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Jim Kettner's East Coast Wrestling Association

  • History of the ECWA Super 8 Tournament..

  • April 6, 2002--Jim Kettner's ECWA in Newport, DE before 350 fans: Thunder & Johnny Maxx def Billy Bax & Slyk Wagner Brown, Kid Kruel def Abunai, Red def Japanese Pool Boy, Ryan Wing & Inferno def Xero & Benny Stoltzfus, Jeff Peterson def Ruffhouse Rivera (Peterson's first match in two years since his fight with cancer), J.R. Ryder & J.J. Johnston vs. Buck Wylde & Striker vs. Joel & Jose Maximo was no contest when three refs each awarded each of the teams the match, Mr. Ooh La La def Mozart Fontaine, Bobby Rude def Cheetah Master, Low Ki & American Dragon def Christopher Daniels & Xavier in a match for the tag titles where the winner of the fall (Low Ki) got to pick his partner as champ from the other three (picked Xavier).

  • May 4, 2002--ECWA results in Newport, DE: Billy Baz def Kruel, Xero (last man surviving) & Abunai & Mozart Fontaine def Ryan Wing & Ruffhouse Rivera & Inferno in an elimination match, Quiet Storm def Chris Divine, Johnny Max def Japanese Pool Boy in coal miners glove match, Red won three-way over A.J. Styles and Tony Kozina (very good, Styles stood out), Mr. Ooh La La def Hat Guy form ECW, Prince Nana def Scoot Andrews in a submission match to win ECWA title, SATs won ECWA tag titles in four-way over J.J. Johnston & J.R. Ryder, Buck Wylde & Striker and Low Ki & Xavier ( def ending champs). Xavier came off the tron onto Striker through a table doing a 450. . .They did a 10 bell salute to Lou Thesz.

  • September 14, 2002--ECWA in Newport, DE before 300 fans: Rob Eckos def Xero, Johnny Heartbreaker def J.R. Ryder, Tyler Payne & Johnny Maxx def Inferno & Ruffhouse Rivera, Jose & Joel Maximo won elimination match for ECWA tag titles over Buck Wylde & Striker, Mozart Fontaine & Billy Bax and Divine Storm, Japanese Pool Boy def Mr. Ooh La La, Cheetah Master def Bobby Rude, Beautiful Bobby def Little Kato (Little Kato must be 60 years old by now since he came from the days when Bruce Lee played Big Kato), Red won elimination match over Xavier, Heartbreaker and Christopher Daniels to earn a title shot, Red def Prince Nana to win ECWA title.

  • November 2, 2002--Jim Kettner's ECWA in Newport, DE before 275 fans: Johnny Max & Joey Max & Tyler Paine def Mr. Ooh La La & Inferno & Ruffhouse Rivera, Billy Bax def Thunder, Japanese Pool Boy def Mozart Fontaine, Striker & Buck Wylde & Johnny Heartbreaker def Prince Nana & Quiet Storm & Chris Devine, Cheetah Master def J.R. Ryder, Joel & Jose Maximo def Rob Eckos & Jimmy Vegas, Xavier def Amazing Red, Low Ki def Mike Kruel, SATs & Red def Nana & Xavier & Mega. Dustin "Screech" Diamond worked the show doing mic work complaining about Red being screwed in his match with Xavier to set up the guys coming back in the six-man..

  • January 18, 2003--ECWA in Wilmington, DE: Show opened with Jim Kettner thanking everyone for their thoughts, cards, letters, donations and prayers regarding his nephew, Jeff Peterson, Jimmy Vegas won Battle Royal, Japanese Pool Boy def Vegas, Striker def J.R.. Ryder, Xero & Benny Stoltzfus def Inferno & Ruffhouse Rivera, Johnny & Joey Maxx def Rob Eckos & Billy Bax, Mozart Fontaine def Tyler Paine, Prince Nana & Xavier & Mega def Cheetah Master & Jose & Joel Maximo, Carlton Hightower & Eckos & Bax def Trinity & Inferno & Rivera, Christopher Daniels won five-way to become ECWA champ over Amazing Red, Mike Kruel, Low Ki and American Dragon..

  • May 3, 2003--ECWA in Wilmington, DE: Jose & Joel Maximo & Mercedes def Billy Bax & Rob Eckos & Venom, Mike Kruel def John Walters (sub for Amazing Red, announced as injured). Prince Nana def Japanese Pool Boy for the Mid Atlantic title, Cheetah Master def Mozart Fontaine, Striker & Ace Darling def Maxx Brothers, Nick Malaki def Mr. Ooh La La, Xero def mega, Chris Daniels won three-way over Paul London and Chance Beckett to keep ECWA title..

