NWA: Cyberspace

  • October 19, 2002--CyberSpace Wrestling Federation in Hunterdon, New Jersey: Shawn Sheridan won three-way over Brian Furey and Moribus, Don Montoya def Tyrus, Equalizers def Soul Brothers and Hardcore Mafia, Mike Quackenbush def Blind Rage, Jackie Dreamer def Lucifer Grimm & Big Q, Dragonfly & Gran Akuma def Wildcards, Billy Firehawk won Royal Rumble, Smokey M won over Danny Doring, Kid USA and Sinister X to become first CSWF champ..

  • January 25, 2003--CyberSpace Wrestling Federation in Flemington, New Jersey: Morbius def Brian Fury, Equalizers def Hardcore Mafia, Justin Powers def Hungarian Barbarian-DQ, Gran Akuma def Mike Quackenbush, Alexis Laree won three-way over April Hunter and Serena, Sinister X def Kid USA, Billy Firehawk def Mighty Finn, Devon Storm def Slyk Wagner Brown (best match on show), Smokey M & Jackie Dreamer def E.Z. Money & Chris Hamrick..

  • July 12, 2003--CyberSpace Wrestling Federation in Rahway, New Jersey before 46 fans: Sonjay Dutt & Prince Nana def Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz, Rob Eckos won four-way over Grim Reefer, Johnny Ova & ?, Kappa Tappa Kegga def Solution, Chris Hamrick def Julio Dinero, Justin Powers def Billy Firehawk, Xavier & ? def Matt Striker (not the more famous Matt Striker who was trained by Les Thatcher) & Miss Melissa, Ron Killings def Homicide, Sinister X def Danny Doring. Alexis Laree and Simply Luscious were there and advertised but didn't wrestle. Laree walked out before the show started. Mike Tenay was there as Killings's manager and Crowbar was there as Tenay's bodyguard..

  • September 13, 2003--CyberSpace Wrestling Federation in Rahway, New Jersey before 70 fans which included Mike Tenay coming in as heel manager for the TNA troupe: Rob Eckos def Shawn Sheridan, Trinity def April Hunter, Slyk Wagner Brown def Xavier, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz def Solution, Billy Firehawk def Stone Cole Brian Austin, Hungarian Barbarian def Mega, Crazy Ivan won four-way over Matt Striker, Mike Preston and Romeo Valentino, Chris Harris & James Storm def Kappa Tappa Kegga, Ron Killings def Sinister X due to interference from Julio Dinero..

  • June 26, 2004--CyberSpace Wrestling Federation in Rahway, New Jersey: Mike Tobin def Danny Jaxx, Julio Dinero def Danny Doring, Mike Kruel def Michael Shane, Chris Harris & James Storm won CSWF tag titles over Rob Eckos & Matt Striker, Crazy Ivan def Josh Daniels, April Hunter def Traci Brooks, Sonjay Dutt won four-way over Nick Berk, Grim Reefer and Ken Scampi, Chris Kanyon def Slyk Wagner Brown to win vacant title..

  • February 5, 2005--NWA Cyberspace in Wayne, New Jersey before 350 fans: Trilogy def Hall Brothers, Frankie Kazarian def Chris Candido, Mason Raige def Dan Barry, Traci Brooks def Cindy Rogers (Jazz did a run-in here, as did April Hunter), Josh Daniels won Royal Rumble style Battle Royal,The Solution def America's Most Wanted to win the Cyberspace tag team titles due to interference from Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper, Amazing Red & Jose & Joel Maximo def Matt Stryker & Danny Jacks & Nick Burk, Slyck Wagner Brown won three-way over Skipper Skipper and Chris Daniels, Jeff Jarrett def Ron Killings to keep NWA title..

  • March 26, 2005--NWA Cyberspace TV Tapings in Wayne, New Jersey: The Solution def Ross & James Hall, Grim Reefer def Supreme Lee Great, Chris Hamrick def Julio Dinero (Rodney Mack attacked both men), Ariel def Lacey, Josh Daniels def Mike Tobin, Michael Shane & Frankie Kazarian def Nick Berk & Matt Striker (after the match everyone came out to wish Kazarian good luck in WWE), Ken Scampi & Dan Barry def Thrillology, Mike Kruel def Crazy Ivan, Mason Raige def Lee Great, Chris Harris & James Storm def Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper (Daniels turned on Skipper), Abyss def Mana in a dog collar match, Matt Stryker vs Chris Candido ended in a draw, The Solution def Dan Barry & Ken Scampi, Tracy Brooks def Lacey, Mason Raige def Thrillology, Sinister X def Smoke, Rodney Mack def Nick Berk..

