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[Miscellaneous NWA Member Results Listed Below]

  • January 7, 2006--IWA Mid South/NWA No Limits in Muscatine, Iowa: C.J. Otis def Jaysin Strife, Vito & Brandon Thomaselli def Robert Anthony & Tony Scarpone, Trik Davis def Bryce Benjamin, Marek Brave def Josh Abercrombie, Chandler McClure & Eric Priest def Larry Sweeney & Mississippi Madman, Tyler Black def Jimmy Jacobs-DQ, Ian Rotten def Corporal Robinson in a fans bring the weapons match..

  • January 7, 2006--NWA Main Event in Columbia, Tennessee before 85 fans: Mr. Justice def Michael White, Patriot def Superfly P-DQ, New York Gangster def Anthony Ingram, L. Player & Superfly P def Psycho Medic & Lee Condrey, Cody Whitehead def J.T. Quest, Chris Michaels def Mike Woods..

  • January 14, 2006--NWA Main Event in Columbia, Tennessee: Manga def Michael White, Eric Darkstorm def Super Mark, Matt Maverick def L.A. Player-DQ, Dynamite Derrick def Ricky Morodch-DQ, Cody Whitehead def Mr. Justice, Apollo & J.B. Thunder def L.A. Player & Ricky Murdoch, Michael White & Patriot def Manga & Super Mark..

  • January 14, 2006--NWA California in Yuba City, California: MPT def Vinny Massaro, Oliver John def Derreck Sanders, Jesse Jimenez def Skitzo, Oliver John won Rumble, Scotty Aboot def Antonio Mestre to win PCW title..

  • February 4, 2006--NWA Bluegrass in Belfry, Kentucky: Thunder def Big Henry, Vinny Viagra def Big Henry, Jayton Lions def Gage Divine, Chance Prophet def Jade Justice, Chris Draven def Wild Dragon, Chance Prophet def Thunder..

  • February 4, 2006--NWA Central States in Lawrence, Kansas: Krow def Dingo Machete, Darrien Sanders def Ryan Ash, Delirious & Payday Patterson def Michael Strider & Ace Steel, Derek Stone & Mason Hunter & Tyler Pride def Hype Gotti & Brett Young & Jeremy Wyatt, Mark Sterling def Wade Chism, Jaysin Strife def Matt Sydal to win Midwest X title..

  • March 4, 2006--NWA Bluegrass in Belfry, Kentucky: Rick Taylor vs Preston Brent Romans III ended in no contest due to interference from Thunder, "Hoss Cat" Big Henry def Thunder, Chris Draven vs Jude Justice ended in no contest, Bluegrass Bandits (Chris Draven & Pecos Pete Parsons) def Devine Justice (Gage Devine & Jude Justice), Kris King vs Chance Prophet ended in a no contest..

  • March 11, 2006--NWA No Limits in Muscatine, Iowa: Shane Alatore def Mikey Lovemuffin, Mark Sterling def Jeremy Wyatt, Jaysin Strife def Michael Strider-DQ, Chandler McClure & Eric Priest def Mississippi Madman & Trik Davis, Juan Fourneau def Tyler Cook, Jimmy Jacobs def Darien Sanders, Tyler Black & Marek Brave def Ryan Boz & Danny Daniels..

  • March 17, 2006--NWA Mid-South in Humboldt, Tennessee at The Depot before 75 fans: Matt Riviera vs Frank Thornton ended in a 15 minute draw, Johnny Maness def Ripper Graham, Billy Ray Hickerson def The Bulldog, Rude def Pat McGuinness, Tank def Don Bass (NWA Mid-South Champion) by DQ when his manager Jim Casey interfered, The Blackbirds vs The Cowboys ended in a Double DQ..

  • March 25, 2006--NWA Central States in Lawrence, Kansas before 210 fans: Michael Strider def Payday Patterson, Mason Hunter & Derek Stone def Brett Young & Hype Gotti, Darrien Sanders def Jeremy Wyatt, Patterson def Striker, Jaysin Strife def Dingo Machete, Ace Steel def Mark Sterling-DQ, Strider def Patterson in a stairway to hell match.

