Independent & Forign Wrestling - July 2002

  1. July 2, 2002--Mid South Wrestling Alliance in Oak Hill, WV: Jack Miller & Rictor def Brian Douglas & Chris Gilbert, Spyder Crowley def Alex Archer-DQ, Erick Darkstorm def Shane Matthews, Frank Parker def Chris Vega, Bart Batten def War Machine-DQ, Brian Logan (Damian in OVW) def Lance Erikson

  2. July 5, 2002--Frontier Wrestling Alliance in Telford, England: James Tighe def Hade Bansen, Jack Xavier def Duke of Danger, Zebra Kid def Mark Sloan to win All-England title, New Breed def Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm, Pitbulls (not ECW team) def Raj Ghosh & Ross Jordan, Pitbulls def Electric Mayhem, Pitbulls NC New Breed, Flash Barker def Doug Williams, Scott Parker def Justin Richards with Jake Roberts as referee

  3. July 5, 2002--NWA Southwest in North Richmond Hills, TX: Cyclone beat Chuck Murphy, JP Black beat Mr. Wrestling III, Chris Jekyll beat Harley Johnson via DQ, Steve DeMarco beat Larry Green to retain the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title, Xavier Payne beat Brett Bonz, Psycho Simpson beat Cyclone to retain the NWA Southwest Television Title (yes, they have TV), Bobby 2 Badd beat Doink the Clown, JP Black beat Steve DeMarco via DQ in another NWA Texas Title match, Texas Trailer Trash won a Trailer Park Tornado Match (he was in his element), Hotstuff Hernandez DDQ Dan Severn in an NWA National Heavyweight Title match.

  4. July 6, 2002--NWA Battlezone Wrestling in Jackson, MS before 150 fans before a baseball game: Brother Love def Joe Cain, Trinity def Ms. Passion, Blackjack Tatum def Cody Mantell, Doink the Clown & Stan Sweetan def Mr. Nasty & Lord Humongous, Rip Steele & John Saxon def Steve Southern & Scotty Starr, Kevin Northcutt def Joey C.

  5. July 6, 2002--Northern Wrestling Federation in Cincinnati: Chad Allegra def Tyr, Zodiac #2 def Stamp Lickage, Jay Donaldson & Chad Allegra def Warlock & Squeak, Dregen & Tyr def Monte & Matthew Parks, Dregen & Tyr def Allegra & Donaldson to win tag titles.

  6. July 6, 2002--SPW in Sacramento before 400 fans at Colonial Theater: Wicked & Johnny Onyx def Ollie Anderson & Chupacabra, Shane Dynasty and Extreme won Battle Royal, Joe Averidge def Maxi Mynbx, Flaco def Kryptonite in hair vs. mask match and Krypto got a Hulk Hogan haircut, Dante def Sacramento Dragon, Hunk Golden def Baby Ray, Beautiful People vs. J.D. Bishop & Brian Raymond ended when Bishop turned on Raymond

  7. July 6, 2002--All Pro Wrestling at the Napa Fairgrounds in Calistoga, CA (there really is such a place): Samoa Joe won Battle Royal, Larry Blackwell & James Watkins def Disco Machine & Kafu, Nikki def JoJo Fantastico, Tony Kozina def James Choi, Jardi Frantz def Super Dragon in a hair vs. mask match (total screw-job ending as Dragon lost when Samoa Joe threw in the towel, then it was announced the mask was only at stake if he lost via pinfall or submission), Robert Thompson def Samoa Joe to keep Universal title, American Dragon def Christopher Daniels to retain Internet title, Joe Kid def Prince Cheezy in midget match

  8. July 6, 2002--Intense Wrestling Inc. in Cincinnati, OH at the Intense Arena before 82 fans saw Pinkdust def Stan, Garf Redman def Dyson Price, The Blue Tiger beat Kevin Coate, Ike Jones beat Mike McGurke, Brett Majors beat Zion, Ryan Stone beat Sean Shillelagh to win the heavyweight belt.

  9. July 6, 2002--PWE (Pro-Wrestling Entertainment) from Hamilton, Ontario at the East Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club: Ricky Stardust b. The Brown Hornet, Colin Douglas and Phil Latio is the finals of the Lethal Lottery Tournament, Axl Row & Skid Steel DQ Bobby Thunder & Mongol in semi-finals of tag title tournament, JC Owens & Mikey Madrox b. TJ Harley & Romeo Adams in the semi-finals of the tag title tournament, Marco Malaquias b. The Consortium in the semi-finals of the tag title tournament (partner Jason Breeze no-showed), Notorious T.I.D. DQ Ricky Stardust to retain the PWE Heavyweight Title, The Custom Made Man b. Jamie Jackson in a ladder match to win the PWE Cruisereight Title.

  10. July 6, 2002--Carolina Championship Wrestling in Sylva, NC at Uncle Bill's Flea Market: George South Jr. def Scotty McKeever, Frank Parker & Roger Anderson def Jason King & T.C. Carter, Curtis Hughes (who was in great shape) def Rick Karloff, Bunkhouse Buck def Bruiser Graham, Lexie Fyfe def Mighty Heidi, Jimmy Valiant def Assassin (not the original, obviously), STD def Fatty Love in I Quit match, Ricky Morton & Iron Sheik (with Magnum T.A. in their corner) def George South (Sr.) & Buddy Landel, Greg Valentine def Barbarian by DQ.

