Independent Wrestling Results - March 2003

  1. March 1, 2003--Harley Race's World League Wrestling in Dallas City, IL: T-Money won three-way over B.J. Whitmer and Street Fighter, Dale Heiser def War Cloud, Helena Heavenly def Miss Natural, Marc Godecker & Josh Besore def Wade Chism & Trevor Rhodes, Matt Murphy def Bull Schmitt..

  2. March 1, 2003--River City Wrestling Rampage TV tapings in Austin, TX before 243 fans: Scott Summers def Michael Shane, Jeremy Sage def Paul Diamond (former AWA tag champ), Phantom Lords def Children of Pain, A.C Riddick def Bull in submission rules, Prime Time Playa def Mike Dell, Texas Renegade def Jason Gunn, Kid Soulja def Enigma, Diamond won Batte Royal..

  3. March 1, 2003--WXW in Germany: Tyrant NC G-Sus, Chris Hero (IWA) def Steve Taurus, Mot Van Kunder def Chris Combat, Cleopatra (Dory Funk trainee) def Alex Breslin to become womens champ, Swiss Money Holding def Sigmasta Rappo & Luchador Sitoci, Chris Hero def Martin Notle to become WXW champion, Hade Vansen won four-way over Trent Acid, Raj Ghosh and X-Dream to become cruiserweight champion, Hate & Thumbtack Jack & Darksoul def Bas Van Kunder & Mad Cow & Bull. Trent Acid was rushed to the hospital after the show after taking a bump on his head and not remembering anything that happened..

  4. March 1, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Cincinnati: Dregen def Papano Joe, Warlock def Jesse Hyde, Danny Montgomery def Austin Meddler, Mack the Knife & Zodiac #2 def Jay Donaldson & Matt Parks, Christopher Michael Lotus & Sean Harddrive def Tommy Shock & Jason Caemera, Ryan Stone def Matt Parks..

  5. March 1, 2003--Dusty Rhodes' Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling in Cleveland, TN before 400 fans: Damien won three-way over Lee Thomas and The Reverend, Big Henry Hoss def Johnny, Larry Zbyszko def Scott (subbing for Barry Windham who no-showed), Bambi def Desire (TNA), Sonny Siaki def Jorge Estrada, Glacier def Jason Sugarman, Dusty Rhodes def David Flair-DQ when Siaki and Desire ran in. Dusty juiced..

  6. March 1, 2003--Neo Spirit Pro Wrestling in Niagara Falls, ONT before 603 fans: Los Jalapeno & Sean Ball won four-way to win tag titles over Ruffy Silverstein & Marco Malaquis, Romeo Adams & Floyd Osborne and Tony Carbonie & Primo Scordino, Custom Made Man def Sean Spears, Hacker def Johnny Adams, T.J. Harley def Original Sinn, J.C. Owens def J.T. Playa, Kris Chambers def Lazzerus, Tyson Dux def Cody Steele, Eric Young def Derek Wylde in a ladder match (show stealer), J.C. Owens def Eric Young (impromptu)..

  7. March 1, 2003--IWA Mid South in Clarksville, IN: Adam Gooch def Tarek the Great, Steve Stone def Lemonjello, P.T. Hustla def Rollin Hard, Mark Wolf def Simon Sezz, Danny Daniels def J.C. Bailey, Adam Gooch def Corporal Robinson in a lumberjack light tubes match..

  8. March 1, 2003--New Era Pro Wrestling in Norwalk, OH before 150 fans: Grady NC Nemesis, Canadian Bad Boy & Judge Krush def CK-3 & Gavin Starr, Dr. Heresy def Discole Fever, Aero def Alex Shelley, Adam Kage def 8-Pac, Al B. Damm def Kid Krazy, J-Rocc & Dick Trimmins & Sheik Abdul Hassan & Richard Weede def Blackhammer & Shigroth & Chuck Brody & Prince Juggalo in a War Games..

  9. March 1, 2003--North American Championship Wrestling in Shelby, NC before 215 fans: Manny Fernandez def Derek Flair, Rev. Slim def Jesse Lee, Jim Tucker & Deon Johnson def Johnny Kidd & Bubba Kirk, Greg Valentine def Big Wood-DQ, Tim Jackson def Major DeBeers, Lost Souls def Tommy Gunn & Black Angel, Danny Dollar def Rick Stone-DQ, Buff Bagwell & Ricky Morton def Scott Powers & Christopher Steel to win tag titles, Buff Bagwell & Ricky Morton def Jimmy Cicero & Perry James(managers)-DQ..

  10. March 1, 2003--Southeastern Championship Wrestling in Ocoee, FL: Marcus Faulk def Chasyn Rance, Jone E. Stone def Great Tenshi, Justice def Jerrelle Clark, Python & Axid def Manny Montana & Rouge, Rico Casanova def Shane McLane, Kahagas def John E. Stone, Bruno Sassi def Antonio Banks, Frankie Lancaster (World Class) & Alex Porteau def Python & Axis, Jerrelle Clark def Justice, Blackheart def Brian Gamble (RollerJam), Kahagas def Chasyn Rance, Brian Gamble def Marcus Faulk, Brian Sassi & Big Tillie & Sgt. Joe Carter NC Frankie Lancaster & Alex Porteau & Antonio Banks..

  11. March 1, 2003--Revolution Championship Wrestling in LaSalle, IL before more than 600 fans: Raven def Vic Capri, Airborne & Ace Steel def Cameron Cage & Jimmy Jacobs, Cru Jones & Shawn Daivari def Eric Marx & Alter Ego, Adam Evans & Tweek def Machine & Willie Richardson, Acid & C.M. Punk def Apollo Starr & Chuck E. Smooth, Ryan Boz & Jason Allen def J.J. Drake & Bill E. Valentine, C.M. Punk won Battle Royal for RCW title..

  12. March 1, 2003--Midwest Pro Wrestling in Clarksville, IN: Chris Chaos def Suicide, Justin Sane & Jason Blade def Evil Intentions, HNIC def John Rock & Jeff Crowe, Vito & Guido Andretti def Kappa Tappa Kegga, Dynamite Derrick def Maniac, Jason Jaguar def Troy Daniels, Kwik & Low def Jebediah Blackhawk & Dynamite Derrick, Jason Jaguar def Miami Thug-DQ..

  13. March 1, 2003--Big-Time Wrestling in Welland, ONT before 200 fans: Eddie Osbourne def Elian Habanero, Legacy def Shawn Morgan, Bill Skullion def Scott Chase, Scottish Highlanders def Jason Kronus & Xzibit, Chuck Simpson & Chris Panther def Kwang Chang & Dane Jerris, Jamie Jackson def Sid Summers-DQ, Magnus Von Steele def Jacob Cain..

