Independent Wrestling Results - May 2003

  1. May 1, 2003--World Pro Wrestling in Mullens, WV: Chance Prophet def Shane Matthews-DQ, Shane Matthews def Danny Ray, Daredevil def Psycho, Ray & Prophet & Daredevil def Matthew & Psycho & Big Daddy Gordy..

  2. May 2, 2003--Pro Wrestling Iron in Newark, CA: Hook Bomberry def Miyaki, Tony Jones def Chance Erickson, Frank Murdoch & Bart Blaxton def Vinny Massaro & Lars Dauger, Vito Thomaselli def U.K. Kid, Donovan Morgan def Sarah Del Ray, J.D. Bishop def Chicano Flame, Michael Modest def Salvatore Thomaselli, Tommy Drake & Bison Smith def Donovan Morgan & Apollo Khan..

  3. May 2, 2003--World of Hurt Wrestling in Rotterdam, NY: Pink def Gryphon, Steve Kruz def Ricky Domingues, Hadji Poojabi def Virus, Swinger Sidusky def Scott Scarsdale, Steve Hunter & Miss Deville def Moondogs Mange & Kitty, Mike Steelerelli def Shane Alden, Orgazmo def Bert Williams, Northern Studd def The Bull, Damon Vitale def Zeke Beecher, Swinger Sidusky def Steve Kruz..

  4. May 2, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton: Action Jackson def Krusher Kong & Chuy Lopez in handicap match, Pendragon def Bull, John Allen def Epi the Phat Samoan-DQ, Jeff & Jerry Brown def Kit Carson & Khris Germany-DQ, Scott Phoenix def Drunk Adam..

  5. May 2, 2003--Wisconsin Organized Wrestling in Milwaukee before 175 fans: Kenra def ODB, Mike Samson def G.Q. Matt, Adam Evans def Ken Anderson, Haystacks Ross def Angel Armonhi & Straightedge Eric Hammers, Tough Tom (Disorderly Conduct) def Sean Daivari, Big Daddy Dews def Daryck St. Homes..

  6. May 2, 2003--USWO in Madison, TN before 70 fans: Ben Jordan def Drifter, Buzz Dupp def Sonny Street, Superfly P def Dynamite Dan, Southside Soldier def Convict J.C. Ice-DQ, Slacker J & Dynamite Dan def Dan Morrow & Brian Turner, Kevin Jones & Buzz Dupp and Chris Bomb & Superfly P in four corners elimination match for tag titles..

  7. May 2, 2003--National Wrestling Superstars in Manville, NJ: Kid Kruel won three-way over Tommy Force and Katmando, Salvatore Sincere & Biggie Biggs def Ace Darling & Ice Pick, Kevin Knight def Roman in falls count anywhere, Dave Webb def Hasheem Ali, Short Sleeve Sampson def Little Killer, Simon Diamond def Tony Flow..

  8. May 2, 2003--Heartland Wrestling Association in Aurora, IN: Nigel McGuiness def Drew the Don, Chad Collyer def Hoss, Matt Stryker def Quinten Lee, Chet Jablonski & Cody Hawk def T.J. Dalton & J.T. Stahr, Collyer won Battle Royal..

  9. May 2, 2003--ECCW in Duncan, BC: Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart beat Ladies Choice, Scotty Mac beat Vance Nevada to retain ECCW title, Disco Fury beat Brett Prime, Cremator beat Ice, Vid Vane beat Seth Knight..

  10. May 2, 2003--Steel Domain Wrestling in Fridley, MN before 150 fans: Dandy Dan def Matt Anderson, Turbo Twins def Demolition 2000, Mike Paradise def Mr. Justice, Little Kato def Beautiful Bobby, Bobby Zappa def Lenny Lane..

  11. May 3, 2003--3PW in Philadelphia at the Electric Factory before about 400 fans: Trent Acid def Ric Blade, Hit squad def Rockin Rebel & Jeff Rocker, Kid Kash def Homicide (maybe best match), Balls Mahoney def Ian Rotten in a major bloodbath, Josh Daniels won three-way over Damian Adams and Chris Chetti, Blue Meanie & Roadkill def Christian York & Joey Matthews, Gary Wolfe def Kevin Sullivan to keep 3PW title which wound up in the concession stand and the parking lot, Terry Funk def Jerry Lawler..

  12. May 3, 2003--Heartland Wrestling Association in Batavia, OH: T.J. Dalton def Big Al, Drew the Don & Gotti def Brother Clay, Quinten Lee def Hussla, Rory Fox def J.T. Stahr to keep jr. title, Chet Jablonski & Cody Hawk def Hoss & Nigel McGuiness to keep tag title, A.J. & Bobbi Jo def Astin Ambrose in cane match, Joe Kopasz NC Patrick Black in a battle of 50% commissioners, Chad Collyer def Matt Stryker to keep HWA title..

  13. May 3, 2003--Empire State Wrestling in Wheatfield, NY before 350 fans: Tommy Caliber def Sakura, Cade Cassidy def Shade, Danny Magic & Greg Kharma def TSK & Omen, Lance Steel def Benjamin Smith, Randy Walker def Flatline, Mastiff def Chris Cooper, Tommy Caliber def Cade Cassidy, Jonny Puma def Cris Cavana..

  14. May 3, 2003--Future Stars of Wrestling in Sarasota, FL: Chasyn Rance def Anti-Mime, Rance won Battle Royal, Levi Mullins def Lonewolf, New Midnight Express def Leon Scott & C.B. Kool, Baddboy def Son of Sicily, Bonez the Cutthroat def Rance..

  15. May 3, 2003--Revolution Pro Wrestling from LaSalle, IL before 175 fans: Brandon Bishop & Adam Evans NC Jimmy Jacobs & Cameron Cage, Steve Boz def Bill Valentine, Cru Jones def Synn-COR, Jason Allen def Eric Marx, Alter Ego def Egotistico Fantastico in a TLC match, Acid def Ace Steel (very good match), C.M. Punk def Raven..

  16. May 3, 2003--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, TN: Tiffany Monroe def Sensational Cherri, C.J. Summers def Eric Adamz, Johnny Graham def Orphan-DQ, Gabe Casteel & Flex def Bomb Squad to win tag titles, Jack Diamond def Butcher, Marty Jannetty def Rage..

  17. May 3, 2003--SPW in Sacramento: Wicked won tornado elimination match over Apollo Khan, Maliki and Prof. Poindexter, Chupacabra & Chupacito def Beautiful People to win tag titles, Adam Thornstowe def U.K. Kid, Hook Bomberry & Dante def Vito & Salvatore Thomaselli, J.D. Bishop def Sacred Dragon (Dragon supposedly now has to retire due to match stips), Hunk Golden def Steve Currie, Hardcory Dayton & Super Dave & Mike Rayne def Rabia & Black Metal & Luster the Legend, Brian Raymond NC Bison Smith..

