Independant Wrestling Results - August 2003

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  1. August 1, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Eric Idol def Cyclone, Drunk Adam def Aldo Nova-DQ, Scott Phoenix def Bull, J.P. Black def Epi the Phat Samoan, John Allen def Kit Carson-DQ..

  2. August 1, 2003--Blue Water Championship Wrestling in Harrison, Michigan: Trik Nasty def Chance Prophet to retain BWCW CW Title, Hailey Hatred beat Justin Barger, Team Dammitt beat Southern Justice to retain the Tag titles, Chris Sabin beat Truth Martini & Rick Solid & Buddy Hanlon in a 4-way, Julian The Warlock def Sean Casey by DQ..

  3. August 1, 2003--Tony Falk's USWO in Madison, TN before 90 fans: Donnie Eaton def Ary Leigh, J.C. Crowe NC Johnny Kris, Sweet Daddy Z def Chris Bomb, Krull def K-Lo, Vito Andretti (former OVW) def Dusty Cina, Josh Moore def Slacker D-DQ, Slacker J def Ricky Morton, Heavy Maddle d Tiny, Superfly P & Gary Valiant def Nore havoc & Tim Renesto-DQ..

  4. August 1, 2003--UWF in Las Vegas: Major Maniac d Mikey Wrath, The Law won four-way over Swift, Sammy O'Shea and Buff Snackwell, X def Axl Morrison, Snackwell def Magnificent One, Legacy won three-way over Eyce and The Law-DQ, Brady Desire def Tekniq, Major Maniac & Wrath def X & Axl Morrison..

  5. August 1, 2003--Buckeye Pro Wrestling in Middletown, OH before 200 fans: Dean Jablonski def Rory Fox, B.J. Whitmer DCOR Fabulous Fredrick, J.T. Stahr & T.J. Dalton def Nigel McGuiness & Al Hussein, Cody Hawk def Jim Hutchison, Chet & Dean Jablonski def Lotus & Crazy J, Shark Boy def Mike Sanders..

  6. August 2, 2003--Superstars of Wrestling in Branson, MO before 250 fans: Tracy Smothers def Bobby Hickerson, Chad McFarlen def Billy Ray Hickerson, Doink (Dusty Wolfe) def Sean Powers, Tracy Smothers def Chad McFarlen-DQ, Tommy Rich & Midnight Rider def Dusty Wolfe & Tracy Smothers. Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert were double booked on both this show and in Memphis. Gilbert went to Memphis so no-showed here, and Rich worked here. He showed up late, left the building, then came back late so they had to hold up the show waiting for him to do the main event so they had a long late intermission..

  7. August 2, 2003--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in St. Petersburg before a sellout 250 fans: Sedrick Strong def Jerrelle Clark., Havoc & Naphtali d Pat Powers & Pat McGroin, Pretty Fly won over Hotshot and Chasyn Rance, Navy Seal def Sean Allen, Chaos def Mideon (original) to win hardcore title and New Jack did a run-in to set up New Jack & Chaos vs. Mideon & Kubiak on 8/16 in Pinellas Park, FL and New Jack in his promo said he had moved to Tampa, Frankie Capone def Comic Book Guy Anderson, Steve Madison def David Babylon, Roderick Strong def Justice, Johnny & Rick & Tommy Vandal def Shane Brothers & Ron Niemi..

  8. August 2, 2003--Rumble in the Roundhouse in Memphis at the Mid South Coliseum: Chris Harris def Bad, Athena won three-way over April Pennington and Lollipop, Abyss won five-way over Lord Humongous, Jason, Freddy Kruger and Frankenstein, Shock def Kevin White in belt on a pole match, Flex & K-Kwik (Ron Killings) def Moondogs-DQ, Jimmy Valiant def Jimmy Hart in loser eats dog food match (Hart never really ate it and crowd didn't like that), Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson def Alternative Express, Jerry Lawler def Mabel after throwing a fireball, Brian Christopher def Doug Gilbert in Texas death match, Mabel and Reggie B. Fine won Battle Royal..

  9. August 2, 2003--Frontier Wrestling Alliance in Morecambe, Lancashire, England before 150 fans: Jodie Fleisch def Jack Xavier, Jonny Storm def James Tighe, Alex Shane & Stevie Knight def The Family, Burchill won three-way over Simmons & Mark Sloan, Doug Williams def Christopher Daniels in 2/3 falls to keep FWA title..

  10. August 2, 2003--Keystone Championship Wrestling in Huntington, PA before 50: Youth Gone Wild def ?, Big Lenny def Mercury Flash-COR, Zubov def Dick Trimmins, J.T. Lightning def Sheik Abdul Hassan, Charlie Mansun def Kato, Sebastian b. Dr. Feelgood..

  11. August 2, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling from Sharps Chapel, TN before 312 fans: Jonathan McMurray d DG 2000, Dangerous Age (David Gibson) def Scotty Blade, Hillbilly Cletus def Wayne Rogers, Dirty White Boy & Tim Horner def The Sheiks (Jeff & David Anderson), White Boy won Rumble Royal..

  12. August 2, 2003--Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Rahway, NJ before 200 fans: Corvis Fear NC Eddie Thomas, Nick Berk def Ruckus, Azrael def Grim Reefer, Monsta Mack def Deranged, April Hunter def Ariel, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz def Shaolin Wrecking Crew, Skinhead Ivan def Jay Lethal, Slyk Wagner Brown def Dixie, Azrael won three-way over Monsta Mack and Nick Berk for light heavyweight title, Al Snow def Mafia (Dan Maff) to win JAPW title..

  13. August 2, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: Brett Barnes def B.J. Cummings, Dade Venge def Mike Foxx-DQ, Cummings def Moose, Gabe Roach def Jeremy Sage, Shadow def Steve DeMarco..

  14. August 2, 2003--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, TN: Tiffany Monroe & Silver Shadow def Sienna Blaze & Milly Mascara, Rage def C.J. Summers, Johnny Graham won Battle Royal, Weapons of Mass Destruction def Flex & Eric Adamz, Jack Diamond def Johnny Graham..

  15. August 2, 2003--Ringside Wrestling Federation in Danville, IN before 229 fans: Shawn Cook def Billy Roc, Cousin Otter def Michael Manson, Rob Ramer def Scott Magnum, Buddy Rose (not original) def Masked Superstar (not original), Deputy Dog def Bouncer, Ronnie Vegas def Marty Graw, Johnny Grunge & Itch Coma Weider def T.J. Powers & Austin James..

  16. August 2, 2003--Frontier Wrestling Alliance in Horwich, Lancashire, England before 150 fans: James Tighe def Jack Xavier, Birchill def Simmons & Mark Sloan, Alex Shane & Steve Knight def Raj Ghosh & Paul Travell to keep FWA tag titles, ? def Mike Bishop, Doug Williams & Jodie Fleisch def Christopher Daniels & Jonny Storm..

  17. August 2, 2003--Revolution Championship Wrestling in LaSalle, IL for a one-night tournament for the vacant RCW title: Acid def Egotistico Fantastico, Ryan Boz def Ace Steel, Cru Jones def Eric Marx, Jason Allen def Alter-Ego, Acid def Boz, Jones def Allen, Acid def Jones to win tournament..

  18. August 2, 2003--Xtreme Violence & Wrestling in Muscle Shaols, AL (do you realize if it wasn't for a song 30 years ago that nobody in the U.S. would have ever heard of that city): Kid Kaos def Kid Kabuki, Michael Caffero def Misery, Steve Plezing def Marty Shiffbower, Spidar Boodrow def Corey Davis, Ty Oakley def Whiplash, Jeremy Westmoreland def Sicko, Rated X def Tommy Green & Jason Adams, Jesse Powers won four-way hardcore match..

