Independent Wrestling Results - November 2002

  1. November 1, 2002--NWA Wildside first round of the two-night tournament in Cornelia, GA before 120 fans: Kid Kool won jr. heavyweight elimination match to get a title shot later, Rick & Chris Michaels def Brad Hunter & Shaun Alexander, Lost Boyz def Jacey North & Dagon Briggs, Sean Royal & Rusty Riddle DDQ Jason & Chad Dobbins..

  2. November 1, 2002--Rock and Wrestling Halloween near Toronto for a show with an opening band called Bruiser Brody that was fronted by LAW's Dan Lovranski featured Notorious TID def Original Sinn, Consortium def Custom Made Man & Brown Hornet, Marco Malaquias & Otto Bahn def Ron Hutchison & P.D. Flex in a tables and barbed wire match, Phil Latio def Jamie Jackson..

  3. November 1, 2002--Stampede Wrestling in Calgary before 75 fans: Seaman White (apparently somebody was watching Raw last week and doing a rib) def Randy Myers, Karnage & Marky Starr def Jason Carter & Rico Barzini, Ted Hart def Pat Myers, Juggernaut def Highlander-DQ, Johnny Devine def Apocalypse, Kwik Kick Kurt def Dave Swift, T.J. Wilson def harry Smith-DQ in 28:00..

  4. November 1, 2002--IWA in Clarksville: Colt Cabana def Ken Anderson, Nick Mondo def Nate Webb, Ace Steel def Super Dragon, B.J. Whitmer def Matt Murphy, Jimmy Rave def Tarek the Great, Chris Hero def Matt Stryker, C.M. Punk def M-Dogg 20, Christopher Daniels def A.J. Styles, Necro Butcher def Corporal Robinson (non-tournament fans bring the weapons drunken death match, in which both wrestlers had to take shots of alcohol at time intervals during the match)

  5. November 1, 2002--UWF in Las Vegas: Legacy def Jason Riggs, Major Maniac def Brother William, Kenny def Iceman, Papi Chulo def Jimmy Daniels, Brady Desire def Kid USA, One def Law..

  6. November 2, 2002--NWA Wildside in Cornelia, GA before 180 fans: Dory Funk & Adam Windsor DDQ Rick & Chris Michaels, Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere def Lost Boyz (best match of tournament), Tank & Wrenn def Brandon P & Jay Freeze, Iceberg def Stone Mountain-DQ, BAD def Scott Cage, Tony Mamaluke & Onyx d Mark & Jay Briscoe so both teams eliminated with 15:25 draw, John Phoenix def Jason Cross (Cross was legit knocked out from a 450 to the floor by Phoenix which ended up as a kneedrop that caught Cross on the side of the head, crowd went dead silent realizing Cross was KO'd but they continued the match), Wrenn & Tank def Todd Sexton & Tony Stradlin and Acid & Kashmere to win the tournament and belts, Rick Michaels def Rainman in barbed wire match..

  7. November 2, 2002--Jim Kettner's ECWA in Newport, DE before 275 fans: Johnny Max & Joey Max & Tyler Paine def Mr. Ooh La La & Inferno & Ruffhouse Rivera, Billy Bax def Thunder, Japanese Pool Boy def Mozart Fontaine, Striker & Buck Wylde & Johnny Heartbreaker def Prince Nana & Quiet Storm & Chris Devine, Cheetah Master def J.R. Ryder, Joel & Jose Maximo def Rob Eckos & Jimmy Vegas, Xavier def Amazing Red, Low Ki def Mike Kruel, SATs & Red def Nana & Xavier & Mega. Dustin "Screech" Diamond worked the show doing mic work complaining about Red being screwed in his match with Xavier to set up the guys coming back in the six-man..

  8. November 2, 2002--Unknown Federation in Wheatfield, NY (near Buffalo): Mark Mandrake def PSK, Shane & Tommy Caliber def ? to keep tag titles, Joe Stock def Chris Cooper, Mastiff def Randy Walker to keep hardcore title (both 18-years-old and apparently very impressive for two guys who have been only training six months), Danny Magic def P.J. Hawk, Johnny Puma & Ice def Steve Davidson & Chris Cavannah, Davidson def Puma..

  9. November 2, 2002--Killer Kowalski's All Stars in Sutton, NH before 320 fans: John Sullivan def Freight Train Dan, Eddie Edwards def D.C. Dillinger, Tre def Ultimate Hater, Nikky Roxx def April Hunter, Mutilators def Jeff Roberts & Cueball, Slyk Wagner Brown def Rush..

  10. November 2, 2002--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Graham, NC: United Nations def J-Money & Brass Munkey, L.A. Stephens def Trent Wylde, Pat Cusick def Dewey Cheatum, Bounty Hunter def Scotty Blaze, Eddie Brown def Rob McBride, Sexton Tyler & Brandi Alexander def Mikael Yamaha & Amber Holly, Corey Edsel def Otto Schwanz..

  11. November 2, 2002--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, TN: Jay def Kid Homicide, Orphan def C.J. Summers, Little Lori def Sienna Blaze, Rage DCOR Thunder, Big Bad Luke def Jack Diamond & Diamond Studd, Gabe Casteel def Jay..

  12. November 2, 2002--IWA in Clarksville: Colt Cabana def Nick Mondo, B.J. Whitmer def Ace Steel, Chris Hero def Jimmy Rave, C.M. Punk def Daniels, Tarek the Great def Danny Daniels, Styles won four-corners match over M-Dog 20, Super Dragon and Matt Stryker, Whitmer def Cabana, Punk def Hero, Hailey won three-way over Lacey and Rain with Joel Gertner as ref, Ian Rotten def Josh Prohibition, Whitmer def Punk to win both the tournament and IWA title, Bull Pain won gauntlet match over Necro Butcher, 2 Tuff Tony, Nate Webb, Rollin Hard and Corporal Robinson

  13. November 2, 2002--IPW and NWA Florida before 400 fans in St. Petersburg at Lealman Discovery School: Strong Brothers def Steve Madison & Lex Lovett, Pretty Fly def Kung Fu Fro, Cuban Assassin NC Axis, Naphtali def Cynic, Frankie Capone def Mideon (remember him, haven't heard his name in years)-DQ, Scoot Andrews & Mike Sullivan def Tommy Vandal & David Babylon, Danny Doring def Pat McGroin (with Missy Hyatt), Shane Twins def Billy Fives & Rod Steel, Steve Corino def Agent Steele to become IPW champ, Prime Evil won three-way over Chaos and Abdullah the Butcher..

