Independent & Forign Wrestling - June 2002

  1. June 1, 2002--Pro Wrestling Iron debut show results in Yukiah, CA before 300 fans: Doc Schultz def Vito Thomaselli, Tony Jones & Steve Rizzono def Bryan Taylor & Bart Blaxson, Los Cubanitos def Kid Chrome & Billy Kim, Ric Thompson (I remember watching him wrestle when I was a kid) & Apollo Kahn def Vinny Massaro & Jet Taylor, Michael Modest & Donovan Morgan def Juventud Guerrera & Tommy Drake, Maxx Justice def Bison Smith, Bobby Dean def Little Kato.

  2. June 1, 2002--Elite Wrestling Federation in Edna, TX (the real home town of Steve Austin) before 500 fans: Psycho Simpson won three-way over Biohazard and Essau Maximus, Fast Eddie def Hobo Joe, Instant Heat def Los Vagos, Devastator def Michael Faith, Chaz & Kevin Northcutt d Steve DeMarco & Lance Jade, Sabu def Skull Mason

  3. June 1, 2002--North Carolina Wrestling Association in Pfafftown, NC: Ric Converse NC Tommy Steel, American Steel Ninja def Simply Wonderful, Jack Spade def Brad Rainz, Dred Scott def Spank, Lumbee Warrior def Black Night & Sebastian Kane, Rainz won Battle Royal

  4. June 1, 2002--Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling in Elkview, WV: Shane Matthews & Rain def West Virginia Wrecking Crew, War Machine def Jack Miller, Brian Logan def Kid Apollo, Urban Death Squad def Canadians, Chet Cartwright def Big Daddy Gordy, Ricky Morton def Frank Parker

  5. June 1, 2002--Midwest Championship Wrestling in Steamwood, IL before 300 fans: Mike Matthews NC Marco Stylz, XXXplicit Content def Furies, Ace Steel def Spanky, Black Dagger def Grudge, B.J. Whitmer won three-way over Vic Capri and Chad Collyer (show stealer), Danny Dominion & Brad Bradley def Eric Priest & Chris Chetti

  6. June 1, 2002--Universal Championship Wrestling in Danville, VA: Jason Blade NC Tone-Up, Luvin Brothers def Texas Outlaws, Beef def X-Man, Mr. Breeze d Intimidator, Johnny Smalls def Spiffy Stevens, Jason Blade & Tone-Up def Drake Tungsten & Hugh B. Johnson, C.W. Anderson def Jimi Love

  7. June 1, 2002--NWF in Butler, AL: Steve Starr def Kevin Rayne, Ryan Fury def Jester McKaine-DQ, J.D. McKay def Eddie Breland, Ryan Fury & Scott Starr def Monty Warbucks & Jester McKaine-DQ, Calvin Rose def Brian Blaze

  8. June 1, 2002--NWA Jersey in Flemington, NJ: Dave Mysterio won Battle Royal, Kevin Knight & Biggie Biggs def Metal Maniac & Giant Maniac, Roman def Frank Kuhl, Mr. Motion def Ace Darling, Mysterio def Great Blazini to win NWA NJ lightweight title, Wall def Danny Doring to keep hardcore title

  9. June 1, 2002--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Graham, NC before 150 fans: Seymour Snott def Dave Greco, Amber Holly def Brandi Alexander, Otto Schwanz & Kenny James & Ethan Cage def Madd Maxx & Johnny Blaze & Malaki, Southside Playas def Amazing Sideshow & L.A. Stephens and Main Attraction, Corey Edsel def Gemini Kid, Mikael Yamaha def Billy Reil

  10. June 1, 2002--NWA Wildside in Cornelia, GA: G Rated def Rage, TNT NC Jimmy Rave & Jeremy Lopez,. Onyx def Tony Mamaluke, Jason Cross def David Young to win Wildside title, Lost Boyz def Brandon P & J Freeze to keep tag titles, Caprice Coleman won gauntlet match, Cru Jones def Coleman, Rick Michaels & A.J. Styles & Scottie Wrenn & Tank NC Iceberg & Rainman & Homicide & Adam Jacobs.

  11. June 1, 2002--NWA Great Lakes in Pickney, MI: Gutter won Battle Royal, Chris Valentino def Petey Williams, El Diablo d Trent Steel, Ravishing Ron def David Caliber, Gene Austin def Chris Vanity-DQ, Scufflin Hillbillies def Suicyos, Cold Brothers def Outlaws, Chris Sabin def Gutter

  12. June 1, 2002--MWCW in Oskoaloosa: Kenny Backwash def McCoy Counterfeit, Gage Octane & Thrillcat def Johnny Fitness & Hard Cor, Austin Aries def Big Daddy Hoofer, Bryan Ash def Havyk, Mr. Destiny def Mitch Paradise, Chance Cordova def Shawn Daivari, T.S. Aggressor def Mr. Destiny

  13. June 1, 2002--Northern Wrestling Federation in Wilmington, OH: Roger Ruffen def Dregen, Damien def Average White Guy, Stamp Lickage def Zodiac #2., Psycho Sam def Rob Williams-DQ, Brian Beech def Dozer, Angel def Taxi.

  14. June 1, 2002--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws TV taping in Indianapolis: Tom Van Zant def Trent Lexington, Hillbilly Jed won Battle Royal, Don Basher def Charles, Whipme Spearz def Billy Roc, Indiana Kidd Jr. def Johnny Showtime, Angelfire def Drucilla Davie, Billy Roc def Jimmy Killkilia, Kenny Couraous def Chase Richards, Spearz def Basher-DQ, Charley Boy NC Black Widow, Itch Coma Weider & Shiloh Hunter def Van Zants, Sgt.. Eddie Wilson def Trent Lexington, Johnnie Walker def Weider-DQ, Killkilia def Van Zant, Johnny Blaze NC Kidd Jr - the top rope broke in the main event and Blaze fell to the floor and was rushed too the hospital. His injuries ended up being pulled muscles and a possible pinched nerve, but it was feared worse. The show was stopped immediately when he took the bump

  15. June 1, 2002--Intense Wrestling in Cincinnati before 103 fans: Ronnie Longworth def Stan Phoenix, Zion def Garf Redman, Brett Majors def Regulator, Ryan Stone def Mike McGurke, Nate Pulley def McGurke, Justin Sane (WWC) def Jomott.

