Combat Zone Wrestling - Uprising
October 25, 2003 - Pistoia, Italy

  1. OPENING MATCH: Adam Flash def Axel Fury (italian wrestler trained by killer kowalski)..
    • Adam Flash delivered a post match beat-down until Zandig made the save for the Italian..

  2. LADDER MATCH: B-Boy def Sonjay Dutt..

  3. 20 MINUTE IRON MAN TITLE MATCH: Trent Acid def Ruckus (2-1)..
    • B-Boy helped Trent Acid but Sonjay Dutt ran out to make the big save to set up a tag match later..

  4. TABLES MATCH: Nick Gage def Nate Hatred (2-1)..

  5. CZW TITLE MATCH: John Zandig def The Messiah to win the title!
    • Nate Hatred attacked John Zandg after tha match and Nick Gage did a run in for the save..
    • Adam Flash ran down and gave John Zandig a chair shot!
    • Wifebeater ran in with the weed whacker chasing away Nate Hatred, The Messiah & Adam Flash..

  6. TAG TEAM MATCH: Sonjay Dutt & Ruckus def Trent Acid & B-Boy..

  7. CONCLUSION: John Zandig..
    • Zandig ended the show by thanking all the Italians fans for comin' out and said they'd be back..

  8. And that's a wrap..