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[Miscellaneous NWA Member Results Listed Below]

  • January 4, 2003--NWA East in McKeesport, PA: Justin Idol def Scott Venom, Darno Smythe DCOR Dash Bennett, Nikita Allanov def Bigg, Brandon K def Paul Atlas, Devin Devine & Mason Hunter def Lance Dayton & Christopher Taylor, Scottie Gash def Brandon K, Justin Idol def Allanov, Crusher Hanson & C.J. Sensation def Dirk Ciglar & Mad Mike, Idol def Gash to win held up Three Rivers title..

  • February 1, 2003--NWA East in McKeesport, PA: Devin Devine def Brandon K , Christopher Taylor won battle royal, Justin Idol def Nikita Allanov-DQ, Brandon K def Devine (K suffered a legit shoulder injury which may have been a torn rotator cuff and it is no questionable if he'll make a future scheduled appearance for TNA, the two were scheduled for a third match on this show that never took place), Scottie Gash def Bigg, Crusher Hanson def Taylor, Dirk Ciglar def Quinn Magnum, which was billed as his retirement match due to legit knee problems..

  • February 10, 2003--NWA Main Event in Murfreesboro, TN before 50 fans for a TV taping: Johnny Criss def Steve Bragg, Chris Gatlin & Steve Lane def Misfits, Dante & Tim Renesto (who worked the old Los Angeles territory in the late 70s) def Thunderbolt & Chris Sanders, Rex Sexton def Cru Jones, Heartbreakers def Shawshank & Tommy Capone, John Matthews def Mike Woods-DQ, J.T. Quest & Donnie Eaton (I wonder who his favorite wrestler growing up was) def Jeff Daniels & Hammerjack, Jason Nesmith def Steve Bragg, Ultimo Phoenix & Sanders DDQ Misfits..

  • February 15, 2003--NWA East in McKeesport, PA: Devin Devine & Kid Cupid def Dale Price in a handicap match, Nikita Allanov def Quinn "didn't I retire last month?" Magnum, Crusher Hansen def Justin Idol, Chris Taylor & Lance Dayton def Premiere Players to win tag titles, Krystal Frost def Jazmynn Viktortia in an evening gown match, Paul Atlas & C.J. Sensation & Scottie Gash def Brandon K & Dirk Ciglar & Justin Idol..

  • March 1, 2003--NWA East in McKeesport, PA: Justin Idol def Scott Venom, Quinn Magnum def Devin Devine & Kid Cupid-DQ, Brandon K def Paul Atlas, Nikita Allanov def Mad Mike, Lance Dayton & Christopher Taylor def Daron Smythe & Dash Bennett, Brandon K NC Dirk Ciglar..

  • March 8, 2003--NWA Tri-State Wrestling in Parkersburg, WV: Team Hotstuff & Johnny Hard def D.J. Skittles & Kano & Twisted Youth, Chris Draven won three-way over Double Dragon and Jack Layton, Vinnie V def Eric Darkstorm, Trik Nasty & Max Power def Shawn Parks & Romeo Godwin, David Flair def Chance Prophet, Jake Layton won Battle Royal..

  • March 29, 2003--NWA East in McKeesport, PA: Quinn Magnum NC Justin Idol, Devin Devine & Daron Smythe & Dash Bennett def Dale Price & Chris Taylor & Lance Dayton, Paul Atlas def Mad Mike, Justin Idol won three-way over Scott Venom and C.J. Sensation, Scottie Gash def Quinn Magnum, Crusher Hanson & Brian Anthony def Nikita Allanov & Dirk Ciglar..

  • April 12, 2003--NWA East in McKeesport, PA: Brandon K def Daron Smythe, Nikita Allanov def Shawn Patrick-DQ, Mad Mike def Scottie Gash, C.J. Sensation def Lance Dayton, Dash Bennett def J.B. Destiny, Chris Taylor def Devin Devine, A broom (yes a real broom) def Gash to win the Brass Knux title, Justin Idol def Paul Atlas, Crusher Hansen def Nikita Allanov..

  • April 12, 2003--NWA Tri-State Wrestling in Wellston, OH: Chris Draven & Lexis Wine def Evil Ninja & Just'n Kace, Team Hotstuff def D.J. Skittles & Twisted Youth, Shawn Parks def Double Dragon, Vinnie Viagra def Eric Darkstorm, Trik Nasty won three-way over Chance Prophet and Romeo Godwin, Spider Man def Max Power, Doink def Johnny Hard, Rocky Reynolds NC Ron Killings..

  • April 26, 2003--NWA East in McKeesport, PA: Quinn Magnum & Mad Mike def Scottie Gash & Paul Atlas, Nikita Allanov def Brandon K, Dale Price def Kid Cupid, Justin Idol def Dirk Ciglar, Crusher Hanson def Scottie Gash, Lance Dayton & Chris Taylor def Damon Smythe & Dash Bennett in ladder match..