  18. May 3, 2003--National Wrestling Superstars in New Brunswick, NJ: Brian Sexton won Battle Royal, Kevin Knight DCOR Jamie Idol, NC-17 def Dave Webb & Hyena, The Wall def Hasheem Ali, Biggie Biggs def Brian Sexton, Short Sleeve Samson def Little Killer in a minis match, Patriot (Tom Brandi) def Tony Flow..

  19. May 3, 2003--ECWA in Wilmington, DE: Jose & Joel Maximo & Mercedes def Billy Bax & Rob Eckos & Venom, Mike Kruel def John Walters (sub for Amazing Red, announced as injured). Prince Nana def Japanese Pool Boy for the Mid Atlantic title, Cheetah Master def Mozart Fontaine, Striker & Ace Darling def Maxx Brothers, Nick Malaki def Mr. Ooh La La, Xero def mega, Chris Daniels won three-way over Paul London and Chance Beckett to keep ECWA title..

  20. May 3, 2003--ECCW in Courtenay, BC: Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart beat Vance Nevada, Michelle Starr & Ladies Choice beat Scotty Mac & Kaos, Disco Fury beat Vid Vane, Cremator beat Ice, Brett Prime beat Seth Knight..

  21. May 3, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation TV Tapings in Burlington, NC: Sexton Tyler def Stephen O'Hara, Bounty Hunter def Kurt Solo, American Steel Ninja def Rob McBride, Joey Silvia def Brass Munkey, Mikael Yamaha & Gemini Kid def Trent Wylde, Otto Schwanz def Pat Cusick, Brad Attitude & Brad Rainz def Southside Playas, Gee Star & Corey Edsel def Ric Converse & Brad Stutts..

  22. May 3, 2003--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in St. Petersburg before 225 fans: Antonio Banks def Pat McGroin, CBGA def Pretty Fly, Cuban Assassin def Mark Madsen, Justice NC Sedrick Strong, Pat Powers def Havoc, Chaos def Kubiak, Mideon def Navy Seal (formerly Rastaman), Jerrelle Clark won three-way over Naphtali and Roderick Strong, Frankie Capone NC Mark Zout, Vicious & Delicious def Vandalz, Rod Steel def Mikey Tenderfoot..

  23. May 3, 2003--Revolution Pro Wrestling in Harbor City, CA: Stryker & Big E. Biggz def Buddy George & Jethro, Johnny Paradise & Extreme Loco def Vega & Unholy, King Faviano & Scorpio Sky & Gallinero IV def American Wild Child & Black Metal & Zokre, Angel def Bigg Babi Slymm, John Lambert def Lonestar, Hydro & Phoenix Star def Quicksilver & Chris Bosh, Taro def Topgun Talwar, Super Dragon def Mr. Excitement..

  24. May 3, 2003--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, TX: Tony Montana def Scoby Gober, Leif Erickson def Top Gun Jag, Rocco Carmanooch def Voodoo the Executioner-DQ, Brett Basics won three-way over General Agony and Chris Allen, Michael Strider & Zenzen def Bobby 2 Badd & Seth Shai-DQ..

  25. May 3, 2003--Phoenix Championship Wrestling in Manchester, NJ before 300 fans: Ace def Tanker, Sammy & Dave def Tank Tolland & Mike Preston, Donnie Bon Jovi def Chi Chi Cruz, Brut def Danny the Love Machine, Little Ricky def Slayer, Kappa Tappa Kegga def United Nations, Joe Gunns, Power Child and Jumbo won Battle Royal, Matt Vandal def Frankie Kazarian to win PCW title, Devon Storm def Trent Acid..

  26. May 3, 2003--WCWO in Centerton, IN: Rob Kincaid def Skip Raddison, Simply Marvelous def Anger Management-DQ, Itch Coma Weider def Floppy the Clown, Indiana Kidd Jr. def Johnny Blaze, Street Punx def Billy Bart & Hillbilly Jed..

  27. May 5, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Covington, KY: Matt Parks def Average White Guy, Ryan Stone def Mack the Knife, Chad Allegra def Ray Steele, Brain Beech def Justin Idol, Tiny Tim def Zodiac, Stamp Lickage def Donnie Greene-DQ..

  28. May 8, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Dallas as a show in between acts at a concert at the Smirnoff Music Center at Fair Park with Godsmack as the headliner: Chris Stevens def Brett Barnes, Mike Foxx def Jared Steele-DQ, Newman (local sportscaster on the radio show sponsoring the event) & Shadow def Apocalypse & Storm, show ended with a pillow fight with some scantily clad drill team members..

  29. May 9, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Kit Carson def Jeff Brown, John Allen def Khris Germany-DQ, Jerry Brown def Chuy Lopez, Epi the Phat Samoan def Seth Shai, Gabe Roach def Action Jackson in a cage match..

  30. May 9, 2003--Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling in Cleveland, TN before 150 fans: Damien def Jorge Estrada, Reverend def Heck shanks, Palm Beach Boys & Bobby Hayes def Larry Zbyszko & Dobbins Brothers, Big Henry Hoss def Simon Semen-DQ, Sonny Siaki & David Young def Dusty Rhodes & New Jack when Dusty did the job on his own show..

  31. May 9, 2003--Coastal Real Extreme Wrestling in Edenton, NC: B.J. Winger def SinnJinn-DQ Patient 6D6 def Deacon, Chris Escobar def Marty Reed, John Thundercloud & Winger def TGre-G & Chris Derringer-DQ, Timber def Gluteus Maximus, The Stro def Marc Ash..

  32. May 9, 2003--Promociones Sandoval in Tijuana: Dragon de Oro def Angel Negro Jr., Black Spyder & Nocturno def Tucan & Yarak, Thunder Mask won three-way over Extreme Tiger and Extassis, Dimension & Sombra Vengadora & Super Muneco & Venum def Depredador & Enfermero Jr. & Enigma de Oro & Kayam, Arandu def TJ Boy in a hair vs. mask match, Damian & Halloween def Nicho & Rey Misterio Sr. to keep XLAW tag titles..

  33. May 9, 2003--Monster Pro Wrestling in Edmonton: Bobby Sharp NC Tom McDonald, Massive Damage won Battle Royal, Kenny Omega def Sean Houston, Gary Williams def Winston Flynn, Sexy Samantha def Griffin, Chi Chi Cruz def Steve Rivers, Synn def Johnny Handsome, Massive Damage def King Lau to win MPW title..

  34. May 9, 2003--UWF in Las Vegas before 100 fans: Dancing Dragon def Eyce, Law & Tekniq def Riggs Brothers, Sinful & X def Funnybone & Ace Stevens, Dameon Dollaz def Kenny (Tough Enough 2)..

  35. May 9, 2003--Global Championship Wrestling in Birmingham: Mason Fury def Rastas Polk in arm wrestling, Sento Tenshi def Inhuman Fly, Head Bustaz def Joe Hogan & J.C. Skyee, Guff Grayson def Theodore Tutweiler III, Bull Buchanan def Sweet Daddy, Night Prowler def Buff Bagwell, Vinny V def Dan Sawyer in lumberjack match..