  16. June 1, 2002--Wrestling Cage Productions in Lake Grove, NY before 650 fans: Musketeer def Tim Arson, Java Shabebe def Lucky Louie, Power Company def American Males (no, not Buff & Riggs), Patriot def Mighty Finn, Kid USA def Hungarian Barbarian, Dave DeJohn def Salvatore Sincere, Roadkill def Chris Candido. (amazing how Sincere and Patriot work so many shows together, but never against each other)

  17. June 1, 2002--Christian Wrestling Federation in St. Petersburg: Kamikaze def Vincente Snyder, Cannon def Frankie Capone, Pat McGroin def Agent Steele, Creepshow & Bob def Comic Book Guy & James Hendricks, Devin Nash def Concession Boy, Sedrick Strong won three-way over Special Ed and Mark Zout, Naphtali def El Rudel

  18. June 1, 2002--Madmar Entertainment in Titusville, PA before 450 fans: Amazing Nate def Mason Hunter, Magnum def J-Rocc, Valik def Fabulous Fredrick, Mike Preston def Johnny Heartbreaker, M-Dogg 20 won three way over Josh Prohibition and Aero, Jerry Lynn & Chris Hamrick def Chi Chi Cruz & Dr. Heresy, Fredrick & Sheik Abdul Hussein def Valik & Nate, Juventud Guerrera d Rocky Reynolds

  19. June 1, 2002--IWA in Boyerstown, PA: Felix def Shane OBrien, Dante & Axis def Dylan Black & Tommy Trouble, Kid Extreme def Shaggy, Tony Reyes def Dr. X, Shawn Donovan & Travis Blake def Pierce St. John & Din Mak, Blake won Battle Royal

  20. June 2, 2002--Australasian Wrestling Federation in Blacktown, Australia: TNT def Scarecrow, Handsome Brothers def Kid Kross, Il Cognito def Hardcore Superstar, J.T. Robinson def Tony Kebab, Dementor & Scarecrow def P.C. Virus & Taylor Baines, TNT def Mystery

  21. June 2, 2002--Oklahoma Championship Wrestling in Tulsa before 150 fans: Big Daddy Moore & Karl Davis def Jean Paul & Luc LaPointe, Terry Montana def Shadow of Death, Outcast def Tyler Bateman, Splash Jackson & Brian Lakewood def Butch Dalton & Brandon Groom, Rocco Valentino def Justin Lee, Smash Hanson def Michael Faith, Vinnie Valentino def AWOL

  22. June 2, 2002--All Star Wrestling Princeton, WV: Rebel def Shane Matthews, Super Destroyer def Brody, Lance Erikson def O'Mally, Brian Logan (OVW Damien) def Rictor, Jack Miller & Tony Givens & Bolen Brothers def Cuban Assassin #2 & Josh Cody & Razor Blade & Masked dude

  23. June 2, 2002--NWA Wisconsin in Mole Lake, WI saw Adrian Lynch beat Travis Lee to become the first champion.

  24. June 2, 2002--SCCW in New Bedford, MA: Don Vega def Chris Venom, Stryker def Corporal Majors, Redemption def SAT, Jim Nastic def Portuguese Stallion, G.Q. Smooth def GED, Lance Silva & Shawn Candido def Vain & Highlight Kid, Ariel def Crazy Mexican, Krepper def Tommy Johnson, Scott Ashworth def Nick Steel, Marc Vincent def Tarzan Taylor

  25. June 2, 2002--Mountain Wrestling Association in Georgetown, KY: Tiny Tim def Roger Ruffen, Shane Parker def Danny Montgomery, Justen Idol def Dregen, Patriot def Tuffy

  26. June 2, 2002--Apocalypse Wrestling Federation in Toronto: Phoenix def Sumie Sakai, Robin Knightwing & James Champagne & Jackal def Joey Knight & Slade & Squeegee Kid, Jackal def Franky the Mobster, Vijay Singh def Piranha, Asylum NC Silk, Arizona def Codfather, Tony Mack & Mark Menezes def Masamune & Mayhem, Kevin Grace def Jerrick Miller.

  27. June 4, 2002--EMLL TV taping at Arena Coliseo in Mexico City (main events will air on 6/22 in the U.S.): Los Rayos Tapatios I & II def Jeque & Coreano, Alan & Chris Stone def Karloff Lagarde Jr. & Reyes Veloz, Scorpio Jr. & Bestia Salvaje & Emilio Charles Jr. def Los Villanos, Killer & Bulldog & Mastin def Gran Markus Jr. & Mr. Mexico & Poder Boricua, Negro Casas & Felino & Black Warrior def Katsushi Takemura & Nosawa & Mazada-DQ.

  28. June 7, 2002--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, TN: Jay def Scotty Hanson-DQ, Jack Diamond def Diamond Studd (remember who the original Diamond Stud was?), Big Luke def Robbie Race-DQ, Johnny Raynor & Willie D def Death Row Inmastes-DQ, Gabe Casteel def Mountain Man

  29. June 7, 2002--Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Bayonne, NJ before 200 fans: Chino Martinez def Stryker, Red def Tony Lazaro, Slyk Wagner Brown def Jacey North, Jay Lethal & Rainchild won three-way over Wasted Youth and Jose & Joel Maximo, April Hunter def Valentina, The Sheik (no, not Farhat) NC J-Train (although like Farhat the match only went 90 seconds), Hit Squad def Shaolin Wrecking Crew, Ghost Shadow def Dixie to win newly created TV title, Low Ki def American Dragon in 21:32 of a submission match, Homicide def Steve Corino to retain JAPW title. . . Pete from Tough Enough II came out to a big pop until the Hit Squad destroyed him, including laying him out with a burning hammer (that's a wrestling move invented by Kenta Kobashi, not a hammer that is lit on fire).

  30. June 7, 2002--NWA Wildside in Cornelia, GA at the NCW Arena: Dirt def Gravedigger, Kevin Harden & Swingers Inc. def G-Rated & Jeff Lewis, Jay Freeze def Jeremy V, Azrael def Slim J, Rick Michaels & Scott Cage def Rainman & Todd Sexton.

  31. June 7, 2002--NWA Southwest in North Richland Hills, TX: B.J. Turner def Tarantula, Razor Fixx def Big Daddy Moore, Bobby 2 Badd def Chris Young, Hotstuff Hernandez def Rudy Boy Gonzalez, Justin 2 Fine def Tarantula, Chaz Taylor def J.P. Black, Bobby 2 Badd & Harley Johnson def Larry Green & Chris Young-DQ, Big Daddy Moore def Turner, Black def Fixx-DQ, Hernandez def Chaz Taylor.