  • September 6, 2003--ECWA's Jim Kettner 36th Anniversary Show in Newport, DE: Kid Makaze & Japanese Pool Boy def Mega & Tyler Payne, Prince Nana def Pete Gas, Shaolin Wrecking Crew def J-Busta & Mozart Fontaine, Zaquary Springate III def Nick Malakai, Christopher Daniels def Mike Kruel, Cyco def Ray DiOrio, Billy Bax & Rob Eckos def Ruffhouse Rivera & Benny Stolzfus, Johnny & Joey Maxx def Ace Darling & Striker to win tag titles..

  • October 4, 2003--ECWA in Wilmington, DE: Shaolin Wrecking Crew & Japanese Pool Boy def Mr. Ooh La La & Less Resistance, John Walters def Striker, Zaquary Springate III def Xero, Mike Kruel def Hijinx, Big Benny def Mike Bennett, Billy Bax & Rob Eckos def Inferno & Ruffhouse Rivera, Nick Malakai def J-Busta, Mozart Fontaine def J-Busta, Cyco def Johnny Maxx, Simon Diamond def Ace Darling, Cheetah Master & Louie Faraone & Bryan Russo def Prince Nana & Mega & Tyler Payne..

  • April 3, 2004--ECWA Super 8 Tournament in Wilmington, DE: Austin Aries def Shawn Daivari, Mike Kruel def Ricky Reyes, Christopher Daniels def Rocky Romero, John Walters def Nicho (with mask), Chris Daniels def Mike Kruel, Austin Aries def John Walters, Ace Darling & Striker won Battle Royal, Bax & Rob Eckos def Ace Darling & Striker, Chris Daniels def Austin Aries..

  • May 1, 2004--ECWA in Wilmington, DE: Japanese Pool Boy & Shaolin Wrecking Crew def Big Sky & Mayhem & Lucian, Johnny Maxx won three-way over Mozart Fontaine and Mike Tobin, Xero def Mr. Ooh La La, Nick Malakai def J-Busta, Jose & Joel Maximo & Mike Fury def Valedictorians & Freak Nastty in a TLC match, Prince Nana def Ace Darling to win Mid Atlantic title, Mega won Battle Royal, John Walters won four-way over Christopher Daniels, Mike Kruel and Austin Aries..

  • January 15, 2005--ECWA in Newark, Delaware: Andrew Ryker def Low Ki, O.C. Boys vs Canadian Superstars ended in a draw after a double pin, Johnny Maxx & Mike Fury & Mega def Chick Magnets, Chase Del Monte def Mr. Ooh La La, Mike Kruel def Fred Sampson, Mega def Nick Malakai-COR, Valedictorians def Scotty Charisma & Jason Blade, John Walters def Arch Kincaid..

  • February 12, 2005--ECWA in Newark, Delaware: Scotty Charisma won over John Walters, Andrew Ryker, Mike Kruel and Xavier to become ECWA champion, Valedictorians def O.C. Boyz & Canadian Superstars to keep tag titles, Chase Del Monte def Nick Malakai, Mega NC Freak Nasty, Prince Nana def Mike Fury, Japanese Pool Boy def Brian Soscia, Logan Brothers def Mozart Fontaine & Mike Tobin, Kodiak Bear def Johnny Maxx, Striker & Fred Sampson def Mr. Ooh La La & Arch Kincaid..

  • March 12, 2005--ECWA in Newark, Delaware: Andrew Ryker def Mike Kruel, Mega & The O.C. Boyz def E.S. Easton & Arch Kincaid & Prince Nana, Mr. Ooh La La def Nick Malakai, Japanese Pool Boy & Johnny Maxx & Mike Fury def Chick Magnets, Logan Brothers def Canadian Superstars, Mega & Cheetah Master & Scotty Charisma def Kodiak Bear & Frank Nastty & Prince Nana, Cheetah Master vs Freak Nastty ended in a NO CONTEST, Chase Del Monte won three-way over John Walters and Xavier, Valedictorians def Striker & Fred Sampson, Scotty Charisma def Kodiak Bear..

  • May 14, 2005--ECWA in Newark, Delaware: Mike Kruel def Striker, Andrew Ryker def Mr. Ooh La La, Freak Nasty def Cheetah Maser, Japanese Pool Boy & Russian Pool Boy & Mexican Pool Boy def Chick Magnets, Mega def Kodiak Bear, Johnny Maxx def Mike Fury, Aden Chambers & J-Busta won four-way over Billy Bax & Shawn Patrick, Rob Eckos & Matt Logan and Bryan Logan & Dave Cole, Chase Del Monte won three-way over J-Busta and Chambers, Scotty Charisma def Arch Kincaid..

