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Independent Wrestling Results - September 2003

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  1. September 1, 2003--Premier Championship Wrestling in in Corbin, Kentucky at the Cumberland Parkway Flea Market: Cruiserweight Champion Tony Glory def Ice & J.V. Insanity in a Triple Threat Match, Billy Maverick beat Raybob, Mike Stone beat Hardcore Champion Overkill but it was changed to a non-title match after the fact by temporary commissioner Eddie T, The Regulator beat Ace Sinsation, J.D. Biggs def Kimo Phatu by submission, Colt Steele beat Chuck Lee by DQ..

  2. September 2, 2003--Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling in Spartanburg, SC before 278 fans: David Isley def George South, Gary Royal def Damien, Bambi def Storm, Buff Bagwell & American Eagle (subbing for no-show Rick Steiner) def Rikki Nelson & Russian Assassin, Dusty Rhodes def Sonny Siaki. Bobby Eaton no-showed..

  3. September 2, 2003--Alabama Wrestling Federation in Mobile, AL: Bombaloco def Impact, Dan Diamond won three-way over 2 Quick and Damian LaVaye, Kory Jackson def Bombaloco, Steve (from Jerry Springer) def Achy Breaky Kidd, Tony Sweatt def Juice, Raine Quappone & Jon Byson def Scott Armstrong & Bob Armstrong. Road Dogg no-showed this card..

  4. September 2, 2003--IWF in Brownsville, TX: Golden King & Colonel def Phantom Lord Spiro & Steve DeMarco, Mad Dog Johnson def Dade Venge, Dade Venge def Phantom Lord Spiro, Psycho Simpson def Colonel, DeMarco DCOR Dusty Wolfe, Golden King & Kandy Kane def Psycho Simpson & Nurse Hotbody, Mad Dog Johnson def Dusty Wolfe..

  5. September 5, 2003--Border City Wrestling in Toronto before 500 fans: Derek Wylde def Cody Steele, Bobby Rude def Tornado, Tyson Dux won three-way over Alex Shelly and Kris Chambers, D-Lo Brown def Sinn, Gutter & Gnarly Hippie def Ruffy Silverstein & ?, Chris Sabin def Eric Young to keep TV title, Jim Duggan & Jim Neidhart def A-1 & GQ. By far the biggest pop of the night was Dustin "Screech" Diamond who came out during the main event..

  6. September 5, 2003--Wisconsin Organized Wrestling in South Milwaukee: Rob Norwood & Chris Mason def Angel Armoni & Austin Aries, Silas Young def Kevin Krueger, Sgt. Medallion def Shawn Daivari, Eric Hammers won Battle Royal, Derek St. Holmes def Mike Samson, Tough Tom def Big Daddy Dews..

  7. September 5, 2003--Ring Wars in St. Catherines, ONT: Magnificent Matthew def Johnny GeoBasco, Los Jalapenos def Shawn Spears, Notorious TID def Brown Hornet, Mike Albright def Xzibit, Bill Skullion def Kidd Kopeland, Magnus NC Skullion, Phil Latio def Custom Made Man in ladder match..

  8. September 5, 2003--Empire Wrestling Federation in San Bernardino, CA: Black Steele DCOR Super Natural, Bino Gambino def Silly Willie, Bo Cooper def Johnny Starr, Vizzion def J.C. Castro, West Coast Ryders def Jason King & Mad MacIntosh, Los Chivos def Steve Masters & Ragin Dawg..

  9. September 5, 2003--UCW in Springfield, TN: Jeff Crowe def Rob G Rock, Terry England won three-way over Mikey Dunn and Cat Taylor, Larry Valentine & John Caesar def Chris Michaels & Kid Thrilla, Kid Thrilla def Jason Clinard, Bobby Eaton def Chris Michaels..

  10. September 5, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX for a TV taping: Jerry Brown def Bull, Khris Germany def Gemini, Bullman Downs def Cyclone, Scott Phoenix def Bull, Drunk Adam def Kit Carson..

  11. September 5, 2003--Promociones Hego in Tijuana: King Tiger def Juvy, Scream & Tazmaniac def Fly & Trueno, Espia Chino & Mohicano & Shamu def Babe Cobra & Dragon & Tigrillo, King Azteca & Lizmark Sr. & AAA Mascara Sagrada def Enfermero Jr. & Highlander & El Texano, Latin Lover & Misterioso & La Parka Jr. def Cibernetico & Hector Garza & Pirata Morgan..

  12. September 5, 2003--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Southbridge, MA before 142 fans: Antonio Thomas def Chi Chi Cruz, Larry Huntley & Sonny Roselli & Legion Cage def Jim Nastic & Paul Hazard & Ring Crew Dan, Brian Black & Mini def Kid Mikazi & Zr Xtreme, Cueball & Nick McKenna def Eddie Edwards & Adam Hastey, Adam booker & Frankie Armadillo DDQ Billy Kryptonite & Kid Krazy, Luis Ortiz def Chris Hamrick, Cueball & McKenna def Black & Mini to win tag titles, Maverick Wild def Dr. Heresy to win EWA title..

  13. September 5, 2003--BCW in Port Alberni, BC: Honky Tonk Man def Ladies choice to win their world title, Michelle Starr def Scotty Mac, Dirty Money & Mas Diablo def Cody Washington & Moondog Manson to win tag titles..

  14. September 6, 2003--BCW (Afternoon) in Port Alberni, BC: Honky Tonk Man def Scotty Mac, Michelle Starr def Rocky Della Serra, Dirty Money & Mas Diablo def Cody Washington & Moondog Manson, Ice d Joe Morley..

  15. September 6, 2003--BCW (Night) in Port Alberni, BC: Scotty Mac won the title in a three-way over Honky Tonk Man and Ladies Choice, Della Serra def Michelle Starr, Cody Washington & Moondog Manson def Mas Diablo & Dirty Money to win tag title, Ice def Joe Morley..

  16. September 6, 2003--IFC at the Pepsi Center in Denver: Allen Sullivan def Eric Escobedo, One-night tournament first round: Tom Sauer def Sean Gray (alternates match), Renato Babalu Sobral def Trevor Prangley, Mauricia Shogun Rua def Erik Wanderlei, Jeremy Horn def Mikhail Avetisyan, Forrest Griffin def Chael Sonnen, Sauer def Sullivan, Chilo Gonzalez def Jody Poff, Babalu Sobral def Rua, Horn def Griffin, Non-tourney matches: Doug Evans NC Brad Gumm, Amanda Buckner def Ginelle Marquez, Nathan Marquardt def Steve Gomm, Ron Waterman def Gerry Vrbanovic, Tournament final: Sobral def Horn via unanimous decision to win title..

  17. September 6, 2003--Ozark Mountain Wrestling TV Taping in Branson, MO: Bart Sawyer & Chad McFarland def Dusty Wolfe & Tim Warcloud, Christie Ricci def Venom, Shock def Kevin White, Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas def Saxon & Mr. Wrestling III (who is usually Dusty Wolfe), Tracy Smothers def Kevin Northcutt, Lord Humongous def Chris Harris, Kevin White def Shock, Bart Sawyer & Chad McFarland & Christi Ricci def Dusty Wolfe & Warcould & Venom, Kevin Northcutt def Tracy Smothers, Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas def Saxon & Mr. Wrestling III, Chris Harris def Lord Humongous. Lollipop and Athena from TNA both worked as managers on the show..

  18. September 6, 2003--BANG House Show in Ocala, FL: Bonecrusher def Sledgehammer, Sledgehammer def Samson, Adam Windsor d Magnum the Giant..

