Independent Wrestling Results - April 2003

  1. April 4, 2003--USA Pro Wrestling at the Elks Lodge in Queens in a 5+Hr show: Boogie Knights won elimination match over All Money is Legal, Team Corona and Papadon & Havok, Masked Manaic won four-way over Josh Deeley, Trekkie and Tony Lo, TNT wno five-way over Jav, JNB, and a few other guys, Wayne the Convenience Store Guy won three-way over Azrael and Dan Berry, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz def Quiet Storm & Mikey Whipwreck to keep tag titles, Homicide def Christopher Daniels in 20:00, Christopher Street Connection def Simon Diamond & Matt Striker (stips were that if Diamond & Striker lost, they had to be CSC's dates for the wedding later in the show), Louis Ramos def Psycho & Rayza, Skinhead Ivan won 11 man Royal Rumble, Xavier def Devon Storm, Mike Kruel won three-way over Billy Reil and Tim Arson, Monsta Mack def Sandman (Raven DDT'd Sandman for the finish, match highlight was Sandman carding people before he'd pour beer down their throats for his ring entrance), Reefer won over Brian XL, Ghost Shadow and Deranged in a match that continued until one man pinned all three, which actually consisted of eight different matches, Chris Candido def Mafia when Balls Mahoney interfered, Balls Mahoney def Perry Saturn due to help from Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido. Main event was Justin Credible vs. Raven. They also had a wedding with Mike Kruel and Becky Bayless. It didn't happen. Daniels was the priest. Diamond & Striker came out in drag as the CSC's dates. Bayless dumped Kruel just before completion saying he was boring and an idiot. She then claimed Striker got her pregnant! Big brawl..

  2. April 4, 2003--Columbia Wrestling Alliance in Columbia, TN before 175-200 fans in James Storm's home town: James Storm def Herman Crane, Dynamite Dan won an 8 man elimination ladder match, Eron Hatchett def Dan Morrow, James Storm def Jammer, Herman Crane & Void def Torture King & Gravestone, James Storm def Jammer, Ben Jordan & Steve Neely def Hot Rod Biggs & Chris Kern (managed by Athena) in what was said to be Neely's retirement match, Jerry Lynn def Chris Michaels in an Iron man match over 20:00..

  3. April 4, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Jeff & Jerry Brown def Aldo Nova & Pendragon, Seth Shai def Chuy Lopez, Epi the Phat Samoan def Keg Brother Moose-COR, Mike Foxx NC Gabe Roach, Action Jackson def Eddie Atlas-DQ..

  4. April 4, 2003--Premiere Championship Wrestling in Winnipeg before 175 fans: Darren Dalton def Donnie DiCaprio, Shawn Houston & Chris Raine def Adam Knight & Mr. E, Ronnie Attitude def Pete Chee, Ryan Wood def Sara Stock, Chris Stevens def Bobby Jay, Chi Chi Cruz NC Kenny Omega..

  5. April 5, 2003--Cauliflower Alley indie show in Las Vegas at the Plaza Hotel: Funnybone def Brady Desire, 2Extreme def Chaz Wesson, Butcher def Teknig & Dane Bomberry, Riggs Brothers def Shooting Star & Apollo Khan, Ms. Natural won three-way over Nikki and Melissa Anderson, Major Maniac d Ben Nelson, Chan Moody def Dameon Dollaz, James Choi & A.J. def Salvatore Mancni & Helena Heavenly, Jason Bates def Wade Chism, Cody Hawk & Solo Snuka def Ace Steel & Steve Fender..

  6. April 5, 2003--Maximum Pro Wrestling in Livonia, MI: Eric Young def A-1, Matrox def Jimmy Jacobs, Dyson Pryce def Chuck Wagon, Nate Webb def Jamie Coxxx, Klunk the Clownb Jayson Skie, John E. Bravo def Floyd Osbourne, Petey Williams def Gutter in a ladder match with Cindy suspended above the ring, Amazing N8 won three-way over Colt Cabana and Truth Martini..

  7. April 5, 2003--FSCW in Hallandae Beach, FL: Bruno Sassi def Chasyn Rance, Mykal Manix def Showtime, Gator B. Long def Sean Allen, Lexie Fyfe def Kassidy, Payne & Gary Glitter def Hardliners, Big Daddy Gonzo def Harry Venis, Hack Myers & Sassi def Dave Johnson & Alex G..

  8. April 5, 2003--Stampede Wrestling in Calgary before 80 fans: T.J. Wilson def Apocalypse, Harry Smith def Jason Carter, Juggernaut won three-way over Jack Flash (Jack Evans) & Highlander, Dave Swift def Karnage, Duke Durango def Kwik Kick Kurt..

  9. April 5, 2003--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, TX: General Agony & High Roller Hayze def Brett Basics & Justin Blaze, Bubba Lee Travis def Chris Allen, Hugh Rogue def Rocco Carmanooch, Scoby Gober def Zenzen-DQ, Michael Strider def Bobby 2 Badd..

  10. April 6, 2003--Nordic Wrestling Federation in Mors, Denmark: King Hans def Niel and sonne, Mortis def Benny Ray, Kimball def Inzaneiak, Mr. PPV & John Doe def Entiti & Smackhouze, Nix def Pappa Hill Billy, Unreal One def Chaos..

  11. April 6, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in Sneedville, TN before 147 fans: Todd Morton def Mitch Ryder, David Gibson won three way over Hillbilly Cletus and Scotty Blade, Tim Horner & Brian Horner (real life brother) def The Sheik (Jeff & David Anderson), Mighty Heidi won Battle Royal..

  12. April 6, 2003--Heartland Wrestling Association in Batavia, OH: Brother Clay def Big Al, Brian Carlucci def Quinten Lee, Bobbi Jo Jablonski def Tina Ambrose, J.T. Stahr & T.J. Dalton def Southside Playaz, Chad Collyer def Chet Jablonski, Nigel McGuiness def Rory Fox, Lance Cade & Rene Dupree & Sly Grenier def Nova & Matt Morgan & Hoss, Matt Stryker won 30:00 Iron Man match over B.J. Whitmer to keep HWA title..

  13. April 6, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in Altamonte Springs, FL: Frat Back def Natural Bonds, Ryze def Prowler, Chasyn Rance def Jason Gant, Bam Bam Mancuso def J.B. Cool, Leon Scott & Aaron Epic def Dave Mercury & Taurus, Kid Lethal def Flatline, Towns Ellis def Hexx..