  • April 1, 2006--NWA Bluegrass in Belfry, Kentucky: "Hoss Cat" Big Henry def Preston Brett Romans III, Thunder def "Fightin' Irish" Rick Taylor, Gage Devine def Jude Justice, Kris King def Chance Prophet and Thunder in a 3-WAY.

  • April 8, 2006--NWA Main Event in Columbia, Tennessee: Heavy Maddle def Mr. X, Larry Cooter def Mike Woods, New York Gangster def Chris Norte, Cody Whitehead def Magna, Shawn Schultz def Mike Jabronski, Psycho Medic & Karange def L.A. Player & Blue Blaze, Shaun Fatal def Billy Merciless by Countout, J.T. Quest vs. Mike Woods vs. Bubba Morton was no contest

  • April 15, 2006--NWA Wisconsin in Del Piere, Wisconsin: Shane Hills def Busty Loads, Micki McKay & Katie McCormick def Dredd & Miss Anne, Silas Young def Scotty Pryde, Dinty Moore def J Cash, Esteban Melina def Bobby V, Steve Stone def Nick Colluci, Shortstack def Kuba Andrews, Dysfunction def Diego Corleone

  • April 15, 2006--NWA Main Event in Columbia, Tennessee: Psycho Medic def Blue Flame, NY Gangster def Chris Norte, Harvey Maddle def Justin Smart, Karnage def L.A. Player-DQ, Shaun Fatal def Billy Merciless, Sexy Diablo & Sonny Samson def Larry Cooter & Brandon Barbwire, Cody Whitehead & Antonio def Manga & Anime, Bubba Morton def J.T. Quest

  • April 28, 2006--NWA No Limits in Muscatine, Iowa: Woody Maguire & Mikey Lovemuffin def Jaysin Strife & Shane Hollister, Tyler Cook def Back McGuire, Jeremy Wyatt def Juan Fourneau, Darien Sanders def Michael Strider, Marek Brave def Eric Young (TNA), Mississippi Madman & Shortstack def Chandler McClure & Eric Priest, Ryan Boz NC Maguire & Lovemuffin, Ryan Boz def Danny Daniels, A.J. Styles def Tyler Black (Styles really put Black, who is 19, over as being the future of wrestling)

  • April 29, 2006--NWA Central States in Lawrence, Kansas before 341 fans: Corwin Star def Domino Rivera, Brett Young & Hype Gotti def Derek Stone & Mason Hunter-DQ, Michael Strider def Dingo, Jeremy Wyatt won three-way over Paul Diamond and Tony Morales, Tyler Black & Marek Brave def Brett Young & Hype Gotti-DQ, Jaystin Strike NC Mark Sterling in a Midwest X title vs. Kansas title match, A.J. Styles def Darrien Sanders..

  • May 13, 2006--NWA Universal in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Krusher Kanine def Ryan Davidson, Tim Warcloud & Mason Hunter def Michael Barry & Bash w/Sassy Merlot, Justin Lee def Gary Gram to win the X-Division title, Butch Reed def Spoiler 2000 by DQ, John O´Malley def Slam Shady to retain the NWA Oklahoma title, America´s Most Wanted def The Naturals to retain the NWA World Tag Team titles, Rocco Valentino w/Charming Charles def Tim Warcloud and Michael Barry (w/Sassy Merlot) and Slam Shady and Mason Hunter and Gary Gram in an Oklahoma 6-Shot to become the #1 contender to the NWA Oklahoma Title

  • May 20, 2006--NWA Wisconsin in Del Pere, Wisconsin: Justin Dredd def Mickie McCoy, DDS def Scotty Pride, Esteban Melina def Larry Larkin, Shortstack & Nick Colluci & Don Goti def Xavier Mustafa & Chris Black & TC, Jack Berzerker & Tommy Courageous def Logan Lasher & Missing Steele Link, Quinson Valentino def Phil Atlas, J. Cash def Shane Hills in a dog collar match, Alex Shelley def Steve Stone....

