WWF Non-Televised Live Event
Smackdown! Crew - May 26, 2002 - Regina, Saskatchawan

  1. CW TITLE: The Hurricane def. Tajiri & Chavo Guerrero Jr.

  2. Christian def. Sho Funaki.

  3. Test def. Maven.

  4. Lance Storm def. Hardcore Holly in a CANADA vs USA Challange...

  5. Big Valbowski & Randy Orton def. Billy & Chuck (sans Rico).

  6. Morrus / Kidman / Henry def. Batista / D-Von / Albert. .

  7. Chris Jericho def. Edge.

  8. Torrie Wilson def. Stacy & Ivory in a swimsuit competition..

  9. MAIN EVENT: Triple H def Kurt Angle.
    • Angle came out wearing a wig and Olympic head gear.
    • Late in the match, Angle locked on the Ankle lock, which HHH countered.
    • HHH went to hit the pedigree which Angle then countered.
    • HHH then pulled down Angles tights exposing Angles ass.
    • While Angle was trying to pull up his tights, HHH pulled off the head gear and wig!
    • HHH hit the Pedigree, and got the 1-2-3 for the win!

  10. And that's a wrap..

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