  36. May 10, 2003--Killer Kowalski's All-Star Wrestling in Tewksbury, MA: Q-Ball def Freight Train Dan, Rush DDQ Bronx Bomber, Nikky Roxx def Eve Robinson, Tre def Chris Yale, Vinny Guiliani & Tony Cianci def D.C. Dillinger & Eddie Edwards, Tim McNeany & Eve Robinson def Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter, Rush won Battle Royal

  37. May 10, 2003--International Wrestling Cartel in White Oak, PA drew 371 fans for the Super Indy tournament 2: James Keenan def B.J. Whitmer, Colt Cabana def Super Hentai, Matt Stryker def Ikuto Hidaka, Christopher Daniels def Raven, Cabana def Keenan, Stryker def Daniels, Cabana def Stryker to win tournament, Dean Radford def Dustin Ardine, Shirley Doe def Bubba the Bulldog in a dog collar match, Sexual Harassment def Devil's Advocates to win IWC tag titles, Jimmy Vegas def Dennis Gregory to win IWC title..

  38. May 10, 2003--The Annual Mark Curtis (Brian Hildebrand) Memorial Show in Kingsport, TN: Afternoon results saw Justin Sensation def Shawn Spencer, Wayne Adams def Alabama Al, Super Destroyer def Alex Raven, Bryan Wayne def Ricky Rocket, Thorn def Justin Sensation, Brian Overbay def Mike Cooper-DQ . . Main show featured reps from the American Cancer Society and Brian's widow Pam (who has since remarried and has an infant son) as well as inductions of Sherri Martel, Ron, Robert and Buddy Fuller, and Billy and Jimmy Golden to their Hall of Fame, Bart Batten def Thorn-DQ, Todd Morton def Steve Flynn, Jimmy Valiant def Assassin, Brian Overbay & Bryan Wayne & Ray Idol def Super Destroyer & Gator McAllister & Mike Cooper, Bart & Brad Batten def Flex Armstrong & Thorn, Scott Sterling & Brandi Alexander def Jeff Tankersly & Sherri Martel, Beau James & K.C. Thunder def Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden, Robbie Cassidy def Tankersly-DQ..

  39. May 10, 2003--Real Canadian Wrestling in Gibbons, Alberta before 50 fans: Bipolar def Storm, Matt Gladiator def Steven Styles-COR, Derek Steele def Menthois, Renegade def Whisperer, Sinn def Rod Thunderheart, 2 Xtreme def Dogs of War, Steven Styles won Battle Royal, Steele def Renegade, Matt Gladiator def Sinn, Steele won title in four-way over Steven Styles, Matt Gladiator and Rod..

  40. May 10, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Dylan Black def Dante, Pierce St. John def Tony Torres, Nik Rage & Dan McGuire def Johnny Toxic & Jay Blaze, Eloy Fiesta def Shawn Donovan-DQ, Shane OBrien def Travis Blake, BPA Barry def Tommy Trouble, Kevin Knight & Roman def Fred Sampson & Brandon Young..

  41. May 10, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling TV Taping in Arlington, TX: Damien def Steve DeMarco-COR, Chris Stevens def C-Diddy, Jared Steele def Eddie Atlas, Mike Foxx def Gabe Roach, Apocalypse & Storm def Keg Brothers in TLC match to win tag titles, Shadow def Khris Germany to keep heavyweight title..

  42. May 10, 2003--Revolution Pro Wrestling at City of Industry, CA before 185 fans: Bigg E. Biggz & Jethro George & Nemesis def Vega & Gallinero IV & Espara de la Muerte, Scott Lost def Street Style, Mongol & Black Metal & Lonestar def Gallinero II & Supa Badd & Sexy Chino, Chris Bash & Phoenix Star & Johnny Paradise def Xtreme Loco & Hydro & Zokre, King Faviano def Bigg Babi Slymm, Hook Bomberry def Apollo Khan, Angel & Mr. Excitement def Quicksilver & Scorpio Sky, Joey Ryan & Sara def Super Dragon & Disco Machine..

  43. May 10, 2003--Ron's Championship Wrestling TV Taping in Knoxville: Jonathan MacMurray def DG 2000, Dirty White Boy def John Dalton, Jeff Anderson def Rob Adonis, David Anderson def Ric Cannon, Sammy V def J.R. Stardog, Sonny Siaki def Brian Alexander, Ric Cannon def John Dalton, Jeff Anderson def Sonny Siaki-DQ..

  44. May 10, 2003--Ring Wars in Toronto at the 360 Night Club: Jason Kronus won Battle Royal, Custom Made Man def Phil Latio, 21st Century Fox & Hornet def Angel & Marco Malaquias in a mixed tag, Notorious TID NC Jamie Jackson, Notorious TID & Phil Latio def Jamie Jackson & Custom Made Man..

  45. May 10, 2003--IPW in Melbourne, FL: Mark Zout def Frankie Capone, Kubiak def Johnny Vandal, Pretty Fly & Boules Azoules & Kung Fu Pro def Comic Book Guy Anderson & J.T. Scarface & David Reed, Lex Lovett def Steve Madison, Agent Steele def Sedrick Strong, Rod Steel def Mikey Tenderfoot, Ricky & Tommy Vandal def Suicidal Tendencies, David Babylon & Billy Fives def Scoot Andrews & Mike Sullivan..

  46. May 10, 2003--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Wartburg, TN: Sensational Cherri def Fantasy, Daniel Gunner def Simon Bane-DQ, Syren def Whipme Spearz, Eric Adams def Skull, Willy D def Jason Fear in a Lumberjane match (women lumberjacks), Gabe Casteel & Flex NC Diamond Studd & Eric Adamz, Rage def Marty Jannetty..

  47. May 10, 2003--World Association of Wrestling in Lowestoft, Suffolk, England: Hot Stuff def Robin Knightwing (Apocalypse Wrestling of Toronto), Kharisma def Sweet Saraya, Zebra Kid d Thunder, Steve Quintain def Phil Powers, Ricky Knight NC Jake Roberts..

  48. May 10, 2003--NAW in Madera, CA: Miss Maxi Minx def Madison, Dave Drexler won Iron Man match over 60:00 over Dante, Chupacito and Marce, Shawn Rain def Graduate, Prof. Poindexter def Otis, Big Ugly won four-way over Handsome Jack, Chance Calloway and wicked, Drexler & Minx & Mike Rayne def Dante in elimination match, Robby Phoenix won three-way over Carnage and Stepfather, Big D & Thunderbird def Shawn Rain & Graduate, Peircetin Steel def Rage, Chupacito def Chance Calloway, Ugly won Battle Royal..

  49. May 10, 2003--IPW in Pacoima, CA: Hydro def Johnny Paradise, Phoenix Star def Zokre, American Wild Child & Street Style & De La Muerte def Leon Rojo & Gallinero IV & Biggie Biggs, Sangre Latina def Viper, Chilango def Kayam..