  14. April 6, 2003--Empire Wrestling Federation in Paramount, CA before 200 fans: Derek Chambers def Chuck Lee, Liger Rivera wno over Brandon Nitro and Devon Willis, Jason King & Rudy Luna def Los Chivos, Steve Masters def Krazy K.C., Vizzion def Ragin Dawg. Ted DiBiase was there and gave testimony after failing to buy Vizzion for $10 million because Vizzion claimed he had already been purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ..

  15. April 6, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX: Gabe Roach def Brett Barnes, C-Diddy NC Steve DeMarco, Eddie Atlas def Chris Stevens-DQ, Melvin def Nitro, Shadow def Magnum, Keg Brothers def Dark Circle, Mike Foxx def Jared Steele-DQ..

  16. April 6, 2003--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, TN: Mia Martinez def Dixie, Jay def Eric Adamz, C.J. Summers DCOR Robbie Race, Gabe Casteel def Flex, Butcher def Wild Willie D, Ron Killings def Jack Diamond..

  17. April 6, 2003--Chaotic Championship Wrestling in Selmer, TN: Colton Anderson & Gauntlet def Insano & Wycked, J.T. West def Tommy Knoxx, Fantasia def Ms. Understood, Derrick King & Tony Gunn def Alex Kriss & Chris Rocker-DQ, Jonathan Storm won three-way over Izzy Rotten and Atilla Pain, Damion Rage & Tommy Redneck def Brett & Chris Michaels, King & Gunn NC Kriss & Chris Rocker..

  18. April 6, 2003--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in Davie, FL before 350 fans: Tony DeNucci def Johnny Vandal, Comic Book Guy Anderson & James Hendrix def Pretty Fly & Kung Fu Fro, Antonio Banks won three-way over Lex Lovett and Shane Madison, Mark Zout def Maximum Capacity, Shane Brothers def Agent Steele & Mikey Tenderfoot, Naphtali def Justice, Frankie Capone def Scarface, Ricky & Tommy Vandal def Allens, Punisher def Mideon, Scoot Andrews & Roderick Strong def David Babylon & Billy Fives..

  19. April 6, 2003--Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling in Albemarle, NC before 168 fans: Michael Yamaha def Thunderfoot (David Isley), Barbarian def Russian Assassin (Jeff Justice), Gary Royal def Isley-DQ, Amber Holly def Brandi Wine, Rikki Nelson & Bobby Eaton def Larry Zbyszko & Justice. Zbyszko replaced no-show Rick Steiner who is in Puerto Rico..

  20. April 6, 2003--AWF in Blacktown, Australia: P.C. Virus def Wildstyle, J.T. Robinson won three-way over Krackerjack and Fuel, Greg Stekker & Ceamator & Stan Handsome & Steve Frost, Tony Kebab def Mad Dog McRea, Mr. Intelligence def Matt Handsome, II Cognito def TNT in 30:00 Iron man match..

  21. April 6, 2003--SPW in Sacramento before 386 fans: Mike Rayne and Prof. Poindexter drew in a Royal Rumble. They were the last two and would brawl to the back and come back out throughout the show until late in the show when both were laid out, Beautiful People def Jesus Kruze & Wicked, Lil Cholo def Billy Blade, B-Boy def Adam Thornstowe, Brian Raymond def Dante, Hardtime Hustler d Mike Matrix, Big Ugly def El Flaco Loco in cage match to win SPW title..

  22. April 6, 2003--First JCW/UWA TV taping in New Jersey: Bandido Jr. def Fantastico, J.D. Licious def Dickie Rodz, Bandido def Black angel, Cartel def Corona, Damian Dragon & Foxxy Dreams def Dan Berry, Livewire def Jay Lethal, Dave Greco def J.D. Licoius, Los Boriquas def Boogie Knights..

  23. April 6, 2003--Empire Wrestling in Bakersfield: Rudy Luna def The New, Liger Rivera def Devon Willis in loser leaves town, Doink the Clown def Johnny Starr, Ragin Dawg def Billy Blade, Bo Cooper def Militia, Patriot & Vizzon def Los Chivos..

  24. April 6, 2003--New Era Pro Wrestling in Geneva, OH before 100 fans: Gutter def Canadian Bad Boy, Al B. Damm def Gavin Starr, Dr. Heresy NC Kid Krazy, Carlton Kaz def Cueball, J.T. Lightning & Adam Cage & 8-Pac def Discole Fever & Da Munchies, Mercedes def Syren, J-Rocc & Richard Weede def Southern Anarchy..

  25. April 11, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX Pendragon def Aldo Nova, Seth Shai def Bull, Jeff & Jerry Brown def Krusher Kong & Chuy Lopez, John Allen def Keg Brother Moose, Eddie Atlas & Gabe Roach def Mike Foxx & Action Jackson..

  26. April 11, 2003--Maximum Pro Wrestling in Livonia, MI: Gutter def A-1, John E. Bravo def Matrox, Dyson Pryce def Klunk the Clown, Truth Martini def Trent Steele, Los Mexicanos def Team Dammit, Petey Williams def Alex Shelly, Chris Sabin def Amazing N8..

  27. April 11, 2003--World Wide Wrestling in Middletown, Ohio: Chad Allegra def Ryan Stone, Joey Bravo def Stamp Lickage-DQ, Shark Boy def Chad Collyer, Mercedes def Tiny Tim, Sean Casey def John Noble, Larry Zbyszko & Chris Harris def Jablonski Brothers, Shark Boy won Battle Royal..

  28. April 11, 2003--TWWA in Fountain Springs, PA before 600 fans: Andy Only def Tommy D, J-Money def Rob Noxoius-DQ, Little Louie def Mini Bosco, Skeeter McCoy def Saboth, Tiffany Monroe def Molly Mascara, J-Rocc & Jim Brannigan def Cabbie & Max Havoc, Dave Patera won three-way over Rico (not that Rico) and someone else, Jerry Lawler def D-Lo Brown, Jim Duggan def Johnny Graham-DQ, Road Warriors def Mark Mest & Max Crimson..

  29. April 11, 2003--Norwegian Wrestling Federation from Andenes, Norway before 750 fans: Grizzly Olsen def Bjorn Sem-DQ, Thomas Toxic def Gromguten, Big John def Daniel Sebastian, Erik Isaksen def Rune Storm Olson, Byron Lawless def Garm Stoylen..

