Independant & Forign Wrestling - May 2002

  1. May 1, 2002--Virginia Championship Wrestling in Smithfield, VA before 75 fans: Logan Knight def Sean Lei-DQ, Ray Storm def Steve Perez, Preston Quinn def Greg Steele, Phil Brown def Caesar, Korie James & Dirty Money & Devin Sturgis NC Christian York & Joey Matthews & Alexis Laree.

  2. May 2, 2002--AWA results in Cottonwood, AZ: Sin def Hardkore Kidd, Mike Nox def Jonnie Stewart, Danny Dominion def Evan Karagias to win the AWA title (stop the presses), Adara James def Erica D'Erico, Native Blood def Ballard Brothers to keep tag titles, Patriot def Kim Chee

  3. May 2, 2002--Border City Wrestling in Oldcastle, ONT before an announced crowd of a sellout 1,100: Eric Young def Petey Williams (not that Petey Williams), Elvis Elliot def Bret Nikita, Gutter & Hacker def Dyson Pryce & Mike Legacy, Stevie Lee def Larry Destiny, King Kong Bundy def 5 guys, Tyson Dux & Tornado def El Fuego & Ruffy Silverstein, Simon Diamond def Chris Sabin, Terry Taylor & Cyrus def Sabu & Scott D'Amore-DQ to keep BCW tag titles, Johnny Swinger def Jerry Lynn to retain Can-Am title. Shane Douglas interfered in the main event costing Lynn the match. Jim Duggan also did an angle on the show, laying out Otis Apollo.

  4. May 2, 2002--Atlantic Coast Wrestling in Halifax, NS before 350 fans: Tod McPhee def ?, Magnus def Corporal Chaos, Steven Pettipas def Harvey Arbuckle, Kingman def Fabian Stokes, Jim Neidhart def Ryan Smith, Flesh def Sinn, Bobby Rude def Jason Bates-DQ. . .

  5. May 3, 2002--Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Bayonne, NJ before 150 fans: The Sheik def Roach, Magic & Shuba def Christopher Street Connection, Ghost Shadow NC Elax, Kid Kruel def Stryker, Jay Lethal & Rainchild def Roderick & Cedrick Strong (IPW Florida guys), Tony Kozina def Low Ki via submission (Kozina looked great), Joel & Jose Maximo def Mark & Jay Briscoe (best match on the show), Insane Dragon def Red, Dixie def Deranged to keep JAPW Triple Crown.

  6. May 3, 2002--Atlantic Coast Wrestling results from Bridgewater, NS before 450 fans: Magnus Van Steele def Korporal Kaos, "Big" Stephen Pettipas def Ryan Smith, Kingman def Fabian Stokes, Jim Neidhart def Arbuckle, Flesh Gordon def Original Sinn, Bobby Rude def Jason Bates-DQ

  7. May 3, 2002--Universal Championship Wrestling in Wentworth, NC: Sean Raines def Element X, Karate Dave def Jon E. Cage, Kurt Solo def Skulleeto, Drake Tungsten & Hugh B. Johnson def J-Money & Sean Raines, Kingpin def Brass Munkey, Jimi Love & Corey Edsel def Jason Blade & Cham Pain, Beef def Frank Parker

  8. May 3, 2002--NWA Southwest in North Richland Hills, TX: Chris Jekyll def Harley Johnson-DQ, Steve DeMarco def Hotstuff Hernandez, Larry Green & Chris Young def Bobby 2 Badd & Mason Grace, J.P. Black def Macdaddie Mike Anthony in a loser leaves town match.

  9. May 3, 2002--NWA Wildside in Watkinsville, GA before 225 fans: Terry Knight def Dirt, Cru Jones def Onyx, Jimmy Rave def Tony Mamaluke, A.J. Styles def Jason Cross, Sal Del Rio & Kid Kool & Joe Dellatorre def Slim J & Cru Jones & John Barnette, David Young NC Rick Michaels

  10. May 3, 2002--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in St. Petersburg: Frankie Capone & Python def Pat McGroin & Pat Powers, Dr. Heresy won three-way over Chino Martinez and Agent Steele, Joey Corman & Samir def Adam booker & Frankie Armadillo, Billy Fives def Julio Dinero to keep IPW title, Shane Brothers def Hit Squad to win Jersey All Pro Wrestling tag titles, Naphtali & Dagon Briggs def Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere (Backseat Boyz)-DQ to keep Florida tag titles, Chaos def New Jack-DQ (total weapons bloodbath style match)

  11. May 4, 2002--ECWA results in Newport, DE: Billy Baz def Kruel, Xero (last man surviving) & Abunai & Mozart Fontaine def Ryan Wing & Ruffhouse Rivera & Inferno in an elimination match, Quiet Storm def Chris Divine, Johnny Max def Japanese Pool Boy in coal miners glove match, Red won three-way over A.J. Styles and Tony Kozina (very good, Styles stood out), Mr. Ooh La La def Hat Guy form ECW, Prince Nana def Scoot Andrews in a submission match to win ECWA title, SATs won ECWA tag titles in four-way over J.J. Johnston & J.R. Ryder, Buck Wylde & Striker and Low Ki & Xavier ( def ending champs). Xavier came off the tron onto Striker through a table doing a 450. . .They did a 10 bell salute to Lou Thesz.

  12. May 4, 2002--AWA in Lemoore, CA at the Palace Indian Gaming Center: Shannon Ballard def Navajo Warrior, Devon def Sonny Suave, Patriot (not Tom Brandi or Del Wilkes) def Kim Chee (not Steve Lombardi, that's for sure), Konnan def Conquistador (who may have been Chris Harvard)-DQ, Tito Santana def Jonnie Stewart, Evan Karagias def Danny Dominion to regain the AWA title, Taylor Matheny of Tough Enough def Chris Harvard when Josh interfered helping her, Juventud Guerrera def Eric Priest.

  13. May 4, 2002--Northern Wrestling Federation in Richwood, KY: Shane Parker def Dark Night, Angel def Zodiac #2, Mr. Hayes def Justen Idol, Taxi def Brian Beech, Nick Rivers def Spoiler, Psycho Sam def Dregen, Brian Beech def Prince Justice, O'Lucky Cab Company def Zodiacs.

  14. May 4, 2002--Independent Wrestling Federation in West Paterson, NJ: Travis Black & Dylan Black def Axis & Dante, Hadrian def Rapid Fire Maldonado, Shawn Donovan def Shane O'Brien, Kevin Knight def Eric Andretti, Alicia def BPA Barry-DQ, Biggie Biggs & Rob Eckos def Damian Adams & BPA Barry

  15. May 4, 2002--World League Wrestling for a TV taping in Maryland Heights, MO before 450 fans which was just about sold out: Trevor Rhodes def Derek McQuinn, Marc Godeker def Taylor Anderson, Wade Chism def Josh Besore, Dennis McHawes def Lumberjack Gabe to keep WLW title, Ron Harris & Ron Powers def Matt Murphy & Superstar Steve-DQ, Johnny Jett def Godeker, McQuinn def War Cloud, Murphy & Steve def Lumberjacks, Miss Natural def Heather Savage, Jeff Jarrett def Trevor Rhodes, McHawes def Haku to keep WLW title. Bret Hart was there making an appearance and there was a ten bell salute before the show to Lou Thesz

  16. May 4, 2002--NWA Jersey in Pine Hill, NJ before 200 fans: Indy Rose def Earl White, Amy Lee def Psycho Witch, Tony Flo def Great Blazini, Roman won tournament to get shot at New Jersey title, Chris Hamrick def Roman, 911 def Ace Darling, Dave Mysterio def Hamrick, Wall def Crowbar in hardcore match