  11. July 6, 2002--NWA Wildside TV tapings in Cornelia, GA before only 70 fans: Malaki def Sweet Dreams, Gabriel def Tony Stradlin-DQ, Slim J won five-way elimination match over Kid Xtasy, Kid Kool, Jeremy V and Derrick Driver to get a Wildside jr. title match (said to be good), Tank DCOR Scottie Wrenn, Caprice Coleman def Tony Mamaluke to keep TV title, Iceberg def David Young, Jay Freeze & Brandon P & John Dalton NC Mike Pittman & Scott Cage & Henry Ross, Dustin def Kevin Harden, Rick Michaels def Murder One-DQ New Jack (a surprise appearance) did a run-in on Michaels in the main event. New Jack totally went into business for himself, as he was supposed to do a heel run-in, but ended up babyfacing himself and it'll have to be heavily edited to make sense for TV, Jimmy Rave def Jeremy Lopez (technically good, but lacked heat), Adam Jacobs & A.J. Styles d Rainman & John Phoenix (the old double pin finish, usual great main event).

  12. July 6, 2002--Eastern Kentucky Championship Wrestling in Pikeville, KY: Jesse Londas & Jason Creed def Gemini, Ace Sinsation def Joey Bravo, J.V. Insanity def Kid Lithium, Brian Gilbert def Chazz, Bobby Love def Dirty White Boy (Tony Anthony), Nightmare (Ted Allen) def Bobby Storm, Jim Duggan def Chavo Guerrero Sr.

  13. July 6, 2002--Battle of Champions in Preston, England for the debut of Global Wrestling Force before 400 fans. Bill Apter attended the show. K-Kwik pulled out claiming an injury (new gig in U.S. and I guess didn't want to go) and Doug Williams and Flash Barker also pulled out: Mark Sloan NC Graham Hughes, James Tighe def Justin Richards, Little Guido (James Maritato) def Jody Fleisch (Jake Roberts gave Guido Brass Knux for the win), Zebra Kid won three-way over Robbie Brookside and Jack Xavier, Michael Kovac def Paul Sloan, Jonny Storm def Trent Acid (said to be best match on the show, Guido def Tighe, Storm def Kovac, Shak Khan def Lee Butler, Storm def Guido to win the tournament and GWF title

  14. July 7, 2002--Neo Pro Wrestling from Hastings, MN : Shawn Daivari def Pete Huge, Bailey Mannix & Travis Sharpe & Jasyn Vaine def Bobby Jay & Zack Mercury & Steve Cox & Rob Stardom, Ken Anderson def Neo Dragon, Mitch Paradise def Horace the Psychopath, Austin Aries def Justin Lee, Dysfunction def Nick Mondo in a ladder match

  15. July 7, 2002--AWA at the Del Mar, CA Fairgrounds (Fair show) before 2,200 fans saw Hardkore Kidd def Patriot (not Brandi or Wilkes), Ballard Brothers def Los Cubanitos, Liger Rivera d Sonny Suave, Evan Karagias def Horshu to keep AWA title, Konnan def Danny Dominion

  16. July 7, 2002--Australasian Wrestling Federation in Woonona Bulli, RSL: Kid Volatne def Will Phoenix, TNT def Il Cognito, Tony Kebab def P.C. Virus, Ox def Dementor, Hardcore Superstar def Mystery, II Cognito def TNT, Scarecrow def Stephan Cool, Kid Kross & J.T. Robinson def Handsome Brothers, TNT def Il Cognito

  17. July 7, 2002--IWRG in Naucalpan: Scualo & Principe de Fuego def Avisman I & Meteoro, Orion & Nuevo Multifacetico def Black Jaguar & Maligno, Engendro & Moreno Casas & Comando Delta def Los Megas, Dr. Cerebro & Enterrador & Black Terry & Shu El Guerrero def Ultimo Vampiro & Los Brazos Jr., Tony Rivera def Bombero Infernal

  18. July 9, 2002--HWA in Cincinnati: Horace Hogan def Matt Stryker, Derrick Neikirk def Nigel McGuiness, Chad Collyer def Human Time Bomb, Brother Clay & Matt Dillinger def B.J. Whitmer & Rory Fox, Chet Jablonski def Cody Hawk.

  19. July 10, 2002--IWF in Edison, NJ before a near capacity crowd of 200: Damian Adams def Erik Andretti, Dante & Axis def Dylan Black & Tommy Trouble, Roman def Josh Daniels, Biggie Biggs def Kevin Knight, Shane Donovan & Travis Blake def Pierce St. John & Shane O'Brien, Patriot def Hadrian.

  20. July 10, 2002--CCW in Evansville, IN: Sean Wolf def Brad Madden, Pink Pansey def Damien Knight, Big Nasty & Dal Commish def Hammerjack & Jason Cain, Viper & J. Grunge def Just Jon & Anthony Blaze, Hammerjack won Battle Royal, Corporal Robinson def Mad Man Pondo

  21. July 11, 2002--CMLL in Cuernavaca: Las Bestias Negras IV & V def Astro Boy & Turbo, Skayde & Angel Azteca def Los Hooligans I & II, Las Bestias Negras I & II & III def Tony Rivera & Impacto & Baby Star-DQ, Santo & Shocker & Mascara Magica def Black Tiger & Mazada & Nozawa

  22. July 11, 2002--IWRG in Naucalpan: Orion def Maligno, Nuevo Multifacetico & Danger Star def Principe de Fuego & Moreno Casas, Rambo & Toro Irisson & Comando Delta def El Hijo del Anibal & Kato Kung Lee & Ultimo Vampiro, Villano III & Black Dragon & Felino def Engendro & Enterrador & Ventarron, Dr. Cerebro def Kick Boxer in Vale Tudo rules match

