WWF Non-Televised Live Event
Smackdown! Crew - July 13, 2002 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  1. OPENING MATCH: John Cena def. Albert..

  2. MATCH: Bautista def. Randy Orton..

  3. SIX-MAN-TAG: Billy/Chuck/Rico def. Shannon Moore/Mark Henry/Hugh Morrus..

  4. MATCH: Sho Funaki def. Nick Dinsmore..

  5. CW TITLE: Jamie Noble def. Billy Kidman..

  6. CW TAG MATCH: Rey Misterio Jr & Hurricane def. Tajiri & Chavo Guerrero..

  7. TAG MATCH: Lance Storm & Christian def. Bob Holly & Val Venis..

  8. MATCH: Test def. Rikishi..
    • Rikishi was busted open and bleeding during this match..

  9. BRA&PANTIES: Torrie def. Dawn Marie..

  10. MAIN EVENT: Edge def. Kurt Angle.
  11. And that's a wrap..

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