  32. June 7, 2002--APW Gym Warz in Hayward, CA: Robert Thompson def JoJo Fantastico, Larry Blackwell DDQ James Watkins, Bobby Quance def James Choi, Jardi Frantz def Kafu, Melissa def Nikki

  33. June 8, 2002--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Allison Danger DCOR Alicia, Phoenix def Ariel, Little Jeannie def Tiffany Monroe, Lady Vendetta def Sonya Blackhawk, Valentina def Luxurious Lynne, Phoenix won three-way over Vendetta and Ariel, Damian Adams & Alicia def Roman & Danger

  34. June 8, 2002--IWC in Penn Hills, PA before 150 fans: T.Rantula def Devil Bhudakhan, Kid Sensation def Troy Lords in ladder match, Super Hentai def Jimmy Vegas, Shirley Doe def Orion in death match, Sexual Harassment def Jim Duggan & Scotty Gash, Larry Zbyszko def Chris Hero.

  35. June 8, 2002--Mid American Wrestling in Chicago: Dysfunction won Battle Royal, C.M. Punk def Colt Cabana, Billy Joe Eaton def Chuckie Smooth, Ace Steel def Adrian Serrano (former UFC/Pancrase guy) in submissions match, Old School Express def The Furies, Steve Stone def Danny Daniels, Danny Dominion def Eric Priest, Dysfunction def Hardcore Craig

  36. June 8, 2002--WCWO in Indianapolis: Hillbilly Jed def Ric Ravage, Angelfire def Drucilla Davie, Billy Roc def Indiana Kid Jr., Itch Coma Weider & Shiloh Hunter def Uncle Ernie & Hillbilly Jed, Indiana Kid Jr. def Guy Lombardo, Uncle Ernie won Battle Royal

  37. June 8, 2002--Steel Domain Wrestling in West St. Paul, MN: Primetime def Travis Lee, Austin Aries def Johnny Parks, Tony DeNucci def Travis Sharpe, Adrian Lynch def Ken Anderson, Jerry Lynn DCOR J.B. Trask, Magnum Maximus def Matt Burns, Horace the Psychopath def Scotty Zappa.

  38. June 8, 2002--NWA Main Event in Columbia, TN before 130 fans: Torch Hudson def Screaming Demon, Larry Valentine def Robbie Ruffin, Tim Renesto def J.T. West, L.C. Dice def Screaming Tiger, Chris Champion, Pandora Boxxx and Jason Cain went to a no contest, Jeff Daniels def Chase Stevens, Jeff Daniels & Tim Renesto def Dante & Leatherface-DQ

  39. June 8, 2002--UCW in Hanceville, AL before 90 fans: Bulldog Raines def Adam Roberts, T.C. Carnage def Big Easy, Irish Rose def Kage, Will Owens & Tommy Green def Outkast, Thesz def Tokyo Bullet, Mr. Big def Zero-X, Adam Roberts def Bret Christopher, Steve Plezing def Owens, YBW, Whiplash & Matrix and Dawg Pound had no winner

  40. June 8, 2002--North American Championship Wrestling in Lenoir, NC before 117 fans: Danny Dollar def Bubba Kirk, Jim Tucker def Johnny Kidd, Bobby Fulton def Ray Gordon, Chris Steele & Scott Powers DDQ Rick Link & King Konga, Black Angel def Big Daddy, Manny Fernandez def Nightmare (Ted Allen). .

  41. June 8, 2002--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in St. Petersburg, FL: James Hendrix & Comic Book Guy def Boles Azules & Rudo, Jerrelle Clark def Kamikaze, Mark Zout def Concession Boy, Kingpins def Rod Steel & Pat McGroin, Strong Brothers def Corky & Special Ed, Agent Steele def Mike Sullivan, Naphtali & Dagon Briggs won IPW tag titles from Frankie Capone & Python, Kubiak won four-way to win hardcore title. Hawk from Tough Enough 2 did an angle on the show but didn't wrestle

  42. June 8, 2002--IWA in Caguas: Super Mark won three-way over Mr. Maniac and Damian, Bryan Madness def Scorpion, Eric Alexander def Chicano, Agente Bruno def Anarchy, Huracan Castillo & Zaruxx def Super Crazy & Ozzie, Pelayito def Stefano, Primo Carnera def Ricky Banderas to keep IWA title, Chicky Starr & Victor def Shane & Miguel Perez

  43. June 9, 2002--Blue Ridge Wrestling in Princeton, WV: Tony Givens def Shane Matthews, Bolen Brothers def Destruction Inc., Cuban Assassin 2 def John Brody, Brian Douglas NC Super Destroyer, Rebel & Rictor def Brian Logan (Damian in OVW) & Chris Gilbert

  44. June 9, 2002--AWF Pro Wrestling had a crowd of 600 as part of the Boyertown Fun Days Carnival in Boyertown, PA: Damian Adams def Hadrian, Mark Mest DDQ Cremator, Kevin Knight def Roman, Wall def Biggie Biggs, Patriot & Big Slam Vader def Cueball Carmichael & King Khulua

  45. June 9, 2002--Mountain Wrestling Association in Georgetown, KY: Prince Justice def Shane Parker, Patty the Ticket Taker def Syren, Dregen def Tuffy-DQ, Justen Idol def Tiny Tim, Patriot NC Ray Steele

  46. June 9, 2002--Mid Eastern Wrestling Federation in Baltimore as a tribute show to Dave Demeglio, who wrestled as Dino Casanova in the area in the 90s: Mad Dog O'Malley won Battle Royal, Otto Schtark def Travis D, Joe Thunder & Steve Cemery won four-way to earn tag title shot, Agent Orange won four-way to get a singles title shot, Sonjay Dutt won four-way, Max Thrasher & Lucifer (owner of the promotion, and can you imagine, well, actually I can) def Thunder & Ceremery to keep belts, Bob Starr def Drew Pain to win MEWF Mid Atlantic title, Cat Burglar def Agent Orange to keep MEWF title

  47. June 9, 2002--PCW in Compton, CA before 203 fans: As de Fuego def Hugh Warner, Faviano def Mike Vega, Furious George def Brooklyn Thrill Kill, Ballard Brothers def Death Certificate & Double Homicide, Hardkore Kidd def Jack Bull, Foob Dogg def Mace in hair vs. mask (Mace lost mask), Joey Ryan def Kayam-DQ, Shark Boy def Frankie Kazarian.