  14. March 1, 2003--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento before 379 fans: Hunk Golden won Royal Rumble, Black Metal & Rabia def Parental Discretion, Billy Blade won three-way over Bo Cooper and Preston Scott, Flaco Loco def J.D. Bishop, Apollo Khan & Adam Thornstowe def John John the Phenomenon & Hook Bomberry, Lil Cholo & J.D. Bishop def Flaco Loco & Sacramento Dragon, Steven Currie won four-way over Chris Casanova, Street Styles and Luster the Legend, Wicked & Jesus Kruze def Mike Rayne & Super Dave, Dante def B-Boy..

  15. March 2, 2003--No Name Wrestling in Poinciana, FL: Chasyn Rance d Badboy, Scotty Z def Super Maree-O, Jerrelle Clark def Bonez, Gino Caruso def Matt Kuma, Rico Casanova def Barney Rumble, Wikid def Less Fortunate, Kid Romeo def Barry Horowitz, Justice def Roderick Strong..

  16. March 3, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Covington, KY: Roger Ruffen def Zodiac #2, Justen Idol def Mark Manson, Jay Donaldson def Donnie Greene, Ray Steele def Ryan Stone, Brian Beech def Average White Guy, Dregen NC Stamp Lickage..

  17. March 6, 2003--Border City Wrestling in Windsor, ONT before 600 fans: Matrox def Jimmy Jacobs, Eric Young def Original Sinn, Ruffy Silverstein & Trent Steele def Gutter & Hacker, Larry Destiny def Magnus, Chris Sabin won three-way over Frankie Kazarian and Jerry Lynn, John E. Bravo def Kris Chambers, Bobby Rude def Alex Shelley, Tornado & Tyson Dux def Petey Williams & Mike Legacy, Sabu def A-1, D-Lo Brown def Johnny Swinger..

  18. March 7, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Jamie the Sound Guy def Epi the Phat Samoan, Jared Steele def Seth Shai, Mike Fox def Gabe Roach-DQ, Jeff & Jerry Brown & Dave Lopez & Zane Morris Action Jackson def C-Diddy-DQ..

  19. March 7, 2003--New Attitude Wrestling in Burnaby, BC before 50 fans: Adam Firestorm won Battle Royal, Slapnuts the Clown NC Bamm Bamm Bambi, Major Hardway def Dropkick Murphy, Rockford def Killswitch, Ladies Choice def Adam Firestorm, Wrathchild def Scotty Mac-COR..

  20. March 7, 2003--Big Time Wrestling drew 550 in Newark, CA: Dash Riprock def Scotty Salter, Wild Storm def Super Diablo, Bobby Quance def Jardi Frantz, Le Emporer & Shane Kody def Icebox (former Roller Games skater) & Tony Fury, Mike Sanders (TNA) def Jason Styles to win the group's heavyweight title, Road Warriors def Ballard Twins..

  21. March 7, 2003--Maximum Pro Wrestling in Livonia, MI before 120 fans: Magnus def Hacker, Elvis Elliot def John E. Bravo, Bobby Rude def Alex Shelley, Gutter & Petey Williams & Tenacious Z def A-1 & Original Sinn & Stevie Lee, Truth Martini def Eric Young, Ruffy Silverstein & Trent Steele def Tornado & Tyson Dux, Chris Sabin def Frankie Kazarian, Gangrel def Monty Brown-DQ, Gangrel & Sabu def Monte Brown & Ahmed Johnson..

  22. March 8, 2003--USA Pro Wrestling at the Elks Lodge in Queens: Brian XL won gauntlet match, XL def Quiet Storm to win gauntlet match title, Masked Maniac def Tony Lo, Malice def Wayne the Convenience Store Guy, Louis Ramos def JC The Damaja, Matt Stryker & Simon Diamond def Christopher Street Connection, Xavier def C.W. Anderson, Konnan def Skinhead Ivan, Mafia def Monsta Mack, Boogie Knights def Solution, Kruel def Billy Reil, Deranged def Amazing Red, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz def Jose & Joel Maximo in a ladder match to win tag titles, Homicide def Balls Mahoney in dog collar match to keep USA title, Homicide def Mahoney in tables match to retain title, Mahoney def Homicide in last man standing match to win title, Raven def Sandman. Nunzio did a run-in and worked in Kruel's corner for his match..

  23. March 8, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Milan, IN: Brian Beech def Tony Bryant, Ryan Stone def Mack the Knife, Sir D def Meddler, Chad Allegra & Jay Donaldson def Zodiacs, Jeff Davis def Spoiler, Stamp Lickage def Dregen, Jeff Davis won Battle Royal. Monday in Covington, KY they are doing a match where Roger Ruffen puts up his ownership of the company against Mr. Hayes..

  24. March 8, 2003--JWA in Stanton, TN: Seth def K-Train, Tasha Simone def Samantha Dollar, K-Train def Leatherface-DQ, Jon Michaels & El Diablo def Medics, Miliki & Josh Idol def Motley Cruz & A.C. Sleaze..

  25. March 8, 2003--National Federation of Wrestling in Stratford, WI before 100 fans: J-Real def Havoc, Violet def Autumn Haze, Shinobi won four-way over Hangtime Players & Sonny Beach , Boogieman def Peter Beautiful, Darkchild & Anicrusix def Ace Spade & Mason Quinn, Tejas def Tiny Tubbs, La Parka (a fake one) def Chaz Kildare in loser leaves town, Logan Lasher won three-way over Steve Stardom and Horace the Psychopath..

  26. March 8, 2003--Revolution Pro in Los Angeles: Lee Steele & Lonestar def Buddy George & Stryker, Gallinero I def Black Metal, Kenny AWC lost hair in elimination match, Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver def Street Style & Topgun Talwer, Faviano def Jason Allgood, Mr. Excitement def Hook Bomberry, Super Dragon & Taro def Joey Ryan & Scott Lost..

  27. March 8, 2003--House of Pain Wrestling in Sanford, NC: ChamPain def Ashely Walker, Scott Powers def Varsity Slammer, Seymour Snott def Giant Vermillion, Chris Steele def Tony Platinum, Cinco de Mayo def Malaki, Brad Hunter def Otto Schwanz..

  28. March 8, 2003--Chikara Wrestling in Wall, PA before 80 fans: D.J. Skittlez def Blind Rage, Hallowicked def Private Eye, Don Montoya def C.M. Punk, Gran Akuma def Mitch Ryder, Mike Quackenbush & Ultramantis & Mr. Zero def Jigsaw & Wild Cards..