  • May 10, 2003--NWA Virginia in Richmond before 150 fans: Pete Jennings def Grail, Chris Escobar won three-way over Dragon and Brandon Day, Ryan Spade def Mike Thomas, Chino Martinez def Robert Royal, Magic def Mike Lynn, Untouchables DCOR Old School Empire, Phil Brown DCOR Preston Quinn (match actually stopped because both guys were bleeding bad)..

  • May 24, 2003--NWA East in McKeesport, PA: Chris Taylor & Lance Dayton def Virus & Eric Darkstar, Paul Atlas def Dash Bennett, Justin Idol def Scottie Gash, Bigg & Mad Mike & Brian Anthony def Jerry Penders & Devin Devine & Scott Venom, Brandon K def Dirk Ciglar, Nikita Allanov def Crusher Hansen..

  • June 7, 2003--NWA East in McKeesport, PA: Scott Venom def Crusher Hanson, Bigg def Virus, Brian Anthony def Dash Bennett, Dirk Ciglar & Scottie Gash def Quinn Magnum & Paul Atlas, Mad Mike def Darkstar, Brandon K won over Kid Cupid, Daron Smythe and Devin Devine in a gauntlet series, Justin Idol def C.J. Sensation..

  • June 20, 2003--NWA Main Event in Nashville before 125 fans: Arrick Andrews won Battle Royal, Dante & Steve Bragg won three-way over Shane Eden & Gypsy Joe and Shane & Bubba Morton-DQ, Dan Morrow & Bryan Turner def Natas & Justin Sane, Chris Sanders def Arrick Andrews, Lonestar def Jeff Daniels, Kory Williams def Mike Woods, Leilani Kai def Christie Ricci to keep NWA womens title, Larry Valentine & John Caesar def Steven Dunn & Reno Riggins (Did the Tennessee Volz gimmick)..

  • July 5, 2003--NWA East in McKeesport, PA: Scott Venom def Bigg, Paul Atlas def Kid Cupid, Atlas & Brian Anthony def A.J. Frost & Dylan Rage, Devin Devine (who along with Dirk Ciglar will have TNA dark matches next week) def Justin Idol to win tag titles, Lance Dayton & Bigg def Daron Smythe & Dash Bennett, Mad Mike def Sonny Landel, Brandon K & Nikita Allanov & Devin Devine def Quinn Magnum & Crusher Hanson & Boomer Payne..

  • July 12, 2003--NWA Midwest and Midwest Championship Wrestling in Rockford, IL before 100 fans: Brandon Blaze & Justin Kage def XXXplicit Content, Colt Cabana def Cru Jones, Eric Priest def Mike Matthews, Brad Bradley def Ryan Boz, Ace Steel def B.J. Whitmer, Danny Dominion def C.M. Punk to win Midwest title..

  • July 24, 2003--NWA Main Event in Murfreesboro, TN before 35 fans for a TV taping: Menga def Chris Sanders, Dante def Tommy Capone, Larry Valentine & John Caesar def Anthony Ingram & Magnificent Marcus, L.A. Player def J.T. Quest, Dan Morrow & Bryan Turner def Jeremy Justice & Joey Luchiano, Jeff Daniels & Lonestar def Shane Morton & Chris Gatlin, Mike Woods & Gary Valiant def Batten Twins-DQ..

  • July 26, 2003--NWA Alabama, also known as APW in Sylacauga, AL: Viper def Major Havoc, Benin def Billy Ray Grant, El Satanico (not the original) def Chris Ace, Lee Roy & Corporal Chaos def Motor City Clique, Whiplash won five-way, Scott Reznor & Big Daddy Goth def Joe Hogan & Brian Sterling, Sweet Daddy def Jeff Jarrett (the original)-DQ. Jeremy Borash played heel ring announcer for hte main event. Ron & Don Harris sort of interfered for the DQ..

  • August 2, 2003--NWA East in McKeesport, PA: Dick Ciglar def Chris Taylor, Crusher Hansen def Kid Cupid, Justin Idol def Lance Dayton, Brian Anthony def Bigg, Premiere Players def Scott Venom & J.B. Destiny, Paul Atlas def Scottie Gash, Ciglar won four-way over Hansen, Idol and Devin Devine

  • August 5, 2003--NWA Bluegrass in Inez, KY at the Martin County Fairgrounds: The Redneck Xpress beat The Rydas (JD Escalade & Juggulator) to retain the tag titles, "Kid Kaos" Eric Draven beat Ian Killjoy, David Young beat Jake Layton, Jimmy Valiant & Eric Darkstorm beat Billy Maverick & Shane Mathews, Chris Draven (NWA JR HW CHAMP) beat Vinnie Viagra (Bluegrass JR HW CHAMP), AJ Styles (NWA World CHAMP) def Chance Prophet (Bluegrass CHAMP) (Send in by Robert Simpson)..

  • September 27, 2003--NWA Bluegrass in West Virginia at the Community Center: Eric Darkstorm def Vinnie V and Tommy Gibson in a 3-way for the Jr. Heavyweight Title, Dealer def Kid Xtreme & Kid Ego in a Handicap Match, J.D. Escalade def Ian Killjoy, Jake Layton def The Juggulator, The Redneck Express def The New Assassins to retain the Tag Team titles, Billy Maverick & Shane Mathews def Chris Draven & Chance Prophet due to interference by Commissioner Michael Lovely..

