Independent & Forign Wrestling - February 2002

  1. February 1, 2002--UWF in Las Vegas: Brother William def Brady A-DQ, Candyman def Fredo, Solo def Sho Nuff Badd, Sinful def Jason Riggs, Rush def Johnny Rage, Joker & Izzy Crazy def Jesus & Major Maniac, Big Q def Maniac, Legacy def Funnybone. Nick Bockwinkel did an angle at the show hinting coming out of retirement

  2. February 1, 2002--FWA in Broxbourne, Herts, UK: Chris Justice NC Raj Ghosh, Mark Sloan def Ian DeCyple, Ulf Hermann & Drew McDonald def New Breed to win the British tag titles, Flash Barker def Jody Fleisch, Jonny Storm def Jorge Castano, Alex Shane def The Boyz in a handicap match, Scott Parker & Nikita def Dean Ayasss & Mark Sloan, Doug Williams def Christopher Daniels

  3. February 1, 2002--Meca Vale Tudo results in Curatiba, Brazil (I've never been there, and in fact, never even heard of the city until about four years ago, but I would never walk the streets there): Macelao def Paulao, Daniel Acacio def Zinho, Luis Azeredo def Cristiano Marcello, Bicudo def Fabio Shon, Nilson Castro def Guilherme Lima, Alexandre Gomes def Marcelo Clemente, Gustavo Ximu (RINGS) def Jorge Patino (former UFC title contender), Jorge Navalhada def Diamante Negro, Anderson Silva def Jucao, Carlos Barreto retained heavyweight title over Marcelo Souza via ref stoppage

  4. February 2, 2002--Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Bayonne, NJ in a benefit show that raised $5,000 for the widow of Russ Haas: Ghost Shadow & Jay Lethal def Deranged & Rain Child, Jacey North def Chino Martinez to keep Virginia title, Seijin Akki def Crazy Ivan, J.T. Jobber def Trinity Campbell (woman wrestler), Slyk Wagner Brown def Stryker, Rick Silver & Dave Desire def Don Montoya & Mike Quackenbush, Boogie Knights def Ric Blade & Exploited Child Elax, Kid Kruel def Low Ki, Charlie Haas won three-way over Simon Diamond and Devon Storm, Hit Squad def Shane Twins, Dixie won three-way over Insane Dragon and Homicide to win JAPW title. . . The entire locker room came out before the show started for a video tribute

  5. February 2, 2002--Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling in Carrollton, GA: Damien def Scott Ross, Jon Holcombe def Luther Biggs, Dobbins Brothers def Southside Trash in Oklahoma Saddle match, Glacier won three-way over Reverend and Jorge Estrada, Dusty Rhodes & Dustin Rhodes & Ron Studd def Scotty Riggs & Fake Goldust & Jason Sugarman in a TLC match.

  6. February 2, 2002--Carconsumer Pro Wrestling in Calexico, CA: Matrix def SoCal Loco, Streetstyle def Cyberspace, American Wild Child & Goalie Howe def King Faviano & Buddy George, Super Dragon def Taro, Negro Azteca won Battle Royal. Halloween missed the show due to being injured the night before in Tijuana.

  7. February 2, 2002--Intense Wrestling in Cincinnati before 156 fans: Eki Motto def Chico, Gavilan def Pinkdust, Super Hentai & Shirley Doe def Orion & Boomer Payne, Zion def Jimmy Fitzwell, Jomott def Seminole Warrior, Sean Shillelagh def Ryan Stone-DQ.

  8. February 2, 2002--Carolinas Radio DJ's John Boy & Billy's debut show for Wrestling Force America before about 500 fans in Richmond, VA: Nova def Chris Hamrick, Q-Sic def Madd Maxx, Otto Schwanz def Roadkill, Christian York & Joey Matthews def Red & Joel Maximo, Jack Victory def Ricky Morton, Little Guido def Pedro Wang, Lodi def Steve Corino

  9. February 2, 2002--Canadian Championship Wrestling in Sherwood Park, Alberta: Adrian Walls def Assassin 2001, Apocalypse & Rico Barzini def Johnny Devine & Kirk Melnyk, J.D. Michael def Orderly, Phoenix Taylor def Marky Mark, Vanilla Bryce def Chris Wayne.

  10. February 2, 2002--USA Wrestling in Nashville before 600 fans: Chase Stevens def Lucky West, Big Bully Douglas def T.J. Gray, Malia Hosaka def Leilani Kai, Bart Sawyer def Hot Rod Biggs in a dog collar match, Cassidy O'Reilly def Mike Rapada, Chris Harris def Ashley Hudson to retain USA tile, James Storm NC Rick Michaels in a TLC match, Jerry Lawler def David Flair. The same crew the night before drew 900 fans paying $7,000 in Gamaliel, KY, noteworthy because the population of the city is only 254. Next week's main event is Michaels vs. Storm in a fan participation strap match and Harris def ending against Jason Cross of Wildside. They also run 2/8 in Lebanon, TN with Michaels vs. Harris as the main event. Jim Cornette and Scott Hudson now do the TV announcing.

  11. February 2, 2002--Midwest Championship Wrestling in Chicago at St. Patrick's High School: Danny Dominion def C.M. Punk, Jeffro King & Black Dagger def Some Hick Team to retain tag titles, Brad Bradley def Valyk, Ace Steele def Colt Cabana, Steve Stone def Jay Jensen, Chris Chetti def Acid, Scoot Andrews def Eric Priest-DQ to keep MCW title

  12. February 2, 2002--Northern Wrestling Federation in Falmouth, KY: Mr. Hayes def Roger Ruffen, Damien def American Kickboxer Sam Cody def Moose, Prince Justice def Patriot, Nick Rivera def Tax, Brian Beech def Dregen.

  13. February 2, 2002--NWA Wildside TV tapings in Cornelia, GA: G-Rated def Roderick & Cedrick Strong (IPW Florida), Slim J & Cru Jones def Mike Pittman & Jeremy V, Onyx def Sgt. Overkill, Caprice Coleman def Jason Cross-DQ, Kaz Hayashi def Jeremy Lopez-DQ, Gabriel def Homicide, Terry Knight NC Henry Hoss, Lazz def Air Paris-DQ, Jimmy Rave NC Todd Sexton, A.J. Styles def Adam Jacobs to keep Wildside title

  14. February 2, 2002--Liberty All-Star Wrestling in Downingtown, PA: Cujo & Rough Ryder def Greg Spitz & Mark Smart, Patch def Glen Osbourne, Chris Krueger def Ted Durst, Backseat Boyz def Thrill Kill Kult, Ron Starr DDQ Dr. Ruthless, Maverick def Rapid Fire Maldonado in a loser leaves town match, Rockin Rebel & Jimmy Jannetty retained tag titles over Krash Krew. Next show is 2/16 in Philadelphia at the Murphy Rec Center with Al Perez vs. Steve Corino for LAW title as the main event. 2/24 at the L&J Ballroom in Philadelphia has Chris Hamrick vs. Ric Blade and Spanky and Michael Shane appearing

