Independant & Forign Wrestling - January 2002
  1. Sunday, January 6, 2002--Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestilng from Warren, MI: Gavin Starr def Jimmy Jacobs to win lt hwt title, Deranged def Ooga Booga, Rough House Rob def Skull Ganz-DQ, Chucky Smooth & Keith Creme def Kamikaze & Johnny Showtime, Frankie the Face & J.T. Lightning def Gutter & Adam Cage, Jamey Coxxx def Mr. Meaner, Yukon Braxton def Mr. Insanity and DBA def Crowbar

  2. Sunday, January 6, 2002--FMW from Tokyo Japan: Nosawa & Mitsunobu Kikuzawa def Goemon & Onryo, Hisakatsu Oya won 6 man Battle Royal , Biomonster DNA & Paul LeDuc def Yoshito Sasaki & Chocoball Mukai, Balls Mahoney & Sandman & Vic Grimes def Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Mr. Gannosuke & Mammoth Sasaki, Kodo Fuyuki def Kintaro Kanemura to win WEW title

  3. Tuesday, January 8, 2002--Heartland Wrestling Association in Cincinatti: Ice Cream Man/Human Time Bomb/Nigel McGuiness def Hussla/Matt Dillinger/Bennie da Bookie, Johnny the Bull def Pepper Parks, Race Steele def Gotti, Lance Cade & Mike Sanders def Maven & Cody Hawk, Nidia was doing the fan in the crowd gimmick wildly cheering on Maven, Shannon Moore def Medic #8, Matt Stryker def Chad Collyer, Jamie Knoble def Kaz Hayashi retain cw title, Island Boyz & D-Lo Brown def Chet & Dean Jablonski & B.J. Whitmer -- Charlie Haas returned after his brother's death and talked about his death to the live crowd, announcing that he is changing his ring name to R.C. Haas in honor of his brother.

  4. Friday, January 11, 2002--USA Pro Wrestling from Queens, NY at the Elks Lodge: Simon Diamond def Chris Chetti-DQ, Jimmy Hustler def Frankie Starz, Low Ki def Homicide, Masked Maniac def Ken Sweeney, Damian Dragon won over Prince Nana, Iceberg, Wayne, Chris Divine and Tim Arson, Little Guido def Kid Kruel to keep U.S. title, Sandman def Tony DeVito, Boogie Knights def Hit Squad, Balls Mahoney def Xavier to win USA title, Eddy Guerrero def Devon Storm

  5. Friday, January 11, 2002--Phoenix Championship Wrestling from Toms River, NJ: Backseat Boyz def Jose & Joel Maximo, Christopher Daniels def Matt Vandal to win ECWA title, Prodigy def Rich Meyers, Prophet NC Kull, The Wall def Chris Hamrick (Hamrick was announced from the state of New Georgia), Nicky Benz def Donnie Bon Jovi, Protege, Chi Chi Cruz and Brian Anthony in elimination match, Slayer NC Harley Lewis for PCW title, Nova & Frankie Kazarian def Red & Ric Blade to keep PCW tag titles.

  6. Friday, January 11, 2002--Ultimate Wrestling Federation from Las Vegas. Nick Bockwinkel and Jimmy Snuka serve as trainers for this company: Johnny Rage def American Gigolo, Brady A def Joker, Damian Dollaz def Sinful, Big Dick Sicily & The Don def Rage, Major Maniac & Jesus def Dick & Don to win tag titles, Timmy Twisted def Funnybone to keep hardcore title, Rush def Big Q, Jason Riggs def Willie Hardee, Solo NC X

  7. Saturday, January 12, 2002--United States Independent Wrestling Federation from Winston-Salem, NC before 100 fans: Doink the Clown NC Hugh B. Johnson, Conceited Kid Bradley NC Mangler, Bounty Hunter def Corey Edsel, Ravishing Ritchie & Suicide Kid def Justin Feeche & Damien Blade, Kurt Solo & L.A. Wild One def Southside Playas, Willy G def American Steele Ninja, Spank def Smoke, Knight Shift def Johnny Suicide & Alan Rage in street fight

  8. Saturday, January 12, 2002--MIW from Fridley, MN: Sean Stadlin def Dref, Travis Sharpe def Johnny Parks, Robbie Thunder DCOR Stormwolf, Justin Lee def Lauden Payne, Pete Huge def Kamikaze, Big Daddy Hoofer def K-"Train-DQ, Chi Town Thug def J.B. Trask

