Starr and Cole Dawson, Jason King def Ragin Dawg, Mad MacIntosh def Oso, West Coast Ryders def El Negro & Biggie Biggs, Steve Masters def Mr. B

  131. October 29, 2003--EWE in St. John's, NF at Club Etomik: Rob Moore & Norman Tharx b. Kid Karnage & J. Hardcore ... 2 Dam Hyp b. Magnus ... Freddie Youngblood b. Lance Romance & Wally Garvis (3-way) to win the EWE Lightweight title ... Nexus b. Larry Angel in an evening gown match ... D.C. Money b. Jonny Chaos in a Kendo Stick match ... K.O. b. Kilfoy to win the EWE Heavyweight title..

  132. October 29, 2003--CWF in Winnipeg, MB at Coyote's Night Club: Brian Jewel b. Darien Karisma ... Ryan Wood b. Hulk Hoagie ... Mike Mountain b. Al Ghore to win the CWF Hardcore title ... T.J. Bratt b. The Axe ... NWA Canadian champion Rob Stardom b. Kerry Brown in a barbed wire death match to retain the title..

  133. October 30, 2003--Southern States Wrestling in Kingsport, TN: T.J. Phillips & Justin Sensation def Scotty McKeever & Super Destroyer, Tony Givens def Cuban Assassin, Big Daddy def Jason Kincade, Chuck Jones def Ricky Morton, Beau James def Josh Cody

  134. October 30, 2003--CCW Stairway to Hell in Evansville at the Coliseum: Chris Hero def Emil Sitoci, ODB def The Vocalist, ODB def Pansy, Loco Diablo def Hyzaya, Viper & Grunge def Chase Stevens & Thrilla in a tables, hatchet and chairs match, Lonestar def Big Nasty in bullrope match, Corporal Robinson def Bart Sawyer, Necro Butcher won four-way over Dove C, Bonz and Billy Black in a 4,000 thumb tacks match, Corporal Robinson won hardcore Battle Royal..

  135. October 30, 2003--CWF in Balcarres, SK at the Peepeekissis School: Bobby Jay b. Darien Karisma ... Ryan Wood b. T.J. Bratt ... Mike Mountain b. Al Ghore ... Phoenix Dreamwalker b. Rob Stardom by DQ ... Phoenix Dreamwalker, Ryan Wood, Darien Karisma, & Al Ghore b. Kerry Brown, Bobby Jay, Rob Stardom & Mike Mountain..

  136. October 31, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Dallas at Smirnoff Music Center at a concert that featured Marilyn Manson, Staind and Sevendust: B.J. Cummings def Dade Venge, Action Jackson def Gabe Roach-DQ, Steve DeMarco def Shadow-DQ, C-Diddy & Newman def John Allen & Mike Thunder..

  137. October 31, 2003--USWO in Madison, TN before 80 fans: L.T Falk & Slacker J & Josh Moore def J.C. Crowe & Tiny Bear & Psycho Sam, Dan the Man def Chuck Taylor, Chase Stevens def American Psycho, Valentina & Rocksan def ODB & Kathy, Tim Renesto NC Gary Valiant (they used a saw as a foreign object, but luckily, nobody was sawed in half), Devon Day def Superfly P, Lethal Weapons def Arrick Andrews & Matt Catalano..

  138. October 31, 2003--Ring'n'Ears featuring Toronto heavy metal bands at the 360: Mikey Madrox won over Rory McAllister, Robbie McAllister and Gorilla Jones, Custom Made Man DDQ Magnificent Matthew, Custom Made Man & George Terzis NC Magnificent Matthew & Xzibit, Notorious TID def Phil Latio, New Jack def Bull Skullion..

  139. October 31, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Chris Richter def Eric Idol, Bling Bling def Aldo Nova, Gemini def Officer Mike-DQ, Richter DCOR Idol, Krusher Kong & Bull def Drunk Adam & Scott Phoenix, El Convicto NC John Allen..

  140. October 31, 2003--Ring Wars in Toronto, ONT at The 360 Club: New Jack b. Bill Skullion ... Notorious T.I.D. b. Phil Latio in a Kendo stick match ... Custom Made Man wrestled to a double disqualification with Magnificent Matthew ... Custom Made Man & George Terzis wrestled Magnificent Matthew & Xzibit to a no contest in a tables match ... Mikey Madrox b. Robbie McAllister, Rory McAllister, and Gorilla Jones in a 4-way match..