NWA 2nd Annual Crockett Cup 1987
April 10-11, 1987 - Baltimore, Maryland

    • Ole Anderson def Big Bubba Rogers in a Steel Cage match..
    • Ric Flair def Barry Windham to retain the NWA World title..

  • Tag Team Tournament - Round 1
    • Bob/Brad Armstrong beat Arn Anderson/Kevin Sullivan
    • The MOD Squad beat Wahoo McDaniel/Baron Von Raschke
    • Denny Brown/Chris Champion beat The Mulkeys
    • Steve Keirn/George South vs Mike Graham/Nelson Royal to a draw
    • Shaska Whatley/Tiger Conway Jr. beat Jimmy Valiant/Lazor-Tron
    • Ronnie/Jimmy Garvin beat Italian Stallion/Ricky Lee Jones
    • The Thunderfoots beat Rocky King/Bobby Jaggers
    • Barbarian/Bill Dundee beat Mike Rotunda/Tim Horner

  • Tag Team Tournament - Round 2
    • Bob/Brad Armstrong beat Ivan Koloff/Vladimir Petrov
    • Tully Blanchard/Lex Luger beat The MOD Squad
    • Giant Baba/Isao Takagi beat Denny Brown/Chris Champion
    • Rock-N-Roll express received a bye to the quarter-finals
    • The Road Warriors beat Shaska Whatley/Tiger Conway Jr.
    • The Midnight Express (Eaton/Lane) beat Ronnie/Jimmy Garvin
    • Rick Rude/Manny Fernandez beat The Thunderfoots
    • Dusty Rhodes/Nikita Koloff beat Barbarian/Bill Dundee

  • Tag Team Tournament - Quarter-Finals
    • Tully Blanchard/Lex Luger beat Bob/Brad Armstrong
    • Giant Baba/Isao Takagi beat Rock-N-Roll Express by forfeit
    • The Midnight Express beat The Road Warriors
    • Dusty Rhodes/Nikita Koloff def Rick Rude/Manny Fernandez

  • Tag Team Tournament - Semi-Finals
    • Tully Blanchard/Lex Luger beat Giant Baba/Isao Takagi
    • Dusty Rhodes/Nikita Koloff beat Midnight Express

  • Tag Team Tournament - Finals
    • Dusty Rhodes/Nikita Koloff beat Tully Blanchard/Lex Luger to win!


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