Jersey Championship Wrestling

  • May 18, 2002--Jersey Championship Wrestling in Lyndhurst, NJ before 125 fans: Damian Dragon def Deranged, Jay Lethal & Ray Child def Eddie Batten & Eric Baine, Middknight def Greg Spitz, Simon Diamond def Ace Darling, Solution def Shane Sheridan & Andrew Anderson, Inferno def Molson, Qeenaan Creed won three-way over Insane Dragon and Billy Reil, Brian Christopher def Dave Greco

  • June 15, 2002--Jersey Championship Wrestling's Jersey Cup: American Dragon def Lee Great, Dave Greco def Dixie, Mark Briscoe def Shane Sheridon, Scoot Andrews def Jason Rumble, Colt Cabana def Damian Dragon, A.J. Styles def Qeenan Creed, C.M. Punk def Billy Reil, Reckless Youth def Insane Dragon, American Dragon def Greco, Andrews def Mark Briscoe, Styles def Cabana, Youth def Punk, Dragon def Andrews, Youth def Styles, Inferno def Jay Briscoe (Non-tourney) and Youth def American Dragon to win tournament

  • November 16, 2002--Jersey Championship Wrestling's TV taping in Bergenfield, NJ: Julio Dinero d Christian York (double pin), Solution def Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to keep tag titles, Ace Darling def Don Montoya, Rick Fuller def Matt Devlin, Reckless Youth def Inferno, Live Wire def Dick Rodz, Knoxville def J.D. Licoius and Johnny Ova, Danny Demento def Prof. Steve, Tyler Payne def Tiger Mulligan, Jay Lethal def Rob Eckos, Youth def Fuller, Boriquas def Shaolin Wrecking Crew, Dirty Money def Mike Mayhem, Damien Dragon def Shawn Sheridan, Simon Diamond won three-way over Inferno and Crowbar, Reckless Youth def Darling to win TV title..

  • April 6, 2003--First JCW/UWA TV taping in New Jersey: Bandido Jr. def Fantastico, J.D. Licious def Dickie Rodz, Bandido def Black angel, Cartel def Corona, Damian Dragon & Foxxy Dreams def Dan Berry, Livewire def Jay Lethal, Dave Greco def J.D. Licoius, Los Boriquas def Boogie Knights..

  • September 28, 2003--Jersey Championship Wrestling in Jersey: Team Ethic def Boriquas, Inferno def Johnny Thunder, Mike Kurel def Wenzel, Al Snow def Homicide, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels def Christopher Street Connection, K-Brawlik won gauntlet match, April Hunter & Slyk Wagner Brown def Rob Eckos & Josh Daniels, Shawn Sheridan def Johnny Ova, John Walters def C.M. Punk, Ace Darling def Stryker, Jay Lethal def Simon Diamond..

  • February 22, 2004--Jersey Championship Wrestling in Garfield, NJ on Sunday: K-Brawlik def Scotty Charisma, Mike Quackenbush & Gran Akuma & Icarus over Wild Cards & Jigsaw, Red Hot Russ def Mo Sexy, Damian Adams def Dave Greco, Ryan Wing def Matt Morgan (not WWE one), April Hunter def Kara, Slyk Wagner Brown def Johnny Thunder, Shawn Sheridan NC Damian Dragon, Ace Darling & Stryker def Hybrids, Lonzo won Battle Royal to become TV champ, Bam Bam Bigelow & Chris Candido def Kamala & Prince Nana..

  • March 27, 2004--Jersey Championship Wrestling in Garfield, NJ before 300-400 fans: Mike Quackenbush & Ultramantis & Jolly Roger def ?, Teddy Hart & Danny Doring def Jose & Joel Maximo, Sons of Gustavo def Scotty Charisma & Ryan Wing, Brawlik def Danny Demanto, Balls Mahoney & Johnny Thunder & Wenzel def Chemical Candido & Prince Nana & Prince Ali with Ricky Steamboat as ref, Tiger Mulligan & Red Hot Russ def Chris Idol & Eric Cooper, Tudo won Battle Royal with Les Thatcher as ref, Miss Kara def Alicia, Fred Sampson def Damian Adams, Shawn Sheridan def Dave Greco, Ace Darling & Matt Striker def Rob Eckos & Josh Daniels. Iron Sheik also appeared at the show..

  • June 27, 2004--Jersey Championship Wrestling - J Cup Tournament in Garfield, NJ: Dave Greco def Damian Adams, Mike Quackenbush def Jigsaw, M-Dogg20 def Rob Eckos, Natt Striker def Dan Barry, Shawn Sheridan def Sabian, Super Dragon def Altar Boy Luke, Josh Daniels def Tyler Payne, B-Boy def Chris Idol, M-Dogg20 def Dave Greco, B-Boy def Mike Quackenbush, Josh Daniels def Matt Striker, Super Dragon def M-Dogg20, B-Boy def Josh Daniels, Homicide def Slyk Wagner Brown to win JCW title and unify it with the IHPW title, Super Dragon def B-Boy to win tournament in 23:52..