  17. May 4, 2002--AAA TV taping in Reynosa: Pegasso & Los Imagenes I & II def Turok & Angel & Rey Del Camino, Martha Villalobos def Esther Moreno to win Queen of Queens title, Pirata Morgan & Sangre Chicana & Jerry Estrada def Pimpinela Escarlata & May Flowers & Polvo de Estrellas (who is now a bald transvestite after losing his hair on 4/19 in a transvestite cage match, Pentagon III & Abismo Negro & Mascara Maligna def Mascara Sagrada & Octagon & Zorro, Canek & Chessman & Monster & Hector Garza def El Alebrije & Gronda & Latin Lover & Dos Caras in a cage match

  18. May 4, 2002--PWE in Hamilton, ONT: Consortium def Mike Madrox & J.C. Owens, Brown Hornet def Reggie Marley, Phil Latio def Bobby Thunder, Bill Skullion def Bad Boy Batty Bat, Colin Douglas def T.J. Harley, Jamie Jackson def Custom Made Man for cruiserweight title, Notorious TID def Jason Breeze to keep heavyweight title. Breeze was at the recent WWF camp in Cincinnati. They did a ten bell salute to Lou Thesz to open the show

  19. May 4, 2002--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in Crystal River, FL: Dr. Heresy def Devin to keep TV title, Adam Booker def Chino Martinez, Roderick Strong & Kamikaze def Joey Corman & Samir, Shane Brothers def Frankie Capone & Python to keep Jersey All Pro tag titles, Justice def Johnny Kashmere to keep Florida cruiserweight title, Mike Sullivan def Julio Dinero, Billy Fives def Trent Acid to keep IPW title, Wrongful Death NC Hit Squad to keep Florida tag titles, New Jack NC Axis

  20. May 4, 2002--AWF in Anchorage, AK before 200 fans: Calvin Smoove def Pistole, Grizzly Brothers def AWF Lucha Team, Master Tomson & Jubei def New Age Rockers, Shade won three-way over Tristin Paine & Max Steele, Grizzly Brothers def Tomson & Jebei to win tag tourney

  21. May 4, 2002--NWA Tri States in Parkersburg, WV: Pyro & Kid Inferno def Garbage Man & Evil Ninja, Lexus Wine def Cole Cash, Ace Spalding def Shawn Parks, Magnum won three-way over Mr. Attitude and Fabulous Fredrick, Rocky Reynolds def Chance Profit to keep NWA jr. title, Wildcat won Battle Royal

  22. May 4, 2002--Border City Wrestling in Owen Sound, ONT: Tornado won three-way over Ruffy Silverstein and Eric Young, Chad Logan def Chris Valentino, Terry Taylor & Cyrus def Gutter & Hacker to keep tag titles, King Kong Bundy def Geza Kalman Jr., Matrox def Chuck Wagon, Jerry Lynn & Chris Sabin def Simon Diamond & Scott D'Amore, Johnny Swinger def Honky Tonk Man to keep Can-Am title, Jim Duggan def Dyson Pryce.

  23. May 4, 2002--IWA Mid South in Dayton, OH: Jayden Draigo def Corporal Robinson, Necro Butcher def Shirley Doe, Robinson & Butcher def Doe & Draigo, Chris Hero def Ian Rotten, Ace Steel def Vic Capri, Colt Cabana def C.M. Punk

  24. May 4, 2002--WWC in Caguas, PR before 1,500 fans: Mr. Casanova def Brent Dail, Wilfredo Alejandro def Superstar, Justin Sane & La Tigresa def Sexy Marie & Eddie Colon, Ray Gonzalez def Vampiro-DQ, Carly Colon def Bronco-DQ (keeps Universal title), Hercules Ayala DCOR Nene, Fidel Sierra def Rico Suave to keep Caribbean title, Thunder & Lightning def Super Gladiadores to keep WWC tag titles

  25. May 5, 2002--Michigan Championship Wrestling in Muskegon, MI: Big Vito def Chief Lone Wolf, Candy Divine def Robbie Rage in a paddle on a pole match, Kevin Sullivan def Dirty White Boy, Reggie Brown & Vito def Dan Severn & Horace Hogan, Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson def Jack Starr & Disco Inferno, Sandman won four-way over Sabu, Balls Mahoney and Chris Candido

  26. May 5, 2002--UWC (no city lasted): Dave Patera & Johnny Greco won tag titles in four-way over Twiggy Ramirez & Orphan, Billy Lasiter & Ripper & X-Rated, Chi Chi Cruz def Mike Preston, Allison Danger NC Susanna, Steve Corino def Chris Hamrick, Bobby Piper def Tommy Force

  27. May 5, 2002--Intense Wrestling in Cincinnati before 102 fans: Regulator def Mike McGurke, Kevin Coate def Ronnie, Zion def Blue Tiger, Brett Majors def Garf Redman, Ryan Stone def Jomott, Sean Shilleglah won Battle Royal

  28. May 5, 2002--Australasian Wrestling Federation in Wollongong before 150 fans: Chris Columbu NC Kid Kross, Donall Millar & J.T. Robinson def Handsome Brothers, Hardcore Superstar def Tony Kebab, Scarecrow & Dementor def P.C. Virus & Taylor Baines, II Cognito def Mace, TNT def Mystery

  29. May 5, 2002--Apocalypse Wrestling in Brantford, ONT: Squeegee Kid def Vladimir Urkov, Mark Menezes def Masamune, Slade def Kevin Grace, Squeegee def Billy Flynn, Asylum def Danny Dynamic, Squeegee def James Champange-DQ, Tony Mack def Jaguar Singh, Silk def Arizona, Robin Knightwing def Squeegee

  30. May 5, 2002--Mountain Wrestling Association in Georgetown, KY: Tuffy def Al Steel, Nick Rivers def Danny Montgomery, Sheik Aftershock def Angel-COR, Justen Idol def Mr. Hayes, Psycho Sam def Tiny Tim-DQ, Shane Parker def Rob Williams

  31. May 5, 2002--Premiere Wrestling Federation in Pottstown, PA: Bax def Stryker, Mike Preston def Biggie Biggs, Divine Storm def Chris Kole & Tony Kozina, Danny rose won three-way over Adam Flash and Rockin Rebel, Red def Big Slam, Red def Jay Briscoe, Christian York & Joey Matthews def The Damned, Dylan Night def Chris Hero, Jose & Joel Maximo def Guillotine LeGrande & Jack Victory to win tag titles, C.W. Anderson def Chris Hamrick to win heavyweight title.

  32. May 5, 2002--AAA TV tapings in Monterrey: Pegasso & Los Barrio Boys def Black Family, Lady Apache def Tiffany to win Mexican national womens title, May Flowers & Pimpinela Escarlata & Sexy Pisis & Polvo de Estrellas (the latest bald transvestite) def Dandy (who just jumped) & El Brazo & Sangre Chicana & Pirata Morgan, Hector Garza def Latin Lover to win Mexican national heavyweight title, AAA Mascara Sagrada & Gronda & Mr. Aguila (Essa Rios) & Zorro def Head Hunter I & Mascara Maligna & Abismo Negro & Canek in a cage match

  33. May 5, 2002--WWC5 in Mayaguez, PR before 400 fans: Mr. Casanova def Dail, Alejandro def Superstar 1, Marie & Eddie Colon def Tigresa & Sane, Vampiro def Gonzalez, Carly Colon def Bronco-DQ, Ayala DCOR Nene, Suave def Sierra-DQ, Thunder & Lightning def Super Gladiadores to keep tag titles

  34. May 5, 2002--Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling in Conway, SC: Russian Assassin def David Isley, Agent Gunn def Jeff Justice, Colt Steel def Barbarian, Bobby Eaton def Madd Maxx, Buff Bagwell def Rikki Nelson-DQ

  35. May 7, 2002--Heartland Wrestling Association results in Cincinnati: Lance Cade def Spanky, E.Z. Money def Nigel McGuiness, Matt Stryker def Chad Collyer, Kimo def Derrick Neikirk, Cody Hawk def Chris Harvard-DQ, B.J. Whitmer & Jamie Knoble def Race Steele & Johnny the Bull. Horace Hogan debuted doing a run-in on Cody Hawk.