  15. February 2, 2002--Appalachia Pro Wrestling in Smithers, WV: Rip Manson NC Total Eclipse, Chris Vega def Shane Matthews, Big Daddy Gordy def Chance Prophet, Kid Apollo & Jack Miller & Johnny Blast def Canadians & Punchy McGee, Eclipse won Battle Royal, Spyder Crowley & Scott McComas def Danny Ray & Joey Morton in cage match

  16. February 3, 2002--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento before 250 fans: Flaco Loco won Battle Royal, Handsome Jack & Clint Douglas def Ollie Anderson & Xtreme, Pogo the Clown DCOR Danny Tundra, Supreme def Big Ugly, D def Steve Rizzono, Kaos def Dante (apparently a really good match), Brain Raymond def Scotty Love to retain SPW title in cage match

  17. February 3, 2002--Combat Zone Wrestling returns to Viking Hall (formerly ECW Arena) in Philadelphia with Justice Pain vs. Nick Gage for the CZW title, Backseat Boyz vs. Eddie Valentine & Jon Dahmer for tag titles and Zandig putting up CZW against Lobo, who puts up his career as well as Nick Mondo vs. Messiah.

  18. February 4, 2002--IWRG results from Naucalpan: Principe de Fuego & Erick Draven def Avisman II & Asteroide, Maligno & Slayer def Guerra C-3 & Nuevo Multifacetico, Oficial & Vigilante & Guardian def Ultra Mega & Mega & Fantasy, Los Payasos Tricolor def Dr. Cerebro & Paramedico & Cirujano-DQ, Pentagon Black & Charly Manson & Fuerza Guerrera def Super Parka & Mike Segura & Pantera

  19. February 4, 2002--EMLL results in Puebla: Andros & Mafia def Black Master & Kirvan, MS 1 Jr. & Karisma & Tarahumara def Siki Osama Jr. & Los Rayos Tapatios I & II, Sarfari & Tony Rivera & Tigre Rojo def El Egipcio II & Violencia & Gran Markus Jr., Loco Max def Volador Jr. to retain Mexican national lightweight title, El Hijo del Santo & Mascara Sagrada & Super Parka def Scorpio Jr. & Mascara Ano 2000 & Universo 2000. . .

  20. February 4, 2002--EMLL results in Puebla: Espiritu Maligno & Ares def Black Master & Blue Center, Karisma & MS 1 Jr. def Asturiano & Tiger, Virus & Tarahumara & Loco Max def Tigre Blanco & Tigre Rojo & Ricky Marvin, Tarzan Boy & Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero def El Satanico & Averno & Mephisto, El Hijo del Santo & Mr. Niebla & Lizmark Jr. def Shocker & Apolo Dantes & Mascara Ano 2000

  21. February 5, 2002--HWA results in Cincinnati: Lance Cade & Mike Sanders def Payne & Chad Collyer, Island Boyz def Shark Boy & Time Bomb, Gotti def Cody Hawk, Matt Dillinger def Steve Bradley-DQ, Shannon Moore def B.J. Whitmer to keep cruiserweight title, E.Z. Money & Johnny the Bull def Ice Cream Man & Derrick Neikirk, Hugh Morrus & Race Steele def Shawn Stasiak & Matt Stryker, R.C. Haas def Jamie Knoble

  22. February 5, 2002--Appalachia Pro Wrestling in Oak Hill, WV: Richie Action def Lance Erickson-DQ, Danny Ray NC Big Daddy Gordy, Prophet def Joey Morton, Scotty McKeever def Scotty Blaze, Punchy McGee & Scott McComas def Jack Miller & Beef-DQ.

  23. February 7, 2002--AAA TV taping results in Cuautitlan: May Flowers & Polvo de Estrellas def Uba & Super Loco, Pegasso & Los Chivas Rayadas I & II def Mr. Condor & Angel Mortal & Gallego, Chessman & Escoria & Cuervo & Nesferatus def Oriental & AAA Mascara Sagrada & Mascara Sagrada Jr. & Oscar Sevilla, Ngyma & Picudo & Espiritu & Silver Cat def Los Payasos to retain Mexican national atomicos title, Hector Garza & Heavy Metal def Gronda & Perro Aguayo Jr.

  24. February 7, 2002--UWF in Las Vegas for a show that included more than 80 past and present wrestlers watching in attendance because of the Cauliflower Alley Club banquet: Fredo def Jesus, Legacy def Brother William, Butcher & Big 2Fuji def Sinful & Jason Riggs, Brady Desire def Candyman, Solo def Damien Dollaz, Rush def Johnny Rage, Spanky def American Dragon

  25. February 7, 2002--Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling results in Carrollton, GA: T.J Grey def Silky Boom Boom, Scott Ross def Sonny Siaki, Reverend def Glacier, Damien won three-way over Jorge Estrada and Sean Evans, Southside Trash def Dobbins Brothers, Barry Windham & Ron Studd def Jason Sugarman & Scotty Riggs, Dustin Rhodes def Steve Corino

  26. February 8, 2002--NWA Southwest Championship Wrestling last night in North Richland Hills, TX: Brett Bonz def Fast Eddie, Bobby 2 Badd def Jimbo Starr, Devastator def Psycho Simpson, Chaz Taylor def John Allen, J.P. Black & Mike Thunder def Al Jackson & Hellraiser Hark.

  27. February 8, 2002--IPW results in St. Petersburg, FL: Roderick Strong & Kamikaze Kid won-four way over Sederick Strong & Kid Lethal, Seijin Akki & Jet Jaguar and Bug & Live Wire, Vandelz def Dave Johnson & Hack Myers to win FOW tag titles, David Young def Mike Sullivan, Rick Thames def Snow, Richie Rich def Don Juan DeSanto, Rod Steel & Pat Powers & Pat McGroin NC Devin Nash & Frankie Capone & Python, Axis def Chaos, Justice def Cynic to keep cruiserweight title, Jeff Bradley def Rastaman to keep TV title, Wrongful Death won three way over QuickieMart and Christian York & Joey Matthews to win Florida Unified tag titles, Billy Fives won three-way over Scoot Andrews and A.J. Styles to retain IPW title.