  50. May 10, 2003--Championship Pro Wrestling in Keyser, WV: Cabbie def Mercury Flash, Troy Mest def Max Havok, Shane Shadows DCOR Gino Sammartino, Masked Marauders def Brian Johnson & Richie Stevens, Cremator def Zubov, Johnny Graham def Switchblade in chain match..

  51. May 10, 2003--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Weimer, TX: Bubba Lee Travis def Scoby Gober, Rocco Carmanooch def Voodoo the Executioner, General Agony def Brett Basics, Zenzen def Leif Ericksen, Bobby 2 Badd def Michael Striker-DQ, Erickson won Battle Royal..

  52. May 10, 2003--National Wrestling Superstars in Red Bank, NJ: Fred Sampson & Brandon Young def Kevin Knight & Roman, Biggie Biggs def Frank Kuhl, Mike Kruel NC Dave Webb, Patriot (Tom Brandi) def Hasheem Ali, Damian Adams & Tony Flow def Sean Edwards & Mr. Motion, Jerry Lawler def Simon Diamond..

  53. May 11, 2003--Premiere Wrestling Federation in Pottstown, PA before 311 fans: Christopher Street Connection def Brandon Blaze & Jason Pelligrini, Jack Victory NC Mafia, Alexis Laree def Ronnie Stevens, Joey Matthews def Danny Doring, Rockin Rebel & Josh Daniels & Guillotine LeGrande def Rapid Fire Maldonado & Chi Chi Cruz & Julio Dinero, Homicide won three-way over Low Ki and Ikuto Hidaka, Christopher Daniels def Justin Credible, C.W. Anderson d Masato Tanaka to keep the TV title, Steve Corino def Chris Hamrick to keep Universal title..

  54. May 15, 2003--Maryland Championship Wrestling in Glen Burnie, MD before 450 fans: Dusty Rhodes was announced before the show as a no-show, but that Lita was making an appearance to replace him. She refereed later in the show. Reckless Youth def Adam Flash in 2/3 falls to win cruiserweight title, Church & Brock Singleton def Dope & Travis Finity, Doug Delicious won TV title from Joey Matthews, Lucifer & Holly Rollers won a six-team blindfolded match with Lita as referee, Christian York def Julio Dinero, Chad Bowman & Dino Divine def Romeo Valentine & Bruiser, Alexis Laree def Angela, Kelly Bell won Stampede Battle Royal, Danny Doring def G-Dawg, Doring def Qenaan Creed, Doring def Corporal Punishment (Lita interfering) to run the gauntlet..

  55. May 16, 2003--ICW at the Elks Lodge in Queens: Johnny TNT def ?, Brian XL def ?, Ken Scampi def Eddie Guapo, Prince Nana def Mega, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz def Devon Moore & All Money is Legal, Grim Reefer def Mike Mayhem, Boogie Knights def Papadon & Havok, Jose & Joel Maximo def Christopher Street Connection, Ronnie Stevens def Alexis Laree to win PWF womens title, Alexis Laree def Billy Reil to win ICW jr. title, Xavier def Johnny Kashmere, Monsta Mack & Chris Hamrick def Tony DeVito & H.C. Loc, Amazing Red def Trent Acid, Justin Credible won four-way elimination match over Jerry Lynn, Steve Corino and Homicide with both the ICW title (Credible held it) and PWF title (Corino held it) at stake with Credible pinning Corino after two that's incredible tombstones..

  56. May 16, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: John Allen & Seth Shai def Epi the Phat Samoan & Mike Thunder, Scott Phoenix won three-way over Krusher Kong and Drunk Adam, Chuy Lopez def Scott Phoenix to win Iron Man title that Phoenix won in the previous match, Pendragon def Bull, Kit Carson & Khris Germany def Jeff & Jerry Brown..

  57. May 16, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Louis: Jackal def Daizee Haze, Nemesis def Sean Vincent, Cabal def Heart Attack Jack, Chaz Wesson def Kevin Sharp, Damien Blade def El Chino Es Loco, Billy McNeil def Delirious, Kory Twist def Jeremy Lightfoot, Ms. Chif def Lady Victoria, Makaze won five-way elimination match out Matt, Outkast, Jynx and Ian Storm, D'Mon G def Sandman, Nikki Strychnine def Dingo to win GCW title..

  58. May 16, 2003--SPW in Sacramento: Madison won Battle Royal to be named commissioner, Luster the Legend def Hardcory Dayton, Salvatore Thomaselli def Sangra Rockera, J.D. Bishop won four-way over Hook Bomberry, Mike Rayne and Dante, Sara Del Ray def Commissioner Madison, Wicked & Jesus Kruze def Prof. Poindexter & Hunk Golden, Steve Currie def Hacienda del Fuego, Adam Thornstowe & Brian Raymond def Chupacabra & Chupacito and The Beautiful People..

  59. May 16, 2003--Heroes and Legends of Wrestling in Rotterdam, NY in conjunction with tonight's Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions: Jeff Starr def Jimmy Jact Cash, Johnny Valiant (original) def Hoss, Scot Campione def Eric Everlast, Texas Outlaw def Demolition Ax-DQ, Danger won three-way over Shockwave and Nick Neighborhood, Greg Valentine def Vik Dalishus, Starr won Battle Royal. In attendance at the show for the banquet were Nick Bockwinkel, Fabulous Moolah, George Steele, Paul Vachon, Cousin Luke and Mae Young..

  60. May 16, 2003--Ultimate Wrestling Federation in Las Vegas: Johnny Riggs def The Law, Dancing Dragon def Funnybone, Jason Riggs def Tekniq, Bela def Brother William, X def Johnny Riggs to win title after they were the last two in a Battle Royal..

  61. May 16, 2003--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY I before 250 fans in St. Petersburg. Naphtali gave a speech about Peterson, who passed away in 2000 from cancer at the age of 21, and had frequently wrestled in the building and had gained a reputation as a top indie wrestler while still a teenager before the cancer struck: Naphtali def Seijin Akki, B-Boy def Steve Madison, Tony Mamaluke def Jerelle Clark, Reckless Youth def Sonjay Dutt, Jason Cross def C.M. Punk, Ruckus def Roderick Strong, Sedrick Strong def David Babylon, Justice def Colt Cabana. Final eight go into tonight's show with bracketing of Naphtali vs. B-Boy, Mamaluke vs. Youth, Cross vs. Ruckus and Justice vs. Sedrick Strong, continuing with semifinals and finals tonight. Also last night, Chaos won three-way over Havoc and Kubiak, Lex Lovett def Agent Steele to earn a shot tonight against IPW champ Billy Fives, Mike Sullivan & Scoot Andrews def Danny Doring & Mikey Tenderfoot..

  62. May 17, 2003--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY II in St. Petersburg: Naphtali def B-Boy, Reckless Youth def Tony Mamaluke, Ruckus def Jason Cross, Sedrick Strong def Justice, Youth def Naphtali, Youth def Strong to win tournament, Frankie Capone & Pat Powers & Pat McGroin def Pretty Fly & Comic Book Guy Anderson & Mark Zout, Agent Steele NC Navy Seal, Sonjay Dutt & Steve Madison def Jerelle Clark & Roderick Strong, Billy Fives def Lex Lovett to keep IPW title, Shane Twins def Danny Doring & Steve Corino..

