Great Canadian Wrestling

  • March 9, 2006--Great Canadian Wrestling in Oshawa, ONTARIO at Neb's Funworld before 100 fans: Prodigy def Mike Stevens, Jake O'Reilly def Ash by Anklelock Submission, The Southsider Stranglers def Eddie Osbourne & Reggie Marley, Hornet def Josh Taylor and El Sambo and Cody 45 in a 4-WAY Elimination match, Mike Elgin vs Extremo ended in a draw, Kris Chambers def T.J. Harley with Crazy Steven as referee, Ruffy Silverstein def Hayden Anti Freeze (Gnarly Hippy Floyd), Shawn Spears def Cody Dreamer..

  • April 13, 2004--Great Canadian Wrestling Expo Presents.. Reach for the Gold in Oshawa, ONTARIO in front of 275 fans: Michael Elgin def Phil Atlas, Rip Impact & James Gracey & Dave Titan def Southside Strangler #1 & P.D. Flex & Oroku Ghamma, Krystal Banks def Portia Perez, Ash def Conrad Kennedy III, Angel de Guerra def El Reverso, Otis Idol def El Sombra and Brad "Freakin" Martin and Gutter in a 4-WAY, Kris Chambers w/Krystal Banks def Jake O'Reilly, Jimmy Jacobs & Josh Ambercombie def TJ Harley & Cody Deaner, Michael Elgin def Extremo and Tarantual Gomez and Mike Stevens and Cody 45 and Phil Atlas in a 6-WAY Ladder match to become the first GCW National title

  • May 11, 2006--Great Canadian Wrestling in Oshawa, ONTARIO: Extremo def Jake O'Reilly by DQ in a #1 Contender match, Prodigy & Oruku Ghemma def Southside Strangler #1 & Darth Cutthroughtus w/Kyle Davenport, "CannonBall" Sammy Johnston def Mike Stevens, Brad "Freakin" Martin def Gutter and Asylum and Crazy Steve and Andrew Davis and Josh Taylor in a 6-WAY, A-1 def Dustin Thomas, Eddie Gonzales won a 10-Man Elimination match (Shark Tank: Tony X & Jerrod West & Jake Simmons & Big Derral Hazel & Eddie Gonzales vs GCW Elite: Kris Chambers & Ash & Phil Atlas & Cody 45 & Angel Guerra), Krystal Banks def Cherry Bomb w/Jake O’Reilly, Cody Deaner vs T.J. Harley ended in a No Contest, “Unreal” Mike Elgin def Shawn Spears and Shark Boy and Johnny Devine in a 4-WAY to retain the GCW title..

  • May 25, 2006--Great Canadian Wrestling (Ontario Independent Championship Tournament Semi-Finals) in Oshawa, Ontario: Jimmy Jacobs def Otis Idol (Tournament), Ash def Mike Stevens (Tournament), Jake O'Reilly w/Cherry Bomb def Extremo and Kris Chambers in a 3-WAY (Stipulation: If Jake lost the match then Elgin would lose the title; Jake won with the steel chain that Cherry Bomb threw into the ring), "The Stampede Kid" T.J. Wilson w/Nattie Neidhart def "Hotshot" Johnny Devine (Match of the Night), Hornet def Brad Martin and Asylum and Jay Phoenix and Prodigy and Don Payson in a 6-WAY, Tarantula Gomez & Cody 45 def Phil Atlas & Angel De Guerra, Jay West won the "Shark Tank Battle Royal" (Including: Dustin Thomas, Cannonball Sami Johnstone, Eddie Gonzales, Jake Simmons, Tony X and Big Darrell Hazel), Jimmy Jacobs def Ash to win the Tournament and capture the Ontario Independent title, T.J. Wilson def Shark Boy and Michael Elgin (c) in a 3-WAY to win the GCW Heavyweight title..