  • October 4, 2003--NWA Virginia in Richmond: Ryan Spade def Vance Desmond, Brandon Day def Dragan Frost, Dirty Money def John Kermon, Adrian Whisper def Robert Royal, Kameo def Kily McLean, Nikita Allanov def Mike Thomas, Sean Lei def Mike Booth, Preston Quinn def Prince Malik, Chris Escobar def Damian Wayne..

  • October 11, 2003--NWA East - Night of Champions in McKeesport, PA: Brandon K def Daron Smythe, Dash Bennett def Ryan Spade, Justin Idol def Biggie Biggs-DQ, Paul Atlas def Jason Cage, Devin Devine def Mad Mike, Quinn Magnum & Scottie Gash def Lance Dayton & Chris Taylor, Nikita Allanov def Ricky Murdoch-DQ..

  • October 18, 2003--NWA Bluegrass in Salyersville, Kentucky at Community Center: Eric Darkstorm (Jr Champ) def Ian Killjoy... The Redneck Express (Tag champs) def The New Assassins... Chris Draven (NWA Jr Champ) def Shane Mathews by DQ... Chance Prophet vs Billy Maverick battled to a no contest... Bret Sharp won a 14 man Battle-Royal..

  • October 24, 2003--NWA Midwest and All-Star Championship Wrestling in Green Bay: Short Stack won Battle Royal, Kujo & Sam Hayne def Chris Jordan & Silas Young, Adrian Serrano def Mason Quinn, Culture Shock def Tom & Moore, Justin Kage won over Chandler McClure, Jose Guerrero and Halo, Horace the Psychopath def Dysfunction, Kevin Krueger def Gangrel..

  • October 25, 2003--NWA East in McKeesport, PA: Jason Cage def Chris Taylor, Scott Venom def Dash Bennett, Sheik Abdul Hassan & Dick Trimmons def Bigg & Kid Cupid-DQ, Brandon K def Adam Cage, Mad Mike def Devin Devine, Daron Smythe & Paul Atlas def Chris Escobar & Adrian Whisper, Brian Anthony def Bigg in arm-wrestling, Justin Idol def Nikita Allanov on 2/3 fall match..

  • October 25, 2003--NWA Kansas in Topeka before 75 fans: Kid USA def Jake Holmes, Babyface & Hype Gotti def Abu Colossus & Darian Sanders, Mark Sterling & Mason Hunter def Ryan & Jake Knox, Deakon & Jayden Draigo def Enigma & Brandon Steel, Thunder & Big Dogg def Rich Allen & Devan Scott, Brian Ash def Krow, Griz def Tiger Kid..

  • November 22, 2003--NWA Bluegrass in Salyersville, KY at the Community Center: Eric Darkstorm (Bluegrass Jr Champ) def Shane Mathews and Brett Sharp in a 3-WAY... Chris Draven (NWA Jr Champ) def Ian Killjoy... Jake Layton def The New Assassin #1 despite interference by The New Assassin #2... The Beautiful People (Billy Maverick & Vinnie V) def The Redneck Express to capture the Tag Team titles...

  • December 6, 2003--NWA East in McKeesport, PA: Daron Smythe won three-way over Brandon K and Lance Dayton, Devin Devine def Adam Cage, Scottie Gash won fans bring the weapons rumble, Paul Atlas def Chris Taylor, Brian Anthony NC Bigg, Justin Idol def Gash..

  • December 13, 2003--NWA Bluegrass in Paintsville, Kentucky: Eric Darkstorm def Brett Sharp... George South SR def The Bruiser..."Slake" Jake Layton def New Assassin #1 in a Coal Miner's Glove Match... Jenny Taylor def Krissy Vaine...The Redneck Express def Billy Maverick & Vinnie V to regain the Tag Team Titles... Chris Draven def "Superstar" Shane Mathews... Sinn def Chance Prophet to become the new Bluegrass champion... Dusty Rhodes def Slash... Jimmy Valiant def The Masked Superstar..

  • December 20, 2003--NWA East in McKeesport, PA: Blitz & Hammer def Lance Dayton & Chris Taylor, Scott Venom def Dash Bennett, Justin Idol def Jason Cage, Mad Mike def Kid Cupid, Mad Mike & Brandon K def Bigg & Taylor, Paul Atlas def Brian Anthony (the two are actually brothers and Atlas announced his retirement and they retired the Brass Knux title with him)..

  • December 30, 2003--NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling ran their first event in the People's Republic of China in Guangzhou at the Tianhe Gymnasium. It was the first wrestling show in China since 1991. The promotion claimed an attendance of 7,500 fans. Mike Rapada def Jeff Justice, Frankie Capone def Andrue Bain via DQ, Chris Hamrick def Rikki Nelson, Lex Lovett def Bruiser Bradley, Steve Williams def Terry Taylor in 32:19 for the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight championship..

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