  30. April 11, 2003--Virginia Championship Wrestling in Bridgewater, VA before 400 fans: Patriot def Sean Lei, Big Slam def Brent Rage, Malaki def Intruder, Barbarian def Adam Whisper, Spank & Chris Escobar def Damien Wayne & Mike Booth, Brandon Day def Bobby Eaton, Preston Quinn (the fan Test beat on RAW) def Glen Gilberti, Phil Brown won three-way over Dirty Money and Malaki..

  31. April 12, 2003--Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Woodbridge, NJ: Prince Striker & Skinhead Ivan def Eddie Thomas & Corvis Fear, Rain def Mike Kruel, April Hunter def Nikki Roxx, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz def Shaolin Wrecking Crew, Jay Lethal def Dixie, Mafia def Slyk Wagner Brown, Jerry Lawler def Terry Funk..

  32. April 12, 2003--WCWO in Connersville, IN: Don Basher won Battle Royal, Rob Ramer def Billy Bart, Blasko def Corporal Insanity, Slappy the Clown def Stick, Kenny Courageous & Justin Vega def Country Boys, Billy Roc def Indiana Kidd Jr..

  33. April 12, 2003--Texas Pro Wrestling in Fort Worth: Sean Cordova def Joseph, Fatality def Dick Loin, Chris Young def Larry Greene Wild Samoan def Flame, David Fuller def Balls Ryder to win TPW title..

  34. April 12, 2003--International Wrestling Cartel in Munhall, PA before about 275 fans for a TV taping: Super Hentai def Carlton Kaz, Glenn Spectre def Troy Lords, Dean Radford def Dustin Ardine, Jimmy Vegas def Trevor Lowe, Shirley Doe & James Keenan def Super Hentai & Bubba the Bulldog, Dennis Gregory def Radford, Devils Advocates def J.T. Rodgers & Troy Lords to win tag titles, T.Rantula def Seth James, Jimmy Vegas def Raven..

  35. April 12, 2003--No Name Wrestling in Poinciana, FL: Loco En Fuego def Flagrant Freddie, Maree O Brothers def Leon Scott & Aron Epic, Wikid def Gino Caruso, Mike Mace def Lonewolf, C.B. Kool def Chasyn Race w/Mr. Saint Laurent, Deathrow Jethrow & Miss Olivia def Levi Mullins & Melissa, Naphtali & Bonez def Jerrelle Clark & Justice, Rico Casanova def Angle of Darkness, Barry Horowitz def Barney Rumble..

  36. April 12, 2003--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Portland, ME: Onyx def Brian Black, Vince Vatello won three-way over Antonio Thomas and Nick McKenna, Dr. Heresy def Steve Ramsey, Johnny Curtis def Cinna, Cueball def Adam Hasty, Assault & Battery def Frankie Armadillo & Kid Krazy, Adam Booker def John Walters..

  37. April 12, 2003--Independent Wrestling Federation in West Paterson, NJ: Brandon Young def Pierce St. John, Jamie Idol def Greg Goodman, Axis def Travis Blake, Biggie Biggs def Shane O'Brien, Dylan Black def Tommy Trouble, Shawn Donovan def Erik Andretti, Tom Prichard & Fred Sampson def Kevin Knight & Roman..

  38. April 12, 2003--Ron's Championship Wrestling TV taping in Knoxville: J.R. Stardog def DG 2000, Sumoni Warrior def Ric Cannon, Dirty White Boy def Brian Alexander, Stardog def Dusty Sharp, Chris Hero def Mark Wolf, Jeff Anderson def Jonathan McMurray-DQ, Alexander def Hero, Rob Adonis def Jeff Anderson-DQ..

  39. April 12, 2003--Mid American Wrestling 10th Anniversary Show in Milwaukee before a sellout of more than 500 fans largely due to the appearance of Bobby Heenan: Austin Aries def Shawn Daivari, Barfly Mike & Col. Blatnick def Farmer Vic & Frankie DeFalco, Neal Seffek def Bryan Terk in boxing match, Skullkrusher & Jason Dukes def Eric Priest & Ken Anderson, Lacey def ODB, Hardcore Craig NC Scott DeMarc (ref), Brad Bradley def Dysfunction, Adrian Serrano (former UFC guy) def Scott Marciano, Dino Bambino won three-way over Adam Pearce and Ace Steel, Corporal Robinson def Hardcore Craig in four corners of pain match..

  40. April 12, 2003--Revolution Pro at the City of Industry, CA: Hydro & Extreme Loco & Phoenix Star def Jethro & Gallinero IV & Big E Biggz, Joey Ryan def Nikki, Johnny Paradise & Chris Bosh & Zokre def Espara de la Muerte & Evega & Nemesis, Talwar won Battle Royal, King Faviano def Lone Star, Bigg Babi Slymm def Kenny King (Tough Enough 2), Mr. Excitement & Angel def Apollo Khan & Hook Bomberry, Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver def Super Dragon & Taro..

  41. April 12, 2003--USA Championship Wrestling in Nashville: Damien def Drew Delight, Convict JC Ice def Kasey James in lumberjack match, Andy Douglas def Rick Santel, Arrick Andrews & April Pennington def Matt Catalano & Lollipop the Dancer, Air Paris & Rick Santel & Chris Vaughn def Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens & Humongous..

  42. April 12, 2003--World Association of Wrestling in Norwich, England: Bulk def Ashe, Zebra Kid def Robin Knightwing (Toronto guy), Kraft def Dave Waters, Flash Barker & Jimmy Joe Mason def Paul Tyrell & Phil Powers, Bash def Ricky Knight in ladder match, Sweet Saraya won womens Battle Royal..

  43. April 12, 2003--Scottish Championship Wrestling in Greenock, Scotland before 100 fans: Majik def Eric Canyon, Stevie Reeves def Saltire, Andy Hogg def Assassin, Conscience won three-way over Adam Shame and Hatred, Iceman def Deacon Despair, Paul Parisio & Karl Harker def Avery Brothers, Majik & Conscience won four-way over Iceman and Hogg, Conscience def Majik..

  44. April 12, 2003--Pro Wrestling Alliance in Hamburg, Germany: Alex the Iceman def Leon van Gastgeren, Doug Williams def Murat Bosporus, Ulf Hermann def Patrick Shulz, Michael Kovac won three-way over Chris the Bambikiller and Eric Schwartz, Robbie Brookside def Karsten Kreschmer to win PWA title, Ulf Hermann def Brookside to win title..