  • June 2, 2006--NWA Central States in Lawrence, KS: Domino Rivera & Michael Barry b. Corwin Star & Craig Keesman, Paul Diamond b. Hype Gotti w/ Steve Girthy, Mason Hunter b. Wade Chism, Darrien Sanders b. Tony Morales, Michael Strider w/Steve Fender b. Brett Young w/Hype Gotti, Dingo b. Colt Cabana, NWA Kansas Champion Mark Sterling w/ Sassy Merlot b. Derek Stone, Jeremy Wyatt w/ Steve Girthy b. Christopher Daniels after interference by Girthy Management Group

  • June 3, 2006--NWA No Limits Wrestling in Muscatine, Iowa: Tyler Cook def K.C. Jackson, Shane Hollister def Dingo Machete, Juan Fourneau def Jeremy Wyatt-COR, Keith Walker def Jimmy Jacobs, Marek Brave def Chandler McClure, Eric Priest def Tyler Black, Ryan Boz & Mississippi Madman & Zach Gowen def Danny Daniels & Mikey Lovemuffin & Woody McGuire

  • June 3, 2006--NWA Wisconsin in Theresa, Wisconsin: El Vato def Diego Corleone, Mickie McCoy def Justin Dredd & Bobby V, Esteban & Johnny Metal def Jack Berzerker & Tommy Courageous, Adrian Lynch vs Matt Longtime ended in a No Contest, Xavier Mustafa & Chris Black & TC def Colluci & Gotti & Terry Shaw, J-Cash def Steve Stone, Dinty Moore def Tough Tom, Larry Zbyszko & Adrian Lynch def Matt Longtime & Kevin Krueger

  • June 16, 2006--NWA-Bluegrass - Ashland Assault in Ashland Kentucky: "Hoss Cat" Big Henry won Gauntlet Match (Included: Trybo, Rick Taylor, Thunder, Preston Romans, Arez, Gage Devine, Omega, Juggulator, Brian Fury, Shingroth), J.D. Escalade def Jay Ten Lyons by DQ, Tracy Brooks def LolliPop, Kris King def Salvatore Rinauro, Nigel McGuiness def Chance Prophet, Vinny V. def David Young by DQ to retain the NWA Bluegrass title, Samoa Joe def Low Ki to retain the TNA X-Division title...

  • July 15, 2006--NWA Central States in Lawrence, KS: Tony Morales w/Domino Rivera b. Jaysin Strife w/Corwin Starr, Derek Stone b. Brett Young, Hype Gotti b. Darrien Sanders and Paul Diamond, Dingo b. Mason Hunter, Michael Strider & the Pink Phanton b. Jeremy Wyatt & Wade Chism by DQ (use of a fireball by Wyatt), Tyler Cook def . NWA Kansas Champion Mark Sterling in a non-title no-DQ match

  • July 22, 2006--NWA Wisconsin in Oshkosh, Wisconsin: Dysfunction def Steve Stone & Silas Young, Disco Inferno def Dinn T. Moore-DQ, Colluci & Fat Man Magoo def Don Gotti & Josh Startom, Mickey McCoy def Jack Berzerker, Ruff Rider Rashan def J-Cash, Esteban Melina & Tony Parks def Dredd & Bobby V

  • July 28, 2006--NWA Universal in Muskogee, Oklahoma at The Castle before 75 fans: Tim Warcloud & Ryan Davidson def Krusher K-9 & El Garande by DQ, Bash & Spoiler 2000 def Jake Boulder & Butch Reed, Michael Barry w/Sassy Merlot def Frank Thornton, Slam Shady def Matt Riviera, Justin Lee def Mason Hunter to retain X-Division title, John O'Malley def Rocco Valentino w/Charming Charles in a First Blood match to retain the Oklahoma title -- Notes: Rocco Valentino put ketchup on John O'Malley's head and was declared the winner, but when the referee found out it was ketchup, the decision was reversed.