  19. August 2, 2003--Hoosier Pro Wrestling at the National Guard Armory in Columbus, Indiana: "Dangerous" Donny Idol def Pompano Joe after interference by Dave Dynasty, "Delicious" Dave Dynasty def Jack Powers after interference by Donny Idol, Spazz & Chris Tindell wrestled to a no-decision, "Playboy" Louie Lovins [with Brother Cornette Walker] def "Outlaw" Jesse Houston to successfully def end the HPW Heavyweight Title, Gravedigger def "Cousin" Cooter Clampett, Billy Maverick def Tony Bryant, Dave Dynasty & Donny Idol def Pompano Joe & Jack Powers to win the vacant HPW Tag Team Titles, Tiny Tim & Brian Beech wrestled to a time limit draw in a match for the HPW Light Heavyweight title (ty James Reynolds)..

  20. August 2, 2003--National Wrestling Superstars at Camp Linbrook in New Jersey as part of a family day open house: Tommy Force def J.T. Highlander and Antonio Malave, Psycho Witch def Arial Little Feather, TNT def Hasheem Ali..

  21. August 2, 2003--OMLL in Chicago: Golum def Fugitivo, Azteca de Oro Jr. def Guerrero Nocturno, Reo def Viento Maya, Mascara De Jade & SWAT Kat def Holy Terror & Dorado, Los Hermanos Escobedo & America Salvaje def Esqueleton & Azteca de Oro & Chamaco Valaguez Sr..

  22. August 2, 2003--Windy City Pro Wrestling TV Taping in Chicago: Acid Jaz def Justin Adams, Vito Fontaine def Carnage, Damian Dunn def Knox, Mike Anthony def DOC, Sosay won bikini contest, Cameron Cage def Havok, Acid Jaz & Vito Fontaine & Sosay def Robby Dawber & Krez & Stud Muffin, Christopher Valk def 3M, Ripper Manson def Cassius, Mike Anthony def Tank, Terry Allen & Steve Boz def Bret Douglas & Justin Adams, Gino Latino def Krez, Abbadon def Ivan Manson..

  23. August 2, 2003--FIP in St. Petersburg: Hector Guerrero def Aaron Epic, Hellraisers def Davis Brothers, Kahagus won three-way over Dagon Briggs and Thunderbolt Norton, Steve Madison def Jason Moore, Mike Graham def Steve Madison, Kid Romeo def Big Wood in a male strippers match, David Young def Vampire Warrior-DQ, Mike Awesome won three-way over New Jack and Justin Credible..

  24. August 2, 2003--Canadian Wrestling Federation in Falcon Lake MB: Phoenix Dreamwalker over Danny Duggan to retain the CWF Jr. Heavyweight Title, El Sombra Mysterio beat Mr. Wrestler Mark 3, Mean Mountain Mike def The Phantom Shooter, Zack Mercury beat The Axe, The Cassa Nova Kid won via a reversed decision over "The Rabid Dog" Rob Stardom, The Cassa Nova Kid won the Rampage Battle Royal..

  25. August 3, 2003--Calife LLE and Pro Wrestling Iron at the Roccapulco Club in San Francisco before 235 fans: Sara Delray def Hardcore Homo Angel (when they couldn't find another woman wrestler), Chupacabras & Joe El Payaso Asesino (Pogo the Clown) NC Super Diablo & Destruktor, Apollo Khan & Hook Bomberry def Adam Thornstowe & Brian Raymond, Omega Kid & Quicksilver & Scorpio Sky def American Wild Child & Vega & Jon Jon the Phenomenon, Vic Grimes def Vinny Massaro & Dynamite D in three-way, Michael Modest def Donovan Morgan with Mad Mikey (Crash Holly) as ref to keep GHC jr. title, Jose & Joel Maximo def Vito & Sal Thomaselli, Scorpio Jr. def Rockero del Diablo to keep IWRG title..

  26. August 3, 2003--American Wrestling Alliance in Montgomery, AL: Dragon (Joe Hogan) def Scott Armstrong, Bambi def Storm, Lash Laroux def Wrestling Superstar, Bull Buchanan def Greg Hammer, Dusty Rhodes def Bulldog Raines..

  27. August 3, 2003--Independent Wrestling Revolution ran a show as part of the Vans Warped Concert Tour at the Pontiac Silverdome-The concert itself drew 19,000 and had three different wrestling shows: N8 Mattson def Gutter, Mark Gjoka def Jimmy Shalwin, Mr. Insanity def Krazy, Original Sinn & Khris Khambers def Tommy Johnson & Don Crisis, Justin Toxicated def Andy Muscat, Baddunkadunk def Maximus, Klunk the Klown def Jay the Cable Guy, Bubba McKenzie def Josh Movado, Gutter def Conrad Kennedy III, Breyer Wellington def Mr. Insanity, Anthony Rivera & Truth Martini def Rick Solid & Buddy Hanlon, N8 Mattson def Steven Lee, Tommy Starr def Deranged in UV light tube death match..

  28. August 3, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in Cocoa, FL: Chasyn Rance def Josh Rich, David Mercury def Manny Montana, Dagon Briggs & Leon Scott def Prowler & Flatline, Thump Dupree def Kid Romeo, Sequel def Python, Brian Gamble def Jason Hexx, Towns Ellis DCOR Ryze, New Jack def Axis..

  29. August 3, 2003--World Pro Wrestling in Anaheim: R2K def Chippy Sanchez, Infernal def Catastrophe, Lil Cholo def Steve Pain, Matrix def Scott Lost, Desire & Sexy Chino def Johnny Paradise & Bigg E. Biggz, Genio & Genio Negro & Eric Matlock & SoCal Loco def Mr. California & Jimmy King & Shawn Riddick & Calibre 22, Zeus & The New & Kayam def Silver Tyger & Big Cholo & Black Angel..

  30. August 8, 2003--Premier Promotions in Worthing, England: Flash Barker def Charles Rhys, Mal Sanders def Kris Kay, UK Pitbulls def Phil Curve & UK Kid, Barker def Sanders (thanks to Dean Ayass)

  31. August 8, 2003--Blue Water Championship Wrestling - Marine City Mayhem from Drake Park: Eric Copeland def The X-Convict, Rick Solid & Buddy Hanlon beat The Suicycos (Slasher & Overkill) to become the new BWCW Tag Team Champions (Due to the failure to appear, Team Dammit were stripped of the tag team titles), Whipdog w/Whip puppy def Blackjack Haines, Sonya Blackhawk beat BWCW Ladies Champion Allie Spirit in a non title contest, Nick Xero def Tommy Kline by DQ due to the interference of Michael Barnes, Sean Casey beat El Diablo by DQ due to the fireball being thrown and hitting the referee..

  32. August 8, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Gemini def Epi the Phat Samoan, Kit Carson & Khris Germany def Brian Justice & Dave the Rave, Krusher Kong def Ciclone, Hellraiser Hark def Bull, John Allen & Mike Thunder d Scott Phoenix & Drunk Adam (time limit expired)..

  33. August 8, 2003--Nationwide Championship Wrestling in New Richmond, WV: Uncle Elmber def Chris Gilbert, Rebel def Psycho Al, Jack Miller won three-way over Shane Matthews and Chris Vega, Batten Twins def Joey Morton & Big Daddy Gordy, Lance Erikson def Ricky Morton..

  34. August 8, 2003--No Name Wrestling in Poinciana, FL: Scott Hotshot def Ricky Romeo, Mace def Bonez, Devious Danny def Tarantula, Thump Dupree def Barney Rumble, Chasyn Rance & Leon Scott def Maree-O Brothers, Wikid def Naphtali, Justice def Seijin Akki, Kubiak def Angel of Darkness..

  35. August 8, 2003--Ultimate Wrestling Federation from Las Vegas: X def Major Maniac, Buff Snackwell def Commissioner Santos, Legacy d Eyce 20:00 draw, Funnybone def The Law, Tekniq def Brady Desire, X def The Butcher..

  36. August 8, 2003--Shock Championship Wrestling in Waukegan, IL before 300 fans: Trick Davis def Jason Allen, Los Mexicanos def Void Effect, Zach Lawrence def Acid Jaz, Johnny Mac def Bill E. Valentine, Cru Jones def Justin Kage, Lethal Lee def Matt Monroe, Colt Cabana def Danny Scott, Raven def Steve Stone..