  23. July 12, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Bridgeton, MO: Trainee #8 def Sean Vincent, Sam Bacardi def Pondula, Johnny Greenpeace def Trainee #1, Michael Strider def Crocodile Kid, Delirious won four-way over Super Electro, Jynx and Super Castaldi IV, Billy McNeil def Outkast, Big Bad Ben def Chaz Wesson, Jack Adonis def MsChif, Diamond Back Dingo def Makaze, Nikki Strychnine def Matt to keep GCW title

  24. July 12, 2002--Alternative Championship Wrestling in Asheboro, NC before 150 fans: Corey Edsel def Willie Brown, Spank def Nut, Sonja def Amber Holly, Mikael Yamaha & Les Parker def L.A. Wild One & Tim Blaze, Ric Converse def Brad Rainz

  25. July 12, 2002--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in St. Petersburg, FL before a packed house of 250 fans : Kubiak def Concession Boy, Rod Steel won three-way over Scoot Andrews and Lex Lovett, Pat McGroin def Devin Nash-DQ, Kenny & Hawk (Tough Enough 2) def El Rudo & Boles Azteca, Kenny & Hawk def Comic Book Guy & James Hendrix, Shane Twins def Kenny & Hawk-COR, Agent Steele DDQ Michael Shane, Jet Jaguar def Shark Boy, Cannon def Mark Zout, Vito DeNucci def Frankie Capone, Naphtali & Kamikaze & Cynic def Seijin Akki & Asian Guy & Jerrelle Clark, Kat LaRue def Lady Victoria, Strong Brothers def Corky & Special Ed..

  26. July 12, 2002--Northern Wrestling Federation in Wilmington, OH before 450 fans as part of a fair show: Jay Donaldson def Zodiac #2, Brian Beech def Dregen, Chad Allegra def Chris Vaughn, Damien def Andy Douglas, Roger Ruffen DCOR Rob Williams, Stamp Lickage def Taxi

  27. July 13, 2002--Combat Zone Wrestling in Philadelphia before 700 fans at the ECW Arena: M-Dogg 20 def Tony Stradlin (Wildside), Chris Cash & G.Q. won four-way over VD, Irish Drinking Team and Hurricane Kid & Towel Boy, Nate Hatred & Nick Gage def Cash & G.Q, Danny Rose def Rainman (Wildside), Ruckus def Sunji & Derek Frazier (Ruckus did a shooting star press off the bleachers), Nick Berk def Z-Barr, Backseat Boyz def Lost Boys (Wildside), Justice Pain d Adam Flash (the old double pin finish which saw Flash get the Iron Man title while Pain retained the CZW title)Wifebeater vs. Lobo saw Wifeabeater go through a barbed wire table and get taken out. Zandig showed up and then faced Lobo in an unannounced match. All the barged wire spats until Rachies and Wifebeater and Hatred & Gage all showed up and Lobo got the weed whacker in the stomach

  28. July 13, 2002--Southern Championship Wrestling in Marion, OH before 150 fans with one surprise name: Playboy Buddy Rose (yes, the Oregon star of the 70s) def Mickey Daumer-DQ, James Diamond def Dark Shadow, Bill Bagwell def Precious the Playboy, Flash Fury & J.D. def Juggulator & Maniac Killer, Rose & Precious Paul & Mr. Passion def Jake Williams & Shawn Wests & Wildman Rogers

  29. July 13, 2002--PWE in Toronto: Phil Latio won four-way over Otto Bahn, Marco Malaquias & Custom Made Man, Jason Kronus def J.C. Owens, Rawhide & Brown Hornet def Colin Douglas & Bobby Thunder, Notorious TID def Jamie Jackson, Bill Skullion def Magnus in barbed wire match.

  30. July 13, 2002--WCWO in Linton, IN: Hillbilly Jed def Inmate, Angelfire def Druscilla Davie, Billy Roc def Gay Lombardo, Charley Boy def Black Widow, Street Thugs DCOR Don Basher & Billy Bart

  31. July 13, 2002--HWA in Lima, OH before 170 fans: Dexter Dementkia def Dusty, Mike Sanders def Steve Bradley, Matt Dillinger def Mark Manis, Island Boyz def R.C. Haas & Jason Sugarman, Nigel McGuiness def Rory Fox, Chet Jablonski & Derrick Neikirk def Race Steele & Cody Hawk to keep tag titles, Lance Cade def Chris Kanyon-DQ to keep HWA title

  32. July 13, 2002--North American Championship Wrestling in Shallotte, NC before 656 fans: Sevar d King Konga, Main Attraction def Lost Souls, Brad Hunter def Johnny Kidd, Ricky Morton def Nightmare, Danny Dollar def Brian Fury, Rick Link def Carnage, Honky Tonk Man def Bubba Kirk, Manny Fernandez def Singen, Main Attraction def Rev. Slim & Blkc Angel, Barbarian def Buff Bagwell

  33. July 13, 2002--Wahoo McDaniel Memorial in Charlotte before 350 fans: Buckshot Carter def Brimstone, Cruiser Lewis def Big Money, Nick Fury & A.J. Frost def Red Dog & Buddy Burke, Boomer Pain def Chad Colt, Victoria Rose def San Antonio Rose, Blackjack Dalton & Scotty Piper def Dean Johnson & Mikey Richards, Jeff Justice def Madd Maxx, Jay Eagle & Ricky Holder (formerly Ricky McDaniel) def Viper & Mack Truck. Abe Jacobs and Magnum T.A. attended the show

  34. July 13, 2002--Jersey All-Pro Wrestling in Seaside Heights, NJ: Elax def Azriel, Christopher Street Connection def Eddie Thomas & Tony Lazaro, Jay Lethal def Low Rida, Shane Douglas NC Bam Bam Bigelow (Hit Squad attacked both guys), Xavier def Stryker, Axl Rotten def Skinhead Ivan, Dixie def Rainchild, Homicide def Slyk Wagner Brown with the shining wizard, Jay Briscoe & Insane Dragon def Hit Squad to win vacant JAPW tag titles