  45. April 12, 2003--Neo Spirit Pro Wrestling in Niagara Falls, ONT: Kris Chambers def Johnny Adams, Hacker def Lazz, T.J. Harley def Ash, Custom Made Man def Ash, J.T. Playa def Ash (not a good night to be Ash), Italianos def Body Count, Cody Steele def Derek Wylde, Los Jalapeno & Sean Ball def Marco Malaquis & Ruffy Silverstein, J.C. Owens def Eric Young..

  46. April 12, 2003--Stampede Wrestling from Bow Island, Alberta before 120 fans: Rod Rage def Jack Flash, Juggernaut def Rory Hunter, Harry Smith (Davey's son) def Dave Swift, Belle Lovitz def Naddie Neidhart (Jim's daughter), T.J. Wilson (New Japan) def Apocalypse..

  47. April 12, 2003--APW in Los Angeles: Kryptonite def Nate Rules, Steve Rizzono def Chris Cole, Vennis the Menace def Adam Thornstowe, Larry Blackwell DCOR Malachi, James Watkins def Melissa, James Choi def Billy Blade, Jardi Frantz def Scott Lost

  48. April 12, 2003--Championship International Wrestling in Jonesville, MI: P.J. Flowers def Pete Christie, Lord Vicious def Gary Dawson, Disciples of Destruction Mauler & Mr. Main Event def El Diablo & Ricco Rodriguez (not THE Ricco Rodriguez), Brad Anderson def Elvis Elliott, Mayhem DCOR Andy Chene & Bobo Brazil Jr., Pastor Pain def Marty Graw, Scotty Magnum def Kamala (original)..

  49. April 12, 2003--National Wrestling Superstars in Tower City, PA: Goal-Ga def Shane Edwards, Tommy Force & Tony Flow def Bryan Sexton & White Lotus, Prime Time Amy Lee def Rip Tide, Dave Webb (aka Dave Mysterio) def Corrupted Youth, Hasheem Ali def Hyena, Jimmy Snuka def Ace Darling..

  50. April 13, 2003--Apocalypse Wrestling in Toronto: Asylum & Joey Knight def Jaguar Vijay Singh & Billy Flynn, Slade def James Champagne-DQ, Tony Stark & Cody Blake def Zachary Springate III & El Hiney, Tony Mack def Jerrick Miller, Kevin Grace def Mayhem, Phoenix def Heather, Silk def Arizona..

  51. April 13, 2003--Premiere Wrestling Federation in Pottstown, PA with a tag tournament for the belts vacated when Shinjiro Otani & Masato Tanaka decided not to come back this week: Josh Daniels & Striker def Jose & Joel Maximo, Chi Chi Cruz & Rapid Fire Maldonado def Hit Squad-COR, Homicide & Brian XL def Papadon & Havok, Rockin Rebel & Greg Matthews DDQ Jack Victory & Chris Hamrick, Joey Matthews won three-way over Amazing Red and Jonny Storm, Chris Daniels & Matt Striker def Homicide & Brian XL, C.W. Anderson def Mikey Whipwreck, Justin Credible def Christopher Daniels, Chris Daniels & Matt Stryker def Chi Chi Cruz & Rapid Fire Maldonado to win tournament..

  52. April 13, 2003--WPW in Anaheim: Preston Scott def Kid Omega, Biggie Biggz def Streetstyle, Obi Matt Canobi def Catastrophe, Sexy Chino def Blade, Scott Lost & Fang def Lucky & Johnny Paradise, Los Vagos def Angel del Silencio & Calibre 22, Supa Badd & Diablo Rojo def Infernal & Chippy Sanchez, Black Angel def Zeus, Silver Tyger & Chilango & Durango Kid def Genio & Rosa Salvaje & Biggie Biggz (not the NJ Biggie Biggs)..

  53. April 13, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Dylan Black def Dan McGuire, Shawn Donovan def Greg Goodman, C.J. Summers def Travis Blake, Kevin Knight def Brandon Young, Tommy Trouble def Shawn Moore, Pierce St. John & Shane O'Brien won three-way over Biggie Biggs & Erik Andretti and Axis & Dante, Fred Sampson def Roman..

  54. April 13, 2003--Icon Championship Wrestling in Gainesville, FL: Comic Book Guy Anderson won over Blaze, D.R. and Rod the Bod, Jimmy Rose & Jason Moore def Boules Azoules & Kevin Devine, Mark Zout def Pretty Fly, Natural Blondeds def Vicious & Delicious-DQ, Icons Inc. def Heartbreak Express, Dagon Briggs def Scotty Hotshot, Kubiak def Deathrow Jethrow, Steve Madison NC Naphtali..

  55. April 13, 2003--Impact Championship Wrestling in Passaic, NJ: Devon Moore & Drew Blood def AMIL, Wayne the Convenience Store Guy won three-way over Joey Braggiol & Ken Scampi, Eddie Guapo def Low Rida, Solution NC Monsta Mack def Bruit leBlanc, Mega def Prince Nana, Jonny Storm def Grimm Reefer, Christopher Daniels & Mikey Whipwreck def Jose & Joel Maximo, Christopher Street Connection def Julio Dinero & E..Z. Money, Amazing Red def Brian XL, Justin Credible def Jerry Lynn to win vacant ICW title..

  56. April 14, 2003--Ontario Championship Wrestling in Chatham, ONT before 225 fans: Kid Kopeland def Danger Boy, Jake LeDuc def Young Son, Mantis X & Punchin the Clown def Knuckles & Bruiser, Chris Pillon def Neil Diamond, Mike Lutz won an gauntlet match for the Chatham-Kent Heritage title..

  57. April 17, 2003--Maximum Pro Wrestling in Oldcastle, ONT before a reported 1,100 sellout crowd: Alex Shelley def Kris Chambers, Jaime D def Tracy Brooks, Magnus def Johnny Bravo, Gutter & Hacker def Petey Williams & Mike Legacy, Dyson Pryce def Larry Destiny, Tyson Dux & Tornado def Ruffy Silverstein & Trent Steele, Bobby Rude def Eric Young, Jerry Lynn def Johnny Swinger, Chris Sabin def Derek Wylde, Raven def A-1 (this was a wrestler, not a bottle of steak sauce, since after what they did in McKeesport over the weekend, I think I needed to make that clear), D-Lo Brown def Gangrel to unify the Border City title and MXPW title..

