Independent Wrestling Results - 1991

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  1. June 16, 1991--Georgia All-Star Wrestling in Canton, Georgia at Sparkles Skating Rink: Brute Force def Chris Walker & Fabian to win the Georgia All-Star Wrestling Tag Team titles when Curtis Thompson interfered, Joel Deaton & Billy Black def The Avengers, Festus vs Mad Dog Joe ended in a double DQ, Jon Michaels def Big Eddie Sweat, Curtis Thompson def Mike Cervich, The Avengers def Steve Young & Bob McBride, Joel Deaton vs Big Bully Busick ended in a time-limit draw (Deaton retains Heavyweight title), Brute Force def Steve Young & Mike Cervich to retain the Tag Team titles, Billy Black def Steve Young to retain the Television title, Joel Deaton def Mad Dog Joe to retain the Heavyweight title..

  2. September 15, 1991--Georgia All-Star Wrestling/Global Wrestling Federation in Marietta, Georgia at the Cobb County Civic Center: Terry Leland def Festus to retain the Television title, Billy Black & Joel Deaton def Rick & Chick Donovan, Jack Victory & Rip Morgan vs The Renegade Warriors ended in a double DQ, Scott Anthony def Al Perez, The Lightning Kid def Chaz to win the GWF Light Heavyweight Title, The Blue Blazer def Steven DeTruth (Steve Prazak), The Blazers def Brute Force to win the Georgia All-Star Wrestling Tag Team titles, The Handsome Stranger def Steve Lawler by DQ, Terry Gordy def Axis the Demolisher, Bambi def LPWA Champion Lady X by DQ, Chris Walker & Steve Simpson def Rod Price & John Tatum to retain the GWF Tag Team titles, The Patriot def Stan Lane to retain the GWF North American Heavyweight title..