  37. August 8, 2003--SPW in Sacramento: Sara del Ray won Battle Royal, Sara del Ray (who is leaving for A to Z in Japan) & Sal Thomaselli def Hook Bomberry & Damien Dollars, 209 won three-way over Steve Currie and Perston Steele, J.D. Bishop def El Hijo de Chupacabra, Blake Zeto def Beto Kruze, Lance Bermuda & Kryptonite def Shane Dynasty & Bruce Bukkaki, Dante won three-way over Mike Rayne and Super Dave, The Elite def Hardcory Dayton & Maliki..

  38. August 8, 2003--Canadian Wrestling Federation in Winnipeg MB: Danny Duggan def Rave, Mean Mountain Mike beat The Dark Phantom, The Axe won over QZ, "The Rabid Dog" Rob Stardom beat El Sombra Mysterio, "The Rabid Dog" Rob Stardom def Alexis Vixen, The Axe/ Mysterio/ Bobby Jay def Stardom/ Mountain/ The Big Kahuna..

  39. August 9, 2003--Dory Funk's BANG results from last night in Ocala: Slegehammer def Big Cat, German Sturmflieger def Highland Strangler, Big Cat & Bonecrusher def Sledgehammer & Samson, Adam Windsor def German Sturmflieger..

  40. August 9, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: Moose def Blaze, Brett Barnes def Justin 2 Fine, C-Diddy & Melvin def John Allen & Mike Thunder, Steve DeMarco def Duffy to keep lt hwt title, Shadow & Chris Stevens def Mike Foxx & Gabe Roach-DQ..

  41. August 9, 2003--Sunray Pro Wrestling in Melbourne, FL before 250 fans (one of whom was Jamie Noble): Chasyn Rance def Coven, Josh Rich & Baddboy & Lowell Brown & Brian Jordan def Big Daddy Gonzo & Snowman, David Babylon won three-way over Johnny Vandal and Justice, Vandlaz def Cutthroats, Naphtali def Flatline, Bruno Sassi def Payne, Bad Dog def Tony DeNucci, Market Crashers won three-way over Ram Man & Kubiak and Dave Johnson & Casey Thompson..

  42. August 9, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Cape Girardeau, MO: Rat Boy won three-way over Jackal and Sean Vincent, Cabal def Super Castaldis I & IV, Ian Storm def Chris Hargis, Kory Twist def Jeremy, Daizee Haze def Jynx, Ryan Ash def Matt Sydal, Chaz Wesson def Makaze, Delirious def Billy McNeil, Big Bad Ben def Jack Adonis, MsChif def Outkast, Nikki Strychnine def Diamond Back Dingo-DQ..

  43. August 9, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Wentworth, NC: GeeStar & Brass Munkey & American Steel Ninja def Drake Tungsten & Hugh B. Johnson & Matt Houston, Bounty Hunter def Trent Wylde, Kurt Solo & Joey Silvia def Southside Playas, Kamikaze Kid & Jenny Taylor def Special K & Xsiris, Corey Edsel def Ric Converse, Brad Attitude & Brad Rainz def Mikael Yamaha & Gemini Kid..

  44. August 9, 2003--ICW at the Piece County Fair in (state of) Washington: Layne Fontaine won Battle Royal, Bryan Alvarez def Vinnie V, Richie Magnett def Rainman, Rad def Jason Jackson, Chef & Avalanche def Sonny O'Mara & Bones Mahoney, Tim Flowers def Fontaine..

  45. August 9, 2003--Mid South Wrestling Alliance in Smithers, WV: Jerry Havok def Brian Douglas-DQ, Big Daddy Gordy def Eric Steele, Scott McComas def Brett Sharp, Batten Twins def Chris Vega & Chet Cartwright, Spyder Crowley & Johnny Blast & Brad Rictor & Jerry Havok def Brian Douglas & Shane Matthews & Mantis & Joey Morton-DQ, Jack Miller def Lance Erikson..

  46. August 9, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling in Knoxville: Jonathan MacMurray def DG 2000, Jeff Anderson def Ric Cannon, Dirty White Boy def David Anderson, Lee & Hanson def Sammy V & Ric Cannon, Dirty White Boy won Battle Royal..

  47. August 9, 2003--Southeastern Extreme Wrestling in Dothan, AL: Abel def Buddy Condrey, American Ice def Mystic Sheik, New Hollywood Blondes def Law Dogs, Replay def RJB, Billy Black def Jester, Scott & Bob Armstrong def Fugitive & D-Mon, Backstreet Brawler & Luke Goldberg def Big Daddy & Tommy Ladd, Scott Armstrong won Royal Rumble..

  48. August 9, 2003--AOPW & AWA & SCW at the North Vernon Armory: Eric Draven & Crusher Blackwell beat The Hillbangers to unify the AWA & SCW Tag Team titles, Team AWA (Tamaris Anderson, Jeff Garrit, & Tsunami) beat Team AOPW (Willie Losagain, Slowride, Donny Dynasty), "Diablo" Chris Rave beat Grimm, Jon York & Spazz in a 4-way elimination match, Madd Dog Murphy (AOPW) beat BA Billy in a "Loser joins Army Nation Guard" match, Chris Blaze (AWA) beat Damien Morrus (APOW) to retain the AWA US title, Jamie Morrison beat Sonya Blackheart, Roger Blade (AWA Champ) vs Billy Maverick (SCW Champ) went to a no contest in a unification match..

  49. August 9, 2003--OMLL in Chicago: Jose Guerrero def Tojo Yamamoto Jr., Time Page def Viento Mayo, Caudillo & Azteca de Oro Jr. def Golum & Reo, Maleficio & Principe Azteca def Mascara de Jade & Lancer 2000, Dorado & Holy Terror & Infernal def SWAT Cat, & Sagitario & Discovery..

  50. August 9, 2003--Chaotic Wrestling in Tewksbury, MA: Brian Black def Dukes Dalton, Studd & Angers def Adam Booker & Frankie Armadillo, Antonio Thomas def Striker, Vince Vicallo def Arch Kincaid, Handsome Johnny & Mighty Mini def Matthew Evagrius & Peter Mulloy, Adam Booker won Royal Rumble, Billy Kryptonite def Luis Ortiz..

  51. August 9, 2003--Classic Championship Wrestling in Baton Rouge before 500 fans: Crazy Joe & Half Breed DCOR Al Queda (yes, someone has done the gimmick), Prophecy Jordan def Old School, Blade Boudreaux def Brian Hart, Bubba Monroe def King Cobra, One Man Gang w/Skandor Akbar def Slam Shady, Sam Houston won Brass Knux Battle Royal. (Grizzly Smith was backstage at the show)..

  52. August 9, 2003--Empire State Wrestling in Niagara Falls, NY before 250 fans: Randy Walker won Battle Royal, TSK def Shade-DQ, J.P. Hawke & Damien Alexander def Greg Kharma & Danny Magic, Sakura def Cade Cassidy, Marc Mandrake def Benjamin Smythe, Chris Cooper def Tommy Caliber, Jonny Puma def Mastiff in a TLC match..

  53. August 9, 2003--Revolution Pro at the City of Industry, CA before 150 fans: Phoenix Star def Hydro, Chris Bosh & Disco Machine def Topgun Talwar & Babi Slymm, Shamu Jr. def King Faviano, Zokre def Sombra Infernal, Quicksilver def Taro, Angel def Mr. Excitement, Psicosis def Kaos, Scorpio Sky def Super Dragon to win jr. title..

  54. August 10, 2003--NAWA in Fort Worth: Adam Arson def Balls Ryder, Pinnacle def Sean Cordova, Assassin def David Fuller, Seth Shai def Paul Lewis, New Legacy def Hallowmass..