  9. Saturday, January 12, 2002--Combat Zone Wrestling from ECW Arena in Philadelphia: Quiet Storm & Chris Divine & Brian XL def Nick Berk & Z-Barr, G.Q. def Chris Cash-COR, Nick Mondo won three-way over Johnny Kashmere and Ian Knoxx, Danny Rose & Adam Flash def Greg Matthews & Billy Beater, Zandig def Glenn Osbourne in barbed wire lumberjack strap match, Eddie Valentine & Jon Dahmer def Nick Gate & Nate Hatred and Midnight Outlaws (Mark & Jay Briscoe under masks since they're underage, which is the silliest thing I've seriously ever heard), Trent Acid won three-way over W*inger and Ruckus to keep CZW and Big Japan jr. titles, Justice Pain def Messiah (formerly of XPW) as his mystery opponent to keep CZW title. Next show in the building is 2/9 with Pain vs. Nick Gage for the title, Zandig vs. Lobo with control of the company vs. retirement stips and Acid & Kashmere vs. Valentine & Dahmer fro the tag titles

  10. Saturday, January 12, 2002--Xtreme Pro Wrestling from Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles: Vic Grimes NC New Jack (highlights include Grimes stapling New Jack's balls and Grimes falling through eight tables), Pogo the Clown demolished a bunch of guys from Revolution Pro and other area indies until manager Big Schwag falls through a bunch of light bulbs, Kaos retained TV title over Psicosis and Nosawa, Supreme won three-way over D and Scott Snot, G.Q. Money won Battle Royal, Sandman NC Konnan (Damian, Halloween and Psicosis all attacked Sandman), XPW champ Johnny Webb d Vampiro.

  11. Saturday, January 12, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling from Bridgeton, MO: Crocodile Kid def Great Pookacki, Heart Attack Jack def Super Castaldi IV, MSChief won four-corners match, Johnny Greenpeace def Kevin Sharp, Chaz Wesson def Gordon Pumpernickle, Big Bad Ben & Mike Sharona def Pete Madden & D'Mon G, Nikki Strychnine def Ryan Ash-DQ, Billy McNeil def Diamond Back Dingo

  12. Saturday, January 12, 2002--Appalachia Pro Wrestling in Gilberg, West Virginia: Big Daddy Gordy def Prophet, Richie Action def Chris Vega, Rain & Shane Matthews def J.V. Insanity & Rip Manson, Joey Morton def Danny Ray, Urban Death Squad & Attitude def Mr. X & Canadians, Jack Miller def War Machine-DQ

  13. Tuesday, January 15, 2002--Appalachia Pro Wrestling from Oak Hill, WV: Kid Apollo & Richie Action def Rain & Shane Matthews, Jack Miller def Guillotine LeGrange, Pedro Martinez def Drake Tungsten, Joey Morton def Prophet, Matt Vandal & Mike Preston def Chris Hamrick & Julio Dinero, Steve Corino def War Machine to win APW title

  14. Tuesday, January 15, 2002--Heartland Wrestling Association from Cincinatti: Mercury NC Brian Carlucci, Race Steele def Bennie da Bookie, Johnny the Bull & E.Z. Money def Human Time Bomb & Nigel McGuiness, Chet Jablonski & B.J. Whitmer def Ice Cream Man Tony B & Maven, Cody Hawk & Matt Dillinger def Gotti & Mark Manson, D-Lo Brown & Shannon Moore def Matt Stryker & Steve Bradley, Kaz Hayashi won three-way over Jamie Noble and Chad Collyer, Lance Cade & Mike Sanders def Island Boyz-DQ

  15. Friday, January 18, 2002--Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Louis: Kevin Sharp def Rat Boy, MsChif def Cavana Fantastic, Johnny Jett def Sean Vincent, Pete Madden def Outkkast, Old School Warriors def Johnny Greenpeace & Sam Bacardi in lumberjack strap match, Diamond Back Dingo d Crocodile Kid, Big Bad Ben & Mike Sharona def Ryan Ash & Matt, Billy McNeil def Delirious to retain light heavyweight title, Nikki Strychnine def D'Mon G.