  • August 5, 2006--NWA Main Event in Columbia, Tennessee: Mr. Justice def Jay Jacobs, Psycho Medic def Lee Condrey, Bret Icen d Shaun Fatal, Syndicate Crew won four corners match, Condrey won Battle Royal

  • August 12, 2006--NWA Main Event in Columbia, Tennessee: Freaks of Nature def Japanimation by DQ, Shaun Fatal & Trent Schultz def Cousin Cooter & Amazing Pookie, Larry Cooter & Brandon Stone def Tiberious King & Brandon Barbwire, Jammer def J.T. Quest, Jake O'Reilly def Cody Deaner, Bobo Brazil Jr. def Mike Woods, Lee Condrey def Paul Rose, Extreme Brother Team def Syndicate Crew by DQ

  • August 17, 2006--NWA Mid-South Wrestling in West Memphis, Arkansas at the VFW before 100 fans: Matt Riviera def Frank Thornton, Don Bass def Tattoo, Rebecca Raze def Chris Rocker, The Cowboys def The Posse, Derrick King vs Matt Riviera ended in a Double Countout, Brian Christopher def Kamala by DQ...

  • August 18, 2006--NWA Main Event in Columbia, Tennessee: Freaks of Nature def Jason & Nightmare, Shaun Fatal def Shadow, Brandon Stone & Larry Cooter def Psycho Medic & Chris Norte by DQ, Jake O'Riley def Cody Deaner by DQ, Jammer & Lee Condrey def Tiberiuos King & J.T. Quest, Steve O def John Noble, Syndicate Crew def Extreme Brother Team, James Storm & Arrick Andrews def Johnny Devine & Cody Deaner

  • August 25, 2006--NWA Universal in Tahlequah, Oklahoma at the Community Ag Building before 44 fans: Sudden Impact def Krusher Kanine by DQ, "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry def "The New Face of Pro Wrestling" Frank Thornton, Slam Shady def Ryan Davidson, Mason Hunter vs Justin Lee (X-Divison Champion) ended in a draw, Spoiler 2000 & Bash def Matt Riviera & Kraig Keesman in a Coal Miner's Glove on a Pole match, Rocco Valentino w/Charming Charles def John O' Malley to win the NWA-U Oklahoma title..

  • August 26, 2006--NWA Central States in Lawrence, Kansas: Mason Hunter def Domino Rivera with an Oklahoma Stampede; Hype Gotti w/Steve Girthy and Iceman def Michael Strider w/Steve Fender; Brett Young w/Steve Girthy def Derek Stone in a Loser Eats Dog Food Match; Jeremy Wyatt & Iceman & Benjamin Sailer w/Steve Girthy def Corwin Starr & Krow & Darrien Sanders. Wyatt def Starr after a Cropduster DDT; Mark Sterling w/Sassy Merlot def Tyler Cook by Countout to retain the NWA Kansas Title; Dingo def A.J. Styles in overtime (Styles hit the Styles clash as time ran out. They did five more minutes, and Dingo got the pinfall after a series of pins and reversals).

  • September 2, 2006--NWA Main Event in Columbia, Tennessee: Brandon Stone def Shadow, Syndicate Crew def 2 Bit & Spider Jay, Extreme Brother Team def Jason X & Nightmare, Lee Condrey & G.Q. def Syndicate Crew by DQ, Jammer def Manga, Mike Woods & J.T. Quest def Arrick Andrews & Steve O

  • September 9, 2006--NWA Mountain State in Hinton, West Virginia: Drake Tungsten def Brian Jones, Warmachie def Pitbull Brown, Derrik Billings & Billy Lit def Johnny Blast & Ice, Billings & Lit def The Bunkhouse Boys, Beau James & Wayne Adkins & Mike Cook def Warmachine & Ice & Jones, Brown def Scotty Blaze

