ECW on Sci-Fi Network
Announcers: Joey Styles & Tazz

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
Date: January 16, 2007

  1. IN THE RING: Kelly Kelly + Matt Striker..
    • Kelly Kelly said "For those of you who may have forgotten, my name is Kelly Kelly and I'm an exhibitionist"..
    • Kelly Kelly said that now that she is single, Kelly's Expose will return next week but won't be dancing alone..
    • Kelly Kelly started to give fans a preview of her dancing before Matt Striker interrupted and did not approve..
    • Matt Striker said if Kelly Kelly continues to ignore her lack of education she will end up home washing floors..
    • Matt Striker claimed God made women's feet smaller so they can stand closer to the kitchen sink (really funny)..
    • Matt Striker then addressed Kelly Kelly's crush C.M. Punk, and she sat at ringside as Punk came out for a match..

  2. MATCH: C.M. Punk w/Kelly Kelly def Matt Striker ..
    • Kelly Kelly flashed Matt Striker (with tons of children in the audience) and helped C.M. Punk scored the win..

  3. MATCH: "The Alpha Male" Marquis Cor Von (aka Monty Brown) def Cassidy Riley..
    • They totally ignored the fact that Marquis Cor Von is actually Monty Brown from TNA (really pathetic)..
    • Marquis Cor Von said he came to ECW to mark his new territory and destroy everything put in his path..

  4. WRESTLEMANIA RECALL: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper has Piper's Pit with Hollywood's Morton Downey Junior..

  5. MATCH: Elijah Burke w/Sylvester Terkay def The Sandman by cheating...

  6. ECW WORLD TITLE 3-WAY: Bobby Lashley def Rob Van Dam and Test to retain the ECW World title..
    • After the match: Test took the ECW World title and knocked Bobby Lashley out with it!

  7. END OF SHOW....
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