WWF Non-Televised Live Event
October 21, 2001 - Columbia, Mousouri

  1. Billy Gunn over X-Pac with the fameasser

  2. Randy Orton and Russ McCollugh over Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible when McCollugh pinned Dreamer with a leg drop.

  3. Jackie over Ivory with a powerbomb.

  4. Chris Kanyon defeated Brock Lesnar with the flatliner.

  5. Dudley Boyz over Big Show and Tajiri by using the 3D on Tajiri.

  6. Rob Van Dam over Booker T with the frogsplash.

  7. Matt Hardy and Lita over Hurricane Helms and Molly. Matt pinned Helms with the twist of fate after Lance Storm ran in and "accidently" super-kicked Hurricane.

  8. Christian pinned Edge with a "belt shot" to the head while the referee was distracted.

  9. Kane over Test with a chokeslam in the main event. Foley and Regal were both at ringside and began mixing it up with each other. Foley brought out a "Mr. Socko" and put the mandible claw on Regal to end the show.
  10. And that's a wrap..

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