  16. Saturday, January 19, 2002--International Wrestling Cartel in Uniontown, PA before a legit sellout of 502 fans: Trevor Lowe def Troy Lords, J-Ru def Mark Mest, Colt Cabana def Scott Gash, Shirley Doe def Kid Sensation, C.M. Punk def Super Hentai, Orion def Blue Meanie, Boomer Payne & Jimmy Vegas def Sandman & Guido Corleone.

  17. Saturday, January 19, 2002--Southern Championship Wrestling in Stem, NC: Kross won 28 man Battle Royal, William Wealth def Caesar Augustus, Krash the Milkman def Seymour Snott, Trailer Park Heat def Duke Richards, Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander def Rico Rage & Tony Platinum, Ali Steele def Korss, Dewey Cheatum def Q-Sic, Malaki def Natrone Steele

  18. Saturday, January 19, 2002--Carconsumer Pro Wrestling Patriot Cup results in Imperial, CA: Johnny Love def Sgt. Stryker, Excalibur def Street Style, Disco Machine def Cyberspace, Mr. Excitement def Negro Blanco Jr., Super Dragon def Shogun

  19. Saturday, January 19, 2002--Australasia Wrestling Federation in Blacktown, New South Wales before 410 fans: Tony Kebab def Kidd Korss, Handsome Brothers def Donnall Miller, Thug Thomas def Punisher Pickford, Mystery def J.T. Robinson, Blackjack def Chris Columbu, Il Cognito & Scarecrow & Dementor def TNT & P.C. Virus & Taylor Baines

  20. Saturday, January 19, 2002--Great Lakes Wrestling in Westland, MI before 235 fans: Jimmy Jacobs def John E. Bravo to win cruiserweight title, Elvis Elliot def Dyson Price, Ice Cold def Axl Rage, Yukon Braxton def Frankie the Face, Nova def Blitzkrieg Kid, Ice Cold def Jamie Coxx, Nova def Braxton, Elliot def Cold, Gutter & Dick Trimmins & Sam Haddad def Chunkendales & Anthony Rivera, Nova def Elliot to win the tournament for the GLW world heavyweight title

  21. Sunday, January 20, 2002--Pro Wrestling NOAH show at Korakuen Hall, Takeshi Rikio & Takeshi Morishima won the mini-tournament beating Masao Inoue & Tamon Honda to get a shot at No Fear (Yoshihiro Takayama & Takao Omori)'s GHC tag titles next month. The big angle on the show was Jushin Liger and Minoru Tanaka doing a run-in on Naomichi Marufuji.

  22. Sunday, January 20, 2002--MIW results in Cass Lake: Stormwolf def Big Daddy Hoofer, Lacey def Autumn Hayze, Justin Lee def Austin Aires, Robbie Thunder def Playboy Pete Huge, Mitch Paradise def Magnum Maximus, Mike Thunder won Battle Royal

  23. Sunday, January 20, 2002--Empire Wrestling Federation before a sellout 300 in Fontana, CA: Erik Matlock def Liger Rivera, Krazy K.C. def Tommy Wilson, John Black def Johnny Dynamite, Aggravated Assault DDQ Frankie Kazarian & Kahuna, Bo Cooper DDQ Ragin Dawg, Tool def D-Rail, Brandon Nitro def Devon Willis

  24. Monday, January 21, 2002--Carconsumer Pro Wrestling Patriot Cup matches in Imperial, CA: Excalibur def Johnny Love, Buddy George def American Wild Child, Mr. Excitement wins the Patriot Cup, Negro Blanco Jr. & Goalie Howe & SoCal Loco & Street Style def Shogun & Cyberspace & Sgt. Stryker & Juvenile

  25. Monday, January 21, 2002--Virginia Championship Wrestling in Newport News, VA before 175 fans: Natasha Kolov def Jimmy Maxim in intergender match, Mikhial Kolov def Logan Knight in strap match, Steve Perez def Sonjay Dutt, Jacey North won three-way over Dirty Money and 2 Damn Badd to keep Virginia title, Q-Sic def Preston Quinn to keep VCW title

  26. Monday, January 21, 2002--EMLL in Puebla, Mexico: Mucielago & Ares el Guerrero def SWAT & Blue Center, Asturiano & Kirvan def Bestial & Espiritu Maligno, The Tiger & Filoso & Volador Jr. def Loco Max & Veneno & MS 1 Jr., Ultimo Guerrero & Mascara Magica & Maniacop def Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata & Brazo de Platino, Blue Panther & Scorpio Jr. & Fuerza Guerrera def Atlantis & Antifaz del Norte & Mascara Sagrada

  27. Tuesday, January 22, 2002--Appalachia Pro Wrestling in Oak Hill, WV: Danny Ray def Drake Tungsten, Scott McComas def Prophet, Scotty Blaze def Scotty McKeever, Canadians def Jack Miller & Beef-DQ, Julio Dinero & Matt Vandal & Mike Preston def Chris Hamrick & Christian York & Joey Matthews. Steve Corino headlines next Tuesday's show def ending the APW title.