  19. September 6, 2003--HWA in Batavia, OH before 150-175 fans: T.J. Dalton & J.T. Stahr def Riggs Brothers, Big Al def Dru the Don (subbing for no-show D-Lo Brown), Dean Jablonski def Hoss, Helena Heavenly def A.J., Brother Clay def Rick Burns, Quinten Lee def Rory Fox, Pepper Parks & Ice Cream Man Tony B def Chet Jablonski & Cody Hawk, Nigel McGuiness def Chad Collyer to win HWA title..

  20. September 6, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Blanchester, OH: American Eagle won three-way over Jesse Hyde and Austin Meddler, Zodiac def Jason Caemera, Ice def Tony Bryant, Pompano Joe def Christopher Michael Lotus, Jay Donaldson def Mack the Knife, Chad Allegra def KAOS-DQ, Psycho Sam def King Kahuna, Matt Parks def Ryan Stone..

  21. September 6, 2003--PCW in Altadena, CA before 100 fans: El Diablo def Apolo Khan, Bo Cooper def Supa Badd, Steve Pain & Infernal def Silver Tyger & Chippy Sanchez, Disco Machine def TARO, Steve Sanchez DDQ Mike Vega, Nick Berk def Scott Lost, Matrix & Preston Scott & Jason Bennett def Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver & Sexy Chino, Joey Ryan def Lil Cholo, Kaos def Messiah..

  22. September 6, 2003--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento before a reported 634 fans: Dave Drexler def Hook Bomberry, Sal Thomaselli & Hardcory Dayton def Gordy Lightfoot & Mikey Tenderfoot (Florida guy), J.D. Bishop won three-way over Brian Raymond and Adam Thornstowe, Blake Zeto def Jesus Kruze, Angel the Hardcore Homo & American Wildchild def Vega & Phoenix Star, Jack Dalton won elimination match, Dante won four-way over Luster the Legend, Mike Rayne and Beto Kruze..

  23. September 6, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX for a TV taping for UPN-21 in Dallas: Jared Steele def Dade Venge, Chris Stevens def Steve DeMarco-COR, John Allen NC Dade Venge, Mike Foxx def Shadow-COR..

  24. September 6, 2003--Italian Championship Wrestling in Genova: Mr. Excellent def Kyo Kazama, The Judge def Golden Hornet, The White Crow def Diablo Rojo, Los Anticristos def Pain & The White Crow..

  25. September 6, 2003--ECWA's Jim Kettner 36th Anniversary Show in Newport, DE: Kid Makaze & Japanese Pool Boy def Mega & Tyler Payne, Prince Nana def Pete Gas, Shaolin Wrecking Crew def J-Busta & Mozart Fontaine, Zaquary Springate III def Nick Malakai, Christopher Daniels def Mike Kruel, Cyco def Ray DiOrio, Billy Bax & Rob Eckos def Ruffhouse Rivera & Benny Stolzfus, Johnny & Joey Maxx def Ace Darling & Striker to win tag titles..

  26. September 6, 2003--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, TN: Kevin Ages def Adam Antieum, Kid Homicide def Little Larry D, Skull def Rage, Weapons of Mass Destruction won three-way over Eric Adamz & Diamond Studd and Flex & Gabe Casteel, Jack Diamond def Jason Fear..

  27. September 6, 2003--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in St. Petersburg, FL before 225 fans: Pat Powers & Frankie Capone def Pretty Fly & Boles Azoles, Justice def Agent Steele, Shane Twins def Sedrick Strong & OG Scarface, Navy Seal def Havoc, T-Bolt & David Mercury & Stash def Kevin Devine & Manny Montana & Daddy Pimp, Roderick Strong def Johnny Vandal, Hotshot NC Cashyn Rance, Mark Zout DCOR Brian Anderson, Antonio Banks def Rod Steel, Steve Madison def Tommy Vandal, Naphtali def David Babylon, Lex Lovett def Mike Sullivan..

  28. September 6, 2003--ICW Pro Wrestling in Wilmington, NC before 128 fans: Solitude def D.Z. Hyde, Leo Alure def Malachi, Duke Richards def Marc Ash to win ICW title, Dark Starr def Blood Lust, Baine def Leo Alure, Vax & Vinnie Vain def Bobby Austin & Cage, PRoc d Trailer Park Heat, Creeping Death def Poison, Marc Ash DDQ Dark Starr..

  29. September 6, 2003--OMLL in Chicago: Tigre def Viento Maya, Caudillo & Azteca de Oro Jr. def Golum & Guerrero Nocturno, Dorado & Mosca def Lancer 2000 & Air Force Jr., America Salvaje & Poder Boricua def Air Force & Principe Franky..

  30. September 6, 2003--Revolution Championship Wrestling in LaSalle, IL: Vanilla Shakes def Army of Darkness, Eric Marx def Daryk St. Holmes, Terry Allen def Cameron Cage-DQ, Cru Jones won three-way over Brandon Thomaselli and Jason Allen, Lacey def Rain, Shawn Daivari def Austin Aries, Ryan Boz def Danny Daniels, Vito Thomaselli def Ace Steel..

  31. September 6, 2003--Empire State Wrestling in Tonawanda, NY before 230 fans: Cade Cassidy def Jamin, Mastiff def Dre Gibson, J.P. Hawke & Damian Alexander & Randy Walker def Deacon & Bishop & Omen, Benjamin Smythe def El Lucha Grande, Marc Mandrake def Flatline, Chris Cooper def Ryan Hazard, Sakura def Danny Magic, Jonny Puma def Lance Steel..

  32. September 6, 2003--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, Indiana: Vile def "All-American" Shawn Parks, Spazz def "Outlaw" Jesse Houston by DQ, "Average White Guy" Mike Winters def by "Beautiful" Billy Maverick, Austin James def "Playboy" Louie Lovins by DQ, Syren def Whipme Spears after interference by Cameron Starr, the Badstreet Express (Dynasty, Idol, and Houston) def Spazz, "Cousin" Cooter Clampett, and Big Mike D, Tiny Tim vs Brian Beech in a best two out of three falls match. Beech won the first fall, Tim won the second fall, and a double pinfall was scored on the third fall..

  33. September 7, 2003--Supreme Championship Wrestling in Madison, Indiana: Jamie Morrison and Sonya Blackheart went to time limit draw, Mutilator def Fuego Rey, Mason the Mangler beat Loki to retain the HC Title, Brandon Hunter beat The Rebel, DF beat ESP by DQ, Eric Draven beat Phobia and Black Rain in a Triple Threat Match, Billy Maverick beat TJ Lightning in a Ladder Match..

  34. September 7, 2003--Force 1 Wrestling (promoted by Brad Kohler and Dave Webber) in Ramsey, MN before 150 fans: Magnus def Danny Dominion, Ken Anderson def Mitch Paradise, Adrian Lynch def Shawn Daivari, C.M. Punk def Austin Aries, Lenny Lane def Mad Mikey, Jeff Jarrett def A.J. Styles..

  35. September 7, 2003--FMLL in Compton, CA: Jaguar de Oro won three-way over Rudy Venegas and Blue Shadow, Zokre & Phoenix Star def Chris Bosh & Nemesis, Al Murrieta & Misterioso Mohicano def Trueno & Corsario-DQ, Angel & American Wild Child & Bigg E. Biggz def Gallinero IV & Rocky & Rosa Salvaje, Solar & Principe Unlimited def Crazy Boy & Acero Dorado Jr., Pantera & Elvio Reyes def Shamu Jr. & Original Gangster, Profeta & Apolo de Oro d Aguila Azteca & Rayo de Plata (double pin), Aguila Azteca & Rayo de Plata def Solar & Principe Unlimited, Profeta & Apolo de Oro def Pantera & Elvio Reyes to win the tournament..