  • September 22, 2006--NWA Wisconsin in Del Perre, Wisconsin: Silas Young def Jimmy Jacobs, Nick Colluci & Ruff Ryder & J Cash def Don Gotti & Jerry Styles & Matt Byron, Zach Gowen def Peter B Beautiful, Sam Hayne & Steve Stone def Esteban Molina & Ricky Thomas by Countout, Petey Williams def Dysfunction, Dysfunction won gauntlet match

  • September 23, 2006--NWA Main Event in Columbia, Tennessee: Brandon Stone def The Shadow, Billy Merciless & Spyder Jay Jacobs def Chris Cane & Shawn Fatal, Psycho Medic def Silver Bullet, Nightmare & Avenger def The Extreme Brothers, North & South Connection (Larry Cooter & New York Gangster) def The Syndicate Crew (L.A. Player & Karnage), J.T. Quest def Steve O in a #1 Contenders match,

  • September 29, 2006--NWA Main Event in Smynra, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory: The Patriot def Spyder Jay Jacobs and 2-Bit in a 3-WAY, Steve O def JT Quest w/Xstacy, Jammer def "Mr. Mean" Mike Woods by DQ, White Trash def Jason X, Billy Merciless w/Marcus Barry def Shaun Fatal, Billy Merciless def Shaun Fatal, The Syndicate Crew def The North & South Connection (NY Gangster & Larry Cooter), A "Battle Royal" ended with GQ & Lee Condry, "Outlaw" Lee Condrey def GQ in a Falls Count Anywhere match..

  • September 30, 2006--NWA Main Event in Columbia, Tennessee at Morton's Sportatorium: 2-Bit def Spyder Jay Jacobs, The Patriot def "Mr. Mean" Mike Woods, Billy Merciless & Marcus Barry w/Broadway Rose def Shaun Fatal & Chris Cane, Jammer w/Sexy Jessi def The Shadow, Kid Dynamite def Mentalo, The Syndicate Crew def The North & South Connection and Apollo & JB Thunder in a 3-WAY by DQ, The Extreme Brother Team (Cody Whitehead & Antonio w/Sexy Jessi) def Jason X & Nightmare (w/The Avenger & Leatherface) in a Street Fight, Lee Condry & Steve O def GQ & JT Quest (w/Xstacy & Broadway Rose)..

  • September 30, 2006--NWA Central States Wrestling in St. Joseph, Missouri: "The Rebel" Jeremy Wyatt def Kraig Keesaman with the Cropduster DDT, Nick Tyson def Gary J and Pierre Abernathy in a 3 Way Dance, "Showtime" Darrien Sanders def "#1" Brett Young, Wade Chism vs "Superstar" Steve Fender went to a no contest, Mason Hunter def Derek Stone and Mike DiBiase in a 3 Way Dance, Psycho Sandman and Michael Strider def NWA Kansas Champ Mark Sterling and Domino Rivera when Sandman pinned Rivera

  • October 6, 2006--NWA Main Event in Smynra, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory: Spyder Jay Jacobs def 2-Bit, "Mr. Mean" Mike Woods def Shaun Fatal, White Trash def Karnage (w/L.A. Player & DeAngelo) by DQ, Steve O def Medic and JT Quest w/Xstacy in a 3-WAY by Submission on Medic, The North & South Connection (NY Gangster & Larry Cooter) def The Syndicate Crew (L.A. Player & DeAngelo), "Outlaw" Lee Condry def G.Q. in a Fan Parcipitation Lumberjack Strap match with George Gulas as the referee.