  36. May 7, 2002--Atlantic Coast Wrestling in St. John, New Brunswick: Buddy Lane (former AWA wrestler in 80s) def Magnum, Flesh def Sinn, Kingman def Ryan Smith, Jim Neidhart def Vinny Glyde, Bobby Rude def Jason Bates..

  37. May 10, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Overland Park, MO: Prof. Preston Peabody def Sean Vincent, Kevin Sharp def Trainee #1, Old School Warriors def Crocodile Kid & Great Bukkake, Elix Skipper def Matt, Diamond Back Dingo def MsChief, Delirious & Outtkast def Ryan Ash & Billy McNeil, Michael Strider def Johnny Greenpeace, Jack Adonis won three-way over Pete Madden and Nikki Strychnine to keep tag titles.

  38. May 10, 2002--World League Wrestling in El Dorado Springs, MO before 250 fans for a two-show TV taping: Superstar Steve def Marc Godeker, Wade Chism def Josh Besore, Daniel Flynn & War Cloud def Derek McQuinn & Johnny Jett, Trevor Rhodes def Matt Murphy, Dennis McHawkes def Butch Reed to keep WLW title, Jett def War Cloud, Reed def Godeker, Miss Natural def Heather Savage, Murphy & Steve kept tag titles over Trevor Rhodes & Chism

  39. May 10, 2002--New Era Pro Wrestling in Cleveland before 100 fans: Mike Preston def Dr. Heresy, Prince Juggalo def Sheik Hassan, Aero def MDogg-20, Julio Dinero def Jerry Lynn, Dick Trimmins def Johnny Blaze, Fabulous & Josh Prohibition def Johnny Heartbreaker & Brian Anthony, J-Rocc def Chris Hamrick to win Triple Crown, Konnan def Chi Chi Cruz

  40. May 10, 2002--APW in Hayward for a gym show: Nikki d Melissa, James Watkins def Excalibur, Kafu def Larry Blackwell-COR, Spanky def Bobby Quance, Super Dragon def Jardi Frantz to win internet title, Chad Collyer & Robert Thompson def American Dragon & James Choi. . .

  41. May 10, 2002--Border City Wrestling in Chatham, ONT: Tornado & Tyson Dux def Ruffy Silverstein & Trent Steele, Chad Logan def Matrox, Chris Valentino def Mike Lutz, Eric Young & Kid Copeland def Mantis-X & Danger Boy, Hacker & Gutter def Petey Williams & Rob Romulus, Dyson Pryce def Larry Destiny, Chris Sabin def Scott D'Amore

  42. May 11, 2002--Atlantic Coast Wrestling results from Berwick, Nova Scotia - Magnus Van Steel def Buddy Lane with help from "No Class" Bobby Bass -- Original Sinn def Sabian Stokes -- Flesh Gordon def Vinny Glyde (the worst wrestler i've ever seen) -- Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart & "the Natural" Bobby Rude def Kingman & "Street Fighter" Jason Bates (aka the Kardinal Sinners with Bobby Bass) using the famed HART ATTACK as a finisher..

  43. May 11, 2002--NWA Southwest in North Richland Hills, TX: Brett Bonz def Chuck Murphy, Xavier Payne def Justin 2 Fine-DQ, J.P. Black def Bobby 2 Badd-DQ, Hotstuff Hernandez DCOR Devastator, Instant Heat def Cowtown Kidd & Chuck Murphy in ladder match, Devastator def Chris Jekyll, Hernandez def 2 Badd, Black def Harley Johnson.

  44. May 11, 2002--Combat Zone Wrestling in Philadelphia at the old ECW Arena before about 600 fans. Rockin Rebel def Hurricane Kid & Towel Boy (Tough Enough Greg Matthews scheduled as Rebel's partner but Rebel told him to take the night off), Ruckus def ?, Ruckus def Chris Hero, Lacey def Rain in womens match, Chris Styles & Ian Knox won three-way over Chris Cash & G.Q. and Nick Berk & Ty Street, Danny Rose won three-way over Mac Fury & Z-Barr, Backseat Boyz def M-Dogg 20 & Josh Prohibition, Hate Club regained tag titles from VD (Valentine & Dahmer) which saw the return of Wifebeater doing a run-in on VD as they turned heel after losing, Trent Acid def Jerry Lynn due to interference from Justice Pain to retain CZW and Big Japan jr. titles in what was by far the best match of the show, Justice Pain put CZW title up, Adam Flash put Iron Man title up, Slick Mondo put career up and Messiah put up Kristi Myst spending a night with Lobo. Match went 54:29 to a reported 60:00 draw. Barbed wire tables, light tubs, Flash took a bump off a scaffold. Messiah asked for five more minutes and Mondo pinned Flash and Messiah pinned Pain. Messiah is new CZW champ and Mondo is new Iron Man champ

  45. May 11, 2002--Southern States Wrestling ran its third annual Mark Curtis (Brian Hildebrand) Memorial show in Kingsport, TN: George South Jr. & Kid Apollo def New York Assassin & Jason King, Iron Cross def Roger Anderson, Mighty Yankee def Andy Douglas, Jimmy Valiant def George South, John Noble def Tracy Smothers, Cody Michaels def Buddy Landel. They did a ten bell salute before the show to honor Wahoo McDaniel, Lou Thesz and Randy Anderson. Inducted into the company's Hall of Fame were Paul Steele (former athletic commissioner), Bud Adams (local Spoiler who passed away over the past year), Kim Birchfied, Charlie Peters and Tim Horner. Brandi Alexander def Brandi Wine, Brian Overbay & Ray Idol def Chic White & Equalizer, Shane Douglas def Tim Horner-DQ. Beau James & War Machine def K.C. Thunder & Steve Flynn, Ricky Harrison def Terry Taylor. Harrison said this was his retirement match after working 15 years in the area.

  46. May 11, 2002--New England Championship Wrestling in Somerville, MA: Tarzan Taylor def Aaron Morrison, Justin Powers def Tim Fury, All Knighters def Springates, Slyk Wagner Brown def Maverick Wild, Mercedes Martinez def Sumie Sakai to become the new North American womens' champion due to interference from Melissa Coates (another of the former magazine fitness models like Stratus, April Hunter and Torrie Wilson trying to get into pro wrestling), Egomaniacs NC One Night Stand, Alex Arion def Maverick Wild to keep NECW title

  47. May 11, 2002--Minnesota Independent Wrestling results in Fridley, MN: Horace the Psychopath def Justin Lee, McCoy Counterfeit def Stormwolf, Kamikaze def Sean Stradlin, Travis Sharpe def Robbie Thunder, Austin Aries def Pete Huge, K-Train def Chi-Town Thug, Mitch Paradise def Big Daddy Hoofer

  48. May 11, 2002--IWC results in White Oak, PA before 250 fans: T.Rantula def Devil Bhudakahn, Super Hentai def Chris Kole, Troy Lords def C.J. Sensation, Jimmy Vegas def Denny Gregory, Shirley Doe def Orion in tables match, Jim Duggan & Scotty Gash def Sexual Harassment to win tag titles. There was either an injury, or a good work involving Orion using EMT's and family members plus all the wrestlers coming out.

