WWF Non-Televised Live Event
RAW Crew - May 1, 2002 - Cologne, Germany

  1. EURO TITLE: Spike Dudley pinned William Regal to retain.

  2. WOMANS TITLE: Jazz beat Jaqueline via STF to retain.

  3. Lesnar killed Crash, he pinned him to win the match.

  4. X-Pac pinned Jeff Hardy in a decent match with his feet on the ropes.

    • Tommy Dreamer pinned Richards.
    • Goldust pinned Richards.
    • Richards pinned Goldust with help from Jazz..

  6. Jerry "The King" Lawler & Trish Stratus beat Mr. Perfect & Molly.

  7. IC TITLE: Eddie Guerrero pinned RVD after he hit him the belt and the frog splash.

  8. Ric Flair beat Booker T via Figure Four Leglock.

  9. Big Show beat Bradshaw with help from Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

  10. Steve Austin beat The Undertaker with his Stone Cold Stunner.
  11. And that's a wrap..

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