  55. August 10, 2003--Ontario Pro Wrestling in Aylmer, ONT before 100 fans: Freakshow won a three-way over Eddie Osbourne and Elian Habanero, Quinson Valentino & Scott Chase def Warhead & Agent Orange, Ebony Express def Highlanders, Danger Boy def Kid Kopeladne, Shawn Brown def Jason Phoenix-DQ, Ebony Express def Valentino & Chase, Willy Allen won three-way over Kwan Chang and Magnus Von Steel..

  56. August 10, 2003--Empire Pro Wrestling in Bakersfield, CA: Shawn Rains def Reggie Gaines, Big D Johnson def Andrew Wright, Dante def Mike Rayne, Thunderbird def Wikkid, Dark Angel def Rage, Black Phantom def Jake Cross, Bo Cooper def Billy Blade, Robbie Phoenix & Carnage def Stepfamily..

  57. August 10, 2003--New England Championship Wrestling in Somerville, MA as the company's third anniversary show: El Boriqua & Mercedes Martinez won three-way over D.C. Dillinger & Nikki Roxx and Kid Mikaze & Sumie Sakai, Pain def Mike Osbourne, J-Busta & Johnny Idol NC Matt Striker & Ace Darling, Zaquary Springate III def Brandon Locke in a coward waves the flag match, Chris Venom & Bran Fury def Noize Boyz, Maverick Wild kept NECW title in a four-way 45:00 Iron man match over Antonio Thomas, Bob Evans and Alex Arion..

  58. August 14, 2003--Premiere Promotions in Worthing, England: Ian Diamond def Barry Cooper, Robbie Brookside def Jace the Ace, Jace def Diamond, American Dragon (subbing for P.N. News, who was hospitalized on Tuesday with a shoulder infection) def Doug Williams in a 2/3 fall match..

  59. August 15, 2003--USA Championship Wrestling in Gainesville, GA before 400 fans. Dave Penzer announced that the blackout caused several no-shows and that if you keep your ticket stub, you can get a ticket to the next show at half price. Buddy Lee Parker def The Nightmare (Ted Allen), Dominion def Iceberg (Edward Chastain) in a coal miners glove match, Glacier & Bambi def Disco Inferno & Lollipop, Jimmy Rave def Todd Sexton, Mike Sanders def Terry Ray Gordy Jr. when J.J. Dillon KO'd Gordy with his shoe. Tony Schiavone, who has added much poundage since his last wrestling appearance, did an interview with Dillon afterwards. Perry Saturn def Mr. Hughes, Buff Bagwell def Johnny Grunge in a falls count anywhere match, Bagwell won Battle Royal..

  60. August 15, 2003--New Breed Wrestling Association in South Bend, IN before 220 fans: Danny Daniels def Joey Pink, Dean Baldwin (Shark Boy without the mask) def Cosmic Kid, Lash LeRoux & Mike Wallace (isn't he like way too old to be wrestling) def Simply Marvelous, Ace Steel def Matt Stryker (fans gave this match a standing ovation), B.J. Whitmer won three-way over Nigel McGuiness and Cody Hawk, Shark Boy def A.J. Styles-DQ (Shark first pinned him to win the NWA title, but it was called a DQ because Whitmer interfered)..

  61. August 15, 2003--UWC in New Lisbon, NJ: 08041 def Joe Rules, Philly Madison def Max Gaeta, Reckless Youth def Sienna Blaze, Bobby Piper & Section 8 def Billy Lassiter & Orphan..

  62. August 15, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: D-Money def Lady Draven, Jerry Brown def Bull, Jeff Brown def Ciclone, Gemini def Epi the Phat Samoan, Hellraiser Hark def Krusher Kong, Kit Carson & Khris Germany won three-way over John Allen & Mike Thunder and Scott Phoenix & Drunk Adam..

  63. August 15, 2003--USA Championship Wrestling in Nashville before 250 fans: Rex Sexton & Arrick Andrews def Hammerjack & Hot Rod Biggs, Some Guy def Alan Steel, Christy Ricci (no, not that one) def Pandora, Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas def The Lifeguards, Matt Catalano def Lazz, Kasey James def Shane Eden, Big Bully Douglas vs. Abyss (not sure of finish), Chris Harris & James Storm def Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas..

  64. August 15, 2003--Alabama Wrestling Federation in Semmes, AL before 415 fans: Wildchild def Gabedog, Randy Riggins def Dream Weaver, Achy Breaky Kidd def MacTown Ryder, Riki Idol won four-way cruiserweight match, Steve Cheetum def Midnight Rocker, Eddie Pittman & Steve Savage def Rockabillies, Raine Quappone def Achy Breaky Cowboy, Chris Cody def Booty Man, Road Dogg (the real one) def Chad Cheetum. Cowboy Bob Kelly, a 70s star in the area, made an appearance to a big pop. No angle was done with him..

  65. August 15, 2003--Ultimate Wrestling Federation in Las Vegas: Mikey Wrath def Brady Desire, Funnybone def Dancing Dragon, Joey D def Nightcrawler, Gigolo def J Studd, Joke & Izzy Crazy def Intruders, Kid USA def Fredo O'Reilly, Major Maniac def Buff Snackwell, Tekniq def The Law..

  66. August 16, 2003--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, TX before 350 fans: Johnny Dollar def Justin Blaze, Voodoo the Xectuioner def Bret Basics, Brother Icarus & Scoby Gober & Bones def Mr. Entertainment & Tony Montana & & Nark the Nevlon, Bobby 2 Bad def Zen Zen, Chris Allen def Bubba Lee Travis, Mr. Entertainment won street fight Battle Royal..

  67. August 16, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in Newport, TN at the Cocke County Fair: Jonathan McMurray def DG 200, Hillbilly Cletus def L.A. Thunder, Killer Kyle won three-way over Sheik Ali-J and Tim Horner, Cletus won Royal Rumble..

  68. August 16, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: Brett Barnes def Steve DeMarco, John Allen def C-Diddy, Cedric Crain & Scott Putski def Apocalypse in handicap match. Jimmy Hart, Lollipop, Candi Devine, Missy Hyatt and Dave Penzer were all at the show since they were in town for the Wrestlecon 2003 convention..

  69. August 16, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Louis: Diamond Back Dingo def Jackal, Cabal DCOR Sam Bacardi, Kevin Sharp def Kory Twist, Makaze won three-way over Daizee Haze and Billy McNeil, Chaz Wesson def Jynx, Delirious def Ian Storm, Chris Hargis def Sean Vincent, Jack Adonis def Heart Attack Jack, MsChif def Matt Sydal, Nikki Strychnine def Outkast..

  70. August 16, 2003--Xtreme Violence & Wrestling in Muscle Shoals, AL: Jeremy Westmoreland def Ty Oakley, Marty Shiffbower def Michael Caffero, Steve Plezing def Big Spade, High Society NC Whiplash & Kid Kaos, Jesse Powers won Battle Royal..

  71. August 16, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Burlington, NC: Southside Playas def Unholy Empire, Mitch Norris def Trent Wylde, Xsiris def Kenny James, Corey Edsel def Drake Tungsten, Sean Powers def Quinson Valentino, Brad Attitude & Brad Rainz def Kamikaze Kid & Gemini Kid..

  72. August 16, 2003--SCW Florida in Mt. Dora: David Mercury def Manny Montana, Kahagas def Wikid, Jason Hexx def Kid Romeo, Luna Vachon def Kassidy, Thump Dupree def Brian Gamble, Gangrel & Sequal def Axis & Python, Raven def Dagon Briggs, D-Lo Brown def Towns Ellis to win Southern title, Jason Hexx def DLo Brown to win title..

  73. August 16, 2003--ICW in Tacoma, WA: Jason Jackson & Rad won Battle Royal, Vinnie V def Rainman, Big Wood def Randy Taylor-DQ, Chef DDQ Bones Mahoney, Avalanche DDQ Sonny O'Mara, Tim Flowers won three way over Jason Jackson and Rad..