  28. Wednesday, January 23, 2002--T2P in Japan, returned to Korakuen Hall today with these results: Shiji Kondo def Jun Ogawauchi, Noriaki Kawabata def Raimu Mishima, Touru Owashi def Syachihoko Machine, Taru def Kinya Oyanagei, and main event under Lucha Libre Classica rules Milano Collection A.T. (the group's big star) & Stevie Brother Tsujimoto & Masato Yoshino def Anthony Mori & Ryo Saito & Takayuki Yagi in two straight falls

  29. Wednesday, January 23, 2002--Border City Wrestling in Oldcastle, ONT at the Ciociaro Club: Bret Nikita & Chris Valentino def A1 & Petey Wlliams, Mike Legacy def Original Sinn, Geza Kalman Jr. & Dyson Pryce def Tyson Dux & Jack Damage, Chris Sabin & Eric Young def Hacker & Derek Wylde, Gutter def Dux, Nova def Elvis Elliott, Magnum Van Steele def Stevie Lee, Tornado def Ruffy Silverstein, Larry Destiny def Yukon Braxton, Johnny Swinger def Scott D'Amore to keep Can-Am title, D'Amore & Simon Diamond & Nova def Swinger & Cyrus & Terry Taylor.

  30. Thursday, January 24, 2002--IWRG TV results in Naucalpan: Maligno def Erick Draven, Rambo Jr. & Guerrillero def Star Boy & Fantasy, Kato Kung Lee & Los Payasos Tricolor def Rambo & Bombero Infernal & El Signo & Negro Navarro, Tinieblas Jr. & Mascara Sagrada & Mr. Cacao def Charly Manson & Fuerza Guerrera & Enterrador-DQ, Pentagon Black def Pantera, Pentagon Black def Ultimo Vampiro, Pantera def Ultimo Vampiro to win IWRG middleweight title

  31. Friday, January 25, 2002--Ohio Valley Wrestling in Muncie, IN before about 225 fans: David Flair def Mark Jindrak, Victoria def Nidia, Redd Dogg def Flash, Damaja def Shelton Benjamin, Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway def Prototype & Sean O'Haire, a local guy won the Battle Royal. Prototype showed the most charisma and drew the most heat by far. Rip Rogers ran down the local town and challenged the local coach to an arm wrestling match, and of course lost.

  32. Friday, January 25, 2002--WCWA before 175+ in Lemon Grove, CA: Jon Jon def Jin Hinyou, Lil Cholo def R2K, Demento & Goalie Howe & Preston Scott def Mase & SoCal Loco & Kamikaze Kid, Chip Adams def Joey Ryan, Prime Time Peterson def Jason Allgood, Dynamics def Matrix & Street Styles to keep tag titles, B-Boy won three-way over Spanky and Pinoy Boy (best match on show), Frankie Kazarian def Hardcore Kid to win WCWA title and Big Babi SDlymm def John Black

  33. Friday, January 25, 2002--Harley Race's World League Wrestling in Imperial, MO: Josh Besore def Derek McQuinn, Wild Wade Chism def Mark Godeker, Heather Savage def Ms. Natural, Trevor Rhodes & Bull Schmitt def Matt Murphy & Superstar Steve, Drill Instructor won three-way over Ron Harris and Butch Reed with Tony Twist (former NHL star with the St. Louis Blues) as referee, and appeared to have botched up the finish as well. Murphy & Steve from NOAH wrestle as a tag team called The Gold Exchange

  34. Friday, January 25, 2002--Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling in Surrey, BC before 300 fans: Terry Tomko def Ray Brooks, Buffy def Cheerleader Melissa (UPW), Wrathchild & Killswitch def Moondog Manson & Prince Aladin, Johnny Canuck def Chance Beckett-DQ, Pacific Cup tournament: Rockford d Abbadon, Havoc def Shannon Ballard with the shining wizard telling you what videos he's been watching, Christopher Daniels def Adam Firestorm, Black Dragon def Shane Ballard, Todd Kelly def Scotty Mac, Tony Kozina vs. Buddy Wayne never took place--Wayne didn't get a working visa, Daniels def Havoc, Dragon def Kelly, Dragon def Daniels to win the tournament.

