Independent Wrestling Results - February 2003

  1. February 1, 2003--WCWA in Lemon Grove, CA before 125 fans: Lucky def Sumito, Demento def Island Stud, Billy Blade def American Wild Child, Shawn Riddik & Supa Badd def Joey Ryan & Scott Lost, Threat def Tommy Wilson, B-Boy def Street Style, Frankie Kazarian def John Black, Al Katrazz & Jason Allgood def Adam Pearce & Prime Time Peterson..

  2. February 1, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Burlington, NC: American Steel Ninja def Stic, Rob McBride def Tre G, Brass Munkey def Malaki, Drake Tungsten & Hugh B. Johnson def Joey Silvia & Matt Magnum, Joe Storm def Stephen O'Hara, J-Monkey & Kamikaze Kid def Brad Attitude & Brad Rainz, Mikael Yamaha & Gemini Kid def Ric Converse & Xsriis, Corey Edsel def Kurt Solo..

  3. February 1, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Columbia, MO: Sean Vincent def Super Electro, Nemesis def Sam Bacardi, Rat Boy won three-way over Jynx and Ian Storm, Makaze def Billy McNeil, Big Bad Ben def D'Mon G, Delirious & Ms. Chif def Johnny Greenpace & Daizee Haze, Outkast def Diamond Back Dingo, Nikki Strychnine def Jack Adonis, Ryan Ash def Matt..

  4. February 1, 2003--Australian Wrestling Federation in Blacktown, NSW before 220 fans: Staphen Cool def Adam Bedford, P.C. Virus & Kim def Crimson Mask & Webmistress, Stan Handsome def Dan Handsome, Ox def J.T. Robinson, Il Cognito & Greg Stekker def TNT & Mad Dog McRea..

  5. February 1, 2003--House of Pain Wrestling in Sanford, NC before 282 fans: Giant Vermillion def Scab, Natrone def Seymour Snott, Varsity Slammer & Tony Platinum def Main Attraction, Dewey Cheatum def Chico de Mayo, C.W. Anderson def Sean Alexander, Otto Schwanz def Brad Hunter..

  6. February 1, 2003--Golden State Championship Wrestling in Newhall, CA before a packed house of 230 fans: Infernal & Zokre & Chippy def Phoenix Star & Scorpio Sky & Silver Tyger, Bo Cooper def Joey Ryan-DQ, Frankie Kazarian def Mr. Excitement, Al Katrazz NC Steve Rizzono, Nikki & Mellissa def Disco Machine & Looney Lane (HLA girl in WWE), Scott Lost def Lil Cholo-COR, Bobby Quance def Excalibur, B-Boy def Jardi Frantz, Hardkore Kidd def Dynamite D, Sabu def Messiah..

  7. February 1, 2003--The Yukon Braxton Memorial in Detroit with a combination of several different Michigan indies working together before 400 fans: Tenacious Z (coming to TNA PPV soon) def Loverboy Steven, Synn & Stevie Lee won four-way over Scufflin Hillbillies, Fun Lovin Criminals and Alex Shelley & Gutter, Amazing N8 def Elvis Elliot, DBA def Corporal Robinson, Mad Man Pondo won elimination match over Mr. Insanity, Homeless Jimmy, Deranged, Death Dealer and Necro Butcher, Anthony Rivera & Truth Martini def Alex Shelley & Gavin Starr in tables match, Breyer Wellington def Chris Sabin, Brimstone won Battle Royal..

  8. February 1, 2003--UCW in New Bedford, MA before 125 fans: Tommy Knoxville def Paco Riviera, Don Vega & Chris Blackheart def Todd Hansen & Beau Douglas, Robbie Ellis def Rico Riviera, Gary Gold def Sonny D, Paulie Gilmore (managed by Ox Baker) def Dan Bidondi, Apocalypse def Angel & Matt Casey in handicap match, Moose Monroe def Apocalypse, Joel Davis def Travis Funk..

  9. February 1, 2003--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento before 267 fans: Super Dave def Jesus Cruz, Wicked won three-way over Psycho Seth and Scotty Love, Vennis the Menace def Jon Jon the Phenomenon, Hunk Golden def Shane Dynasty, J.D. Bishop def Mike Rayne, Rabia & Black Metal won four-way over Beautiful People, Parental Discretion and Luster the Legend & Cannon, Gallinero IV & Street Style def Dirty South, Dante won three-way pole match over Adam Thornstowe and Billy Blade, Flaco Loco def Steve Currie..

  10. February 1, 2003--Pro Wrestling Iron at their dojo in Hayward: Bart Blaxon & Tommy Drake def Riggs Brothers, Bison Smith def Hook Bomberry, Lars Dauger def Jett Taylor, Vito Thomaselli def Sacred Dragon, Tommy Drake def Apollo Kahn. In attendance at the show for the dojo opening was Pepper Gomez..