  63. May 17, 2003--Memphis Championship Wrestling Redebut from Memphis: Brian Christopher def Rex Sexton, Shock & Awe def 3 jobbers, Kevin White & Chris Harris def Chase Stevens & B.A.D, Jerry "The King" Lawler def eats Kimala in a 2/3 falls :: Also Appearing; Carlos Colon, Lance Russell, Bill Dundee, Jimmy Hart..

  64. May 17, 2003--Frontiers of Honor which was ROH wrestlers vs. FWA wrestlers as the gimmick, in London before 1,100 fans: James Tighe def Paul London, Jack Xavier def Mikey Whipwreck, Paul Brichall def Double Dragons, A.J. Styles def Jonny Storm, Samoa Joe def Zebra Kid to keep ROH title, The Family def Alex Shane & Ulf Hermann, Low Ki d Flash Barker, Christopher Daniels def Jody Fleisch..

  65. May 17, 2003--WXW in Mr. Carmel, PA before 150 fans: Jake Bishop won three-way over Bernie Blanco and Tommy Johnson, Solution def All Money is Legal, Tommy Suede def J-Busta, Los Lunatics def Anthony Michaels & Mark Gore, Crazy Ivan def Hurricane Havoc, Slyk Wagner Brown def Malachi, April Hunter won three-way over Bella Donna and Cindy Reiser, Billy Dream def Moondog Mollson, J-Sinn def Homicide, Don Criss d Bugaloo, Mana def Gene Sniski-DQ, Nick & Tom the Greek Isle Boys def Supreme Lee Great & Weave..

  66. May 17, 2003--Windy City Wrestling's 15th Annual Battle of the Belts in Cicero, IL before more than 1,000 fans: Gino Latino won elimination match, DOC def Ivan Manson keep keep Bare Knuckles title, Abbadon def Vic Ferrari to keep middleweight title, Sosay def Sandra Dee (isn't she a bit old for this) to win womens' title, Acid Jaz def Justin Adams to win lightweight title in a great match, Special Forces def Axis of Evil to win six-man titles, Carnage def Cassius to keep Inner City title, Trinity (a tag team, not the TNA woman) def Evolution to keep tag titles, Robby Dawber def Baltazar to win the League title, Ripper Manson def Vito Fontaine to keep heavyweight title, Fontaine won Lumberjack Battle Royal..

  67. May 17, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Axis def Dante, Shane O'Brien & Pierce St. John def Brandon Young & Travis Blake to win tag titles, Dylan Black def Tommy Trouble in ladder match, Shawn Donovan def Eloy Fiesta, Nik Rage & Dan McGuire def Shawn Moore & Greg Goodman, Roman def Biggie Biggs, Fred Sampson def Kevin Knight..

  68. May 17, 2003--Carolina Action Packed Wrestling in Salemburg, NC: Trench def Steel-DQ, Marc Ash def Cold Cash D, Sean Lei & Dirty Money def Chris Escobar & Madd Dogg, John Thundercloud def Gluteus Maximus, Kameo def Steffi, Caprice Coleman & Eddie Brown def Lotus & Hangtime, Timber def Tre-G..

  69. May 17, 2003--House of Pain Wrestling in Sanford, NC before 375 fans: Varsity Slammer def Repo, Count Grog def Hunkster, Big Slam & Giant Vermillion def Seymour Snott (what a terrible ring name) & Human Spider, C.W. Anderson def Q-Sic, Brad Hunter def Otto Schwanz in cage match, Big Slam def Count Grog..

  70. May 17, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Cape Girardeau, MO: Super Electra def Mike the Mime, Sean Vincent def Ian Storm, Jackal & Cabal def Jynx & Rat Boy, Delirious def Matt, MsChif won three-way over Makaze & Outtkast, Diamond Back Dingo def Billy McDaniel, Sandman & Big Bad Ben def Chaz Wesson & D'Mon G...

  71. May 17, 2003--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in South Portland, ME: Adam Hasty def Nick McKenna, Assault & Battery def Kenn Phoenix (white boy challenge from Monday) & Billy Kryptonite, Kid Krazy def Frankie Armadillo-DQ, Team Tapout def Elements of Suicide, Dr. Heresy & Maverick Wild def Vince Vicallo & Antonio Thomas, Adam Booker def Q-Ball to win New England title, Alexander Worthington III def Steve Ramsey in a retirement match..

  72. May 17, 2003--Dusty Rhodes' Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling in Cleveland, TN before 300 fans: Dobbins Brothers def Palm Beach Boy Scot & Bob Hayes, Halo (Sean Evans, another white boy challenge guy) def ?, Damien & Bambi def James C & Storm & Desire, David Young def Jorge Estrada (best match), Duty Rhodes & Jim Duggan def Disco Inferno & Sonny Siaki..

  73. May 17, 2003--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws from Greensburg, IN: D-Von Fury def Johnny Blaze, Country Boys def Billy Bart & Poon Loc, Kenny Courageous def Indiana Kidd Jr., Billy Roc def P.T. Hustla, Skip Raddison NC Rob Kincade, Don Basher NC Rob Ramer in a steel chain lumberjack match..

  74. May 17, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation TV Tapings in Burlington, NC: Brass Munkey & American Steel Ninja def Trent Wylde & Kenny James, Rob McBride & Joe Storm def L.A. Cash & Magic Moon, United Nations of Devastation def Stephen O'Hara & Mark Slain, Joey Silvia def Kamikaze Kid, J-Money def Xsiris, Ric Converse def Malaki, Mikael Yamaha & Gemini Kid def Brad Attitude & Brad Rainz..

  75. May 17, 2003--CWFL in Ocoee, FL: Magnum Steele def Seminole Assassin, Talon def Joe Woods, Slade Deville def The Grappler, C.B.Kool def Gino Carusso, American Dragon def Chasyn Rance, Big Bad John def Redd Alert..

  76. May 17, 2003--APW in King City, CA: Larry Blackwell def Kryptonite, James Watkins def Robert Thompson, Joey Ryan & Scott Lost def Billy Blade & Vennis the Menace, James Choi & Jardi Frantz def Lil Cholo & Silver Tyger, Super Dragon def Cheerleader Melissa, Bobby Quance def Chad Collyer, Little Kato def Beautiful Bobby Dean to win the world midgets championship..

  77. May 18, 2003--NNW in Kissimmee, FL: Less Fortunate def Steve Hardley, Angel of Darkness def C.B. Kool, Deathrow Jethrow def Rouge, Untouchables def Kid Lethal & Kamikaze, Chasyn Rance def Barney Rumble, Maree-O Brothers def Levi Mullins & Lone Wolf, Thump Dupree def Mace, Jerrelle Clark def Naphtali..

