German Stampede Wrestling

  • April 8, 2006--German Stampede Wrestling - International Impact III in Olsberg, Germany before 600 fans: Steve Douglas def Marc Roudin by DQ, "Bad Bones" John Kay def Shaka, Christian "Ecki" Eckstein def Murat Bosporus, Ahmed Chaer def Crazy Sexy Mike, Absolute Andy def Jonny Storm for the GSW Breaktrough Title, Ares (w/Marc Roudin) def "Bulldog" Harry Smith, Wesna def Nikita with Nora Greenwald as referee, Michael Kovac def Eric Schwarz in a bloody streetfight, Joe E. Legend def Steve Corino to win the GSW World title (Swiss Money Holding, Steve Douglas, Brad Bones & Steve the Chief interfered during the match). At the end, special guest Bret "The Hitman" Hart gave Steve the Chief a Sharpshooter and celebrated with Molly Holly & special guest Bill Apter

  • April 9, 2006--German Stampede Wrestling/FCW - SlamZone 3 in Eindhoven, Netherlands: Bas Van Kunder def Shaka, Absolute Andy def Bad Bones, Swiss Money (Ares & Marc Roudin) def G-Spot (Mot van Kunder & Louis van Eden) to retain the Tag Team titles, Steve Taurus def . Steve Allison, Vito Toscani vs. Johnny Tiger vs. Adam Polak ended in a No Contest, Tangkwa def Jonny Storm and Tommy End in a 3-WAY to win the Lightweight title, Steve Taurus def Steve Allison, Emil Sitoci def Bull to win the FCW title, Joe E. Legend def Harry Smith in GSW title match