  49. May 11, 2002--Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling in Castle Hayne, NC: Shane Violence def Tre G, Marc Ash def Boris Dragoff, Steve Michaels def Leo Alure, David Renegade def John Thundercloud, Stro (former WCW Rob Kellum) def Granite

  50. May 11, 2002--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Burlington, NC before 225 fans: Johnny Blaze def Ethan Cage, Southside Playas def Joe Storm & Rob McBride, Otto Schwanz def Madd Maxx, C.W. Anderson & Cham Pain def Corey Edsel & Kenny James, Sexton Tyler def Nemesis, Hostile Youth Project def Mikael Yamaha & Gemini Kid & Amber Holly, Don & Rocky Kernodle def Main Attraction

  51. May 11, 2002--APW in Pacifica before 300 fans for the APW title tournament: Robert Thompson def Vic Capri, American Dragon def Chad Collyer (great match), James Watkins def Excalibur, Ballard Brothers & Cheerleader Melissa def Larry Blackwell & Kafu & Nikki, Spanky & Super Dragon def Jardi Frantz & Bobby Quance (said to be tremendous), Thompson def Dragon to win tournament and title

  52. May 11, 2002--World League Wrestling in Lathrop, MO before a poor crowd: Josh Besore def War Cloud, Johnny Jett d Marc Godeker, Miss Natural def Heather Savage, Dennis McHawes def Derek McQuinn to keep title, Matt Murphy & Superstar Steve def Trevor Rhodes & Wade Chism to keep tag titles

  53. May 11, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Peters, MO: Daizee Haze def Ninja, Sam Bacardi def Sean Vincent, Pondula def Christian Haze, Big Bad Ben def Michael Striker-DQ, Ryan Ash won three-way over Elix Skipper and MsChief, Delirious & Outtkast def Crocodile Kid & Great Bukkake, Old School Warriors def Pete Madden & Diamond Back Dingo, Jack Adonis def Nikki Strychnine to keep GCW title.

  54. May 11, 2002--New Era Pro Wrestling on in Painesville, OH (sold out crowd, whatever that means): Dr. Heresy def Dick Trimmins, Johnny Heartbreaker def Brian Anthony, Mike Preston def Chi Chi Cruz, Sheik Hassan & Konnan def Prince Juggalo & Gutter, Julio Dinero def Chris Sabin, Aero def Gabriel Knight, Chris Hamrock def J-Rocc to regain Triple Crown in a match where Hamrick vowed to retire if he lost.

  55. May 11, 2002--Extreme Coastal Championship Wrestling in Lenoir, NC before 195 fans: Ace Cauldrone def Brian Fury, Miles Long def Carolina Kid, Lazz def Danny Dollar, Axel Knight def Brett Paige, Brock & Ash Phoenix def Dr. Feelgood & Mike Pain Able Atoms def Randy Sledge, Ken Varner def Rev. Slim.

  56. May 11, 2002--Elite Wrestling Federation in Magnolia, TX: Biohazard def Essau Maximus, Michael Faith def Ruffie, Mike Thunder def Fast Eddie, Cousin Cleatus & Psycho Simpson def Instant Heat, Iron Eagle & Mike Thunder def Biohazard & Ruffie, Devastator def Macdaddie Mike Anthony, Mike Foxx def Steve DeMarco.

  57. May 11, 2002--Wrestlers of West Virginia in Cabin Creek, WV: JV Insanity def Jason Friday, Al Bowski def Bob Brown, Iron Bull def Ace Sinsation, Ice def Daredevil, Jason Lancaster def Syphon, Rain def Shane Matthews-DQ, Jack Miller def Lance Erikson, Big Daddy Grody & Psycho def Tommy Gibson & Sonny Landel

  58. May 11, 2002--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Weimar, TX: Gen. Agony def Bret Basics, Bubba Lee Travis def Pain, Mercury def Joey Wise, Chris Allen def ZenZen, Bobby 2 Badd def Mike Tatum, ZenZen won Battle Royal

  59. May 11, 2002--Midwest Championship Wrestling in Streamwood, IL: Justin Cage def Mike Matthews, XXXplicit Content def Tweak & Damien, Colt Cabana def Brad Bradley, Chris Chetti def Danny Dominion, XXXplicit Content def Furies, Low Ki def Ace Steel, Eric Priest def Scoot Andrews to win MCW title.

  60. May 11, 2002--PWA in Grand Rapids, MI: Mallrat Kid def Ferret King, Team EZ def Mad Dawg Maddux & Gameboy, Simon Hollowthorne NC Purpitom, Jimmy Salwin def Magnum Conroy, Michael Stryker def Ash Andrews, Frankie the Face def Maniac Maverick, Jimmy Jacobs & Blitzkrieg Kid def Cocky Little Brats, DBA def Jaimy Coxxx

  61. May 11, 2002--Pancrase in Osaka Umeda Stella Hall before a sellout 800 fans: Yoshiro Maeda d Mikio Takeuchi, Yoshitomi Mishima def Masao Ando, Hikaru Sato def Takaku Fuke (one of the last of the guys who started out as pro wrestlers left in the company), Satoru Kitaoka def Kenji Arai, Kei Yamamiya def Tomohiko Hashimoto, Eiji Ishikawa def Osami Shibuya (majority decision), Akihiro Gono def Kosei Kubota

  62. May 11, 2002--NWA Mississippi in Magee, MS: Atomic Kid def Chris Collins, Darkheart def Jagged Edge, Minotaur def Dan Marrow, Jacey North def Don Brodie, Brother Love (not Bruce Prichard) def Bart Sawyer.

  63. May 11, 2002--PCW at the Crystal Park Hotel & Casino in Los Angeles before 203 fans: Brooklyn Thrill Kill def Mike Vega, Mace def Sid Stranger, Jason Allgood won six-way elimination over Rising Son, Pinoy Boy, Mase Hardy, Steve Sanchez and Hugh Warner, King Faviano def Foob Dogg, Los Chivos def Lost Boys, Furious Gorge def Crayz, Acero Durango def Piloto Suicida, Kid Kash d Shark Boy.

  64. May 11, 2002--American Championship Wrestling Alliance in Morganville, NJ: Great Blazini NC Erik Andretti, Chino Martinez def Damian Adams, Orphan & Slayer def American Express, Joe Gunns def Profit, Hardrian DCOR Ryan Wing, Roman def Rob Eckos, Don Montoya def C.J. Summers.

  65. May 11, 2002--Steel Domain Wrestling in West St. Paul, MN: Johnny Parks def Austin Aries, Daryck St. Homes def Gage Octane, Matt Burns def Magnus Maximus to win title, Adrian Lynch def Scotty Zappa by def ault to win TV title, Tony DeNucci def Rory Fox, Horace the Psychopath def J.B. Trask

  66. May 12, 2002--Mountain Wrestling Association in Georgetown, KY: Ray Steele (evidently not the original) def Shane Parker, Sheik Aftershock def Nick Rivers, Angel def Dregen, Psycho Sam def Tiny Tim, Justen Idol def Tuffy, Patriot def Prince Justice

  67. May 12, 2002--Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling in Warren, MI: Truth Martini & Chris Sabin NC Danny Daniels & Amazing N8, Mike NC Executioner, Gutter def Kamikaze, Keith Creme won three-way for title over Jimmy Jacobs and Jaimy Coxxx, Mr. Insanity def Frankie the Face, Yukon Braxton & DBA def Skull Ganz & Mr. Meaner

  68. May 12, 2002--IWRG in Naucalpan: Meteoro def Cat Man I, Los Avisman I & II def Scualo & Maligno, Los Payasos Tricolor def Xibalba & Black Jaguar & Comando Delta, Dr Cerebro & Bombero Infernal def Coco Rojo & Ultra Mega to win IWRG tag titles (Meta & Ultra Mega were champs, Mega no-showed), Super Parka & Kato Kung Lee & Ultimo Vampiro def Rambo & Enterrador & Cirujano-DQ

  69. May 13, 2002--EMLL in Puebla: Los Brazos Jr. def SWAT & Fuerza Chicana & Black Master, Tarahumara & Bobby Jack & Toro Bill def Tigre Rojo & Starman & Centella de Oro, El Satanico & Mascara Magica & Shocker def Mazada & Katsushi Takemura & Mishimura, Blue Panther & Fuerza Guerrera & Dr. Wagner Jr. def Super Parka & Blue Demon Jr. & Lizmark Jr.-DQ.

  70. May 17, 2002--Phoenix Championship Wrestling in Toms River, NJ before 600 fans for the Nova sendoff show: Matt Vandal def Julio Dinero, Matrix def Ramblin Rich Myers & Earl the Pearl, Tom Marquez def Chi Chi Cruz, Tiger Khan def Dicky Benz, Joe Gunnz def Prophet in a match where he loser gets pelted with produce by the fans Spiderman won 16 man Battle Royal (Spiderman then unmasked as Ric Blade), Jerry Lynn def Little Guido, Wall def Harley Lewis in tables, ladders and doors match to win PCW title, Nova & Frankie Kazarian & Chris Chetti def Christian York & Joey Matthews & Cham Pain. Nova & Kazarian vacated the tag titles since Nova started with OVW.

  71. May 17, 2002--WXW Wrestling in Shamokin, PA before 300 fans: Tommy Suede def Lee Great, Shane Black def Big Poppa Pete, Big Dawg Mollson & Skinhead Ivan def New Jersey Devil & Nuisance, L.A. Smooth & Tonga Kid & Samu def Hit Squad & Gene Sniski (where did he ever get that name), Andy Onnly & Bronx Bomber def Neil & bob, Billy Dream & Jessica Daly def Molokai & Valentina, Kamala def Meal Maniac, Wenzel def Lee Great, Sugaa def Sandman in a WXW title match

  72. May 17, 2002--Rampage Pro Wrestling in Bangor, ME: Mourning Star def Rush Barlow, Devistation def Paul Hudson, Matt Rage won three-way over Justin Smalls and Matt Lindsey, T-Bone Jones & Scott Logan won Battle Royal, Sonny Soprano & John Bryer def Bull & Larry Huntley, Jones def Logan to win RPW TV title, Hardware def Legion Cage-DQ

  73. May 17, 2002--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Pierce St. John & BPA Barry def Biggie Biggs & Rob Eckos, Shawn Donovan def Shane O'Brien, Hadrian def Damian Adams, Kevin Knight def Erik Andretti, Felix def Rob Eckos, patriot DDQ Ramon.

  74. May 17, 2002--NSW in Kingsport, TN: JV Insanity def Yak, Dice Del Ray def Sean Spencer, Cuban Assassin #2 def Justin Sensation, Tony Givens & Alex Winters def Shane Matthews & Danny Ray, Rain def Josh Cody & JV Insanity, Dynasty def Tony Givens & Alex Winters

  75. May 17, 2002--APW in Hayward, CA: American Dragon def JoJo Fantasico, Bobby Quance def Jardi Frantz, Larry Blackwell & James Watkins def Robert Thompson & Kafu, Spanky def James Choi, Super Dragon def Disco machine to keep Internet title

  76. May 17, 2002--IWA in Guayama: Damian def Eric Alexander, Diabolico def Stefano, Chicano def Bryan Madness, Zaruxx def Agente Bruno, Ozzie & Super Crazy def Anarchy & Huracan Castillo, Miguel Perez NC Primo Carnera in a lumberjack match, Ricky Banderas & Apolo def Starr Corporation

  77. May 17, 2002--NWA Tri State Wrestling in Wellston, OH: Ace Spalding & Cole Cash def Valik & Mr. Attitude, Fabulous Fredrick def Shawn Parks, Tricky Nasty def Tank Runion, Alternative Lifestyle def Team Hotstuff, Big Vito def J-Rocc, M-Dog 20 won three way over Josh Prohibition and Ariel, Rocky Reynolds def Chris Hamrick to keep NWA jr. title, Magnum def Mason Hunter, Wildcat won Battle Royal

  78. May 18, 2002--Windy City Pro Wrestling's annual Battle of the Belts before 1,000 fans in Cicero, IL: Acid def Airborne, Polish Crippler & Gino Latino & J-Dogg def Riot & Tank & Chaos, Acid Jac & D-Lyte & Danny B. Goode def Severance & Millennium & J.T. Freeze, Crippler & Latino & J-Dogg def Acid & D-Lyte & Danny B. Goode, Great Milkeno def Robbie Dawber, 9-Mil def Milenko, 2000CC def Los Mexicanos & Naughty By Nature, Ivan Manson def Mike Anthony, Vito Fontaine NC Julian, Psycho def DOC, Studd Clubb def Void Effect, Pokerface def Willie Richardson, Baltazar def Terry Allen, Ripper Manson def Steve Boz, Acid Jazwon 40 man 2 ring ladder Battle Royal

  79. May 18, 2002--Heartland Wrestling Association in Batavia, OH: Matt Stryker def Chad Collyer, Ice Cream Man Tony B def Derrick Neikirk, E.Z. Money & Chris Harvard def Nigel McGuiness & Human Time Bomb, Lance Cade def Cody Hawk, Chet Jablonski & Horace Hogan def Race Steele & Johnny the Bull, B.J. Whitmer def Rey Misterio Jr. to keep HWA cruiserweight title

  80. May 18, 2002--Phoenix Championship Wrestling in Jersey City, NJ before 150 fans: Matrix def Power Company, Wall def Gangrel to keep PCW title, Bruiser def Mike Preston, Prophet & Tiger Khan def Earl the Pearl & Rich Myers, Cham Pain won three-way over Julio Dinero and Matt Vandal, Joe Gunns & Gillberg def Dicky Benz & Father Ozzy, Chi Chi Cruz won five-way over Chino Martinez, Slayer, Scotty Scolitto and Abunai, Frankie Kazarian def Tom Marquez to win TV title, Nova def Jerry Lynn

  81. May 18, 2002--Ringside Championship Wrestling in Whiteville, NC before 150 fans: Tank Lawson won Battle Royal, Sgt. Rhoades & Jason Blade & Jack Cos def Alan Rage & Jimi Love & Matt Houston, Brute & Johnny Lightning def Styxx & Firestorm, Lawson def Kingponi, Southside Playas def Ravishing Ritchie & Brass Munkey, Mikael Yamaha & Amber Holly def Hostile Youth Project, Kurt Solo def Corey Edsel in I Quit match, Rob McBride NC Sage in cage match

  82. May 18, 2002--APW in King City, CA before 1,000 fans as part of a fair event: Jardi Frantz def Disco Machine, James Watkins & Larry Blackwell def Kafu & Joey Ryan, Los Cubanitos def B-Boy & Pinoy Boy, Ballard Brothers def Robert Thompson & Samoa Joe, Bobby Quance & James Choi def American Dragon & Spanky, Super Dragon def Rising Son, Cheerleader Melissa def Nikki, Spanky won Battle Royal, Beautiful Bobby Dean def Little Kato.