  14. November 2, 2002--ACW in Danbury, CT: Avil Graves def Shabba White, Paul Enormous def Riot, Del Tsunami won four-way over Jim Nastic, Abunai and Scotty Charisma, Iceberg def Cueball, Apollo def Wicked, Mercedes Martinez & Riptide & Ariel def Ultimate Males, Johnny Thunder def Slyk Wagner Brown, Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere won eight-team elimination for ACW tag titles, Fred Curry III def Nick Berk, Chris Hamrick def Tony DeVito, Dylan Kage def Jeff Rocker, Prowlers def Jason Knight & Ron Zombie..

  15. November 3, 2002--Unknown Federation before 1,150 fans from Point Pleasant, NJ Middle School, largely drawn by Diamond Dallas Page coming back to the school he attended in the early 70s. Wow, that's a long time ago. Chi Chi Cruz def Joey Matthews, Donnie Bon Jovi def Khul, Precious Metals def Sammy & Dave and Phi Tappa Kegga in three-way, Matt Vandal def Seven (OVW), United Nations def Eric Justice & Slayer to keep PCW tag titles, Alexis Laree def Kara Slice, Malice def Devon Storm to keep PCW title in anything goes match..

  16. November 3, 2002--New Empire Wrestlingin Thomasville, NC: J-Money def Italian Assassin, Brass Munkey def Alan Rage-DQ, Malaki def Terrific Tony, Kurt Solo def Keith Austin, Corey Edsel def GeeStar..

  17. November 3, 2002--UWF Brawl at the Hall in Fairless Hills, PA: Simon Black def Steel Tip, Sal Sincere def Cue Ball Carmichael, Rocco Murder def Rayne, Reckless Youth & Steve the Teacher def Rob Bain & Doc, Tony Hightower def Morgus the Maniac, Chris Chetti def C-Robb, Arson def Jack Hydraulic, Moose Maretti def Rick Link..

  18. November 3, 2002--NEPW in Painesville, OH: Dr. Hersey def Brian Black, Prince Juggalo & Shingroth def Sheik Abdul Hassan & Dick Trimmons, Toby Kline def Adam Cage, Chris Brody & Alcatraz & Tracy Smothers def Blackhammer & KidRageous, Mike Preston & Johnny Heartbreaker def Josh Prohibition & M-Dogg 20, Al B. Damm won ladder match over Gabriel Knight, Chris Kole and Aero, J-Rocc def Gangrel, Jerry Lynn def Julio Dinero to win Triple Crown..

  19. November 5, 2002--UPW in Santa Ana, CA: Kid Viscious won elimination match over Matrix, Derrik Neikirk and Tommy Drake, Mike & Marshall Nox & Hollywood def Joey Ryan & Scott Lost & Funky Billy Kim, Keiji Sakoda def Solo Snuka, Skulu def Smelly, Shawn Riddick & Tommy Wilson & Andrew Hellman def Ruckus & Goth & Bison Smith, Hardkore Kidd def Al Katrazz, Savvy won women's Battle royal, Steve Corino def Samoa Joe, Ballard Brothers def Native Blood to keep UPW tag titles, Frankie Kazarian def B-Boy, Tom Howard & Predator def Shinjiro Otani & Masato Tanaka..

  20. November 7, 2002--North American Championship Wrestling in Wadesboro, NC: Shane Murdock def Severd the Bounty Hunter, Tommy Gunn & Tony Platinum def Lost Souls, Black Angel def Jesse Lee, Manny Fernandez (remember him?) def Murdock, Main Attraction def Jones Brothers

  21. November 7, 2002--WrestleGrowl 7 in Gainesville, FL before 750 fans: Steve Madison def Kahagas, Chris Nelson def Spanky Malone, Lex Lovett def Frankie Capone, Mike & Todd Shane def Pat Tanaka & Mideon, Dusty Rhodes def Buck Q..

  22. November 8, 2002--Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Bayonne, NJ before 250 fans: Shaolin Wrecking Crew def Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Papadon & Havoc def Team Thomas, Skinhead Ivan def Pete (TE_2), Mike Kruel def Ghost Shadow, Jay Lethal won three-way over Deranged and Tony Lozaro, Hit Squad def Stryker & Boogalou to keep tag titles, Homicide def Josh Daniels to keep JAPW title, Jerry Lawler def Slyk Wagner Brown, Dixie def Insane Dragon in lumberjack strap match..

  23. November 8, 2002--Tony Falk's USWO in Madison, TN before 100 fans: Chris Bomb & Lonestar def Larry Valentine & L.A. Player-DQ, Steve Lane & Dynamite Dan def Faron Foxx & Sweet Daddy, Hammerjack def Shane Eden, Tim Renesto (aka Tim Tall Tree in California about 20 years ago) def Steve Lane, Rex Sexton def Dante-DQ..

  24. November 8, 2002--Metro Pro Wrestling in Brownstown, MI: Anthony Rivera def Jay the Cable Guy, Kamikaze def Josh Movado, Truth Martini def Alex Shelly and Super Meetsee in three-way, Gutter def Max Damin, Amazing N8 Mattson def Chris Sabin..

  25. November 8, 2002--All Pro Wrestling in Hayward: Robert Thompson def Nikki, James Watkins def Psycho Seth, Kryptonite def Vennis the Menace, Vic Grimes def Kafu, Larry Blackwell def Steve Rizzono to keep Universal title, Bobby Quance def Jardi Frantz..