  58. April 18, 2003--NAWA in Rome, GA before 400 fans: Chris Vaughn & Seth Cruise & J.C. Sky def Bobby Hayes & Deja Vu & El Grande, Nightmare (Ted Allen) def Mike Jackson, Nemesis (managed by Daffney) def Iceberg, Kasey James def Jamie Dundee, Palm Beach Boy Scott & Desire def Jimmy Powell & Bambi, Chris Harris def Chase Stevens, Drew Delight def Simon Sermon, Chris Kamikaze & Jason Wilde won three-way over Ray Gordy & Jason Phoenix & Nick Rampage and Kenny & John Arden, Jerry Lawler def Air Paris..

  59. April 18, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Jeff Brown def Chuy Lopez, Pendragon def Aldo Nova, Mike Thunder def Jerry Brown, John Allen won three-way over Epi the Phat Samoan and Scott Phoenix, Jenny the Playette def D-Money in a loser gets naked match..

  60. April 18, 2003--New Breed Pro Wrestling in Zephyrhills, FL: Shawn Davis def Big Daddy, Thunderbolt def D.R., Aaron Epic def Kid Lethal, Chasyn Rance def Aaron Epic..

  61. April 18, 2003--UIPW in Erie, PA: Fabulous def Aero, Super Hentai def Devil Bhudakahn, Brian Anthony def Nikita Allanov, Devils Advocates def Premiere Players, Shirley Doe def Chris Kole, M-Dogg 20 def C.J. Sensation, Sebastian Dark def Toby Kline..

  62. April 18, 2003--Maximum Pro Wrestling in Livonia, MI: Petey Williams def Kris Chambers, Chuck Wagon def Mike Legacy, Floyd Osborne def Johnny Bravo, Johnny Swinger & A-1 def Hacker & Gutter, Matrox def Ash, Derek Wylde & Amazing N8 def Ruffy Silverstein & Trent Steele, Chris Sabin def Eric Young to keep MXPW TV title..

  63. April 18, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Overland, MO: Daizee Haze def Rat Boy, Jackal def Super Castaldi I, Nemesis def Sam Bacardi, Kevin Sharp def Johnny Greenpace, Jynx won three-way over Billy McNeil and matt, Makaze def Outkast, Delirious & MsChief def D'Mon G & Sean Vincent, Dan Severn def Searcher, Diamond Back Dingo def Chaz Wesson..

  64. April 18, 2003--IPW Rage in a Cage in Pinellas Park, FL before 950 fans: Naphtali def Justice, Mideon def Rastaman to win hardcore title, Vandalz def Pat Powers & Frankie Capone, Scoot Andrews & Mike Sullivan & Roderick Strong def David Babylon & Steve Madison & Sedrick Strong in a TLC match, Mark Zout def Pat McGroin, Antonio Banks def Lex Lovett, Billy Fives def Agent Steele, Rod Steel NC Buck Quatermain in cage match, Lovett won the 40 man Rage in the Cage Battle Royal..

  65. April 18, 2003--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Southbridge, MA: Aaron Morrison & Evil Nick def Guapo & Puerto Rican Brawler, Alexander Worthington III def Mark Mini, Josh Daniels def Antonio Thomas, Cue Ball & Nick McKenna def Team Tap Out, Frankie Armadillo def Kid Krazy-DQ, Assault & Battery & Rob Eckos def Adam Booker & Billy Kryptonite & Adam Hastey, Dr. Heresy NC Billy Kryptonite, Steve Ramsey def Aaron Stevens, Vince Vicallo def John Walters..

  66. April 18, 2003--Westside Xtreme Wrestling from Essen, Germany: Klaus Stark def Michael Ripp, Hate def Tyrant, Mark Summers & Jazzy Bi def Barish & Blue Nikita, Darksoul def Alex Pain, Mad Cow def Thumbtack Jack, Martin Nolte def Hate, Thomas Blade & Chris Combat def SigMastaRappo & Luchadore Sitoci, Hade Vansen def X-Dream, Chris Hero (IWA champ in Indiana) won four-way to retain WXW title over Mike Quackenbush, Ares and Double C..

  67. April 19, 2003--All Access Wrestling in Lafayette, LA before 350 fans: Jacey North def Sonny Siaki-DQ, David Young def Joey C, Cassidy O'Reilly def Eddie Atlas, Ron St. Pierre def Killan O'Conn & Steve Starr, Stevie Ray def Rod Price, A.J. Styles & Jerry Lynn def Kevin Northcutt & Joe Kane in elimination match, A.J. Styles def Malice when Bob Armstrong gave Malice a low blow..

  68. April 19, 2003--UWF in Las Vegas: Fredo def The Law, Sinful won three-way over Brady Desire and Kenny from Tough Enough 2, Rush def Dameon Dollaz, Eyce def Ace Stevens, Tekniq def Sammy O'Shea, Sinful def Timmy Twisted, Riggs Brothers def X & Q, Dancing Dragon def The Law..

  69. April 19, 2003--International Wrestling Federation in Sebring, FL: Snowman def Dave Johnson, Big Daddy Gonzo & Ric the Reaper & Buddy Valentine def Brian Blade & Cliff Anderson & Manny Montana, Aaron Epic def Chasyn Rance, Joe Gomez def Casey Thompson, Kahagas def Hack Myers, Headbanger Mosh & Gangrel def Barbarian & Warlord, Tyree Pride def Kevin Sullivan, Harry Venis (the Mayor of Davie, FL) def Sheriff Henry Godwinn..

  70. April 19, 2003--Independent Wrestling Revolution TV Tapings in Sterling Heights, MI before 161 fans: Kamikaze def Jaimy Coxx, Frankie the Face def Andy Muscat, Anthony Rivera & Truth Martini won three-way over Alex Shelly & Gavin Starr and CK-3 & Gutter, Klunk the Klown def Mark Gjoka, Truth Martini def Tommy Johnson, Jimmy Jacbos won four-way over Amazing N8, Chris Sabin and Elvis Elliott to win King of Indies title held by N8, Death Dealer def Homeless Jimmy in a loser leaves town match, Stevie Lee def Breyer Wellington..