  78. May 18, 2003--NNW in Kissimmee, FL (a second show): Kid Lethal def Kamikaze, Thump Dupree def Lone Wolf, Deathrow Jethrow def Levi Mullins, Barney Rumble def Bonez & Jerrelle Clark, Chasyn Rance def Mace, Untouchables def Maree-O Brothers..

  79. May 18, 2003--Midwestern States Pro Wrestling in Round Lake Park, IL with one-night tournament to crown the first MSPW champion: Eric Priest def Adam Evans, Danny Scott def Justin Kage, Steve Stone def Chandler McClure, Brandon Blaze def Bryce Benjamin, Priest def Scott, Blaze def Stone, Priest def Blaze..

  80. May 18, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Jamie Idol def Greg Goodman, Pierce St. John def Brandon Young, Dan McGuire def Dylan Black, Travis Blake def Shane O'Brien, Nik Rage & McGuire def Shawn Moore & Johnny Toxic & Jay Blaze, Shawn Donovan def Axis, Fred Sampson & Biggie Biggs def Kevin Knight & Roman..

  81. May 18, 2003--FMLL in Compton, CA: Sombra Infernal & Karateca def Meteorick & Venny Vegas, American Wild Child & Angel def Gallineros IV & V, Rocky & Alucinante & Rosa Salvaje def Original Gangster & Forastero & Apollo de Oro-DQ, Gigante Silva & Chilango def Black Metal & Acero Dorado & Capitan Oro, Atlantis & Durango Kid & Elvio Reyes def Profeta & Nasty Boy & Maldad..

  82. May 23, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Khris Germany def Pendragon, Krusher Kong def Lady Draven-DQ, Kit Carson def Scott Phoenix, Epi the Phat Samoan def John Allen-DQ, Hellraiser Hark def Gabe Roach to win XCW title..

  83. May 23, 2003--Tony Falk's USWO drew 40 fans in Madison, TN, and a lot of them were freebies: Kevin Jones & Buzz Dupp def Sweet Daddy Z & Chris Bomb, Superfly P def Drifter, Jarell def Barry Houston-DQ, Sweet Daddy Z def Lynch Mob, Franklin & Lawrence def Dan Morrow & Brian Turner, Superfly P def Slacker..

  84. May 23, 2003--Empire Wrestling Federation in Covina, CA before 175 fans: Kid Karnage def Alex Pincheck, Psycho Silly Willy def TJ Taz (is that a Mexican version of a Smackdown announcer?) & Christian Taylor, Liger Rivera def Bino Gambino, Kayam & Enigma de Oro def Bo Cooper & Jason King, Ragin Dawg def Joey Ryan, Under Pressure & Rudy Luna & Bonzai def Jin Hiryu & Blade & Black Metal, Steve Masters def Vizzion..

  85. May 23, 2003--Baja Star Promotions in Tijuana: Furia Oriental & Tucan def Relampago & Thunder Boy, Black Silver & Centauro & Neon def Mandingo & Mazambula & Mozambique, Inferno & Los Pandilleros I & II def Colibri & Extreme Tiger & Mr. Tempest, Super Crazy & Tinieblas Jr. def Juventud Guerrera & Villano V-DQ when Crazy turned rudo on his partner, Blue Demon Jr. & Dr. Wagner Jr. def Mr. Niebla & Shocker in a parejas increibles match..

  86. May 23, 2003--Windy City Wrestling in Norridge, IL before 300 fans: Justin Adams def Taxman, Damian Dunn def Christopher Valyk, Vic Ferrari def 3-M, Steve Boz & Terry Allen def Aries & Chris Chaos, Cameron Cage & Havok def Boz & Allen-DQ, Polish Crippler def Carnage, Ripper & Ivan Manson def Vito Fontaine & Acid Jazz, Robby Dawber def Justin Adams..

  87. May 23, 2003--UIPW in Erie, PA: M-Dogg 20 NC Aero, Nikita Allanov def Dash Bennett, Deranged def Ravage, Toby Kline def Ray Wright, Kid Cupid won Battle Royal, Sebastian Dark def Shirley Doe to win heavyweight title, Dark & Doe def Glenn Spectre & Jake Garrett..

  88. May 24, 2003--Empire Wrestling Federation in Lytle Creek, CA at the Mountain Lakes Resort performed before a crowd of 2,000 in conjunction with a playSpace concert with Psycho Silly Willy winning three-way over Liger Rivera and Kid Karnage, Canada's Most Wanted def West Coast Ryders, Doink the Clown def Bino Gambino, Bonzai def Jon Jon the Phenomenon, Ragin Dawk & Vizion def Jason King & Mr. California, Patriot def Bo Cooper..

  89. May 24, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in DeBary, FL: Jeff Roth def Kid Lethal, Dagon Briggs def Stash, Ryze def Tony Smith, Sequel def Jason Hexx, Briggs & Leon Scott def Josh Rich & Jacques Taylor, Chasyn Rance def Thump Dupree, Towns Ellis def David Mercury..

  90. May 24, 2003--PCW in Arlington, TX: Live Wire def Bullet, Gabe Roach def Melvin, Mike Foxx def Damien (not the Mexican wrestler), Chris Stevens def Nitro, Justin 2 Fine & B.J. Cummings def Jeff & Jerry Brown, C-Diddy def Jared Steele-DQ..

  91. May 24, 2003--Neo Spirit Pro Wrestling in Niagara Falls, ON: Eric Young def Kris Chambers, Lazz def Jace Fury, J.T. Playa def Johnny Adams, Derek Wylde def Hacker, Marco Malaquias & Ruffy Silverstein def BodyCount in double dog collar match, T.J. Harley & Ash def Los Jalapeno & Sean Ball and Primo Scordino & Tony Carbonie in three-way, J.C. Owens def Cody Steele, Derek Wylde & Lazz def Young & Playa..

  92. May 24, 2003--OMEGA Wrestling in Indian Land, SC at the Rec Center before about 100 people. Calvera (Brett Strange) def Alexxx Stone, Krazy K def Jason Parker to keep Omega cruiserweight title, Christopher Dream def Shane Steele, Calvera def Stone, Shane Anderson & Cody Jenkins kept Omega tag titles over Scott Sabian & Shane Steele, Christopher Dream def Kid Cobra, Dexter Poindexter def Darin Fate, Gauge def Steele, Parker def Stone, Poindexter def Dream, Fate def Gauge, Anderson & Jenkins def Parker & Krazy K, Krazy K retained cruiserweight title over Willow the Whisp (Jeff Hardy under mask)..

  93. May 24, 2003--Total Pro Wrestling in Fort Worth: Pinnacle def Midnight Cowboy, Jerry Brown def Khan, John Allen def Jeff Brown, Sean Cordova & Adam Arson def Wild Samoan & Fatality & Loin Brothers, Balls Ryder def David Fuller..

  94. May 24, 2003--Chikara Pro Wrestling in Allentown before 200 fans: Mike Kruel and Reckless Youth won Battle Royal, Private Eye def Phantasmo, D.J. Skittlez def Blind Rage, Kruel def Youth, Mike Quackenbush & Gran Akuma & Ultramanits & Mr. Zero & Icarus def Wild Cards & Conundrum & Hallowicked in a 40:00 match..