  26. November 8, 2002--UWF Vegas: Kid USA def Brady Desire-DQ, Johnny Rage def Legacy, Major Maniac def Heffe, Jimmy Daniels def Jason Riggs, X & Funnybone def Machine & One, One NC Funnybone, Rush def Iceman, Brother William def Law..

  27. November 8, 2002--ICW at Viking Hall in Philadelphia before 175 or so fans: Backseat Boys def Well Hung Warriors, Ruckus def Chris Styles, Derrick Domino def Flash Wheeler, Dave Webb def Diego Dimarco, Middknight def Adam Michaels in a tables match, Reckless Youth def Billy Reil, Breaker Morant def Inferno, Crowbar def Simon Diamond..

  28. November 9, 2002--WCEW in Robseson, NC: Justin Feeche NC Willie G, Madd Trucker & Shane West def East Coast Bodily Harm, Aaron Devil won four-way over Big Law Man (wonder where they got that gimmick from), Mo Money and Randy Studly, Steve Michaels def Mike Taylor, Stro (Rob Kellum) won the title in a four-way over Bo Dupp, Bobby Eaton and Ricky Morton..

  29. November 9, 2002--Championship International Wrestling in Litchfield, MI: Scott Magnum def Alex Shelly, Mike Austin def Richard Cross, Mercedes def Lady Victoria, Pastor Payne def El Diablo, Jason Yang won over Blitzkrieg Kid, Jimmy Jacobs and Gutter in four-way, Colt Justice NC Brian Costello, Jim Duggan def Cuban Assassin, Disciples of Destruction def Mayhem in a barbed wire match, Magnum def Payne..

  30. November 9, 2002--XMCW in Nitro, WV: Phil Stamper def Splash, Deacon Furious def Eric Steele, Maximum Attitude def Lynch Brothers, Team Old School def Furious Foundation, Chris Vega def Steve Black, Furious won six-way..

  31. November 9, 2002--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Portland, ME: Frankie Armadillo def Larry Huntley, Dr. Heresy & Maverick Wild def Kid Crazy to win EWA tag titles, Adam Hasty def Garf Garrison, John Walters def Antonio Thomas, Brian Black won Royal Rumble, Adam booker def Rick Fuller..

  32. November 9, 2002--NAW in Sacramento at the Colonial Theater: Beautiful People def Black Metal & Ghetto Matt, Sacramento Dragon & Rabia & Chupacabra def Mike Rayne & Super Dave & Scotty Love, Dante def Johnny Onyx, Shane Dynasty def Preston Scot, Sacramento Dragon def J.D. Bishop, Kryptonite & Jesus Cruz def Hunk Golden & Wickid, Brian Raymond def Super Destroyer 2000..

  33. November 9, 2002--NWA Wildside in Cornelia, GA: Cruiser Lewis & Mack Truck def Pretty Twisted, Michael Adrian def ?, Jay Freeze def Shadow Jackson, Rainman def Jeff Lewis, Jason Blackman def Kevin Harden, Rex Rumble def Love Child, Mike Sanders (former WCW/WWE wrestler) & Damian (not the OVW Damian or the Mexico Damian) def Todd Sexton & Jay Freeze, Slim J def Jeremy V..

  34. November 9, 2002--Northeast Wrestling in Naugatuck, CT before 1,064 fans: Jeff Starr def Matt Vandal, Short Sleeve Simpson def Lil Killa, Malice def Tiger Khan, Kevin Landry def Kurt Adonis, Julio Dinero def Reckless Youth, Johnny Heartbreaker def Mike Preston, Jerry Lawler def Syxx-Pac..

  35. November 9, 2002--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, SC: Thunder def Dark Lion, Section 8 def D.L. Kool, E.Z. Money & Nick Fury def Boomer Payne & Chad Colt, A.J. Frost def Steve Stasiak, Cooter Brown def Bubba Brooks, Dirty & Buckshot def Payne's Platoon keep tag titles, Mickey Richards def Scott Youngblood-DQ..

  36. November 10, 2002--PWF Vast Energy in Pottstown, PA: Low Ki def Amazing Red, Rockin Rebel & Striker def Rapid Fire Maldonado & Chi Chi Cruz, Quiet Storm won three-way over American Dragon and Reckless youth, Chris Divine def Jack Victory-DQ, Samoa Joe & Christopher Daniels def Joey Matthews & Michael Shane, Billy Bax def Josh Daniels, Hit Squad def Jose & Joel Maximo, Chris Hamrick def Jay Briscoe to retain PWF Universal title, Shinjiro Otani & Masato Tanaka def Steve Corino & C.W. Anderson to win the Universal tag team titles..

  37. November 10, 2002--All-Access Wrestling debut show in Lafayette, LA: Mustang Mike NC Joey C (Scandor Akbar and Kamala laid both guys out), Malice def Norman Smiley, Kevin Northcutt def Elix Skipper, Joe Kane def Sassy Vegas, Butch Reed (unadvertised "surprise) def Jacey North, Jorge Estrada & Sonny Siaki (as the Flying Elvises) def A.J. Styles & David Young (Young walked out on Styles), Malice def Northcutt, Kane def Reed, Malice def Kane to win the AAW title, Jim Duggan def Kamala. Malice attacked Duggan after the match..

  38. November 10, 2002--Empire Wrestling Federation in San Bernardino before 200 fans: Bo Cooper DDQ Ragin Dawg, Piloto Suicida def Acedo Dorado, Frankie Kazarian & Rudy Luna def Suicide Kid & Eric Matlock, Steve Masters def Little J Castro..

  39. November 10, 2002--Northern Wrestling Federation in Cincinnati before 52 fans: Mack the Knife def Warlock, Dregen DDQ Matt Parks, Jay Donaldson def Austin Meddler, Zodiac #2 won three-way over Chad Allegra and Ryan Stone Dregen & Warlock def Mack the Knife & Matt Parks to win tag titles..