  74. August 16, 2003--APW LA in Newhall, CA before 125 fans: Billy Blade def Charles Mercury, B-Boy def James Choi to win Internet title, Lil Cholo def Scorpio Sky, Super Dragon & Excalibur NC Joey Ryan & Scott Lost, Vic Grimes def Adam Pearce-DQ, B-Boy def Sonjay Dutt, Frankie Kazarian def Colt Cabana..

  75. August 16, 2003--Neo Spirit Wrestling in Niagara Falls, ONT: Hacker & Jace Fury won three-way over Joey Knight & Robin Knightwing and Primo Scordino & Tony Carbonie, J.T. Playa def Sean Spears, Kris Chambers def Cody Steele, Lazz def Eric Young, Los Jalapeno def Sean Ball in mask vs. mask, Ruffy Silverstein def T.J. Harley, J.T. Playa def Derek Wylde, Cody Steele won Battle Royal..

  76. August 16, 2003--Dory Funk's BANG in Ocala, FL: Magnum the Giant def Samson, Big Cat def Highland Strangler, Bonecrusher def Sledgehammer, Adam Windsor & Bonecrusher & Big Cat def Samson & Solegehammer & Highland Strangler-DQ..

  77. August 16, 2003--NYWC from Deer Park, NY: Vinny Stylin DCOR Maxmilyin, Tyler Payne & Havok def Wayne & Mikey Whipwreck, Damian Dragon def Armand DeMuerto, John Curse def Chief Dudley, Tony Burma def Matt Hype, Payne def Nuke, Johnny Ova def Dan Barry to win light heavyweight title, Mike Mayhem def Lamar Braxton Porter, Grim Reefer def Joey Braggiol, Payne def Burma-DQ, Dickie Rodz def Curse-DQ, Spyder def Ken Scampi, Payne def Rodz to win NYWC title..

  78. August 16, 2003--OMLL in Chicago: Tojo Yamamoto Jr. def Jose Guerrero, Lancer 2000 & Viento Maya def El Reo & Time Page, Miss Taylor & Principe Azteca def Discovery & Mascara de Jade, Poder Boriqua & Infernal & Maleficio def Fuerza Aerea & Azteca de Oro & Esquelton..

  79. August 16, 2003--IPW & NWA Florida in Pinellas Park, FL before 450 fans: J.R. Ryder def Dr. Heresy, Jerrelle Clark won four-way over Justice, Naphtali and John Brooks, Frankie Capone & Cannon & Pat Powers & Pat McGroin def Comic Book Guy Anderson & Pretty Fly & Lennox & Mark Zout, Danny Doring def Antonio Banks, Billy Fives (who is taking a few months off) def David Babylon, New Jack & Chaos def Mideon & Kubiak, Navy Seal def Mike Sullivan, Mikey Tenderfoot def Rod Steele in I Quit match, Mike & Todd Shane def Vandalz, Lex Lovett def Agent Steele, Roderick Strong def Sedrick Strong in a TLC match..

  80. August 16, 2003--CWA in Houston, MS: Kyote def Johnny Morton, Brian So Fine & Mark Bravura def Sam Ross & Johnny Daigo, Tommy Knox def J.D. Ryder, Brickhouse Brown & Don Bass won Battle Royal, Brickhouse Brown def Don Bass for CWA title, Brickhouse Brown & Rodney Grime def Don Bass & J.D. Ryder..

  81. August 16, 2003--National Wrestling Superstars in Manville, NJ: Hasheem Ali def Travis Blake, Simply Luscious def Little Feather, Ice Pick def Ace Darling, Tommy force won three-way over Slayer and Gavin Quest, Roman def Kevin Knight in a tables match, Nikolai Volkoff def Hasheem Ali with Johnny Valiant as referee..

  82. August 16, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling in Knoxville: Ric Cannon def Memphis Mafia #2, Sammy V def Memphis Mafia #1-DQ, Dirty White Boy def Scott Patterson, Memphis Mafia def V & Cannon..

  83. August 16, 2003--American Wrestling Federation in Chipley, FL: Backdraft def Jester McKain, Romen McKain def Commando, Jon Byson def Bounty Hunter, Mr. Fantasy def lost Avenger, Assassin & Matt Gordy def Luscious Larry, Confederate Kid & Ryan Fury def Daltons-DQ, Aeon Flexx def Ronnie Fargo. Headliner Road Dogg was a no-show..

  84. August 16, 2003--All Access Wrestling in Morgan City, LA before 500 fans: Jorge Estrada def John Sexton, Joey C & Altar Boy Luke def Risky Business, Jacey North def Bull Buchanan-DQ, Sonny Siaki def Sassy Vegas, Kevin Northcutt def Norman Smiley, David Young def Brique St. Pierre-DQ, Elix Skipper & Scott Star def Joe Kane & Hotshot Cassidy, Rick Steiner def Malice..

  85. August 17, 2003--Empire Pro Wrestling in Bakersfield: Rage def Tommy Angels, Stepfather & Stepchild def Big D Johnson & Shawn Rain, Graduate def El Negro, Black Phantom def Wikkid, Dante def Mike Rayne, Robby Phenix & Carnage def Thunderbird & Andrew Wright-COR

  86. August 17, 2003--FMLL in Compton, CA: Palomino Ramirez def Jaguar de Oro, Angel def Rosa Salvaje, Los Gallineros def Bigg E Biggs & American Wild Child, Aguila Azteca & Trueno & Corsario def Sombra Infernal & Al Murrieta & Blue Shadow, Danger & Turi Gonzalez def Shamu Jr. & ?, Elvio Reyes def Acero Dorado Jr., Rey Misterio Sr. & Profeta & Original Gangster def Fantasma & Rayo de Plata & Principe Unlimited..

  87. August 17, 2003--Ring Wars in Orangeville, ONT before 287 fans: Johnny GeoBasco def Xzibit-DQ, Thorn def max Omega, Mikey Madrox def Bobby Thunder, Mike VanTastic & GeoBasco def Xzibit & Magnificent Matthew, Magnus def Jim Duggan..

  88. August 17, 2003--All Access Wrestling in Lafayette, LA before 800 fans: A.J. Styles def Elix Skipper, Hotshot Cassidy def Scott Star, Bull Buchanan def Jacey North in a loser leaves town match, Sonny Siaki & Norman Smiley & Rick Steiner def Jorge Estrada & Risky Business, Skipper def Styles, Jerry Lynn def Joe Kane in dog collar match, Dusty Rhodes & David Young def Brique St. Pierre & Kamala, Elix Skipper def AJ Styles..

  89. August 20, 2003--NWS All-Star Wrestling in Wildwood, NJ: Hasheem Ali def TNT, Slayer d Tommy Force, Patriot def Kevin Knight, Force def Rob Eckos, Slayer won three-way over Scotty Charisma and Johnny Thunder, Patriot & TNT def Knight & Ali..

  90. August 20, 2003--Canadian Wrestling Federation in Ontario: Jason Kruger beat Rave, Matt Fairlane def The Phantom Shooter, Phoenix Dreamwalker won by a reversed decision over Rob Stardom, Zack Mercury over Kerry Brown via DQ, Kerry Brown & Rob Stardom def Phoenix Dreamwalker & Zack Mercury..

  91. August 21, 2003--Frontier Wrestling Alliance in Newport, Wales: Jody Fleisch def Jack Xavier, Baxter Burridge def Stixx, Paul Travell & Ian DaCyple def Alex Shane & Nikita, Aviv Mayaan def Mark Sloan, James Tighe won three-way over Doug Williams and Flash Barker..

  92. August 21, 2003--Canadian Wrestling Federation in Ontario: Phoenix Dreamwalker def Jason Kruger, Zack Mercury beat Matt Fairlane, The Big Kahuna over Rob Stardom, Rob Stardom & Kerry Brown wrestled to a Double DQ, Phoenix Dreamwalker/ Zack Mercury/ Kerry Brown beat Rob Stardom/ Matt Fairlane/ Jason Kruger..