  • May 27, 2006--Great Canadian Wrestling Expo - 10th Annual Anime North Convention in Toronto, ONTARIO: Elmo def Guyver, Phil Atlas def Gutter and Angel and Rizzla in a 4-WAY, Jimmy Jacobs def Tarantula Gomez w/Rizzla to retain the Ontario Independent title, Ash & Chris Chambers def Jay Phoenix & Mike Stevens, Team Sailor Moon (LuFisto & Cherry Bomb & Darkstone) def Team Rocket (Timothy Dalton & Pandora & Steve Brown), Lionel Knight def Nick Watts and Prodigy and Devon Parkside and Rip Impact and Chris Bishop in a 6-WAY, Mike Stevens & Michael Elgin w/Tiana Ringer def Johnny Devine & T.J. Wilson w/Nattie Neidhart (Michael Elgin pinned T.J. Wilson to capture the Canadian title), Electricos won a Shark Tank Battle Royal (Woman wrestler Jamie D entered the ring and KILLED Electricos), Hornet def Otis Idol and Shark Boy in a 3-WAY, Green Power Ranger def Red Power Ranger in a Power Ranger Leadership Challenge after shooting fire from his hand, LuFisto & Mark Jaguar def Michael Elgin & Tiana Ringer, Tarantula Gomez won a Battle Royal..

  • June 8, 2006--Great Canadian Wrestling – Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal in Oshawa, Ontario at the Canadian Legion Hall: King Sphinx def Oruku Ghemma, Adam Reed & Steve Brown def Crazy Steve & Andrew Davis, Cherry Bomb def Jamie D and Danya in a 3-WAY Ladies match (Cherry Bomb pinned Danya grabbing the ropes), They spun the wheel for the main event (On the wheel were Dog Collar, ladder match, taped fist, table, street fight, 2/3 falls and fans choice. When wheel was spun it stopped on street fight), Phil Atlas & Gutter def Hayden Avery & Brad Freakin Martin, Mike Steven def A-1 with help from Mike Elgin, “Hotshot” Johnny Devine def Josh Ambercombie, Rizzzla & Tarantula Gomez & Cody 45 def Rip Impact & The Prodigy & Jay Phoenix and Southside Strangler #1 & Dark Cutthroatus & PD Flex in a 3-WAY (The Strangler's team refused to wrestle and sat there drinking beer the whole time), Kris Chambers def Jimmy Jacobs to win the Ontario Independent title, Jake O'Reilly def Ruffy Silverstein, Cody Deaner def "Textbook" Tyson Dux, “Unreal” Mike Elgin def Extremo in a Street Fight to retain the Canadian National title (Match ended up spilling out the doors to the outdoors)..

  • July 13, 2006--Great Canadian Wrestling - Beyond the Limit in Oshawa, ONTARIO: Scotty O'Shea def Jeff Flurry and Nick Watts and Andrew Davis and Jay Fenix and Alex York in a 6-WAY, Sombra def Okuru Ghemma and King Sphinx in a 3-WAY "Battle of the Masks", Egos & Icons (Steven Brown & Adam Reed) def Christopher Bishop & Lionel Knight, Darth Cutthroattus & Southside Stranger #1 def The Prodigy & Rip Impact, EXTremo def Mike Stevens, Cody 45 def Angel de Guerra after hitting him with a chain handed him by Tarantula Gomez, Ash def Tarantula Gomez by Submission, Krystal Banks def Cherry Bomb, Crazzy Steve def Hayden Avery, Michael Elgin & Jake O'Reilly def Johnny Devine & Kris Chambers.

  • August 10, 2006--Great Canadian Wrestling - Breaking Point in Oshawa, Ontario: Adam Reed & Steve Brown def Timothy Dalton & Amazing Darkstone and Alex York & Scotty O'Shea in a 3-WAY with a double pin on York & O'Shea, Andrew Davis def Cory Mason and PD Flex in a 3-WAY, Crazy Steve & Gutter def The Italianos in the 1st Round of the Tag Tournament, Darth Cutthroatus & SouthSide Strangler #1 def Oruko Ghemma & Rip Impact in the 1st Round of the Tag Tournament (After the match, the other Southside Strangler showed up and the masked men had a heartfelt reunion which pissed off Darth), Xtremo & Phil Atlas vs Lionel Knight & Chris Bishop ended in a No Contest in the 1st Round of the Tag Tournament, Kris Chambers def Eddie Osbourne w/Jessy Jones to retain the Ontario Independent Title, A-1 def Mike Stevens (Johnny Devine & Michael Elgin were handcuffed together at ringside), Sirelda (Jaime D) def Miss Danyah in a Ladies match, Tarantula Gomez & Cody 45 def Angel de Guerra & Ash in the 1st Round of the Tag Tournament, Johnny Devine def Michael Elgim in a Lumberjack match to win the GCW Canadian Heavyweight title but Jamie Virtue announced that Elgin was still the champ because original referee Dave Linton had not counted the pin. (He was squashed when Devine was back flipped onto him) Virtue said Devine had been disqualified. (Insert 'Bullshit' chant here)