  40. November 10, 2002--Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling in Warren, MI before 125 fans: Jimmy Jacobs def Jamie Coxx, Truth Martini & N8 Mattson def Kamikaze & Keith Creme to win tag titles, Chris Sabin def Alex Shelley, Frankie the Face def Gavin Starr, Deranged def Mike the Security Guard, Sabu def Gutter, Brian Gorie & Mr. Insanity def DBA & Levi Blue, Danny Daniels def Yukon Braxton..

  41. November 10, 2002--SJCW in Mt. Holly, NJ before 125-150 fans: Billy Reil def Breaker Morant, Inferno def White Lotus, Cannonball def Pillman, Virgil D'Antonio beat two guys, Adam Michaels & Breaker Morant def Well Hung Warriors, Reil def Inferno to win the title..

  42. November 12, 2002--HWA in Cincinnati: Quintin Lee def Matt Stryker, Cody Hawk def J.T. Stahr, Nigel McGuiness def T.J. Dalton, Psycho Sarge def Hoss, Matt Dillinger def Private Castle, B.J. Whitmer won elimination match..

  43. November 12, 2002--Wrestlers of West Virginia in Marmet, WV: Kid Apollo def Scott McComas, Furious Foundation def Gemini, Erik Darkstrom def J.V. Insanity, Chance Prophet def Chris Vega, Punchy McGee def Rictor, Canadians def Urban Death Squad..

  44. November 15, 2002--NWA Wildside in Cornelia, GA: Manslaughter def Neil O'Neal, Reverend & Mack Truck def Dirt & Jason Blackman, Matt Thompson def Masada, Slim J def Jeff Lewis, Michael Shane & Biohazard def Fast Eddie & Don Juan, Scott Cage won three-way over Brandon Knight and Cruiser Lewis, Kid Kool def Tony Stradlin, Todd Sexton def Mike Sanders, Lost Boys def Swingers, Inc..

  45. November 15, 2002--MIAW in Oak Creek, WI before 250-275 fans: Silas Young & Adam Evans def Michael Mercedes & angel Armoni, Mike Mercury def Chris Mason, Lauden Payne won three-way over Austin Aires and Eric Marx, Ken Anderson def Horace the Psychopath, Jared the Jackyl (a ferocious bird that snacks on Subway Chicken Teriyaki sandwiches) def ODB, Ike the Enforcer & Big Daddy Dews def Tough Tom & Mike Samson..

  46. November 15, 2002--Alpha Pro Wrestling at the Elks Lodge in Queens before 80 fans: Danny Demento & Wayne the Convenience Store Guy & ? def Live Wire & Mr. Vendetta & Dr. Zero, Balls Mahoney def Inferno, Mike Quackenbush & Ghost Shadow def Insane Dragon & Deranged, Hit Squad def Damned, Veronica & Simply Luscious def Serena & April Hunter, Devon Storm def Slyk Wagner Brown, Naphtali won four-way over Xavier, Billy Fives and Stryker, Homicide def Winger (Big Japan star) to win the Big Japan jr. heavyweight title..

  47. November 15, 2002--Northern Wrestling Federation in Cincinnati before 241 fans: Chad Allegra def Spoiler, Stamp Lickage def Matt Parks, Jay Donaldson def Zodiac #2, Ryan Stone & Sam Cody def Dregen & Warlock, Brian Beech def Rob Williams, Stamp Lickage def Taxi, Cody won Battle Royal..

  48. November 16, 2002--National Wrestling Superstars in Thomaston, CT before 750 fans: Power Company def Damian Adams & Tommy Force, Metal Maniac def Slammin TNT, Kevin Knight def Roman, Hasheem Ali def Biggie Biggs, Great Blazini def Tommy Force, Big Vito def Roadkill..

  49. November 16, 2002--Independent Wrestling Revolution in Sterling Heights, MI before 125 fans: Mark Gjoka def Rick Solid, Tommy Johnson def Justin Toxicated, Stevie Lee def Gutter, Kamikaze won three-way over Tenacious Z (the wrestler with one leg) and Jamy Coxxx, CK-3 def Alex Shelly, Homeless Jimmy & Mad Man Pondo def Deranged & Mr. Insanity, Gabriel Brimstone & Gavin Starr & Chris Sabin & Andy Muscat def Breyer Wellington & N8 Mattson & Anthony Rivera & Trish Martini..

  50. November 16, 2002--NWF from Wilmington, OH before 130 fans: Average White Guy def Warlock, Dregen def Ryan Stone, Stamp Lickage def Matt Parks, Wild Hogg def Zodiac #2, Hayes Brothers def Jay Donaldson & Chad Allegra, Roger Ruffen NC Brian Beech..

  51. November 16, 2002--Prime Time Wrestling in Jersey City, NJ before 70 fans including a tourney to crown the first PTW champ: Bruiser def Brian Wenzel, Balls Mahoney def Devon Storm, Serena def Kara Slice, Earl the Pearl & Rich Myers def Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere, Rain def Stryker (not HWA guy), Julio Dinero def Christian York, Prince Ana def Tank Tolin, Prophet & Tiger Khan won Battle Royal, Power Company def Papadon & Havoc, Bruiser won PTW title in four-way over Mahoney, Dinero and Nana..

  52. November 16, 2002--Impact Pro Wrestling in Oskaloosa, IA before 100 fans: Freak & Devin Carter NC Silas Young & Vin Cross, Austin Aries def Big Daddy Hoofer, Thrillcat won three-way over Big Dog Barber and Chance Cordova, Lauden Payne def Jarrod the Jackyl, Johnny Fitness def Kenny Backwash, Mr. Destiny def Lester Brody, Gage Octane def T. S. Aggressor, Lauden Payne def Austin Aries to win cruiserweight title..