  • July 16, 2005--ECWA in Newark, Delaware: Mega def Mr. Ooh La La, Vic D. Vine def Andrew Ryker, Shawn Patrick def Rob Eckos, Aden Chambers def Billy Bax, Chase Del Monte & Fred Sampson & Johnny Maxx def Chick Magnets, Cheetah Master & Ace Darling def Freak Nasty & Mike Kruel, Mark Milonas def Japanese Pool Boy, Rob Eckos and Billy Bax won Battle Royals, Scotty Charisma def Billy Bax and Rob Eckos in 3-WAY to retain his title..

  • September 24, 2005--ECWA in Bear, Deleware before 225 fans: Andre Ryker def Chase Del Monte, Mr. Ooh La La def Japanese Pool Boy, Chick Magnets def Mega in a 3-on-1 Handicap match, Mark Milonas def Johnny Maxx, Scotty Charisma def Vic D. Vine, The OC Boyz & Jim Kettner (promoter) def Valedictorians & Carlton Hightower, Mike Kruel def Ace Darling, Frank Nasty vs Cheetah Master in a Lumberjack Strap match ended in a No Contest, Charlie Haas def Low Ki (Best match on the show)..

  • November 5, 2005--ECWA in Bear, Deleware: Japanese Pool Boy def Mr. Ooh La La, Chase Del Monte & Andrew Ryker won three-way over Mike Kruel & Arch Kincaid and The Heavyweights, Mega & Johnny Maxx & Logan Brothers def Mark Milonas & Chick Magnets, Cheetah Master def Freaky Nastty in a cage match, Valedictorians def OC Boyz, Fred Sampson won three-way over Vic D.Vine and Scotty Charisma..

  • December 3, 2005--ECWA in Newark, Delaware: O.C. Boyz & Johnny Max & The Logan Brothers def The Chick Magnets & The Heavyweights (O.C. Boy-Shawn Patrick turns on O.C. Boy-Aden Chambers), Mega def Maniac Mark Milonas, Japanese Pool Boy def Thomas Penmanship, Scotty Charisma def Mr. Ooh La La, Freak Nasty & Cheetah Master def Arch Kincaid & Mike Kruel, The Valedictorians def Chase del Monte & Andrew Ryker to retain the Tag Team titles, Fred Sampson def Ace Darling to retian the ECWA title (Devon Storm and Ace darling to reunited as a team!). Kevin Kelly inducted Scoot Andrews, referee Paul Turner and Japanese Pool Boy into the ECWA Hall of Fame (Paul Bearer was also in attendance)..

  • January 13, 2006--ECWA in Brooklyn, New York: Crowbar (Devon Storm) def The Japanese Assassin, Damien Adams def Andrew Ryker and Scotty Charisma in a 3-WAY, Tito Santana def Arch Kincaid, Low-Ki def Josh Daniels, The Valedictorians def The Logan Brothers and win the Tag Team titles, Jimmy Snuka w/Lou Albano def Mike Tobin, Mike Cruel def John Walters w/Prince Nana to retain the ECWA Title..

  • January 28, 2006--ECWA in Newark, Delaware: Freak Nasty def Fred Sampson, Japanese Pool Boy def Chase Del Monte and Mike Tobin in a 3-WAY, The Valedictorians def Devon Storm & Ace Darling, Shawn Patrick def Aden Chambers by DQ, Charlie Haas def Mike Kruel, Johnny Maxx & Andrew Ryker & Scotty Charisma def Heavyweights & Mr. Ooh La La, Chick Magnets def Logan Brothers..

  • March 4, 2006--ECWA in Newark, Delaware: Freak Nastty def Shawn Patrick, Valedictorians def Devon Storm & Ace Carling, Mike Tobin def Japanese Pool Boy, Bryan Logan won three-way over Aden Chambers and Matt Logan, Chambers def Arch Kincaid, Matt Logan def Chase del Monte, Bryan Logan def Mozart Fontaine, Mega def The Heavyweights, Mike Kruel & Mr. Ooh La La def Andrew Ryker & Johnny Maxx..