  36. September 7, 2003--Main Event Promotions from Canton/Massillon OHIO: Lones Oaks def . Supa Lucha, Chiyudo Ropa def . Jebediah Yoder, Justin Diaz def . Chris "Sound Guy" Morgan, Shane Sensation def . Wilbur Whitlock, Mr. Insanity def . Deranged..

  37. September 8, 2003--Premier Championship Wrestling in Corbin, Kentucky at the Cumberland Parkway Flea Market: Overkill & Blade def Tony Glory & Raybob, Billy Maverick beat Kimo Phatu, Mike Stone beat Justin Sweet, J.T. Funk beat Chuck Lee by DQ, Colt Steele def US Champ Drake Barr in a non-title match, J.D. Biggs vs. The Regulator resulted in a no contest..

  38. September 11, 2003--Southern States Wrestling in Kingsport, TN: Tony Givens def Mike Cooper, Shawn Spencer def Brian Overbay, Justin Sensation def Josh Cody, Blonde Bombers def Givens & Sensation-COR, Brad Batten def Vic the Bruiser, Nightmare & Super Destroyer def Ricky & Todd Morton..

  39. September 12, 2003--Maximum Pro Wrestling TV Taping in Fort Lauderdale before 150 fans: Julio Dinero & Chaz Warrington def Market Crashers, Chris Sabin def Christopher Daniels when A.J. Styles interfered, Norman Smiley def Scoot Andrews, D-Lo Brown had a squash which saw Shane Douglas run-in, a Battle Royal ended with no winner when Sandman and New Jack both interfered and talked about how they were the last two keeping alive the hardcore legacy, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger def Fidel Sierra & Antonio Banks, Buff Bagwell def Luther Biggs, Chris Daniels NC AJ Styles when Chris Sabin interfered, Vampire Warrior & David Johnson def Sean Allen & Payne, Sandman def New Jack, AJ Styles won three-way over Chris Daniels & Chris Sabin to become MXPW TV champ, Norman Smiley & Konnan def Julio Dinero & Chaz Warrington, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger def Vampire Warrior & Johnson to win tag titles, DLo Brown def Shane Douglas --- Kevin Kelly and Don Callis were there as announcers..

  40. September 12, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Khris Germany def Eric Idol, Kit Carson def Cyclone, John Allen def Bullman Downs, Hellraiser Hark def Chris Richter, Scott Phoenix & Drunk Adam def Krusher Kong & Bull-DQ..

  41. September 12, 2003--Buckeye Pro Wrestling in Middletown, OH: Lotus & Crazy J def Nigel McGuiness & Ala Hussein-DQ, Human Time Bomb def Carlton Kaz, American Youth def Dean & Chet Jablonski, Fabulous Fredrick def Jim Hutchinson, Chad Collyer def B.J. Whitmer, Shark Boy def Cody Hawk..

  42. September 12, 2003--K-Star Wrestling in Perry Barr, Birmingham, England: Sprit Walker def Abbas Fabulass, Sal Americana def Adam Pendry, Barry Malone def Gremlin, Mad Dog Maxx def Wolf, Great British Title Match - Carl Mizzery(c) def Ric Violent, Great British Championship no#1 Contendership Battle Royal - Won by Mad Dog Maxx (Title Shot awarded for 24/10/03) Also feat. Adam Pendry, Robert Longe, Rob Blaze, Spirit Walker, Barry Malone, Sal Americana, Jason Masters, Georgeburg, Wolf, Gremlin, The Gentlman, Abbas Fabullass..

  43. September 13, 2003--Blue Water Championship Wrestling in St. Clair, Michigan: Lyon Zellars def Blaze, Timmy & Tommy Titus beat Xtreme Justice (Xavier & Justin Justice), Nick Xero def Justin "Sweet tooth" Barger, Sky Devian beat Blackjack Haines, X-Convict def Eric Copeland and Tommy Kline in the Triple Threat Match, "Edible" Michael Barnes def 12 Blue Water stars in the Blue Water Battle Royal.

  44. September 13, 2003--Appalachian Wrestling Federation in Vanceburg, KY: Pompano Joe def Austin Meddlar, Bo Johnson def "Little" Larry D, Jay Donaldson def Matt Parks, Ray "The Bear" Steele & "Big" Al Steele def Eric Draven & Billy Maverick, Justen Idol def Tiny Tim to become the new AWF Heavyweight Champion, Donnie Green & Brian Beech def Chad Allegra & Ryan Stone..

  45. September 13, 2003--Cyberspace Wrestling Federation in Rahway, NJ before 70 fans which included Mike Tenay coming in as heel manager for the TNA troupe: Rob Eckos def Shawn Sheridan, Trinity def April Hunter, Slyk Wagner Brown def Xavier, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz def Solution, Billy Firehawk def Stone Cole Brian Austin, Hungarian Barbarian def Mega, Crazy Ivan won four-way over Matt Striker, Mike Preston and Romeo Valentino, Chris Harris & James Storm def Kappa Tappa Kegga, Ron Killings def Sinister X due to interference from Julio Dinero..

  46. September 13, 2003--NAWA in Fort Worth: Dick Loin NC Adam Arson, Pinnacle def Loin & Arson, Bam Bam Richardson def Chuck West, New Legacy def Elite, David Fuller NC Bryan Ryder, New Legacy & Fuller def Chris Richter & Lord Fatality & Bryan Ryder..

  47. September 13, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: John Allen def C-Diddy in a chain match, Steve DeMarco def B.J. Cummings, Action Jackson NC Mike Foxx..

  48. September 13, 2003--International Wrestling Cartel in West Mifflin, PA: Carlton Kaz def Supreme Lee Great, Jimmy Jacobs def Alex Shelly, Dean Radford def B.J. Whitmer, Dunn & Marcos def Devils Advocates-DQ, James Keenan def Al B. Damm, Dennis Gregory def T.Rantula, Dustin Ardine def Fabulous, Matt Stryker def Super Hentai, Jimmy Vegas def Eric Angle, Eric Extasy def J.T. Rodgers-DQ, Extasy def Troy Lords..

  49. September 13, 2003--AWS at the city of Industry, CA: Desire & Eric Matlock & King Jackal def Fire & Topgun Talwar & Biggie Biggz, Lil Cholo def Hook Bomberry, Angel def El Mongol, Supreme def Lonestar, Chris Bosh def Disco Machine, Zokre & Phoenix Star def Acero Dorado & Piloto Suicida, Hardkore Kidd & Al Katrzz & Manny Fernandez (80s star) def Kenny King (Tough Enough 2) & Babi Slymm & Apollo Khan, Super Dragon & Mr. Excitement def Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver..

  50. September 13, 2003--CWF from Burlington, NC last night for a local TV taping: Tim Blaze def Kid Justice, Bounty Hunter def Kenny James, Rob McBride def Trent Wylde, J-Money & L.A. Cash & Kamikaze Kid def Kurt Solo & Matt Houston & Hugh B. Johnson, Drake Tungsten def Brass Munkey, Otto Schwanz def Mitch Norris, Xsiris def American Steel Ninja, Mikael Yamaha & Gemini Kid & Sexton Tyler def Brad Attitude & Rainz & Ric Converse..

  51. September 13, 2003--Michigan Marquee Wrestling Association in Houghton Lakes, MI: Gavin Starr & Magnum Conroy def Bobby Bambino & Truth Martini, Colt Cabana def Cru Jones, Nate Webb def Gutter, Gavin Starr def El Purpito, Cabana def CK-3, Frankie the Face & Jimmy Shalwin def Bump'n'Uglies, Eddie Venom def Cocky Little Brats, Chris Sabin def Nate Mattson, Jimmy Snuka & Andy Muscat def Shalwin & Matt Maverick..

