New Vision Pro Wrestling

  • September 17, 2005--New Vision Pro Wrestling in Welland, ONTARIO before 125 fans: X-Tremo & Ash def Cody 45 & Michael Elgin, Flexx Falcone def Pierre Khoury, Notorious TID def Ruffy Silverstein, T.J. Harley def Cody Deaner, Italianos def Buffalo Bad Boys, Jake O'Reilly def Crazy Steve & Anton Arakis, Derek Wylde def Shawn Spears..

  • January 28, 2006--New Vision Pro Wrestling in Canada: Crazzy Steve def Cody 45 by DQ when Nortorius TID attacked Crazzy Steve, James Champagne def Gutter, Cherry Bomb def Ganya, Andrew Davis & Derek Wylde def Primo Scordino & Tony Carbonie to win the Tag Team titles, El Reverso vs Extremo vs Phil Atlas went to a time limit draw (El Reverso retains the Cruiserweight title), Cody Deaner & Hayden Avery def Jake O'Reilly & Mastif, TJ Harley def Shawn Spears (WWE delevopmental wrestler) to retain the NVPW title..

  • February 18, 2006--New Vision Pro Wrestling - Take No Prisoners in Welland, Ontario at the Knights of Columbus Hall: El Reverso vs Phil Atlas ended in a No Contest, Shawn Spears def "Textbook" Tyson Dux, Hayden Avery def Jake O'Riley, The Italiano's def Derek Wylde & Andrew Davis to win the Tag Team titles, Cody Deaner def Mastiff by DQ after interference from Jake O'Riley, Bobby Roode def James Chapagne, T.J Harley def Crazzy Steve to retain the New Vision Pro Wrestling title..

  • May 27, 2006--New Vision Pro Wrestling - Crossfire in Welland, ONTARIO: Mastiff & Jimmy Jacobs def Tornado & James Champaigne; TJ Harley def Andrew Davis; Notorious TID def Rip Impact; Phil Atlas def Cody 45 and Crazzy Steve in a 3-WAY to win the Cruiserweight title; Hornet def "Stampede Kid" T.J. Wilson; The Italianos def Ron Falco & Gutter to retain the Tag team titles; "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde def Platinum by DQ after Notorious TID interfered in the match; Jake O'Riley def Cody Deaner in the I Quit match

  • July 8, 2006--New Vision Pro Wrestling in Welland, ONTARIO: Before the show Crazzy Steve was shit-kicked by Notorious TID and hauled off in an ambulance. (Or so I heard - I wasn't there yet.); Phil Atlas def Cody 45 to retain his Cruiserweight title, The Italianos def Gutter & Otis Idol to retain the Tag Team titles, TJ Harley w/Krystal Banks def Andrew Davis w/Cherry Bomb by Countout in a Hair vs Innocence match (After the match, Cherry Bomb & Andrew Davis cut one of TJ's pigtails off, Johnny Devine def James Champagne, Cody Deaner def Eric Young after blasting him with brass knuckles, Notorious TID def Derek Wylde and Jake O'Reilly and Platinum in a 4-WAY to win the NVPW Heavyweight title after Piledriving Jake off the ring apron through a table. This was a wild brawl that raged throughout the venue with tons of crazy action. In one scary spot, Platinum soared over the top rope and the other three failed to catch him.

  • August 5, 2006--New Vision Pro Wrestling - Fund Raiser for The Meningitis Foundation in St. Catharines, Ontario: Platinum def Angel Guerrera, Cherry Bomb def Krystal Banks, Crazzy Steve def "Textbook" Tyson Dux, "Showtime" Eric Young def "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde by Submission (Wylde never submitted, Pee Wee Kastles came in to substitute for the referee who was down and called for the bell. Earlier in the show, Pee Wee Kastles was named the new general manager after Jennifer Blake was fired), The Italianos (Primo Scordino & Tony Carbonie) def Johnny Devine & Andrew Davis to retain the Tag Team titles, Rhino def Monty Brown after the Gore.

  • September 9, 2006--New Vision Pro Wrestling in Welland, ONTARIO before 175 fans: Mastiff def James Champagne, Italianos def Alin the Unruly & Brandon Thurston, Angel DeGuerra def Michael Elgin, Andrew Davis def Platinum, Cody Deaner def Derek Wylde-DQ, Johnny Devine & Phil Atlas def Tyson Dux & Tornado, Jake O'Reilly def T.J. Harley

  • January 27, 2007--New Vision Pro Wrestling in Welland, ONTARIO: Platinum def N8 Mattson, Gutter def Eddie Osbourne, Joe Doering def Hayden Avery, Crazzy Steve & Jake O'Reilly def James Champagne & Cody 45, Andrew Davis & Brad Martin def The Italianos, Joe Legend def Tyson Dux, Notorious TID def Phil Atlas.

  • February 24, 2007--New Vision Pro Wrestling in Niagara Falls, Ontario: Andrew Davis & Brad Martin def James Champagne & Cody 45, Jake O'Reilly def Tornado, Brodie Lee & Jimmy Olsen def Ron Falco & Joe Doring, Phil Atlas def John McChesney, Platinum def Crazzy Steve, Textbook Tyson def Cody Deaner, Notorious TID def Derek Wylde