  28. February 8, 2002--North American Championship Wrestling in Newton, NC before 174 fans: Brad Hunter d Eddie Golden, Masked Superstar (it really was Bill Eadie) NC Rick Link, Sevar the Bounty Hunter & Carnage def King Konga & Latin Lover, Lord Everett Devore def Jim Tucker, Big Wood & Big Daddy def Black Angel & Rev. Slim, Norman Smiley def Bobby Eaton, Ricky Morton def Barbarian in cage match

  29. February 8, 2002--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Hanover, NH: Alex Arion def Brian Black, Egomaniacs def The Damned to win tag titles, Adam booker def Chris Venom, Tornado won three-way over Chi Chi Cruz and K.L. Murphy, Rick Fuller def Alex Arion, Dr. Heresy def Damian Houston, Larry Huntley & Kid Krazy & Saul Rizzo def Frankie Armadillo & Johnny Curtis & Frank Rosenberg, Doink the Clown def Stefan Ramsey. Next shows are Friday night at the Stevens Avenue Armory in Portland, ME and 2/16 in Henniker, NH at New England College with C.W. Anderson on both shows.

  30. February 9, 2002--Canadian Championship Wrestling in Edmonton before 80 fans: Chris Steele def Marky Mark, Highlander def J.D. Michaels, Orderly def Chris Wayne-DQ, Adrian Wells def Apocalypse (best match), Vanilla Bryce def Phoenix Taylor, Chris Wayne & J.D. Michaels def Vanilla Bryce & Orderly

  31. February 9, 2002--Independent Wrestling Federation in Boyertown, PA: Shawn Donovan & Pierce St. John def Eloy Fiesta & J.D. Powers, Hadrian def Dylan Black, Bax def Freight Train, Din Mak def Tony Reyes, Colin Cash & Felix Leon def Erik Andretti & John Royal, Psycho def Rob Eckos-DQ, Roman def Damian Adams.

  32. February 9, 2002--Appalachia Pro Wrestling in Elkview, WV: Richie Action & Kid Apollo def Chris Vega & Shane Matthews, Scott McComas def Danny Ray, Billy Styles def Brian Douglas, Urban Death Squad def Deacon Furious & Matthew Marvel, Frank Parker def War Machine, Chet Cartwright def Assassin

  33. February 9, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling from Bridgeton, MO: Cavana Fantastic def Great Bukkake, Outkast def Heart Attack Jack, Jeff won Battle Royal, Kevin Sharpe def Johnny Jett, Chaz Wesson def Gordon Pumpernickle, Jack Adonis def Sean Vincent, Big Bad Ben def Sam Bacardi, Billy McNeil def Ms. Chif, Matt won four-way over Delirious, Mike Sharona and Ryan Ash, Pete Madden & Nikki Strychnine def Diamond Back Dingo & Crocodile Kid

  34. February 9, 2002--Minnesota Independent Wrestling in Fridley, MN: Lauden Payne & Lacey NC Autums Hayze & Pete Huge, Big Daddy Hoofer def Robbie Thunder, Chuck Diesel def Travis Sharpe, Horace the Psychopath def K-Train-DQ, Pete Huge & Lauden Payne def Stormwolf & Sean Stradlin, Austin Aries def Justin Lee, Chi-Town Thug & Horace the Psychopath def Mitch Paradise & K-Train

  35. February 9, 2002--Combat Zone Wrestling results from ECW Arena in Philadelphia before 850 fans: Chris Cash def G.Q., Divine Storm d Nick Berk, Midnight Outlaws (Briscoes) def Chris Stylez & Ian Knoxx, Rachies def Greg Matthews (Tough Enough Greg and the crowd hated him) & Ruckus, Messiah def Nick Mondo, Backseat Boyz retained CZW tag titles over Ballard Brothers with a re-started finish, Justice Pain def Nick Gage to keep CZW title, Lobo def Zandig to win ownership of CZW. Next show in the building is 3/9 with Pain & mystery partner vs. Gage & Hatred, Backseat Boyz vs. Eddie Valentine & Jon Dahmer and Messiah vs. Adam Flash

  36. February 9, 2002--New Era Pro Wrestling in Painesville, OH before 200 fans: J.T. Lightning & Josh Prohibition & Prophet def Sheik Hassan & Chris Devine & Brian XL, Prince Juggalo NC Aero, Lady Victoria (not the OVW wrestler, who was working on WWF show on Saturday) def Mercedes, Team Teabag def Jose & Joel Maximo to keep US tag titles, Kid Kash & Brian Anthony def Matt Vandal & Mike Preston, Orion def Nova, M-Dog 20 def Red to keep cruiserweight title, Christopher Daniels & J-Rocc def Chris Hamrick & Julio Dinero. Dinero turned on Hamrick to set up a match on 3/9.

  37. February 9, 2002--USA Wrestling in Nashville before 300 fans: Kevin White def Lucky West, James Storm NC Rick Michaels in strap match, Kory Williams def Ricky Murdoch, Todd Sexton def Slim J, Adam Jacobs def Jimmy Rave, Mike Rapada & Big Bully Douglas def Cassidy O'Reilly & Chase Stevens, Chris Harris def Rick Michaels to retain USA title, Tommy Rich & Doug Gilbert def Terry Taylor & Larry Zbyszko when Gilbert threw a fireball at Taylor for the pin. . .

  38. February 9, 2002--North American Championship Wrestling in Shelby, NC before 230 fans: Jim Tucker def King Konga, Lord Everett Devore def Sevar the Bounty Hunter, Rick Link def Masked Superstar-DQ, Carnage def Latin Lover, Barbarian def Norman Smiley, Brad Hunter & Black Angel & Reverend Slim def Big Daddy & Big Wood & Eddie Golden, Ricky Morton def Bobby Eaton

  39. February 10, 2002--Apocalypse Wrestling Federation in Toronto: Danny Dynamic & Mark Menezes def PP Smalls & Kevin Grace, Vladimir Urkov def Masamune, Arizona def Shawn King, Charlie Brown def James Champagne (did the title switch, but since Brown wouldn't unmask, the belt was held up gimmick), Phoenix won three-way womens match over Felina and Tracy, Billy Flynn def Jaguar Vijay Singh, Slade & Joey Knight def James Champagne & Squeegee Kid

  40. February 10, 2002--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws in Lafayette, IN: Eddie Wilson def Trent Lexington, Drucilla Davie def Black Widow, Dan Somers NC Don Basher, Dozer def Johnny Blaze, Simply Marvelous def Itch Coma Wieder & Bobo Brazil Jr., Wild Bill Longson (no, not the original) def Don Basher-COR, Shawn Book def Guy Lombardo (not the original here either).

  41. February 10, 2002--Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling in Warren, MI: Chris Sabin & Truth Martini def Chucky Smooth & Keith Creme, Gutter def Frankie the Face, Roughhouse Rob def Ooga Booga, Colt Cabana def Kamikaze, Jimmy Jacobs def Gavin Starr, Mr. Meaner def Jaimy Coxxx in a thumbtacks bat and staple gun match, Yukon Braxton def DBA in keep XICW title.