  71. April 19, 2003--Chaotic Championship Wrestling in Saltillo, TN: Blackbird Dice def Jonathan Storm, Insano def Izzy Rotten-DQ, Psycho def Breaker Dane, Izzy Rotten & Dice & Dane & Chris & Brett Michaels def Tommy Redneck & Damion Rage & Insano & Storm & Psycho..

  72. April 19, 2003--New England Championship Wrestling in Hamden, CT: Brian Jury def K.L. Murphy, Chris Venom def Justin Powers, Anthony Michaels def Psycho Mike-DQ, April Hunter & Trinity def Mercedes Martinez & Riptide, Noodles Nixon def Puerto Rican Brother, Bob Evans def Slyk Wagner Brown, Noize Boyz def Jury & Venom, Zachary Springate III def Angelius, Alex Arion won three-way over Pain and Antonio Thomas. Kevin Kelly (ex-WWE announcer) is now with the group both working as a heel antagonist type and behind the scenes..

  73. April 19, 2003--Chaotic Wrestling in Metheun, MA: Brian Black & Mighty Mini def Kevin Matthews & Danny Demanto, Matthew Evagrius def Vince Vicallo, Aaron Stevens def Handsome Johnny, Billy Kryptonite def Arch Kincaid, Studd def El Chupacabra, Luis Ortiz def John Walters in I Quit match..

  74. April 19, 2003--Terry Landel's All-Womens Show in Knoxville before 100 fans: Fantasy def Summer, Bambi def Storm-DQ, Brandi Wine & Christie Ricci def Lexie Fyfe & Brandi Alexander, Destiny def Dixie, Malia Hosaka def Cassidy, Bambi def Desire..

  75. April 19, 2003--UPW in Laughlin, NV: Marshall Knox def Big Babi Slymm, Sabbath def The Miz, Mike Knox & Derrick Neikirk def Ghost Walker & Ma'Koa, Jimmy Snuka Jr. def Keiji Sakoda, Maxi Mynx def Kyra, Jack bull def Chris Mordetsky, Ballard Brothers def Hardkore Inc.-DQ, Frankie Kazarian def Andrew Hellman, Modetsky won Battle Royal..

  76. April 19, 2003--FWA in Hertfordshire before 140 fans: Rajah Ghosh def Mark Sloan, Simmons def Hade Vansen, James Tighe def Chris Hamrick, Flash Barker def Jack Xavier, Paul Travell & Brandon Thomas def Alex Shane & Nikita, Doug Williams def Juventud Guerrera to keep FWA title..

  77. April 20, 2003--World Pro Wrestling in Anaheim, CA: Mr. California def Blade, Sexy Chino won three-way over Kid Omega and Big E Biggs, Scott Lost & Shawn Riddik def Johnny Paradise & Scorpio Sky, Silver Tyger & Obi Matt Kenobi def Steve Pain & Catastrophe, Supa Badd & Diablo Rojo & Genio def Lil Cholo & Infernal & Chippy-DQ, Chilano & Black Angel & Halcon def Zeus & Yelka & Durango Kid..

  78. April 20, 2003--Independent Wrestling Revolution in Sterling Heights, MI: Kamikaze over Jaimy Coxxx, Frankie the Face over Andy Muscat, The Threat (Anthony Rivera & Truth Martini) over Alex Shelly and Gavin Starr & CK3 and Gutter in a Triple Threat Match to retain the tag titles, Klunk the Klown over Mark Gjoka, Truth Martini over Tommy Johnson, Jimmy Jacobs wins the IWR King of the Indies Title in a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match over former champ Amazing N8, Chris Sabin & Elvis Elliot, The Deathdealer over former XPW star Homeless Jimmy in a Loser Leaves Town Match, Stevie Lee wins the IWR Heavyweight Title from Bryer Wellington

  79. April 20, 2003--WXW from Essen, Germany: Michael Ripp def Dominator, Thomas Blade & Chris Combat def Swiss Money Holding, Alex Pain won three-way over Tyrant and Ripp, Darksoul def Taurus, Mot Van Kunder & Louis van Eden def SigMasta Rappo & Luchadore Sitoci, Double C def Mike, Chris Hero def Martin Nolte, Thumbtack Jack won four-way over Hate, Mad Cow and The Sandman..

  80. April 20, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Covington, KY: Ryan Stone def Mark Manson, Justen Idol def Austin Meddler, Jay Donaldson def Ray Steele, Mr. Hayes & Zodiac def Chad Allegra & Average White Guy, Psycho Sam def Matt Parks, Stamp Lickage def Dregen..

  81. April 21, 2003--FWA in Morecambe, Lincolnshire before 200 fans: James Tighe def Raj Ghosh, Flash Barker def Jack Xavier, Chris Hamrick def Zebra Kid to win England title, Simmons def Hade Vansen, The Family def Alex Shane & Nikita, Doug Williams d Juventud Guerrera (double pin in third fall) to keep FWA title..

  82. April 22, 2003--HWA in Cincinnati: Poison Apollo def Jamie Cox, J.T. Stahr def Simply Spectacular, Hoss & Nigel McGuiness def South Side Playaz, Quinten Lee def Kliff Hanger, T.J Dalton NC Hussla, Vortex def Ash Parker, Pepper Parks & Ash Parker def Cody Hawk & Chet Jablonski, Big Al won three-way over Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker..

  83. April 24, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in Raleigh: Varsity Slammer won three-way over Trailer Park Heat and Giant Vermillion, Cham Pain def Shawn Alexander, Seymour Snott won four-way over Spank, Scab and Brad Hunter, Otto Schwanz def Josh Daniels, Dewey Cheatum def Joey Matthews..

  84. April 25, 2003--FWA in Horwich, Lancashire before 150 fans: James Tighe def Hade Vansen, Zebra Kid def Raj Ghosh, Chris Hamrick def Jack Xavier, Nikita (not OVW) def Simmons, The Family def Alex Shane & Ulf Hermann, Juventud Guerrera def Jonny Storm..

  85. April 25, 2003--World of Hurt Wrestling in Rotterdam, NY: Brian Immaculate won three-way over Gryphon & Shane Alden, Nick Neighborhood def Kid Krush, Jimmy Jact Cash def Kevin Dunn, Vik Dalishus def Damon Vitale, Mean Marcos def Curtis Candy, Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago def Hoss & Punk, Eric Everlast def Thornn, Texas Outlaw won three-way over Shockwave and Jeff Starr..

