WWF Non-Televised Live Event
December 1, 2001 - Cedar Rapids, Michigan

  1. IN THE RING: Edge.
    • EDGE came out.
    • Basically gave a pro-USA speech talking about how he's proud to live in the US now.
    • Proceeded to announce that he'd be taking on Regal tonight for the IC title.

  2. MATCH 1: Lita vs Jazz
    • Finish came after Lita hit Twist of Fate followed by Moonsault.

  3. MATCH 2 Dreamer/Richards VS Palumbo/Gunn
    • Finish saw Palumbo miss a super kick by a mile followed by a Fameasser.

  4. MATCH 3 Rico Constantino vs Hurricane
    • Highlight of match was Hurricane hitting a nice suicide flip tope.

  5. MATCH 4 Lance Storm vs DDP
    • DDP got the win via a Dimond Cutter.

  6. MATCH 5 Justin Credible vs Ron "H20" Waterman
    • H2O won via a cranking necklock.

  7. MATCH 6 Christian/Test vs Scotty/Albert
    • Albert did the giant swing to a big pop.
    • Nice spot saw Christian duck Scotties bulldog attempt into a reverse DDT.
    • Christian and Test got the dupe via the KICK OF HELL!

  8. MATCH 7 Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy
    • Crowd seemed confused as to who to support. Lita came out midway so it didn't matter as her star power has easily outshown both of them. Jeff wins via a backslide.

  9. MATCH 8 Edge vs William Regal
    • Edge got the win via the spear.

  10. MATCH 9 RVD vs Test
    • RVD won via the 5 Star.

  11. And that's a wrap..

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