  42. February 10, 2002--Mid Eastern Wrestling Federation in Essex, MD before 450 fans: Steve Camary won Battle Royal, Derek Wayne & Derek Frazier def Jeff Rocker & Hurricane Kid, Knuckles Zandwich def Blood, Camary & Joe Thunder def Buzz Stryker & Morgus-DQ, Buster Maccabi def Mad Dog O'Malley, Jenna U Eagle & Stevie Riggs won tag titles over Tokyo Terrors, Drew Pain def Lunar, Larry Zbyszko & Bob Starr def Ryker & Zandwich, Nick Berk vs. Ruckus vs. Cat Burglar was no contest.

  43. February 10, 2002--Northeastern Championship Wrestling in Bristol, RI before 130 fans: T.J. Richter def Kenn Pheonix, Psycho Mike def Billy Black, Dr. Heresy def Cue Ball, Adam Booker & Kid Krazy def Chi Chi Cruz & Johnny Curtis, Johnny Nash def G.Q. Beast-DQ, Chris Venom & Triplecious def Blade & Mike Pavia, Elements of Suicide def Ray Batello & MTE, Tim Kilgore def Johnny Knoxville

  44. February 10, 2002--Elite Wrestling Federation in Houston before 850 fans: Scott Future def Fast Eddie, Char Star def Jade, Steve DeMarco won three-way over Chris Harvard and Psycho Simpson, Eddie Atlas & Iron Eagle & Mike Thunder def Devastator & Al Jackson & Macdaddie Mike Anthony, Konnan def Terry Fortune, Rey Misterio Jr. def Vago II, Buff Bagwell def Chaz Taylor.

  45. February 12, 2002--Heartland Wrestling Association results in Cincinnati: Derek Neikirk def Gotti, Cody Hawk def Payne (OVW), Machine (Doug Basham) def Alex ? from England, B.J. Whitmer & Chet Jablonski def Shark Boy & Ice Cream Man, Race Steele def Shawn Stasiak, Steven Richards def Jamie Knoble when X-Pac interfered, Justin Credible & Raven & R.C. Haas def Lance Cade & Mike Sanders & Matt Stryker, X-Pac def Shannon Moore-DQ when Knoble interfered, E.Z. Money retained HWA title pinning Tommy Dreamer, HWA tag champs Island Boyz retained over Hugh Morrus & Johnny the Bull-DQ

  46. February 12, 2002--Appalachia Pro Wrestling in Oak Hill, WV: Kid Apollo def Rain, Punchy McGee & Scott McComas & Assassin def Jack Miller & Beef & Danny Ray, Urban Death Squad def Canadians, War Machine def Steve Corino in a bullrope match to win APW title, Ricky Morton def Bobby Eaton in a cage match. Next Tuesday has War Machine def ending his newly-won title against Ricky Morton

  47. February 12, 2002--EMLL TV taping results in Mexico City at Arena Coliseo: Zeta & Corcel def Mandibula & Super Comando, Ramstein & Reyes Veloz & Jeque def La Flecha & Sombra de Plata & Alacran, Valentin Mayo & Mr. Mexico & Sangre Azteca def Alan Stone & Chris Stone & La Fiera, El Satanico & Averno & Mephisto def Los Villanos III & IV & V, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. & Lizmark Jr. & Negro Casas def Los Hermanos Dinamita in two straight falls

  48. February 15, 2002--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Portland, ME: Damned def Mitch McKenna & Chris Venom, Elements of Suicide def Larry Huntley & Adam Hasty, Chi Chi Cruz def Johnny Curtis, Egomaniacs def Brian Black & Damien Houston, Stephan Ramsey & Dominic def Power Company, Dr. Heresy def Tornado, Frankie Armadillo def Adam Booker in a ladder match to win hardcore title

  49. February 15, 2002--USA Wrestling in Lebanon, TN before 60 fans: Kevin White def ?, Robbie Rage (the woman wrestler, not the New Japan wrestler as that would really be weird) def Leilani Kai, Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire def Rob Conway & Nick Dinsmore, James Storm def Flash Flanagan, Chris Harris & Chase Stevens def Big Bully Douglas & Mike Rapada.

  50. February 15, 2002--NWA Wildside results in Cornelia, GA: Scott Cage won Battle Royal, Shadow Jackson & Johnny Psycho def Oni & Duece, Dango Wynn def Kevin Harden-DQ, Mike Pittman def Slim J, Robert Pigeon def Cliff Compton, Cooter Calhoun def Paul Alexander, Blackout def Jeremy V & Todd Sexton, Rick Michaels & Cru Jones def G-Rated

  51. February 15, 2002--Wrestlers of West Virginia in Marmet, WV: Woodstock def Big Daddy Gordy, John Cooper def Al Bowskie, Kid Kamikeze def Chris Vega, Ice def Danny Ray, Joey Austin def Pitbull, Buzzsaw Jones & Rain def Shane Matthews & J.V. Insanity

  52. February 16, 2002--International Wrestling Cartel in Uniontown, PA before 346 fans: Sandman def Boomer Payne in thumb tacks death match, Orion def Jimmy Vegas, Shirley Doe def Kid Sensation, J-Ru & Scott Gash def Sexual Harassment, Troy Lords def Trevor Lowe, Super Hentai def Devil Bhudakhan, Blue Meanie def Sandman.

  53. February 16, 2002--USA Championship Wrestling in Nashville before 275 fans: Patrick Blaine Miller def Lucky West, Ashley Hudson def Kory Williams, Spellbinder def Ricky Murdoch, Bambi & Kevin White def Steve Bragg & Leilani Kai, Mike Rapada & Big Bully Douglas NC Chase Stevens & Cassidy O'Reilly, Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway def Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire, David Flair def Flash Flanagan, James Storm def Terry Taylor, Chris Harris retained title over Larry Zbyszko-DQ for a belt shot, Brian Christopher NC Doug Gilbert. . .

  54. February 16, 2002--Maryland Championship wrestling in Harrington, DE for a TV taping: Marcus Jordan def Joey Matthews to keep TV title, Qenaan Creed def Ronnie Zukko to keep cruiserweight title, Adam Flash def Julio Dinero, Red def Romeo Valentino, Chad Bowman & Dino Divine def Cowboy & Van Hammer, Head Banger Mosh def Genesis, Christian York & Joey Matthews & 2 Dope & Sydeswype def Holly Rollers & Doug Delicious & Marcus Jordan, Chris Chetti & Danny Doring won three-way over Joel & Jose Maximo and Mark & Jay Briscoe, Tara def Alexis Laree, Bruiser def Orlando Jordan to regain MCW heavyweight title, Ihup Khamals (nice name) won rookie Battle Royal. . . SATs were double booked last night, so no-showed the USA Pro show in Deer Park, NY

  55. February 16, 2002--Harley Race's World League Wrestling in Eldon, MO: Marc Godecker def Turkey Creek Johnson, Wade Chism def Josh Besore, Matt Murphy def Derek McQuinn, Miss Natural def Heather Savage, tag champs Trevor Rhodes & Bull Schmitt def Ron Powers & Brandon Walker, Drill Instructor kept WLW title over James Ladd with former NHL star Tony Twist again as ref.

  56. February 16, 2002--Nationwide Championship Wrestling in Morehead, KY before 250 fans: El Tigre def Joey Bravo, Cuzin Elwood def Cuban Studd, Todd Morton & Mitch Ryder def Johnny Noble & Andy Douglas, Killer Kurt def Beau James, Noble def Sean Casey, Batten Twins def Cutthroats, Andy Douglas won Battle Royal

  57. February 16, 2002--Liberty All-Star Wrestling ran its first show of 2002 at the Murphy Rec Center in Philadelphia: Maverick won three-way over Patch and Mongoose, Iggy Rose def Ron Starr, Greg Spitz & Mark Smart (Well Hung Warriors) def Breaker Morant & Adam Michaels, Rockin Rebel & Jimmy Jannetty def Backseat Boyz, Larry Winters def Tony Stetson (they had done a retirement ceremony for Stetson earlier in the show which Winters attacked him in), Nick Berk def Z-Barr, Al Perez def Steve Corino to keep LAW title. Tons of outside interference afterwards to set up a future match with Rockin Rebel & Jimmy Jannetty vs. Perez & Chubby Dudley (promoter Bay Ragni).

  58. February 16, 2002--Minnesota Independent Wrestling in St. Cloud, MN: K-Train def Stormwolf, McCoy Counterfeit def Big Daddy hoofer, Sean Stradlin def Robbie Thunder, Peacemaker def Jungle Fighter-DQ, Lauden Payne & Pete Huge def Kamikaze & Chi-Town Thug, Travis Sharpe def Robbie Thunder, Austin Aries def Justin Lee, Thug won Battle Royal

  59. February 16, 2002--Universal Wrestling Alliance in Lenoir, NC before 330 fans: One Man Gang and Ricky Morton no-showed. Night of Legends show it was billed and they did a Hall of Fame ceremony for Jimmy Valiant, Paul Jones, Missy Hyatt, The Barbarian and George South. Jason King def George South Jr. (George's legit son), Viper & Rick Karloff & Judge & Mike Manson def Gentleman James & Dangerous Donnie & Hillbilly Cletus & Uncle Charlie, Scotty McKeever def Thunderfoot #2 (Gene Ligon), Tom Miller & Rebel Bandit & Jesse Black & Billy Two Rivers def Johnny Rage & Repper & T.J. Striker & Thomas Extreme, D.L. Kool def Jay Eagle, J.J. Diamond & Greg Robbins def K.C. Thunder & Jimmy Valiant-DQ, George South & Barbarian & Masked Superstar #2 def Billy Diamond & Troy Graham & Tommy Ace

  60. February 16, 2002--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws in Indianapolis: Shiloh Hunter def Hillbilly Jed, Charley Boy def Black Widow, Itch Coma Weider def Wild Bill Longson, Drucilla Davie def Whpme Spearz, Don Basher def Guy Lombardo, Cousin Otter & Uncle Ernie def Hunter & Weider, Dozer def Johnny Blaze.

  61. February 16, 2002--Elite Wrestling Federation from Houston: General Pest def Titan, Devastator def Steve DeMarco, Chaz Taylor def Psycho Simpson, Jade def Jamie, Samir won three-way over Fast Eddie and BJ. Cummings (quite a name there) and New Jack def Hugh Rogue in a hardcore match.

  62. February 16, 2002--Powerhouse Wrestling in Streator, IL before 230 fans: Chris Valentine def Jimmy Jacobs, Matt Maverick def Master G, Tommy Mac def Magnum Coroy, Steve Stone def Danny Scott, Spring Break All-Stars NC 90210, Black Dagger def Frankie the Face, Maverick def Jimmy Shalwin-DQ, Cameron Cage def Butch McLane, Terrible One def Bane

  63. February 16, 2002--NWA Wildside results from Cornelia, GA before 250 fans, one of their biggest crowds ever in the building: Kevin Hardner def Scott Cage, Jeremy V def Slim J, Cru Jones def Mike Pittman, Homicide (not the NY indie guy) & Rainman def Kid Kool & Sal Del Rio, Jeremy Lopez & Tony Mamaluke def Jimmy Rave & Todd Sexton in tornado match, Onyx def Iceberg-DQ to keep TV title, Lost Boyz won three-way over Homicide & Rainman and Kool & Del Rio, Terry Knight def Cooter Calhoun, Caprice Coleman & Dustin Timberlake def Adam Jacobs & Jason Cross, Rick Michaels NC David Young. A.J. Styles missed the show because he's at the WWF camp in Cincinnati. Bart Sawyer did a run-in. He was let go by USA Wrestling after a ringside regular fan was injured when a stop sign he used flew into the crowd.

  64. February 16, 2002--World Class Extreme Wrestling in Hamlet, NC: Leo Alure def Suicide Kid, Tyrone Knox def Luke Brody, Randy Studdly def Bodycount, Magnum T.R. def Cage, Justin Fleeche def June Bug Slim, Elements of Destruction def Steve Michaels & Mike Draven, Cham Pain def Stro (WCW Maestro)-DQ, Magnum T.R. NC Boris Dragoff

  65. February 16, 2002--World Wrestling Alliance in Lynn, MA before 225 fans: Jimmy Cash won Royal Rumble, Sabre won three-way over Dave Danger and Marshal Law, Lady Killers def Outcast Killers, Anthony Roy def Rayza, Tre Smooth def Love Bug, Tim McNeany def Cash, Eddy Guerrero def Mike Quackenbush. They also had a ceremony to honor Killer Kowalski

  66. February 16, 2002--Scottish Championship Wrestling in Linwood, Scotland before 150 fans: James Palmer won three-way over Stephen Reeves and Aidan Corrigan, Iceman def Steve Walker, Andy Hogg def Eric Canyon, Conscience def Drew Galloway, Scot McKenzie def Marco DiFiore, Majik def Omega, Conscience won Royal Rumble for King of Scotland.

