National Wrestling Alliance Convention 2003
October 2003 - Parkersburg, West Virginia

  • October 10, 2003--NWA Convention Show in Parkersburg, WV: Kevin Rhodes def C.B. Cool to win NWA Florida jr. title, Bruce Banner def Romeo Godwinn to keep NWA Tri States title, Vinnie V & Bobby Jay def Zach Mercury & Rob Stardom, Hawaiian Power Company def Cholo & Chris Cavanagh to keep Hawaiian tag titles, Spyder def Fergal Devitt to win British Commonwealth title, Paul Tracey def Muscles Mansfield, Ricky Murdock def Shane Summers to unify Missouri State title and National title, Chance Prophet def Trik Nasty to keep Tri State Blue Grass title, Sinn (managed by Tracy Brooks) def Mason Hunter..

  • October 11, 2003--NWA Convention Show in Parkersburg, WV: Kid Inferno & Twisted Youth def D.J. Skittles & Clark, Roderick Strong won three-way over Jerrelle Clark and Danny Doring to win Florida X division title, J.T. Wolfen def Chance Prophet to keep North American title, Leilani Kai def A.J. Sparx to keep women's title, Chris Harris & James Storm def Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens, Chris Draver won four way ladder match for NWA jr. title over Vinnie V, Doubble Dragon and Rocky Reynolds (Reynolds took a big bump and needed 12 staples in his head from the fall), Trik Nasty won Battle Royal..

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