  52. September 13, 2003--Full Impact Pro Wrestling in St. Petersburg, FL: Ricky Romeo def Donnie York, Mr. Pretty Good def Mosca, Sean & Phil Davis def Jason Moore & Kid Lethal, Rob Thompson def Scott Davis-DQ, Shaun Hill def Josh Masters, New Jack def Mosca, Cyborg def Black Knight, Mosca won Battle Royal..

  53. September 13, 2003--NAWA in Rome, GA before 160 fans for the first ever NWA world title match ever in Rome: Tank & Iceberg def Seth Cruise & Working Man, Bull Buchanan & Nemesis def Drew Delight & John Arden, Kris Kamikaze & Chit Martinez DCOR Shawn Tempers & Ace Rockwell, Francis & Loon a Tic won three-way over T.C. Carnage & Adam Roberts and Salvatore Rinauro & Todd Sexton, Justin Ramey & Jay Fury def Andrew Alexander & Billy Love, Tank & Iceberg def Buchanan & Nemesis, Fury& Ramey def Francis & Loon, Jayson Phoenix won three-way hardcore match over Nick Rampage and Bulldog Raines, Tank & Iceberg won one-night tag tourney over Fury & Ramey, A.J. Styles def Ray Gordy (son of Terry Gordy) in a solid match..

  54. September 13, 2003--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in St. Petersburg: Havoc & Naphtali def Cuban Assassin & Navy Seal, Bruce Steele def Sedrick Strong, Pretty Fly & Boles Azoles def Hotshot & Manny Montana-DQ, David Mercury & Thunderbolt & Stash def Mikey Batts & Erick Stevens & Amy Love, Mikey Tenderfoot & Justice def Scoot Andrews & Mike Sullivan-DQ, Mideon won handicap match over Kevin Devine and Daddy Pimp, Roderick Strong def Jerrelle Clark, Steve Madison & Shane Brothers def David Babylon & Johnny & Tommy Vandal, Lex Lovett def Christopher Daniels, New Jack NC Chaos..

  55. September 13, 2003--Eastern Kentucky Championship Wrestling in Nicholasville, KY: Billy Maverick pinned Mystic...Jesse Londas def Jayson Creed in a Cruiserweight Title def ense...Damien def Sonny Supremo...The Janitor beat Sammy Styles in a Red-Headed Step-Child Match... Brock "The Reason" Singleton & "Beautiful" Bobby Love w/Serena def Ricky Morton & Billy Maverick..

  56. September 13, 2003--Dory Funk's BANG in Ocala, FL: Bonecrusher def Bubba McCoy, Highland Strangler def Sledgehammer, Dixie def McCoy, Samson & Magnum the Giant def Bonecrusher & Adam Windsor..

  57. September 13, 2003--Southeastern Championship Wrestling in Orlando: Flatline def Aaron Epic, Thump Dupree def Johnny Schumacher, Chasyn Rance def Lucas Ryder, Chris Nelson def Mike Jablonski, Brian Gamble def Barney Rumble, Chasyn Rance def Kahagas, Ryze & Thump Dupree def Rick the Reaper & George the Punisher, Syrian Slasher def Johnny Schumacher, Brian Gamble def Chris Nelson, Leon Scott def Lucas Ryder, Rico Casanova def Chasyn Rance, Rick the Reaper d Ryze..

  58. September 13, 2003--Empire Wrestling Federation in Yucaipa, CA before 500 fans: Super Natural def Silly Willy, Jason King def J.C. Castro, Bino Gambino won three-way over Sexy Starlet and Johnny Starr, Los Chivos def West Coast Ryders, Vizzion def Bo Cooper-DQ, Pastor Vince def Pastor Kirk Hanky (these were actual local pastors), Tonga Kid def Steve Masters where Masters said he would give his soul to Jesus Christ in return for a rematch, Tonga Kid spoke about religion and won a Battle Royal..

  59. September 13, 2003--Impact Zone Wrestling in Moreno Valley, CA: Jack Bull def Hollywood Yates, Miz (from MTV's Real World) def Sabbath, Lexie Fyfe def Kyra, Ballard Brothers def Killer Klowns, Shawn Stasiak def Navajo Warrior, Norman Smiley def Disco Inferno..

  60. September 13, 2003--AWA in Kennwick, WA before 127 fans, the company's second lowest crowd in seven years: Chico Alvarez def The Patriot (Tim Longstreet), Avalanche def Chef, Timothy Flowers def Bones Mahoney, Evan Karagias def Mean Street Vinny (Tim Longstreet), Honky Tonk Man def Kim Chee..

  61. September 13, 2003--Mountain Wrestling Association at Mt Sterling, KY: Steve d. Russell Abrams, Bobby Green d. Kris Rayne, Tuffy d. Scott Hayes, Larry D. & Payne d. Bo Johonson & Syxe, Donnie Green d. Al Steele, Justen Idol, Mike McNeese & Tuffy d. Ray Steele, Chris & Scott Hayes..

  62. September 14, 2003--Main Event Promotions from Canton/Massillon OHIO: Lones Oaks def . Justin Diaz, Wilbur Whitlock vs Jebediah Yoder went to a no contest, Supa Lucha def . Chiyudo Ropa, Shane Sensation wins Last Man Standing Battle Royal..

  63. September 14, 2003--Border City Wrestling/Insane Wrestling Federation in Belleville, MI: Don Crisis won three-way over Hayden Avery and Buddy Hanlon, Jaime D def Johnny Bravo, Colt Cabana def Nate Webb, Gutter & Chuck Wagon def Dyson Pryce & Petey Williams, Monty Brown def CK-3, Chris Sabin def Michael Shane, Tommy Johnson def Mr. Insanity, Shane Douglas def D-Lo Brown to win BCW title when Pryce interfered.

  64. September 14, 2003--Empire Wrestling Federation in City of Commerce, CA: Jason King def Bino Gambino, Super Natural def Cotton Candy, Los Chivos def Under Pressure & Jason Castro..

  65. September 14, 2003--Northern Wrestling Xperience in Walsingham, ONT before 50 fans: Kwan Chang def Warhed, Elmira the Iron Maiden def 21st Century Fox, Austin Shaw def Kwan Chang-DQ, Victor Scarfone def Willy Allen..

  66. September 14, 2003--Pro Wrestling Indiana (PWI) in Scottsburg Indiana at the Scottsburg High School: Eric Draven pinned Mad-Dawg Murphy, Brandon Hunter & The Rebel beat Shades & The Desecrator by DQ, Mason The Mangler beat Justin Tyme, ESP beat The Dirty Cowboys, Curley Bill won a 14 man Battle Royal, Billy Maverick beat Crusher Adams in Steel cage match..

  67. September 14, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling in Knoxville at the Fair: DG 2000 def Nightmare (Ted Allen), Dirty White Boy def Bull Buchanan (Bob Orton Jr. was in Bull's corner), Jonathan Mac Murray def J.R. Stardog, Sonny Siaki def Jeff Anderson, Stan Lee & Mike Hanson def Sammy V & Ric Cannon, DG 2000 won blindfold Battle Royal..

  68. September 14, 2003--Die-Hard Championship Wrestling in Manchester, Kentucky at the Youngs Riverside Club: Little Jimmy Studd def Pitt, Danaconda beat Brett Dawson, Joey Bravo beat Riot & Kid Flash in a 3-way to become #1 contender for the DCW Light Heavyweight Title, Wicked Lester beat J.T. Funk in a Bullrope Match, Riot & Kid Flash def Team Obscene (Kid Grunge & Spike Rogers) & The Thugs (Jason Steele & HellRaiser), Billy Jack Hansen & Brody Hansen def J.T. Funk & Jamie Stone..