  53. November 16, 2002--NWA Wildside in Cornelia, GA before 90 fans: Kid Kool def Scott Cage, Chad & Jason Dobbins def Jeremy V & Jeff Lewis, Jason Cross def Salvatore Rinauro, Jimmy Rave def Todd Sexton, Onyx def Iceberg-DQ so Iceberg kept Wildside title, Rainman def Azrael, Gabriel def Rinauro, David Young def John Phoenix, Scottie Wrenn & Tank def Brandon P & Jay Freeze..

  54. November 16, 2002--Revolution Championship Wrestling in LaSalle, IL before 235 fans: Jason Allen def Jimmy Jacobs, Brandon Bishop & Adam Evans def Terry Allen & Willie Richardson, Cameron Cage def Tweek Phoenix, Eric Marx def Apollo Starr, Acid def Shawn Daivari, Cru Jones def Machine, Double M def Vito Thomaselli..

  55. November 16, 2002--Big Time Wrestling in Fort Worth before 175 fans: Phoenix def Dragon X (submission wrestling), John Thunder def David Kincaid (submission wrestling), John Kincaid d As Charro (submission wrestling), Tad Murphy def Dave Boynton (MMA), Spector def Manhattan, Robert Evans def Mark Fury, Kit Carson def Jonny Tek, Kid Dynamo def Johnny Rage, Prof. Takada def Cobra..

  56. November 16, 2002--International Wrestling Council in Butler, PA before 250 fans: B.J. Whitmer def Shirley doe, Super Hentai def Troy Lords, T.Rantula def Dennis Gregory, Dustin Ardine def Glenn Spectre, Sexual Harassment def Bob Cupp & Trevor Lowe, James Keenan def C.M. Punk, Colt Cabana def Jimmy Vegas..

  57. November 16, 2002--Ron's Championship Wrestling in Knoxville: DG 2000 def Jonathan McMurray, Sammy V def J.R. Stardog, Big Money Marcus & Jeff Anderson def Ric Cannon & DG 2000, Stan Lee def Dirty White Boy, Ricky Morton def Tommy Rich-DQ..

  58. November 16, 2002--Jersey Championship Wrestling's TV taping in Bergenfield, NJ: Julio Dinero d Christian York (double pin), Solution def Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to keep tag titles, Ace Darling def Don Montoya, Rick Fuller def Matt Devlin, Reckless Youth def Inferno, Live Wire def Dick Rodz, Knoxville def J.D. Licoius and Johnny Ova, Danny Demento def Prof. Steve, Tyler Payne def Tiger Mulligan, Jay Lethal def Rob Eckos, Youth def Fuller, Boriquas def Shaolin Wrecking Crew, Dirty Money def Mike Mayhem, Damien Dragon def Shawn Sheridan, Simon Diamond won three-way over Inferno and Crowbar, Reckless Youth def Darling to win TV title..

  59. November 17, 2002--International Wrestling Council in McKeesport, PA before 350 fans: Dustin Ardine def Glenn Spectre, J-Ru & Trevor Lowe & Bubba the Bulldog def Dean Radford & Devil Bhudakhan & Jake Garrett, Super Hentai def B.J. Whitmer, C.M. Punk def Christopher Daniels, Shirley Doe def James Keenan, Sexual Harassment def Jimmy Vegas & Denny Gregory, Colt Cabana def A.J. Styles..

  60. November 17, 2002--Virginia Championship Wrestling in Newport News, VA before 150 fans: Chris Escobar def Sean Lei, Preston Quinn def Brandon Day to keep Va. title, Malaki & Marchocias def Spank in a handicap match, Idol X def Dirty Money, Phil Brown def Bobby Eaton, Brandon Day won Battle Royal..

  61. November 22, 2002--WWA in Quincy, MA before 150 fans: Shockwave def Nick Neighborhood, Kurt Adonis def Tim McNeany-DQ, Fred Curry III def Nicholas Richards, Short Sleeve Sampson def Little Killer, they did an angle where 3 Minute Warning from WWE hugged Jimmy Snuka and apologized for the angle on Raw a few months back. Pat Piper (who did the Piper imitation at the WWF PPV years back when Piper wrestled Jerry Lawler in the main event) told Snuka his three minutes were up and they attacked him to set up the main event, Danny Davis (WWF heel ref dude from the 80s,not OVW trainer of the same ring name) def Danny (Tough Enough 2, you know, the guy who was the best worker and winning all the drills of the group that they cut right away), Mike Bell won three way over Danger and Vic Dalishus and Aron Stevens & Edward Xstacy & Snuka def Rosey & Jamal & Pat Piper..

  62. November 22, 2002--USA Pro Wrestling's 8th Year Anniversary Show in Queens, NY: Prince Nana & Crazy Ivan & Southern Confederate def Danny Demento & Joey Bragiol & Josh Deeley, Amazing Red won over Quiet Storm, Deranged adn Reefer, Tim Arson & Live Wyre def Solution & Mace Mendoza & Guapo and Orgy of Violence, Stryker def Azrael, Balls Mahoney NC Gary Wolfe, Masked Maniac won over Phenuis Zero, Ken Sweeney and Dynamite Kid (no, not that Dynamtie Kid), Homicide won over Xavier, Joey Matthews and Kruel, Jose & Joel Maximo def Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz, Wayne & Trekkie def Boogie Knights, Slyk Wagner Brown def Chris Candido, Devon Storm def Malice, Rednecks from Hell def Justi Cage & Jason Statson, Balls Mahoney & Gary Wolfe def Hit Squad, Homicide def Amazing Red, Sabu def Sandman in a TLC match to win USA Pro title..

  63. November 22, 2002--PCW near Los Angeles: Brooklyn Thrill Kill def Step Father, Hardkore Kidd def Furious George, King Faviano def Disco Machine, Lucky & Lil Cholo & Mace def Gaillenero III & R2K, Foob Dogg def Big Bear Calhoun, Crayz def Uncle Jess, Joey Ryan & Funky Billy Kim def Ballard Brothers, Christopher Daniels def Messiah..