  11. February 1, 2003--Incredibly Strange Wrestling in Pasadena, CA before 400 fans: Broadway Danny Wolf won an under the top rope Battle Royal (as you would think which included XPW wrestlers Kaos and Supreme), Anarchy def Riki Ataki in a hair vs. mask, El Mongol def Kung Fu Frankenstein, Lucky Pierre def Fisico Nuclear (who really is a nuclear physicist in real life), Osama bin Mascaras def Yom Rippur, El Autistico & Mary Tyler Moron def Asesino Postal..

  12. February 1, 2003--MMWA in Cadillac, MI before 400 fans: Dan Severn def Thurston Skowl III (cute name), Alkatrz def Magnum Conroy, Jimmy Shalwin def Michael Stryker, Big Vito def Dyson Pryce, Jason Quick def Terry Stevens, Top Dog def Jack Thriller, Trent Steele def Petey Williams, Eric Freedom & Gangrel def Matt Maverick & Frankie the Face..

  13. February 3, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Covington, KY before 116 fans: Average White Guy def Scott Hayes and Donnie Greene in three-way, Matt Parks def Justen Idol, Brian Beech def Ryan Stone, Jay Donaldson & Chad Allegra def Zodiac #2 & Mark Manson, Sam Cody def Dregen, Mr. Hayes def Roger Ruffen..

  14. February 3, 2003--Can Am Wrestling Federation in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan before 400 fans: Gary Williams def Vinnie Fever, Massive Damage def Eric Erickson, Steve Rivers def Lou Gage, Gary Williams won three-way over Massive Damage and Steve Rivers, Gary Williams def Steve Wilde to win Can-Am title..

  15. February 7, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Overland, MO: Sean Vincent def Jynx, D'Mon G def Sam Bacardi, Matt def Super Castaldi IV-DQ, Jack Adonis def Super Electro, Nemesis def Trainee #6, Kevin Sharp def Chaz Wesson-DQ, Daizee Haze def MsChif-DQ, Double Negative def Billy McNeil & Ratboy, Mad Man Pondo def Big Bad Ben, Outtkast won three-way over Diamond Back Dingo and Delirious, Nikki Strychnine & Ms. Chif def Johnny Greenpeace & Daizee Haze..

  16. February 7, 2003--World Wrestling Alliance in Lynn, MA: Shockwave def Damon Vital, Tim McNeany def Damian Adams, Distinguished Gentlemen def Vik D. Vine & Rick Phoenix, Danny Davis (the former WWF referee) def Fred Curry Jr. (not the original Detroit version), Short Sleeve Sampson def Duff, Edward Xstacy def Josh Daniels, Jonah & Danny (Tough Enough team) def Aaron Stevens & Vik Dalishus, Raven def AaronStevens..

  17. February 7, 2003--IWA Mid South Wrestling in Clarksville, IN: Simon Sezz def Shark Boy, Mitch Page def Jimmy Jacobs, Steve Stone def Alex Shelley, J.C. Bailey def Adam Gooch, Danny Daniels def Drake Younger, Todd Morton def Mark Wolf, Morton def KO, Nate Webb def Simon Sezz, Bull Pain & 2 Tuff Tony def Ian Rotten & Corporal Robinson, Chris Hero def C.M. Punk in a 2/3 fall match which went 92:15 to win the IWA title..

  18. February 7, 2003--Stampede Wrestling in Calgary before 70 fans: Kwik Kick def Randy Myers, Jason Carter def Rico Barzini, Marky Starr def Rod Rage, Juggernaut def Karnage-COR, Jack Evans def Phoenix Taylor, T.J. Wilson (Stampede Kid in New Japan) & Bruce Hart def Highlander & Apocalypse, Harry Smith DCOR Ted Hart..

  19. February 7, 2003--PWE in St. Catherines, ONT: Marco Malaquias def Lazzerus, Brown Hornet def Chris Chambers, T.J. Harley def Notorious TID, Eric Young & 21st Century Fox def Original Sinn & angel, Consortium d Body Count (tag titles vacated), Cody Steele def Phil Latio, Hacker DDQ Custom Made Man..

  20. February 8, 2003--Frontier Wrestling Alliance in London before a sellout of 700 fans: Raj Ghosh def Chris Justice, J-X won four-way over hade Vansen, James Tighe and Duke of Danger, Zebra Kid DCOR Robbie Brookside to eliminate both from the XPW European title tournament, Jonny Storm def Juventud Guerrera to become XPW European champion, Nikita def Paul Travell, Ulf Hermann & Alex Shane def Old School, Doug Williams def Jerry Lynn in a 30:00 Iron Man match 3-2 to earn a title shot at Christopher Daniels later in the year..

  21. February 8, 2003--IWA Mid South in Clarksville, IN: Vortex def Shark Boy, Mark Wolf def KO, Adam Gooch def Drake Younger, Steve Stone & Ballz def Devon Fury & Cornbread, Nate Webb def Danny Daniels, Ian Rotten def Brad Bradley, Rollin Hard def Shaq Daddy, Corporal Robinson def Bull Pain, Chris Hero def Michael Todd Stratton (Todd Morton).,

  22. February 8, 2003--USA Wrestling in Nashville before 85 fans at the Fairgrounds: Matt Catalano def Shadow Jackson, Hot Rod Biggs def Andy Douglas, Tony Mamaluke def Jimmy Rave, Chase Stevens def David Young, Chris Vaughn & Rick Santel def Mitch ryder & Jeremy V. Bob Ryder ran the show since Bert Prentice was away running another show and Jeremy Borash worked as ring announcer..