  35. Friday, January 25, 2002--ICW's one-year anniversary show in Queens, NY at the Elks Lodge: Low Rider def Abunai, Kevin Matthews def Danny DeManto, Bookie Knights def Christopher Street Connection & The Solution, Nick Berk def Chris Divine, Damian Dragon def Stryker, Hit Squad def Jose & Joel Maximo to win ICW tag titles, Tom Marquez & Jac Sabboth def Simon Diamond & Tony DeVito, Xavier won three-way over Red and Nova (best match on show), Low Ki NC Sabu (Sabu refused to do the job, which at this level is beyond silly nowadays), Balls Mahoney & Sandman (said to be stumbling all over the ring) def Homicide & Boogalou

  36. Friday, January 25, 2002--Global Championship Wrestling in Birmingham before 380 fans: New Age Superstar def Mason Fury, Theodore Tutwiller III def Vinnie V, Guff Grayson & Sweet Daddy def T.C. Carter & J.J. Steele, Mad Dog Dan Sawyer def Sinister, Disco Inferno def Curtis Hughes. Scotty Riggs and Daffney did a save for Disco in the main event, then turned on him. Disco subbed for Buff Bagwell who instead worked Knoxville

  37. Friday, January 25, 2002--Steel Domain Wrestling somewhere in the cold climate of Minnesota: Tony DeNucci def Travis Lee, Rain def Lacey, Brett Filmore def Mitch Ryder-DQ, Dino Bambino won three-way over Acid and Nick Mondo, Lost Souls def Adrian Lynch & Kevin Kreuger, Scotty Zappa DCOR Magnus Maximus (who I bet stays up late watching those ESPN 2 Worlds Strongest Man shows), Rory Fox (you remember him from MTV) def Gage Octane, Horace the Psychopath def Brad Bradley, Horace def manager Mortimer Plumtree (I'm guessing not his real name)

  38. Friday, January 25, 2002--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Biggie Biggs def Mike Fashion, Erik Andretti def Felix Leon, Shane O'Brien & Ed Moore def Shawn Donavan & Pierce St. John, Rob Eckos def Damian Adams & Mike Winner, Jason Havok def Hadrian, John Royal def Dylan Black, Roman def Kevin Knight

  39. Friday, January 25, 2002--UWF in Las Vegas: Brother William def Fredo, Gigolo def Legacy, Rush def Big Q, Sir Richard def Izzy Crazy, Major Maniac & Jesus def Solo & X, Jason Riggs DCOR Sinful, Funnybone def Timmy Twisted, Brother William def Damian Dollaz, Johnny Rage def Joker, Brady A def Candyman

  40. Saturday, January 26, 2002--Wrestlers of West Virginia in Marmet, WV: Big Albowski def Chris Vega, Danny Ray & Scott McComas def Mad Dog & Pitbull, Joey Nelson def Rain, Shane Matthews def Buzzsaw to win heavyweight title

  41. Saturday, January 26, 2002--ICW in Tacoma, WA: Jimbo One def Masked Messiah, Moose def Sloth & Steven Rush, Buddy Wayne & Ritchie Magnett def Rugged Ron & Shoulders Torelli, C.C. Poison def Punk Rock Prod, Bryan Alvarez def Teenage Dirtbag, Mean Mark NC Blaze Daily, Avalanche NC Cheno, Mr. G.Q. & Zig def Pure Dominance to win tag titles, Tim Flowers def Roach Redding to keep heavyweight title.

  42. Saturday, January 26, 2002--World of Hurt Wrestling in Schenectady, NY: Shockwave def Kid Krush, Thornn def Suisykon, Diablo Santiago def Vik Dailishus, Moondogs def Eric Everlast & Kevin Dunn to win tag titles, Jeff Starr won 30 man Royal Rumble.

  43. Saturday, January 26, 2002--Rons Championship Wrestling in Knoxville: Scott Sterling def J.R. Straw Dog, Ric Cannon d J.T. Coleminer, Tim Reed & Perry White def Dr. Dan & Sammy V, Dirty White Boy DCOR Tim Reed, Buff Bagwell def 8 Ball Jones. By virtue of the stips in the main event, Terry Landel got his head shaved. There was controversy over whether Bagwell would work last night in Knoxville or Birmingham as he was advertised in both places.