  35. July 13, 2002--NWA Main Event before 200 fans in Columbia, TN: Star won three-way over Torch Hudson and American Heartthrob, L.C. Dice & L.D. Dice def Hammerjack & Charming Charles-DQ, Chris Champion def Jason Cain in loser leaves town match, L.C. Dice & L.G. Dice def Charlie Brown & Screaming Tiger, Bart Sawyer def Big Bully Douglas-DQ, Jeff Daniels & Tim Renesto def Hot Rod Briggs & Larry Valentine, Robbie Ruffin & J.T. Quest def Mephisto & Dante-DQ

  36. July 13, 2002--Dawn of a New Era show in England before 250 fans: Low Ki def GBH, Five Star Flash def Damien Rage, Jonny Storm d Robbie Brookside, Jodie Fleisch def Hade Vansen, Doug Williams def Scott Parker, Parker & Vansen def Pitbulls, Storm won five-way over Low Ki, Fleisch, Flash, and Brookside. Show ended with a Williams vs. Low Ki confrontation

  37. July 13, 2002--PCW somewhere in Southern California before 122 fans: Foob Dogg def Hugh Warner, Foob Dogg def Chris Foxxx, BTK def Fob Dogg, Mace def Jason Allgood, Furious George def Mike Vega, Hardkore Kidd def Crayz, Steve Sanchez won three-way over Lil Cholo and B-Boy, Phenom def Faviano, Lost Boys won four-way over Double Homicide, Los Chivos and Ballard Brothers to become first PCW tag champs, Samoa Joe (subbing for Little Guido) def Christopher Daniels.

  38. July 14, 2002--Apocalypse Wrestling Federation in Toronto: Danny Dynamic def P.P. Smalls, Kevin Grace def Masamune, Tony Mack def Vladirmir Urkov, Silk def Asylum-DQ, Mayhem def Jerrick Miller, Phoenix NC Kiki Malaya in a womens limbo contest, Slade def Jackal to win AWF title, Billy Flynn & Robin Knightwing def Joey Knight & Arizona, James Champagne def Jaguar Vijay Singh

  39. July 14, 2002--EPIC Wrestling outside Los Angeles: Disco Machine & Excalibur & Lil Cholo def Mr. Excitement & Silver Tiger & Taro, Frankie Kazarian def Joey Ryan, B-Boy def Pinoy Boy, Arkangel de la Muerte & Piloto Suicidda def Havana Pitbulls, Vampiro def Perro Ruso, Nosawa def Hardkore Kidd, Samoa Joe & Super Dragon def Spanky & American Dragon, Sabu def Christopher Daniels (Vampiro ran in like he was going to attack Sabu, but instead they hugged), Messiah def Nick Mondo (blood bath)..

  40. July 14, 2002--Green Mountain Wrestling at the GMW Dojo in Massachusetts: Fred Curry Jr. won gauntlet match over Allen Greene, Mark Vincent and Brian Jury, Mark Malibu def Radical Rob, Kid Mikaze def Flying Frankie,. Alex Arion def Justin Powers, Johnny Idol & Mike Steele def Flying Radicals, Sonny Goodspeed def Dave Walker, Tarzan Taylor def Allen Greene, Maverick Wild def Antonio Thomas, Aaron Morrison def Mark Vincent, Trinity Campbell def Mercedes Martinez, Brian Jury def Texas Hangmen #2,. Southeast Connection def Flying Radicals, Goodspeed def Greene, Jury def Holyoke Joe, Arion def Curry-DQ, Morrison def Southeast Connection & Thomas in handicap match..

  41. July 14, 2002--Virginia Championship Wrestling in Newport News, VA: Tag title tourney--Preston Quinn & Sean Lei def Caesar & Dirty Money, Idol X & Greg Steele def Logan Knight & Tai Smiley, Korie James & Sonjay Dutt def Spank & Chris Escobar, Quinn & Lei def Phil Brown & Steve Perez, X & Steele def James & Dutt, X & Steele def Quinn & Lei to win titles

  42. July 14, 2002--WXW at Cedar Beach in Allentown: Supreme Lee Great won three-way over Skinhead Ivan and Homicide, Tonga Kid (original) def Cory K, Island Boyz (WWE) def Lucifer Grimm & Sinn, Kamala def Metal Maniac, Zero Gravity def Tommy Suede, Shane Black def Havoc, Big Poppa Pete & Molsonn def Hit Squad, Hollywood Studds def Tommy Johnson & Don Crisis, Jersey Devil def Nuisance, Sugaa def Malachi, Bautista (WWE) def L.A. Smooth, Afa Jr. def Crowbar (Devon Storm), Rikishi def Gangrel

  43. July 16, 2002--Heartland Wrestling Association in Cincinnati before 100 fans: Derrick Neikirk def Matt Dillinger, Jason Sugarman & R.C. Haas def Island Boyz-DQ, Rory Fox def Human Time Bomb, Dean Jablonski def Nigel McGuiness, E.Z. Money def Chet Jablonski, Lance Cody def Cody Hawk-DQ. Chris Nowinski and Johnny the Bull did run-ins.