  93. August 22, 2003--Blue Water Championship Wrestling - Kingston Carnage in Kingston, Michigan from Kingston Stadium: Southern Justice beat Whipdog & Steven Summers by DQ, Willie "Da Bomb" Richardson def Super Meetsee, El Diablo def Trik Nasty to become the NEW CW CHAMPION, X-Convict beat Eric Copeland in a non sanctioned Hardcore Title contest, Team Greatness def Buddy Hanlon & Rick Solid to become the NEW TAG CHAMPIONS, Sean Casey beat Germel "GQ" Quinn to retain his Heavyweight Title..

  94. August 22, 2003--Ultimate Wrestling Federation in Las Vegas: Tekniq def Legacy, Eyce def Brady Desire, Funnybone def Brother William, Nightcrawler def Joey D & J Studd, Kid USA def Judo Jimmy, Fredo def Sammy O'Shea, The Law def X..

  95. August 22, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Overland, MO: Trainee #10 def Trainee #3, Jeremy Lightfoot def Makaze, Matt Sydal def Jackal, Chaz Wesson def Sean Vincent, Billy McNeil won four-way over Daizee Haze, C.J. McManus and Rat Boy, Kory Twist def Big Bad Ben, Ian Storm won three-way over Delirious and Outkast, Pete Madden def Diamond Back Dingo, MsChif def Jynx, Nikki Strychnine def Kevin Sharp-COR..

  96. August 22, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Dallas, TX: C-Diddy def Gabe Roach-DQ, Scott Putski def Mike Thunder, Chris Stevens def Jared Steele, Mike Foxx def Kegls Newman, Foxx def Brett Barnes..

  97. August 22, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Jeff Brown def Eric Idol, Jerry Brown def Cyclone, Chris Richter def Gemini, Krusher Kong & Kit Carson & Khris Germany & Bull def Hellraiser Hark & Scott Phoenix & John Allen & Mike Thunder..

  98. August 22, 2003--Supreme Championship Wrestling in Hanover Indiana: Jamie Morrison beat Sonya Blackhawk, ESP beat the Dysfunctional Family to retain the Tag Titles, Mason the Mangler beat Eric Draven to retain the Hardcore Title, Brandon Hunter beat Billy Black to retain the US Title, Koko B Ware & Eric Draven & Roger Blade beat Billy Maverick & Terry Bull & Brandon Hunter, Koko B Ware pinned Billy Maverick to win the SCW Supreme Title..

  99. August 22, 2003--High Impact Wrestling in Texas City, TX: The company's announcer, Randy Pernosky, who also worked using the name Brother Icarus, passed away this week and they had the entire locker room come out for a tribute. Chris Source def Justin Blaze, J.P. Black & Voodoo def Gimp Squad, Hellion won Iron Man Challenge, Matt McClain won three-way over Nark the Nevulon & High Roller Hayze, Johnny Blade def Psycho Simpson, A.J. Styles def Cru Jones to keep NWA title..

  100. August 22, 2003--Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling in Surrey, BC: Matt Classic def Memphis Raines, Vid Vane def MR 2, Major Hardway def Amazing Halo, Seith Knight def Todd Baumgartner in bullrope match, Rocky Della Serra & Michelle Starr def Adam Firestorm & Ladies Choice, Matt Classic def Major Hardway, Rico Cajones def Scotty Mac-DQ, Moondog Manson def Dropkick Murphy..

  101. August 23, 2003--International Wrestling Cartel drew a sellout of 650 in West Mifflin, PA: Supreme Lee Great def Al B Damm, Jimmy Jacobs def Alex Shelley, Dennis Gregory def Dustin Ardine, James Keenan def Ray Right, B.J. Whitmer def Dean Radford, Eric Angle def Bubba the Bulldog, Colt Cabana d A.J. Styles, Devil Advocates def M-Dogg 20 & Josh Prohibition, Shark Boy def Carlton Kaz, Eric Extasy def Mysterious X-DQ, Super Hentai def Shirley Doe..

  102. August 23, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Dan McGuire def Jay Blaze, Travis Blake def Shawn Donovan-COR, Roman def Greg Goodman, Shane O'Brien & Pierce St. John def Biggie Biggs & Dylan Black, Fred Sampson def Tommy Trouble-DQ, Tyler Man & Aaron Stride def Nik Rage & Chris Steeler, Kevin Knight def Brandon Young..

  103. August 23, 2003--UIPW in Erie, PA before 125 fans: Kid Cupid def Raymond Right, Jake Garrett def Nikita Allanov, M-Dogg 20 def Adam cage, Phoenix won six person gauntlet match over Aero, Devil Bhudakhan, Robin Knightwing, Glenn Spectre and Kevin Grace, Fabulous def James Keenan, Shirley Doe & Sebastian Dark def Premiere Players, Jonny Storm d Josh Prohibition, Chris Hamrick def Dark to win UIPW title..

  104. August 23, 2003--Prairie Wrestling Alliance in Edmonton before 200 fans: Chip Worthington def Tex Gaines, Sgt. Hazard def Marky Mark, Duke Durrango won three-way over Phoenix Taylor and Highlander-DQ, Harry Smith def T.J. Wilson, Chris Steel def Rick Vain to win PWA title..

  105. August 23, 2003--Real Canadian Wrestling - Matt Verishine Memorial Show (one of their wrestlers who passed away in a car accident on 8/9) in New Sarepta, Alberta: Nick Fusion def Joey Syxx, Russ Hughes def Chance, Sara Strange def Veronica, Sqiggy Magoo def Dylon, Patrick Myers def Jackie F, Dante def Michael Myers, Bipolar def Jack Daniels, Myers won Battle Royal., Luke Duke def Crackal, Magoo NC Big Skye..

  106. August 23, 2003--Dory Funk's BANG in Ocala, FL: Highland Strangler def Sledgehammer, Adam Windsor & Osamu Nishimura def Big Cat & Bonecrusher, Samson DDQ Sledgehammer..

  107. August 23, 2003--NGW in Lillian, TX: Spoiler def David Fuller, Scott Nance & Bam Bam Moody & Jason X def Pendragon & Rick Davidson Jr. & Big Johnson, Cyclone def Chance Romance, Total justice def Punishers, A.J. Dillon def Bully Viper, Blade def Bully Terry..

  108. August 23, 2003--Championship Pro Wrestling in Keyser, WV: Kid Twist def Frankie Savage, Tiffani Monroe def Summer, Brian Johnson def Eric Gibson, Bobby Keller def Richie Stevens, Mega Rockers def Outkasts, Dargon def Joey Adonis, Sons of Bruno def Shane Shadows & Johnny Graham..

  109. August 23, 2003--New England Championship Wrestling in Hamden, CT before 200 fans: Brandon Locke def K.L. Murphy, Brian Jury & Chris Venom def Noise Boys, Kid Trance def ?, Zachary Springate III def El Boriqua, Antonio Thomas & Frankie Arion def Eddie Edwards & D.C. Dillenger, Sumie Sakai def Nikki Rox, Alex Arion def Mike Osbourne, Shaolin Wrecking Crew def Joey de Bull & Studly Steve, Ron Zombie def Chaos, Johnny Idol & J Busta NC Anthony Michaels & Mark Gore, Steve Bradley def Mercedes Martinez, Maverick Wild def Bob Evans..

  110. August 23, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: Scott Putski & Cedric Crain def Jeff & Jerry Brown, Shadow def Mike Thunder, Chris Sevens def Jared Steele, John Allen def C-Diddy in strap match..

  111. August 23, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling from in DeSoto, MO: Jackal def Sean Vincent, Sam Bacardi def Cabal, Jynx & Rat Boy def Super Castaldis III & IV, Kory Twist def Kevin Sharp, Chaz Wesson def Jeremy Lightfoot, Super Electro def C.J. McManus, Outkast def Ian Storm, Makaze d Delirious, Jackal def Matt Sydal, Nikki Strychnine & Jack Adonis & Pete Madden won elimination exploding TLC match..

  112. August 23, 2003--Metro Wrestling Alliance in Louisville, KY: Eric Draven beat Donny Belcher, Phoenix beat JT Money, The Amazing Pooky beat Apollo, Billy Maverick beat The Black Redneck Cliff Hanger, Bryan Blade beat The Miami Thug with help from Billy Maverick..