  69. September 15, 2003--Premier Championship Wreslting (PCW) in Harlan, KY at the National Guard Armory: Tony Glory def Blade, Mike Stone def J.D. Biggs to retain the Hardcore Title, Billy Maverick def Drake Barr, She-Rah def Syren to capture the Ladies Title, Ripp & Rage def Colt Steele & Chuck Lee by DQ, Jimbo Collins def J.T. Funk and Pretty Boy Eddie T in a 3-way dance..

  70. September 16, 2003--Mid-South Wrestling Federation (MSWF) in Sevierville, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory: Kimo Phatu def Scottie Adams, Redd Bull def Tommy Gunn, The Hardknock Kid def Cody Mathews in a Street Fight, Jimmy Studd def Brad Steiner, Billy Maverick def Southern Outlaw for the MSWF Heritage Title, Joey Bravo (MSWF Champ) def Brian Storm by countout..

  71. September 17, 2003--Pro Wrestling Indiana at Brown Gym in Madison, Indiana: Eric Draven def Phobia, Brandon Hunter def Ben Smith by submission, Blackrain def The Rebel by dq, The Dysfuncional Family def The Danger Rangers by count out, Stylin Stacy Starr def Fuego Rey, Billy Maverick def Rip Bouncer, Mason The Mangler won a 16 man battle royal to earn a shot at the Heavyweight title..

  72. September 18, 2003--All-Star Wrestling in Bristol, UK before 150 fans: Mikey Whiplash def Five Star Flash, Flash Barker def Hade Vansen, American Dragon & Jorge Castano def Jonny Storm & Kid Cool, Bad news Anderson def Frankie Sloan, Flash won Battle Royal..

  73. September 19, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Louis: Diamond Back Dingo def Rat Boy, Cabal & Jackal def Trainee #3 & #10, Daizee Haze def Super Electro, Makaze def The Croc, Outkast def Chris Hargis, Kory Twist won three-way over Jeremy and Ian Storm, Big Bad Ben & Chaz Wesson def Nikki Strychnine & Jack Adonis, Delirious def Ryan Ash, MsChif def Jynx, Mad Man Pondo won three-way over Pete Madden and Diamond Back Dingo..

  74. September 19, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Drunk Adam def Chris Richter-DQ, Jeff & Jerry Brown def Department of Corrections, Bullman Downs def John Allen, Hellraiser Hark def Convict 00187-DQ, Kit Carson & Khris Germany & Bull def Scott Phoenix & Drunk Adam..

  75. September 19, 2003--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento before 327 fans: Mike Rayne won Battle Royal, Steve Currie def Flaco Loco, Jon Jon the Phenomenon def Billy Blade, Kryptonite & El Hijo de Chupacabra & Dante def Mike Rayne & Jack Dalton & J.D. Bishop, Blake Zeto def Maliki, Mr. Mustafa (from the old Gangstas tag team) def Luster the Legend, Hard Cory Dayton def Jesus Kruze, Vito & Sal Thomaselli def Shane Dynasty & Clint Douglas..

  76. September 19, 2003--New Breed Wrestling Association in South Bend, IN: Machine def Cosmic Kid, Joey Pink def Silus Young, Chad Collyer won three-way over Matt Stryker and Rory Fox, Simply Marvelous def Danny Daniels & Adam Evans, Cody Hawk and Nigel McGuiness were final two in Battle Royal, Hawk NC McGuiness, Shark Boy def B.J. Whitmer..

  77. September 19, 2003--CGPW in Cornwall, ONT: Caster McFear def Super Dave, Mr. Showtime def Max Alexander, Wild Ace def Hickstre, Willy Allen def Warhead in chain match, Scott Chase def Blackjack Phoenix in four corners match, Kwan Chang def C.JU. Felony, Chase def Chang..

  78. September 20, 2003--Mountain Wrestling Association: in Mt Sterling, KY: Ice Train (not from WCW) d. Ronnie Green, Kris Rayne d. Al Steele, Mike McNeese d. Bobby Green, Donnie Green d. Larry D., Bo Johnson / Kasey Kaos / Tuffy / Justen Idol vs. Chris Hayes / Russell Abrams / The Contract & Sheik Aftershock went to a NO CONTEST..

  79. September 20, 2003--World of Hurt Wrestling in Hudson Falls, NY: Shockwave def Swinger Sidusky, Kid Krush def Virus, Bert Williams & Moondog Kitty def DeVille & Orgazmo, Shane Alden def Damon Vitale, Scott Scarsdale won three-way over Steve Hunter and Mike Steelerelli, Danger & Punk & Nick Neighborhood def Hoss & Moondog Mange & Texas Outlaw, Outlaw won Battle Royal..

  80. September 20, 2003--UIPW in Erie, PA: Eric Xtasy def Adam Cage, J.T. Lightning def J-Rocc, Raymond Right def Carlton Kaz, Lunatic Fringe def Grubby Holler & Glen Spectre & Dash Bennett, Josh Prohibition def Aero, Fabulous def Kevin Grace, Matt Cross def Rocky Reynolds for the right to face Jerry Lynn for the vacant title on 10/11..

  81. September 20, 2003--Dory Funk's BANG in Ocala: Adam Windsor def Highland Strangler, Big Cat def Sledgehammer, Magnum the Giant def Bonecrusher..

  82. September 20, 2003--Neo Spirit Pro Wrestling in Niagara Falls, ONT: Primo Scordino & Tony Carbonie & Gary Gambino def Sean Spears & Jake O;Reilly & Gnarly Hippie, Johnny Adams def Los Jalapeno-DQ, T.J. Harley & Ash def Marco Malaquis & Crazy Steve, J.T. Playa won four-way over Derek Wylde, Lazz and Eric Young, Hacker & Jace Fury def Joey Knight & Robin Knightwing, Kris Chambers def Knoxx, Cody Steele def J.C. Owens..

  83. September 20, 2003--Revolution J tournament for Revolution Pro at City of Industry, CA before 175 fans: Quicksilver def Phoenix Star, Scorpio Sky def Chris Bosh, Shane Ballard def Shannon Ballard, Vito Thomaselli def Sal Thomaselli, Mr. Excitement def Angel, Super Dragon def Zokre, Joey Ryan def Principe Unlimited, Rising Son def Chilango, Quicksilver d Scorpio Sky, Vito Thomaselli def Shane Ballard, Super Dragon def Excitement, Rising Son def Joey Ryan, Super Dragon def Vito Thomaselli, Konnan & Kaos def Damian 666 & Babi Slymm, Rising Son def Super Dragon to win tournament

  84. September 20, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: Mike Foxx & Gabe Roach def Nobey Bryant & Brandon Collins, Chris Stevens def Mike Foxx's Posse, Steve DeMarco def Dade Venge, Jared Steele def Brett Barnes, Cedric Crain & Scott Putski def Shadow-DQ..

  85. September 20, 2003--American Championship Wrestling in Richmond, IN: Troy Van Zant def Bobby Black, Skip Raddison def Riot, Tom Van Zant def Ric Ravage, Bouncer def Rob Kincade, Kenny Nash def Ivan Burden, Sheik of Baghdad def Kid Italy, Kenny Nash won Battle Royal..