  23. February 8, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in DeSoto, MO: Super Electro def Jynx, Sam Bacardi def Trainee #6, Chaz Wesson DCOR Nemesis, Delirious def Daizee Haze, Big Bad Ben & Diamond Back Dingo def Double Negative, Mad Man Pondo def D-Mon G-DQ, Billy McNeil def Ms. Chif, Sean Vincent def Outtkast, Jack Adonis def Nikki Strychnine..

  24. February 8, 2003--Revolution Pro Wrestling in City of Industry, CA before 75 fans: Phoenix Star & Hydro & Bigg E. Biggz def Zokre & Johnny Paradise & Extreme Loco, Gallineros I & IV & Gallinero Stryker & ? def Buddy George & Big Babbi Slymm & Lone Star & Lee Steel, Hawk & Kenny (Tough Enough tag team) & Shooting Star def American Wild Child & Street Style & Topgun Talwar, Faviano def Black Metal, Taro won elimination match over Joey Ryan, Hook Bomberry and Mr. Excitement, Kaos & Scorpio Sky def Angel & Rising Son. Rising Son announced his retirement after the match..

  25. February 8, 2003--Michigan Championship Wrestling in Grand Rapids: Gavin Starr & Keith Stryker def Alex Shelley & Jimmy Jacobs, Maynard R. Nekk def Anthony Rivera, Breyer Wellington def Big Vito, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger def Foreign Exchange, Jimmy Jacobs def Randy G, Jim Duggan def Frankie the Face, Balls Mahoney def Norm, Monty Brown won Battle Royal..

  26. February 8, 2003--Nordic Wrestling Federation in Mors, Denmark before 10 fans: John Doe def Sonne, Inzaniack def Niel, Jakob def Chris, Unreal One def Mortis, Inzaniack def Kimball, John Doe def Jakob, Unreal One & Mortis & Jakob & Sonne def Kimball & Inzaniack & Doe & Chris, Sonne def Niel, Kimball vs. Doe & Mortis had no ending..

  27. February 8, 2003--Ron's Championship Wrestling TV taping in Knoxville before 200 fans: DG 2000 def Dusty Sharp, Big Money Marcus def Ric Cannon, Dirty White Boy & Tim Horner def Jonathan McMurray & Dusty Sharp, Marcus def DG 2000, White Boy def Jeff Anderson, Anderson def Sharp, Ric Cannon def DG 2000..

  28. February 8, 2003--Extreme Pro Wrestling in Valdosta, GA: Chasyn Rance def Flatline, CB Kool def Gino Caruso, Bam Bam Mancuso def Bonez, Sweet Lips won three-way over Kid Kaos and Solid Gold, Flagrant Freddie def Hydro, Rick the Reaper DDQ Eclipse, Freddie won 10 man elimination match

  29. February 8, 2003--World Class Extreme Wrestling in Hamlet, NC: Deacon def Indian Outlaw, Tijuana's Most Wanted def Los Shammos, Malaki def Corey Edsel, Aaron Devil def Big Law Man, James Reno & Chuck King def Mo Money & Tyrone Knox, Steve Michaels def Cage, Stro def Magnum T.R.

  30. February 8, 2003--World Wrestling Alliance in Pepperell, MA: Shockwave def Damon Vital, Vic D. Vine & Rick Phoenix & Edward G. Xtacy def Nick Richards & Purty Kurty & Paul E. Normus, Aron Stevens def Vik Dalishus, Short Sleeve Sampson def Duff, Danny Davis def Josh Daniels, Tim McNeany & Fred Curry Jr. def Jonah & Danny from Tough Enough, El Mascarado def Damian Adams, Raven def Aron Stevens. Stevens subbed for Sabu

  31. February 8, 2003--IPW in St. Petersburg, FL before a sellout 275 fans: Pat Powers def Frankie Capone, Tommy & Ricky Vandal def Sedrick & Roderick Strong, Davis Family def Mark Zout (dressed as Ric Flair) & Comic Book Guy Anderson & Jerelle Clark, Kat Laroux def Lexie Fyfe, Naphtali won three-way over David Babylon and Justice, Vicious & Delicious def Natural Blonds, Bobby Rogers won three-way over Kubiak and Chaos, Steve Madison def Antonio Banks, Agent Steele def Billy Fives, Maximum Capacity (billed as 600 pounds) won quick squashes over Pretty Fly, Boles Azulles and Deathrow Jethro before doing to a DCOR with Havoc, Pat McGroin NC Rastaman, Rod Steele def Lex Lovett, Shane Twins def Scoot Andrews & Mikey Tenderfoot (sub for Mike Sullivan who had a family emergency) to win tag titles

  32. February 8, 2003--New Era Pro Wrestling in Painesville, OH before 300 fans: Adam Cage def Kid Krazy, Dr. Heresy def Discole Fever, Richard Weede & Sheik Hassan & Dick Trimmons def Blackhammer & Brody & Prince Juggalo, Virus (not EMLL guy) NC Unknown (that's his name), Frankie Kazarian def Aero, Julio Dinero def Gutter-DQ, Josh Prohibition & M-Dogg 20 def Joey Matthews & Christian York, J-Rocc won three-way over Al B. Damm and Chris Hamrick to win Triple Crown..