  86. April 25, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Belleville, IL: Sean Vincent def Daizee Haze, Jynx def Jackal, Nemesis DCOR Cabal, Outkast def Kory Twist, Sam Bacardi & Sean Vincent def Chaz Wesson & D'Mon G, Ryan Ash def Christian Haze, Billy McNeil & Rat Boy won three-way over Delirious and MsChif and Double Negative, Makaze def Matt, Diamond Back Dingo def Kevin Sharp..

  87. April 25, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Jerry Brown won over Kit Carson, Seth Shai ad Mike Thunder in strap match, Gabe Roach won four-way over Striker, Pendragon and Bull in a four-way cane match, Khris Germany won over Jeff Brown, Krusher Kong and Brad Michaels in a tables elimination match, John Allen won over Epi the Phat Samoan, Drunk Adam and Scott Phoenix in a barbed wire match, Gabe Roach won over John Allen, Jerry Brown and Khris Germany in a cage match..

  88. April 25, 2003--ICW in Tacoma: Vinnie Vega & Ritchie Magnett def Buddy Wayne & Mr. G.Q., Jason Jackson def El Monito, Big wood def Chino-COR, Davey Richards def Rad, Bryan Alvarez won three-way over Havoc and Vince Hall, Bones Mahoney def Avalanche & Chef to win tag titles, Timothy Flowers NC Roach Redding..

  89. April 25, 2003--UPW in Anaheim at the Grove before 500 fans: Solo Snuka def Keiji Sakoda, Lil Nate won three-way over Genio and Drunken Irishman, Kenny King (TE2) def Mizz (from Real World) due to interference from former coach Chavo Guerrero, Native Blood & Hawaiian Warrior def Hollywood & Derek Neikirk & Mike Knox, Jack Bull def Big Chris, Andrew Hellman won lightweight lunacy match, Erika Porter def Saavy Sasha (of HLA fame), Hardkore Kidd & Al Katrazz def Ballard Brothers in a tables match, Frankie Kazarian def Mikey Henderson, Big Chris won 22 man Battle Royal..

  90. April 25, 2003--Empire Wrestling Federation in San Bernardino: Christian Taylor def Liger Rivera, Joe Mark NC Black Steele, Crazy K.C. def Bonzai, Ghetto Boys def Sun Warrior & Dick Danger, Vizzion def Johnny Statt, Jason King & Bo Cooper def Los Chivos-DQ..

  91. April 25, 2003--No Holds Barred Wrestling in Thunder Bay, ONT: Apocalypse def Crash Crimson, Ivan Sosyzinski won four-way over Ozz, Johnny Handsome and world's smallest Luchador, Wavell Starr def Eddie Watts, Sabu def Juggernaut, Dr. Luther def Johnny Devine, Cyrus def Shane Douglas in a cage match..

  92. April 26, 2003--Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling in Cleveland, TN before 200 fans: Palm Beach Boy Scott def Ray Gordy, Palm Beach Boy John def Jorge Estrada, Dobbins Brothers def Chris Vaughn & Chase Stevens, Larry Zbyszko def Palm Beach Boys (replacing Glacier who did an injury angle but then came back at the end to help Larry Z win) in a handicap match, Henry Hoss def Sonny Siaki in a bullrope match. Dusty Rhodes' only appearance was to handcuff Desire to the ropes before the match..

  93. April 26, 2003--WPW in Lincoln City, OR drew in excess of 1,200 for a casino show: Billy Two Eagles def Great Akbar (not Skandor), Chris Thunder def The Grappler-DQ, Jerry Grey def Henrich Volkoff, Blake Kruel def The Clown, Honky Tonk Man DDQ Mike Jones (aka Virgil/Vincent), Buff Bagwell def Disco Inferno, Henrich Volkoff won Battle Royal which lasted less than 4:00. The ring broke twice on the show..

  94. April 26, 2003--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Concord, NC: John Williams def White Dragon, Chris Nelson def George South Jr., Scorpio def Eric Rampage, Rick Karloff def Samurai, Chris Nelson def Jason Jones, Jason King def Rick Karloff..

  95. April 26, 2003--Professional Championship Wrestling in Arlington, TX for a TV taping: Apocalypse def Scott Mustaine, Eddie Atlas def Nitro, Steve DeMarco def Keg Brother Duffy, Damien def Ex-Patriot, Gabe Roach def Psycho Simpson, Mike Foxx def Adrian, Chris Stevens def Shadow-DQ..

  96. April 26, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Louis: Jackal def Mike the Mime, Kory Twist def Jynx, Outkast def Ian Storm, Heart Attack Jack def Sean Vincent, Cabal def Daizee-DQ, Makaze won a three-way ladder match over Billy McNeil and Matt, Chaz Wesson & D'Mon G won Royal Rumble, Damian Blade def Miguel the Mime (same as Mike, but billed from France), Dingo & Daizee def Delirious & MsChif..

  97. April 26, 2003--New Era Wrestling in Shelbyville, IN: Vinny Rattlocke def Psycho, Apollo Starr def Joey Moore, Jon Wall def Bobby Black, Vortekz def Jermiah Graber, Brad Anderson def Scott Magnum, POD def Todd Stone in minis match, Blade def Damian Cole, XXXplicit Content NC Van Zants, D-Lo Brown def Johnny Rayz-DQ..

  98. April 26, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in DeBary, FL: Josh Rich def Leon Scott, Ryze def J.B. Cool, Thump Dupree def Dagon Biggs, Prowler def Brain Gamble (RollerJam), Aaron Eric def Jacques Taylor, Chasyn Rance def Kid Lethal, Towns Ellis & Sequel def Kahagis & Ryze..

  99. April 26, 2003--Empire Wrestling Federation in Pomona, CA: Liger Rivera def Chilly Gomez, Vizzion def Bonsai, Ragin Dawg & Mad Mac MacInotosh def West Coast Ryders, Kid Karnage & Liger Rivera def MacInoth & Bruiser Dave, Vizzion won Battle Royal..

  100. April 26, 2003--PCW in City of Industry, CA before 175 fans: Black Metal & King Faviano & King Jakal def Supa Badd & Obi Matt & Shawn Riddik, Orphan def C.J. Summers, Mike Vega def Lil Cholo, B-Boy def Lucky, Joey Ryan & Scott Lost def Rocky Romero & Pinoy Boy, Matrix & Preston Scott def Silver Tyger & Infernal, Ian Knoxx def Foob Dogg, Super Dragon & Bigg Babi Slymm def Hardkore Kidd & Al Katrazz-DQ, Messiah def Frankie Kazarian in a ladder match to keep PCW title..