  86. September 20, 2003--Nationwide Championship Wrestling in New Richmond, WV: Kid Apollo def Joey Morton, Jason Lancaster def Wally Woodstock, Killer Kurt def Rebel, Brett Sharp & Big Daddy Gordy & Chris Gilbert def Danny Ray & Yellowjacket & Doc Johnson, Chris Vega & Shane Matthews def Eric Darkstorm & Jack Miller, Ricky Morton def Lance Erikson in cage match..

  87. September 20, 2003--Southern States Wrestling in Greeneville, TN: Thorn def Brian Michaels, Josh Cody def Justin Sensation, Tim Baldwin def Blaze, Tony Givens def Cody, Ray Idol & Jimmy Golden & Brad Batten def K.C. Thunder & Nightmare & Super Destroyer, Blonde Bombers def Ryan & Brian Phoenix

  88. September 20, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling in Knoxville: Mike Hanson def DG 2000, Jonathan MacMurray def Steve Chronic, Stan Lee def Southside Sam, Norton Lewis def Jeff Anderson-DQ, Sammy V & Ric Cannon def Scott Sterling & Donnie Dallas, Dirty White Boy def Norton & Cruiser Lewis in handicap match..

  89. September 20, 2003--IPW Hardcore Wrestling/NWA Florida in Davie, FL: Vandalz def Double Deuce, Brian Anderson def Pretty Fly, Maximum Capacity def Sedrick Strong, Shane Twins def Chasyn Rance & Mikey Batts, Danny Doring def Bruce Steele-DQ, Antonio Banks & Punisher def Sean Allen & Mideon, David Babylon won elimination match over Mikey Tenderfoot, Rod Steel, Justice, Johnny Vandal and Jerrelle Clark, New Jack def Chaos with a balcony dive..

  90. September 20, 2003--New England Pro Wrestling in Hamden, CT for a one night tournament for the tag titles: Shaolin Wrecking Crew def K.L. Murphy, Johnny Idol & J-Busta DDQ Anthony Michaels & Mark Gore, Matt Vincent & Mark Spectro def Brian Fury & Chris Venom, Bob Evans & Zaquary Springate III def Kid Trance & All Day Ray, D.C. Dillinger & Eddie Edwards def Boriqua & Mercedes Martinez, Antonio Thomas & Frankie Arion def Joey Da Bull & Chaos, Frankie Arion def Mike Osbourne, Shaolin Wrecking Crew def Vincent & Spectro, Dillinger & Edwards def Evans & Springate III, Dillinger & Edwards def Shaolin Wrecking Crew to win tournament..

  91. September 21, 2003--Frontier Wrestling Alliance in Broxbourne, England: Jack Xavier def E.Z. Money, James Tighe def Flash Barker to become the No. 1 contender for Doug Williams, Simmons def Mark Sloan, Zebra Kid NC Barker, Jace the Ace def Lee Darren, Jonny Storm def Chris Hamrick-DQ, Raj Ghosh & Paul Travell def Alex Shane & Ulf Hermann-DQ in double barbed wire baseball bat match..

  92. September 21, 2003--Empire Wrestling Federation in Bakersfield: Sexy Chino def Andrew Wright, Foob Dogg def Black Phantom, Shawn Reign def Red Headed Stepchild, Billy Blade def Kid Omega, Tommy Angels def Thor Wolfgang, Percestin Steel def Wikkid Time, Stepfather def Big D, Carnage & Robbie Phoenix def Dante & Mike Rayne..

  93. September 21, 2003--Die-Hard Championship Wrestling in Manchester, Kentucky at the Youngs Riverside Club: Darkside def Kiss of Death, Joey Bravo beat Billy Maverick, J.T. Funk beat Little Jimmy Studd with the help of Rick Diamond, DCW North American Champion Jason Steele beat Brett Dawson to retain the title, HellRaiser & Billy Jack Hansen def Jamie Stone & The Rebel in a Texas Tornado Street Fight..

  94. September 22, 2003--Premier Championship Wrestling in Wallins, Kentucky at the Wallins Fire Department: Overkill def Kimo Phatu in a hardcore match, The Brotherhood (Mike Stone & Regulator) beat Tim Lightning & Blade, US Champ Drake Barr vs Billy Maverick battled to a no decision, Tag Team Champions J.D. Biggs & Chuck Lee def Colt Steele & J.T. Funk to retain, Eddie T def Heavyweight Champion "Countryboy" Jimbo Collins to become the new PCW Champion...

  95. September 26, 2003--Supreme Championship Wrestling in Hanover, Indiana at the Jefferson County 4-H Fairgrounds: Styliní Stacy Starr def Fuego Rey, Joey Moore def Area 51 in a "kiss my feet" match, Adrian Scott beat Lurch, Eric Draven def TV Champ Brandon Hunter by dq, The Dysfunctional Family def Phobia & Black Rain, Billy Maverick def The Animal, Hardcore Champion Mason The Mangler def Major Payne..

  96. September 26, 2003--USA Pro Wrestling in Queens, NY: Boogalou & Low Ryda & Eddy Guapo def Nuke & Tony Burma & Vinny Stylin, Jav won three-way over Johnny TNT and James Newblood, Deranged def Xavier, Mike Tobin & Tony Lo def Nick Noxiuos & Pro, E.C. Negro & K.C. Blade won three-way over Papadon & Havok and Christopher Street Connection, Jimmy Hustler won elimination match, Mike Kruel def Matt Striker (not Ohio guy), Masked Maniac def Ken Sweeney, Skinhead Ivan def Anthony Michaels, D-Lo Brown def Simon Diamond, Grim Reefer def Sonjay Dutt, Louis Ramos def Motivator, C.M. Punk def Homicide, Billy Reil def Slyk Wagner Brown to win USA Pro US title, Mikey Whipwreck & Wayne def Johnny Ova & Dan Barry to keep tag titles, Raven def Balls Mahoney, Al Snow def Sabu (Sabu's left arm was in a heavy cast and was useless during the match)..

  97. September 26, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Overland, MO: Jynx & Rat Boy won three-way over Jackal & Cabal and Trainee #3 & #10, Chaz Wesson def Jeremy, Super Electro def The Croc, Outkast def Makaze, Kevin Sharp def Matt Sydal, Pete Madden & Jack Adonis def Johnny Greenpeace & Daizee Haze, MsChif def Ian Storm, Kory Twist won three-way over Delirious and Diamond Back Dingo..

  98. September 26, 2003--Pro Wrestling Iron in Lathrop, CA: Super Diablo won Battle Royal, Ryan Drago def Bart Blaxton, Joe Applebaumer & Manny Fernandez def Jett Taylor & Apollo Khan, Michael Modest & J.D. Bishop def Tony Jones & Super Diablo-DQ, Mad Mikey & Hook Bomberry def Vito & Sal Thomaselli to win SPW tag titles, Bison Smith def Donovan Morgan to keep PWI title..

  99. September 26, 2003--Insane Wrestling Federation in Hamtramck, MI: Ryan Boz def Buddy Hanlon, Danny Daniels def Petey Williams, Jamie Coxx def Tommy Johnson, Chris Sabin d Truth Martini, Alex Shelly won four-way over LoverBoy Steve, Gutter and Steve Nixon, J.C. Bailey def Vortex, Necro Butcher def Rude Boy, Corporal Robinson & DBA def Messiah & Adam Flash..

  100. September 26, 2003--NGW in Cleburne, TX: David Fuller def Blade, Mace def Brett Bonz, John Solo & Brent Masters NC Lord Fatality & Rick Davidson, Baseball Bully Terry def A.J. Dillon, New Legacy def Total Justice, Punishers and Pendragon & Big Chris, Blade def David Fuller, Spoiler def Chico Torres, Viper def Hiway..