  29. March 8, 2003--New Era Pro Wrestling in Painesville, OH before 100 fans: Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin def Jimmy Jacobs & Gutter, Discole Fever def Prince Juggalo Bobb Blaze def Brian Anthony, Gangrel def Aero, Mercedes def Siryn, Da Munchies def Southern Justice, Adam Kage def Frankie Kazarian, J-Rocc def Al B. Damm..

  30. March 8, 2003--CCW in Saltillo, TN: Chris Michaels def Izzy Rotten, Brett Michaels def Chris Styles, Brianna Starr def Sexy Steph & Nathan Lee, Scott Porteau & Tony Dabbs def Christian Jacobs & Chris Styles, Damion Rage & Tommy Redneck won three-way over Chris & Brett Michaels and Cody & Brody Hawk..

  31. March 8, 2003--APW Gym Warz in Hayward, CA: Billy Blade def Jon Jon the Phenomenon, Vennis the Menace def Jardi Frantz, Larry Blackwell def Psycho Seth, James Choi def Melissa, Bobby Quance def Robert Thompson to keep universal title..

  32. March 8, 2003--All Star Wrestling in Fareham, Hampshire, UK: Dean Allmark def Dave Swift, Johnny Devine def Robin Knightwing (Canadian guys), Slyk Wagner Brown def Robby Dynamite, April Hunter def Sweet Saraya, Johnny Devine & Rick Vain def Zebra Kid & Ricky Night..

  33. March 8, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Burlington, NC for a TV taping for the local PAX affiliate: Sexton Tyle def Stephen O'Hara, Brass Munkey def Magic Moon, Scotty Sabre def Kid Justice, Brad Rainz def Joey Silvia, Drake Tungsten & Hugh B. Johnson def American Steel Ninja & Brass Munkey, Corey Edsel def Trent Wylde, Brad Attitude def Mikael Yamaha, J-Money def Ric Converse..

  34. March 8, 2003--Steel Domain Wrestling in West St. Paul, MN: Johnny Parks def Gage Octane, T.S. Aggressor def Brian Ash, Malibu Sun Kings def Dixon-Sexton Connection, Matt Burns def Chi Town thug=-DQ, Scotty Zappa & J.B Trask & Daryck St. Holmes def Lenny Lane & Magnus Maximus & Colt Cabana..

  35. March 8, 2003--National Wrestling Superstars in Sayreville, NJ: Simply Luscious def Lady Storm, Power Company def Bryan Sexton & Dave Webb, Biggie Biggs def TNT to win NWS title, Golga the Oddity (not John Tenta) def Kevin Knight-DQ, Tommy Force def Johnny X, Hector Nunez def Tiano Veloz, Big Vito def Hasheem Ali..

  36. March 9, 2003--ECCW in Campbell River, BC: Eddie Osborne def Dropkick Murphy, Bam Bam Bambi def Nikki French, Scotty Mac def Mark Mayhem, Ladies Choice def Brett Prime, Prime won ECCW Rumble..

  37. March 10, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Covington, KY: Ray Steele & Austin Meddler def Ryan Stone & Justen Idol, Stamp Lickage def Dregen-DQ, Jay Donaldson def Donnie Greene, Mr. Hayes def Roger Ruffen, Stamp Lickage won Battle Royal..

  38. March 12, 2003--Maryland Championship Wrestling in Glen Burnie, MD before 500 fans: Reckless Youth & Travis Finity def Qenaan Creeed & Rob Eckos, Brock Singleton def Crazy Shay, Dino Divine def Billy Redwood, Adam Flash def 2-Dope to win cruiserweight title, Derek Wayne & Buzz Stryker def Holly Rollers, Joey Matthews def Christian York, Chad Bowman def The Bruiser, Alexis Laree def Angela, Doug Delicious def Buff Bagwell (this was funny because a lot of people booed and yelled boring at Bagwell for his stalling, then got in line for the Polaroid gimmicks), Danny Doring def Romeo Valentino..

  39. March 14, 2003--CIWA in Peterborough, ONT before 350 fans: Shawn Spears def Shawn Rogers, J.Q. Publik def Quinson Valentino, Flexx Falcone def Cody Steele, T.J. Harley def J.C. Owens, Rory & Robbie MacAlister def Eric Dawson & Bobby Chase, Ruffy Silverstein def Hacker, Bobby Rude def Eric Young..

  40. March 14, 2003--World Wide Wrestling in Fairfield, OH: Chad too Badd def Jay Donaldson, Joey Bravo def Static D, James Storm (TNA) def Prince Justice (IWA in Puerto Rico)-DQ, Roger Ruffen & Mercedes def Tiny Tim & Sin D, Chris Harris d Dean Jablonski. Larry Zbyszko is working for this group as an owner..

  41. March 14, 2003--International Wrestling Cartel in Penn Hills, PA before 375 fans: C.M. Punk def Carlton Kaz, Al B. Damm def Dean Radford, Bubba the Bulldog def Shirley Doe, Spiker Mask NC Dustin Ardine, A.J. Styles def Super Hentai to win the Indy title, Raven def C.M. Punk, J.T. Rodgers & Troy Lords def Devil's Advocates, Disco Inferno def Ardine-DQ, Seth James def T.Rantula, Dennis Gregory def Disco Inferno, Doe & Mr. X def Hentai & James Keenan..

  42. March 14, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Chuy Lopez def Melvin, Aldo Nova def Lopez, Mike Foxx def Moose, Action Jackson def Krusher Kong, Lance Romance NC D-Money..

  43. March 14, 2003--Metro Pro Wrestling in Dearborn, MI before 100 fans: Tommy Johnson def Mark Gjoka, Kamikaze def Prince Romeo, Syrian Playboy def Jamie Coxxx-DQ, Dyson Price def Cable Guy, Anthony Rivera def Josh Movado, Petey Williams won three-way over Trent Steele and Chris Sabin, CK-3 def Big chuck, Truth Martini won three-way over Alex Shelly and Gutter..

  44. March 14, 2003--Assault Championship Wrestling in Connecticut: Shabba White def Kaguchi, Pain & Nemesis NC Rednecks from Hell, Vic Gun'r def Spider, Iceberg def Bobby Panther, Ariel & Trinity def Riptide & Mercedes Martinez, Julio Dinero won eight-man Dave Vicious memorial Cup tournament, Dylan Kage & Del Tsunami & Prowler def Ron Zombie & Jason Knight & Avil Graves, Jim Nastic (I'm surprised Gilbertti didn't think of him) def Abunai, Johnny Thunder def Paul Enormous, Matt Striker & Scotty Charisma def Red Hot Russ & Mike Xylas, Homicide def Jeff Rocker, Julio Dinero & Chris Hamrick def Kid Kash & Tony DeVito by pinning Trinity..