  33. February 8, 2003--New Era Wrestling in Mineral Wells TX: Jerry Brown d. Madd Mike Payne by DQ, Scott Mustaine d. Adam Action, American Anarchy w/Justice d. Brett Bonz by DQ, The Universal Soldiers w/Major d. The Davidsonís to win the tag titles, Bobby 2 Badd d. Seth Shai w/Mr. Venom to unify the 'NEW American title' & 'TOPS Southern States title', LA Steele w/Mr. Venom d. Dusty Wolfe by DQ..

  34. February 9, 2003--American Championship Wrestling in Spartanburg, SC before a sellout 176 fans: Ray Gordon & Dave Velvet & Bruiser Graham DDQ Lotus & Jim Tucker & Red Dog (not WWE wrestler). Bill White, a 70s and 80s prelim wrestler who worked around the world, did a promo. Mad Dog Wesbrook def Dark Lion, Dillon Rage def A.J. Frost & Jessie Black, Don Gilbert & Hunter Thompson def Scott Youngblood & Neil Nitro, Mickey Richards & Sonny Landel def Scotty Piper & J.W. Boss, Rev. Slim def Scorpion (James Strange), Section 8 & Pvt Gump def Sgt. Boomer Payne & Pvt Hurt, Jimmy Valiant def Buddy Rose Jr.

  35. February 9, 2003--Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling in Warren, MI: Gutter def Jamie Coxxx, Alex Shelley def Shawn Hunter, Tenacious Z def CK 3, Rik Matrix def Ian Decay, Gavin Starr & Jimmy Jacobs def Keith Stryker & Kamikaze, Alex Shelley def Gutter, Frankie the Face def Shelley, Levi Blue def Frankie the Face, DBA def Levi Blue, Truth Martini def DBA, Martini def Danny Daniels

  36. February 9, 2003--PWF in Pottstown, PA: Rapid Fire Maldonado & Chi Chi Cruz def Papadon & Havok, Fast Eddie def Don Juan, Prince Nana def Dewey Cheatum, Josh Daniels def Chris Divine, Greg Spitz def Ronnie Stevens, C.w. Anderson won Battle Royal to become PWF TV champion, Samoa Joe & J.R. Ryder def Homicide & Brian XL, Michael Shane & Joey Matthews def C.W. Anderson & Simon Diamond, Hit Squad won three-way over Jose & Joel Maximo and Striker & Rebel (earning a title shot at tag champs Shinjiro Otani & Masato Tanaka when they return), Quiet Storm d Low Ki 20:00 (setting up a match on 3/16 where Low Ki def ends the Zero-one jr. title), Steve Corino def Mikey Whipwreck to win vacant Universal title, Justin Credible def Corino to win title Corino had just won

  37. February 9, 2003--New Empire Wrestling in Thomasville, NC: Kid Sinsation def Menace, Alan Rage def Paco Loco, Corey Edsel def Grease, Jack Mackerel def Charlie Brown, J-Money def Mark Michaels, Matt Houston & Malaki def Kurt Solo & Bounty Hunter, Bounty Hunter def Solo

  38. February 9, 2003--Ontario Championship Wrestling in Chatham: Kid Kopeland def Bret Nikita, Jake LeDuc def Younson, Punchy the Clown def Knuckles Luciano, Mike Lutz def Colin Douglas, Great Orbax def Angel, Xzbit & Kronos def Mantis X & Punchy the Clown, Lutz def LeDuc

  39. February 10, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Covington, KY: Chad Allegra def Mark Manson, Dregen def Jay Donaldson, Psycho Sam def Zodiac #2-DQ, Ryan Stone def Mr. Hayes, Matt Parks def Average White Guy, Stamp Lickage def Brain Beech in a cage match..

  40. February 11, 2003--All-Star Promotions in Croydon, England: Nigel McGuiness (Heartland) def Johnny Devine (Stampede), Tagori (James Mason) def Psycho Sam, Doug Williams def David Swift (Stampede), Jodie Fleisch def Jonny Storm, Robbie Brookside def James Mason to keep British heavyweight title. The show was built around a legends reunion and included Mick McManus, Johnny Kincaid, Dave Bond, John Elijah and Wayne Bridges. Mark Rocco, Kendo Nagasaki and Adrian Street no-showed..

  41. February 13, 2003--IWA in Comerio, PR before 250 fans: Noriega def Stefano, Paparazzi def Enrique Cruz, Guillotina def Diablico, Tojo Sensei def Anarchy, Chicano def Justin Sane, Huracan Castillo def Abyss in a hardcore match, Shane & Andy Anderson def Ricky Banderas & Slash Venom..

  42. February 14, 2003--Valentine's Day Massacre in Norwich, England: Jimmy Ocean def Battle Kat, Hot Stuff def Robin Knightwing (from Toronto), Doug Williams & Flash Barker def UK Pitbulls, Phil Powers def MTX, Steve Quyintain def Kraft, Roy Bevis def Ricky Knight to win WAW British title. Next show is 3/15 in Chelmsford, Essex at the Riverside Ice & Leisure Centre features Jody Fleisch. . . 2/14 in Birmingham, England had Kid Cool def James Mason, Thunder def Nigel McGuiness, Lucas Cool def Tagori, Robbie Brookside def P.N. News, Robbie Dynamite & Dean Allmark def Johnny Devine & Dave Swift..

  43. February 15, 2003--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Burlington, NC: Magic Moon def Hangtime, J-Money won four-way over Brad Rainz, American Steel Ninja and Brass Munkey, Kamikaze Kid def Xsiris, Corey Edsel & Mikael Yamaha & Gemini Kid def Drake Tungsten & Hugh B. Johnson & Kurt Solo using the New Japan triathalon rules..

  44. February 15, 2003--AWS at the City of Industry, CA: Street Style def Gallinero IV, Rosa Salvaje def Black Angel, Supa Bad & Scott Lost & Silver Tyger def King Jackal & Black Metal & Ghetto Matt, King Faviano def Scorpio Sky, Acero Dorado & Gringo Loco NC Los Chivos, Fang & ? def Steve Pain & Chippy Sanchez, B-Boy & Lil Cholo def Zokre & Phoenix Star, Misterioso def Piloto Suicida, La Parka & Felino def Hardkore Kidd & Punisher..

  45. February 15, 2003--Future of Wrestling in Davie, FL before a sellout 400 fans: Dennis & Sean Allen won six-team gauntlet match, Larry Lane def Frankie Capone, Naphtali won three-way over Johnny Vandal and David Babylon, Scoot Andrews & Mike Sullivan & Roderick Strong def Lex Lovett & Sedrick Strong & Steve Madison, Rod Steel def Chris Charger, Angie Vitel NC Jodi X, Billy Fives def Agent Steele, The Vandalz def Antonio Banks & Punisher..

  46. February 15, 2003--MWF in Lynn, MA: Luis Ortiz def Eddie Edwards, Vince Vicallo def Gino Martino, Hansen Brothers def Tony Cianci & Vinny Juliani, Mike Studd def Edwards, Beau Douglas def D.C. Dillinger, Dylan Cage def Jeff Roberts, John Walters def Brian Jury, Gino Martino def Studd, Ortiz def Jason Rumble, Tiger Mulligan def John Brooks M-14, Crowbar def Inferno, Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter def Dylan Cage & Talia, Todd Hansen won Battle Royal. Also appearing at the show were Ox Baker and Percy Pringle..

  47. February 15, 2003--IWA Mid South: Show opened with a salute to Curt Hennig, Steve Stone def Adam Gooch, Nate Webb def Mark Wolf, Danny Daniels def Michael Todd Stratton, C.M. Punk def J.C. Bailey, Corporal Robinson def 2 Tuff Tony in fans bring the weapons match

  48. February 16, 2003--Apocalypse Wrestling Federation in Toronto: Asylum def Jaguar Vijay Singh, SILK def Joey Knight, Squeegee Kid def Slade, Codfather & James Champagne def El Hiney & Zachary Springate III, David Diamond NC Tony Mack, Phoenix & Kevin Grace def Violet Flame & Danny Dynamic, Arizona def Jerrick Miller..

  49. February 16, 2003--FMLL in Los Angeles: Palomino def Lobo Salvaje, Jinete & Trueno def Gangster & Osiris, Agula Azteca & Corsario & Alucinante def Apolo de Oro & Sombra & Gringo Loco, Shamu & Nasty Boy & Shooting Star def Principe Unlimited & Karateca, Misterioso & Lucifer def Felino & Elvio Reyes, Konnan & La Parka & Piloto Suicida def Juventud Guerrera & Maldad & Acero Dorado..

  50. February 17, 2003--OPW in Tillsonburg, ONT before 150 fans: Eradicator def Warhed, Eddie Osbourne def Elian Habanaro, Kwan Chang def John Hardy, Sean Brown def John Phoenix-COR, Eric Dawson & Scott Chase NC J.Q. Publik & Reggie Marley, Freakshow def Agent Orange, Willy Allen def C.K. Sexx..

  51. February 20, 2003--All Star Wrestling in Bristol, England: Nigel McGuiness def Rick Vain, Jody Fleisch won three-way over Lucas Cool and Jorge Castano, James Mason def David Swift (Calgary guy), Robbie Brookside def Gangrel-DQ, P.N. News def Brody Steele..

  52. February 21, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Brad Michaels def Eric Idol, Epi the Phat Samoan def Tyler Bateman, Scott Phoenix def Pendragon, Jeff & Jerry Brown def Zane Morris & D-Money, Action Jackson def Krusher Kong-DQ..

  53. February 21, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Louis: Kevin Sharp def Jynx, Super Electro def Daizee Haze, Nemesis def Johnny Greenpeace, Chaz Wesson & D'Mon G def Double Negative, Heart Attack Jack & Matt def Ryan Ash in handicap match, Diamond Back Dingo def Makaze in chair match, Delirious & MsChif def Nikki Strychnine & Outkast, Billy McNeil def Sean Vincent..

  54. February 21, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Shawn Donovan def Jamie Idol, Pierce St. John def Tony Torres, Dylan Black & Shawn Moore def Tommy Trouble & Dan McGurie, Travis Black def Shane O'Brien, Nik Rage & BPA Barry def Johnny Toxic & Jay Blaze, Biggie Biggs won three-way over Roman and Erik Andretti..

  55. February 21, 2003--ECCW in Chilliwack, BC: Matt Classic def Scott Savage, Disco Fury def Michael Rains, Memphis Raines def Jimbo Richards, Major Hardway def Adam Firestorm, Vid Vane def Vance Nevada, Ladies Choice def Scotty Mac..

  56. February 21, 2003--IWA Mid South Wrestling in Clarksville, IN before 120 fans for a five-hour show: Jimmy Jacobs def Alex Shelley, Rolling Hard def Steve Stone, Ken Anderson def Alex Aries, Jerry Lynn def Danny Daniels, Jorge Estrada def Truth Martini, Drake Young won three-way over Simon Sezz and Shark Boy, Ian Rotten & J.C. Bailey def Michael Todd Stratton & Adam Gooch & 2 Tuff Tony, Colt Cabana def Chris Sabin, Bull Pain def Corporal Robinson in death match, C.M. Punk def Jimmy Rave, Ace Steel def A.J. Styles (*****), Mad Man Pondo won three-way over Nate Webb and Rick Matrix (bloodbath)..

  57. February 21, 2003--All-Star Wrestling in Leeds, England before 400 fans: James Mason def Dave Swift, Robbie Brookside def Brody Steele, P.N. Neuz def Rick Vain, Dean allmark def Johnny Devine, Nigel McGuiness def Gangrel, Lucas Cool & Kid Cool won four-way over Paul Parisio & Steve Blaney, Chief Lightning & Keith Harkness and Mikey Whiplash & Robbie Dynamite..

  58. February 22, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Biggie Biggs & Kevin Knight NC Roman & Mikhail Verow, Fred Calloway def Eloy Fiesta, Tommy Trouble def Brandon Young, Erik Andretti won three-way over Pierce St. John and Shawn Donovan, Nik Rage & Dan McGuire def Johnny Toxic & Greg Goodman, Patriot def Kevin Knight-DQ..

  59. February 22, 2003--Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Woodbridge, NJ: Tony Lazar def Ric Blade, Mafia of Hit Squad def Homicide to win JAPW title, Shaolin Wrecking Crew def Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz, Nick Berk NC Azrael, April Hunter def Nikki Roxx, Jay Lethal & Rain def Deranged & Dixie, Slyk Wagner Brown def Jonah from Tough Enough. Low Ki was at the show in Mafia's corner..

  60. February 22, 2003--Xtreme Pro Wrestling Alliance in Greenville, TX: Kwando def Eric Idol, El Latino def Sergio, Joey Corman def Sean Cordova, L.A. Steele def Bull, Bull won Rumble Battle Royal..

  61. February 22, 2003--International Wrestling Cartel in Butler, PA before a sellout 400 fans: Carlton Kaz def Al B. Damm, Mysterious X def Spider Mask, Jimmy Vegas def Trevor Lowe, T.Rantula def Seth James, Dean Radford def James Keenan, Sexual Harassment & Sabu def Devil's Advocates & Jake Garrett, Raven def Steve Corino (sub for Sandman, who was blocked by the commission)..

  62. February 22, 2003--New Era Wrestling in Shelbyville, IN: Joey Moore def Ricky Ruckus, Psycho def Vinny Tattlocke, Jeremiah Graber won over A.W. Lurch, Vortekz and Polarias, XXXplicit Content def Pastor Pain & Shawn Shalaylee, Apollo Star def Tom Van Zant, Damian Cole def Polarias, Scott Magnum def Brad Anderson, Johnny Rayz won three-way over Troy Van Zant and Blade to win title..

  63. February 22, 2003--IWA Mid South in Clarksville, IN before 150 fans: Adam Gooch def Kris Cole, Mitch Page & Rollen Hard def Steve Stone & Devon Fury, Mitch Ryder def Mark Wolf, Tarek def Simon Sezz, Danny Daniels def Jimmy Rave, Bull Pain def Rick Matrix, Jorge Estrada def Tracy Smothers to keep North American title, Ian Rotten def Michael Todd Stratton, Nate Webb def M-Dogg 20 to keep light heavyweight title, A.J. Styles def Colt Cabana (Cabana was bled hardway), Man Man Pondo def JC Bailey -- (Show ended with Mad Man Pondo giving J.C. Bailey a superplex off an 18 foot scaffold into a net of barbed wire in what was billed as the first ever Circus Death match)..

