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World Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment - Extended results for RAW & Smackdown! and PPVs.
World Championship Wrestling - Was the #2 Promotion before McMahon bought it.
Extreme Championship Wrestling - Small-time promotion that nearly went National.
Extreme Championship Wrestling (NEW) - WWE's version of ECW started up in 6/06.
Deep South Wrestling - An official WWE developmental Territory based in Georgia.
Ohio Valley Wrestling - An official WWE developmental Territory based in Kentucky.

Total Nonstop Action

Total Nonstop Action - The new kids on the block competing with the WWE.

Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor - Popular Northeast-based promotion held in high esteem by WWE.

National Wrestling Alliance

National Wrestling Alliance - The historic regional system of wrestling territories .
NWA Total Nonstop Action - NWA's attempt to compete with the WWE.
NWA Anarchy - NWA's Georgia-based promotion (formerly Wildside).
NWA Cyberspace - NWA's New Jersey-based promotion (Now "Shockwave").
NWA ECCW - NWA's British Columbia-based promotion.
NWA Empire - NWA's New York-based promotion run by Mike Rosario.
NWA Florida - NWA's Florida-based promotion with BIG shoes to fill (Defunct).
NWA Pro - NWA's California-based promotion based at the Inoki Dojo.
NWA Pro Wrestling eXpress - NWA's Pennsylvania-based promotion.
NWA Shockwave - Formerly known as NWA: Cyberspace (New Jersey).
NWA Upstate - NWA's New York-based promotion run by Mike Rosario.
NWA Virginia - NWA's Virginia-based promotion run by Richard O'Brien.
NWA Wildside - NWA's Georgia-based promotion with BIG shoes to fill (Defunct).
NWA Wrestle-Birmingham - NWA's Alabama-based Nostalgia wrestling .

American Wrestling Association

American Wrestling Association - Nationally-based promotion run by Verne Gagne.
American Wrestling Association - Newly reformed governing body run by Dale Gagne.
AWA CWA Montreal - Montreal, Quebec-based promotion.
AWA Supreme - Indiana-based promotion.
AWA/CWF Mid-Atlantic - North Carolina-based promotion.
AWA Washington - .
AWA WORLD-1 - Northeast-based promotion run by Steve Corino.
AWA WORLD-1 South - Southern-based promotion run by Jody Peterman.
AWA Zero-One MAX - .

Independent Wrestling Promotions

Miscellaneous Smaller Independent Wrestling.
3PW (Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling) - Defunct promotion run by Jasmine St. Claire.
Action Zone Wrestling - Hawaii-based promotion run by Daryl Bonilla.
All-Pro Wrestling - California-based promotion run by Roland Alexander.
Assault Championship Wrestling - New York-based promotion run by Jason Knight.
Ballpark Brawl Wrestling - Ballpark Brawl shows in conjunction with Buffalo Bisons.
Blackball'd Wrestling Organization - Pennylvania-based promotion similar to 3PW.
Chaotic Wrestling - Massachusetts-based promotion with close ties to WWE.
Chikara Pro Wrestling - Northeast-based promotion with unique style and talent.
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling - Cleveland-based promotion run by James Haase.
Combat Zone Wrestling - Northeast-based Hardcore promotion run by John Zandig.
Continental Championship Wrestling - Alabama-based promotion with a nostalgia feel.
Dory Funk's BANG Wrestling - Florida-based training school run by Dory Funk.
East Coast Wrestling Association - Delaware-based promotion run by Jim Kettner.
Full Impact Pro Wrestling - Florida-based promotion linked with Ring of Honor.
Gateway Championship Wrestling - Missouri-based promotion.
Great Championship Wrestling - Georgia-based promotion run by Jerry Oates.
Hawaiian Championship Wrestling - Hawaii-based promotion run by Don Muraco.
Heartland Wrestling Association - Ohio-based promotion formerly run by Les Thatcher.
Independent Wrestling Federation - New Jersey-based promotion run by Kevin Knight.
International Wrestling Cartel - Pennsylvania-based promotion very under-rated.
Impact Zone Wrestling - Arizona-based promotion turning out many WWE stars.
IWA Deep-South - Alabama-based Hardcore promotion run by ?????.
IWA Mid-South - Indiana-based Hardcore promotion run by Ian Rotten.
Jersey All-Pro Wrestling - New Jersey-based promotion run by Frank Iadevia.
Jersey Championship Wrestling - New Jersey-based promotion no longer exists.
Major League Wrestling - Short-lived Florida promotion run by Court Bauer.
Maryland Championship Wrestling - Ressurected Maryland-based promotion.
Memphis Championship Wrestling - Memphis-based promotion run by Jerry Lawler.
Music City Wrestling - Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia -- oh my.
New England Championship Wrestling - Massachusettes-based promotion.
New York Wrestling Connection - New York-based promotion.
Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling - Oregon-based promotion.
Portland Wrestling - Portland-based promotion for the new Millenium.
Pro Wrestling Alliance - Texas-based promotion run by Booker T.
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla - California-based promotion run by Super Dragon.
Pro Wrestling Iron - California-based promotion run by Michael Modest.
Pro Wrestling Unplugged - Northeast-based promotion run by Johnny Kashmere.
Pro Wrestling WAR - One of many California-based promotions.
Professional Championship Wrestling - Texas-based promotion.
Revolution Pro Wrestling - One of many California-based promotion.
Ring of Honor - Popular Northeast-based promotion run by Gabe Sapolsky.
Steel Domain Wrestling - Minnesota-based run by Ace Steel & Danny Dominion.
Steel Rage Pro Wrestling - Oklahoma-based promotion.
Tennessee Mountain Wrestling - Tennessee-based promotion with Tennessee-wrasslin'.
Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling - Georgia-based promotion run by Dusty Rhodes.
Ultimate Championship Wrestling - Michigan-based promotion.
Ultimate Pro Wrestling - California-based promotion run by Rick Bassman.
United States Wrestling Organization - Tennessee-based promotion run by Tony Falk.
USA Championship Wrestling - Tennessee-based promotion run by Bert Prentice.
USA Xtreme Wrestling - NY-based (formerly USA Pro) run by Frank Goodman.
Windy City Pro Wrestling - Chicago-based promotion Sam DeCero.
WORLD-1 - Northeast-based promotion run by Steve Corino.
WORLD-1 South - Southern-based promotion run by Jody Peterman.
World League Wrestling - Missouri-based promotion run by Harley Race.
World Xtreme Wrestling - Northeast-based promotion run by Wild Samoan Afa.
Xtreme Pro Wrestling - Defunct California-based Hardcore Wrestling promotion.