  83. May 18, 2002--Jersey Championship Wrestling in Lyndhurst, NJ before 125 fans: Damian Dragon def Deranged, Jay Lethal & Ray Child def Eddie Batten & Eric Baine, Middknight def Greg Spitz, Simon Diamond def Ace Darling, Solution def Shane Sheridan & Andrew Anderson, Inferno def Molson, Qeenaan Creed won three-way over Insane Dragon and Billy Reil, Brian Christopher def Dave Greco

  84. May 18, 2002--NWA Wildside TV tapings in Cornelia, GA before 120 fans: Dory Funk came to the show with Paul London and Adam Windsor. Marcus Dillon def Matt Mason (Funk guys), Slim J & Lance Christian def Jeremy V & Derik Driver, A.J. Styles def Jacey North, Onyx & Caprice Coleman & Sweet Dreams def Cru Jones & Terry Knighintelli & Destiny, Todd Sexton & Tony Stradlin def Sal Del Rio & Kid Kool, Adam Windsor & Paul London def Blackout to regain the Funking Conservatory tag titles (Funk got involved and put Jeff Bailey in the spinning toe hold to a big pop), Bradon P & Jay Freeze def Mike Pittman & Scott Cage, Kevin Hardner & Dustin def Bart Sawyer & Big Bully Douglas, Jimmy Rave NC Jeremy Lopez, Adam Jacobs & Jason Cross def Rick Michaels & Tank, Lost Boys def Overboyz, David Young d Iceberg

  85. May 18, 2002--NWF in Laurel, MS: Monty Warbucks won three-way over Scott Starr and Misfit, Ryan Fury def Jester McKaine, Eddie Breland def Dr. Love, J.D. McKay def Steve Starr, Brian Blaze def Calvin Rose-DQ

  86. May 18, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling in Bridgeton, MO: Trainee#6 def Trainee #3, Sam Bacardi def Sean Vincent, Trainee #8 def Trainee #1, Daizee Haze def MsChief, Heart Attack Jack def Great Bukkake, Johnny Greenpeace def Ryan Ash, Matt won three-way over Delirious and Outtkast, Old School Warriors def Diamond Back Dingo & Crocodile Kid, Jack Adonis def Big Bad Ben, Nikki Strychnine def Pete Madden in an explosive barbed wire match

  87. May 18, 2002--Intense Wrestling in Cincinnati before 96 fans: Nate Pelley def LuLu, Ike Joenas def Stan Phoenix, Garf Redman def Mike McGurke, Chuck Wagon def Regulator, Brett Majors & Blue Tiger def Damon Starr & Hades, Dyson Price def Clunk and Zion, Ryan Stone def Ronnie Longworth, Sean Shillelagh def Jomott-DQ.

  88. May 18, 2002--3PW from the ECW Arena before 480 fans: Christian York & Joey Matthews def Dylan Night & Rapid Fire Maldonado, Robert Pigeon def John Tland, Colt Cabana def Chris Hero, Gary Wolfe def Rockin Rebel in dog collar match, Blue Meanie def Bilvis Wesley, Jasmine St. Clair and Miss Candie were both stripped in a bra and panties match, Public Enemy def York & Matthews, Sandman vs. Sabu vs. New Jack ended with no contest as Tod Gordon turned on Sandman and Bill Alfonso turned on Sabu

  89. May 18, 2002--IPW in St. Petersburg, FL: Mark Zout def Concession Boy, Don Juan Desanto def Devin Nash, Shortbus def Bug & Dagon Briggs, Jerrelle Clark def Kid Krazy, Strong Brothers def Python & Frankie Capone, Justice def Live Wire, Mike Sullivan def Rod Steel, Dr. Heresy def Pat McGroin, Axis def Kubiak, Agent Steele def Scoot Andrews and Lex Lovett in three-way

  90. May 19, 2002--Green Mountain Wrestling in Holyoke, MA for a TV taping: Mike Steele def Johnny Curtis, Alex Arion & Maverick Wild def Texas Hangmen (not original), Debonair Cruz def Johnny Curtis, Wild def Steele, Bob Evans def Antonio Thomas, Nicholas Richards def Holyoke Joe, Sonny Goodspeed def Tarzan Taylor, Arion def Thomas, Kid Mikaze & Mark Malibu def Justin Powers & Dave Walker, Trinity H. Campbell def Mercedes Martinez, Richards def Thomas, Powers def Malibu, Malibu & Mikaze def Texas Hangmen, Arion def Dave Walker, Cruz def Holyoke Joe, Martinez & Thomas def Campbell & Powers.

  91. May 19, 2002--Big Time Wrestilng in Fort Worth at the Cowtown Coliseum: Johnny Tek def Lord Spiro, Lord Slayer def Robert Evans, Scott Charms def UK Kid, Prince Fontenot def El Tanque, Tek DDQ Slayer, Fontgenot def Charms to win tournament

  92. May 19, 2002--Virginia Championship Wrestling in Newport News, VA before 105 fans: Korie James def Logan Knight, Brandon Day def Greg Steele, Spnk def Preston Quinn, Christian York & Joey Matthews def Sonjay Dutt & Dirty Money, Phil Brown & Steve Perez def York & Matthews, Sean Lei def Q-Sic to win heavyweight title

  93. May 19, 2002--Mountain Wrestling Association in Georgetown, KY: Tuffy def Al Steele, Nick Rivers def Sheik Aftershock, Justen Idol def Dregen, Psycho Sam & Kirk Wesley def Tiny Tim & Bobby Blade, Patriot def Prince Justice, Mr. Hayes DCOR Angel

  94. May 19, 2002--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Rob Eckos def Kevin Knight-DQ, Erik Andretti def Tommy Trouble, Shawn Donovan & Travis Blake def Dante & Axis, Damian Adams def Salvatore Sincere-DQ, Hadrian def Felix, Roman def Biggie Biggs

  95. May 19, 2002--Apocalypse Wrestling in Ajax, ON: Billy Flynn def Vladimir Urkov, Mayhem def Jerrick Miller, Slade def Kevin Grace, Silk def Arizona, Asylum def Danny Dynamic, Vijay Singh def Tony Mack, James Champagne def Joey Knight, Phoenix won Rumble. They did a 10 bell salute to Davey Boy Smith before the show.

  96. May 19, 2002--IWA in Levitown, PR: Stephano def Diabolico, Eric Alexander def Damian, Agente Bruno def Bryan Madness, Zaruxx def Chicano, Huracan Castillo def Ozzie & Super Crazy in a handicap match, Shane def Primo Carnera-DQ, Ricky Banderas & Apolo & Miguel Perez def Bruno & Chicky Starr & Victor-DQ

  97. May 19, 2002--IWRG in Naucalpan: Ultra Mega & Zonik 2000 & Nuevo Multifacetico def Black Jaguar & Xibalba & Guerrillero, Fantasy & Star Boy & Ultimo Vampiro def El Engendro & Paramedico & Comando Delta, Super Parka & Los Payasos Tricolor def Bombero Infernal & Dr. Cerebro & Rambo & Enterrador in a lumberjack strap match.