  48. June 11, 2002--EMLL TV tapings at Arena Coliseo in Mexico City: Principe Negro & La Flecha def Zeta & Sombra de Plata, Bracito de Oro & Ultimo Dragoncito def Vaquerito & Pierrothito, Mastin (who may be Joe Kimball) & Nitro & Killer def Safari & Felino & Solar I, Los Villanos III & IV & V def Scorpio Jr. & Bestia Salvaje & Emilio Charles Jr., Atlantis & Black Warrior & Mr. Niebla def Black Tiger & Nozawa & Mazada, Negro Casas def Katsushi Takemura (big Japanese run-in after the match).

  49. June 12, 2002--CCW in Evansville: Mater Rich def Sin (Chris Champion) to win CCW title, Pandora Boxxx def Jason Cain, Bart Sawyer def Damien Knight, Just John def Max Misery, Bobby Eaton def Gypsy Joe-COR, J.C. def Mad Man Pondo in a hardcore match

  50. June 13, 2002--Border City Wrestling in Oldcastle, ONT: Eric Young def Derek Wylde, Geza Kalman Jr. & Dyson Pryce def Chris Valentino & Bret Nikita, Larry Destiny def Original Sinn, Scott D'Amore def Chris Sabin, Cyrus & Terry Taylor def Gutter & Hacker to keep tag titles, Jerry Lynn def Ruffy Silverstein, Tornado & Tyson Dux def Elvis Elliot & Stevie Lee, Derek Wylde def Fuego, Mike Legacy & Petey Williams def Trent Steele & Chad Logan, Cyrus & Terry Taylor & Chris Sabin def Scott D'Amore & Simon Diamond & Sabu when Diamond turned on D'Amore & Sabu, Johnny Swinger def Shane Douglas to keep Can-Am title due to distraction from Jerry Lynn, Swinger won three-way over Lynn and Douglas to keep title.

  51. June 14, 2002--Great Lakes Pro Wrestling in Bay City, MI before 350 fans: Renegades def Big Chuck & Justin Blade, Petey Williams won three-way over Kid Static and Asten Williams, Hate Breeder def Diablo, Tommy Mac def Frankie the Face-DQ, Michael Stryker & Paul Chance & Sky Devian def Jimmy Jacobs & David Kaliber & Richard Cross, Draven Stryder def Pierce Havok, Magnum Conroy & Jimmy Shawlin def J.Q. Publix & Reggie Marley, Amazing N8 & Gutter def Johnny Swinger & Simon Diamond, Konnan def Pete Christie

  52. June 15, 2002--UWF in Las Vegas: Mike Lane & Goon 1 def Solo & 2Fuli, Funnybone def Brother William, Tough Enough Kenny (Kenny Layne) def Rush (Layne's first pro match), Brady Desire def Legacy, Gigolo def Aztec Warrior, Fredo O'Reilly def Johnny Rage, Lane def Izzy Crazy, Hamo Bull def Jason Riggs, 2Fuli & Solo & Kenny def Rush & Major Maniac & Butcher

  53. June 15, 2002--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Erik Andretti def Alicia, Damian Adams def Hadrian, Shawn Donovan & Travis Blake def Pierce St. John & BPA Barry, Roman def Josh Daniels, Adam def Johnny Toxic, Biggie Biggs def Rob Eckos.

  54. June 15, 2002--Interstate 8 tournament in Willowbrook, IL: Terry Allen def Mimic, Brandon Bishop def Acid, Vic Capri def C.M. Punk, Steve Boz d Ryan Boz, Bishop def Allen, Capri def Willie Richardson, Void Effect def Size & Stamina, Styc-it-in Express def Void Effect, Jay Jansen & Grudge def Styc-it-in Express to win tag titles, Bishop def Capri to win tournament

  55. June 15, 2002--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Portland, ME: Stephan Q. Ramsey def Adam Hastey, Johnny Curtis NC Brian Black, Ms. Kritie def Gina Marie in bra and panties match, Rick Fuller def Brian Black, Chi Chi Cruz def Larry Huntley, Johnny Heartbreaker def Tornado, HCI won three-way over Elements of Suicide and Egomaniacs, Adam Booker won three-way over Dr. Heresy and Frankie Armadillo

  56. June 15, 2002--Jersey Championship Wrestling's Jersey Cup: American Dragon def Lee Great, Dave Greco def Dixie, Mark Briscoe def Shane Sheridon, Scoot Andrews def Jason Rumble, Colt Cabana def Damian Dragon, A.J. Styles def Qeenan Creed, C.M. Punk def Billy Reil, Reckless Youth def Insane Dragon, American Dragon def Greco, Andrews def Mark Briscoe, Styles def Cabana, Youth def Punk, Dragon def Andrews, Youth def Styles, Inferno def Jay Briscoe (Non-tourney) and Youth def American Dragon to win tournament

  57. June 15, 2002--Twin Towers Wrestling Federation in Toronto: Notorious TID def Custom Made Man, Doink the Clown def Lucifer, Y2Jian NC King Page (guest ref Brutus Beefcake ended the match and cut both guys' hair), Bill Skullion def Kids, Jim Duggan & Derek Wylde def Tyson Dux & Ruffy Silverstein, Eric Young def Hacker and Tornado. Konnan no-showed the card

  58. June 15, 2002--WCWO in Greensburg, IN: Gracie May def Drucilla Davie, Gorgeous Jimmy def Don Basher, Guy Lombardo def Ken McGuire, Whipme Spearz def Logan Ray, Charley Boy def Black Widow, Billy Roc def Indiana Kidd Jr., Street Thugs def Country Boys

  59. June 15, 2002--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in Winter Haven, FL: Frankie Capone & Cannon def CreepShow & Comic Book Guy, Devin Nash def Kamikaze, Agent Steele def Rod Steel, Mike Sullivan def Lex Lovett, Justice won three-way over Livewire and Naphtali, Kubiak def Axis in weapons match, Shane Twins def Roderick & Sedrick Strong to keep NWA tag titles (Strongs replaced Heavenly Bodies), Axis won reverse Battle Royal where the object was to throw an opponent from the floor into the ring to be eliminated

  60. June 15, 2002--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Damian Adams def Shane O'Brien, Shawn Donovan def Eloy Fiesta, Josh Daniels def Pierce St. John, Nicole Bass & Kevin Knight def Hadrian & Rob Eckos, Dante & Axis def Dylan Black & Tommy Trouble, Biggie Biggs def Roman