  44. July 17, 2002--All Japan PPV results from Osaka: Masa Fuchi & Kazushi Miyamoto def Hideki Hosaka & Shigeo Okumura, Kaz Hayashi & Jimmy Yang & George Hines def Ryuji Hijikata & Gran Naniwa & Johnny Smith, Steve Williams & Mike Rotunda & Yuto Aijima def Nobukazu Hirai & Nobutaka Araya & Arashi, Mil Mascaras & Dos Caras def Abdullah the Butcher & Yoji Anjo, Kendo Kashin def Gran Hamada to keep jr. title, Kronic def Keiji Muto & Taiyo Kea to win the Double tag titles with the high times on Muto, Genichiro Tenryu def Satoshi Kojima to keep Triple Crown.

  45. July 17, 2002--Maryland Championship Wrestling's Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup in Glen Burnie, MD before about 650 fans: Xavier def Quenaan Creed, Adam Flash def Johnny Kashmere, Reckless Youth def Danimal (Danny from Tough Enough 2), Trent Acid def Nick Berk, Red def Quiet Storm, Chad & Dino retained MCW tag titles over Jose & Joel Maximo, Danny Doring def Christian York to keep Florida title, Romeo Valentino & Candie def Ronnie Zukko & Tara, Bruiser def Chris Chetti to keep MCW title, Reckless Youth won a six-man elimination match over Red, Acid, Xavier, Adam Flash and Joey Matthews (last year's winner) to take the Cup (came down to Red and Youth). They aired a lot of footage of Brian Hauser, who worked for the group as Shane Shamrock.

  46. July 17, 2002--Impact Zone Wrestling in Tempe, AZ before 227 fans: Hawaiian Lion def Sin, Al Katrazz def Tommy Drake, Chainsaw def Red Dragon, Erica D'Erico def Lexie Fyfe, Ballard Brothers def Native Blood, Mike Nox def Frankie Kazarian

  47. July 17, 2002--Star South Championship Wrestling in Cartersville, GA: Seth Cruise def Johnny Slater-DQ, Vic Violent def Raw Dawg, J.W. Christian DDQ Mr. Hughes, Vic Violent def Hard Body Harrison, Slater & T.C. Carter def Cruise & Little Goldberg

  48. July 19, 2002--Southern Championship Wrestling in Raleigh, NC: Dewey Cheatum def Julio Dinero, Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander def Brent Rage & Rico Rage, Dan Rage def Ali Steele (lots of apparent Rage in this company), Bob Bradley (who I'm presuming isn't one of the other three Bob Bradleys that wrestled in 80s and 90s), def Yen Low Wang, Scab & Natrone Steele def Malaki & Semour Snott, Jimmy Cicero def C.W. Anderson

  49. July 19, 2002--New Japan Pro Wrestling in Sapporo, Japan: Wataru Inoue def . Toru Yano, Masayuki Naruse & Dr. Wagner Jr. & Tiger Mask IV def . Pat Tanaka & Gedo & Akira Nogami, El Samurai & Shiro Koshinaka def . Robbie Rage & Osamu Nishimura, Jushin Liger def . Katsushi Takemura, Masahito Kakihara def . Tatsutoshi Goto, Blue Wolf & Minoru Fujita went to a 10-minute draw, Manabu Nakanishi & Yutaka Yoshie def . Hiro Saito & Giant Singh, Tadao Yasuda def . Tatsumi Fujinami, IWGP Jr. Title Match: Koji Kanemoto def . Minoru Tanaka, Kensuke Sasaki & Hiroshi Tanahashi def . Kenzo Suzuki & Yuji Nagata and IWGP Tag Titles Match: Masa Chono & Hiroyoshi Tenzan def . Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner.

  50. July 19, 2002--NWA Southwest Championship Wrestling in North Richland Hills, TX: Larry Green def Jonal DeWald, B.J. Turner def Max Mission, Cyclone won three-way over Justin 2 Fine and Chuck Murphy to win Texas jr. title, Devastator def Jimbo Starr, Max Mission def Harley Johnson-DQ, Justin 2 Fine & Turner def Larry Green & Xavier Payne to keep tag titles, Hotstuff Hernandez def Razor Fixx-DQ

  51. July 19, 2002--The Wrestling Alliance in Bristol, England: Drew McDonald def Justin Starr, Roy Devis def Hade Vansen, Adam Angel def Baxter Burridge, Johnny Kidd & James Tighe & Curve def Mal Sanders & Stix & GBH, Doug Williams def Dave Taylor, Paul Tyrell & Klondyke Kate def Ricky Knight & Sweet Saraya, Justin Starr won Battle Royal

  52. July 19, 2002--Wrestling Alliance in Exmouth, England: Jonny Storm def Blondie Barratt, Shooting Star def James Mason, Dunk the Clown def D-Ron Rulz, Phil Powers def Tagori, Jonny Storm def Shooting Star

  53. July 20, 2002--Azteca Pro Wrestilng at the M&M Flea Market Grounds in Hillsboro, OR. Saturday night saw Iron Man def Rodeo Cole, Sideshow won four-way over Buzz Anderson, Cidious and Buddy Highway, Lil Nasty Boy & ? def Tommy Celcious & Ringo, Brian Bedlam def Brandon Styler & Dustin Snyder, Aguila del Sur def Guerrero, Robby Lance def Damen Sythe, El Gato NC Mosco de Tijuana

  54. July 20, 2002--XPW in Pico Rivera, CA: Supreme def Sandman, Altar Boy Luke def Vinny Massaro, Halloween/Damien def K-Krush/Bigg Babbi Slymm & Pogo the Clown/Juntastico & American Wild Child/Street Style (Four Way), Pogo def Crimson & Steve Rizzono, Hardcore Homo Angel def G.Q. Money, Snuff def Vic Grimes, Supreme def Luke, Angel def Pogo, Kaos NC Chris Hamrick and Psicosis, Shane Douglas def Johnny Webb to win XPW title, Supreme def Angel in an exploding ring scaffold match. Douglas shot paintballs at Angle, who did flip off a ridiculously high scaffold through a table.