  101. September 26, 2003--ECCW in Bridgeview Hall - Surrey, BC: Cole Bishop beat Dropkick Murphy, Shawn Morgan downed Amazing Halo, Michael & Memphis Raines upset Abbadon & Gorilla Marilla to win the ECCW tag team titles, Matt Classic retained the ECCW junior heavyweight title against Adam Firestorm, Rico Quinones toppled Vid Vain, Seth Knight wrestled Skag Rollins to a double knockout in a loser leaves town match, Vance Nevada bested Scotty Mac in a cage match to win the ECCW Heavyweight title..

  102. September 26, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Scott Phoenix def Bullman Downs-DQ, John Allen def Bull, Chris Richter def Eric Idol, Convict 00187 def Hellraiser Hark, Scott Phoenix & Drunk Adam def Kit Carson & Khris Germany-DQ..

  103. September 26, 2003--EWF in Covina, CA: Silly Willy def Johnny Starr, Iceman def Bonsai, Bino Gambino def Ragin Dawg, Jason Castro won three-way over Walter Jackson & Alex Pincheck, Vizzion def Jason King-DQ, Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero def Kayam & Enigma de Oro to win tag titles, Bo Cooper def Steve Masters to win EWF title..

  104. September 26, 2003--No Name Wrestling in Poinciana, FL: Snow won three-way over Flatline and Tarantula, Leon Scott def Bodacious Pretty Boy, Chasyn Rance def Ricky Romeo, Erick Stevens def Bruce Steel, Thump Dupree & Barney Rumble def Natural Blondes & Maree-O-Broters, Sedrick Strong def Jarelle Clark, Rico Casanova def Angel of Darkness, Scott Hotshot def Bonez, Kubiak won three-way over Deathrow Jethro and Rick the Reaper..

  105. September 27, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Chris Richter def Chance Romance, Bullman Downs def Punisher #1, Krusher Kong & Bull def Jeff & Jerry Brown, Scott Phoenix & Drunk Adam def Kit Carson & Khris Germany in cage match to win tag team titles that were held up the night before..

  106. September 27, 2003--The TWE Marathon at the Galleria Shopping Center in Toronto: Cody Steele def Hacker, Otis Idle def Marco Malaquais, Ash & Hippie def Primo Scordino & Randy Vaughn, Eric Young (TNA) def James Champagne, Honky Tonk Man def Kris Chambers, Greg Valentine def Flesh Gordon, Hippie won Battle Royal, Bill Skullion def Knoxx..

  107. September 27, 2003--Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Rahway, NJ before 200 fans: Mega & Slugger beat up everyone in the Battle Royal coming in from the outside so no winner, Azrael def Grim Reefer, Dixie & Deranged def Christopher Street Connection, Ariel def Allison Danger, Ruckus def Sonjay Dutt, Skinhead Ivan def Jay Lethal, April Hunter & Slyk Wagner Brown def Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz, Al Snow def Raven with a shot with head to keep JAPW title, Terry Funk def Homicide with a piledriver on a chair. Post match saw Mafia, who did a worked retirement earlier in the show, say he's now Dan Maff, team with Homicide to beat up Funk. Funk announced he was coming with for a tag match against them with Sabu as his partner..

  108. September 27, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Burlington, NC drew a reported sellout: Quinson Valentino def Kid Justice, C.W. Anderson & Otto Schwanz def Trent Wylde & Kenny James, Ric Converse & Special K def Gemini Kid & Jenny Taylor, J-Money def Joey Silvia, Brad Attitude & Brad Rainz def Mikael Yamaha & Sexton Tyler, Edsel def Hugh B. Johnson, Bounty Hunter won Royal Rumble..

  109. September 27, 2003--New Era Wrestling in Shelbyville, IN before 250 fans: Jon Wall def Troy Van Zant, Wylde Chylde def Vinny Rattlocke, Hillbilly Jed def A.W. Lurch, Bobby Black def Psycho & Kid Italy, Simply Marvelous def Dysfunctional Family, Damian Cole def Blade, D-Lo Brown NC Apollo Star, OMG def Vortekz, Starr won Battle Royal to win NEW title..

  110. September 27, 2003--Chikara Pro Wrestling in Allentown before 90 fans: Rorshach def Jolly Roger, Mr. Zero def Blind Rage-COR, Private Eye def Melvin Snodgrass, Silver Wings (Tom Carter) def Super Orka (Don Montoya?), Hallowicked def Ultramantis, Mike Quackenbush & Icarus & Gran Akuma def Jigsaw & Wildcards..

  111. September 27, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Dan McGuire won four-way over Alicia, Jay Blaze and Dylan Black, Kevin Knight def Brandon Young, Tyler Mann def Tony Torres, Shawn Donovan def Travis Blake, Aaron Stride def Vik Voorhees, Shane O'Brien & Pierce St. John def Fred Sampson & Biggie Biggs..

  112. September 27, 2003--Full Impact Pro Wrestling TV Taping in St. Petersburg before 200 fans: Robbie Chance def Scott Davis, Phi & Sean & Scott Davis def Phi Delta Slam & Robbie Chance, Brian Gamble def Thump Dupree, Black Nights won three-way over Ricky Romeo & Manny Montoya, Dagon Briggs def Kahuagus, Aaron Epic won three-way over Jason Moore and Kid Lethal, Joshua Masters def Ralph Mosca-DQ, New Jack NC Balls Mahoney, New Jack & Mahoney def Axis & Python in a street fight bloodbath..

  113. September 27, 2003--Valhalla Pro Wrestling from Helsinki, Finland before 2,000 fans: Mike Sanders & Alan Funk NC Elix Skipper & Sonny Siaki (Funk was hit with a moonsault by Siaki that landed wrong and injured pretty bad, suffering a broken nose, broken orbital bone, broken eardrum and broken jaw), Mike Sanders def Elix Skipper, Big John def Makoto, Kid Kash def Shark Boy, Easy Rider def Norwegian Invader, Erik Isaksen def Easyrider, Gromguten def Byron Lawless, U.K. Pitbulls def Daniel Sebastian & Geist, A.J. Styles def Jonny Storm to keep NWA title, Steve Corino def Shane Douglas to keep MLW title..

  114. September 27, 2003--Pro Wrestling Iron in Pinole, CA: Mad Mikey won Battle Royal, Frank Murdoch & Bart Blaxton NC Ryan Drago & Lars Dauger, Manny Fernandez & Joe Applebaumer def Apollo Khan & Tony Jones, Donovan Morgan & J.D. Bishop def Super Diablo & Rockero del Diablo, Mayan def Nikki, Bison Smith def Michael Modest to keep IWC title, Vito & Sal Thomaselli def Mad Mikey & Hook Bomberry to win SPW tag titles..

  115. September 27, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: Mike Foxx def Chris Stevens in cage match, Steve DeMarco def Brett Barnes, Tim Storm & Ahmed Johnson (haven't seen that name in a long time) def Cedric Crain in a handicap match, C-Diddy & Lance Romance def John Allen & Mike Thunder, Shadow def Gabe Roach, Jared Steele def Sabu..

  116. September 27, 2003--Impact Zone Wrestling in Phoenix: Monster Mayhem def Joey Dux, Top Gun Talwar def Tommy Walker, Ballard Brothers def Oooshaa Brothers, Sabbath def Lukash, Jack Durango def Sky Simon, Steve Mental def Mr. Harris, Sabbath & Chris Kole def The Crock & Rogue Roberts, Hawaiian Lion & Lawrence Tyler def Mike Nox & Derrick Neikirk..