  64. February 22, 2003--ACW in Charlotte before 272 fans: Derrick Driver def A.C. Sledge, Jeff Justice def Bison, Johnny Blaze def Ethan Cage, Jay Freeze def Kenny James, Dylan Rage def Jeff Hamrick-DQ..

  65. February 22, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Blanchester, OH: Matt Parks def Chad Allegra, Austin Meddler def Danny Montgomery, Ryan Stone def Warlock, Brian Beech def Jay Donaldson, Psycho Sam def Zodiac #2, Stamp Lickage def Dregen-DQ, Meddler won Battle Royal..

  66. February 22, 2003--All Pro Wrestling in Hayward, CA: Scorpio Sky def Shawn Riddik, Scott Lost & Joey Ryan def Psycho Seth & Vennis the Menace, Jardi Frantz def Silver Tyger, James Watkins & Larry Blackwell def Steve Rizzono, Melissa won three-way over Nikki and Desire, Bobby Quance def Lil Cholo, James Choi def Excalibur to win Internet title..

  67. February 22, 2003--Southern Championship Wrestling in Debary, FL: Frat Pack def Aaron Epic & Scotty Z, Prowler def Ryze-DQ, Stoner's Union won three-way over Natural Blondes and rumble & Tenchi, Kahagis def Flatline, Kid Lethal def Cashyn Rance, Warlord (80s wrestler) def Cashyn Rance, Warlord def Snow, Hexx def Towns..

  68. February 22, 2003--Independent Wrestling Revolution in Sterling Heights, MI before 105 fans: Wrestlers Stevie Lee, Elvis Elliot, Conrad Kennedy and Justin Toxicated were unable to make it from Ohio due to the snow. Show opened with a ten bell salute to Curt Hennig, Tommy Johnson def Jimmy Jacobs, Andy Muscat def Kamikaze, Gutter won three-way over Jaimy Coxx and Frankie the Face, Alex Shelley def Tenacious Z (Z did the job by submission on the way out and thanked everyone. Truth Martini then attacked Z to set up their match on Thursday), Chris Sabin def Jimmy Jacobs, Josh Movado & Death Dealer def Klunk the Klown & Mark Gjoka, Homeless Jimmy won three-way over Mr. Insanity and Deranged, Gavin Starr & Alex Shelley def Anthony Rivera & Truth Martini-DQ, Breyer Wellington d Amazing N8 (double pinfall finish)..

  69. February 22, 2003--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, TX: Humongous & Scoby Gober & Leif Ericson (likely not the original) won over Jag, Zen Zen and Rocco Carmanooch, Big Manu def General Agony, Bret Basics DDQ Chris Allen, Bobby 2 Badd def Michael Strider, Kamala def Mike Tatum..

  70. February 22, 2003--SPW in Sacramento before 336 fans: Tribute to Curt Hennig with every wrestler on the show appearing opened the card, Wicked & Jesus Cruz def Steven Currie & Luster the Legend, Super Dave & Mike Rayne def Scotty Love & Chupacabra, Hunk Golden def Bo Cooper-DQ, Vito Thomaselli def Hook Bomberry, J.D. Bishop def Sacramento Dragon, Billy Blade & Kris Kage def Parental Discretion, Apollo Khan & Adam Thornstowe def Dante & John John, Hunk Golden & Rabia & Black Metal def Beautiful People & Shane Dynasty..

  71. February 22, 2003--All-Star Wrestling in Stoke-on-Trent, England before 625 fans: Lucas Cool def Jorge Castano, Dave Swift def Mikey Whiplash, Brody Steele def Nigel McGuiness, Jonny Storm def Jody Fleisch, Robbie Brookside def Gangrel plus they brought back British legends like Danny Collins, John Kenny, Mitzi Mueller, Leather Lena, Ray Crawler and the original Kendo Nagasaki..

  72. February 22, 2003--EWA in Jacksonville, NC: Chris Escobar def American Steel Ninja, Brad Attitude & Matt Magnum def Brad Rainz & Mike Booth, Ric Converse & Special K def Joey Silvia & Jenny Taylor, Phil Brown won three-way over Steve Perez and Marc Anthony, Dover def Preston Quinn-DQ in lumberjack match, Corey Edsel def Malaki..

  73. February 22, 2003--World League Wrestling in Eldon, MO: Show began with a ten bell salute to Curt Hennig. Trevor Rhodes (Stan Dupp in TNA) & Wade Chism def War Cloud & Street Fighter, Josh Besore & Marc Godecker def Law Dogg & T-Money, Miss Natural def Wendy Rimmer, C.M. Punk def Ace Steel, Besore & Godecker def Rhodes & Chism to win tournament for tag titles, Buff Bagwell def Bull Schmitt..

  74. February 23, 2003--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Cape Girardeau, MO: Daizee Haze def Sean Vincent, Fenix Rising won three-way over Jynx and Rat Boy, Super Electro def Trainee #7, Diamond Back Dingo def Johnny Greenpeace, Kevin Sharp def Chaz Wesson, Matt def Crocodile Kid, Delirious & MsChif def Double Negative, Makaze def Billy McNeil, D'Mon G def Big Bad Ben in an exploding barbed wire match..

