Combat Zone Wrestling - Pain in the Rain 2
Performance Dodge Free Show

October 4, 2003 - Woodbury, NJ

  1. TAG MATCH: Rockin' Rebel & Derrick Frazier def Ruckus & Sonjay Dutt..

  2. ROYAL RUMBLE: Nate Hatred eliminated Rick Feinberg to win..
    • Jon Dahmer & DeeJay Hyde started, Shawn Bishop next, GQ, Jude, Kristian Wolfe, Ryan Prime, Nick Berk, Nate Hatred..
    • The first elimination came just after the final participant (Hatred) entered the ring..
    • Nate Hatred started to toss everyone out one-by-one but he accidentally fell out by mistake!
    • Nate Hatred re-entered the ring and eliminated the last two guys and was declared the winner of the match!

  3. CZW ACADEMY MATCH: Cory Kastle def Niles Young (match was left off Home Video release)..

  4. INTERGENDER MATCH: Mercedes Martinez def Rick Feinberg after a fishermans buster..

  5. MATCH: Sabian def Joker..

  6. CZW TITLE MATCH: The Messiah def Adam Flash to retain..

  7. MAIN EVENT: Trent Acid against Nick Gage.
    • Trent Acid came out and did a Triple H impression, spitting water in the air, to make fun of the internet community..
    • Trent Acid said that the conditions (Rain, cold and slippery ring) aren't good enough for a 20 minute match..
    • Trent Acid issued a challenge to Nick Gage for a "One Fall" match for the Iron Man title..
    • Nick Gage came out and the match was started..
    • Nate Hatred came down to ringside and attacked his former tag team partner, Nick Gage..
    • Nick Gage threw him out of the ring, and then was met with a Yakuza Kick as Acid rolled up Gage for the pin!

  8. CONCLUSION: Nate Hatred & Trent Acid & Nick Cage + Chris Cash..
    • Nate Hatred & Trent Acid gave Nick Gage the beat down until Chris Cash ran in to try to help..
    • Chris Cash was then powerbombed over the ropes through a table outside on the pavement!

  9. And that's a wrap..