  45. March 15, 2003--Ron's Championship Wrestling in Knoxville for a TV taping: Ric Cannon def The Judge, Rob Adonis DDQ Big Money Marcus, Jeff Anderson def Dirty White Boy to win RCW title, Tsumoni Warrior def DG 2000, Jeff Anderson def Ric Cannon, Stan Lee def J.R. Stardog, Willie B. Badd & Jason Maxx def Jonathan McMurray & Sammy V, Jeff Anderson def Rob Adonis..

  46. March 15, 2003--ACWA in River Hills, NJ: Roman def Bobby Piper, Alicia def Ariel, Slayer & Orphan def Helter Skelter & Mike Winner, Kevin Knight def Reckless Youth, Don Montoya def Ryan Wing, C.J. Summers def Hadrian to win ACWA title..

  47. March 15, 2003--IWA Mid South in Clarksville, IN: Nate Webb def Jimmy Jacobs, Ryan Goz def Simon Sezz, Steve Stone def Brad Bradley, Todd Morton def Corporal Robinson, Mitch Ryder def Mark Wolf, Chris Hero def Danny Daniels, Mad Man Pondo def J.C. Bailey with a piledriver off the top rope onto a stop sign with light tubes set up on chairs..

  48. March 15, 2003--CWA in Columbia, TN before 80 fans: Bobby Lowe & Scotty Burt def Dynamic Dan & Ryder, Void def Storm, Superfly D def Cat Taylor-DQ, Jammer NC Eron Hatchett, Dan Morrow & Brian Turner def Locust & Ludicrist, Bulldog Raines def Chris Michaels-COR..

  49. March 15, 2003--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento before 282 fans: Luster the Legend def Steve Currie, Prof. Poindexter & Slapstick won three-way over Mike Rayne & Bubba Slim and Rabia & Black Metal, Beautiful People def Hook Bomberry & Obie John, Dante NC Hunk Golden, J.D. Bishop & Brian Raymond def Dante & Golden, Flawless Kid won three-way over Malaki and Hardcory Datton and Larry Blackwell, Wicked & Jesus Kruze def Apollo Khan & Adam Thornstowe, Nikki d Melissa, Sacramento Dragon DCOR Vito Thomaselli..

  50. March 15, 2003--Virginia Championship Wrestling in Smithfield, VA: Chris Escobar def Sean Lei-DQ, Patient 6D6 def Detroit, Idol X def Logan Knight, Big Slam def Flex Phenom, Lei & Malaki def Phil Brown & Escobar..

  51. March 15, 2003--NWA Battlezone in Magee, MS: Monty Warbucks & Steve Southern def El Cassario & Black Bird, Kevin Northcutt def Calvin Rose, John Saxon def Sirus Levay Brother Love won three-way over Jacey North & A.C. Brown-DQ..

  52. March 15, 2003--Australasian Wrestling Federation in Liverpool, New South Wales before 100 fans: Krackerjack won elimination match, Steve Frost def Segun Carter, Tom Rees def Punisher Pickford, Greg Stekker (who once worked in Pancrase way back on a U.S. PPV show) & Stephan Swann def Handsome Brothers, Kaye Fabe & PC Virus def Web Mistress & Crimson Mask, TNT def Krackerjack..

  53. March 15, 2003--United Wrestling Council in Akron, OH before 333 fans: Even Colder Mike Austin def Pumper to win title, Phattie Dattie def Tack, Atlantis (not the Luchador or the lost continent) won three-way over Darkstar and Unknown, Untouchables & Keith Kennedy (local DJ) def Feature Presentation, Fred Potok def Ric Lieb, Sak won three-way over Super Sydal and Kamikaze Kid, Straight Gaye def Thumper Morgan & Jebediah Yoder..

  54. March 15, 2003--Pro Wrestling Iron from at their dojo in Hayward, CA: Jeff Taylor def Hook Bomberry, Lars Dauger def Apollo Kahn, Salvatore Stallone def Bart Blaxon, Michael Modest & Donovan Morgan def Vito Thomaselli & Tommy Drake..

  55. March 15, 2003--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in St. Petersburg before 150 fans: Mark Zout def Pat McGroin, Agent Steele def Dr. Heresy, Antonio Banks def Lex Lovett, Pretty Fly won three-way over Comic Book Guy Anderson and bolles Azoles, Prime Evial & Chaos def Shaolin Wrecking Crew, Vicious & Delicious def Scotty hot Shot & Deathrow Jethro, Rod Steel def David Babylon, Rastaman def Fidel Sierra, Naphtali won three-way over Corvis Fear (Jersey All-Pro) and Jerrelle Clark, Scoot Andrews & Mike Sullivan def Tommy & Ricky Vandal, Roderick Strong def Buck Q..

  56. March 15, 2003--Windy City Pro Wrestling held the Lee Sanders Memorial tournament on Saturday night in Chicago: Robby Dawber def Acid Jaz, Cassius def Mike Anthony, Carnage def Steve Boz, Baltazar def Terry Allen, Dawber def Cassius, Baltazar def Carnage, Vito 2 Fingers def Ripper Manson-COR, Baltazar def Dawber to win the tournament. Sanders was a wrestler who used the name Sgt. Storm that died from cancer in 2002..

  57. March 15, 2003--World Association of Wrestling in Chelmsford, England: Hot Stuff def Robin Knightwing (Toronto), Zebra Kid d Flash Barer, Ricky Knight def Phil Powers, Jody Fleisch def Jorge Castano, Dave Waters & Bulk & Tank def Ase & Draven & Kraft..

  58. March 15, 2003--Steel Domain Wrestling in Lakeville, MN: Matt Burns def Scotty Zappa, Johnny Parks def Kevin Krueger, Shawn Daivari & Mystique def Ted Dixon & Rain, Tony Brasco & J.B. Trask def Malibu Sun Kings, Magnus Maximus def Mason Quinn, Lenny Lane def Daryck St. Holmes, Adrian Lynch def Mitch Paradise-DQ..

  59. March 15, 2003--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, TX: Big Manu def Mr. Entertainment, Justin Blaze d High Roller Hayze, Zenzen def Scoby Gober, Chris Allen def Nark the Nevulon, Voodoo the Xecutioner def Rocco Carmanooch, Bret Basics def General Agony, To Gun Jag def Leif Ericson, Bobby 2 Badd def Michael Strider..

  60. March 15, 2003--Midwest Pro Wrestling in Salem, IN: Kliffhanger def Suicide, John Noble & Colt Steele def Chris Chaos & Kyle Karter, Timberwolf def Maniac, J.B. Thunder def Noble, Dynamite Derrick def Steele, Jebediah Blackhawk d Miami Thug with a double knockout finish..