  75. February 23, 2003--Virginia Championship Wrestling in Newport News, VA before 130 fans: Mike Booth & Damien Wayne def Greg Steele & Mark Anthony, Malaki def Marchocias, Brandon Day def Chris Escobar, Preston Quinn def Bobby Eaton, Spank def Dirty Money, Phil Brown def Greg Valentine..

  76. February 23, 2003--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Fred Calloway def Pierce St. John, Tommy Trouble def Dylan Black, Shane O'Brien def Shawn Donovan, Brandon Young & Travis Blake won three-way over Dante & Axis and Erik Andretti & Kevin Knight, Eloy Fiesta & Jamie Idol def Shawn Moore & Greg Goodman, Biggie Biggs def Roman-DQ..

  77. February 23, 2003--WPW in Anaheim: Blade def Mr. California, Biggie Biggs def Blade & California, Sexy Chino def Kid Omega, Scott Lost def Ghetto Matt, Silver Tyger def Catastrophe, Preston Scott & Matrix def Shawn Riddick & Supa Badd, Lil Cholo & Chippy Sanchez def Steve Pain & Infernal..

  78. February 23, 2003--All Access Wrestling in Lafayette, LA before 800 fans: David Young def A.J. Styles in first of three bouts, Kevin Northcutt def Eddie Atlas, Norman Smiley def Sassy Vegas, Sonny Siaki def Cassidy O'Reilly, AJ Styles def David Young in a chair match, Steve Williams def Rick Steiner, Joey C def Rod Price due to interference from Stevie Ray, Joe Kane def Jerry Lynn, Aj Styles def David Young in third match using tables and a ladder. Both guys got a standing ovation after the match. Show ended with Percy Pringle announcing that Styles and Lynn are part of his new stable..

  79. February 24, 2003--Northern Wrestling Federation in Covington, KY: Roger Ruffen & Psycho Sam def Zodiac #2 & Donnie Greene, Dregen def Average White Guy, Brian Beech def Justen Idol, Ray Steele def Ryan Stone, Stamp Lickage def Mark Manson, Matt Parks def Jay Donaldson..

  80. February 26, 2003--Apocalypse Championship Wrestling in Toronto: Jerrick Miller def Kevin Grace, Mark Menezes def Tony Mack, Phoenix def Kiki Malaya to win womens title, James Champagne def Squeegee Kid, SILK def Asylum-DQ, Jimmy Snuka & Billy Flynn & Danny Dynamic def Arizona & Joey Knight & Zachary Springate III..

  81. February 27, 2003--Yukon Braxton Memorial in Taylor, MI before about 325 fans: Chris Sabin won four-way over Trent Steele, Petey Williams and Alex Shelley, Breyer Wellington def Maynard R. Nekk, DBA def Mr. Insanity, Tenacious Z (final indie match) def Truth Martini, Monty Brown def Steven Lee, Original Sinn & A-1 def Gutter & Elvis Elliot, Sabu def Anthony Rivera, D-Lo Brown def Dyson Price

  82. February 27, 2003--Premier Wrestling Federation in Sussex, England: Doug Williams def Ricky Knight, Flash Barker def Knight-DQ, Mal Sanders def Barry Cooper, Kharisma def Sweet Saraya, Flash Barker def Doug Williams to win PWF title..

  83. February 28, 2003--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Jerry Brown def Aldo Nova-DQ, Scott Phoenix def Pitbull Kevin Dark-DQ, Epi the Phat Samoan def Jeff Brown, Pendragon def Seth Shai-DQ, Action Jackson NC Gabe Roach..

  84. February 28, 2003--USWO in Madison, TN before 75 fans: Thrilla Jason B & Patrick Blaine Miller def Dan Morrow & Brian Tyler, Dee Love def Drifter, Krull def Destroyer, Jamal Washington & Extreme Clown Dan def Terrance James & Chris Bomb, Superfly P def L.A. Player, Eron Hachett def Convict J.C. Ice..

  85. February 28, 2003--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in St. Petersburg, FL: Vicious & Delicious def Vandalz, Rod Steel def Comic Book Guy Anderson, Fidel Sierra def Rastaman, Justice def Jerrelle Clark, Lex Lovett won three-way over Antonio Banks and Steve Madison, Naphtali def Pretty Fly, Pat Powers def Pat McGroin, Rastaman won Battle Royal for hardcore title, Scoot Andrews & Roderick Strong & Mike Sullivan & Agent Steele def Buck Q & David Babylon & Steve Madison & Sedrick Strong..

  86. February 28, 2003--Monster Pro Wrestling in Edmonton before 250 fans: Brady Roberts vs. Bobby Sharp vs. Tom MacDonald was a no contest, J.D. Michaels def Vance Nevada, Sexy Samantha def Charlotte's Webb, Lou Gage def Scott Savage, Midginator def Mike Hammer, Steve Rivers def Massive Damage-DQ, Synn def Steve Wilde-DQ, King Lau def Maxx Power..