  55. July 20, 2002--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Graham, NC: Spank def Kurt Solo, Johnny Blaze def Ethan Cage, Main Attraction def Cham Pain & C.W. Anderson, Ric Converse def Sexton Tyler, Mikael Yamaha & Madd Maxx def Corey Edsel & Otto Schwanz

  56. July 20, 2002--Revolution Pro Wrestling in LaSalle, IL before 275 fans: Apollo Starr & Jason Allen def Disenfranchised, Machine def Eric Marx, Tweek Phoenix def Shawn Daivari, Adrian Serrano def Danny Daniels, Shark Boy def Brandon Bishop, Double M won three-way over Acid and Terry Allen.

  57. July 21, 2002--Jason Knight's Assault Championship Wrestling in Waterbury, CT: Bull Dredd won Battle Royal, A.C Coaltrain def Michael Crimson, Jim Nastic def Scotty Charisma, Mercedes Martinez def Lizzy B. Sweet, Ron Zombie def Danny Doring, Rednecks from Hell def Kappa Tappa Kegga, Dredd def Jeff Rocker, Johnny Thunder def Red Hot Russ, Fred Curry Jr. def Dylan Kage, Jason Knight & Ron Zombie def Mutilators, Balls Mahoney retained hwt title over Slyk Wagner Brown

  58. July 21, 2002--Beautiful Babes of Wrestling in Martinsburg, WV: Vanessa def Alexis Laree, Mighty Heidi def Lexie Fyfe, Candi def Brittney, Fyfe def Dino, Earl the Pearl & Alexis Laree def Romeo Valentino & Candie, Brittney def American Cream Pie in oil wrestling. Have to mention the stage name of one of the announcers--Nick Cockwrinkle.

  59. July 21, 2002--EMLL at Arena Coliseo in Mexico City: Pequeno Violencia & Pierrothito def Shockercito & Pequeno Olimpico, Mogur & Guerrero de Futuro & Karloff Lagarde Jr. def Super Halcon Jr. & Golden Dragon & Neutron, Mano Negra & Pantera & Safari def Zumbido & Arkangel & Mephisto, Felino & Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Platino & Hombre sin Nombre def El Satanico & Bestia Salvaje & Emilio Charles Jr. & Black Tiger, Tinieblas Sr. & Brazo de Plata & Atlantis def Tarzan Boy & Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero

  60. July 21, 2002--IWRG in Naucalpan: Paramedico & Black Jaguar def Meteoro & Guerra C-3, Principe de Fuego & Maligno def Full Contact & Danger Star, Oficial & Vigilante & Guardian def Los Payasos Tricolor-DQ, Fantasy & Ultimo Vampiro & Black Tiger def Bombero Infernal & Dr. Cerebro & Engendro, Santo & Pantera def Black Tiger & Scorpio Jr.-DQ

  61. July 23, 2002--Ohio Valley Wrestling in Jeffersonville, IN: Mark Jindrak def Alex Croff, Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway def Johnny Jeter & Chris Cage, Redd Dogg def Travis Bane-DQ, Nova def Seven to keep OVW title, Doug Basham & Damaja def Matt Morgan & David Flair

  62. July 23, 2002--EMLL TV tapings from Arena Coliseo in Mexico City: Pequeno Olimpico & Ultimo Dragoncito def Vaquerito & Pequeno Violencia, Mogur & Reyes Veloz def Los Rayos Tapatios I & II, Halcon Negro & Arkangel & Hooligan def Mano Negra & Sicodelico Jr. & Starman, Los Villanos III & IV & V def Apolo Dantes & Bestia Salvaje & Emilio Charles Jr., Rayo de Jalisco Jr. & Gran Markus Jr & Poder Mexica def Tarzan Boy & Rico Suave & Bulldog

  63. July 26, 2002--Northern Wrestling Federation in Cincinnati: Chad Allegra def Dregen, Jay Donaldson NC Zodiac #1, Warlock def Danny Montgomery, Dregen & Tyr def Chad Allegra & Jay Donaldson, Zodiac #2 def Matthew Parks, Stamp Lickage def Honest Bret

  64. July 26, 2002--Insane Wrestling Federation in Hamtramck, MI before 175 fans: Tenacious Z def American Kickboxer, Chris Sabin def Danny Daniels, Breyer Wellington def Ace Steele, Ash NC Chris, Truth Martini def Steve Nixon, Mad Irish Eamon def Damon Starr, Loverboy Steve def Chuck Smooth, Corporal Robinson & 2 Tuff Tony def Backseat Boyz, Sabu won three-way over Yukon Braxton and Necro Butcher.

  65. July 26, 2002--World Class Wrestling Association in Lemon Grove (near San Diego), CA before nearly 150 fans: Street Style def Matrix, Al Katrazz def Preston Scott, Jin Hiryu & Island Studd def Demento & Tommy Wilson, Pinoy Boy def Murphy McDermitt, Scott Lost & Joey Ryan def Shawn Riddick & B-Boy to win tag titles (previous tag champs the Ballard Brothers were stripped when they no-showed), B-Boy def Jason Allgood, Primetime Peterson def Frankie Kazarian to win WCWA title, John Black def Big Babbi Slymm

  66. July 26, 2002--World of Hurt Wrestling in Schenectady: Spiderman def Orgazmo, Suiskyon won three-way over Maxx Burton and Jim Tanner, Kid Vegas def Brian Miller, Thornn def Moondog Mutt, Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago def Brian Immaculate & Kevin Dunn, Shockwave def Nick Neighborhood, Eric Everlast def Ricky Dominguez-DQ, Mikey Mudd def Jimmy Cash, Hoss & Punk & Texas Outlaw (Wild Things) def H.C. Loc & Danger & Mike Hardy (Hardcore Society) and Hoss & Outlaw are new tag champs

  67. July 26, 2002--NWA Wildside in Cornelia, GA: Jeff Lewis def Dirt, Mike Pittman & Scott Cage def G-Rated, Kevin Harden def Destiny, Lost Boyz def Slim J & Jay Freeze, Todd Sexton def Jeremy V, Rick Michaels NC Rainman in a cage match when keyholder Speedy Nelson pinned ref Andrew Thomas.