  95. May 24, 2003--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in Davie, FL: Comic Book Guy Anderson def Bolles Azules, Mark Zout def Pretty Fly, Frankie Capone def J.T. Scarface, Mike Shane & Steve Madison (WJ team) def Vicious & Delicious, Dennis & Sean Allen & Johnny Vandal def Vandalz & Tony DeNucci, Mike Sullivan & Roderick Strong def Sedrick Strong & Mikey Tenderfoot, Agent Steele & Rod Steel def David Babylon, Justice won three-way over Jerrelle Clark and Naphtali (said to be a good high flying match), Gangrel (with Luna) def Punisher, Billy Fives def Scoot Andrews to keep IPW title..

  96. May 25, 2003--Revolution Pro Wrestling in Norwalk, CA: Big E. Biggz & Nemesis & Hydro def Jethro & Buddy George & Street Style, El Mongol def Juantastico, Los Sanchos def Los Gallineros, Quicksilver & Scorpio Sky def Chris Bosh & King Fuji, Disco Machine & Yakuza def Favi & Babi Slymm, Angel & Mr. Excitement def Joey Ryan & Scott Lost, Taro def B-Boy, Super Dragon & Zokre def U.K. Kid & Phoenix Star..

  97. May 25, 2003--Nordic Wrestling Entertainment in Mors, Denmark for the first show in that country in two years: Woodstock def John, McMortis def Benny Ray, Chaos def Unreal One, Inzaneniack def Kimball, Miraculous Mike def Amazing Al, Asbjorn Riis def Kuchinawa..

  98. May 25, 2003--Norwegian Wrestling Federation in Oslo, Norway before 200 fans: Bjorn Sem & Big John def Thomas Toxic & Tommy, Makoto (Toryumon Japan) def Falk Olsen, Daniel Sebastian def Garm Stoylen, Starbuck (Canada) def Erik Isaksen, Gomguten def Steve Fowler, Byron Lawless def Grizzly Olsen to keep Norwegian title..

  99. May 26, 2003--New Breed Pro Wrestling in Tarpon Springs, FL: Heartbreak Express def Natural Blonds, Shifty def Manny Montana, Chris Rain DCOR Luke, Kid Lethal def Chasyn Rance, A wrestler with one-arm won a three-way over Leon Scott & Dale Williams, Lethal def Shifty, Malice (not Jerry Tuite) def Tony Smith..

  100. May 27, 2003--Maximum Pro Wrestling in Oldcastle, ON before a reported 707 fans: Jaime D def Johnny Bravo, Mike Legacy def Kris Chambers, Kyle Rice NC Trent Steele, Joe E. legend def A-1, Eric Young won four-way over Derek Wylde, Ruffy Silverstein and Petey Williams, Sabu def Chris Sabin-DQ, Larry Destiny def Bobby Rude-DQ, Destiny & Legend def Stevie Lee & Bobby Rude, Gutter & Hacker def Tornado & Tyson Dux to win tag titles, D-Lo Brown def Raven (suffered concussion)..

  101. May 27, 2003--PCW in East Brunswick, NJ before 250 fans: Joe Gunns def Damian Adams, Rob Eckos def Slayer, Josh Daniels def Little Ricky, Johnny Steel & Carson Miller def Slim Stevie & Von Taker, Eric Justice def Donnie Bon Jovi, Slayer won Battle Royal..

  102. May 28, 2003--All Star Wrestling in Gravesend, Kent before 100 fans: James Mason def Julio Torres, Kid Cool def Murat Bosporus, Mal Sanders def Steve Grey, Robbie Brookside & American Dragon def P.N. Neuz & Mike Miami..

  103. May 29, 2003--Incredibly Strange Wrestling Incredibly Strange Wrestling in Austria: El Pollo Diablo def Oh My, Risa de Muerte def Mextacy, Homo Lco def Oi Boy, Cruiser def Captain Colon, Macho Sasquatcho def U.S. Steele..

  104. May 29, 2003--UPW in San Juan Capistrano before 120 fans: Tony Stradlin def UK Kid, Chris Mordetzsky def Ruckus, Matrix won three-way over James Lukash and Tommy Wilson, Desire def Nikki T, Desire def Erica Porter-COR, Miz def Antonio Mestre, Sabbath def Lil Nate, Van Acid (Zero-One regular who started in UPW) def Andrew Hellman, Marshall Knox def Mako'a, Hardkore Kidd & Al Katrzz & Joey Ryan & Scott Lost def Ballard Brothers & Shawn Riddik & Supa Badd, Keiji Sakoda def Skulu (King Adamo), Frankie Kazarian def Funky Billy Kim to keep lightweight title..

  105. May 30, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Bull def Cyclone, John Allen def Aldo Nova, Bull def Seth Shai, Scott Phoenix & Drunk Adam def Kit Carson & Krusher Kong, Hellraiser Hark def Chuy Lopez..

  106. May 30, 2003--Ultimate Wrestling Federation in Las Vegas: Riggs def Funnybone and Frankie Psycho, Nightcrawler def Gigolo, Kid USA def Bela, Sinful def Major Maniac, Solo Snuka def Tekniq, Johnny Riggs def X..

  107. May 30, 2003--NAWA in Rome, GA before 125 fans: Iceberg def Little Willie, Simon Sermon def Andrew Alexander, Seth Cruise & Working Man def Chris Kamikazi & Billy Love, Ken & John Arden def Jason Phoenix & Coach to win tag titles, Ray Gordy def Jimmy Rave, Nemesis def Tank-DQ..

  108. May 30, 2003--Impact Zone Wrestling in Phoenix before 500: Navajo Warrior & Ghostwalker def Hollywood & Jack Bull (New Japan), Puppet (WWA midget) def Mad Mex, Kyra def Nikki T, Bobby Dean def Little Kato in a midgets match..

  109. May 30, 2003--WCWA in Lemon Grove, CA before 190 fans: Street Style def Eric Matlock, Mr Smalls def Michael Masters, Billy Blade def Ryan McBain, Supa Badd & Shawn Riddik & Jason McCord def Matrix & Preston Scott & Jason Bennets, Drunken Luchadores & Desire (not TNA woman) def Jin Hiryu & Island Studd & Ms. Canada, B-Boy def Scorpio Sky, Iceman def Tommy Wilson, Adam Pearce NC Al Katrazz, Joey Ryan def Bigg Babi Slymm, Jason Allgood def Prime Time Peterson in a loser leaves town cage match..

  110. May 30, 2003--Pro Wrestling Iron in Lathrop, CA: Acid won Battle Royal, Sara del Ray def Madison, Super Diablo & Rockero del Diablo def Vinny Massaro & Apollo Khan, J.D. Bishop def Lars Dauger, Frank Murdoch & Bart Blaxton & Tony Jones def Sal Thomaselli & Ryan Drago & Damyon Dollaz, Michael Modest def Hook Bomberry, Donovan Morgan & Vito Thomaselli def Acid & U.K. Kid..