  61. March 15, 2003--Empire Wrestling Federation in San Bernardino before 135 fans: Chase Carter def Ryan Mason, Ragin Dawg def Jason King, Kyra def Ebony Princess, Shatter & Christian Taylor def Kid Omega & Bnozai, Kayam def Billy Blae, Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero (New Japan) def Liger Rivera & Brandon Nitro, Rudy Luna def Under Pressure, Steve Masters def Vizzion..

  62. March 15, 2003--UPW in Laughlin, NV: Derrick Neikirk def Shane Roberts, Andrew Hellman def Drunken Irishman, Ghost Walker def Mike Nox-DQ, Solo Snuka def Kenny (Tough Enough 2), Erica Porter def Nikki, Keiji Sakoda def Skulu (King Adamo), Ballard Brothers def Thrillaz, Predator (Zero-One) def Miz, Frankie Kazarian def Kid Vicious, Tom Howard won three-way over Bison and Big Schwag to keep UPW title..

  63. March 16, 2003--PWF in Pottstown, PA before a sellout 350 fans: Jose & Joel Maximo def Homicide & Brian XL, Samoa Joe def Greg Spitz, Chris Hamrick def Dewey Cheatum, Chi Chi Cruz & Chris Devine def Hit Squad, Mikey Whipwreck def Amazing Red, Rockin Rebel def Rapid Fire Maldonado, Low Ki def Quiet Storm to keep NWA international jr. title, Matt Stryker & Josh Daniels def Jack Victory & Joey Matthews, C.W. Anderson def Christopher Daniels to unify U.S. and TV titles, Steve Corino def Justin Credible to win PWF Universal title..

  64. March 16, 2003--Frontier Wrestling Alliance in Broxbourne, England before 425 fans: James Tighe def Hade Vansen, J-X (unmasked later as Jack Xavier) def Zebra Kid, Juventud Guerrera def Jody Fleisch to earn an XPW European title shot, Duke of Danger def Raj Ghosh, Doug Williams def James Tighe, Paul Travell & Scott Parker def Alex Shane & Ulf Hermann to win tag titles, Jonny Storm def Jerry Lynn to win XPW European title tournament in 20:00..

  65. March 16, 2003--WPW in Anaheim, CA: Blade def Mr. California, Sexy Chino def Catastrophe, Scott Lost def Preston Scott, Chippy Sanchez def Infernal, Los Chivos d Big Cholo & Lil Cholo..

  66. March 16, 2003--Maine Event Wrestling in Portland, ME: Kappa Tappa Kegga def Adam Hastey & Frankie Armadillo, Robbie Ellis def Jay Jailette, Bull Moose def Chris Sabo, Bart Sawyer def Rocco Roselli, Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young def Don Montoya & Paul Adams, Mike Quackenbush def Reckless Youth in 2/3 falls, Raven def Jeff Rocker, Legion Cage def Gran Akuma Blackjack Marciano def Parts Unknown, Kappa Tappa Kegga & Rocco Roselli def Sawyer & Hasty & Armadillo-DQ, Matt Lindsay def Damien Adams, Julio Dinero def Rob Eckos, Brian Christopher def Syxx-Pac..

  67. March 17, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Covington, KY has Ray Steele def Average White Guy, Justen Idol def Zodiac #2 Brian Beech def Ryan Stone, Chad Allegra def Donnie, Stamp Lickage def Matt Parks..

  68. March 21, 2003--NAWA from Rome, GA last night before 110 fans: Justin Reed def Billy Love, Nightmare (Ted Allen after all these years) def Cody Gunn, Summer def Fantasy, Ken & John Arden (still doing the Centerfolds gimmick as these are some hefty dudes) def Nasty Critter & Mike Reed, Chris Kamikaze & Jason Wild & Seth Cruise def Ray Gordy (Terry's son, who looked very good) & Jason Phoenix & Nick Rampage, Nemesis & Drew Delight def Air Paris & Simon Sermon, New Jack NC Icebeg..

  69. March 21, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Belleville, IL: Trainee #7 1/3 def Super Castaldi I, Jynx def Daizee Haze, Super Electro def Shawn Almighty, Johnny Greenpeace def Nemesis, Kevin Sharp def Matt, Chaz Wesson & D'Mon G def Billy McNeil & Rat Boy, Sean Vincent def Makaze, Outkast def MsChif, Delirious def Diamond Back Dingo in a chain match..

  70. March 21, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: C-Diddy def Aldo Nova, Chuy Lopez & Krusher Kong def Jeff & Jerry Brown, Scott Phoenix def Pendragon, Epi the Phat Samoan def Mike Foxx, Gabe Roach def Action Jackson..

  71. March 21, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Travis Blake def Jamie Idol, Erik Andretti def Nik Rage, Axis def Tony Torres, Tommy Trouble & Dan McGuire def Dylan Black & Alicia, Pierce St. John & BPA Barry & Shane Perry def Shawn Moore & Jay Blaze & Angel, Fred Sampson def Roman-DQ..

  72. March 21, 2003--WWA in Seoul, Korea before 1,500 fans: Park Jung Hyun def Lee Hyae Ran, Kang Hyung Kwan def Lim Pack Ho, Ahn Jae Hong def Junk Kyung Ki, Nam Tae Ryung & No Ji Shim def Gawabada Akira & Kanniggioya, Cynthia Moreno def Fabi Apache (crowd loved the match again), Kurrgan def Hong San Jin, Jason the Terrible & Leatherface NC La Parka & Cibernetico (crowd loved this match as well), Lee Wang Pyo def Honky Tonk Man-DQ with a guitar shot finish after Kurrgan interfered..

  73. March 21, 2003--Roc City Wrestling in Rochester, NY before a sellout 225 fans: Rob Schultz def HB2, Schultz def Sweet Lou, Sean Lane def P.J. Hanson, Jaz & Johnny Swift def Father Synne & Father Damian, Kid Justice & Charisma def Draven & Tyger Smith, Fusion def Mr. Czarniak, Evan McCloud & Logan Pierce def Little Louie & Tony Minero, HB2 def OG Hendrix..

  74. March 21, 2003--Promociones Mora in Tijuana: Extassis def Nocturno, Colibri & Extreme Tiger & King Dragon def Mandingo & Mazambula & Mozambique, Inferno & Racing Dawn & Tornado Negro def Principle Arandu & Venum Black & Vizzion, Lola Gonzalez & Kaira def Ayako Hamada & Lola de Loca, El Hijo del Santo & Nicho def Pentagon Black & Super Parka-DQ, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. def Rey Misterio Sr. to win WWA heavyweight title..

  75. March 22, 2003--Empire State Wrestling in Wheatfield, NY before 400 fans: Chris Cooper def Ryan Hazard, Scott & Steve Davidson def Cade Cassidy & Shade, TSK DCOR J.P. Hawke, Mark Mandrake won three-way over Mastiff and Randy Walker, Danny Magic & Greg Kharma def Lucho Grande & Ed, Lance Steel def Tommy Caliber, Johnny Puma def Cris Cavana..