  101. April 26, 2003--Costal Real Extreme Wrestling in Edenton, NC: Todd Edd & Chris Derringer def Madd Dogg & B.J. Winger, Patient 6D6 def Marty Reed, Dave Renegade def Cold Cash D-DQ, Chris Escobar won three-way over Nightmare and Damian Wayne, Lotus def Hangtime, Gluteus Maximus def La Fletcha, John Thundercloud def Tre-G-DQ, Timber def Preston Quinn..

  102. April 26, 2003--SPW in Sacramento before 465 fans: Luster the Legend def Hardcory Datton, Steve Currie def Rabia, Wicked & Jesus Kruze & Hunk Golden def Jack Dalton & Clint Douglas & Shane Dynasty, Sacramento Dragon & Flaco Loco def J.D. Bishop & Adam Thornstowe, Brian Raymond won three-way over Hook Bomberry and Salvatore Mancini, Prof. Poindexter & Chupacito def Mike Rayne & Super Dave, Kryptonite def Billy Blade, Vito Tomaselli def Dante..

  103. April 26, 2003--All Pro Wrestling in Hayward, CA: Billy Blade def Loose Cannon, Chris Cole def Kryptonite, Robert Thompson def Nate Rules, James Watkins def Vennis the Menace, Larry Blackwell def Boyce LeGrande, James Choi & Bobby Quance def Melissa & Jardi Frantz..

  104. April 26, 2003--MSPW in Tucson, AZ: Hollywood def Andrew Hellman, Mike the Miz & James Lucas def Ballard Brothers, Tito Santana def Hollywood, Greg Valentine def Navajo Warrior, Bull Buchanan def Jack Bull due to interference by Big Bossman..

  105. April 26, 2003--FWA in Sudbury, England before 250 fans: Rajah Ghosh won three-way over James Tighe and Jack Xavier, Mark Sloan def Mark Belton, Juventud Guerrera def Zebra Kid, Nikita def Simmons, Paul Travell & Ian DaCyple def Alex Shane & Ulf Hermann, Jonny Storm def Chris Hamrick to win FWA All-England title and keep XPW European title..

  106. April 26, 2003--Steel Domain Wrestling in West St. Paul: Shawn Daivari def Mason Quinn, Gage Octane def Johnny Parks-DQ, Tough Tom def Scotty Zappa, Chi Town Thug & J.B. Trask def Ted Dixon & Dan Sexon, Matt Burns def Bill Irwin (replacing Tracy Smothers), Mitch Paradise def Adrian Lynch..

  107. April 26, 2003--Far North Wrestling in Latrobe, PA before 280 fans: Rich Meyers def Troy Lords, Joey Knight & Phoenix def Kevin Grace & Joe Integra, Mike Quackenbush & Icarus & Gran Akuma def Hallowicked & Rorshack & Blind Rage, Dennis Gregory def Dean Jablonski, Jonah Adelman (Tough Enough 3) def Brian O, Don Montoya def Jimmy Vegas-DQ, C.J. Sensation won gauntlet match to become cruiserweight camp, T.Rantula def Seth James, Kamala def Powerhouse Hughes..

  108. April 26, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation TV Taping night in Graham, NC: Pat Cusick & Stephen O'Hara def Trent Wylde & Kenny James, J-Money def Brad Rainz, Hostile Youth Project def Brass Munkey & American Steel Ninja, Cham Pain def Otto Schwanz, Kamikaze Kid def Brad Attitude, Ric Converse def Pat Cusick, Amber Holly & Gemini Kid & Michael Yamaha def GeeStar & UNOD, Corey Edsel def Joe Storm..

  109. April 27, 2003--MACW in Dyresburg, TN: Seth Knight def PKO Pokerface, Chris Fury & Stan Lee def Golden Boy & Shawn Lane, Mr. Showtime def Tommy Boy, Tommy Redneck def Psycho, Big Red def V-Man-DQ, Reno & Black Diamond def Pokerface & Rude, Jason Reed def Alan Steel..

  110. April 27, 2003--Tornado Pro Wrestling in Tulsa: Romero Contreras def Sudden Impact I & D-Day, Karl Davis & Rick Styles def X-Cal & Tyler Bateman, Shadow of Death I NC Terry Montana, Canadian Luchadore def Justin Lee, Karl Davis & Rick Styles def Romero Contreras in handicap bout, Sonny C def Ron Mac, Outcast def Tyler Bateman, Ichiban def Brian Lakewood..

  111. April 27, 2003--Texas Pro Wrestling in Fort Worth: Midnight Cowboy def Masked Jamm, Dick Loin won three-way over Harry Loin and Wild Samoan, Balls Ryder def Fatality, Dick Loin def David Fuller-DQ, Ryder & Dick Loin def Wild Samoan & Fuller..

  112. April 27, 2003--World Pro Wrestling in Anaheim: Sexy Chino & Kid Omega def Catastrophe & Bigg E. Biggz, Black Angel won elimination match over Calibria 22, R2K, Mr. California and Blade, Obi Matt def Preston Scott, Eric Matlock & Matrix & Street Style def Scott Lost & Silver Tyger & Shawn Riddik, Supa Badd & El Genio & Diablo Rojo def Chippy Sanchez & Infernal & Lil Cholo, Mil Mascaras & Chilango & Durango Kid def Maldad & Zeus & Misterioso..

  113. April 28, 2003--Frontier Wrestling Alliance in Newport, Wales before 200 fans: Zebra Kid def Five Star Flash, James Tighe def Mark Sloan, Jack Xavier def Jonny Storm, Simmons def Nikita, Brandon Thomas & Ian DaCyple & Paul Travell def Ulf Hermann & Alex Shane to win FWA tag titles, Juventud Guerrera def Chris Hamrick..

  114. April 28, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Covington, KY: Justen Idol def Mack the Knife, Chad Allegra def Donnie Greene, Stamp Lickage def Ray Steele, Tiny Tim def Brian Beech, Psycho Sam def Matt Parks, Ryan Stone def Dregen, Mr. Hayes & Zodiac DDQ Roger Ruffen & Tony Bryant..