World Wrestling Entertainment
Non-Televised Live Event
Smackdown! Crew - October 7, 2002 - Tucsan, AZ

  1. OPENING MATCH: Funaki beat Matt Hardy..

  2. TAG MATCH: Crash Holly & Bill DeMott beat Bull Buchanan & Shelton Benjamin..

  3. MATCH: John Cena beat Albert..

  4. CW TAG MATCH: Shannon Moore & Billy Kidman beat Taijiri & Chavo Guerrero..

  5. UNDISPUTED TITLE: Brock Lesnar beat Edge..
    • Paul Heyman barred from the building.
    • Edge gets the Edgicution but the ref is down.
    • After Chavo pushes Edge off of the top rope, Lesnar scores with the F-5.

  6. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: Jamie Noble (without Nidia) beat Rey Mysterio..

  7. MATCH: Chris Benoit beat the Big Valbowski..
    • Val played the heel role.
    • Chris got on the cross-face for the win.

  8. TAG MATCH: Chuck & Billy beat D-Von & Ron Simmons..

  9. KISS MY ASS MATCH: Rikishi beat Kurt Angle
    • Before Angle could get a stink-face, D-Von, Ron, and Noble ran down and beat up Rikishi..
    • Billy, Chuck, and Rey make the save and there were four stink-faces!

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