  76. March 22, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in Gray, TN before 253 fans: Billy Bones (James Atkins) def Kendo the Samurai (Tim Horner), Hillbilly Cletus def Wayne Rogers (isn't' he doing stock tips these days?), Cletus def Scotty Blade, Horner & Dirty White Boy def The Sheiks, White Boy won Battle Royal..

  77. March 22, 2003--Xtreme Pro Wrestling Alliance in Terrell, TX: Jimmy James def Kit Carson-DQ, Calvin Knapp def Kwando, Larry Green & Chris Young won three-way over Khris Germany & Kit Carson and Scott Putski & Cedric Crain, L.A. Steele def Jimmy James-DQ..

  78. March 22, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Burlington, NC for a TV taping: Xsiris def Magic Moon, Scotty Sabre def Chris Collins, Kamikaze Kid def Trent Wylde, Brad Attitude & Brad Rainz def American steel Ninja & Brass Munkey, J-Money def Sexton Tyler, Ric Converse def Cham Pain (Marty Garner), Drake Tungsten & Hugh B. Johnson def Gemini Kid & Cory Edsel..

  79. March 22, 2003--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Portland, ME: Billy Kriptonite def Nick McKenna, Antonio Thomas won four-way over Rich Daniels, Ken Phoenix and Vinny Vicallo, Elements of Suicide def Team Tapout, Cueball won four-way over Larry Huntley, Kid Krazy and Adam Hasty, Dr. Heresy def Frankie Armadillo, Cueball def Thomas, Steve Ramsey def John Walters..

  80. March 22, 2003--AWS at City of Industry, CA: Beautiful People def Shawn Riddik & Obi Matt Kenobi, Supa Badd won Battle Royal, Fire def Nikki, Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver def Gallinero IV & Chris Bosh, Los Chivos & Capitan Oro & Shamu Jr. def Durango Kid & Acero Dorado & Chilango & Sombra Infernal, Hardkore Kidd & Al Katrazz def Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero, Konnan def Black Metal, Gallinero I & III (unmasked as Joey Ryan & Scott Lost) def Lil Cholo & Silver Tiger, Piloto Suicida def Misterioso..

  81. March 22, 2003--IWF in West Paterson., NJ: Mikhali Verow def Fred Sampson-DQ, Shawn Donovan def Eloy Fiesta, Brandon Young & Travis Blake def Axis & Dante, Patriot def Roman, Erik Andretti def Pierce St. John, Dylan Black & Greg Goodman def Tommy Trouble & Dan McGuire, Kevin Knight def Biggie Biggs..

  82. March 22, 2003--Ron's Championship Wrestling in Knoxville: DG 2000 def J.R. Stardog, Sammy V & Jonathan McMurray def Willie B. Badd & Jason Maxx, Ric Cannon def Stan Lee, Mitch Ryder def Todd Morton, Rob Adonis def Brian Alexander..

  83. March 22, 2003--Phoenix Championship Wrestling in Lacey, NJ before 620 fans: Ace def Chris Phoenix, Ram def Brut, The Moxies & Donnie Bon Jovi & Tank Tolland NC Slayer & Ozzy & Little Ricky, Eric Justice def Mike Preston, Matt Vandal def Mike Kruel to earn a title shot on 5/3, Kappa Tappa Kegga def Tiger Khan & Prophet to win tag titles, Tanker & Syrus def Skinny Vinney & Tio, Danny the Love Machine def Enforcer, Frankie Kazarian def Sonjay Dutt, Nova def Seven..

  84. March 22, 2003--Pro Wrestling MADE in Inman, SC before 120 fans: Darin Fate def Shane Steele, Brandon Knight def Alexx Stone, Dexter Poindexter def Cruiser Lewis, Deon Johnson & Black Angel def Cody Jenkins & Shane Anderson, Jason Parker def Krazy K to win Nu Skool title..

  85. March 22, 2003--IPW in St. Petersburg, FL: Mark Zout def Comic Book Guy Anderson, Justice def Jerrelle Clark, Rastaman d Mideon, Lex Lovett def Antonio Banks, Steve Madison (just back from Japan) def Frankie Capone, Chaos won three-way over Kubiak and Deathrow Jethrow. Roderick Strong & Agent Steele def Buck Quartermain & David Babylon, Pat McGroin def Pat Powers, Sedrick Strong def Naphtali, Vicious & Delicious won three-way over Scoot Andrews & Mike Sullivan and Ricky & Tommy Vadal, Billy Fives def Rod Steele to win IPW title..

  86. March 22, 2003--APW in Hayward, CA: Evan Hyatt def James Bailey, James Watkins def Chris Cole, Robert Thompson & Vennis the Menace def Jardi Frantz & Steve Rizzono, Larry Blackwell def Kryptonite, James Choi d B-Boy, Chad Collyer & Melissa def Bobby Quance & Nikki..

  87. March 22, 2003--Fusion Pro Wrestling in Warrensburg, NY: Scott Scarsdale def Mikey Mudd, Bull def Northern Studd, Shockwave def Damon Vitale, Kid Krush & Nick Neighborhood def Steve Hunter & Zeke Beecher, Brian Immaculate def Swinger Sidusky, Texas Outlaw NC Moondog Mange, Shane Alden def Virus, Hoss def Punk..

  88. March 22, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in DeSoto, MO: Rat Boy def Trainee #7 1/3, Daizee Haze def Super Electro, Jynx def Super Castaldi I, Johnny Greenpeace def Matt, Chaz Wesson def Sam Bacardi, Sean Vincent def Ian Storm, Diamond Back Dingo def Makaze, MsChief & Trainee 7 1/3 def Nikodemus Ravendark & Outkast..

  89. March 22, 2003--New Era Wrestling in DeLeon, TX: Disciples of Destruction def Mike Payne & Wildman, Chuck Murphy def Zenzen, Bobby 2 Badd def Mr. Entertainment, Keats Douglas def Joey Corman, Kyzer Douglas def Equalizer-DQ, Brett Bonz def John Solo..

  90. March 22, 2003--Southern States Wrestling 12th Anniversary Show in Kingsport, TN before 268 fans: Mike Cooper def Sam Osborne, Jeff Tankersley def Regulator Steel, Batten Twins def Phoenix Brothers, Beau James & Gator McAllistor def Eddie & Jimmy Golden-COR, Robbie Cassidy def E.Z. Money, Jeff Tankersly & Sherri Martel def Scott Sterling & Brandi Alexander, Batten Twins def James & McAllister-COR, Ray Idol won eight man Rumble..

