CWA (Montreal)

  • January 31, 2004--CWA in Montreal before 150 fans: AfterShock def Tommy Rose & Sweet Pete, Jimmy Stone NC Jay-Z & Trax, Jake Matthews def Chase Ironside, LuFisto def Guil Reno, 2.0 def TNT & Alex Price, Manuel Vegas def Michael Von Payton, Dru Onyx & Tank def Sunny War Cloud & Brick Crawford..

  • February 28, 2004--CWA in Montreal, Quebec: Sexxxy Eddy def Shane Simmons and Nick Blade, Michael Van Payton def Sweet Pete, TNT def Koko Mansour-DQ, Tank & Dru Onyx won Gold Rush, Sunny War Cloud & Brick Crawford def Madd Dogg & Tray Hugh Mongus, Chakal def Guil Reno, Dru Onyx def Tank..

  • May 8, 2004--CWA in Montreal before 250 fans: Twin Terrors def 2.0 & Sweetest Thing & Jimmy Kraven & Christopher Wells, Sunny War Cloud def Adib Mansuor, Michael Von Payton & Misty Haven def Hot Show & Moonlight, Brick Crawford def Jake Matthes, Guil Reno def LuFisto, Jaguar def Shayne Hawke, Manuel Vegas & Chase Ironside def Onyx & Tank..

  • May 29, 2004--CWA in Montreal before 150 fans: Shayne Hawke won elimination match, Mad Dog & Tank & Misty Haven def Aftershock & Sweet Cherry, Jake Matthews def Chakal, Chris Stevens & Moonlight def Twin Terrors, Guil Reno def Jaguar, Michael Von Payton def Ruffy Silverstein & LuFisto, Sunny War Cloud def Dru Onyx in a strap match..

  • June 19, 2004--CWA in Montreal, Quebec before 150 fans: Hot Show def Guil Reno, Davey Jackson & Mr. X-Treem def Alex Price & James Kraven, Misty Haven def Sweet Cherrie, Jaguar def Shayne Hawke, Tank def Chris Stevens, LuFisto def Michael Von Payton, 2.0 def Twin Terros, Dru Onyx def Sunny War Cloud and Manuel Vega in a three-way to win the CWA title..

  • July 31, 2004--CWA in Montreal, Quebec before 200 fans: Jimmy Stone & Chris Stevens def Guil Reno & Shayne Hawke, Alex Price & James Kraven def Player Uno & Davey Jackson, Sunny War Cloud & Lance Hammer def Jake Matthews & Mad Dogg, Tank def Jaguar, Mr. X-Treem def Michael Von Payton, Mansour Family def LuFisto & After Shock, Manuel Vegas def Dru Onyx-DQ..

  • August 28, 2004--CWA in Montreal, Quebec: Davey Jackson def Nick Blade, Jaguar & Aftershock def Tank & Mad Dog & Michael Von Payton, The Shawinigan Boyz def Red Romeos, LuFisto (female) def Abid Mansuor (manager) in a whipping match, TNT Action def Twin Terrors, Jake Matthews def Mr. X-Treem, Dru Onyx & Carl LeDuc (who appeared in "Wrestling with Shadows" getting stretched by Stu Hart) def Manuel Vegas & Sunny War Cloud..

  • September 25, 2004--CWA in Montreal, Quebec before 200 fans: Weapons of Mass Destruction def Jaguar & Mr. X-Treem, Alex Price def Davey Jackson, Alex & Jay Dynamite won elimination match, Sunny War Cloud def Nino Mancuso, Shawinigan Boyz def Red Romeos in a tables match, Jake Matthews def Manuel Vegas, Michael Von Payton def LuFisto in a towel match, Dru Onyx def Carl Leduc..

  • October 23, 2004--CWA in Montreal, Quebec before 200 fans: Red Romeos def TNT Action, Sweet Cherrie & LuFisto def Tank & MVP & Misty Haven, Twin Terrors def AfterShock, Mr. X-TreeM def Jaguar, Jake Matthews def Jaguar, Matthews def Dave Pronovost, Matthews def Nino Mancuso, Davey Jackson & Justin Diamond def James Kraven & Alex Price, Carl LeDuc def Sunny War Cloud in a street fight..

  • November 20, 2004--CWA Quebec in Montreal, Quebec before 200 fans: Shawinigan Boyz def Mansour Brothers, Justin Diamond def Alex Price, Mr. X-Treem def Davey Jackson, Handsome JF & Kona def Twin Terrors, Manuel Vegas def LuFisto-DQ, Weapons of Mass Destruction def Nino Mancuso & Sunny War Could, TNT & Action & Moonlight def Red Romeos, Dru Onyx NC Jake Matthews..

