Combat Zone Wrestling - CZW Pain in the Rain
October 9, 1999 - National Park, NJ

  1. TAG MATCH: Bad Crew vs The Barr & Mongoose went to a No Contest..

  2. MATCH: Corky def Trent Acid..

  3. MATCH: Jon Dahmer def Nick Berk..

  4. MATCH: Lil' Buff D def Battery..

  5. 3-WAY DANCE: Reckless Youth def Ric Blade & White Lotus..

  6. HARDCORE RULZ MATCH: Zandig def Wifebeater..

  7. TAG TITLE MATCH: Lobo/T.C.K. def Justice Pain/Nick Gage, Thrill Kill Kult & The Kashmerino Brothers..
  8. And that's a wrap..