WWF Non-Televised Live Event
Smackdown! Crew - April 29, 2002 - Erie, Pennsylvania

  1. Chavo Guerrerro pinned Funaki.

  2. Hardcore Holly pinned Randy Orton.

  3. Dvon pinned Tazz.

  4. Tajiri over Kidman to retain CW title.

  5. Farooq pinned Test with a spinebuster.

  6. Hurricane/Mark Henry/Val Venis beat Christian/Lance Storm/Albert.

  7. Swimsuit challenge: Torrie won over Stacy and Ivory.

  8. Billy and Chuck over Maven and Al Snow to retain Tag Titles.

  9. Chris Jericho pinned Rikishi with his feet on the ropes.

  10. Edge pinned Kurt Angle.
  11. And that's a wrap..

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