  61. June 15, 2002--Mason Dixon Wrestling in Stonewood, WV: Southern Brawler NC J.R. Slam, Nikita Allanov def Daron Smythe, Latin Tornado def Mercury Flash, Thrillbilly Ox def Sean Styles, Premier Players def Johnny Blast & Allanov, Mason Hunter def Zubov, Referee Pee Wee Sherman won Battle Royal

  62. June 15, 2002--NWA Wildside in Cornelia, GA before only 85 fans. Morale was bad as well as Jason Cross suddenly retired and he was the champ. Molokai def Dirt, Derek Driver def Cru Jones, Jimmy Rave d Jeremy Lopez, Iceberg & Adam Jacobs def Tank & Scottie Wrenn, Kid Xtacy & Kid Kool def Tony Mamaluke & Terry Knightenlli-DQ, Jay Freeze & Brandon P & Slim J def Scott Cage & Mike Pittman & Jeremy V, Rainman def David Young

  63. June 15, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Bridgeton, MO: Trainee #6 def Trainee #3, Jynx def Pondula, Old School Warriors def Trainee #8 & Trainee #1, Delirious def Matt, Chuck Farley won four-way over Big Bad Ben, Sam Bacarrdi and Diamond Back Dingo, MsChif def Daizee Haze and Sean Vincent, Johnny Greenpeace def Ryan Ash, Billy McNeil def Outkast, Nikki Strychnine def Jack Adonis.

  64. June 15, 2002--CCW before 200 fans in Marysville, PA: Greg Spitz def John Balsamo-DQ, Vargas won three-way over Blood & Mikey Wrath, Big Hink def Terifico, Sonjay Dutt def Tai, Tiffani Monroe def Johnny Graham, Fumar def Ryan Loot, Damian Destruction & Rob Noxious def Lobo & D-Lucious, J-Money def Rockin Rebel-DQ

  65. June 15, 2002--Ron's Championship Wrestling in Knoxville: Jonathan McMurray def DG 2000, Sammy V def Baghdad Bully (J.T. Colminer), DG 200 def J.R. Stardog, Terry Landel did a promo knocking everyone in wrestling. He said that the WWE wasn't as fan friendly because they don't put on free shows. He said Ron Fuller screwed Ronnie Garvin out of money in the 70s and that Jim Cornette tried to take him on but is now no longer allowed to show his face in Knoxville. Sammy V & Ric Cannon def Baghdad Bully & Rush the Ruler, Jeff Anderson def Tsunami Warrior

  66. June 15, 2002--WWA in Quincy, MA before 300 fans: H.C. Loc def Diablo Santiago, Dave Danger & Tony Roy def Mike Bell & Balls Mahoney-DQ, Tre & K-Kwik & Virgil def Brooklyn Bomber & Hilarious & Purty Kurty, Fred Curry Jr. def Tim McNeany, Jeff Starr & Juventud Guerrera NC Shockwave & Chris Candido

  67. June 16, 2002--K Dojo in Chiba, Japan before 115 fans: X-3 def Ofune, Taka Michinoku def D.J. Nira, Yoshiya def Mr. X-DQ, Joe Aoyama & Ishizaka & Oishi def Toshima & Cikuzen & Matsumoto, Kengo Mashimo def Yatsu Urano, D.J. Nira def Yu Yamakake, Taka Michinoku & Hi69 & Pablo Marquez def Miyawaki & Silver Wolf & Mike Lee Jr.

  68. June 16, 2002--Irish Whip Wrestling's debut show in Dublin, Ireland before 800 fans: Robbie Brookside def Flatliner, Scott Richard def Ahmed Pearl, Assassin def 2 guys doing a gay act, Michael Modest def Doug Williams, Chris the Bambikiller def Chris Novak to win European title, Tatanka def P.N. News (horrible), Justice Pain def Zandig to win the CZW title..

  69. June 16, 2002--Mountain Wrestling Association in Georgetown, KY: Shane Parker def Tyr, Bobby Blade def Phillip Daniels, Roger Ruffen & Patriot def Prince Justice & Ray Steele, Justen Idol def Zodiac #1, Dregen def Tuffy. . .

  70. June 16, 2002--IWA in Boyerstown, PA: Josh Daniels def Rob Eckos, Damian Adams & Travis Blake def Greg Spitz & Mark Smart, Hadrian won three-way over Rapid Fire Maldonado and Roman, Biggie Biggs & Daniels def Kevin Knight & Dylan Night-DQ, Psycho def Din Mak, Blue Meanie def Steve Corino

  71. June 17, 2002--Real Action Wrestling TV taping in Halifax, NS: Lincoln Remington Steen def Trash Canyon, Scott Savage def Johnny Wise Guy, Duke MacIssac def Kowboy, Bobby Rude def Vance Nevada, Gary Williams def Eddie Watts, Chi Chi Cruz def Mad Man Williams to become RAW champ in strap match

  72. June 18, 2002--The Wrestling Alliance in Southampton, England before 250 fans: Justin Starr def Flash Barker, Doug Williams def Drew McDonald Zebra Kid def Ricky Knight, Mal Sanders def U.K. Kid to win middleweight title, Williams def Zebra Kid to become the unified UK champion, Mark Sloan & Raj Ghosh def James Tighe & Graham Hughes

  73. June 18, 2002--Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling in Oak Hill, WV: Shane Matthews NC Rictor, Jack Miller def Archer, War Machine NC Brian Logan (Damian), Batten Twins & Kid Apollo def Canadians & Eric St. Claire, St. Claire won Battle Royal

  74. June 19, 2002--Real Action Wrestling in Kentville, Nova Scotia: Scott Savage def Johnny Wiseguy, Trash Kanyon def Sinder, Duke MacIsaar def Kowboy Mike Hughes, Bobby Rude def Vance Nevada, Wildman Gary Williams def Evil Eddie Watts, Chi Chi Cruz def Madman Williams in a strap match to retain the RAW Title.

  75. June 19, 2002--CCW in Evansville, IN: Mr. Fitness def Pink Pansey, Jason Cain def Pandora Boxxx, Sin & Bart Sawyer def Viper & Grunge, Anthony Blaze NC J.C. Bailey, Just Jon def Simon Sez, Gypsy Joe NC Bobby Eaton in a stretcher match.