  64. November 22, 2002--WCWA in Lemon Grove, CA: Demento def El Guapo, Street Style def Pure Talent, Shawn Riddick & Supa Badd def Matrix & Preston Scott, Jason McCord NC Adam Marantz, B-Boy def Tommy Wilson, Billy Blade def Jason Allgood, Bigg Babi Slymm def Threat-DQ, Al Katrazz def Prime Time Peterson to win WCWA title..

  65. November 22, 2002--USWO in Madison, TN before 100 fans: Superfly P Lonestar def L.A. Player & James Murray, Christina Desire def Drifter, Jeff Daniels def Shane Eden, Farron Foxx & Tony Falk def Sweet Daddy Z & Hammerjack, Tim Renesto def Chris Bomb, Rex Sexton def Dante-DQ, Larry Valentine & John Caesar def Chris Gatlin & Steve Lane to win USWO tag title..

  66. November 22, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Overland, MO: Daizee Haze won three-way over Super Electro and Sean Vincent, Scott & Jay Fenis def Super Castaldis, Nemesis def Big Bad Ben, Sam Bacardi def Johnny Greenpeace, Diamond Back Dingo def Makaze, Double Negative def Delirious & MsChief, Outtkast won three-way over Billy McNeil and Jynx, Mad Man Pondo DCOR D'Mon G, Nikki Strychnine def Matt..

  67. November 22, 2002--Fire and Ice Wrestling in Reynoldsburg, OH: CK3 def Alex Shelley, Kyle Wright def Marcus Dillon, Chad Too Bad def Jay Donaldson, Mace Parker def Jeremy Madrox, Justin Toxicated won four-way over Jeff Cannon, Shadowlord and Wrath Child, Brian Beech & Roger Ruffen NC Dale Johnson & Aaron Andrews, Chet Jablonski def Crypt, Drew Hanson def Shank Dorsey..

  68. November 22, 2002--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Southbridge, MA before 135 fans: Johnny Heartbreaker def Steve Ramsey, Cueball def Malibu Mark, Adam Hastey def Nick McKenna, Dr. Heresy def Kid Mikazi, Antonio Thomas & Vince Vicallo def Larry Huntley & McKenna, Adam Booker def John Walters, Brian Black & Johnny Curtis def Kid Krazy & Frankie Armadillo..

  69. November 22, 2002--PWE in Waterloo, ONT: Brown Hornet won three-way over Phil Latio and Kid Krazzy, Kronus & Xzibit def D.J. P-Rokk & Eddie Brown, Custom Made Man def Colin Douglas, Seasons of the Sick def Michael-DQ, Marco Malaquias def Notorious TID-DQ..

  70. November 22, 2002--APW in Hayward, CA: Kryptonite def Larry Blackwell, Psycho Seth def Vennis the Menace, Robert Thompson def Steve Rizzono, Kryptonite def Lady Brenda, Jardi Frantz & Bobby Quance def Rising Son & Super Dragon, Vic Grimes def James Watkins, Larry Blackwell def Super Dragon, Nikki def Melissa..

  71. November 23, 2002--3PW at Viking Hall in Philadelphia before 300 fans: Devon Storm def Stryker, Blue Meanie def White Lotus, Joey Matthews won three-way over Josh Daniels and Rob Eckos, Pitbull Gary Wolfe def Jason Knight, Ron Killings def Kid Kash (best match on the show), Rockin Rebel def Roadkill, Dusty Rhodes def Kevin Sullivan in a bullrope match, Sabu def Syxx-Pac in a match said to not compare with the great match the two had last time, which isn't a surprise with Syxx-Pac having hip and back problems..

  72. November 23, 2002--BANG TV in Ocala, FL before a sellout 170 fans: Adam Windsor DDQ Murder One, Paul Parisio & Karl Harter (students from the U.K.) won the tag titles from Slim J & Azrael, Murder One def Erwine Duppshallow, Azrael def Dirt, Windsor def Karl Harter, Rainman def Paul Harter, Dirt def Missy Hyatt in a man vs. woman, or something thereabouts, match, Slim J def Azrael, Dory Funk & Windsor def Rainman & Murder One when Terry Funk interfered..

  73. November 23, 2002--WWA in Lynn, MA before 175 fans: Nick Neighborhood won three-way over Shockwave and Billy Kryptonite, Distinguished Gentlemen def Dan Danger & ?, Short Sleeve Sampson def Little Killer, Danny Davis (80s WWF ref) def Kurty Adonis, Tim McNeany def Fred Curry III-DQ, Rosie & Jamal & Jimmy Snuka (uh, does something here not make sense) def Edward Xstacy Aaron Stevens & Mad Dog..

  74. November 23, 2002--Thunder Zone Wrestling in Livonia, MI before 100 fans: Steve Blade won Battle Royal, Michael Ice def Richard Cross, Alex Shelley def Tenacious Z, Mark Gjoka def Prince Romeo, Gutter won three-way over CK3 and Chris Sabin, Kamikaze & Super Meetsee def Truth Martni & Melvin hertz, Tommy Johnson def Syrian Playboy..

  75. November 23, 2002--Southern Championship Wrestling in Louisburg, NC for its eighth anniversary show: Big Slam def Giant Vermillion, Caesar Augustus def Trailer Park Heat (not Minoru Tanaka dressed like Jamie Noble), Scab def Natrone, California Swat Team def Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander, Dewey Cheatum & Major DeBeers & Malaki & Seymour Snott (that man must change his ring name) & Otto Schwanz def Brian Perry & Sean Alexander & Rico Rage..

  76. November 23, 2002--IWF in West Paterson, NJ before a sellout 125 fans: Brandon Young def Tommy Trouble, Eric Andretti def Shane O'Brien, Axis & Dante def Travis Blake & Shawn Donovan to win tag titles, Hadrian def Damian Adams, Biggie Biggs def Pierce St. John, Kevin Knight def Roman in iron man match..