  • August 30, 2006--Great Canadian Wrestling in Oshawa, ONTARIO: Xtremo & Phil Atlas def Blue Steel after they both did their finishers; The Lunatics (Crazzy Steve & Gutter) def Southside Strangler & Darth Cutthroatus in a Tag Tournament Semi-Final (After the Match, Beverly Hills Gangsta came out and beat Crazzy Steve with a broom); Mike Stevens def Andrew Davis; Hayden Avery def Adam Reed; Beverly Hills Gangsta def The Lunatics in the Tournament Final to become the 1st GCW Tag Team titles, Intermission for autographs from Rhino, Tyson Dux & Sirelda (Jaimie D) def Danyah & Ruffy Silverstein in an Intergender match, Jake O'Reilly def Kris Chambers by using a set of brass knuckles to capture the Ontario Independent title, Rhino & Johnny Devine def Michael Elgin & Bobby Roode after Rhino gored Elgin through a table!

  • September 15, 2006--Great Canadian Wrestling in Oshawa, ONTARIO: The Casino Kids & Amazing Darkstone & Timothy Dalton def Egos & Icons & Adam Reed & Steve Brown & Cutthroat; Cherry Bomb was announced and came out as the new VP of GCW; Angel De Guerra & Rip Impact & Virgil Mac def Killer Kumf & Prodigy & Jay Fenix; Hayden Avery (complete in Gene Simmons make up) def Andrew Davis; Grandmaster P and Cody 45 with Jessy Jones put on a "Rap Concert" until Pimp Crazy Steve came in with a rap of his own; Eddie Osbourne def Kris Chambers by tapout; Jake O'Reilly def Xtremo to retain the Ontario title; Crazy Steve def Cody 45 to win the Tag Team titles; Johnny Devine def Michael Elgin in a Cage match to become the new GCW Heavyweight champion

  • October 13, 2006--Great Canadian Wrestling - Friday the 13th Lethal Lottery in Oshawa, ONTARIO before 250 fans: Bobby Sharpe & Camikaze & Eclipse def Andrew Davis & Steve Brown & Jay Fenix, Rip Impact (#1) def Josh Taylor (#2), Michael Elgin (#3) def Kris Chambers (#7), Eddie Osbourne (#5) def Hayden "The Destroyer" Avery (#8), Danny Duggan (#4) def Ruffy Silverstein (#6), Crazy Steve & Gutter def The X-Terminators (X-Tremo & Phil Atlas) to retain the Tag Team titles, Jake O'Reilly won a Battle Royal to retain the Ontario Independent Title (Included all the Lethal Lottery winners, Johnny Devine def Chris Sabin to retain the Canadian National title.

  • October 29, 2006--Great Canadian Wrestling in Oshawa, ONTARIO before 100 fans: Rip Impact def Ash, King Sphinx won a Masked Battle Royal, Jay Fenix def X-Tremo, Adam Reed & Steve Brown def Amazing Darkstone & Alex York, Darth Cutthroat def Chow Yung Ho, Chris Kanyon & Hayden the Destroyer def Michael Elgin & Jake O'Reilly

  • November 18, 2006--Great Canadian Wrestling - W.I.L.D. (Wrestling Independent Ladies Division) Tourament in Oshawa, ONTARIO: Cherry Bomb def Portia Perez (1st Rnd), Sirelda def 21st Century Fox (1st Rnd), Aurora def Hailey Rogers (1st Rnd), Nattie Neidhart def Danyah (1st Rnd), Crazy Steve def Elton Chong (Non-Tournament), Sirelda def Cherry Bomb (2nd Rnd), Nattie Neidhart def Aurora (2nd Rnd), T.J. Wilson def Michael Elgin (Non-Tournament), Sirelda def Nattie Neidhart in the Finals to win the GCW Women's title (Danyah distracted Nattie and helped Sirelda win)..