  44. Saturday, January 26, 2002--USWO in Springfield, TN before 100 fans for promoter Tony Falk: Faron Foxx def Hex Gage, Larry Valentine def Lonestar-DQ, L.A. Player won five-way over Kid Sinister, Robbie Ruffin, Devon Day and Hex Gage, Krull & Milenko def Hammerjack & Big Daddy Boo to win tag titles, Tim Scriggs won three-way over Dynamite Dan and Superfly P, Dante def Kid Thrilla to win USWO title, New Heavenly Bodies def Chris Gatlin & Steve Lee to retain NWA tag titles

  45. Saturday, January 26, 2002--Insane Championship Wrestilng in Dearborn, MI before 250 fans: C.M. Punk NC Colt Cabana, Stevie Lee def Damon Starr, Yukon Braxton def Elvis Elliott, Chris Hero def Gutter, Loverboy Steve def Chris Sabin, Vampiro def Breyer Wellington to retain Juggalo Championshit wrestling (remember them?) title, Rude Boy def Mitch Page, Necro Butcher & Death Dealer def Cash Flo & 2 Tuff Tony, Corporal Robinson def Mad Man Pondo

  46. Saturday, January 26, 2002--Elite Wrestling Federation in Houston before 500 fans: Al Jackson & J.P. Black def Chaz (as in Chaz Taylor, not Warrington, former GWF star) & Eddie Atlas, Disco Inferno def Tony Fortune, Devastator & Hugh Rogue won four-way elimination over Los Vagos, Steve DeMarco & Fast Eddie, Justin 2 Fun & B.J. Cummings, Mike Thunder def Eddy Guerrero (clean finish, best match on show), Hotstuff Hernandez def Terry Funk in a hardcore match. . .

  47. Saturday, January 26, 2002--Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling in Carrollton, GA: Palm Beach Boys def Silky Boom Boom & Damien, Luther Biggs def Jason Sugarman, Glacier def Sonny Siaki, Dobbins Brothers def Southside Trash, Reverend def Jorge Estrada to win kiss my feet match, Dustin Rhodes def Scotty Riggs to win TCW title. Next week's main event is a TLC match with Riggs & Sugarman & Fake Goldust (T.J. Gray) vs. Dusty & Dustin Rhodes & Ron Studd

  48. Saturday, January 26, 2002--New Millennium Wrestling in Rochester, NY at the Ukranian Club before 350 fans: Demetrius won five-way, Kevin Dunn won over Marcos Martino and Shockwave, Jason Atlas def Hellcat, H.C. Loc & Sledge def Eric Everlast & Jim Tanner, Bigcat Lemmer def Chip Stetson, Saber (Mike Bell) def Jeff Starr, Hellcat & Johnny Walker def New York Crew

  49. Saturday, January 26, 2002--Christian Wrestling Federation in Oklahoma City, OK at the Cathedral of Praise Church before 650 fans: Apocalypse & Tim Storm def Tommy Impact & Chris Powers, Angel def A.J. Styles, Apocalypse def Esau Maximus, Angel def Jonah in a hair match and Jonah got his head shaved

  50. Saturday, January 26, 2002--IWA Mid South in Charlestown, IN: Adrian Serrano def John Howard, Serrano def Rollin Hard, Hard def Dysfunction, Mitch Page def Todd Morton, Bull Pain def Cash Flo, Nadia Nyce & Chris Hero def Dave Prazak & Rugby Thug, Corporal Robinson def Ian Rotten in fans bring weapons match

  51. Saturday, January 26, 2002--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Lewiston, ME: Tornado def Steve Ramsey, Chris Venom def K.L. Murphy, Brian Black def Justin Powers, Mitch McManus & Alex Arion & Frankie Armadillo def Larry Huntley & Adam Hastey & Louis Barboza, Damien Houston def Johnny Curtis, Damned def Steve Ramsey & Dominic, Dr. Heresy def Adam Booker, Barboza won Battle Royal

  52. Saturday, January 26, 2002--Northern Wrestling Federation in Erlanger, KY: Rob Williams def Beautiful Bobby-DQ, Prince Justice def Nick Rivers, Stamp Lickage def Chris Harris, Sam Cody def Mr. Hayes, Justice def Lickage, Williams def Cody, Williams def Justice, Taxi & Honest Brett won four-way over Damien & Dregen, Zodiacs and Dozer & Brain Beech.