  98. May 20, 2002--EMLL TV taping results at Arena Coliseo in Mexico City: Tzuki & Shockercito def Sombrita & Guerrerito del Futuro, Solar II & Alan Stone & Chris Stone def Ramstein & Reyes Veloz & Mogur, Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Platino & Ringo Mendoza def Dr. X & Halcon Negro & Zumbido, Gran Markus Jr. & Poder Boricua & Mr. Mexico def Veneno & Violencia & Nitro, Dr. Wagner Jr. & Universo 2000 & Mascara Ano 2000 def Mr. Niebla & Atlantis & Brazo de Plata

  99. May 21, 2002--Heartland Wrestling Association in Cincinnati: Lance Cade (new HWA champ) def Brother Clay, Timebomb def Medic #8, Matt Stryker def Derrick Neikirk, Chris Harvard def Cody Hawk, Johnny the Bull def Chet Jablonski, Cade def Matt Dillinger, Nigel McGuiness def E.Z. Money, Rey Misterio Jr. & Spanky def B.J. Whitmer & Chad Collyer

  100. May 21, 2002--Big Japan in Joetsu: Katsumasa Inoue def Daisuku Shimoda, Hiromi Yagi def Nana Fujimura, Ryuji Ito & Mens Teioh def Daikokubo Benkei & Yuji Kamijo, Red Viper def Yuichi Taniguchi, Mark Manson & ODD def Abdullah Kobayashi & Shunme Matsuzaki, Kintaro Kanemura & Ryuji Yamakawa def Hido & Winger

  101. May 22, 2002--Maryland Championship Wrestling in Glen Burnie, MD for a TV taping for Rage TV before 550 to 1,200 fans (well, that was the range sent in from various reports): Chris Chetti & Danny Doring def Ramblin Rich & Earl the Pearl, Adam Flash def Julio Dinero, Joel & Jose Maximo def Chris Divine & Quiet Storm, Red def Qenaan Creed, Romeo Valentino def Marcus Jordan to win TV title, Dino & Chad def Joey Matthews & Christian York to win MCW tag titles, Ronnie Zukko won Bunkhouse Stampede to win title shot later in the show, Tara def Sherri Martel, Ricky Morton & Joey Matthews & Christian York def Earl the Pearl & Ramblin Rich & Genesis, Bruiser NC Shane Douglas with Ricky Steamboat as ref. Both former WCW tag champs attacked Bruiser and the locker room broke it up. They honored Martel, Steamboat, Morton and Bobby Eaton at the show.

  102. May 24, 2002--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Portland, ME: Stephan Q. Ramsey def Louis Barboza, Brian Black def Johnny Curtis, Chris Venom def Tornado to keep hardcore title, Dr. Heresy DDQ Frankie Armadillo, HCI def The Damned to win tag titles, Rick Fuller def Barboza, Adam Hasty won three-way over Chi Chi Cruz and Larry Huntley, Elements of Suicide def Egomaniacs, Adam Booker def Damien Houston

  103. May 24, 2002--NWA Southwest Championship Wrestling in North Richland Hills, TX for two hours of local TV: Justin 2 Fine def Chuck Murphy, Texas Trailer Trash def Shane Beddingfield & Chris Redd, Johnny Walker def B.J. Turner, J.P. Black def Psycho Simpson, Walker def Harley Johnson, Jimbo Starr def Bobby 2 Badd, Black def Fine, Simpson def Brett Bonz, Hotstuff Hernandez def Steve DeMarco.

  104. May 24, 2002--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in Deltona, FL: Corky def Mark Zout, David Young def Agent Steele, Devin Nash def Pat McGroin, Axis def Cannon, Shane Brothers def Vito DeNucci & Lex Lovett, Justice won three-way over Livewire and Bug to keep Florida cruiserweight title, Mike Sullivan def Billy Fives to win IPW title, Frankie Capone & Python def Naphtali & Dagon Briggs for IPW tag titles but Naphtali & Briggs retain Florida tag titles, which splits up the belts that had been unified for six months

  105. May 24, 2002--Omega Pro Wrestling in Forest City, NC before 62 fans: Krazy K def Ace Cauldrone, Kid Spider def Shane Steel, Shane Black def Brandon P, J Freeze def Jeff Hamrick, Derrick Driver def A.C. Sledge, K def Spider Riddleman def Brian Fury-DQ, A.J. Styles def Derrick Driver, Krazy K def Tony Guliania, Styles def Freeze, Krank def Manslaughter, K def Styles to win the vacant cruiserweight title.

  106. May 24, 2002--UPW held half of the first round of a tournament to crown the International jr. champ that will be going to the Zero-One promotion in Los Angeles. There will be another set of first round matches this coming Saturday night. Quarterfinals and semifinals will be on 6/14 at the Anaheim Marketplace and the finals will be in Japan: Rocky Romero def Andy Van Dam, Lil Nate def Drunken Irishman, Frankie Kazarian def Tommy Wilson, Scott Young def Lattimer, Devon Wills def Shawn Riddick, Ricky Reyes def Scott Lost, B-Boy def Brian Taylor

  107. May 25, 2002--Atlantic Coast Wrestling in Berwick, NS before 100 fans: Todd Douglas def Vinnie Glyde, Jason Bates def Fabian Stokes, Magnus Von Steele def Original Sinn, Kingman def Flesh Gordon, Kowboy Mike Hughes def Bobby Rude-DQ

  108. May 25, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling somewhere in Missouri: Great Bukkake def Pondula, Rat Boy won three-way over Ryan Ash and Matt, Chaz Wesson & Keith Smith def Diamond Back Dingo & Crocodile Kid, Johnny Greenpeace & Daizee Haze def Delirious & MsChief, Kevin Sharp def Big Bad Ben, Nikki Strychnine & Outtkast def Jack Adonis & Billy McNeil, Matt won Rumble

  109. May 25, 2002--World Wrestling Alliance in High Point, NC before 100 fans: American Steele Ninja def John Ishmael Spangler, L.A. Wild One def Brad Rainz, Spank def Chris Mantel, Ric Converse def Tommy Steel, Bam Bam def Lumbee Warrior-DQ, Capital Punishment NC Terminators

  110. May 25, 2002--NWA Florida in St. Petersburg before 200 fans: Mark Zout def Kamikaze, Kingpinz def Strong Brothers, Mike Sullivan def Mike Thunderbolt; Next four matches were for vacant NWA Florida title: Steve Corino def David Young, Dave Johnson def Billy Fives, Danny Doring def Dr. Heresy, Agent Steele def Pat McGroin, Justice def Jimmy Rave, Next two are semifinals: Corino def Johnson, Doring def Steele, Shane Twins def Naphtali & Dagon Briggs to win Florida tag titles, Corino def Doring to win title. Doring asked for a rematch, Corino said anytime, and then Doring jumped him and asked for it right there. Doring def Corino to became Florida champion.

  111. May 25, 2002--World Wrestling Association in Columbia City, IN: Elvis Elliot def Brian Ireland, Psycho Cop & Mr. smiley def Dexter & Eugene Wyler, Mercedes def Diva, Shadow def Andy Chene-DQ, Bobo Brazil Jr. def Demolition Sledge, K.C. Thunder def Pastor Pain, Rob Williams & Dozer def Dr. Love & Quicksilver, Ray Orndorff def Dusty Dillinger, Dick the Bruiser Jr. def Stevie Lee-DQ

  112. May 25, 2002--Powerslam Wrestling Extreme in Orangeville, ONT (home town of Edge & Christian growing up): J.C. Owens def Sensei Hiroshima, Notorious TID def Xzibit-DQ, Marco Malaquias def Brown Hornet, Custom Made Man def Malaquias, Mike Van Tastic def Chris Drury, Phil Latio def Jason Kronus, Hacker def Eric Young, Colin Douglas & Bobby Thunder NC Mikey Madrox & Ricky Stardust

  113. May 25, 2002--JWA in Stanton, TN: Just Josh def Miliki, Jaxon Cain def Big Mo, Big Hoss & Soutaker def Jason & Michael Myers, Playa Tyrone def Billy Ray Cain, Scott Anderson def J-Bone, Bobby Idol & Tommy Knox def Canadian Brotherhood to win tag titles