  68. July 26, 2002--Great Lakes All Pro Wrestling in Rockwood, MI: Scufflin Hillbillies def Heretics, Petey Williams (not UFC guy) & Max Damin & Paul Chance def Ashten Top Dog & Richard Cross & Alex Shelley, Untouchables def Suicycos, Gravedigger def Eddie Venom, Rocky Reynolds def Valik to keep NWA jr. title, CIA def Bobo Brown & Chris Valentino & Jason Max, Ricky James def Pierce Havok and Havok won Battle Royal Shelly broke his jaw, continued the match, and had surgery on Monday

  69. July 27, 2002--Annual T-3 tournament from Streamwood, IL which was won by the SATs (Jose & Joel Maximo): SATs def Ace Steel & Shark Boy, Ballard Brothers def Furyz, Colt Cabana & B.J. Whitmer def Vinny Massaro & Homeless Jimmy, Chris Chetti & Red def American Dragon & Brad Bradley (Red and Dragon were said to be awesome), SATs def Red & Chetti (standing ovation), Cabana & BJ Whitmer def Ballard Brothers, Danny Dominion def Eric Priest, SATS def Cabana & B.J. Whitmer..

  70. July 27, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Belleville, IL: Johnny Greenpeace def Sean Vincent, Jay Stylz def Super Castaldi IV, Sam Bacardi def Pondula, Diamond Back Dingo & Crocodile Kid def Double Negative, Matt def Scott Michaels, Outkast def Rat Boy, Chaz Wesson def Big Bad Ben, MsChief def Jack Adonis, Nikki Strychnine def Billy McNeil.

  71. July 27, 2002--Independent Wrestling Federation in West Paterson, NJ: Kevin Knight def Pierce St. John, Erik Andretii def Damian Adams, Shane O'Brien def Shawn Donovan, Roman def Josh Daniels, Dante & Axis & Eloy Fiesta def Tommy Trouble & Dylan Black & Alicia, Biggie Biggs def Hadrian

  72. July 27, 2002--GCW show only drew 200 fans in Astoria, NY: Ricky Vega def Matt Stryker, Jimmy Snuka & Doink the Clown def Rocco Roc & Keith ?, Little Louis vs. King Queasy (not sure result), K-Krush (working as a babyface) def Julio Dinero, Crowbar def Thunderbolt, Lil Jeannie def Serena, Romanian Warrior def Metal Maniac, Road Warriors def King Kong Bundy & Hercules Hernandez.. Dusty Rhodes also appeared on the show..

  73. July 27, 2002--NWA Main Event in Columbia, TN before 250 fans: Commando def Thug, Rick Santana & Mandi def Screaming Dragon, Hot Rod Biggs def Chris Louie, Larry Valentine def Jamie Douglas, Chase Stevens NC Chris Harris (feud from TNA), J.T. Quest & L.C. Dice def Executioner & Todd Sexton, Hammerjack def Chase Stevens, Biggs & Valentine def Robbie Ruffin & John Noble, Dante & Leatherface def Jeff Daniels & Tim Renesto (Named 'New Age Assassin' cause his father was one of the famous Assassins of the 60s), Jimmy Rave (NWA jr. champ) def Star..

  74. July 27, 2002--Independent Wrestilng Revolution in Sterling Heights, MI: Tenacious Z (one legged wrestler) & Kamikaze def Frankie the Face & CK-3, Rusty Baddwrench def Mark Gjoka, Chris Sabin def Rick Solid, Maynard R. Nek def Gutter, Truth Martini & Anthony Rivera def Jimmy Jacobs & Sabin, Tommy Starr def Homeless Jimmy, Gabriel Brimstone def Necro Butcher in taser on a pole match, Mr. Insanity def Tommy Starr

  75. July 27, 2002--ICW Wrestling in Tacoma: Mr. G.Q. won Battle Royal, Tim Flowers def Jimbo Ono, Chef & Avalanche def Mr. G.Q. & Zig, THC def Punk Rock Prod & Jason Jackson, Big wood def Cheno, Buddy Wayne & Ritchie Magnett def Bryan Alvarez..

  76. July 27, 2002--Steel Domain Wrestling TV taping in St. Paul: Kabuki Warrior def Ken Anderson, Gage Octane def Brian Ash, ODB def Mystique, Travis Sharpe def Travis Lee, Matt Burns & Acid def J.B. Trask & Red Lightning, Johnny Powers def Tony DeNucci, Jerry Lynn & Horace the Psychopath def Magnus & Scotty Zappa. Kabuki Warrior attacked Lynn and unmasked, revealing Lenny Lane!

  77. July 27, 2002--Pro Wrestling Entertainment in Orangeville, ONT: JC. Owens def T.J. Harley, Brown Hornet & Custom Made Man def Marco Malaquias & Xzibit, Eric Young def Hacker, Mikey Madrox & Bobby Thunder def Colin Douglas & Ricky Stardust-DQ, Notorious TID def Xzibit, Mike Van Tastic def Bill Skullion in a Russian Roulette game using staple guns, however Van Tastic wouldn't pull the trigger, Skullion jumped him and shot stapes into him and juiced heavy..