  77. November 23, 2002--Powerhouse Championship Wrestling in Streator, IL drew 527 fans to see the Road Warriors. With Animal taking the last minute gig in Japan, Hawk ended up teaming with Jerry Sags, and they billed themselves for the first time ever as the Nasty Warriors: Frankie the Face def Sonny Rogers, Cocky Little Brats def New Bloods, WyldeChylde def Billy Valentine, Maniac Maverick def Eric Freedom, Stormrider def Danny McKay in a ladder match, Kenny the King def El Texano (not the El Texano), Hawk & Sags def Jimmy Shalwin & Magnum Conroy in a match where a turnbuckle broke on a spot and Sags ad Shalwin ended up hitting the post, with Sags breaking his finger an Shalwin opening a cut on the back of his head..

  78. November 23, 2002--Neo Spirit Pro Wrestling in Niagara Falls, ONT before 375 fans: Primo Scordino & Tony Carbonie def Los Jalapeno & Sean Ball, Johnny Adams def Randy Vaughn, Romeo Adams def T.J. Harley-DQ, Mark Bartalucci def Custon Made Man, Kris Chambers def Lazzerus, Marco Malaquias & Ruffy Silverstein def Body Count to win tag titles, Sinn d Elvis Osbourne, J.C. Owens def J.T. Playa, Eric Young def Tyson Dux, Derek Wylde won three-way over Hacker and Cody Steele to win their heavyweight title..

  79. November 23, 2002--New Empire Wrestling in Thomasville, NC: Rampage def Paco Loco, Malaki won over Brass Munkey, Ravishing Ritchie and Steel Ninja, Corey Edsel def Brad Stutts, Drake Tungsten & Hugh B. Johnson def Terrific Tony & Matt Houston, J-Money def Kurt Solo..

  80. November 23, 2002--Ron's Championship Wrestling in Maryville, TN: Dusty Sharp def Jonathan McMurray, J.R. Stardog def DG 2000, Sammy B def Scott Sterling, Jeff Anderson & Big Money Marcus def Ric Cannon & Dusty sharp (winners wrestle Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson on Thanksgiving in Knoxville), Dirty White Boy def Stan Lee..

  81. November 23, 2002--American Championship Wrestling in Easton, MA: K.L. Murphy def Chris Venom, Maverick Wild def Justin Powers, Damned won three-way over Antonio Thomas & Aaron Morrison and Rated G, Larry Huntley def Rick Daniels, Alex Arion (managed by Lou Albano) def Chris Candido (managed by Tammy Sytch)..

  82. November 23, 2002--Can Am Wrestling Federation from Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan: Ali def Vinnie Fever, Sarah Stone def Charlotte Web, J.D. Michaels def Massive Damage, Gary Williams def Steve Rivers-DQ, J.D. Michaels & Ali & Gary Williams def Vinnie Fever & Steve Rivers & Massive Damage..

  83. November 24, 2002--Independent Wrestling Federation in West Paterson, NJ: Pierce St. John def Shawn Moore, Hadrian def Erik Andretti, Biggie Biggs & Kevin Knight def Dante & Axis-DQ, Dylan Black & Dan McGuire & Jay Blaze def Tommy Trouble & BPA Barry & Jamie Idol, Damian Adams def Roman..

  84. November 24, 2002--Apocalypse Wrestling in Toronto: Jaguar Vijay Singh def Slade to win AWF title, Kiki Malaya & Kevin Grace def Phoenix & Joey Knight (Malaya wins womens title), Asylum def Jerrick Miller, Gabriel Vice def Tony Mack, Phoenix def Malaya, Silk def Arizona, James Champagne def Squeegee Kid, Phoenix def Marcaela Mercedes, Zaquary Springate III & El Heiney def Danny Dynamic & Billy Flynn..

  85. November 24, 2002--Norwegian Wrestling Federation in Oslo, Norway before 400 fans: Byron Lawless def Gromguten, Erik Isaksen def Garm Stoylen, Bjorn Sem def Daniel Sebastian, Big John def Falk Olsen, Grizzly & Olson def Big John & Thomas Toxic, Johnny Rivas from Colombia def Vulcano, Lawless beat Sem and Isaksen to become the first Norwegian champion..

  86. November 25, 2002--The Wrestling Alliance in Bornemouth, England before 230 fans: Jody Fleisch def Shooting Star, Doug Williams def Jonny Storm, Juventud Guerrera def Zebra Kid, Robbie Brookside def Christian Eckstein, Ricky Knight def Robin Knightwing, Fleisch & Storm & Brookside won four-team bout over Knightwing & Jorge Castano & Williams, Phil Powers & Zebra Kid & Knight and Shooting Star & Eckstein & Juvi Guerrera..

  87. November 27, 2002--Full Impact Wrestling in Concord, ONT (Northwest Toronto): T.J. Harley def Floyd Osbourne, Mark Lucci def Sinn, Jim Duggan def Bobby Rude, Derek Wylde won four-way over Cody Steele, Hacker and Chris Chambers, Tyson Dux won gauntlet match to become first FIW champ..

  88. November 28, 2002--The Wrestling Alliance in Bristol, England: Justin Starr def Ricky Knight to win their heavyweight title, Shooting Star & Christian Eckstein def Jorge Castano & Flash Baker, Jonny Storm def Juventud Guerrera, Robbie Brookside def Zebra Kid, Doug Williams def Jody Fleisch, Brookside & Storm & Fleisch won four-way elimination over Knight & Zebra & Phil Powers, Star & Eckstein & Robin Knightwing and Barker & Williams & Castano..

  89. November 28, 2002--New South Wrestling in Kingsport, TN: Psychoman & J.V. Insanity def Gemini, Jeff Storm def Sean Spencer, Allen King won three-way over E.Z. Money and Eddie Golden, Josh Cody def Mike Cooper, Tony Givens def Eric Darkstorm, Justin Sensation & Shoe (a man called shoe as opposed to a shoe) def Super Destroyer & Justin Mathews, King def Storm, Givens def Cody. Givens def King to win the tournament..

