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[NWA Florida 2002]
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  • May 25, 2002--NWA Florida in St. Petersburg before 200 fans: Mark Zout def Kamikaze, Kingpinz def Strong Brothers, Mike Sullivan def Mike Thunderbolt; Next four matches were for vacant NWA Florida title: Steve Corino def David Young, Dave Johnson def Billy Fives, Danny Doring def Dr. Heresy, Agent Steele def Pat McGroin, Justice def Jimmy Rave, Next two are semifinals: Corino def Johnson, Doring def Steele, Shane Twins def Naphtali & Dagon Briggs to win Florida tag titles, Corino def Doring to win title. Doring asked for a rematch, Corino said anytime, and then Doring jumped him and asked for it right there. Doring def Corino to became Florida champion.

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