  91. March 23, 2003--Apocalypse Wrestling in Toronto: Jaguar Vijay Singh def Asylum to win title, Joey Knight & Arizona def Jerrick Miller & SILK, Zachary Springate III def James Champagne, Slade def G.Q., Billy Flynn def El Hiney, Danny Dynamic def Mayhem, Heather & Kevin Grace & Tony Mack def Phoenix & Vladimir Urkov & Springate..

  92. March 23, 2003--World Pro Wrestling in Anaheim, CA: Sexy Chino def Catastrophe, Johnny Paradise def Fang, Caliber Ventidos def Black Angel, Supa Badd & Shawn Riddik def Street Style & Mace, Matrix won three-way over Scott Lost and Preston Scott, Infernal & Chippy Sanchez def Steve Pain & Blade, Chilango & Silver Tyger def Black Angel & Zeus, Big Cholo & Lil Cholo def Los Chivos..

  93. March 23, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Brandon Young & Travis Blake & Shawn Donovan def Pierce St. John & Shane O'Brien & Eloy Fiesta, Fred Sampson def Mikhail Verow, Biggie Biggs NC Roman, Kevin Knight def Erik Andretti, Sampson won Royal Rumble..

  94. March 23, 2003--WWA in Korea: Park Jung Hyun def lee Hyae Ran, Junk Kyung Ki def Lim Baek Ho, Kang Hyung Kwan def Gawabada Akira, Cynthia Moreno def Fabi Apache (this one wasn't as good as the previous bouts), Jason the Terrible & Cibernetico def La Parka (not the real one) & Ahn Jae Hong, Kenniggioya def No Ji Syhim-DQ, Leatherface & Giant Kurrgan & Honky Tonk Man def Lee Wang Pyo & Hong San Jin & Nam Tae Ryung..

  95. March 24, 2003--OTPW in Cocoa, FL: Bonez def Deathrow Jethro, D.R. def Ricky Romeo, Heartbreak Express def Chasyn Rance & Python, Pete Cannon & ? def Frankie Capone & Rico Casanova, Maximum Capacity def Snowman..

  96. March 24, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Covington, KY: Dregen def Chad Allegra, Mark Manson def Justen Idol, Brian Beech def Ryan Stone, Psycho Sam def Ray Steele, Stamp Lickage def Matt Parks, Jay Donaldson def Donnie Greene..

  97. March 24, 2003--BANG TV taping in Ocala, FL: Bonecrusher def Jane Doe, Adam Windsor & Dixie def Tohko & Jane Doe, Bulldozer & Celtic Tiger def Blackout to win tag titles, Dixie won three-way over Red Power and Missy Hyatt to keep womens title, Tohko def Celtic Tiger, Windsor def Sledgehammer, Red Power & Sledgehammer def Irish Connection, Rainman NC Murder One, Sledgehammer def Bulldozer, Red Power def Salvatore, Windsor def Bonecrusher in a Texas death match..

  98. March 24, 2003--TWA in Southhampton, Hampshire, England: James Tighe & Mark Sloan def Raj Ghosh & Aviv Magam & Phil Lea, Steve Grey def Mal Sanders to win British middleweight title, Nikita def Paul Travell, Jake Roberts def Tagori, Karl Harker & Andrew Huntinghton def Nattrass Boys, Alex Shane def James Mason..

  99. March 28, 2003--Premier Wrestling Federation TV taping in Quarryville, PA before 200 fans: Brian XL def Dewey Cheatum, Rapid Fire Maldonado & Chi Chi Cruz def Amazing Red & Joel Maximo, Alexis Laree def Ronnie Stevens, Matt Striker & Josh Daniels def Mark Smart & Greg Spitz, Quiet Storm def Jose Maximo to win PWF Universal jr. title, Rockin Rebel & C.W. Anderson def Chris Hamrick & Jack Victory in more than 30:00, Steve Corino def Joey Matthews..

  100. March 28, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Seth Shai def Chad Hart-DQ, Epi the Phat Samoan def Jamie the Sound guy, Mike Foxx def Tim Storm, Scott Phoenix def Drunk Adam, Action Jackson DDQ Gabe Roach..

  101. March 28, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling's 3rd Anniversary Show in Florissant, MO: Daizee Haze def Rat Boy, Sam Bacardi (known as the Whole Drunken show) def Super Electro, Johnny Greenpeace def Nemesis, Kevin Sharp def Jynx, Chaz Wesson & D'Mon G def Shawn Almighty & Ian Storm, MsChief def Nikodemus Ravendark, Matt def Ryan Ash in a hair vs. hair ladder match, Makaze won four-way over Sean Vincent, Billy McNeil and Outkast, Diamond Back Dingo def Delirious in 2/3 falls, Jerry Lynn def Kid Kash-DQ. Kash appeared to injure his knee. Trinity seconded Kash and took a cradle piledriver from Lynn after the bout..

  102. March 28, 2003--HooknShoot Promotions last night in Fort Lauderdale: Brandon Bledsoe def Anthony Hamlet, Chatt Lavender def Danila Veselov, Mike Whitehead def Alex Paz, Jason Ireland def Tom Kirk, Jerry Bolt def Hudson Rocha, Marco Aurelio def Justin Wisniewski to win Southeastern light weight title, Antoine Joaude def Kristof Middoux to win Hook'n'Shoot heavyweight title, Phillip Miller def Maocyr Oliveira via decision to win Southeastern middleweight title, Hirotaka Yokoi (Zero-One) def Wilson Goveia to win Southeastern light heavyweight title..

  103. March 28, 2003--WCWA in Lemon Grove, CA before 150 fans: Tommy Wilson def Mr. Smalls, Joey Ryan def Chip Adams, Billy Blade def Xtreme Loco, Billy Kim & Scott Lost def Ric & Vic Dynamic, Jason Allgood def Adam Pearce-DQ, Street Style def Scorpio Sky, Matrix & Preston Scott def Shawn Rikkik & Supa Badd, Jason Allgood ended up with the WCWA title in a 24/7 rule match between Prime Time Peterson and champ Al Katrazz, Big Babi Slymm def B-Boy..

  104. March 28, 2003--IWA Mid-South in Clarksville, IN: Ryan Boz w/Eryn def Hype Gotti, the Muslims in Training def Mitch Page/Rollin Hard & Tracy Smother/Steve Stone in a 3way, JC Baily def Simon Sezz, Brad Bradley w/Eryn def Jayden Draigo, Nate Webb w/Lollipop v Austin Aries to retain IWA LHW title, Corporal Robinson def Bull Pain in a fans bring weapons match, Jimmy Rave def Adam Gooch, Mark Wolf w/Patti def Mitch Rider in a 'throw in the towel' match, Colt Cabana def David Young, Alex Shelley def Jimmy Jacobs in 2/3 falls, Ken Anderson v Jorge Estrada, Danny Daniels def Chris Sabin & Truth Martini in a 3way, Michael Todd Stratton def Ian Rotten in a Knockout/Submission match, Chris Hero def Raven w/Lucy to retain the IWA title..