  • July 21, 2006--ECWA in Newark, Delaware: Freak Nastty def Billy Bax, Mega won Battle Royal, Mega def Mr. Ooh La La, Mike Reed def Scotty Charisma, Davey Richards & Tony Kozina def Mozart Fontaine & Mike Tobin

  • July 22, 2006--ECWA in Newark, Delaware: Freak Nastty def Mega, Mike Tobin def Mozart Fontaine and Brian Soscia in a 3-WAY, Mozart Fontaine won a Battle Royal, Brian Soscia won a Battle Royal, Aden Chambers & Andrew Ryker def Davey Richards & Tony Kozina, Freak Nastty & The Logan Brothers def The Valedictorians & Arch Kincaid, Scotty Charisma & Jason Jones def The Heavyweights, The Chick Magnets def Pelle Primeau & Shane Hagadorn, The Valedictorians def The Logan Brothers, Ace Darling & Chase Del Monte def Kermon the German & Mike Reed

  • October 7, 2006--ECWA in Newark, Delaware: Freak Nastty def Mike Reed, Glen Osbourne def Handsome Johnny, Bryan Logan def Mike Tobin, Chase N Ace def The Valedictorians, Aden Chambers def Kermon the German, Frederick of Hollywood def Matt Logan, Secret Weapon def The Heavyweights, Andrew Ryker & Scotty Charisma & Mega def Chick Magnets & Arch Kincaid

  • November 4, 2006--ECWA in Newark, Delaware: Aden Chambers & Andrew Ryker def Ace Darling & Chase Del Monte, Glen Osbourne def Secret Weapon, Heavyweights & Glen Osbourne def Kermon & Handsome Johnny & Mike Reed, Valedictorians def Jason Blade & Kid Mikaze, Fredrick of Hollywood def Scotty Charisma, The Logan Brothers & Tommy Trouble def Chick Magnets, Mega def Kermon the German

  • December 5, 2006--ECWA in Newark, Delaware: The Valedictorians def Aden Chambers & Andrew Ryker and Kid Mikaze & Jason Blade and Shane Hagadorn & Pelle Primeau in a 4-WAY, Easton's Army def Freak Nasty and Mega and Glen Osbourne and Bryan Logan in a 5-WAY, The Heavyweights & Psycho def Frederick of Hollywood & The Valedictorians, Ace Darling def Chase Del Monte by DQ, The Logan Brothers def Bobby Shields & Tommy Trouble, Mozart Fontaine def Scotty Charisma, The Heavyweights def The Chick Magnets. They inducted Joe Zanolle, Pete Theophall, Mozart Fontanie, Billy Bax and Rob Eckos into the ECWA Hall of Fame

  • January 27, 2007--ECWA in Newark, Delaware: 10-bell salute for Doug Gentry and Bam Bam Bigelow. Glen Osbourne def The Secret Weapon & Mike Read & Kermon the German in a 3-on-1 Handicap match, Chase Del Monte & Aden Chambers & Matt Logan def Ace Darling & Bobby Shields & Tommy Trouble (Run for the Mid Atlantic Gold 6 man Tag Match), Vince Goodnite & Andrew Ryker & Scotty Charisma def Mike Tobin & Mozart Fontaine & Brian Soscia (Run for the Mid Atlantic Gold 6 man Tag Match), Aden Chambers & Chase Del Monte & Matt Logan def Vince Goodnite & Andrew Ryker & Scotty Charisma (Run for the Mid Atlantic Gold 6 man Tag Match Finals), Bryan Logan def Matt Logan and Chase Del Monte and Aden Chambers in a 4-WAY to retain the ECWA Mid Atlantic title, The Heavyweights (Sean Royal & Dan Eckos) def The Valedictorians (Billy Bax & Rob Eckos) to win the ECWA Tag Team titles, Guy with Red hair won a 30-Man Battle Royal, Freak Nastty def Frederick of Hollywood to retain the ECWA Heavyweight title,

  • March 17, 2007--ECWA in Newark, Delaware at the Boys & Girls Club: Scotty Charisma & Andrew Ryker & Chase Del Monte def The Chick Magnets, Max Von Bauer & Kermon the German def Sean Royal & Matt Logan, The Hollywood Connection (Fredrick of Hollywood & Mike Reed) def Glen Osbourne & Aden Chambers, Guy with Red Hair def Robere Shields, Tommy Trouble def Chase Del Monte, Rob Eckos def Dan Eckos in a Street Fight, The Secret Weapon def 400 lb. Mega, Bryan Logan def Ace Darling to retain the Mid Atlantic title, Aden Chambers def Freak Nastty (c) and Darling and Frederick of Hollywood in a 4-WAY to win the ECWA Heavyweight title -- Freak Nastty attacked an ECWA Official and got himself FIRED! [thanks to ECWAprowrestling.com]

  • April 13, 2007--ECWA in Derry, New Hampshire at the Veterans Memorial Hall:

  • May 4, 2007--ECWA in Lowell, Massachusetts at the Polish American Veterans Club: