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  1. January 13, 2007--Stranglehold Wrestling in Hamilton, ONTARIO: Rip Impact def Phil Atlas, Hayden Avery def Aaron Draven, The Sound Brothers def Random Acts of Stupidity and Rik Matrix & Ian Declay in a 3-WAY Tag match, Cody Deaner def Jake O'Reilly, Barbarian def B.J. Stardom, Matt Burns def Derek Wylde, Eddie Venom def Zach Gowen, Hornet def N8 Mattson and Josh Abercrombie in a 3-WAY, Samoa Joe def Asylum, Bill Skullion def Juggulator in a Barbed Wire Bed of Nails match

  2. January 27, 2007--Canadian Wrestling Revolution - The Revolution Begins (Debut Show) in Woodbridge, Ontario: Timothy Dalton def The Amazing Darkstone and Saint Stephen Elias in a 3-WAY to win a spot in the Rush to the Top Ladder Match, The South Side Stranglers def The Wild Stallions, Darth Cutthroat vs Steve Brown in a No Holds Barred match ended in a time limit draw, Sebastian Suave def Ali Ace to gain a spot in the CWR World Championship Tournament, Kobra Kai def Bobby Roode by Countout in the 1st Round, Cherry Bomb & Rip Impact & Matt Bison def Blue Steel & Sex Appeal (Jay Fenix & Draven [sub for Prodigy] & Danyah w/Kyle Davenport) in a 6-Person Elimination match (Order of elimination: Draven by Rip Impact, Rip Impact by Fenix, Bison by Danyah, Fenix by Cherry Bomb, Danyah by Cherry Bomb), "Canadian Dynamite" Max Boyer def "Superstar" Shayne Hawke in the 1st Round, Don Paysan def Xtremo and Alex York and Sombra and Timothy Dalton and Dancin' Matt Cannon in a 6 Man Rush to the Top Ladder Match where two wrestlers start and a new wrestler comes out every 3 Minutes to become the first ever CWR Canadian Junior Heavyweight Champion..

  3. February 9, 2007--Twins Wrestling Entertainment in Woodbridge, ONTARIO before 120 fans: Vlad the Penetrator def Flash, Joe Doring def X-Tremo and Ash and Hornet in a 4-WaY, Jamie D def Randy Vaughn, Celine Jian def Adam Slapowitz, Tyson Dux & Michael Elgin def Cory Deaner & Kris Chambers, Zach Gowen def Phil Atlas.

  4. February 10, 2007--Independent Wrestling Manitoba Results in Winnipeg, Manitoba at Doubles Fun Club before 160 fans: A.J. Sanchez def Jon Cutler, "Beautiful" Bobby Jay def Oz, Kevin Chevy vs Wavell Starr ended in a No Contest, Robby Royce def Danny Duggan, Zack Mercury def Moses Luke and Mentallo in a 3-WAY to win the IWM Heavyweight title, Wavell Starr & Jon Cutler def The Big Sexy Beasts, Rob Stardom def T.J. Bratt in a Hardcore match --- Notes: Greg "The Hammer" Valentine no-showed.

  5. February 25, 2007--High Voltage Wrestling in Simcoe, ONTARIO before 65 fans: Jessy Jones won a Battle Royal, Paul Wright def Ty Prattis, Indy Rage def Psykita and Vinnie Davinci and Kriptic in a 4-WAY, Patient 13 def Supreme Dragon, Trip def Lance Malibu, Prodigy def Ethan Page, Rip Impact def Eddie Osbourne

  6. March 3, 2007--New Wave Pro in Hamilton, ONTARIO: James Champagne def Quinson Valentino, Michael Elgin def Cody 45, Derek Wylde def Kris Chambers, Otis Idol def Xtremo, Mike Stevens def Matt Burns and Rip Impact and Danny Magnum and Matt Bison and Hornet in a 6-WAY, Michael Elgin def James Champagne, Derek Wylde def Otis Idol, Gym Rats def Revoluchas, Blue Steel and Steve Brown & Sebastian Suave, Kris Chambers def Quinson Valentino and Cody 45 and Xtremo in a 4-WAY, Derek Wylde def Michael Elgin

  7. March 10, 2007--Canadian Wrestling Revolution in Maple, Ontario in front of 103 fans: Sombra def Hornet & Alex York, Unidentified wrestler def Matt Cannon, Kobra Kai def El Vigote, The Wild Stallions def Timothy Dalton & Adam Reed & Le Tigre, Kris Chambers def Sebstian Suave, Sexxxy Eddy def Jake O'Reilly, Shayne Hawke def Matt Bison and Angel de Guerra and Jimmy Stone and Scotty O'Shea and Ash in a 6-WAY, Don Paysan def Xtremo to retain the CWR Junior Heavyweight title..

  8. March 16, 2007--AFL in Montreal, Quebec: Kelly Hart def Naughty School Girl, Kathy def Eve and Bellissima in a 3-WAY, Krissy def Kalamity, Sweet Cherrie & Portia Perez def 21st Century Fox & She Nay Nay, Caroline def Taina, Josianne def Axelle, Beef Wellington & Stefany def Kacey Diamond & Excess, Stefany def Kacey Diamond

  9. March 18, 2007--High Voltage Wrestling in Simcoe, ONTARIO before 75 fans: Patient 13 def Ty Prattis, Michael Elgin def Jay Fenix and R.J. City in a 3-WAY, Hideous Blob def Darth Cutthroatus, The Canadian Gold'n Boyz def The Spot Monkeys, Dragon X def C.K. Sexx, Hayden the Destroyer def Indy Rage, Rip Impact def Eddie Osbourne

  10. March 25, 2007--New Wave Pro (Jeff Peterson Cup Qualifying Tournament) in Hamilton, Ontario: Jay Fenix def "Awesome" Adam Reed in the 1st Round, Ash def Prodigy in the 1st Round, Mike Stevens def Jeff Flury in the 1st Round, Danny Magnum def The Gym Rats, Hayden Avery def "Impact" Eddie Osbourne in the 1st Round, Otis Idol def Angel de Guerra in the 1st Round, "Unreal" Michael Elgin def Rip Impact in the 1st Round, Timothy Dalton & Zack Storm def Steve Brown & Sebastian Suave, Eddie Osbourne won the 1st Iron Man Challenge Battle Royal (Participants: Eddie Osbourne, Prodigy, Logan Savage, Dan Magnum, Jeff Flury, Angel de Guerra, Easy E, Lak Sadartha, Sebastian Suave, Rip Impact & Addy Starr), Michael Elgin def Jay Fenix and Hayden Avery and Mike Stevens and Ash and Otis Idol in a 6-WAY to qualify for the Jeff Peterson Cup in Florida..

  11. April 4, 2007--RRCW in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the Teddy Bob's Bar & Grill: Ryan Wood def Pepito and Hardy Cody in a 3-WAY, Danny Duggan def Mad Dog McFee, Antonio Scorpio Jr. def Danny Duggan, Bobby Jay def Buck Naked, A.J. Sanchez def Marius Hardcastle, Big Daddy Splash w/Masked Messenger def Madman Muir w/Laurence Fozzworth, The Epic & Kevy Chevy def Jerin Rose & Vinnie Valiant.. [reported by Kildonan Sports]