  • October 7, 2006--NWA Main Event in Columbia, Tennessee at Morton's Sportatorium: Chris Cane & Shaun Fatal def Jason X. & Nightmare w/Avenger, Brandon Stone def The Shadow, Lee Condry & 2-Bit def Billy Mericless & The Stalker (w/Marcus Barry & Broadway Rose), "Mr. Impact" J.T. Quest (w/Xstacy & Broadway Rose) def Johnny Gunnz by Submission, Spyder Jay Jacobs & Manga w/Miss. Opium def The Extreme Brothers (Cody Whithead & Antonio), "Mr. Mean" Mike Woods def Jammer, Steve O. def DeAngelo w/Y.T., The Syndicate Crew (L.A. Player & Karnage & Psycho Medic w/Y.T.) def The North & South Connection (NY Gangster & Larry Cooter)

  • October 13, 2006--NWA Central States Wrestling - Superstitions in Lawrence, Kansas: Kraig Keesaman def Corwin Star and "Showtime" Darrien Sanders in a 3-WAY, Domino Rivera def Mason Hunter with an octopus stretch hold in Hunter's last match with CSW, Derek Stone def "#1" Brett Young in a "Loser Wears a Dress and Serves Concessions During Intermission" Match, Hype Gotti def Tyler Cook with assitance from Steven J. Girthy, Project Aggression (Michael Strider & Steve Fender) vs. Girthy Management Group (Jeremy Wyatt & Wade Chism) went to a Double Countout, Mark Sterling vs. Dingo went to a 30 minute time limit draw in a match for the NWA Kansas Title

  • October 14, 2006--NWA Championship Wrestling - Trojan Classic in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee: Maul & Massacre def The Blue Ridge Boys (Tojo & B-Bo Gass), The Hollywood Brunettes def The Cowboys From Hell and Murder-One & Bob E Hill and Chit & Spitfire in a 4-WAY, Hayden Young def Matt Fortune and Chad Parham in a 3-WAY, Kid Ego def Jimmy Rave, Ace Rockwell & Coach Brooks def Shaun Tempers & Rev. Dan Wilson w/Dominous, Abdullah The Butcher & Nemesis def Tank & Iceberg in a bloody No DQ Trojan Death Match..

  • October 14, 2006--NWA No Limits/NWA Central States Wrestling - Lethal Legacy in Muscatine, Iowa: The entire night is a tag tournament leading to a 4-WAY for the vacant NWA Central States Title. Mississippi Madman & Derek Stone def Tyler Black & Corwin Starr, Michael Strider & Woody Maguire def Mikey Maxim & Dingo, Shane Hollister & Jeremy Wyatt def Tyler Cook & Nate Bash, Darrien Sanders & Keith Walker def Ben Sailer & Domino Rivera, Michael Strider & Woody Maguire def Shane Hollister & Jeremy Wyatt, Mississippi Madman & Derek Stone def Darrien Sanders & Keith Walker, The Prophet def K.C. Jackson, Michael Strider & Woody Maguire vs Mississippi Madman & Derek Stone ended in a Double Countout, (Notes: The 4-WAY was made a 6-WAY), Michael Strider def Woody Maguire and Mississippi Madman and Derek Stone and Marek Brave and Mark Sterling in a 6-WAY to win the vacant Central States title..

  • October 28, 2006--NWA Virginia in Chesterfield, Virginia: Saje Hilton def Alexx Sage, Totally Awesome def Shane Falco, Big Tony def Horrorshow, Nu Egypt (Pharaoh & Lazarus) def Scotty Rocker & Scotty Blaze, Sean Denny def Masked Superstar II by Submission to retain the NWA Virginia Heavyweight title, UNOD def The Hall Brothers to retain the NWA North American Tag Team titles, Ric Converse def Damian Wayne to retain the AWA World Heavyweight title..

  • November 9, 2006--NWA Mid Southern Wrestling in West Memphis, Arkansas at the VFW Arena: Eric Wayne def Marty James, Don Bass def Hardknocks Hooligan by DQ, Tasha Simone def Lady Blaze in a Ladies match, Mr. America def Pokerface, The Texas Outlaws vs Picture Perfect ended in a Double DQ in a Non-title match (The middle rope broke during the main event which made for a difficult situation but everybody worked hard and stayed safe) --- Downtown Bruno was the special guest referee and and there was a Arkansas Legends ceremony including Cleo Reeves, Buddy Wayne, Ken Wayne, and William "The Freezer" Thomphson..