Canadian Wrestling Promotions

Miscellaneous Canadian Independent Wrestling.
Action Wrestling Entertainment - .
Blood, Sweat & Ears - .
Border City Wrestling - Ontario/Michigan promotion run by Scott D'Amore.
CWA Montreal - Montreal, Quebec-based promotion.
Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling - British Columbia-based promotion.
Great Canadian Wrestling - .
High Impact Wrestling - .
International Wrestling Syndicate - Montreal-based promotion with ties to CZW.
New Vision Pro Wrestling - .
PoweZone Wrestling - .
Prairie Wrestling Association - Edmonton-based promotion with Stampede workers.
Premier Championship Wrestling - .
Pro Wrestling Xtreme - .
Pure Wrestling Association - .
Real Action Wrestling - Maritime-based independent promotion.
Real Canadian Wrestling - Alberta-based independent promotion.
Stampede Wrestling - Calgary-based promotion dating back to the 50s.
UWA Hardcore - .

Japanese Wrestling Promotions

Miscellaneous Japanese Independent Wrestling.
All Japan Pro Wrestling - .
New Japan Pro Wrestling - .
NOAH Wrestling - .
Zero-One MAX - .

Mexican Wrestling Promotions

Miscellaneous Mexican Independent Wrestling.
Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion - .
Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre - .
Internationl Wrestling Revolution Group - .

Puerto Rican Wrestling Promotions

Miscellaneous Puerto Rican Independent Wrestling.
International Wrestling Alliance - .
World Wrestling Council - .

European Promotions

Miscellaneous European Independent Wrestling.
1-Pro Wrestling - Popular promotion using talent from ROH & TNA.
4Front Wrestling - .
Frontier Wrestling Alliance - Long-time standout promotion run by Alex Shane.
German Stampede Wrestling - German wrestling with great in-ring action.
Irish Whip Wrestling - Ireland-based promotion featuring big names.
Israeli Pro Wrestling Association - Israel-based promotion run by Gery Roif.
Ring of Europe - Touring many European countries.
WEWF - From the city of London, England.
WXW Germany - .

Australian Wrestling Promotions

Australian Wrestling Federation - Australia's Top Wrestling Organization.

Women's Wrestling Promotions

Chick Fight - Part of California's All Pro Wrestling.
IndyGurlz Championship Wrestling - Part of Jersey Rampage Wrestling.
Queens of Chaos - Women's professional wrestling from France.
SHIMMER Women's Athletes - Dave Prozak's All-Female promotion.
World Women's Wrestling - Part of New England Championship Wrestling

Defunct Wrestling Promotions

American Wrestling Federation - Short-live Tito Santana promotion.
Global Wrestling Federation - .
Smokey Mountain Wrestling - .
United States Wrestling Association - .
Universal Wrestling Federation - A high scale promotion run by Herb Abrams.
World Wrestling All-Stars - Run by Andrew McManus in Europe & Australia.

Kayfabe Era Wrestling Promotions

American Wrestling Association - Nationally-based promotion run by Verne Gagne.
Championship Wrestling from Florida - Florida-based territory run by Eddie Gilbert.
Georgia Championship Wrestling - Georgia-based territory run by Jim Barnett.
Memphis Wrestling - Tennessee-based territory run by Jerry Jarrett.
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling - Jim Crockett ran in the Carolinas.
Mid-South Wrestling - Oklahoma-based territory run by Bill Watts.
Portland Wrestling - Oregon-based territory run by Don Owen.
St. Louis Wrestling - Missouri-based territory run by Sam Muchnick.
Universal Wrestling Federation - Bill Watts' promotion that evolved from Mid-South.
World Class Championship Wrestling - Texas-based territory run by the von Erichs.