  67. February 16, 2002--Extreme Texas Wrestling vs. IWA in Beaumont, TX: Ikaika Loa def Rudy Boy Gonzalez, Hurricane Kid def Big Dogg, Hobo Joe def Aracnid Kid, Oz def Masada-DQ, Chris Marval & Don Juan def Perry Douglas & Mack Johnson in tables match

  68. February 16, 2002--WWA in Lynn, MA before 500 fans: Jimmy Cash won Royal Rumble, Saber won three-way over Dave Danger and Marshall Law, Jeff Starr & Shockwave kept tag titles over El Diablo & Omar Tortuga, Tony Roy def Raza, Smooth Operator def Heart Bomb-DQ, Tim McNeany def Cash, Eddy Guerrero def Mike Quackenbush

  69. February 17, 2002--EMLL results from Arena Coliseo in Mexico City: Corcel & Sombra de Plata & Alacran def Mazada & Principe Negro & Coreano, Mogur & Guerrero del Futuro & Karloff Lagarde Jr. def Sicodelico Jr. & Olimpus & Starman, El Satanico & Averno & Mephisto def Ricky Marvin & Safari & El Hombe Sin Nombre (wow), Bestia Salvaje def Antifaz del Norte, Atlantis & Blue Demon Jr. & Rayo de Jalisco Jr. def Apolo Dantes & Black Tiger & Killer-DQ. . .

  70. February 17, 2002--AAA results from Guerra de Titanes in Monterrey: El Potro Jr. & Monje Negro Jr. & Haytor def Alan & Decnis & Billy Boy, Venum II & Pimpinela Escarlata & Lady Apache & Mascarita Sagrada 2000 def Nygma & AAA Psicosis & Tiffany & Mini Abismo Negro, AAA Mascara Sagrada & AAA La Parka & Octagon def Hector Garza & Abismo Negro & Cibernetico, Mongol Chino lost a three-way mask match as a triple dog collar match to Gato Volador and Tigre Universitario. Chino was unmasked as Rogelio Bustos of Monterrey, 45 years old with 20 years experience

  71. February 17, 2002--IWRG results from Naucalpan: Avisman I & Asteroide def Erick Draven & Catman I, Zonik 2000 & Nuevo Multifacetico def Principe de Fuego & Maligno, Cirujano & Paramedico & Guerrillero def Fantasy & Star Boy & Mike Segura, Rambo & Enterrador & Black Tiger def Ultimo Vampiro & Super Parka & Fantasma, Pantera def Fuerza Guerrera to retain IWRG IC middleweight title

  72. February 17, 2002--Alaska Superslam II in Anchorage: Max Steele def Blade, Shade def Calvin Smoove, Trustin Pain def Jubel, Spanky def American Dragon, Taylor from Tough Enough def Donnie B with a stunner, Samoa Joe def Frankie Kazarian, Eddy Guerrero def Chris Daniels (said to be awesome). Scott Steiner also was there but not wrestling

  73. February 17, 2002--Empire Wrestling Federation in Riverside, CA before 170 fans: Kahuna def Pinoy Boy, Bo Cooper & Raging Dawg def Johnny Starr & Chris Taylor, Los Cubanitos def Cooper & Dawg, John Black def Eric Matlock, Krazy K.C. def Little Johnny, Ric Boulder def Mr. Magnificent, Johnny Dynamite def Threat

  74. February 18, 2002--Mountain Strength Pro Wrestling in Tucson before about 100 fans: Hardkore Kidd def Ravage-DQ, Mike Nox def Dude, Hollywood def Sin, Lexie Fyfe def Storm, Shannon Ballard & Moose def Navajo Warrior & Ghost Walker, Nox won Battle Royal.

  75. February 18, 2002--EMLL in Puebla: Andros El Salvaje & Kraken def Black Master & Siki Ozama, Ricky Marvin & Tigre Blanco & Tigre Rojo def Dr. X & Virus & Tarahumara, Super Parka & Mascara Sagrada & Brazo de Plata def Black Tiger & Scorpio Jr. & Mascara Magica, Tarzan Boy & Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero def Shocker & Mascara Ano 2000 & Apolo Dantes

  76. February 18, 2002--AAA in Irapuato before 3,000 fans: Pegasso & Extasis & Black Silver def Uba & Operativo & Crazzy Loco, Mini Psicosis def Mascarita Sagrada 2000 in a dog collar match, Gran Apache & Mr. Condor & Marabunta & Angel Moral def AAA Psicosis & Histeria & Maniaco & Mosco de la Merced-DQ, Randy & Mr. Aguila (Essa Rios) & Zorro def Abismo Negro & Chessman & Electro Shock, Octagon & AAA Mascara Sagrada def Pentagon III & Mascara Maligna in a cage match

  77. February 19, 2002--Appalachia Pro Wrestling in Oak Hill, WV: Chance Prophet def Deacon Furious-DQ, Rain def Chris Vega, Danny Ray def Jack Miller, Urban Death Squad def Drake Tungsten & Chet Cartwright, Ricky Morton def War Machine-COR

  78. February 20, 2002--IWC results near Pittsburgh before 150 fans: Kid Sensation def Devil Bhudakhan, T.Rantula & J-Ru & Gash def Sexual Harassment & Troy Lords, Jimmy Vegas def Julio Dinero, Shirley Doe def Super Hentai, Orion def Steve Corino, Boomer Payne def Sandman.

  79. February 20, 2002--IWRG TV tapings in Naucalpan: Erick Draven def Asteroide, Guerra C-3 & Nuevo Multifacetico def Super Atlas & Slayer, Rambo & Rambo Jr. def Fantasy & Star Boy-DQ, Los Payasos Tricolor def Dr. Cerebro & Cirjuano & Paramedico, Felino & Blue Demon Jr. & Dandy def Scorpio Jr. & Blue Panther & Pantera

  80. February 22, 2002--Phoenix Championship Wrestling drew a sellout 600 in Toms River, NJ: Red def Chris Hamrick. Mike Preston def Rich Meyers, Joel & Jose Maximo def Nicky Benz & Little Ricky, Chi Chi Cruz def Quiet Storm, Christopher Daniels def Frankie Kazarian to keep ECWA title, Prodigy def Prophet to keep PCW TV title, Ballard Brothers def Johnny Kashmere & Matt Vandal (replacing Trent Acid, who had to leave for Japan a day earlier than expected), Harley Lewis def Slayer in street fight, Eddy Guerrero def Nova.

  81. February 22, 2002--UWF in Las Vegas: X def Sinful, Solo def Big Q, Brady Desire def Damien Dollaz, Rico Costantino def Rush, Legacy won Battle Royal

  82. February 22, 2002--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Auburn, ME: Louis Barboza def Frankie Armadillo, Johnny Curtis def Adam Hasty, Damned def Larry Huntley & Nick McKenna, Adam Booker def Chris Venom, Tornado won gauntlet match over Stephan Ramsey, K.L. Murphy and Brian Black, Dr. Heresy def Damien Houston to keep EWA title

  83. February 22, 2002--Omega Wrestling results in Forest City, NC: Krank def Sam Riddleman, Krazy K def Neil Nitro, D.J. Frost def Shane Steele, Mikal Adrian & Vincent Pain def Shane Black & Tony Guiliani, Darin Fate def Brian Fury, Jay Freeze & Brandon Fenis def Nick Fury & Derik Driver.