  • April 30, 2005--NWA Cyberspace in Wayne, New Jersey before 300 fans: There was a big ceremony before the show started to honor Chris Candido. Trilogy def All Money is Legal, Mike Tobin def Sebastian, Julio Dinero def Mo Sexy, Solution def Killer Steves, Josh Daniels def Mana, Sonjay Dutt def Grim Reefer, Abyss NC Chris Harris, Michael Shane def Elix Skipper in a 2/3 fall match, Jazz & Cindy Rogers def Tracy Brooks & April Hunter, Mason Raige def Prince Nana, Rodney Mack def Chris Hamrick when Jazz interfered, Jeff Jarrett def Slyck Wagner Brown to retain the NWA title and win the Cyberspace title with a guitar shot..

  • May 21, 2005--NWA Cyberspace in Wayne, New Jersey before 100 fans: Jose & Joel Maximo def Amazing Red & Grim Reefer, Michael Shane def Elix Skipper in a #1 Contenders match, Josh Daniels def Matt Striker by DQ, Petey Williams def Shark Boy, D-Lo Brown def Mike Tobin by Count Out, Michael Shane & Slyck Wagner Brown def Abyss & Rodney Mack, Lacey def Cindy Rogers, All Money is Legal def The Hall Brothers and Trilogy and Dan Barry & Ken Scarelli in a 4-WAY, Chris Harris def Bobby Rude, Mo Sexton won three-way over Shawn Lee and Junior, Sinister X def John Cabby, Julio Dinero & C.M. Punk def The Solution to win the Cyberspace Tag Team titles (Jeff Jarrett no-showed so they brought it Tim Welch as lawyer Daggert to cut a promo)..

  • June 24, 2005--NWA Cyberspace in Wayne, New Jersey before 350 fans: Jose & Joel Maximo def All Money is Legal, Matt Striker def Elix Skipper by DQ, Jazz def April Hunter to win the Women's title, Josh Daniels def Mike Kruel to retain the Internet title, Sonjay Dutt def Shark Boy and Chris Hamrick and Nick Berk in a 4-WAY to retain X-title, Rodney Mack def Slyck Wagner Brown by DQ in a 2:00 match to set up a street fight on 8/21, All Money is Legal def Julio Dinero & Mo Sexy (sub for C.M. Punk), Jeff Jarrett (w/Abyss and Attorney Daggert) def Michael Shane (w/Tracy Brooks) to retain the Cyberspace title, Mana def Abyss in Last Man Standing when Jarrett turned on Abyss with a guitar shot..

  • July 30, 2005--NWA Cyberspace - TV taping in Wayne, New Jersey before 200 fans: Mike Benz def ?????, Lacey def Cindy Rogers with Tammy Sytch referee, All Money is Legal def The SAT by DQ, Elix Skipper def Hasashi and Grim Reefer and Dirty Sentence in a 4-WAY, Mana def Mike Tobin, Mike Kruel & 1 of the Maximos def Josh Daniels & Michael Shane (who turned heel and said he is now Matt Bentley), Bobby Roode def Crowbar, Jazz def Nikki Roxx, Abyss def Sinister X by DQ when Jeff Jarrett smashed a guitar on Abyss' head, Rodney Mack def Grim Reefer, Matt Striker did a farewell interview, Mo Sexton def Julio Dinero, Jeff Jarrett def Slyck Wagner Brown by DQ when Abyss choke slammed Jarrett ---- They did a contract signing for Jeff Jarrett vs. Abyss on 8/21 in a cage match. They did an angle at the signing where Abyss choke slammed Attorney Daggert (Tim Welch) who was there with Jarrett..

  • August 21, 2005--NWA Cyberspace - Cybercade 2 in Wayne, New Jersey before 300 fans: ODB def Ricky Roxx in women's bout, Elix Skipper def Sonjay Dutt, Jazz def Tracy Brooks, Kip James def Mike Tobin in less than 2:00, Josh Daniels NC Jay Lethal, Julio Dinero def Mo Sexton in a loser leaves town match, All Money is Legal def The Solution, Chris Harris def James Storm and Petey Williams and Bobby Rude and Shark Boy and one of the SAT in a 6-WAY, Rodney Mack def Slyck Wagner Brown in a street fight that ended when Jazz hit Brown with her car and then Brown was unable to continue and Mack got in Jazz' car and left, Jeff Jarrett def Abyss in a cage match when Rhyno gored Abyss and dragged Jarrett out of the cage in a very good match.