  105. March 28, 2003--SSCW in Clifton, NJ before 140 fans: Dave Webb won three-way over Johnny Ova and Hy-Jink, Shaolin Wrecking Crew def Eddie Better & Vicious Vin, Ariel won three-way over Alicia and Tara Charisma, Team Thomas def Rhode Island Elite, Chino Martinez def Dave Webb, Rik Lesnar def TNT, Kevin Matthews def Damian Adams, Sandman def Tony DeVito, Sandman won a Battle Royal to win their title, Rob Eckos pined Sandman right away after Damian Adams DDT's him on a chair to win the title..

  106. March 28, 2003--Max Pro Wrestling in Livonia, MI: Kris Chambers def John E. Bravo, Gutter def Matrox, Eric Young def Ruffy Silverstein-DQ, Eric Young & Kris Chambers def Floyd Osbourne & Silverstein, Klunk the Clown def Elvis Elliot, Tony Smallz & Sabu def Dyson Pryce & A-1..

  107. March 28, 2003--ECCW in Surrey, BC: Vid Vain def Skag Rollins, Dropkick Murphy def Brett Prime, Memphis Raines def Seth Knight, Chance Beckett & Heatseekers def Scotty Mac & Adam Firestorm & Ja Jacobe, Major Hardway def White Tiger, Ladies Choice def Johnny Canuck with MTV Canada host Bryan Adler as referee..

  108. March 29, 2003--IWA Mid-South in Clarksville, IN: Jayden Draigo def Chip Douglas, JC Baily def Nate Webb to win the IWA LHW title, Hype Gotti def Simon Sezz, Shaq Daddy def Damien Van Horne, Brad Bradley w/Eryn def Corporal Robinson, Tracy Smother/Steve Stone v The Muslims in Training, Ian Rotten/Mark Wolf def Michael Stratton/Adam Gooch/Brent Blades in a handicap match, Chris Hero w/Lucy v BJ Whitmer to retain the IWA title..

  109. March 29, 2003--Chikara Pro Wrestling in Allentown, PA before 150 fans: Ultramantis and Mr. Zero won Battle Royal, Icarus def Hallowicked, Mister Zero NC Ultramantis, Eddie Kingston def Private Eye, Mike Quackenbush & Gran Akuma & D.J. Skittlez def Blind Rage & Jigsaw & Rorschach..

  110. March 29, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Louis: Trinity (TNA) def Daizee Haze, Chaz Wesson & D'Mon G def Trainee #6 & #10, Wesson & D'Mon G def Rat Boy & Jynx, Shawn Almighty & Ian Storm def Wesson & G, Kevin Sharp def Sam Bacardi, MsChief & Jackal def Makaze & Nemesis, Delirious def Johnny Greenpeace, Jerry Lynn def Billy McNeil, Outkast def Matt, Diamond Back Dingo def Ryan Ash..

  111. March 29, 2003--North American Wrestling in Selma, CA: Billy Blade def Devius, Aztec Warrior def Prof. Poindexter, Adam Thornstowe & Corey Dayton def Bulldog Brian Raymond & Luster the Legend, Scared Dragon won gauntlet match over Mike Rayne, Dave Drexler, Ollie Anderson, Marce, Dante and Flaco, Maxi Minx def Payton, Wicked & Jesus Kruze def Steel & Rage, Beautiful People def Hunk Golden & Xcel, Chase won three-way over J.D. Bishop and Salvatore Stallone, Ashleigh won Battle Royal..

  112. March 29, 2003--Golden State Championship Wrestling in Newhall, CA before 200 fans: Silver Tyger def Infernal, G.Q., Super Dragon def Joey Ryan, Bo Cooper NC Al Katrazz, Shawn Riddik def Scorpio Sky, Hardkore Kidd def Frankie Kazarian, Melissa d Mr. Excitement, Excalibur def James Choi, Super Dragon & B-Boy def Bobby Quance & Jardi Frantz, Scott Lost def Lil Cholo in a ladder match..

  113. March 29, 2003--Ron's Championship Wrestling in Knoxville: Jonathan McMurray d Dusty Sharp, Willie B. Badd def Sammy V, Ric Cannon def Sumoni Warrior, Badd & Jason Maxx def V & McMurray, Stan Lee def Jeff Anderson-DQ..

  114. March 29, 2003--National Wrestling Superstars in Wall Township, NJ: Canadian Connection def Power Company, Biggie Biggs def Roman, Mike Kruel def Dave Webb, Patriot def Kevin Knight, Vinnie Delicious won three-way over Johnny X and Corrupted Youth, Big Vito def Hasheem Ali, Disco Inferno def Danny Doring..

  115. March 29, 2003--New Era Wrestling in Shelbyville, IN before 250 fans: Vortex def Simply Spectacular, Vinny Ratlocke def Golden Boy, Tello Ozaeta def Jeremiah Graber, Apollo Starr def David Cropht, Van Zants def Connection, Brad Anderson def Damien Cole, Johnny Rayz def Psycho, Blade def Ox Harley..

  116. March 29, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in Stem, NC: Trailer Park Heat def Brent Rage, Brad Hunter def Giant Vermillion, Big Slam def Dorian Deville, Seymour Snott def Otto Schwanz, C.W. Anderson def Spank, Dewey Cheatum def Scab. . . Results from Sunday in Raleigh were Trailer Park Heat def Giant Vermillion, Seymour Snott def Brent Rage, Big Slam def Dorian DeVille, Anderson & Schwanz def Cheatum & Spank..

  117. March 29, 2003--Independent Wrestling Revolution TV taping in Sterling Heights, MI before 151 fans: Kamikaze def Tommy Johnson, Frankie the Face & Jaimy Coxxx def Klunk the Klown & Mark Gjoka, Andy Muscat def Justin Toxicated, Jimmy Jacobs def Chris Sabin, Insanity won three-way over Deranged and Krazy, Gavin Starr & Alex Shelley def Death Dealer & Homeless Jimmy, Anthony Rivera & Truth Martini def Conrad Kennedy III & Gutter, Elvis Elliot def Amazing N8 Mattson-DQ, Breyer Wellington def Steven Lee..

  118. March 31, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Covington, KY: Donnie Greene def Average White Guy, Chad Allegra def Dregen, Ray Steel def Psycho Sam-DQ, Mr. Hayes & Zodiac def Jay Donaldson & Tiny Timmy, Brian Beech & Matt Parks NC Ryan Stone & Stamp Lickage..