  • January 16, 2006--AWA CWA Montreal in Montreal, Quebec: Texas Outlaw def Sean Impact, Dave Titan & Matt Cage & Ricky Riot w/Misty Haven def Above Standards & Reggie Marley, The Prophet & Damien Vachon def Enforcer & Iron Mike Lyons, Moonlight def Misty Haven in a Best 2/3 Falls match, Aftershock & Brick Crawford def Karnage & Abdul Hannish & Kwan Chang, Canadian Extreme © def Really Sensational (Mysery & Sean Reed) to retain the Tag Team titles, MVP def Brick Crawford to retain the CWA titles, Gino Martino def Pierre Vachon in a Bloodbath to retain the Brass Kuckles title..

  • March 5, 2006--AWA CWA MONTREAL - TV Tapings in Montreal, Quebec: Abdul Hannish def Jefrex, Gino Martino def Hellraiser Payne to retain the AWA Brass Knuckles title, Moonlight def Shadow,The Enforcer def Voltage, Damien Vachon def Ivan Sullivan and Osirus in a 3-WAY, The Hickster def Jefrex, The Alliance of Violence (Pierre Vachon & Gino Martino) def Karnage & Abdul Hannish in a Tag Team Turmoil Match | Internet Television Championship 3rd Round Matches: Damien Vachon def Osirus, Karnage def the Prophet, Pierre Vachon def "Iron" Mike Lyons, Brick Crawford def Gorgeous Mike.

  • March 19, 2006--AWA CWA MONTREAL in Montreal, Quebec: Above Standards def Ivan Sullivan & Tim Pittman, Moonlight def Tim Pittman, Karnage & Abdul Hannish def Jefrex & Rebel, Osirus def Sean Impact, Alliance of Violence (Gino Martino & Pierre Vachon) def The Hellraisers (Pain & Mizery), Los Latinos def Bad Radiation 2000, Osirus def Jefrex, Iron Mask def The Prophet, Gino Martino def Abdul Hannish in a bloody Match to retain the AWA Brass knuckles title, Brick Crawford won the battle royal to become #1 Contender to the AWA/CWA heavyweight title | Semi Finals for the Internet Television Championship: Karnage def Pierre Vachon in a Dog collar match, Brick Crawford def Damian Vachon

  • April 8, 2006--AWA CWA Montreal - kNOw FEAR in Montreal, Quebec 150 fans: Los Latinos & Dave Titan & Misty Haven def Above Standards & Sweet Cherrie, The Hickster def the Prophet, Karnage def Brick Crawford to win the iTV Title Tournament, Damian "The Pitbull" Vachon def Sean Impact, Gorgeous Mike def Reggie Marley and Eddie Osbourne in a 3-WAY, Canadian Extreme def Hellraiser Mizery & Osirus to retain the Tag Team titles, The Texas Outlaw def Ruffy Silverstein in a Texas Bullrope Match, Iron Mask def Kwan Chang by DQ, Brick Crawford def MVP (c) and Damien "The Pitbull" Vachon in a 3-WAY to win the AWA/CWA title, The Alliance of Violence (Gino Martino & Pierre Vachon) def Necro Butcher & Sexxxy Eddy in a American Hardcore Frenzy match..

  • April 9, 2006--AWA CWA Montreal - Powersurge TV Tapings in Montreal, Quebec: Texas Outlaw def Eddie Osbourne, Damien "The Pitbull" Vachon def Ivan SUllivan, Ruffy Silverstein & "Cowboy" Matt Cage def Hellraiser Mizery & Osirus by DQ, Reggie Marley def Parasyte, Canadian Extreme def Los Latinos to retain the AWA-CWF Tag Team titles, The Hickster def Ivan Sullivan, Iron Mask def Eddie Osbourne and Jefrex in a 3-WAY, Canadian Extreme def The Prophet & Sean Impact to retain the AWA-CWF Tag Team titles..

  • July 22, 2006--AWA CWA Montreal in Montreal, Quebec: Damian Vachon def Karnage (iTV Champion) by Countdown, Kid Nichols def Osirus, Sean Impact def Patrice Lacroix, The Hellraisers won a Battle Royal to win the vacated Tag Team titles (Included: Aftershock, Los Latinos, Above Standards, Jacques le Séparatiste & The Blakk Manthis and Iron Mask & Hybrid Raid). Sexxxy Eddy def The Prophet to retain the CZW Junior Heavyweight title, Brick Crawford & Gino Martino vs Karnage & Abdul Hannish ended in a No Contest (Gino Martino turned his back on Brick Crawford). Necro Butcher def "Sick" Rick Matrix to become CWA Hardcore champion.

  • August 19, 2006--AWA CWA Montreal in Montreal, Quebec: Pierre "The Beast" def Patrice Lacroix, Sean Impact & PWE's Seth Sendrick (acc. Rene Parizeau) def PWE's Sylver & Mike Myers, Damian "The Pitbull" Vachon def Karnage (iTV champion) by DQ, Los Latinos def Ryan Rush & Zack Storm and The Red Romeos (Velvet Jones & Ace Jordan) in a 3-WAY, Vampire Priest def Manthor in a Chain Match, Aftershock def The Hellraisers (Tag Team Champions) by DQ, Gino Martino def Brick Crawford for the AWA/CWA Heavyweight title, Kevin Steen & The Prophet def SeXXXy Eddy & Steve McFly.