  76. June 21, 2002--New England Championship Wrestling in Somerville, MA: Johnny Idol & Mike Steele def Zaquary Springate III & Kid Trance Springate, Doug Williams (UK, looked great) def Justin Powers, Robin Knightwing & Joey Knight def Mark & Matt Taylor, Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter def Bob Evans & Antonio Thomas, Sumie Sakai def Mercedes Martinez to win NECW North American title (apparently a great match), Edwards Xstasy & Ronnie D.Licious def Kevin Grace & Brian Jury, Alex Arion def Maverick Wild, Joey Fleisch def Jonny Storm

  77. June 21, 2002--Maryland Championship Wrestling as part of a show in conjunction with the release of their music CD: Genesis def 2 Dope, Romeo Valentino def Qenaan Creed, Chad & Dino def Ramblin Rich & Genesis, Bruiser def Ronnie Zukko, Kelly Bell def Valentino.

  78. June 21, 2002--Phoenix Championship Wrestling in Pine Hill, NJ before 39 fans: Frankie Kazarian def Christopher Daniels, Malice (Jerry Tuite of NWA TNA) def Julio Dinero, Slayer def Zieg, John Tolan & Mike Preston def Joey Matthews & Christian York, Matt Vandal & Joe Gunns def Prophet & Tiger Kahn, Donnie Bon Jovi def White Lotus, Eric Justice def Nicky Benz

  79. June 21, 2002--Frontier Wrestling Alliance in London: Duke of Danger def Hade Vansen, Justin Richards def Jack Xavier, New Breed def James Tighe & Kruiz, Ulf Hermann def The Boyz, Zebra Kid won four-way over Mark Sloan, Paul Travell and Scottie Rock, Scott Parker def Drew McDonald-COR, Flash Barker def Robbie Brookside.

  80. June 21, 2002--UWF in Las Vegas: Brother William def Fredo O'Reilly, Funnybone def Jimmy Gunns, Legacy def Brady Desire, Big Q & Tough Enough Kenny def Major Maniac & Johnny Rage, Jason Riggs def Jimmy Daniels, Major Maniac def Candyman, Kid USA & Joker def Brother William

  81. June 21, 2002--NWA Southwest Championship Wrestling in North Richland Hills, TX: Razor Fixx def Xavier Payne, J.P. Black def Devastator, Chuck Murphy def Justin 2 Fine-DQ, Hotstuff Hernandez def Bobby 2 Badd, Steve DeMarco def Psycho Simpson, Fixx def Murphy & Harley Johnson, DeMarco def Black to win Texas heavyweight title, Devastator def Hernandez, Justin 2 Fine & B.J. Turner def Larry Green & Psycho Simpson to win Texas tag titles.

  82. June 21, 2002--IPW Hardcore Wrestling from St. Petersburg, FL before an overflow crowd of 275+ fans in the 250-seat building: Roderick Strong def Tommy Vandal, Devin Nash def Richie Rich, Jerrell Clark won over Chi Chi Cruz, Sedrick Strong, Naphtali and Masked Asian Guy in cruiserweight elimination match, Corky & Special Ed def Pat McGroin & Comic Book Guy, Agent Steele def Fidel Sierra, Mike Sullivan & Scoot Andrews def Michael Shane (not Mike Shane, who often works this building, but this is the Shawn Michaels' nephew), & Hack Meyers, Shane Brothers (this is Mike & Todd Shane, who were the Johnsons on the PPV Wednesday night) def Steve Madison & Creepshow, Rod Steel def Dr. Heresy, Kubiak def Axis.

  83. June 21, 2002--Global Championship Wrestling in Tuscaloosa, AL: Guff Grayson & T.C. Carter def Dragon & Sento Tenshi, Curtis Hughes (he's still alive) def Dan Sawyer-DQ, Daffney def Malia Hosaka, Night Prowler def Eli the klown, Sinister won a six-man TLC match, Buff Bagwell def Scotty Riggs

  84. June 22, 2002--International Wrestling Superstars in ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY): Public Enemy def . Ballard Brothers, Sabu def . Devon Storm, Jim Duggan def . Kamala, Mr. Irresistible def . Black Widow, Dr. Death Steve Williams def . Jimmy Snuka Jr, Cyborg & Russian Giant def . The Dream Team (Beefcake & Valentine), The Demon def . Barbarian, Kojima def . Tatanka, Jimmy def . King Kong Bundy, Bei Sei def . The Patriot, Buff Bagwell def . David Taylor, Keiji Muto def . Bam Bam Bigelow and Road Warriors def . The Samoans.

  85. June 22, 2002--IWR in Sterling Heights, MI: Gutter def Maynard Napp, Rip Malibu def Frankie the Face, Rusty Badwrench def Rick Solid, Tenacious Z (believed to be the only one-legged wrestler in the world) def Kamikaze, Jamie Coxxx def Truth Martini, Mark Gjoka def Conrad Kennedy, Mad Man Pondo def Josh Movado, Anthony Rivera def Jimmy Jacobs, Mr. Insanity def Homeless Jimmy, Gabriel Brimstone def Tommy Starr.

  86. June 22, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Peters, MO: Super Electro def Super Castaldi VI, Diamond Back Dingo & Crocodile Kid def Johnny Greenpeace & Daizee Haze, Matt def Keith Smith, Sean Vincent def Pondula-DQ, Ryan Ash & Billy McNeil def Delirious & Outkast, Nikki Strychnine & MsChief def Jack Adonis & Rat Boy, Chaz Wesson def Big Bad Ben in a TLC match.

  87. June 22, 2002--WCWO in Indianapolis: Whipme Spearz def Billy Roc, Hillbilly Jed & Frat Boy def Street Thugs, Indiana Kidd Jr. def Ric Ravage, Cousin Otter def Uncle Ernie, Don Basher def Indiana Kidd Jr. in bull rope match.