  90. November 28, 2002--Border City Wrestling from Thursday night in Oldcastle, ONT for the third annual Douglas Chevalier Memorial show: El Fuego def J.T. Johnson, Matrox def Ash, Eric Young def John E. Bravo, Ruffy Silverstein & Trent Steele def Hacker & Gutter, Larry Destiny def A-1, Tornado & Tyson Dux def Petey Williams & Mike Legacy, Gangrel NC Chris Sabin, Dyson Pryce won Douglas Chevalier Memorial Battle royal, Angel def Tracy Brooks, Yukon Braxton & Dyson Pryce def Derek Wylde & Eric Young, Road Warrior Hawk & Jim Neidhart (sub for Animal, who is in All Japan this week) def Stevie Lee & Elvis Elliot..

  91. November 29, 2002--Peach State Wrestling in Cordele, GA before 280 fans for an old Southern style show: Hootie the Clown def Vordell Walker-COR, Azmyth def Dale Lucas, Nightmare (Ted Allen) won double elimination series over Paul Golden and Scott Armstrong, Bob Armstrong def Pretty Young Thing (80s song) Frederick, Marty Jannetty & Bambi def Erik Watts & Leilani Kai, Ben Masters (promoter) NC Daniel Henry, Jorge Estrada def Sonny Siaki to retain North American title, Ray Lloyd (Glacier) def Scotty Riggs in a lumberjack match, Tommy Rich & Mr. Hughes def Dennis Gale & Steve Lawler. Thunderbolt Patterson cut a promo at the show saying he was deeply troubled by the misuse of women in today's wrestling..

  92. November 29, 2002--IPW Hardcore and NWA Florida before 917 fans: Frankie Capone def Vito DeNucci, Vicious & Delicious def Dennis Knight (formerly Mideon) & Fidel Sierra, Danny Doring def Lex Lovett (Dory Funk refereed), American Dragon def Justice (sub for A.J. Styles), Messiah won 4way match to become the first Florida King of the Death matches over Mad Man Pondo, Prime Evil and Chaos, Steve Madison and David Babylon won cruiserweight Battle Royal, Scoot Andrews & Mike Sullivan & Billy Fives & Rod Steele def Strong Brothers & Shane Twins, Steve Corino vs. Rod Steele (ladder match for IPW title and NWA Southern title) Corino grabbed the Southern title before falling off the ladder, and Steele then grabbed the IPW title, IPW title was announced to be held up, Corino kept Southern belt, Syxx-Pac def Curt Hennig. Bobby Heenan was guest ring announcer and also at the show were Jimmy Hart, Brian Knobs and Brian Blair. They did a tribute before the show to Jeff Peterson with fans chanting "Jeffrey" and announced the show was dedicated to his memory..

  93. November 29, 2002--Ultimate WWE tribute shows at the Winchester Leisure Center in England with people playing roles of WWE wrestlers before 150-200 fans: Mankind def Rock & Roll Express (one person), Undertaker def A Dudley Boy in cage match, LOD (one person) def Grim Reaper, Stone Cold Steve Austin def Detroit Destroyer, Kurt Angle def Scotty 2 Hotty in tables match, Austin won royal Rumble..

  94. November 30, 2002--USWO in Madison, TN before 90 fans: Superfly P def Drifter, Christian Desire def YT, L.A. Player DCOR Lonestar, Sweet Daddy Z def Faron Fox in a loser leaves town street fight, John Ceasar & Larry Valentine def Robbie Ruffin & Dynamite Dan, Shane Eden & Chris Bomb def L.A. Player & Hammerjack, Rex Sexton def Dante to win USWO title..

  95. November 30, 2002--Revolution Pro Wrestling at the City of Industry, CA before 250 fans: Hijo del Gallinero & Gallinero III def Yakuza & Jason Allgood, Big Babi Slymm def Lone Star, Lee Steele & Buddy George def Cpl. Stryker & Goalie Howe, Phoenix Star, Zokre Quicksilver and Scorpion Sky won Battle Royal (a four-winners deal to set up a tag match on the next show), American Wild Child & Street Style & Topgun Talwar def King Faviano & Ghetto Mat & Juvenile, Black Metal & D def Mr. Excitement & Prophet, Lil Colo & Taro def Joey Ryan & Disco Machine, Damian & Halloween & Psicosis def Super Dragon & Rising Son & Pantera..

  96. November 30, 2002--New Era Wrestling in Shelbyville, IN: Vortekz def Psycho, Shawn Shalalee def Hillbilly Jed, Apollo Star def Polaris, Damien Cole def Reficule, Scott Magnum def Pastor Pain, Bobby Black def Jeremiah Graber, Dysfunctional Family NC Van Zants & Joey Moore, Johnny Rayz def Blade, Jim Duggan def John Wall..

  97. November 30, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling in DeSoto, MO: Sean Vincent def Matt, Daizee Haze def Ratboy, Jay & Scott Fenix def Ian Storm & Super Electro, Sam Bacardi def D'Mon G, MsChif def Jynx, Outkast def Trainee, Nemesis & Makaze def Diamond Back Dingo & Big Bad Ben, Jack Adonis d Nikki Strychnine, Kid Kash won three-way over Delirious and Billy McNeil..

  98. November 30, 2002--NEPW in Norwalk, OH before 200 fans: Gutter def Carlton Kaz, Nomad def Bouncer, Prince Juggalo & Shingroth def David Decker & Max Damon, Al B. Damm def Fabulous, Dr. Heresy def Brian Black, Sheik Abdul Hassan & Dick Trimmons & Black Hammer def Tracy Smothers & Total Anarchy, J-Rocc def Gangel, Julio Dinero def Crimson Dragon to win the Triple Crown. Jerry Lynn was the champion, but no-showed and Chris Hamrick replaced him..