  113. August 23, 2003--Italian Championship Wrestling - "La Legge Del + Forte 2003" in Gabicce Mare, Italy: The Dragon def Puck, Il Marchese def Kyo Kazama, Tsunami def The White Crow, Soul Cage & Pain def . Los Anticristos via DQ, Psycho Mike def Puck in a "no limits" match, Mr Excellent def The Dragon to win the vacant Northern title, Manuel Majoli def Raiss..

  114. August 23, 2003--Ontario Pro Wrestling in Ingersoll, ONT before 400 fans as part of a festival: Eddie Osbourne won three-way over Elian Habanero and Agent Orange, 21st Century Fox def Ashleigh Vayda, Sid Summers DCOR Jason Phoenix, Kwan Chang def Freakshow, Willy Allen def Warhed..

  115. August 23, 2003--Southeastern Extreme Wrestling in Dothan: American Ice def Ultimate Dragon, Damian Lavaye def Rickey B, Law Dogs def New Hollywood Blondes, Jester McKain def Billy Black, Scott Armstrong & Backstreet Brawler & Luke Goldberg def Big Daddy & Fugitive & D-Mon..

  116. August 23, 2003--American Wrestling Network in Fort Valley, GA: Golden Eagle I & II def Sgt. Douglas & Brawler, High Impact def Mike Pain & Paul Phoenix, Keith Steinborn DCOR Jerry Stephens, Sam Slaughter def Bob Wyre, South Side Trash def Bad Dog X & Dark Patriot, Cru Jones def Johnny Camo..

  117. August 23, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestling in Knoxville: Lance Gaylord def Cruiser Lewis, Lance Erickson DCOR Steve Chronic, Jeff Anderson def Kountry Boy Sam, Stan Lee & Mike Hanson def Sammy V & Ric Cannon, Dirty White Boy def Norton Lewis..

  118. August 23, 2003--World of Hurt Wrestling in Hudson Falls, NY: Gryphon def Pink, Texas Outlaw def Swinger Sidusky, Kid Krush def Shane Alden, Moondog Mange def Orgazmo, Jeff Starr & Shockwave def Steve Hunter & Zeke Beecher, Danger & Nick Neighborhood def Scott Scarsdale & Virus, Punk def Hoss..

  119. August 23, 2003--Midwest Powerhouse Wrestling in Godfrey, IL: Crocodile Kid def Agent C, Chico Es Loco def Agent U, Trinity def Jaden, Christian Haze NC Searcher, Jason Wells def Eric Logan, Marcus Mansfield def Joe Terpening, Agency def Crocodile Kid & Chico Es Loco, Bob Orton (now 52) won over Searcher, Haze and Damien Blade..

  120. August 24, 2003--Brawl in Buffalo after the Buffalo Bisons (AAA baseball team) game: Little Louie def King Sleazy, A.J. Styles def Kid Kash, Trinity def Tracy, Jimmy Snuka def Nikolai Volkoff (subbing for King Kong Bundy), Disco Inferno def Norman Smiley, Jeff Jarrett & Sabu def Raven & Disco Inferno..

  121. August 24, 2003--Jersey Championship Wrestling's J Cup in Garfield, NJ before 320 fans: Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz def Boriquas, Jay Lethal def Rob Eckos, C.M. Punk def Sonjay Dutt, Shawn Sheridan def Deranged, Jimmy Jacobs def Dixie, Homicide def Grim Reefer, Johnny Ova def Dan Barry, Alex Shelley def Ruckus, Slyk Wagner Brown def Dave Greco, Lethal def Punk, Jacobs def Sheridan, Homicide def Shelly, Brown def Ova, Lethal def Jacobs, Homicide def Brown, Lethal def Homicide to win tournament, Jonny Storm def Matt Stryker..

  122. August 24, 2003--NAWA in Fort Worth: Jerry Brown def Chris Richter, Balls Ryder won elimination match, Jeff Brown def Adam Arson, Chance Romance def David Fuller, Richter def Brown..

  123. August 24, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Shawn Donovan def Dylan Black, Biggie Biggs def TNT, Greg Goodman def Dan McGuire, Kevin Knight & Roman def Brandon Young & Travis Blake, Shane O'Brien & Pierce St. John def Tony Torres & Aldo, Fred Sampson def Tommy Trouble..

  124. August 24, 2003--Norwegian Wrestling Federation in Oslo before 300 fans: Steve Fowler def Big John, James Mason d Gromguten, Daniel Sebastian def Big John-DQ, Erik Isaksen def Starbuck, Gromguten def Makoto, Bjorn Sem def Byron Lawless..

  125. August 26, 2003--Tennessee Mountain Wrestlingin Tazwell, TN: Dr. Dan def DG 2000, Sammy V & Lance Erickson def Stan Lee & Mike Hanson, DG 2000 def Jonathan MacMurray, Jeff Anderson def Sonny Siaki, Lance Erickson won blindfold Battle Royal..

  126. August 27, 2003--National Wrestling Superstars in Wildwood, NJ: Kevin Knight def Brandon Young, Roman def TNT, Biggie Biggs def Travis Blake, Hasheem Ali def Fred Sampson, Sampson & TNT def Roman & Ali, Famous Clown & Travis Blake def Kevin Knight & Brandon Young..

  127. August 28, 2003--Premier Promotions in Worthing, England: Doug Williams def U.K. Kid, Flash Barker def Jace the Ace, Lee Daren def Johnny Kidd, Doug Williams def Flash Barker to win Worthing Trophy. Doug Williams becomes the first person ever to win the trophy two straight years..

  128. August 29, 2003--Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in Eagle Rock, CA in the first day of a two-day tournament before 120 fans: Super Dragon def Hook Bomberry, Colt Cabana def M-Dogg 20, Joey Ryan def Scorpio Sky, Adam Pearce def Disco Machine, Frankie Kazarian def Scott Lost, B-Boy def Tony Kozina, Nosawa def Taro, Christopher Daniels def Hardkore Kidd..

  129. August 29, 2003--CCW in Quarryville, PA: Gregarious def Ryan Loot, Lobo def D-Licious, Damien Destruction NC Cabbie, Mark Mest def C.J. North, Rob Noxious & Destruction def Max Hovak & Cabbie, Cabbie & Max & Lobo & Rockin Rebel def D-Licious & Rob Noxious & J-Money & Damien Destruction..

  130. August 29, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Krusher Kong & Bull def Jeff & Jerry Brown, Bullman Downs def Eric Idol, John Allen def Gemini, Chris Richter won three-way to keep Iron Man title over Kit Carson and Scott Phoenix..

  131. August 30, 2003--Culture Shock in Helsinki, Finland before 400 fans: Gromguten def Erik Isaksen, Sonny Siaki def Mike Sanders, Big John def Daniel Sebastian, Easyrider & Johnny Merlyn def Bjorn Sem & Byron Lawless, A.J. Styles def Kid Kash in 2/3 falls to keep NWA title, Shane Douglas def Sabu in street fight..

  132. August 30, 2003--USA Pro Wrestling at the Elks Lodge in Queens, NY before 850 fans: Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz def Johnny Ova & Dan Barry, Los Lunatics won elimination match, Johnny TNT & Chris Calliber def James New Blood & Jav, Christopher Street Connection def Zena & Skinhead Ivan, Homicide def Deranged, Balls Mahoney def Louie Ramos, Solution won three-way over Trailer Park Trash Nuke & Vinny Stylin, Josh Deeley won gauntlet, Mikey Whipwreck & Wayne def Boogie Knights to win tag titles, Slyk Wagner Brown def Mike Kruel to win U.S. title, Billy Reil def April Hunter & Simply Luscious, Xavier def Grim Reefer, Al Snow def Sandman, Raven def D-Lo Brown..

  133. August 30, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: B.J. Cummings def Melvin, Duffy def Dade Venge, Psycho Simpson def Mike Foxx-COR, Steve DeMarco & Gabe Roach def Brett Barnes & Shadow..