  88. June 22, 2002--Ron's Championship Wrestling in Clinton, TN: DG 2000 def Jonathan McMurray, Sammy V def Rush the Ruler, Scott Sterling def Donnie Dallas, Jeff Anderson def Sumoni Warrior-DQ, Baghdad Billy & Rush the Ruler def Sammy V & Ric Cannon

  89. June 22, 2002--Northern Wrestling Federation in Blanchester, OH: Average White Guy def Dregen, Dozer def Roger Ruffen, Rob Williams def Brian Beech, Taxi def Stamp Lickage, Zodiac #2 won elimination match

  90. June 22, 2002--Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Seaside Heights, NJ: Chion def Hyena, Slyk Wagner Brown def Inferno, Ghost Shadow won four-way over Jay Lethal, Deranged and Azriel, Billy Reil def Danny from Tough Enough, Tony Lazaro & Axl Rotten def Shaolin Wrecking Crew, Low Ryda def Striker, Dixie def Insane Dragon, Shane Douglas def Steve Corino

  91. June 23, 2002--Mountain Wrestling Association in Georgetown, KY: Shane Parker def Star Stud, Roger Ruffen def Danny Montgomery, Justen Idol def Zodiac, Bobby Blade & Tuffy def Dregen, Patriot (not Brandi) def Ray Steele

  92. June 25, 2002--EMLL TV tapings at Arena Coliseo in Mexico City (main event should air on 7/13 in the U.S): Vaquerito & Pequeno Violencia def Ulises Jr. & Ultimo Dragoncito, Zeta & Sombra de Plata def Ramstein & Super Comando, Valentin Mayo & Dr. X & Heracles def Starman & El Sicodelico Jr. & Tony Rivera, Emilio Charles Jr. & Scorpio Jr. & Bestia Salvaje def Olimpico & Safari & Felino, Blue Panther & Nozawa & Mazada def Shocker & Negro Casas & Brazo de Plata

  93. June 26, 2002--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in Tampa: Mark Zout def D.R., Pat McGroin def Dr. Heresy, Rod Steel NC Cuban Assassin, Kamikaze def Special Ed, Naphtali def Chi Chi Cruz, Concession Boy def Rudo, Shane Brothers def Strong Brothers to retain NWA, Florida and JAPW tag titles

  94. June 26, 2002--AAA in Monterrey: Halcon Militar & Raton Hernandez def Weopardo & Asenal, Princesa Sujei & Diana La Cazadora def Felina & Poly Star, Octagoncito & Mascarita Sagrada 2000 (do they realize that's now a dated name) def Mascarita Maligna & Mini Abismo Negro, Monje Negro Jr. def Gato Volador, La Parka Jr. & El Hijo del Solitario & Anthony W. Mori (Dragon student) def Dandy & Hector Garza & Masato Yoshino

  95. June 27, 2002--Southern Championship Wrestling in Raleigh, NC: Rico Rage def Skulletto, Seymour Snott def Brent Rage-DQ, Dan Rage def Malaki, C.W. Anderson won three-way over Ali Steele and Dewey Cheatum, Scab & Natrone Steele def Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander, Jimmy Cicero def Cham Pain

  96. June 27, 2002--North American Wrestling in Selma, CA: Supreme Dragon won four-way over Dante, Flaco Loco and Kryptonite, Big Ugly & Johnny Onyx def Tommy Tsunami (some guy who grew up reading American results of Tommy Tsuruta) & Shane Damage, Miss Maxi Minx & Super Dave def Scotty Love & Rayne, Ollie Anderson (now that name is funny) def Handsome Jack in a Fresno Street Fight (yes, Selma is somewhere near Fresno), Kryptonite & Dante def Damage & Dragon, Brian Raymond def Super Destroyer 2000

  97. June 28, 2002--IPW and NWA Florida ran a joint show last night in St. Petersburg, FL at the Wrestleplex before a sellout 250: Michael Shane def Frankie Capone, Seijin Akki def Cynic, Hawk (Tough Enough 2) def Rod Steel-DQ, Shane Brothers def Kingpinz to keep NWA tag, Florida tag and JAPW tag titles Agent Steele def Billy Fives-DQ, Corky & Special Ed NC Naphtali & Dagon Biggs, Justice won three-way over Low Ki and Live Wire, Christopher Daniels won NWA Florida title in four-way over Danny Doring, Mike Sullivan and Scoot Andrews in what was said to be a **** match, Robbie Gorgeous won Battle royal, Kubiak def Robbie Gorgeous. . . They did a big angle where promotion owner Ron Niemi threw down the NWA tag titles saying they were forfeiting them before they are stripped. Joe Price, NWA Florida pres in the angle said he was throwing a tantrum about being replaced by Mortimer Plumtree as the Shane' s manager. Shane's then held Price and Niemi hit him with a chair shot.

  98. June 28, 2002--Big Time Wrestling in Newark, CA before 250 fans: Adam Thornstowe def Armageddon, Billy Blade def Bo Cooper, Phoenix def Jimmy Ripp, Scotty Slater def Perry Douglas, Le'Emperror def White Trash, Tony Kozina def Dr. Luther, Dash Riprock & Shane Kody def Kaos & Scott Snott, Balls Mahoney NC Vic Grimes

  99. June 28, 2002--World League Wrestling in Steelville, MO: Marc Godeker def Derek McQuinn, Josh Besore won three-way over War Cloud and Taylor Anderson, Miss Natural def Heather Savage, Matt Murphy & Superstar Steve def Wade Chism & Ace Steel, Dennis McHawkes def Trevor Rhodes to retain title.

  100. June 28, 2002--Chikara Pro Wrestling in Allentown: Queen Bee NC Trinity, Mercedes Martinez def Bertha, Mike Quackenbush & Reckless Youth & Ultra Mantis & Love Bug & Queen Bee def Blind Rage & Hallowicked & Icabod Slain & Mr. Zero & Trinity in 35:00, Lexie Fyfe def Mercedes Martinez, Sumie Sakai def Little Jeannie

  101. June 29, 2002--3PW Wrestling in Philadelphia at the ECW Arena: Christian York def Chris Chetti, Josh Daniels def Rob Eckos, Dylan Knight & Candi def Blue Meanie & Jasmine St. Clair, Pierce St. John NC Shawn Donovan, Public Enemy double pin with Axl & Ian Rotten, Joey Matthews def Murder One, Gary Wolfe def Devon Storm, New Jack def Rockin Rebel, Sabu def Sandman when Bill Alfonso turned on Sandman and went back with Sabu. Tod Gordon didn't turn on Sabu and stayed heel, and brought in a new monster called Annihilation who was choke slamming people all over the place.

