Georgia Championship Wrestling

  • June 25, 1976--Muhammad Ali vs Antonio Inoki in Atlanta, GA partially shown on CLOSED CIRCUIT TV: Andre the Giant def Chuck Wepner (1:15 - 3rd) by COUNT OUT in a "Wrestler vs Boxer" match (This occurred on a WWWF show in Shea Stadium), Antonio Inoki vs Muhammad Ali ended in a draw after 15 rounds in a "Wrestler vs Boxer" match (This match happened in Tokyo, Japan on June 26, 1976) Jack Brisco vs Dory Funk Jr (This event was Closed Circuited across the Georgia Territory and many other NWA cities)..

  • July 4, 1982--NWA/WWF World Title Unification in Atlanta, GA at The Omni: The Super Destroyer def Tom Pritchard, Kevin Sullivan def Mr. Saito, Leroy Brown def John Studd by COUNT OUT in a "Texas death" match, Wild Samoans (Afa & Sika) def Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes, Don Muraco def Dusty Rhodes, Paul Orndorff (National Champion) def Jimmy Snuka by DQ, The Masked Superstar def Mr. Wrestling II, Ivan Putski & Tom Prichard def Stan Hansen & Ole Anderson (NWA Tag Champions) by DQ, Ric Flair (NWA World Champion) vs Bob Backlund (WWF World Champion) ended in a DOUBLE COUNT OUT..

  • October 23, 1983--The Last Battle of Atlanta in Atlanta, GA at The Omni: Les Thornton def Joe Lightfoot. Bruno Sammartino Jr (David Sammartino) def Pat Rose. Mr. Wrestling II def Bob Roop. Jake Roberts def Brett Wayne (Sawyer) by KNOCK OUT, The Great Kabuki def Ronnie Garvin, Jimmy Valiant & Pez Whatley vs The Road Warriors ended in a DOUBLE DQ, Tommy Rich def Buzz Sawyer in a "Steel Cage" match (with Paul Ellering was suspended above the ring in a small cage), Ole Anderson def Paul Ellering in a "Steel Cage" match..