  134. August 30, 2003--New Era Wrestling in Shelbyville, IN: Blade def Damian Cole, Hillbilly Jed & Simply Marvelous def Dysfunctional Family, Vinny Ratlock def Wyldechild, Manslaughter def American Kickboxer, Troy Van Zant def John Wall, OMG over Vortex and Bobby Black, Tom Van Zant def Johnny Rayz in hair vs. loser leaves town (Rayz is moving to Los Angeles to train at the New Japan Dojo), Cru Jones DCOR Apollo Star..

  135. August 30, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Greg Goodman def Tommy Trouble, Shawn Donovan def Travis Blake, Dan McGuire & Nik Rage def Dylan Black & Jay Blaze, Roman def Brandon Young, Biggie Biggs def Pierce St. John, Fred Sampson def Kevin Knight..

  136. August 30, 2003--Pro Wrestling Guerilla tournament finals in City of Industry, CA before 110 fans: Frankie Kazarian def Lil Cholo, Christopher Daniels def Nosawa, Joey Ryan def Adam Pearce, Super Dragon def Colt Cabana, Frankie Kazarian def Chris Daniels, Joey Ryan def Super Dragon, Hardkore Kidd & Al Katrazz def Hook Bomberry & Apollo Khan, Scott Lost & Tony Kozina & Taro def M-Dogg 20 & Scorpio Sky & Disco Machine, Frankie Kazarian def Joey Ryan to win tournament..

  137. August 30, 2003--Dory Funk's BANG in Ocala, FL: Simba def Bonecrusher, Tommy Gunn & Little Wahoo McDaniel def Joey Pink & Highland Strangler, Big Cat def Bubba McCoy, Adam Windsor def Pink, Sledgehammer & Samson def Magnum the Giant, Bonecrusher & Cat def McCoy & Damian LaVaye, Dixie def Simba, Magnum the Giant def LaVaye, Windsor won four-way over Sledgehammer, Bonecrusher and Samson..

  138. August 30, 2003--Full Impact Wrestling in St. Petersburg before a reported sellout of 300: Jason Moore def Aaron Epic, Brian Gamble def Kid Lethal, Sean & Phil Davis def Phi Delta Slam, Ralph Mosca def Joshua Masters, Sean Hill def Big Wood, Kahagus def Dagon Briggs, Vampire Warrior def David Young, New Jack (managed by Missy Hyatt) def Sandman..

  139. August 30, 2003--Blue Water Championship Wrestling in River Rouge, Michigan for the Raymond Gold Tournament: Buddy Hanlon def "Sadistic" Steven Summers, Kamakazie beat Whipdog, "Mad dog" Brick Bergman def Justin "Sweettooth" Barger, Rick Solid beat The Syrian Playboy, The Suicycos beat Draven Stryder & The Soulcrusher (non tournament), Buddy Hanlon beat Kamakazie, Rick Solid def Psycrow, "Sexy" Sean Casey beat Anthony Rivera to retain BWCW title, Rick Solid def Buddy Hanlong to become the 1st winner of the Jason Jeanette Memorial Tourney, Marcus "Buff Daddy" Bagwell beat "Prime Time" Damon Starr..

  140. August 30, 2003--EWF/FMLL in San Bernardino, CA: Silly Willy won three-way over Bonzai and C.J. Castro, West Coast Ryders def Bino Gambino & Jason King, Tonina Jackson Jr. def Latin Blood, Ragin Dawg def Vizzion, Los Chivos def Kiss & Kiss Jr., Steve Masters def Misterioso-DQ..

  141. August 30, 2003--NAWA in Rome, GA before 120 people, which included a guest appearance of Mr. Wrestling II Johnny Walker: Seam Tempers def Crazy Francis, D.L. Norris def Andrew Alexander, Nemesis def John arden-DQ, Jay Fury & Justin Ramey def Tank & Iceberg, Drew Delight def Chit Martinez, Nick Rampage def Jayson Phoenix, Seth Cruise & Working Man def Joey Corman & Samir, Ray Gordy def Chris Kamikazi..

  142. August 30, 2003--Northern Wrestling Xperience in Port Rowan, ONT before 150 fans: Kwan Chang def Freakshow, Tim Jim Jim Bob def Troy Buchanan, Prison Rulez DCOR Reggie Marley, Willy Allen def Killer Kumpf, J.Q. Publik & Reggiie Marley def Kingdom James & Kwan Chung..

  143. August 30, 2003--Jersey Wrestling Alliance in Guilford, CT: Damian Dragon def Purty Kurty, Sienna Blaze & Mercedes Martinez def Orphan & Penniwize the Court Jester, Dylan Kage def Nick Richards, Mike Quackenbush & Icarus & Jolly Roger def Wild Cards & Jigsaw, Hot Rocker def Rudo the Heel, Grand Master B & Great Cerenzio def Red Hot Russ & Mo Sexy, Rick Silver & Bill Ding (yes, somebody was bound to copy Gilberti's worst idea) & Hubie Bolk & Ron Zombie & Chocolate Boy Wonder def Joe Rules & Punisher & Philly Madison & Trey Owens & T-Bonz..

  144. August 30, 2003--Impact Zone Wrestling's First Anniversary Show in Phoenix, Arizona: Mr. Harris def Monster Mayhem, Gentleman G def Lawrence Tyler (maybe he can feud with Calgary's Dick Butkus), Flama Negra & Condor King def Ase Trebor & Sinaloence, Crock def J-Rod, Shot Colla def Joey Dukes, Top Gun Talwar won three-way over Tommy Walker and Sky Simon, Mike Nox def Sheik Samir Hussein, Chris Kole def Jack Durango, John Williams def Navajo Warrior to win title, G.Q. Gallo def C.C. Star to become commissioner..

  145. August 30, 2003--American Wrestling Federation in Chipley, FL: Ryan Fury def Forsaken, Matt Gordy won three-way over Backdraft and Confederate Kid, Al Savage def Bomzaloco, Ronnie Fargo & Jon Byson def Rough Riders, Aeon Flex def Commando, Luscious Lrry def Mr. Fantasy, Assassin def Curtis LeRoy-DQ..

  146. August 30, 2003--IPW in New Port Richey, FL: Sean Hill def Kevin Devine, Maximum Capacity def Masked Luchador Bob, Stash & Thunderbolt def David Mercury & Big Daddy Kasper, Frankie Capone & Pat McGroin & Brian Anderson def Pretty Fly & Boles Azules & Job Zout, Justice def O.G. Scarface, Johnny Vandal & Sedrick Strong def Roderick Strong & Eric Stevens, Hotshot def James Hendrix, Naphtali def Mikey Batts, Mikey Tenderfoot & Amy Love def Agent Steel & Rod Steel, David Babylon def Tommy Vandal..

  147. August 31, 2003--IPW in New Port Richey, FL: James Hendrix def Kevin Devine, Roderick Strong & Eric Stevens def Stash & Thunderbolt, Boles Azules & Job Zout def David Mercury & Big Daddy Kasper, Agent Steel def Job Zout, Naphtali def Pretty Fly, Agent Steele def Lennox, Lenny & Amy Love won Battle Royal..

  148. August 31, 2003--Southern States Wrestling in Asheville, NC: Tony Givens & Justin Sensation def Josh Cody & Shawn Spencer, Mike Murphy def Brad Batten, Shane Black def Dr. Devastation, Jeff Tankersly def C.C. Rocket, Ricky & Todd Morton def Super Destroyer & Nightmare, Bunkhouse Buck def K.C. Thunder. Sherri Martel managed on the show. They also ran Monday night in Erwin, TN: Justin Sensation def Tim Baldwin, Tony Givens def Thorn, Todd Morton def K.C. Thunder, C.C. Rocket DDQ Jeff Tankersly, Brad Batten & Brian Overbay def Super Destroyer & Nightmare, Ricky Morton & Tony Givens def Josh Cody & Shawn Spencer..