  53. Saturday, January 26, 2002--TWA in Bogner Regis, England: James Mason def Flatliner, Jonny Storm def Jorge Castano, Klondyke Kate def Nikita, Robbie Brookside def Mr. Flash, Doug Williams def Justin Starr to win TWA British title. . . They did a 24/7 rule and Brookside attacked Williams after the match and got the title

  54. Saturday, January 26, 2002--Independent Wrestling Revolution in Sterling Heights, MI before a sellout 260: Chris Sabin def Kamikaze, Frankie the Face & Jaimy Coxx def Gavin Starr & Jimmy Jacobs, Anthony Rivera def Breyer Wellington, Rip Malibu def CK 3, Elvis Elliott def Stevie Lee, Yukon Braxton def Brimstone.

  55. Saturday, January 26, 2002--NEPW in Painesville, OH before 220 fans: Scottie Gash & J-Ru won three-way over Total Anarchy and PHAT to win US tag titles, MDogg 20 def Kid Sensation, Prince Juggalo def Aero, Mercedes def Lady Victoria, Orion def Julio Dinero, J.T. Lightning & Josh Prohibition & Adam Cage def Sheik Hassan & Chris Kole & MDgg 20, Kid Kash def Mike Preston, Chris Hamrick def J-Rocc-DQ, New Jack def Matt Vandal in a bloodbath street fight.

  56. Saturday, January 26, 2002--Piedmont Championship Wrestling in Gastonia, NC: Dr. Feelgood def Max Pain, Peabody def Luke Brody-COR, Lady Rebel def Wildcat, Magnum T.R. def Cage, Rick Karloff def Rikki Reb-DQ, Mike Draven & Tim Youngblood def Boris Dragoff & Le Alure

  57. Saturday, January 26, 2002--Midwest Championship Wrestling in Grayslake, IL before a reported 400 fans: Brandon Blaze won three-way over Tweak and Damian, Valyk def Steve Stone, Eric Priest def Brad Bradley, Jay Jensen def Acid, Colt Cabana def C.M. Punk, Chris Chetti def Magnificent Mike to win the TV title due to outside help from Danny Doring, Jeffro King & Black Dagger def Danny Dominion & Ace Steele to keep the tag titles, Scoot Andrews def Vic Capri to retain the MCW title

  58. Saturday, January 26, 2002--Jason Knight's Assault Championship Wrestling in Meriden, CT: Frankie Starz def Joe Rules, Debonair Cruz def Scotty Charisma, Bull Dredd & Shabba White & Mercedes Martinez def Rednecks from Hell & Trinity Campbell, Del Tsunami def Jim Nasic, Iceberg def Jamie Pain, Jeff Rocker def Tiger Mulligan, April Hunter NC Bobcat, Slyk Wagner Brown won four-way over Little Guido, Tony DeVito and Dylan Kage, Heavy Artillery def Kappa Tappa Kegga, Jason Knight & Ron Zombie & Balls Mahoney & Fred Curry Jr. & Bull Dredd def Homicide & Louie Ramos & Wrecka & Nick Richards & Purty Kurty Adonis in one of those bouts with barbed wire, thumb tacks, barbed wire bats, etc. Francine and Joel Gertner from ECW also worked the show.

  59. Sunday, January 27, 2002--Elite Wrestling Federation in Houston, in the four-way tag match, the winners were B.J. Cummings and Justin 2 Fun. We had that wrong in the earlier update

  60. Sunday, January 27, 2002--IPW in St. Petersburg, FL: Special Ed won three-way over Rico Casanova and Sedrick Strong, Pat Powers & Rod Steel def Rastaman & Devin Nash, Chaos def Pete Cannon, Chaos def Snow, Blackout retained Wildside tag titles over Roderick Strong & Kamikaze Kid, David Young def Todd Shane, Seijin Akki def Mike Sullivan, Mike Shane def Jeff Bradley-DQ, Quickiemart def Wrongful Death, Justice won three-way over Jet Jaguar and Jimmy Rave. . .