  111. May 31, 2003--USA Pro Wrestling - Big Dick Dudley Memorial Show in Franklin Square, NY: Solution def Team Target, Chris Caliber def Chewy, Jav and Cody Surekill, Monsta Mack def Prince Nana, Reefer def Deranged, Tony Lo def Masked Maniac, Dan Barry won three-way over Azrael and Smoked Out, James Newblood def Johnny TNT, Boogie Knights def Christopher Street Connection, Jose & Joel Maximo def Mikey Whipwreck & Wayne, Louie Ramos def Johnny Bravado, Tim Arson won Big Dick Dudley Memorial Ruble, Skinhead Ivan def Tim Arson, Simon Diamond & Matt Stryker def Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz to win tag titles, Billy Reil def Josh Deely, Mike Kruel def Xavier to keep USA Pro U.S. title, Raven def Balls Mahoney to win USA Pro title..

  112. May 31, 2003--Pro Wrestling Iron in Cloverdale, CA before 128 fans: There was a contract signing before the show with Michael Modest and Vito Thomaselli for the GHC jr. title, like they do in NOAH, Damian Dollars won three-way over Ryan Drago and Jet Taylor, Los Diabolicos def Apollo Khan & Salvatore Thomaselli, Michael Modest def Vito Thomaselli to keep GHC jr. title in an okay match, Sara Del Rey def Maxi Minx, Frank Murdoch & Bart Blaxton def Hook Bomberry & Lars Dauger, Donovan Morgan & Tony Jones def Acid & U.K. Kid..

  113. May 31, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: Drago & Chucky def Cedric Crain & Scott Putski-COR, C-diddy def Tim Storm, Melvin def Don Coby, Gabe Roach def Eddie Atlas, Jeromy Sage def Shadow-DQ, Gabe Roach def Shadow..

  114. May 31, 2003--AWS at the City of Industry, CA: Zokre & Phoenix Star def Galliniero IV & Quicksilver, Billy Kim def Johnny Paradise, Scott Lost & Joey Ryan def B-Boy & Lil Cholo, Supa Badd def Xtreme Loco, Big Ugly def King Faviano, King Jakal def Obi Matt, Hardkore Kidd & Al Katrazz & Adam Pearce def Bigg Babi Slymm & Super Dragon & Disco Machine, Mil Mascaras def Black Metal..

  115. May 31, 2003--NAWA in Uelzen, Germany before 700 fans: Jonny Storm def Karsten Kretchmer-DQ, Damon Brix def Steven Keyn, Wesna def Sweet Saraya, Ulf Hermann def GEIL, Eric Schwarz def Jerry Lynn (best match on the show), Robbie Brookside def Martin Notle, Alex Wright def Chris the Bambikiller..

  116. May 31, 2003--APW LA in Newhall, CA before 175 fans: Gallinero IV & Infernal def Silver Tyger & Quicksilver, Bo Cooper def Billy Blade, Disco Machine def Melissa, Scorpio Sky def Chris Bosh, Joey Ryan def Lil Cholo, Scott Lost def Excalibur, Hardkore Kidd def Adam Pearce to keep APW LA title, B-Boy won four-way over Super Dragon, Jardi Frantz & Bobby Quance..

  117. May 31, 2003--East Coast Pro Wrestling in Morristown, NJ before 500 fans: Executioner d Rocky Jones, Andrew Anderson def Devon Storm, Johnny Thunder def Kodiak Bear, Tito Santana def Metal Maniac, Scotty Charisma won three-way over Dave Delicious and Abunai, Miss Kara def Serena, Troy & Matt Nelson NC Demolition (Ax the original & Blast), Joe Hardway won 30-man Royal rumble, Tony Atlas def Kamala-DQ due to interference by several members of the cast from the Howard Stern show, Mo Sexy def Red hot Russ in a sick cage match featuring tons of moves off the top of a cage..

  118. May 31, 2003--Ron's Championship Wrestling in Knoxville: Sammy V d Ric Cannon, David Anderson def DG 2000, Jeff Anderson def Jonathan McMurray, Sammy V & DG 2000 & Jonathan MacMurray def Ric Cannon & David & Jeff Anderson..

  119. May 31, 2003--Insane Wrestling Federation in Taylor, MI: Abdullah the Butcher def Necro Butcher, Corporal Robinson & 2 Tuff Tony DCOR Messiah & Adam Flash, Kid Kash def Shark Boy, Monty Brown def Lenny Lane, Cash Flo def Chad Collyer, DBA def Mitch Rider, Mad Man Pondo def Loverboy Steve, Breyer Wellington def Anthony Rivera, Messiah def Adam Flash..

  120. May 31, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Blanchester, OH: Ryan Stone def Zodiac, American Eagle def Christopher Lotus, Kaos def Tony Bryant, Jason Caemera d Ice, Brian Beech def Papano Joe, Sam Cody DCOR King Kahuna, Jay Donaldson & Chad Allegra def Dregen & Matt Parks..

  121. May 31, 2003--No Name Wrestling in Poinciana, FL: Barney Rumble def Thump Dupree, Mario Brothers def Leon Scott & Angel of Darkness, Tora Saki def Josh Rich, Dethrow Jethro def Mace, Chasyn Rance won Battle Royal, Rance def Hector Guerrero, Justice def Scott Hot Shot..

  122. May 31, 2003--International Wrestling Cartel in Monroeville, PA for a free show at the local Toyota dealership: Super Hentai & Dustin Ardine def Shirley Doe & James Keenan, Al B. Damm def Carlton Kaz, Glenn Spectre def J.T.Rodgers, Jimmy Vegas def T.Rantula, Bubba the Bulldog def Mysterious X..

  123. May 31, 2003--MWF in Lynn, MA before 235 fans: John Brooks def Spider, Gino Martino def Paulie Gilmore, Matt Logan and Mike Lano, Gino Martino DCOR Todd Hanson, Jimmy Jact Cash def Beau Douglas, Luis Ortiz d Tre, Dylan Kage def Vince Vicallo, Tommy Knoxville def Eddie Edwards, Slyk Wagner Brown def Arch Kincaid, Tiger Mulligan def Brian Wenzell, Talia def April Hunter, Tiger Mulligan won Battle Royal to win MWF title, Todd Hanson def D-Lo Brown..

  124. May 31, 2003--Blue Water Championship Wrestling in Alpena, MI before 520 fans: Rory Fox def Truth Martini, Buckshot & Nemesis def Kurt Kaoss & Eddie Venom, Guardian def Doink the Clown, Willie Richardson & Germel Quinn def C.K. Sexx & C.J. Summers, X-Convict def Lil J. Dogg, Trik Nasty def Rick Solid, Even Colder Austin def Chance Prophet, Allie Spirit won gauntlet match for womens title, Julian the Warlock def Chuck Wagon, Buff Bagwell def Sean Casey to keep WWZ title..