  84. February 22, 2002--Stampede Wrestling in Calgary before 175 fans: Bonecrusher (Bobby Smith) def Orderly, Cleopatra def Bele Lovitz, Harry Smith & T.J. Wilson DDQ Dave Swift & Apocalypse, Neil Faith def Highlander, Adam Windsor def Shane McLean, Rick Vain won three-way over Rico Barzini and Jason Carter, Johnny Devine & Chris Steele def Kirk Melnyk & Eddie Mustang, Cleopatra def Stampede, Bonecrusher def Juggernaut, Bruce & Ted Hart def Dory Funk & Windsor to win BANG TV title.

  85. February 22, 2002--World of Hurt Wrestling in Schenectady: Ricky Dominguez def Scott Scarsdale, H.C. Loc def Steve Krux, Moondogs def Steve Hunter & Texas Outlaw, Eric Everlast def Maxx Burton-DQ, Shockwave won three-way over Swinger Sidusky and Kid Krush, Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago def Brian Immaculate & Jamie Sommers, Punk def Tony Militia, Suisykon & Syro & Ekundo def Thornn in handicap match, Jeff Starr def Vik Dalishus, Danger & Gumby def Core & Demonica.

  86. February 22, 2002--NWA Wildside in Cornelia, GA: Dirt def Kaos, Blackout def Dango Wynn & Jeremy V, Kevin Harden & Johnny Psycho & Shadow Jackson def Oni & Deuce & Goth, Mike Pittman & G-Rated def Slim J & Sean Logan & Lance Christian, Cru Jones def Scott Cage, Rick Michaels DDQ Todd Sexton, Michaels won Battle Royal .

  87. February 22, 2002--NWA Southwest results in North Richland Hills, TX: Tim Storm def Chuck Murphy, Chaz Taylor def Wade Walker, Kevin Duncan def Kyser Douglas-DQ, Devastator def Mason Grace, Larry Green & Chris Young won Texas tag titles from J.P. Black & Mike Thunder.

  88. February 23, 2002--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in St. Petersburg, FL: Rod Steel def Jet Jaguar, Seijin Akki def Mike Quackenbush, Fidel Sierra def Rastaman to keep WWC Caribbean title, Axis won four-way over Hardcore Princess, Rick Thames and Snow, Naphtali & Dagon Briggs def Kamikaze & Roderick Strong, Mike Sullivan def Pat McGroin, Justice def Joey Corman to keep cruiserweight title, Dr. Heresy def Jeff Bradley, Billy Fives NC Justice Pain in an IPW vs. CZW title match

  89. February 23, 2002--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Graham, NC before 200 fans: Rob McBride & Ric Converse def Kamikaze Duo, Granite & Amazing Sideshow def Canadian Assassins & L.A. Stephens, Amber Holly def GeeStar, C.W. Anderson & Cham Pain def Jeff Justice & Steel, Southside Playas def Storm Brothers, Sexton Tyler won three-way over Mikael Yamaha and Gemini Kid, Madd Maxx def Otto Schwanz

  90. February 23, 2002--TSCW/CWF in Brookline, PA before 150 fans: Dale Price won Battle Royal, Axel Law & ODB def Glenn Spector & Devil Bhudakahn, Mad Mike def Black Scorpion, Crusher Hanson def Jake Garrett, Powerhouse Hughes def Scottie Gash, Brett Paradise & Lance Dayton def Nick Crane & Nikita Alanov, Boomer Payne def Dale Price

  91. February 23, 2002--Rons Championship Wrestling in Knoxville: Dr. Dan def Rush the Ruler, Stan Lee def J.T. Coleminer, Dirty White Boy def Big Money Marcus, White Boy def Terry Landel, Tim Reed & Rush the Ruler def Sammy V & Ric Cannon-DQ. They honored Nelson Royal, Swede Hanson and Bud Adams at the show

  92. February 23, 2002--Independent Wrestling Revolution on Saturday in Sterling Heights, MI: Tommy Johnson def Stevie Lee, Jaimee Coxxx & Frankie the Face def Chris Sabin & Truth Martini, Bump-n-Uglies def Necro Butcher & Inferno-DQ, Coxxx & Frankie def Bump-n-Uglies, Elvis Elliot def Rusty Baddwrench, Jimmy Jacobs & Gavin Starr def Albanian Gigolo & Kamikaze, Yukon Braxton & Anthony Rivera NC Breyer Wellington & Brimstone, Starr & Jacobs def Braxton & Rivera

  93. February 23, 2002--New England Championship Wrestling from Saturday night in Berlin, NH: Brian Jury def Kid Trance Springate, Johnny Idol & Mike Steele def Mark & Matt Taylor, Debonair Cruz won three-way over Justin Powers and Tim Fury, Chris Harvard def Aaron Morrison, Maverick Wild def Zaqary Springate III, Alex Arion def Bob Evans-DQ.

  94. February 23, 2002--IWF at their gym in West Paterson, NJ. Eloy Fiesta def Shawn Donovan, Shane O'Brien def Dylan Black, Felix & Travis Blake def Frankie Finesse & Chris Klein, Roman def Jason Havok, Erik Andretti def Kevin Knight, Hadrian won four-way over Rob Eckos, Biggie Biggs and Damian Adams. . .

  95. February 23, 2002--Wrestling Cage Productions in Lake Grove, NY: Mike Bell def Thunderbolt, Da Bum def Kodiak Bear, Tiger Khan def Mike Dejohn, Mighty Finn d Roadkill, Soul Brothers def Chief & Sam Dudley, Kid USA def Sheik Saturno, Big Vito def Tony DeVito

  96. February 23, 2002--XPW - Full results: Vinny Massaro def Scott Snott, Psicosis def Evan Karagias, D def Pogo, Kaos def Angel Kaos, Kaos def Hamrick Kaos, Kaos def Nosawa Kaos, Juventud Guerrera def Mosco de la Merced, ? def Steve Rizzono, Lizzy Borden def Veronica Caine (billed as the loser strips naked but no such thing), Webb def G.Q. Money, Sandman def Supreme, New Jack def Vic Grimes in scaffold match

  97. February 23, 2002--Ring of Honor debut show in Philadelphia with a sellout 425 fans: Hit Squad def Christopher Street Connection, Red def Jay Briscoe, Xavier def Scoot Andrews, Spanky & Ikaika Loa def Oz & Michael Shane, Quiet Storm won six-way over Red, Jose Maximo, Joel Maximo, Brian XL, Chris Devine with Mikey Whipwreck as ref, Super Crazy def Eddy Guerrero to become first IWA Intercontinental champion, Low Ki won three-way over Christopher Daniels and American Dragon. From all reports, this was a fantastic show. Fans were chanting five stars after the three-way main event, which was reported to us as about a ****1/2 match. People also raving about just how organized and smoothly the show went.