  61. Sunday, January 27, 2002--IWA in Reading, PA: Roman def Trent Acid after they were the last two left in a Battle Royal, Damian Adams DCOR Challenger, J.D. Powers def Colin Cash, Bax def Mark Smart, Hadrian won three-way over Rapid Fire Maldonado and Tommy Golden, Psycho def Rob Eckos, Steve Corino def Johnny Kashmere, Oxx Hogg def Biggie Biggs

  62. Sunday, January 27, 2002--IWF in West Paterson, NJ: Frankie Finesse def Colin Cash, Shawn Donavan def Eloy Fiesta, Kevin Knight def Erik Andretti & Ed Moore, Roman def Rapid Fire Maldonado, Alicia def BPA Barry-DQ, Jason Havok def Chris Klein, Damian Adams & Hadrian def Biggie Biggs & Rob Eckos

  63. Sunday, January 27, 2002--Incredibly Strange Wrestling in Westwood, CA: Asesino Postal def Osama bin Mascaras, Piloto Suicida def Profeta II, El Macenico def El Fugitivo, Cletus the Fetus Kincaid def Yom Rippur, Lucky Pierre def Broadway Danny Wolf (the former RollerJam announcer)

  64. Sunday, January 27, 2002--Oklahoma Championship Wrestling in Tulsa before 275 fans: Big Daddy Moore def Karl Davis & Terry Montana, Outcast def Tyler Bateman, Michael Faith & Dynamite Extreme def Justin Lee & Northern Threat, Brian Lakewood def Chief Red Eagle, Great Bolo def Rocco Valentino, Vinnie Valentino won Battle Royal, Brandon Groom d Vinnie Valentino to keep OCW title

  65. Monday, January 28, 2002--Alaska Wrestling Alliance results in Anchorage before less than 100 fans: Matt Floyd def Kevin Riggs, Moondog Moretti def Ole Olson, Mr. Outrageous def Matrix, Michael Maddness def Smelly, Matrix won Battle Royal

  66. Monday, January 28, 2002--Christian Wrestling Federation in Corpus Christi before 280 fans: A.J. Styles def Apocalypse, Jonah def Angel to win lightweight title, Tim Storm def Esau Maximus, Jeromy Sage def Tommy Impact, Styles & Maximus & Angel def Storm & Jonah & Apocalypse

  67. Monday, January 28, 2002--Top Rope Championship Wrestling in Rouseau River, Manitoba: Tatanka beat Vance Nevada to win the Top Rope Championship Wrestling International title. TPCW is a Winnipeg-based indie.

  68. Tuesday, January 29, 2002--Appalachia Pro Wrestling in Oak Hill, WV: J.V. Insanity NC Rip Manson, Scott McComas & Brian Douglas def Urban Death Squad-DQ, War Machine def Jack Miller, Kid Apollo def Joey Morton, Rain def Chris Vega & Shane Matthews in a three-way, Steve Corino def Lance Erickson. Next Tuesday's show at the Armory features Chris Hamrick & Joey Matthews & Christian York vs. Julio Dinero & Matt Vandal & Mike Preston.

  69. Tuesday, January 29, 2002--Heartland Wrestling Association in Cincinnati: Brother Clay def Cody Hawk, Dean & Chet Jablonski def Derrick Neikirk & E.Z. Money, Pain def Chad Collyer, Shannon Moore def Matt Dillinger-DQ to keep the cruiserweight title, B.J. Whitmer won Battle Royal, O.G. Ekmo NC Johnny the Bull, Jamie Knoble def Lance Cade. They announced that R.C. Haas was stripped of the HWA title due to a contract loophole and E.Z. Money is back as champion

  70. Wednesday, January 30, 2002--Maryland Championship Wrestling drew an estimated 1,200 last night for a TV taping and presented a Memorial Award with Christian York & Joey Matthews accepting on behalf of the late Russ Haas. Backseat Boys won three-team elimination over Holy Rollers and Danny Doring & Chris Chetti, Julio Dinero def Billy Redwood, Romeo Valentino def Ronnie Zukko, York & Matthews & Jimmy Cicero def Chad Bowman & Dino Divine & Kelly Bell, Qenaan Creed won three-way over Joel Maximo and Red (Jose Maximo out of action with a blown knee from the weekend), Marcus Jordan def Doug Delicious, Orlando Jordan def Bruiser-DQ, Adam Flash def Eddy Guerrero in 16:00. Said to be the best Flash has ever looked, probably due at least in part to his opponent. Orlando Jordan has been spending time in Miami training with Rock