  117. September 27, 2003--Lucha Xtreme Wrestling in Jamaica, NY before 150 fans: Quicksilver & Scorpio Sky def Matt Cross & Josh Prohibition, All is Legal & Nocturne def Solution & Spider, Super Dragon def Taro, Justice Pain def Altar Boy Luke, Corporal Robinson def Necro Butcher, Zokre def Phoenix Star, Rey Bucanero won three-way over Smokey Carmichael and Jardi Frantz, Justin Credible def La Parka due to interference from Jason Knight, Los Lunatics def chi Chi Cruz & Cloudy & Omar Tortuga, Shocker def Jerry Lynn, Supreme def Angel..

  118. September 27, 2003--EWF in San Bernardino: Johnny Starr def Sexy Starlett, Vizzion def Silly Willy, Jason King def Brandon Nitro, Ricky Reyes DDQ Ragin Dawg, Big Q def Johnny Starr..

  119. September 27, 2003--RWF in Spencer, IN: Michael Manson def Austin James-DQ, Jonnie Walker def Bouncer, T.J. Powers def Kenny Nash, Austin James & T.J. Powers def Itch Coma Weider & Kenny Nash, Ronnie Vegas def Manson..

  120. September 27, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Florence, KY before 100ish people: Jesse Hyde def Christopher Lotus, Tony Bryant def ICE, Pompano Joe def Tiny Tim, Mack the Knife & Zodiac def Average White Guy & American Eagle, Austin Meddler def Sin-D, Sam Cody def King Kahuna, Matt Parks won four-way over Prince Justice (Abyss), Jay Donaldson and Ryan Stone. Chris Harris did a run-in on the show but didn't wrestle..

  121. September 27, 2003--New Blood Championship Wrestling in Forest City, NC before 60 fans: Myric More def Chris Venom, Hillbilly Hank & Max Cortez def James Drake & Iced Out, Kid Kaos def Dillon Rage, Anthony Ace def Josh Steinborn, Jeff Hamrick won three-way over Krank and Axel Knight, Thug def Morbid-DQ, Rex Rumble & Riddleman def Ravishing Richie & Pure Player..

  122. September 27, 2003--Independent Wrestling Revolution in Warren, MI: Anthony Rivera def Terry Stevens, Klunk the Klown def Jaimy Coxx, Frankie the Face def Breyer Wellington, Stevie lee def Eddie Venom, Andy Muscat def Tommy Johnson, Deranged won three-way over def Mr. Insanity and Krazy, Tracey Brooks def Badunk a dunk, Brian Ireland def Kamikaze, Elvis Elliot & Sinn won over Gavin Starr & Jimmy Jacobs and Bobby Bambino & Jimmy Shalwin, Gutter def CK-3, Nate Mattson def Jimmy Jacobs..

  123. September 27, 2003--GIWA in East Dublin, GA before 267 fans: Vordell Walker def Jake Slater, Freak & Jerry Lewis Jr. def Dragon el Fuego & Oko Nono, Firewalker def Big Bank Barfield, Dan Ivey def Bobby Joiner, Cru Jones & Lance Christian & Sean Logan def Mike Stratus & Matt Balck & Johnny Camo, A.J. Steel def Dave Holiday, Mac Davis def Preston Paradise..

  124. September 27, 2003--New York Wrestling Connection in Deer Park, NY: Ken Scampi def Damian Dragon, Guillotine LeGrande def Mike Tobin, Silvaman def Armand DeMuerto, John Curse def Don Jeremy, Tyler Payne & Ru Starr def Wayne & Mikey Whipwreck to win tag titles, Ru Starr won Battle Royal, Dickie Rodz def Rob Eckos, Tyler Payne def Tony Burma-DQ, Johnny Ova won three-way TLC match over Dan Barry and Grim Reefer..

  125. September 27, 2003--Pro Wrestling Indiana in Madison, Indiana at the Brown Gym: Styliní Stacy Starr pinned Puffer, Curley Bill def Mad-Dawg Murphy, Justin Tyme beat Black Rain, Shades & The Desecrator beat The Danger Rangers, Brandon Hunter beat The Rebel and Ben Smith in a 3-way Match, Mason The Mangler and Phobia battled to a no decision, PWI Internet Champion Eric Draven def Rip Bouncer..

  126. September 28, 2003--Supreme Championship Wrestling in Brooksburg Indiana at the Riverside Park: Quickspawn & Lucy def Stonerage & Lust in a mixed gender tag match, Spazz def Bryan Johnson, Freddie The Finger def Joe Miles by CO, Billy Maverick def Area 51, E.S.P beat The Young Rebels to retain the Tag Team titles, Eric Draven def Mason The Mangler by DQ in a Non-(HARDCORE)-Title match...

  127. September 28, 2003--NAWA in Fort Worth: Adam Arson def Dick Loin, Jeff Brown def Pinnacle & Arson, Pendragon def Assassin & Seth Shai, Bryan Ryder def Jerry Brown & Lord Fatality, Chris Richter def David Fuller, Jeff Brown def Ryder & Pendragon..

  128. September 28, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Brandon Young def Roman-DQ, Shawn Donovan def Greg Goodman, Biggie Biggs def Shane O'Brien, Dan McGuire def Alicia, Fred Sampson def Pierce St. John, Vik Voorhees & Chris Steeler def Aldo & Joey Sheer, Kevin Knight NC Travis Blake, Knight & Roman & Shawn Donovan def Sampson & Young & Blake..

  129. September 28, 2003--Australasian Wrestling Federation in Bankstown, NSW before 110 fans: Billy Flyswat def Future Shock, Spiral & Webmistress def Pete Volante & Amy Action, Tony Kebab def Dean Draven, Adam Bedford d Mark Hilton, Crimson Mask def Steve Ravenous, Greg Stekker def P.C. Virus, TNT def Stan Handsome..

  130. September 28, 2003--Jersey Championship Wrestling in Jersey: Team Ethic def Boriquas, Inferno def Johnny Thunder, Mike Kurel def Wenzel, Al Snow def Homicide, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels def Christopher Street Connection, K-Brawlik won gauntlet match, April Hunter & Slyk Wagner Brown def Rob Eckos & Josh Daniels, Shawn Sheridan def Johnny Ova, John Walters def C.M. Punk, Ace Darling def Stryker, Jay Lethal def Simon Diamond..

  131. September 28, 2003--FMLL in Compton, CA: Palomino & Jaguar def Shadow & Rudy Venges-DQ, Alucinate & Corsario def Sombra Infernal & Original Gangster, Aguila Azteca & Rayo de Plata DDQ Shamu 2000 & Mohicano, Apolo de Oro def Elvio Reyes, Rey Misterio Sr. & Fuerza Guerrera & Profeta def Blue Panther & Huracan Ramirez & Piloto Suicida..

  132. September 29, 2003--Premier Championship Wrestling in Kentucky, at Old Hall Elementary Gym: Tony Glory def Blade & Rebel & Scotty Raye in a Ladder Match, Overkill def The Ghetto Superstar and unmasked him to reveal Kimo Phatu, Billy Maverick beat Ryan Dookie, Eddie T & J.T. Funk beat Jimbo Collins & Kid Grunge, Drake Barr beat Riot and Spike Rogers in a Hardcore 3-Way, J.D. Biggs & Chuck Lee def The Regulator & Mike Stone to reclaim the Tag Team Titles...

  133. September 29, 2003--Superstars of American Wrestling in Illinois at the Danville Bingo Hall: Eric Draven def The Phoenix, Bubba Black beat Phsycho, The Assassins beat Hawaii 5.0, Funky Cowboy beat Apollo by DQ, Action Jackson beat Marcus Adams, Sheena def Anita Dix, Chris Jester beat Bruiser Brady..