  • November 18, 2006--Great Canadian Wrestling - Stampede Showdown (Evening Show) in Oshawa, ONTARIO: X-Terminators (Phil Atlas & Xtremo) def Egos & Icons (Adam Reed & Steve Brown), Hayden Avery def Michael Elgin (subbing for Champion Jake O'Reilly) to win the Ontario Independent title, Hornet def Rip Impact, Crazy Steve & Danyah def True Steel (Jay Fenix & Killer Kumph w/Prodigy), Southside Strangler #2 & Gentleman Geoff (ring announcer) def Darth Cutthroatus & Eddie Osbourne, Jake O'Reilly w/Jessy Jones def Danny Duggan by Countout, Cody Deaner def Hayden Avery to win the Ontario Independent title, Johnny Devine def T.J. Wilson to retain his Canadian National title

  • December 28, 2006--Great Canadian Wrestling - Seasons Beatings in Oshawa, Ontario at Canadin Legion Hall: Micheal Elgin & Eddie Osborne & Jake O'Reilly def Mike Stevens in a 3-on-1 Handicap match with Mike Stevens' job on the line (It was supposed to be a Gauntlet match but CEO Jamie Virtue ordered it to be a Handicap match), Rip Impact def Adam Reed and Asylum and Scotty O'Shea in a 4-WAY King of Kings Tournament match, Sebastion Sauve def Dirty Dave Titan and Brad Martin and Amazing Darkstone in a 4-WAY King of Kings Tournament match, Kris Chambers def Jay Fenix and Matt Burns and Steven Brown in a 4-WAY King of Kings Tournament match, Hornet def Timothy Dalton and Killer Kumpf and Alex York in a 4-WAY King of Kings Tournament match, Sirelda (Jamie D) def Haley Rogers by Submission to retain the W.I.L.D.(Wrestling Independent Ladies Division) title, Jake O'Reilly & Michael Elgin def The Lunatics (Crazy Steve & Bobby Roode [sub for Gutter] w/Tracy Brooks) to win the Tag Team titles, Ash def Angel DeGuerra in a Grudge match, The Vachon Brothers & Pierre The Beast & Damien The Pitbull def The HellRaisers & Payne & Myzery, Cody Deaner w/Portia Perez def Hayden "The Destroyer" Avery to win the Ontario Independent title, Kris Chamber def Rip Impact and Sebastion Sauve and Hornet in the 4-WAY Finals of the King of Kings Tournament, Portia Perez won an Intergender Rumble match to become #1 Contender for the GCW Title (Final Four: Southside Strangler #2, Southside Strangler #3, Hayden Avery & Portia Perez)..

  • January 12, 2007--Great Canadian Wrestling in Oshawa, ONTARIO: Mike Stevens & Sebastian Suave & Kris Chambers def Matt Burns & Blue Steel & Jay Fenix, Omega vs Extremo ended in a draw, Juggulator def Asylum by DQ, Rip Impact & Angel DeGuerrea def Hornet & Ash, Hayden Avery & Cherry Bomb def Cody Deaner & Portia Perez, Havok (Johnny Devine) def Jake O'Reilly, Samoa Joe def Mike Elgin by Submission

  • February 23, 2007--Great Canadian wrestling - Cabin Fever in Oshawa, Ontario at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall: Oruka Ghemma def King Sphinx, Miss Danyah def Hailey Rogers in a Ladies match, The Southside Stranglers def The Casinio Kids and Timonthy Dalton & Amazing Darkstone in a 3-WAY Tag match, Hornet def Rip Impact, Cody 45 & El Tornado def Crazy Steve & Gutter, Sirelda def Portia Perez by Submission to retain the WILD (Wrestling's Independent Ladies Division) title, The The X-terminators (Extremo & Phil Atlas) def Doomsday (Steve Brown & Adam Reed) by DQ after interference from Deanna Conda, Havok (Johnny Devine) & Mike Stevens & Kris Chambers & Hayden the Destroyer def Jake O'Reilly & Asylum & Matt Burns & Cody Deaner in an Elimination match by DQ.

  • March 23, 2007--Great Canadian Wrestling - Ugandan Invasion in Oshawa, Ontario at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall: Corey Mason vs Anarchy ended in a No Contest when Jake O'Reilly interfered, Hailey Rogers def Deanna Conda by DQ, MaximumOverdrive (Kris Chamber & Mike Stevens) def Hornet & Southside Strangler #2, Angel DeGuerra def Ash in a No-DQ match, Extremo & Jay Fenix & Hailey Rogers def Steve Brown & Adam Reed & Deanna Conda, Miss Danyah def Sirelda (Jamie D) to win the the W.I.L.D. (Wrestling Independent Ladies Division) title, "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala & Crazy Steven def Cody 45 & Gutter, Hayden the Destroyer Avery def Cody Deaner to retain the Ontario Independent title, Havok (Johnny Devine) & Michael Elgin def Jake O'Reilly & Joe Doering to win the GCW Tag Team titles (Havok declined being the tag team champion)