  114. May 25, 2002--Chikara Wrestle Factory in Allentown before 150 fans: Mr. Zero def Dragonfly, Marshall Law & Love Bug def Hallowicked & Ichabod Slayne, Kid Kruel def Zane Madrox, Blind Rage def UltraMantis, Don Montoya & Reckless Youth & Mike Quackenbush def C.M. Punk & Chris Hero & Coot Cabana

  115. May 25, 2002--North American Championship Wrestling in Shallotte, NC for a TV taping before 138 fans: Scott Powers def Johnny Kidd, Bubba Brooks & Steve Stasiak def Secreo Jr. & Tracy James, Rev. Slim & Black Angel def Slash & Scar, Danny Dollar def Nightmare-DQ, Chris Steel & Scott Powers def Power Crew, Bubba Kirk def Severa, Peresphone def Leilani Kai-DQ, Bobby Fulton def Barbarian-DQ, Slim & Angel def Big Daddy & Tony Cicero

  116. May 26, 2002--Carconsumer Pro Wrestling in Brawley, CA: Ronnie Reed (and now, he's not Buddy Colt) def Juvenile, Corporal Striker def Topgun Talwar, Taro & Buddy George def American Wild Child & Streetstyle, Kid Xtreme def Profeta, Matt Sinister def Johnny Love

  117. May 26, 2002--Mountain Wrestling Association in Georgetown, KY: Tiny Tim def Phillip Daniels, Tuffy def Psycho Sam, Patriot def Prince Justice, Justen Idol def Dregen, Roger Ruffen def Mr. Hayes & Syren

  118. May 28, 2002--New Japan PPV in Sendai: Masayuki Naruse & Masahito Kakihara & Curry Man def Black Tiger & Gedo & Gokudo, The Bloody def Sachie Abe (from the JD promotion), Tatsumi Fujinami & Osamu Nishimura & Katsuyori Shibata def Yutaka Yoshie & Blue Wolf & Wataru Inoue, Minoru Tanaka def Tiger Mask, Koji Kanemoto def Jushin Liger, Manabu Nakanishi def Yoshiaki Yatsu, Best of five with New Japan vs. Team 2000: Tatsutoshi Goto (T-2000) def Tadao Yasuda (wow, he goes from being world champ to losing to one of the worst guys in the company but at least they kept it very short, as in less than one minute), Kensuke Sasaki (NJ) def AKIRA, Hiroyoshi Tenzan (T-2000) def Kenzo Suzuki, Hiroshi Tanahashi d Scott Norton (time up draw, said to be the best match on the show, and my god if that's the case, that either says something about the show or even more about Tanahashi), Masahiro Chono (NJ) def Yuji Nagata. Team 2000 won 3-1-1, and Chono is set up for a title challenge.

  119. May 28, 2002--Pancrase results at Korakuen Hall before an overflow crowd announced at 2,300: Yuji Oba def Katsuo, Hirotaka Tomiyama d Satoshi Nishino, Jason Godsey def Hideki Tadao, Hiriko Nagaoka def Yohei Ota, Koji Oishi def Yoshimitsu Warita, Kuma Kunioku def Hideaki Iwasaki, Takumi Yano def Kenichi Sato, Yuki Sasaki def John Glover, Mitsuyoshi Sato def Ikuhisa Minowa by majority decision

  120. May 29, 2002--Extreme Texas Wrestling in San Antonio before 150 fans: Paul London def Spanky, A.C. Riddick def Rob Summers, Simply Luscious def Kid Soulja, Kevin Douglas def Biohazard, Chris Krueger & Michael Shane def Jeremy Sage & John Hope, Mike Foxx def Steve Corino-DQ.

  121. May 29, 2002--CCW in Evansville, IN before 120 fans: Viper & J.Grunge def Jason Cain & Pink Pansey, Chase Stevens def Hammerjack, Sin & Chanelle & Pandora Boxx def Bart Sawyer & Alexis & Jade, Mad Man Pondo def Bobby Eaton-DQ, Just On def Josh Jewell

  122. May 30, 2002--Southern Championship Wrestling in Raleigh: Ali Steele def Skulletto, Seymour Snott def Mervin Snead, Scab & Natrone Steele def Billy Reil & Dave Greco, Cham Pain def Lazz, Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander & Malaki def Jimmy Cicero & Christopher Carmichael & Brent Rage, C.W. Anderson def Dewey Cheatum

  123. May 31, 2002--Mountain Strength Impact Zone Wrestling in Globe, AZ: Chainsaw def Sin, Jack Bull def Ravage, A six-year old pinned the Evil Clown, Lexie Fyfe def Erica D'Erico, Mike Nox def Hollywood to win MSPWIZW title (seriously), Native Blood (Zero-0ne) def Ballard Brothers to win MSPWIZW tag titles

  124. May 31, 2002--Atlas Championship Wrestling in Auburn, ME: Chris Camaro def Kid Makazie, Marc Malibu def Evil Nick, Mike Osborne def Bull Moose-DQ, Amanda Storm def Trinity Kimball, Power Company def Kevin Kelly & Antonio Thomas

  125. May 31, 2002--Great Lakes Pro Wrestling in Rockwood, MI before 250 fans: Diablo def Spaz, Renegades def Scufflin Hillbillies, Woody Lee NC Gene Austin, Pierce Havok def Draven Stryder, Dave Caliber won four-way over Jason Max, Paul Chance and Max Damian, Chris Sabin def Richard Cross, Jimmy Shalwin & Magnum Conroy def Suicyois, Amazing Nate def Ricky James

  126. May 31, 2002--Stampede Wrestling in Calgary before about 300 fans had a tribute to Davey Boy Smith show which included Harry Smith over Rick Vane and Bruce Hart & T.J. Wilson over Randy & Patrick Meyers

  127. May 31, 2002--NWA Main Event in Spring Hill, TN: Justin Thunder def Torch Hudson-DQ, Hot Rod Biggs def Anthony Ingram, Robbie Ruffin def Larry Valentine, Biggs def Thunder, L.C. Dice & Star def Dante & Leatherface-DQ, Knighmare def Jason Cain, Jeff Daniels & Tim Renesto def Chase Stevens & Chris Harris-DQ

  128. May 31, 2002--UWF in New Bedford, MA: Blade def Kyle Storm, Chi Chi Cruz def K.L. Murphy, Striker def Maverick Wild, Kid Krazy def Mike Paiva, Joel & Jose Maximo def The Damned,. Red won three-way over Dylan Kage and Quiet Storm, Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter def Ronnie D. Lishus & Edward Xtacy, Lishus won Battle Royal, Steve Corino def Gino Giovann 7-6 in 30:00 Iron man match

  129. May 31, 2002--World of Hurt Wrestling in Schenectady, NY: Eric Everlast DDQ Jimmy Cash, Thornn def Jim Tanner, Shotgun & Militia & Texas Outlaw def Moondogs Mutt & Mange & Maxx Burton, Punk def Ricky Dominguez, Kid Krush won four-way over Mikey Mudd, Orgazmo and Shockwave, Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago def Syro & Ekundo, Danger & H.C. Loc & Mike Hardy def Curtis Candy & Hoss & Jeff Starr, Dominguez won Battle Royal

  130. May 31, 2002--UWF in Las Vegas: Legacy def Brady Desire, X def Brother William, Aztec Warrior def Johnny Rage, Jason Riggs def Mike Lnae-DQ, Funny Bone def Izzy Crazy, Major Maniac def Fredo O'Reilly, Hamo bull NC Aztec Warrior, Lane & Goon def Club Vegas, Professor 2Fuli def Rush-DQ, Joker def Damian Dollaz, O'Reilly & Legacy def Desire & William