Smackdown! Crew - October 20, 2003 - White Plaines, NY

  1. SIX MAN TAG: Billy Kidman/Spanky/Paul London defeated The FBI (Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo & Johnny Stamboli)..

  2. TAG MATCH: Zach Gowen & Orlando Jordan defeated Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore..

  3. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Tajiri beat Rey Mysterio to retain (Jimmy Yang & Ryan Sakoda interfered)..

  4. TAG MATCH: Sean O'Haire & A-Train defeated Ultimo Dragon & Jamie Noble..

  5. DIVAS MATCH: Dawn Marie defeated Torrie Wilson..

  6. US TITLE MATCH: The Big Show defeated Eddy Guerrero to retain..

  7. TAG TITLE 3-WAY: The APA defeated The Basham Brothers & Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin..

  8. MATCH: Chavo Guerrero defeated Rhyno..

  9. MAIN EVENT: Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit defeated Brock Lesnar & John Cena..
  10. And that's a wrap..

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