  98. February 23, 2002--Combat Sports Federation in Nottingham, England before 70 fans: Stu Odyssey def Five Star Flash, Justin Richards def Tex Benedict, Carl Conroy def Aaron Young, Andy Noble def Jason Fury, Andy Hogg def Heavy Metal Mass and Highlander def Eliminator.

  99. February 23, 2002--PWF Northeast in Plainfield, CT before 40 fans for a free show: Chris Venom def Triplelicioius, Ruy Batello def ?, Billy Black def Duff, Derik Destiny & Best def Psycho Mike, Venom def Batello, Black def Larry Huntley, K.L. Murphy def Tim Kilogre, Ken Phoenix def Johnny Curtis, Murphy def Phoenix, Kid Krazy & Frankie Armadillo def Mike Paiva & Emerald Fusion, Black DDQ Adam Booker, Black def Venom to win tournament

  100. February 23, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling in DeSoto, MO: Ms. Chief def Johnny Greanpeace, Johnny Jett & Chaz Wesson def Sam Bicarrdi & Preston Peabody, Great Bukkake def Ratboy, Delirious won four-way over Ryan Ash, Matt and Diamondback Dingo, Big Bad Ben & Mike Sharona def Outkast & Ratboy, Jack Adonis won Royal Rumble, Billy McNeil def Ash to keep light heavyweight title.

  101. February 24, 2002--All Japan PPV at Budokan Hall: Nobukazu Hirai def Ryuji Hijikata, Hi69 won three-way over Gran Naniwa and Yaz Urano, Masato Tanaka & Hideki Hosaka def Kasey Geyer & Shawn Hernandez, Steve Williams & Mike Rotunda def Shigeo Okumura & Tomoaki Honma, Kendo Kashin def Kazushi Miyamoto, Mike Barton & Jim Steele & George Hines def Yoji Anjo & Nobutaka Araya & Arashi when Barton pinned Araya after a power bomb, Taiyo Kea def Mitsuya Nagai, Genichiro Tenryu def Satoshi Kojima, Toshiaki Kawada def Keiji Muto to win the Triple Crown

  102. February 24, 2002--Liberty All-Star Wrestling in Philadelphia: Rockin Rebel & Jimmy Jannetty def Matt Vandal Mike Preston, Z-Barr def White Lotus, Diablos & Iggy Rose NC Rough Ryder & Hellhound Cujo, Nick Berk def Rich Myers, Wonder Twins def Hunk Heiser & Shane Golden, Dr. Ruthless def Ron Starr in street fight

  103. February 24, 2002--Carconsumer Pro Wrestling in Compton, CA: Sgt Striker def Topgun Tulwar, SoCal Loco def Cyberspace, Excalibur def Shogun, American wild Child & Goalie Howe def King Faviano & Buddy George, Super Dragon & Rising Sun & Pinoy Boy def Disco Machine & StreetStyle & Taro

  104. February 24, 2002--IWF at their gym in West Paterson, NJ: Biggs def Andretti-DQ, Hadrian def Eckos, Roman def Felix, Dylan Black & Alicia def Shane O'Brien & BPA Barry, Shawn Donovan & Pierce St. John & Tommy Trouble def Frankie Finesse & Chris Klein & Dante, Kevin Knight def Dante & Adams in handicap match

  105. February 24, 2002--EMLL results at Arena Coliseo in Mexico City: Bracito de Oro & Ulises Jr. def Guerrerito del Futuro & Sombrita, Fantasma Jr. & Olimpus & Solar II def Mogur & Guerrero del Futuro & Karloff Lagarde Jr., Solar & Ringo Mendoza & La Fiera def Halcon Negro & Mr. Mexico & Arkanagel, Scorpio Jr. & Bestia Salvaje & Emilio Charles Jr. def Hombre Sin Nombre & Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata, Atlantis & Black Warrior & Villanos III & IV def Tarzan Boy & Black Tiger & Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero

  106. February 24, 2002--All Japan women's first PPV show was held earlier today at Yokohama Bunka Gym. Results saw: Ayako Sato def Saki Maemura, Kobina Ichikawa & Kaori Yoneyama def Miyuki Fujii & Mika Nishio, Takako Inoue & Rumi Kazama & Eagle Sawai def Tomoko Watanabe & Nanae Takahashi & Kayo Noumi, Momoe Nakanishi def Kumiko Maekawa to win vacant All Pacific title in 41:00 of apparently a match of the year, Shinobu Kandori & Yumiko Hotta def Etsuko Mita & Mima Shimoda, Manami Toyota def Kaoru Ito win the WWWA title in about 30:00.

  107. February 26, 2002--HWA results in Cincinnati: Human Time Bomb def Crypt, Derrick Neikirk def Mike Sanders when Lance Cade and Steve Bradley interfered, B.J. Payne def Matt Dillinger, Ice Cream Man & Cody Hawk def B.J. Whitmer & Chet Jablonski, E.Z. Money retained HWA title in triple-threat win over Race Steele and Machine (Doug Basham), Kimo (not that one) def Lance Cade, Shark Boy won four-way over Matt Stryker, Jamie Knoble and Chad Collyer

  108. February 26, 2002--EMLL TV taping results at Arena Coliseo in Mexico City: Sombra de Plata & Los Rayos Tapatios I & II def La Flecha & Super Comando & Principe Negro, Valentin Mayo & Karloff Lagarde Jr. & Sangre Azteca def Olimpus & Alan Stone & Chris Stone, Safari & Felino & Tinieblas Jr. def Averno & Mephisto & Poder Boricua, Villano IV & Villano V & Negro Casas def Gran Markus Jr. & Fuerza Guerrera & Apolo Dantes, Universo 2000 def Rayo de Jalisco Jr. to retain CMLL heavyweight title

  109. February 27, 2002--EMLL house show results in Puebla: Andros El Salvaje & Murcielago def Fuerza Chicana & Black Master, Tarahumara & Kraken & Maniac Cop def Tigre Blanco & Solar & Centella de Oro, Cien Caras & Scorpio Jr. & Nitron def Atlantis & Black Warrior & El Hombre Sin Nombre (get this man back to Arena Mexico quickly), Shocker & Mascara Ano 2000 & Universo 2000 def Tarzan Boy & Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero when Shocker pinned Tarzan. Shocker then challenged Tarzan for his NWA light heavyweight title

  110. February 28, 2002--Southern Championship Wrestling in Raleigh, NC saw William Wealth def Skulletto, Malaki def Justin Drive, Lazz def Rico Rage, Shawn Alexander & Brad Hunter def Scab & Seymour Snott (what a pleasant name), C.W. Anderson & Cham Pain def Lodi & Ali Steele, Otto Schwanz def Dewey Cheatum