  102. June 29, 2002--NWA Main Event somewhere near Nashville: Tim Renesto def Star-DQ, Robbie Ruffin def Screaming Tiger, J.T. Quest def Screaming Demon, Charlie Brown def Executioner, Spiderman def Ninja Turtle, Jason Cain def Chris Champion in an I Quit match, Jeff Daniels & Tim Renesto DDQ Hot Rod Briggs & Larry Valentine, Dante & Leatherface def Robbie Ruffin & John Noble-DQ

  103. June 29, 2002--Universal Championship Wrestling in Yanceyville, NC: Frank Parker def Cletus McGraw, Rick Karloff def George South, Justin Flash won six-way, Jason Blade def Jimi Love, Unod won over George South Jr. & Jason King, Beef def Rick Karloff, Buff Bagwell def Frank Parker

  104. June 29, 2002--Great Lakes Wrestling in Livonia, MI: Jimmy Jacobs def Green Phantom, Cold Brothers & Diva def Dick Trimmins & Steven Blade & Mercedes, David Decker def John. E. Bravo, Dick the Bruiser Jr. def Axl Rage, Yukon Braxton def Gutter

  105. June 29, 2002--Northern Wrestling Federation in Dayton: Zodiac #2 def Jay Donaldson, Average White Guy def Taxi, Rob Williams def Chad Allegra, Sin D def Peaches, Roger Ruffen def Dregen, Rob Williams def Stamp Lickage, Dozer DDQ Brian Beech, Jay Donaldson & Chad Allegra def Taxi & Zodiac #2

  106. June 29, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling in DeSoto, MO: Preston Peabody III def Sean Vincent, Outkast def Jynx, Crocodile Kid def Trainee #2, Delirious & Ms. Chief def Super Electro & Daizee Haze, Billy McNeil & Matt d Old School Warriors, Nikki Strychnine def Rat Boy, McNeil & Matt & Rat Boy def Strychnine & Delirious & MsChief, Diamond Back Dingo def Ryan Ash

  107. June 29, 2002--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Graham, NC before 200 fans: Seymour Snott & Malaki & Johnny Blaze def Playboy Tripp & L..A. Stephens & Canadian Assassin, Cham Pain def J.T. Sparxx, Corey Edsel & GeeStar def Gemini Kid & Amber Holly, Otto Schwanz def Eddie Brown, Main Attraction def Southside Playas, Sexton Tyler def Ric Converse

  108. June 29, 2002--Phoenix Championship Wrestling in Toms River, NJ before 460 fans: Tank Tolliman & Mike Preston def General Zeig & Kuhl, Slayer def Dickie Benz, Chi Chi Cruz def Little Ricky, Tim Arson def Matt Vandal, White Lotus def Donnie Bon Jovi, Eric Justice def Dr. Heresy, Prophet & Tiger Khan def Dr. Hurtz & Jumbo Gunns, Bam Bam Bigelow def Julio Dinero

  109. June 29, 2002--New Era Wrestling in Shelbyville, IN: Psycho won three-way over Yang and Bobby Black, Pastor Pain def Shawn Shalalee, Graber NC John Wall, Johnny Rayz def Brad Anderson, Tom & Troy Van Zant def Tello Ozaeta & Ricky Ruccus, Graber def Joey Moore, Reficule def Nitemare, Blade def Scott Magnum, Ronnie Vegas def Jim Duggan-DQ

  110. June 29, 2002--NWA Wildside in Cornelia, GA before 225-250 fans: Mike Pittman & Scott Cage def Brandon P & Jay Freeze, Magnum def Carlton Kaz, Slim J def Jeremy V, Jay Briscoe def Mark Briscoe (great match), Guido Maritato & Tony Mamaluke & Terry Knightenelli def Onyx & Kid Xstasy & Kid Kool, Caprice Coleman def Cru Jones, Jimmy Rave won three-way to become NWA jr. champ over Rocky Reynolds (champ) and Jeremy Lopez, Lost Boyz def Todd Sexton & Tony Stradlin, Gauntlet style cage match for Wildside title saw Iceberg def Scottie Wrenn, Iceberg def Tank, David Young def Iceberg, Rick Michaels def Young, Rainman def Michaels (bloodiest match in the history of the promotion, people live said it was the most blood they had ever seen in a match ever and Michaels literally had to wring the blood out of his hair), Adam Jacobs def Rainman, Jacobs def A.J. Styles.

  111. June 29, 2002--Future of Wrestling in Davie, FL before a reported 1,506 fans: Danny Doring won Florida title in three-way over Christopher Daniels (champ) and Scoot Andrews, Bruno Sassi def Mike Graham, Al Bino def Low Ki, Jeff Roth & Anthony Michaels def Vandalz, Billy Fives def Norman Smiley to win FOW title, Chris Charger won 30 man Battle Royal

  112. June 29, 2002--Green Mountain Wrestling in Newport, VT: Texas Hangmen 2 & 3 & Holyoke Joe def Mark Vincent & Chris Venom & Firecat, Johnny Curtis & Antonio Thomas def Justin Powers & Dave Walker, Sonny Goodspeed def Tarzan Taylor, Sean O'Reilly def Bob Evans, Mark Malibu def Aaron Morrison, Mercedes Martinez def Trinity Campbell, Alex Arion def Mike Steele, Maverick Wild def Johnny Idol

  113. June 29, 2002--Apocalypse Wrestling Federation in Toronto: Robin Knightwing def Joey Knight, James Champagne def Vijay Singh, Slade def Danny Dynamic, Arizona def Billy Flynn, Vladimir Urkov & Masamune def Tony Mack & Mark Menezes, Silk def Kevin Grace.

  114. June 29, 2002--AWA in Beulah, ND: Spidey def La Parka (not the original), Doink the Clown & Rain def Horace the Psychopath & Lacy, Patriot (not any of the originals) def Ken Anderson, Nick Mondo def Brandon Blaze, Evan Karagias def Matt Longtime

  115. June 29, 2002--Ultimate Wrestling Minnesota at Spikers Bar and Grill saw Donovan Foley def Matt Jensen TKO r.2; Ryan Severson def Tony Black submit to strikes r.1; Jeff Dahn vs. Salvador Ortega by armbar r.3; Marty Linquist def Alex Lundeen guillotine choke r.2; Doug Maling def Pat Henry TKO r.2; Doug Henkey def . Josh Federly rear choke r.1; Jeff Rol def . Dan Sherbing TKO r.1; Steve Fredericks def Ryan Dunfee KO r.1; Erric Assan def Jeremy Larson guillotine choke r.1; Paul Okins def Mike Belker guillotine choke r.1; Daryl Guthmiller def Kyle Jenson by decision; Haythem Khalil def Jerry Lucker; John Alexander def Andy Kemp by keylock r.1; Debi Purcell def Amy Pitan TKO r.1; Travis Wiuff def Kevin Jordan by decision; Jens Pulver def Robert Emerson by decision.