  • November 11, 2006--NWA Midwest in Streamwood, Illinois: Terry Taylor announced that if Blacklisted interfered in any matches they would be stripped of their tag team titles, Pepper Parks def Tyson Dux and Gutter in a 3-WAY, Steve Boz def Acid Jazz, Joe Doering def Tony Scarpone, Marek Brave def Brandon Thomaselli and Jason Dukes and Billy Roc in a 4-WAY, Ricky Thomas & Estaban Molina def Shane Hollister & Mike Maxim, MsChif def Josie in a Women's match (MsChif sprayed Josie with the mist), Rashee the SkullKrusher def Mississippi Madman, Blacklisted def Team Underground, Karl Anderson def Ryan Boz in a First Blood match to win the NWA Heartland States title, LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) def The Extreme Dream Team to retain the NWA World Tag Team titles (Blacklisted interfered so Terry taylor stripped them of the NWA Midwest Tag titles)..

  • November 25, 2006--NWA New England - Tony Rumble Memorial Show in Saugus, Massachusetts at the YMCA: Jason Rumble def TNT and Matt Ledge and Paul Hudson and Cameron Matthews in a 5-WAY to win the X and Cruiserweight titles, Scott Grimes (managed by John Cena's father) def "Sidewalk Sam" Harold Gross, Trifecta (Jimmy Jact Cash & Danny Jaxx) def Craig Trace & Loco, Slyck Wagner Brown def Beau Douglas w/Bull Montana and Todd Hanson in a 3-WAY to earn a title shot, Jason Rumble won a Battle Royal to earn a title shot, The Islanders (Makua & Ka Hoku) def Dino Chastaine & Eric Egoh to retain the NWA New England Tag Team titles, Antonio Thomas def Luke Robinson, Jason Rumble w/Johnny Fabulous def Luis Ortiz and Slyck Wagner Brown in a 3-WAY to become the first the NWA New England Next Generation Heavyweight title -- Notes: Amazingly, Jason Rumble won three different titles and a Royal Rumble match on the same show --- Becoming NWA New England Next Generation Triple Crown Winner..

  • December 2, 2006--NWA Pro-Explosive Pro Wrestling - EMERGING (Debut Show) in Adelaide, South Australia before 250 fans: Jayson Cooper def James Street, Richter def Nate Dooley, Havok def Chris Spartan (SA Title Tournament Match), Devlin Reeves def Robby Heart (SA Title Tournament Match), Slex def Mikey Nicholls, Damian Slater & Shane Haste def 'Jag' Hartley Jackson & Davis Storm via DQ in an EPW Tag Title Match

  • December 16, 2006--NWA Central States Wrestling - Deal with the Steel III in Lawrence, Kansas: "The Professional" Benjamin Sailer def Nate Bash, Nick Tyson & Pierre Abernathy def Corwin Star & Gary J, Derek Stone def "#1" Brett Young in a Hair vs Hair Match (Young's cohorts in Girthy Management Group stopped Stone from shaving their friend), Mark Sterling def Dingo in a Ladder Match to retain the NWA Kansas title (the referee had been knocked down when Dingo grabbed the belt, but Sterling used the belt on Dingo, then told the referee he had pulled the belt from it's perch), Domino Rivera def Tyler Cook, "Showtime" Darrien Sanders vs Kraig Keesaman ended in a Double Count-out, Project: Aggression (Michael Strider & Steve Fender & Derek Stone) def Girthy Management Group (Jeremy Wyatt & Hype Gotti & Wade Chism) in a War Games Steel Cage match when all three members pinned Gotti

  • December 16, 2006--NWA Universal in Tahlequah, Oklahoma: Romeo Contreras def Michael York and Cast Iron Cothern in a 3-WAY, Jessi Jersey def Lily McKenzie by DQ, AWOL def Timothy Rockwell, Rocco Valentino def Jack Dalton, Tracy Brooks def Foxy Roxy, Spoiler 2000 def James Storm, Slam Shady & Mason Hunter def Brent Albright & Justin Lee.

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