  • September 25, 2005--NWA Cyberspace in Wayne, New Jersey: Amazing Red & Grim Reefer def Thrillogy, Chris Harris def Crowbar, ? def Xavier, Kip James def Julio Dinero, Jay Lethal & Josh Daniels def Matt Bentley & Mike Kruel, Lacey def OBD, Bobby Roode def D-Lo Brown, Elix Skipper def Petey Williams to keep their X title, Slyck Wagner Brown def DOC, Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens def Solution, Abyss def Rhino by DQ..

  • November 19, 2005--NWA Cyberspace - Above The Law in Wayne, New Jersey before 400 fans: "Southern Sensation" Jack Daniels def Johnny Horror, 10-bell salut to Eddie Guerrero, Amazing Red & Octavia def Jose & Joel Maximo in a #1 Contenders match, Bobby Roode def Xavier, Elix Skipper def Shark Boy to retain the X-title, Tracy Brooks & Talia def ODB & Cindy Rogers, Rhino def Abyss in a 2/3 Falls Tables match, All Money is Legal w/Tammy Sytch def The Solution w/John Shane, Tammy Sytch (managed by Rhino) def John Shane (Rhino gored Sytch after the match), Josh Daniels def Matt Bentley and Mike Kruel in a 3-WAY to retain the Internet title, Slyck Wagner Brown def Maven by DQ, Jeff Jarrett "laid down" for Chris Harris and allowed Harris to win the Cyberspace title (Promoter Billy Firehawk ordered a 3-WAY with Abyss for the title), Abyss def Jeff Jarrett and Chris Harris in a 3-WAY to win Cyberspace title | Sonjay Dutt & Jazz & Rodney Mack no-showed..

  • January 21, 2006--NWA Cyberspace in Kearny, New Jersey before 400 fans: Mana def Chris Camaro, Mercedes Martinez def Sumie Sakai and Alere Little Feather in a 3-WAY, Quiet Storm won a Rumble, Rodney Mack def Kip James (managed by Tammy Sytch), Josh Daniels def Bobby Roode by DQ, ODB & Jazz & Cindy Rogers def Aerial & Tracy Brooks & Talia in an Elimination match, All Money is Legal def Amazing Red & Archadia to retain the Tag Team titles, Frankie Kazarian def Jay Lethal, Matt Bentley def Mike Kruel, Abyss def Rhino to retain the Cyberspace title..

  • March 26, 2006--NWA Cyberspace in Dover, New Jersey before 250 fans: Javier & Bandido Jr. def P.J. Orens & Josh Abercrombie, Mike Kruel def John Kerman, Ricky Reyes def Mike Kruel in a Shooter's Club Challenge, Ricky Reyes def Mike Kruel (twice), Slyck Wagner Brown def Eddie Guapo, Mana def Sonjay Dutt, Mercedes Martinez def Nikki Roxx, Matt Bentley def "Wildcat" Chris Harris, The SAT def All Money is Legal and Grim Reefer & Archadia in a 3-WAY TLC match to win the Tag Team titles (incredible match), The BS Express (Tony Burma & Mike Spinelli) def Brian Myers & Brett Matthews to win the NYWC Tag Team titles, Xavier def Quiet Storm, Bobby Roode def Matt Bentley and Rodney Mack and Mana in a 4-WAY to win the Cyberspace title, Mike Kruel def Ricky Reyes in a Shooter's Club Challenge, Rhino def Sabu (managed by Tammy Sytch) and gored Tammy after the match.

  • May 6, 2006--NWA Cyberspace in Manahawkin, New Jersey: Grim Reefer def Archadia, Mercedes Martinez def Ariel, Ricky Reyes def Mike Kruel in 30:00 Iron man match, Nikolai Volkoff def Mike Tobin by DQ, The Solution def The Dead Presidents, Matt Bentley & Slyck Wagner Brown def America's Most Wanted by DQ (AMW thus retains their NWA Tag Team titles).

  • May 21, 2006--NWA Cyberspace in Flemington, New Jersey: Bandido Jr. def C.J. O'Doyle and Cabbie in a 3-WAY, Mana def Julio Dinero, The Outkast Killaz def All Money is Legal, Tracy Brooks def Sumie Sakai, Ultimo Dragon def Josh Daniels, The SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo) def The Solution, Grim Reefer def Elix Skipper and Xavier in a 3-WAY, Rhino def Kip James (As stipulated, Tammy Sytch must now leave NWA Cyberspace), Jerry Lynn def Plazma, Bobby Roode def Slyck Wagner Brown to retain the NWA Cyberspace title .

    NWA Cyberspace returned in 2007 under the name NWA: Shockwave