  78. July 27, 2002--Ron's Championship Wrestling in Clinton, TN: DG 2000 def J.R. Stardog, Tom Pitner def Ric Cannon, Dirty White Boy def Big Money Marcus, Mr. USA & Jeff Anderson def Stan Lee & Stardog, Paul Ray def Tim Reed in chain match. Reed was managed by Ray's ex-wife..

  79. July 27, 2002--New Era Wrestling in Shelbyville, IN before 250 fans: Jeremiah Graber def P.J. Flowers, Psycho def Bobby Black, Ricky rucks def Joey Moore, Poison Apollo Star def Yang (is this the All Japan wrestler?), John Stratlin & Tello Ozaeta def Damian Cole & Itch, John Wall def A.W. Lurch, Johnny Rayz def Prestor Pain, Blade def Recifule, Scott Magnum & Brad Anderson def Tom & Troy Van Zant

  80. July 28, 2002--Independent Wrestling Federation in West Paterson, NJ: Shawn Donovan & Travis Blake def Pierce St. John & Shane O'Brien, Damian Adams def C.J. Summers, Hadrian def Josh Daniels, Kevin Knight def Roman, BPA Barry & Frankie Finesse def Brandon Young & Shawn Moore, Biggie Biggs def Erik Andretti

  81. July 28, 2002--New Empire Wrestling in Thomasville, NC: Willie G def J-Money, Mark Michaels def Trent Wylde and Terrific Tony, Kurt Solo & Matt Houston def Ravishing Munkies, Alan Rage def Grease Monkey, Knight Shift NC Untouchables Corey Edsel def Malaki

  82. July 28, 2002--Frontier Wrestling Alliance in Portsmouth, England before 450 fans: Chris Justice def Raj Ghosh, James Tighe def Mark Sloane, Nikita & Hade Vansen def Kruiz & Sweet Saraya, Robbie Brookside def Kendo Kashin (All Japan jr. champ in an unannounced appearance), Jonny Storm def Justin Richards, New Breed def Brandon Thomas & Paul Travell, Drew McDonald def Dave Taylor, Duke of Danger def Jack Xavier, Flash Barker def Scott Parker, Jody Fleisch def Scott Parker to win FWA title..

  83. July 28, 2002--Oklahoma Championship Wrestling in Tulsa: Vinnie Valentino def Smash Hanson, Michael Faith def Splash Jackson, Rocco Valentino def Butch Dalton, Terry Montana def Shadow of Death, Big Daddy Moore & Brandon Groom def Luc LaPointe & Dexter Hardaway, Brian Lakewood def Manservant, Human Hate Machine def Tyler Bateman & Ryan Styles & Grenade in elimination match

  84. July 28, 2002--EMLL at Arena Coliseo in Mexico City: Mezcala def Meteorix, Alacran & Aladino def Coreano & Principe Negro, Heracles & Karloff Lagarde Jr. & Guerrero del Futuro def Fantasma Jr. & Mano Negra Jr. & Solar II-DQ, Tag tourney saw Dr. Wagner & Gran Markus Jr. def Blue Panther & Violencia, Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Platino def Bulldog & Rico Suave, Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero def Mazada & Nozawa, Villanos III & IV def Hooligan & Black Tiger, Brazos def Wagner & Markus, Bucanero & Guerrero def Villanos, Atlantis def Tarzan Boy

  85. July 28, 2002--KAPOW Wrestling debuted in Philadelphia at the L&J Ballroom: Reckless Youth & Ichabod Slayne & Hallowicked def Mike Quackenbush & Mr. Zero & UltraMantis, Jeff Rocker & Rapid Fire Maldonado & Sinister X survived a Battle Royal, Roc Eckos def Drew Blood, Larry Winters & Tony Stetson won three-way over Christian York & Joey Mathews and Well Hung Warriors, P.R. Swat Team def Sudden Impact, Valentina won over Alexis Laree, Fever and Allison Danger to win womens title, New Wave def Kevin Matthews, Dr. Ruthless def Patch, Deranged def Ghost Shadow, White Lotus def Quiet Storm, Jeff Rocker won three-way over Sinister X and Maldonado

  86. July 29, 2002--Real Action Wrestling TV taping in Halifax: Jerry Martel NC Shawn Morgan, Cinder def Vance Nevada, Remington Steen def Scott Savage, Madman Williams def Mike Hughes in tables match, Eddie Watts def Bobby Rude, Chi chi Cruz def Gary Williams in a steel cage ladder match

  87. July 30, 2002--EMLL at Arena Coliseo in Mexico City: Explosivo & Sombra de Plata def Super Comando & Chamaco Torres, Tigre Blanco & Neutron def Heracles & Valentin Mayo, El Satanico & Scorpio Jr. & Zumbido def Hijo de Anibal & Blue Demon Jr. & Black Warrior, Mr. Niebla & Lizmark Jr. & Brazo de Plata def Mazada & Nozawa & Tarzan Boy, Mr. Mexico & Poder Mexica & Gran Markus Jr. def Rico Suave & Bulldog & Violencia

  88. July 31, 2002--StarSouth Championship Wrestling in Cartersville, GA: Vicious def Miniature Melvin, Little Goldberg (not Dusty Dotson as mentioned here before) def Vicious, Ted the Dragon def Mr. Excitement, Hard Body Harrison def Dar Gable, Harrison & Mr. Hughes def T.C. Carter & Johnny Slater