Championship Wrestling from Florida

  • January 25, 1978--Superbowl of Wrestling in Miami, FL at The Orange Bowl: Rocky Johnson def Karl Kox by DQ, Ivan Putski def Ox Baker, Joyce Grable won an 8-Woman Battle Royal, Chavo Guerrero def Tank Patterson, Bobby Duncum def Don Serrano, Keith Franks def John Ruffin, Mike Graham & Steve Keirn def The Valiant Brothers to win the United States Tag Team titles, Pedro Morales def Lars Anderson. Jack & Jerry Brisco def Ivan Koloff & Mr. Saito, Dusty Rhodes def Ken Patera, Billy Graham (WWWF World Champion) vs Harley Race (NWA World Champion) ended in a 60:00 time limit draw! (Special Guest referees were Gorilla Monsoon and Don Curtis)..

  • February 23, 1978--NWA/WWWF World Title Unification in Jacksonville, FL: Porkchop Cash def Randy Brewer, The Fabulous Moolah def Vicki Williams, Mr. Wrestling II def Tank Patton, Mr. Saito & Mr. Sato def Rocky Johnson & Pedro Morales, Ivan Putski def The Bounty Hunter, Jack & Jerry Brisco def Mike Graham & Terry Gibbs, Eddie Graham & Dusty Rhodes def Karl Kox & Bobby Duncum, Bob Backlund (WWWF World Champion) vs Harley Race (NWA World Champion) ended in a 60:00 time limit draw!

  • October 29, 1978--NWA/WWWF World Title Unification in Orlando, FL: Ali Bey def Raul Mata, Prince Tonga def Pete Austin, Rocky Johnson & Jimmy Garvin def Mr Sato & Mr Saito by DQ, Dusty Rhodes def Bobby Duncum in a "Bunkhouse" match, Bob Backlund (WWWF World Champion) vs Harley Race (NWA World Champion) ended in a draw!

  • August 3, 1980--The Last Tangle in Tampa in Tampa, FL at Tampa Stadium: Scott McGee def Bill White, Jimmy Garvin def Bobby Jaggers, Dick Murdoch & Bugsy McGraw def Ivan Koloff & Nikolia Volkoff, Dick Slater (Southern Champion) def Barry Windham by COUNT OUT, Jack Brisco def Mr. Saito, Wendi Richter won a 7-Woman Battle Royal, Jerry Brisco def Alfred Hayes, The Super Destroyer def Mr. Florida (Paul Jones), Andre the Giant def The Super Destroyer, Les Thornton (NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion) def Mike Graham by DQ, Bob Backlund (WWF World Champion) def Don Muraco by DQ, Harley Race (NWA World Champion) vs Dusty Rhodes in two straight falls (Fritz von Erich was the guest referee)..

  • June 30, 1984--Lords of the Ring in Miami, FL at the Orange Bowl: Velvet McIntyre & Princess Victoria def Judy Martin & Peggy Lee Leather, Mike Graham def Chavo Guerrero, Blackjack Mulligan def Kevin Sullivan in a "Hangman's Noose" match, Junkyad Dog & Wahoo McDaniel & Jimmy Valiant def Angelo Mosca & Black Bart & Ron Bass, Hector Guerrero def Denny Brown, Dick Slater def Joe Lightfoot, Jerry Lawler def One Man Gang by DQ, Billy Jack def Billy Graham by submission, Barry Windham & Mike Rotunda (US Tag Team Champions) def The Road Warriors by DQ, Dusty Rhodes def Ric Flair (NWA World Champion) in a Best 2/3 Falls (did not win the title because of DQ finish)..

  • September 2, 1985--Battle of the Belts in Tampa, FL at The Sundome drawing 7,600: Hector & Chavo Guerrero def "The Crippler" Rip Oliver & The Grappler, Cocoa Samoa def "Hustler" Rip Rogers, Kendall Windham def Jack Hart (aka Barry Horrowitz) to win the Florida Title, Rick Rude (Southern Champ) def Billy Jack Haynes to retain, The Road Warriors (AWA Tag Champions) vs Harley Race & Stan Hansen was a DOUBLE COUNT OUT, Nick Bockwinkle def Frankie Lane, Ric Flair def Wahoo McDaniel to retain the NWA World title in a 2/3 Falls match in 45 minutes..

  • February 14, 1986--Battle of the Belts II in Orlando, FL at the Eddie Graham Sports Arena: Tyree Pride (Bahamas Champion) def Ron Slinker, Kendall Windham (Florida Champion) def Rocky "Prince" Iaukea, Denny Brown (NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion) def The White Ninja (aka Great Muta) by DQ, Lex Luger def Jesse Barr to win the Southern Heavywieght title in 20 minutes, Bruiser Brody vs Wahoo McDaniel went to a DOUBLE COUNT OUT, The Road Warriors & Blackjack Mulligan vs Kevin Sullivan & Mark Lewin & Maya Singh went to a DOUBLE COUNT OUT, Ric Flair (NWA World Champion) vs Barry Windham went to a DOUBLE COUNT OUT in just over 40 minutes..

  • September 1, 1986 - Battle of the Belts III in Daytona Beach, FL at the Ocean Center drawing 8,000: Jimmy Backlund def Bob Cook, Tyree Pride def The Cuban Assassin, The Fabulous Ones (US Tag Champions) def The Sheepherders, The White Ninja def Tim Horner to win the US Junior Heavyweight title (Championship later returned to Horner due to outside interference), Nick Bockwinkle (AWA Champion) def Kendo Nagasaki by DQ, The Road Warriors vs Ed Gantner & Kareem Muhammad wrestled to a DOUBLE DQ, Kendall Windham def Chris Champion (Bahamas Champion) by DQ, Ric Flair (NWA World Champion) vs Lex Luger wrestled to a time limit draw, Barry Windham def Ron Bass to win the Florida title..

  • May 9, 1987--Eddie Graham Memorial in St. Petersburg, FL at The Bayfront Center: Steve Kiern & Stan Lane (Florida Tag Team Champions) def The MOD Squad, Barry Windham & Ed Gantner def Dory Funk Jr & Samu, Mike Rotunda (Florida Champion) def Kevin Sullivan, Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez (NWA Tag Team Champions) vs The Road Warriors ended in a DOUBLE DQ, Dusty Rhodes def Ric Flair (NWA World Champion) by DQ..